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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 4, 2019 8:00am-8:34am +03

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every indicator shows america to be the least well functioning democracy of any established democracy. one of the strange death of american civility on al-jazeera . as are the. police in texas investigate a possible hate crime as one of the motives behind a mass shooting that killed 20 people in el paso. a welcome to our there i'm so whole raman in our headquarters in doha coming up in the next 30 minutes. on congress' fault more demonstrations are turning a tense standoff between police and pro-democracy protesters. also crackdown in
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russia as hundreds of detained during demonstrations against the removal of opposition candidates in moscow's local elections and. we're on the road with argentina's delivery workers who've got plenty of jobs but no security. welcome to the program police in the u.s. state of texas have arrested a 21 year old white man suspected of killing at least 20 people the gunman opened fire at a shopping complex in the city of el paso on the border with mexico president donald trump as call the shooting an act of cowardice it's the deadliest mass shooting in the u.s. this year and is the 13th this week as alan fischer reports. heavily armed police moving through a shopping center in texas after reports of an active shooter in other parts of the mall in el paso. shoppers were held in place while people tried to walk out what
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was going on. you know for your holiday in their own heart you know i wouldn't have you there but it got there then there was what has become common in america lines of people being led from the scene of another mass shooting on on a day that would have been a normal day for someone to leisurely go shopping. turned into one of the most deadly days in the history of texas. lives were taken. who should still be with us today. 20 innocent people from el paso. have lost their lives and more than 2 dozen more. are injured. we as a state unite and support. police have arrested one man
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a 21 year old who allegedly posted a reese's grand online on an extremist website just out or so before the shooting but needless to say this scene is arifin unfortunately because of the nature of the situation the scene will be in play for a long period unfortunately the see schools remain at the scene until the scene is process properly for. evidentiary purposes to be gathered for later prosecution the state of texas will be the lead agency or into the prosecuting this particular individual. that has a nexus point in time to a hate crime the f.b.i. will be looking into that with the other federal authorities right now we're looking at potential capital murder charges for this individual and emotional
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democratic presidential hopeful back to ork who is from el paso announced he was canceling for the campaigning and heading back to the city and so i just ask for. everyone strength for a passer right now everyone is resolved to make sure that this does not continue to happen in in this country us president donald trump has been informed of the shooting and promised the city and state any help required this is the 13th mass shooting in the united states in just the past 7 days alan fischer al-jazeera. rob reynolds all correspondent he's at the scene of the attack and joins us now on the line from there rob slowly more details emerging about the shooter himself what more do we know here. well the shooter himself is in custody as you noted so that describes the 21 year old. leave to be from
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a suburb of dallas which is quite a distance away from. from el paso the spokes person for the help pass the police department sergeant robert gomez just briefed reporters he told us that the suspect gave up without incident the follow didn't obey the commands of police officers and was taken into custody without a fight disturbingly certainly for the especially for the family members of those who lost their lives the entire mall and store area is considered one giant crime scene and evidence technicians are in there right now they're going to work through the night it's late at night here but that means that they cannot remove the bodies of the people who are just see it again is certainly something that it's going to be distressing they say this is for evidence reproves purposes they have to draw diagrams of where it was full of bull fire somewhere and so forth and so on
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so the hunt for evidence goes on the governor of texas greg abbott told us earlier that this is going to be prosecuted as a hate crime and as a capital murder crime and capital murder in texas comes with the death penalty on close we still politicians on both iraq speaking in out of fishes report we've now seen a tweet from the president but more politicians now reacting to the incident in what is an issue that is highly debated every day every week every month of the year when the u.s. . yes gun control of course is a highly charged political issue at any moment in the united states and after these shootings mass shooting occurrences the debate is renewed it has intensified now because we are in the initial stages of the
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2020 presidential election campaign and several of the candidates for the democratic nomination clude ings former representative better work who is from the city of el paso have weighed in and directly tying president trump in his rhetoric to what they call an atmosphere of hate or war noted the crowd is a trump rally several weeks ago that shouted a chant of of send her back and he said that doesn't simply offend disability it leads to violence and he says the shooter was inspired by his immigrant senator bernie sanders of vermont another leading candidate for the democratic nomination we did we must reject this growing culture of bigotry espoused by trump and his allies so a. tragedy a sign of something wrong in american society and a political football all together on
