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tv   Plundering Cambodias Forests  Al Jazeera  August 5, 2019 8:32am-9:01am +03

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why thank. you. scholar and lawyer finger. and politician. radical and prisoner in a 2 part series al-jazeera world tells the story of one of the most enigmatic figures in saddam's turbulent history. whose influence is still felt in events in the country today. i'll to robbie's life and politics on al-jazeera.
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i know that some or some of almost all across much of the southeast of the united states also a band of cloud with rain gradually pulling away from the east coast through sunny sinking the skies into new york and d.c. in the last few hours we could just see is that a thunderstorm in washington d.c. on monday and what we will see sunny is an increase in the rain working its way across the great lakes on the upper midwest and in fact by cheese day becoming much more widespread the rain stretching all the way from missouri right there across into ohio and actually down as far as tennessee we could house missed on thunderstorms in the mix here as well fading a bit fresher in the wake of this rain certainly on trees into chicago high that of 28 degrees celsius and still very warm in los angeles 30 degrees and 18 celsius in san francisco that we had
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a down into the caribbean some very heavy rain for the next couple days pushing across into the windward bridgetown will certainly see the rain and those thunderstorms but it has been a caring picture will continue to be fairly clear across much of hispaniola and on towards cuba we will they see an increase in the rains are pushing further to the west all the way across into nicaragua some rain showers into southern mexico 22 the high the on choose say and possibly what i have on it with a high of 30 wong. adored by millions for challenging social issues head on and what women don't say is mexico's longest running sound. as a program celebrates its anniversary the producers revisit one of their most powerful storylines. and discover how the show has affected the women who inspired her in the 1st place. now i have
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a voice sent back to mexico on now to 0. through a shared passion for elephant conservation colleagues have become friends but with civil war descending they must now protect themselves escaping deep into the rain forest back to the west and. for the elephants surviving the poachers is a lifelong challenge now to you they must now lost a rebel militia and a from a witness documentary on al jazeera. this is al-jazeera. hello and welcome to the al-jazeera news hour live from my headquarters in doha
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with me elizabeth coming up in the next 60 minutes. has no voice in our current. u.s. president donald trump a denounces turned machinations in texas and ohio and which 29 people were killed. and did administered kashmir to under lockdown as the government sends the winds of troops on the new security fears in the disputed region. general strike in hong kong protesters try to grind the city to a halt. and a puerto rico's new interim government is under pressure as protest as dallas has ability to do the job. that u.s. president has responded to the mass shootings in which 29 people were killed saying hate has no place in america but donald trump was silent on the issue of gun laws
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the 1st shooting in el paso to. targeted saturday morning shoppers at a wal-mart store 20 people were killed including 6 mexicans it's being investigated as a domestic terrorism case and possible hate crime a 21 year old white man arrested at the scene has been charged with murder it's believed he posted an online statement denouncing what he called a hispanic invasion of texas the u.s. president says he'll issue a full statement on monday about the shootings. hate has no place in our country. we're going to take care of it i spoke with the dirty general bill barr i'd like i spoke to mr for a director of the f.b.i. spoke to the governor and both governors that we're doing a lot of work you know a lot of people are working right now a lot of law enforcement people and other spoke to members of congress about
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whatever we can do and a lot a lot of things are being done right now as we speak well the 2nd shooting happened and in ohio 9 people were killed when a 24 year old man and body yama opened fire in a popular nightlife area around 1 am local time the shooter's 22 year old system was among the victims police say they killed the gunman less than a minute or so he started his attack today at one o 5 am officers were patrolling the oregon district 3 bark losing time in her gun fire. the observed a large crowd running away from this gunfire the officers immediately advanced toward the gunfire and within approximately 20 seconds being gauge the suspect who was actively firing in attempting to enter a crowded liquor establishment threat was neutralized in approximately 30 seconds and the suspect firing his 1st shots. well people in the morning the victims of the
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shooting that rob reynolds has more. federal prosecutors say they're considering charging the 21 year old white man arrested in the deadly el paso shopping center rampage with hate crimes and firearms charges and they're looking at the case as domestic terrorism we are also treating this as a domestic terrorist case as a statutory definition of domestic terrorism 18 u.s.c. 2331 this means that it appears to be designed to intimidate the civilian population to say the least we're treating it as a domestic terrorism case and we're going to do what we do the terrorists in this country which is deliver swift and certain justice the suspect paul cruises apparently posted a racist rant on line shortly before the shootings texas prosecutors will also charge cruciatus the charge the state charges capital murder. so he is eligible for the death penalty el paso police say the rifle allegedly used in the killings was
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purchased legally the suspect is cooperating with investigators forthcoming with information and. they simply didn't hold anything back meanwhile more than 2 dozen people wounded in the attack were being treated some in critical condition i received a variety of procedures from a number of different specialties some of them undergoing procedures by multiple specialties during the same setting. we anticipate that a number of the patients will need to return to the operating room for the course of today in the next week. perhaps you want to more times flags flew at half staff outside a school where relatives gathered to get word about missing loved ones from officials el paso sits on the u.s. mexican border and citizens of both countries frequently cross back and forth
