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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 5, 2019 8:00pm-8:33pm +03

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well there is strong opposition to the indian move they have been demonstrations in all major cities of pakistan yesterday the prime minister had cornered an emergency meeting of the national security committee of the cabinet and richard said that ball gets done will respond with any to any indian adventure and with the full support of the people it is also important to note that the pakistani president are to follow we had just announced that focused on the joint session of parliament going to be held on tuesday to discuss this grave crisis emanating from the unilaterally move made by n b a pakistan has also considered all the leave of military personnel despite the fact that the holidays are great are nearby it is going to be celebrated on the dreaded and 11 and that's part of the world but despite that all lives have been cancelled and pakistan obviously not happy about
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that unilaterally move now india has been saying all along that they'd rather not take any international interference because they would in a game in between india and pakistan that was signed in 1972 it was called the shambler agreement under which all matter and would be discarded bilaterally however that platform is not working and pakistan has said that it needs international mediation and the international community to take notice of the fact that india is not living up to its commitments as enshrined in the united nations security council resolution regarding the status of push me. and i'll thank you. but of of he is a former chief minister of indian and thence to kashmir and head of the peoples democratic party she is among the politicians under house arrest in response to india's actions on twitter she said today marks the darkest day in indian democracy
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the decision of the german kashmir leadership to reject 2 nation theory in 1947 on the line with india has backfired unilateral decision of the government of india to scrap article $370.00 is illegal and unconstitutional which will make india an occupational force because he seeing as a supreme court lawyers he says the government took advantage of the current situation in kashmir to get article 370 scrapped the couldn't have asked what you know do we doubt the general and the sri the assembly agreeing to it but seeing as there was. no there's no assembly at the moment and the presidential role is there and so taking advantage of that be to be government has the decided to scrap at a good $370.00 and. this is being seen as
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a very strong will by several borders in you know who say that this was a special status which was given to don't get me and to define well with residents would be to see who state will settle there is 8 who can buy property there and generally will be employed there who will give thought to ships there so this is or that was specially given to me and it's me it had its own constitution and now of course this has been scrapped and. so by them still. plenty more ground still to cover for you here on al-jazeera including i'm charlie manson at the edinburgh festival where some artists at putting them most painful experiences on the stand.
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got some rather nasty weather pushing towards the far south of japan now this little circulation swirling away that is tropical storm francisco and that's going to push its way up across the far south of the country so we'll see some very wet weather getting into q.c. as we go on into tuesday some of them piles of honshu apps also seeing a little bit of a wet weather but it really doesn't have too much of an impact here is going to push its way up into south korea maybe parts of north korea seeing some fairy or whether as we go on through the next couple of days maybe 152 millimeters of right on the cards for some to the east of that still stays very hot in tokyo temperatures still getting up to around 34 celsius but you might see want to live the showers over the next day or so showers continue down towards southern parts of china quite as wet as it has been recently hong kong getting up to around 32
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celsius with some bits and pieces of great grozny clearing away as we go on through wednesday notice still rather wet there across a good path over vietnam into laos certainly looking very wet into the philippines at the moment and that heavy right is set to stay with us for at least another 2 or 3 days we are like to see further flooding particular across luzon temperatures in manila at 29 to greece. donald presence on donald trump jr was promised damaging information about the hillary clinton allegation like to see an investigation stick the troops did the trump can commune with russia did you at any time of the urge the former f.b.i. director james call me in any way shape or form a close or to back down the investigation into michael flynn and also as you will know. next question battlefield washington on al-jazeera.