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a rainy night you know past well for the memorable even though of course continue to monitor the vents of you through the night rob riggle zine el paso. our other top story the following is an asia pacific so we move to hong kong now where more protests are expected on sunday after another night of violence between police and antigovernment protesters police fired tear gas at some demonstrators and a police station was vandalized protests against the now suspended extradition of moved into a wider call for democracy and the resignation of the territories leader under thomas. and other nights and another area of hong kong is the size of confrontation this time the shopping district of kaolin on the northern side of hong kong harbor. protests had started calmly tens of thousands walking a route approved by place but thousands branched off and they'd clearly come prepared for violence you come with a gas mask with
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a helmet you've hidden your face white. frayed and after all the protests photos and i mean. our become the one the other attitude that you provoking the place by coming dressed like this in. you wanting violence no i don't want titles but for checking. these protests began back in june with specific demands that proposed laws allowing people to be extradited to mainland china be scrapped now though these protests are about political reform democracy so this is no longer about the extradition snow or no longer get i mean maybe it's about 1 extradition 2 months ago but now is about our democracy we rudy's pace we can corners. real hong kong and china government not british but us but the protests are also
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now about expressing anger towards the policing of previous events this police station became the focal point on. with people hurling rocks at the compound leaving cards smashed inside and lighting fires after an hour under siege came the inevitable confrontation the planes have now moved on you can see the flooring on the ground is moving fast. there are more protests planned for sunday the recalls for a general strike on monday it's impossible to know how or when the hong kong return to normal calm people lose their 2nd special to the government and now it's the summer off this can't happen. discontent which on saturday yet again turned ugly under thomas al jazeera hong kong. thousands of people also
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rallied for into those protests on saturday they call for unity with china and said the one country 2 systems policy of whole goal works they urge protesters to express themselves peacefully and help posters showing solidarity with the police. russian police have arrested more than $800.00 opposition protesters they were rallying in moscow to demand free elections the government has disqualified a number of opposition candidates from contesting local elections next month from moscow is a wrong call. for the police operation designed to stop large numbers of protesters coming to central moscow did exactly that still some did manage to get through detentions was swift so all throughout saturday they've been arresting people like this they pick them up. and they take them into. a van where the idea is the return of. the protesters are normally taken so a police station so then the register journalists are also detained but released almost immediately once they showed proper accreditation protesters are worried the
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upcoming last go city council elections are being rigged in favor of the governing party united russia most of the opposition candidates have been arrested but one who is at the protest said the numbers will load because the authorities were cracking down. everything depends on how people will react so far there are not many of us many people are unhappy with united russia and its supporters is the lowest since 2006 but people are scared of coming to the streets or taking party rallies of half a 1000000 take to the streets. despite the crackdown the protesters that did make it were hopeful change might come down more stormin yes i'm here because i have a conscience i don't like a lot of things that are happening in this country i'm happy that the young generation woke up and want to have their voices heard i am here because candidates weren't allowed to run i'm against banning of alice i'm against the crackdown and i think protest is the only way to show you. police say the protest was illegal and
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detentions were low and opposition monitoring group says the numbers were you much higher than the police who claim it's not clear what's next for russia's protest movement but the authorities are hoping this show of force has stopped it completely immoral card. how does a mosque oh. well still ahead here on al-jazeera the race to contain a bowl of breaking a city at the crossroads between rwanda and the democratic republic of congo and fury in south korea protesters denounced japan over a trade dispute those stories after the break. how low we still got some showers just spilling across the black sea towards the caspian sea see the area cloud here welling across georgia or armenia into azerbaijan elsewhere across pushing through iraq down into afghanistan much of
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pakistan dry and hot pretty much summed it up 35 celsius the kabul we get it to 32 in karate there's a hot sunshine made forces for baghdad city it was hot as it has been but that's still pretty warm 30 celsius there for beirut and also for jerusalem meanwhile we come down into the. same temperatures just edging up a notch over the next couple of days a $44.00 there for us here in doha little bit more cloud just around the far south of the arabian peninsula not as cloud is it wasn't the end of last week with some of that plan well bill thicken up a few spots of rain a possibility as we go through monday 46 celsius in doha by that stays. away and just starting to feed its way down that it will stay dry hopefully the humidity just easing off a touch dry fine in sunny across southern parts of africa a little bit some places a cloud just seeing across the far south of the southern cal but
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a cloud to pushing over towards the east and a dry and fine the zimbabwe. a conflict that is now considered to be the world's worst humanitarian crisis going to how many would have to die like this or stop these harnesses on are really for sale and investigation into how billions of euros are made from supplying arms to saudi arabia a leader of the coalition fighting a ruling this charity case is interesting to watch his room out of money involved yemen war profiteers on al-jazeera.