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mexico's foreign minister says 9 mexican citizens were shot if saturday was a day of violence and terror for many el paso and sunday was a day to mourn and to pray at c.l.o. vista church not far from the scene of the massacre people gathered to worship support each other and seek answers we try to give labels to things that should be labels like we're all here if we're all americans we're all americans were nothing but not mixing american black american aftermath and we're just america we as a church are going to abandon gather hold each other together and pray for one another and just leave the best greater days ahead praying for better times after one of this community's most terrible days rob reynolds al-jazeera el paso. well let's get more on this we're joined now by count freshman of racial. trainer and government accountability activists and she's joining us live from san
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francisco very good to have you with us on al-jazeera so as of her the suspect and the apostle shooting being investigated for domestic terrorism is that a good ways that a good tool to look into the role of far right white supremacist extremism and has attack well certainly elizabeth i believe that making the prosecution under a domestic terrorist charge is a bold move and definitely the right direction for public officials but i would add that they need to go much further and that includes banning assault rifles and making sure that they do not get into the hands of individuals like him i would also point out that law enforcement itself is infiltrated by white supremacists in many parts of the united states including right here in san francisco so we have to be very careful about how we move forward and civilian citizen
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participation in this process is imperative so very much a multi-pronged approach needed if you are a racial equity trainer you're saying that law enforcement itself is infiltrated by people that have racist views the f b i has noted that most of its domestic terrorism cases featuring a racial motive actually involve white supremacists have they done enough about combating white supremacist ideology. no when we saw that in the recent testimony of the f.b.i. director they don't even have a law on the books to define white domestic terrorism as a form of terrorism it's all it's all protected because the government itself is white supremacist i mean we have a white supremacist as the president of the united states and he's protected by
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white supremacists in the u.s. senate and house of representatives and on the u.s. supreme court so there is a great deal of protection for people who hold these views that is his base so you agree then will democratic presidential candidates like bernie sanders who say that president trump's rhetoric has anti immigrant rhetoric is to blame for attacks like this at least partly to blame and if you're saying that there was a white supremacist in the white house can we expect anything to change while he remains there. i don't expect anything to change in fact this is going to only continue to get more inflamed this is his campaign strategy he can't run on anything else other than to to mirror the
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exact electoral map that got him into the white house in the 1st place he doesn't have anything to proclaim that he's accomplished to people so he is going to play to white supremacy and white people's fears all the way through to 2020 so i think it's imperative that we impeach him and get him out of there and certainly if he remains that we turn out and vote and get him voted out of office mr shrum do you see this becoming what the election coming up do you see this becoming an election issue and more pressure on him. yes i would hope this be the front and center election issue that every candidate is raising and i would also hope that white people start to take accountability for our role in all of this particularly white mothers you know
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we're carrying around white americans 400 years of intergenerational vicarious secondary trauma from having in forest slavery land theft genocide and the use of guns in all of that has been the foundation of white supremacy like we could not have had slavery we could not have . stolen all that land from native americans had we not had guns and that we have to go back and do we need a public truth reconciliation and reparations process and we each need to do a personal truth reckon silly the nation and reparations process especially thank you very much for your time on this we do appreciate it can freshman live in san francisco thank you. we're going to move on to other news now the indian government
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has imposed an indefinite security lockdown in parts of indian administered kashmir and prominent local politicians have been put under house arrest and public rallies bad phone lines are reportedly down and internet isn't working thousands of troops have been deployed in recent weeks citing security concerns priyanka gupta reports . parts of kashmir under lockdown thousands of indian troops monitored checkpoints neighborhoods and squares and more soldiers are arriving schools and colleges are shot overnight mobile internet is blocked politicise ins are appealing for calm me up malone said i appeal to the people of that. dog and they should maintain peace and happy since it is very necessary we should not take any step that it is in the region. by sunday india put 3 prominent kashmiri political under house
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arrest 2 of them former chief ministers it's also banned public rallies this former leader says he doesn't know what's in store the uncertainty prevailed for much of the week students from across the country in kashmir were packed into trains to wrists and pilgrims were ordered to leave the indian government says their intelligence reports about possible attacks on the annual are not pilgrimage but some think they could be something larger in the works i think they want to integrate in a similar question we are fully into india because kashmir is had a special status or more commonly within india the long time under the indian constitution under the new newly reinvigorated leadership of prime minister narendra modi.


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