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welcome back let's just update you on the top story so far today a citywide general strike is now taking place in hong kong the police have been deploying tear gas to disperse crowds that blocking traffic in various parts of the city earlier this strike disrupted train services and led to plain cancellation. india's government to scrap possible or to give significant autonomy to indian administered kashmir the region is set to be split in 2 parts and a special protections are being moved to stan has condemned the move. their arms
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foreign minister says the us government is sanctioned him because he refused an offer to visit the white house and hold talks earlier this month jabbered zarif made those comments at a news conference in tehran. they impose sanctions on a minor government employee like me what does it mean to impose sanctions on a foreign minister it means the failure of dialogue the failure of diplomacy it means they disagree with talks our security and stability has never been force and it is not. him and susie rebels say they have launched a series of drone attacks against saudi arabia the report of targets were run airports and the king in the southwest has been no confirmation from the saudi government libyan media is reporting 41 people have been killed in air strikes launched by forces loyal to the warlord honey for her after the attack reportedly targeted a wedding party in the town of mosul zork in the south west of libya dozens more were injured more than
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a 1000 people have been killed since hafter was forces launched an offensive in april to take control of the capital tripoli mark what i had as the latest for us from tripoli. libya as you and back to government of national accord has condemned the attack by half to war planes on civilians in the southern town of the murders of about 900 kilometers south of the capital tripoli the government of national accord is blaming forces loyal to the world have to pull what are called committing crimes against civilians in the south of libya it's also calling on the united nations support the mission in libya to open an investigation into those crimes and on a sunday after the drone launches air strikes killing get dozens of civilians in the town of mud is a big and injuring get the dozens of others we know that there to pull the tribes
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in the town of most of. the victims of these airstrikes have been totally injecting the what they call the military in all they have to as forces in the south and namely and the town of medic have to his forces on the other hand are accusing the tibble fighters of recruiting their tipple cousins from chad which fighters are categorically denying they say that all the victims are libyans civilians with libyan i.d.'s and libyan heritage we know that since last february when have those forces launched a military campaign to take control of the south of libya including get strategic locations towns oil fields and airports that has been sporadic fighting between have to his forces and the fighters since then we understand that the tibble fighters in this house of libya are now calling on the international community to
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do its part and protect civilians against have to attacks in the sales of libya. russia's deputy foreign minister has spoken for the 1st time. as the u.s. withdrew from the landmark nuclear arms treaty this time last week washington walked away from what's called the intermediate range nuclear forces treaty the n f t on friday accusing russia of not complying moscow has denied that and says the u.s. has made a serious mistake by leaving the agreement step vasant has more now from moscow. russia's deputy foreign minister ripped off made it very clear that the risk of a nuclear arms race between the united states and russia has increased significantly now that 3 t.d. intermediate nuclear forces treaty signed in 1987 is that and he blamed completely and fully the united states for this he said the united states has deliberately killed this treaty and put all the blame on russia he says it's true russia owns a missile the $9.00 and $7.00 to $9.00 missile but we never tasso this beyond the
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500 kilometers range so basically he can't we can't be blamed for violating the treaty he also said that it is clear that the united states has other options that he and the united states has a lot of strategy basically aiming at a.z. and that's why the treaty had to be. terminated he said that one of the reasons is but for example that the nuclear arms race in asia could increase russia said that if the united states puts a new missile in asia that it will consider and look at the situation and react accordingly to defend its national security basically the big key word here is china the united states wants to balance what china has been doing also on the defense front but china never really had any intention to join any nuclear treaty
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so that's why the united states is planning and on friday the u.s. defense secretary already said that he wants to send missiles to asia sooner rather than later so there's a lot of concern about that during coughed presser a lot of asian journalists were asking questions about the possibility of this new nuclear arms race in asia and the defense for the deputy foreign minister sat that we will all have to see and wait what the united states is planning to do. the united nations is calling for sanctions on businesses linked to mean mars military what it says is quote a genocidal campaign against. me and mars army holes big areas of the economy and investigators searching world leaders to impose financial sanctions and say foreign firms doing business with those companies could be complicit in international crimes a military crackdown that began in 2017 has forced more than 700000 muslims to flee
