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tv   After School - Armenia  Al Jazeera  August 5, 2019 11:32am-12:01pm +03

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you know it's given me just to go on and the question of course is that this is a spammer list up on someone other stuff pretty real i see but only my hand is going to be you care when we can't be to look you think the key where i'm going to break. the law of the most losses of cases i will. sinopoli of the work on. the head of. the. rent. the fellas and so the. tears will get to see. we were truly. fogel my mil. was.
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already topless man and dinners in the stand behind to see sutra big bets on the plates is that they will show my legs again this dentist just an idea and i know that i am ashamed. to say for succumbing to face to face day who is to say let's young big stars the saying is get in and pull it out. ok ok look at family as my kid is but the little kids he you know and. all said and done the same asked him inside his dick that meant the whole business. would be done. it. wasn't worth it for me because. this isn't really all you know middle put it's a little could get more than play this woman soon program must be sad for the most going to the 4 year old and canal is not going to put them as you want to put on the stand on the throw up for you because many of them think. you know every single
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day doing this was all that was going on. when the oldest son. is actually coming to your c.v. generally going to say david you're going to say this is rattle competitive. yes i don't i mean good thing at them to really. come out and just courses. in their own program or just the cia by telling us how do they look at him and his wife's. going to stick up it will in this prison that you're linsanity premed this person that i'm a from this team on you know based among outran the strongest the city is said to be that i believe sally that they may be so it could be a mosque a center is stuffed with. several people it is a bit by bit it's the strong that's what it meant to have been incidents like that
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or did they face it down the program or they remove people from people this was just a good request at least it i believe you'll hear that only and that is what really makes me go to get up at least if i will the business has but it is a good. what did yesterday by the heat stroke than that surrounded by like a political god let's be without mass. and will give us what if we could miss it that. is a given month yes a month did it and when the system leaves little bit here in europe with most of us it was little hope that the government by a stroke and it was decided down there that if you're going to stick to it as i said i don't know how you'd most like that it would have a good feel. for
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the thoughts that pm for their style kokomo grip on the makeup people or even now. many of us who are located in the credits aka mason on the various tell us to make our own. family has more with toys than for others for all us. save mess and few more none of us about the marine corps corps has about. gone with us and delicacy and thank you.
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if you know that the consequence. for the fun of what i'd like is that i mean if the field of political manner for the way forward for. me whatever my 150 lies or have entered any other vendor stuff more will list down to this guy youngest daughter asked. me. for one of the news we've given based on the i can do whatever you know i did even if you think i get you on the line you better pay much yeah ok so might feel a little muscle that. you think i'm nuts and i think you'll be helping me get my medicine like yeah yeah i know i mean you go getting defensive minded then brings. up cause. i break that you will not say you are going to write it was all i do is all. we
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are doing business together mr surveyor. till yesterday before i went to meet you 6. if you want your car you have money i don't. have the bus and 2nd i thought there were no mother them all there and that somebody i'm going to marry was at the center and 30 because of the luckiest was useful my you took it as it was a little similar to this in my little slip for some years i. made a little usually it was the committee to look into those templates that you mean for your. look at if we are going to do that the ready reason i'm going to fear. the fear is the same your local mall. that many. of. your school.
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people gone. when there. was the most powerful drug showing that they have a primitive capital or a similar one is common that it was by that this horse there even then when they yes they stopped at a. later isn't it that nobody asked. this again i don't know my mother in more than ever and there is something called an overdue balance a big factor into this dimple can make us forget about all of the visions you somebody. just give us the go give birth displaced us i could pick up a concern out of crimea if this is. not that big deal if you're not there they must have some of them and. elon musk not one of the much as i mean yes. we got it up and begin the gullibility i. think. that the us.
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rebuilt a phantom which is populous perfume out what it is familiar with and i get the feeling. you're one point i want to make you sick so much. but in the administration isn't. it the best honestly and i can go silent but i think it's a nice. human that you. know you're not podevin this side because of all the local. loud. meetings and the like i'm here i only see on this to the weekend when the c.s.l. does cause us less hassle. to catch up to me just giving up on monday for some reason i'm a bit of what the american people and take whether benefitted from my mccollum i don't think that amish people in most of the hemisphere going around is proof from
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him that i. hate about his habit of people looking at it from interference your particular. stance as you seem to pull us out looking. down at us i'm mostly get unopposed have allowed. nothing while the ceiling a book and perkiness assessment for some part of the thing my own status in scotland is to secure tons of the well thought ok i was but i may be mad only due to the process also not openly en masse if i ever heard them and what was said at the moment some could see for the remainder that didn't make sense ok if by that it's all they suppose there's some good nothing else. here without us as if it was never that i mean joining the scene itself or to send all of it then it just just might have been yes it's a night out you know it's the. best. time and i think. a lot of all your frustrations are for you very much like you and your. service.
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is this what a friend of mine who is the with them oblivious to the the. since it would have been. like here and it's the law. became it may be so now but it won't and there's a demand for but i serious than that every 2nd i think i want you maybe who are just as the old the morning that i sent the yes the most is the apple google selling those who live here is known to mortgage. excuse me the fishy that just. that it. was the city of homs when i respond to one of my answers back to the scene again and i knew the man mad because he. was on the list.
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so i'm going to die at the beginning he doesn't want to. get it all going to some of the humor which will i let him get his miss most when he says how do you see me submissive and use google groups i'm going to see this new bit don't belong to him again visit us and eat soup but their response would be that inescapable is the limit to get milk for your sweet much like his britches simply because that they don't say he most places that they do this even if he doesn't matter because they specify. where the bit i want that's the one that's been having a. name like making a bus that is. more you must turn out king you also must the sake of fire you got us thinking. you can overcome the money but i say kiss one know that
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point i feel so good. for us and don't feel we just didn't. believe that it was the greatest this is misleading as you look if you look into. that and suppose i'm nice sort of eat this if you see. this man's name is a few minutes since you're missing the much more important thing to see somebody to give them to put it one coming. jeffrey justice sammy sosa says he see an ability the unary premier pass. from bill c. in c. he said this is going to be investing. several syllabus there's about a year from levy my b.m.i. that most of them haven't received at. plus i'd rather see the sort of lawsuit.
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that. was it was the 1st thing we see is because it looks like we're. just learning. you know that. means. your. comics biggest. legitimacy the ones that you go through. you're. in a minute. and i want to bring more my. wife going to break her innocence when our pm assumes gary you know. we're going to going to get a place that will or. could. give mr graham. was a good. friend that.
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anyone with knows the grammarian been. in my life yes it's. passes me just messing around. that. she's you know nothing i just. can you see you getting up to see a little bit that was. in the news more people. c.c.'s it or not that up because of the where might be or more clearly we have one our schools must bear all. that make one tacky. macedonia.
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say your 4th understand the make a stand. was that there was. a certain this important thing. yeah my on. line it. was. august america and yes kid of the still have my family. can only wish to. see here he said because he had to sit by and they will see at.
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least that those were sent qantas by us in the c. s. he killed all the lucky kid he just had a money and sweet. it's a look at post i think. you. make guns sold. in detroit oh. no money it's good this is. a little early there you see the ball yet you won't get it all right. the all the way it. always wanted an old 48 and all most oh. yeah i got it all spit border. but all.


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