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welcome back you're watching al-jazeera at least the whole romney reminder of our top stories a gunman has killed at least 20 people at a shopping complex in the u.s. city of el paso in texas a 21 year old white man has been arrested it's the deadliest shooting in the u.s. so far this year. also more mass rallies are expected in hong kong on sunday a day earlier police fired tear gas at the pro-democracy protesters thousands of rallied for the night weekend in a row to demand political reform. and russian police have arrested more than 800 opposition protesters they are rallying in moscow after the government disqualified a number of opposition candidates from contesting next month's city elections. in sudan the military and opposition coalition to finalize the deal on the transitional government the deal was reached 4 months after sudan's president omar al bashir was ousted but has yet to be signed the agreement should lead to the
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formation of a transitional government to run sudan until elections are held in 2022 well those details are still being fine tuned to the opposition coalition say they'll appoint the. next interim prime minister. the cabinet will have no more than 20 ministers the freedom for change alliance will nominate the prime minister he will then be appointed by the sovereign council and the prime minister will then form a cabinet and that cabinet will need to be confirmed by the sovereign council. shelling close the only functioning airport in libya's capital tripoli for several hours on saturday but port has come under repeated attack since warlord khalifa haftar launched an offensive to capture the city in april no one has claimed responsibility for saturday's attorney. be relative calm in northwest syria on the 2nd day of a conditional cease fire the truce was brokered during peace talks in kazakhstan
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now it follows weeks of strikes in the province the last remaining rebel held area so hard a report. on the turkey syria border. there is a cautious calm in rebel controlled southern and northern hummer russian and syrian warplanes have been repeatedly targeting towns like modern man for the past 3 months and a cease fire that came into effect on friday night has brought some respect for people living in that corner of northwest syria who have lost so much. money i mean emma 30 more long after all that happened isn't it too late for a ceasefire people have been displaced or killed their homes destroyed but they are still scared to return to their homes. more than 400000 syrians have been displaced at least 800 civilians were killed their names documented by war monitors among the casualties 216 children but the syrian government and its allies failed to
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recapture ground from the opposition. always here before with the russians with all their power were not able to make any gains along with the syrian regime they lost a lot of men and they were only able to take 2 or 3 villages and that's why they wanted the cease fire early on the ground we are stronger i don't want him out of it proved to be a costly battle for the syrian government and its allies who reportedly suffered heavy losses in their ranks the ceasefire was brokered by the backers of the opposition and the government turkey and russia but it is a conditional truce that puts pressure on turkey to create a demilitarized zone around the province free of weapons and fighter is in line with the so-called saatchi memorandums the mainstream rebel factions left their positions in the planned zone last year but the strongest group at the leadership which many of the international community believe is still linked to al qaida refused it has and said if it will comply this time. this issue
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a challenge for both sides what took it to implement the agreement to force the cuts to didn't. care and couldn't do before so i personally think that there is. chairman's and we do risk that there will be a new escalation of. the syrian opposition believes the government will eventually violate the cease fire and the bombing will resume if not in a few hours then in a few weeks or a few months it lips fate is up to russia and turkey they still want to maintain close relations and as long as there are geopolitical interests are aligned the conditions attached to the ceasefire may be overlooked. because you have to have the us defense agreement as percent as he's in favor of putting intermediate range missiles in asia but his comments come just a day after washington with true from an arms control treaty it had signed with the
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former soviet union in the late 1980 s. s. but it is on a visit to the asia pacific region the trade between south korea and japan has led to more rallies in seoul the dispute escalated on friday when south korea was removed from tokyo's favorite trading nations list seoul says it's now considering scrapping all intelligence sharing robin pride has more. the former site of japan's embassy is often the focal point for protests against japan. after the removal of south korea from tokyo's list of preferential trade partners this protest was especially passionate. this is them declaring economic war and firing the 1st shot war you war on the campus of my heart goes out to the japanese to have politicians who act like birds. it's a deepening dispute borne out of decades old animosities supported by those old