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to bangladesh china has escalated its trade war with the united states in response to president donald trump threaten sanctions the central bank stop propping up the yuan allowing it to fall to its lowest level against the dollar since 2008 the people's bank of china blamed the trade war the yuan's weakness its decision rattled markets and is likely to inflame tensions between washington and beijing. thousands of people have attended a candlelight vigil in el paso in texas one of the 20 people killed in a mass shooting the shopping complex on saturday is the worst attack in the u.s. so far this year a 21 year old white man is facing multiple criminal charges in ohio a big crowd gathered for a vigil in dates an oregon district to mourn the deaths of 9 people who were killed during another mass shooting there early on sunday police say the gunman was among those killed 16 others were taken to hospital with injuries. because new
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interim government is facing a possible challenge in the u.s. territories senate there is a coal pedro pierre luis u s swearing in unconstitutional protesters who forced his predecessor out of office have been rallying in the capital. al jazeera as gabriel is that. protesters again at the front gate of the governor's mansion leave their anger at the internal governor did you can vote for but have been told is the best option to leave puerto rico they disagree. with me here for 3 leave the country much better. corporate interests she's referring to petro pierre louis c. the new governor who previously worked at a law firm that represented a company accused of polluting the island's groundwater with toxic ash louis c. is from the largest political party the new progressive he's
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a former justice minister who also served as puerto rico's representative to washington or he was sworn in late friday even though he was not confirmed by the senate as required by law the senate will vote on monday and he could be forced to step down but he doesn't get the confirmation votes he needs the people of puerto rico took to the streets to demand change they got it but for many of them it wasn't the changed. they want while peer we see has not been directly tied to corruption those who want to see the most change him and the government he now leads with suspicion they are all corrupt they have all been allegedly implying the same corrections gives the governor was taken out for so they think they. are going to conform or are going to simply decide let's settle for. less than 2 evils we're not we're tired of this and we know that the next 2 years are going to be
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fundamental in the restructuring of puerto rico so we really need someone competent and honest to represent us and they say they won't stop until they have it gabriel's oddo how does it san juan puerto rico. now some performers at this year's edinburgh fringe festival in scotland are taking the trauma of the past on to the stage sharing their deepest darkest secrets to song and dance is challenging. months briony killing a show about how she lost her mind a partner almost. an experience she really lives every night in front of hundreds of people using cabaret and comedy that. was well her. show is funny heartbreaking and it sold out she says it helps to heal this catharsis for me. and i got to process it you know by making
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off oh yes however we start telling therapy myself so yeah i feel like i figured it all out i guess. now it's so far away. in some ways it's quite nice. that horrible side and then i can come off to say doesn't. say yes it's good it's good therapy for me now don't run need to kill me. now i do. confess. can also make the great comedy at the edinburgh fringe no subject is too personal or too brutal to talk about acrobatics how this performer illustrate the highs and lows of her childhood by domestic abuse but the festival organizers realize that can be therapeutic some material can revive. here a friend central this year we're offering a lot more services to support artists of reformers to just be really my day as well as being a wonderful creators imaginative space it is also and is also tough for those
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artists who are digging deep into their own emotional journeys to share those with other human beings to help cope with the frenzy of the friends the festival is offering meditation workshops talks with psychologists i now have mental health 1st aid is on hand to support any artist who feels overwhelmed whether they've suffered for their art all made art out of their suffering. energy wit and compassion these refreshing intensely personal pieces of work shed light on experiences often in the dark how does their. ok let's get right up streets on the top story so far today here on al-jazeera hong kong why general strike has turned into another confrontation between police and protesters police have been firing tear gas to break up crowds that were blocking
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traffic now earlier the city was brought to a standstill by the strike action train services were disrupted and the beast 100 flights are being canceled many were able to retrieve the the parallel to resign but she's accusing the protesters of trying to destroy home home. such extensive disruptions in the name of certainty months or uncooperative movement have seriously undermined hong kong's law and order. and are pushing our city. the city we all love. and many of us helped to build through the verge of a very dangerous situation india's government to scrap parts of a law to give significant autonomy to indian administered kashmir the region is set to be split into parts under special protections are being removed pakistan has condemned the move. iran's foreign minister says the us government to sanctioned
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him because he refused an offer to visit the white house and hold talks earlier this month as a reef made those comments at a news conference in tehran hit mad because. they impose sanctions on a minor government employee like me what does it mean to impose sanctions on the foreign minister it means the failure of dialogue the failure of diplomacy it means they disagree with talks our security instability has never been force and it is not. the rebels say they've launched a series of drone attacks against saudi arabia the reported targets were announced around airports on the king base in the southwest there's been no confirmation from the saudi government libyan media reporting 41 people have been killed in air strikes launched by forces loyal to the warlord honey for hafta the attack reportedly targeted a wedding party in the town of mosul in the southwest of libya dozens more were injured up next it's inside story i will see you very soon.