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enough to have experienced japanese colonial occupation in the last century. along with young people born in this century. many south koreans have been boycotting anything japanese avoiding holidays to the country causing airlines to cancel flights refusing to buy japanese goods helped in this tech savvy society by apps that tell you instantly which goods to avoid a government level the mood is palpable from the frosty like this recent meeting between foreign ministers. to the heated to come up with this exchange between japan's foreign minister and the south korean envoy to south korea says it will retaliate by taking japan off its lazy or preferential trade partners as this dispute deepens with the leaders of the 2 countries seem willing all right mable to
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back down. japan's prime minister shinzo wants to see his country become more assertive in dealings with its neighbors and the trade restrictions against south korea are popular at home. his counterpart moon j.n. of south korea was carried into the presidency on a wave of people power popularity after the forced resignation and impeachment of his predecessor the south koreans change their government so there's a heightened sense of pride that they are shaping their democracy and awaken democracy can't take japan's recent actions sitting down that's why we're seeing this expression of anger. the economies of both countries are likely to be harmed in this tit for tat wrangle but for now settling old scores seems an irresistible force. robert bright al-jazeera soul. because pakistan is protesting against india's decision to send thousands of
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soldiers to indian administered kashmir india says it's concerned about attacks by fighters it believes pakistan supports the government has cancelled a hindu pilgrimage and asked visitors to leave but some fear the indian government is preparing to broaden its control over the area. police in thailand are looking for 2 suspects believed to be behind a series of bombings in the capital bangkok on friday they have released these images of the moment a bomb exploded in a shopping mall the attacks coincided with a major political summit attended by southeast asian foreign ministers aid workers are all in that a bowl in the democratic republic of congo could last up to 3 years countries in the region are trying to stop the disease from reaching their borders mozambique is setting up a disease checkpoint along its border with malawi rwanda briefly shut its border
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with the d r c on thursday and after 4 patients in the eastern city of goma tested positive for the disease 12 others are going through tests for possible infection stephanie decker has more from the rwandan capital kigali. it's a health workers nightmare a busy border crossing thousands of people in close contact and constantly on the move ever deny me going oh you're going to get this medical worker tells people to wash their hands the only thing on the. health checks and hygiene measures of tightened between the democratic republic of congo and rwanda ever since multiple cases of the abode of virus were discovered here in goma the congolese city of more than 2000000 people. people are washing their hands as a precaution to to the outbreak of disease to tell us it is spreading through their homes that's why they're asking us to wash water mixed with medication. the virus is paul through bodily fluids including sweat there is
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a vaccine that has been used for quite some time the world health organization says it has a very high success rate and you only need one shot but there's a problem. vaccination is not approved for mass use it's usually given to those exposed to the virus and it's also given to the doctors and health workers as they are handling those cases to protect them from contracting the virus there is still no officially approved vaccine on the market but we're told this one is expected to be officially approved at some stage there is also a lot of confusion around the virus and a lot of suspicion of foreign health workers here in eastern d.r. see. it's a remote region that has been neglected by the government and torn apart by years of conflict. it would have been better if our leaders and those who are concerned would give us more information they have not informed us where we can get this vaccine so that all of us can go and actually get it. all of us need to be vaccinated. this is the 2nd worst outbreak on record more than
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a 1800 people have died of the virus in the d.r. c. over the past year but the fact that it is now reached a border city is what's causing. the problem to the government here in rwanda to close its western border for a few hours on thursday as it beefed up its health screening procedures on the problem with this virus is once you identify someone infected by it do they need to trace back all the people they have come into contact with test them vaccinate them and potentially quarantine them it is a highly infectious disease and containing it is a real challenge stephanie decker al-jazeera. a boom in the delivery ups in latin america are helping people find jobs but barely and that working long hours for very little income stories about reports. a regular sighting when a site is delivery workers waiting outside restaurants pharmacies and supermarkets