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hundreds of people rested in russia and the leading opposition politician jailed protesters say president put his opponents are being excluded from taking part in moscow city elections why is the government taking such a hard stance and could violence against the demonstrators backfire this is inside story.
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hello and welcome to the program. it's one of the biggest security crackdown seen in russia for many years i guess where the authorities say are illegal demonstrations and independent monitoring groups has more than 800 protesters were detained on saturday the week before the figure was almost $1400.00 and the leading opponent of president vladimir putin alexina vonnie was jailed russians are angry at the ban on some opposition minded candidates for the next months city elections in moscow the council controlled by the pro kremlin united russia party is responsible for last minute simple budget the vote comes at a time when putin's approval rating although still high at more than 60 percent has actually dropped that's been put down to discontent over the economy and falling incomes we'll discuss all this with our guest shortly but 1st imran khan reports on saturday's events. for the police operation designed to stop large numbers of
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protesters coming to central moscow did exactly that still some did manage to get through the detentions was swift so all throughout today they've been arresting people like this they pick them up. and they take them into. a van where the idea is a return of the protesters are normally take also a police station so then they register journalists were also detained but released almost immediately once they showed proper accreditation protesters a worry the upcoming last go city council elections are being rigged in favor of the governing party united russia most of the opposition candidates have been arrested but one who is at the protest said the numbers will load because the authorities were cracking down. everything depends on how people will react so far there aren't that many of us many people are unhappy with united russia and its supporters is the lowest since 2006 but people are scared of coming to the streets
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or taking party rallies of half a 1000000 take to the streets. despite the crackdown the protesters that did make it were hopeful change might come down most don't mean yes i'm here because i have a conscience i don't like a lot of things that are happening in this country i'm happy that the young generation woke up and want to have their voices heard i am here because candidates we aren't allowed to run i'm against banning of alice i'm against the crackdown and i think protest is the only way to show your opinion police say the protest was illegal and detentions were low and opposition monitoring group says the numbers were you much higher than the police who claim it's not clear what's next for russia's protest movement but the authorities are hoping the show of force has stopped a completely immoral cardholders or moscow. they arrests were condemned by rights groups in a statement on a c international said the russian authorities have shown nothing but disdain for humor whites and the notion of peaceful protests with. on the pro
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russian authorities to respect the country's humorous obligations and constitution and ensure the wiat to freedom of peaceful assembly is respected and facilitated the unfounded mass disorder charges against demonstrators must be dropped and all imprisoned peaceful protesters released. so who are the main activists challenging president putin lib or civil lawyer and video blogger was briefly detained before saturday's protests she'd been on hunger strike after her disqualification from the election alexei of arnie is putting his most prominent opponent last week the anti-corruption campaign or was taken to hospital from prison in what his lawyer said might have been a case of poisoning his number back in jail serving a 30 day sentence for organizing the protests several other opposition members and activists were also detained but some were later released critics say the kremlin
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has always used force to intimidate dissenters. let's bring in our guests from moscow we have victor all of it political analyst and expert of the center for actual politics also from moscow a powerful flag and our journalist and columnist for novaya gazeta welcome to the program mr oliver church why is this happening i mean this clamp down on the protesters and how significant is it. well on unfortunately the moscow municipal election commission had made a decision not to register kynges it's a number of candidates from opposition movements and parties and that it's had become widely accepted that that decision was not exactly by the book so the mosque a municipal election commission had been political in making that decision and did