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willing to deliver to you whatever you may need. if you got a look this has been living in one aside is for 4 years he's from venezuela and says that thanks to this job he can send money back home every week irregularly which i haven't been able to guarantee i am thankful to argentina for giving me a home i work 10 hours a day from monday to monday it is nonstop bus it allows me to make a living. and everybody is not alone as there are thousands of people in when a society is making a living like this these days as delivery apps have become a showpiece for the up and coming tech industry this new delivery applications generate much needed jobs in a country like argentina that is going through an economic crisis by labor unions complain of poor fav things and there's a lack of insurance coverage for workers at bay faith high putting employees had risk. and that's why a judge suspended the apps on friday he demanded companies should pay for safety
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gear for those who work for them. it's not clear when the ban will belief did. a deal is now working for a happy he received a heart transplant 6 years ago and says this is the only place where he can work because most companies won't hire him he works every day and makes about $500.00 a month. we work for the companies because it's the only thing we can find but they make us pay for helmets clothes backpack to take things in the end you make very little money. a few weeks ago at delivery a worker was run over by a cow. in the message one of the company workers asked him to take a picture of the product he was carrying the man responded he was unable to move and the text message with the company went to fire all because it had stains of blood that many of the labor unions insist workers are being exploited because
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they're underpaid and have no benefits in the us and we are trying to get these new apps to respect the law we are not against them or new technology but we need them to be responsible for the people that work for them they treat the delivery workers as collaborators and they're not if they work with the companies someone should be responsible the company says system the apps are meant to help people get extra cash using digital platforms like uber but 11 america it has become a main source of income that attracts mostly vulnerable people with little chances of standing up to defend their rights. when a site is. your children 0 means they'll run a reminder of our top stories a gunman has killed at least 20 people at a shopping complex in the u.s. city of el paso in texas is the deadliest mass shooting in the u.s.
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so far this year a 21 year old white suspect has been arrested please or investigating possible hate crimes as one of the motives this is just disgusting intolerable is not texan and we are going to aggressively prosecute both as capital murder but also as a hate crime which is exactly what it appears to be a correspondent rob ruggles is at the scene in el paso. certainly this scene behind me where you can see police if cordon it off is a massive on a side best now and what already is will be looking into this individual's writing . his interactions possibly with other people if there were any either online or in person and attempt to find out more about his motive for this horrific act that is shocked this. past so the state of texas and shocked once again united states of
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america mass rallies are set to continue in hong kong on sunday on saturday police fired tear gas at pro-democracy protesters 20 people have been arrested thousands of rallied for the 9th weekend in a row to demand political reform and russian police have arrested more than 800 opposition protesters have rallying in moscow after the government disqualified a number of opposition candidates from contesting in city elections next month. also pakistan is protesting against india's decision to send thousands of soldiers to indian administered kashmir india says it's concerned about attacks by fighters it believes pakistan supports the government has cancelled a hindu pilgrimage and ordered all taurus to leave you can follow those stories on our website at al-jazeera dot com about that more news in half an hour next on al-jazeera its people in power to stay with us. the wilderness of cambodia under threat. pillaged for profit by illegal timber trade one of one
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east investigates the plunder of cambodia's forests. 100. america seems more disunited than at any point in recent history is politics undermined by partisan divisions consensus on almost anything impossible to achieve so what's tweaking the policies that once held this huge democracy together where could the disbelief in the 1st of 2 special reports the base that was the thing to investigate.
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the. america today is a house divided not.


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