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not exactly act according to a law of course that was used as a b. text for broadcast by them or radical parts of the opposition but it must be said it must be said that the discontent that the number of people who feel disenfranchised in moscow is is significant and not every brought down like yesterday's protest is not allowed these bound by by the russian authorities in fact last in fact. weeks ago there was a license to go for a test that was license in the government and more than the 20000 people came out in fact weeks from now another protest is expected in moscow focused on this specific issue of the elections to the moscow city duma yeah and. also which is expect up to one found that a 1000 people to come out and that brought that is not expected to be harassed in
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any way by the u.k. by lease so on the one hand there are issues that have been caused by. by decisions of the moscow city or so into the moscow election commission and on the other hand there have been attempts both more radicalized elements of the opposition to use them as a pretext for their actions. why it's such a whole stuns me all about city elections i mean not talking about the dubai lushes we're not talking about. the president said it actions which are going to be held in 2024 well it seems that the right moscow authorities are grossly overreacting in the. moscow city do mother we're just not sure this will be you act that in september doesn't yield any real power it's not even the professional so-called well i just which sure i mean it's part time people
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they're not even paid for that work they sometimes gather to pass some kind of registration and there was 0 possibility that the opposition could actually gain a majority in the this way just to ensure or could wield any power there but the authorities are dealing with this lack a military operation basically there had been reliable information coming out from sources in the kram one that this is seen as an act of. unrest in moscow seen as a. hybrid warfare that this is a western american led intelligence organizations organizing discontent in russia in an attempt to turn it into a possible coup d'etat the way it was and ukraine the so-called my don and that is being the russian authorities as being very afraid of that and so now they're
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clamping down rio they're arresting people who all the way there so oppositional all the known leaders of the opposition and most of them are right now and behind bars there's they're running. searches they're working for information and the intelligence counterintelligence organization f.s.b. is very much involved so they're looking for evidence to show that this is a. hybrid war operation to the west and that maybe they're actually preparing some of the show trials afterwards. if we see it that way victor usually city city election is usually about infrastructure services and there's this consensus among many people particularly the government that the mayor who is an ally of president putin has been doing well over the last few years why is the government afraid in this case why is afraid and not allowing the position candidates to run
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for the city in the city elections. well i would agree with bio that the moscow cigar in the car was over reacted and the proper way to deal with this situation would have been to register as i was going to those who actually lived there enough signatures to be adjusted to plea by the book and to have free and fair elections and in fact the popularity of the readings of some of these opposition candidates are quite low so in free and fair elections if there are held in september to the moscow city duma most of them would have probably not much of victory most of these opposition candidates able to have simply lost in fair elections instead by clamping down seavey yearly by taking this somewhat unnecessary and actions these opposition including radical opposition figures and activists have gained
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more name recognition their reputation. among certain are layers of the population in moscow certain segments of the population there they are brand name and their own name their condition has increased and their bipolarity has increased ok so these actions by by the moscow authorities are certainly counterproductive from whatever vantage point you look at the. public the clum done back fly to the point where we can say safely now that the opposition is no on the path to build up more lament for its own political agenda. oh that's not clear at all in 2012 such a very severe clampdown actually stopped the opposition movement then after the duma who actions the state duma elections that was a rather more massive than today so then and work must like with artie's believe it
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can work now too but then again that depends on other issues it's not just about moscow though this right now is a moscow city issue it's moscow elections it's happening in moscow there's very much with though resonance to the entire a contrie side of russia. but right there their thirties have they're afraid and they have a reason to be afraid because this politico basically political opposition movement in moscow may begin to spread out and join forces with the social economic discontent that's really massive in russia because russia is in the konami though drums for.


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