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called themselves the promoters of white identity and white nationalism no one falls into white nationalism accidentally it's not a thing you ironically are it's a political ideology of the far right it is serious it is about the supremacy of of the white race might identity you know there's nothing ironic or the entire about that and i use those words specifically when we start to look at the subcultures unfortunate each and that deal with irony and then satire is also important to highlight we start to look at things i through an american context american relationship to things like freedom of speach. mrs broderick there is a new trend in the u.s. in particular the house is pressing in different parts of the world basically about which is why it's not sort of the 6 trim is i'm using different ideologies different. and raising of the issue that under threat by different ethnicities and other. people of color this seems to be
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a divisive issue in the united states of america don't you think that because of his it of its nature people don't seem to be all over board about the need to say clearly that the biggest problem that the u.s. is facing. is white nationalist extremism yes i do agree with that i think. right now in america it is incredibly complicated. to have that conversation to to figure out where the line between what we think of as traditional conservative values separates into the far right and then let's say the far right separates into white nationalism which i would consider more extremist but this conversation is happening not just america it's happening in every country on earth and i want to make a really important point about this it happened across europe over the last 34 years you saw this in france in sweden in germany in the u.k. but it's also happening in asia and southeast asia it's happening with internationalism of the modi administration in india the things that we're seeing
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with each and right now it happened in south korea with a message board based or house or in japan japanese nationalism and the message board that inspired 4 chan which is to chan or need chan these issues are in demick in almost every online society on earth right now and i think that having these conversations and focusing on one particular country is what we kind of trip over every time because what we could be doing is what we're kind of doing right now which is talking about how different countries are facing this problem and maybe if america was a little more open to acknowledging the. there is a problem and there's a problem is one that everyone is sharing we can start talking about how we can address it on a systemic level that can actually start to fix things. mr here's the reason why we're we're talking about the need for the u.s. to step in if you remember back into after the 911 the americans were the forefront telling the world that you know want with al qaida and with isis later we need to
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take action particular with draining the resources of these groups online financially to be able to defeat them and we see what happened later now it comes to white. nationalist extremism new york times is talking drawing parallels between the 2 between isis and white nationalist extremism and they are saying why in a way or another why are the american doing exactly what they did with isis and al qaeda and therefore they might find an answer to the questions the face. yes. islamist extremism and white nationalism are actually very similar in a lot of ways particularly in respect to angry young men radicalizing each other there are 2 reasons why the united states hasn't been able to go after white nationalist terrorists the way it was able to go after al qaida and isis 1st of all . it's there are no legal designations for domestic terrorism there are
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certain designations that allow law enforcement to investigate what could be domestic terror groups but because of the political implications the government doesn't recognize domestic terror groups in the same way that it recognizes foreign terror groups. at the same time one of the reasons why the united states government can't go after far right extremists is because the beliefs and the rhetoric that these extremists are espousing is very similar to the beliefs and rhetoric that are on display every day by this presidential administration and many on the right in congress one of the issues with moderating. white nationalist content online is that many of the algorithms that were applied to say isis or al qaeda can't be applied to white national i see your point because they would sweep up too many mainstream republicans in the process of the for this i would like to
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us to the same question to caroline about whether it's fair to say that while there's the school about the need to clamp down on the those individuals on the fringe others saying basically we should be targeting the role models the politicians leaders who came to power espousing the same ideology well she's now becoming some somehow in a way out another a mainstream not even different parts of the world the world the u.s. in particular but also now getting to and in europe. i think the right and that has been definite definitely an argument i would say the bigger thing when i think about mainstream social networks drawing a line right between mainstream social networks and 8 chan is that there isn't a lot of transparency around when content is taken down why how when it violated a policy and that's the same thing if you look at richard spencer david duke's twitter accounts right david duke being the grand wizard of the ku klux klan why
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are their twitter accounts online still that is a very good and profound question of which there is not a clear answer from twitter and their policy team that's something i would love to know the answer to why do those accounts stay up in other accounts are taken down. i think it's important to also highlight as well. again why is it mean to self identify as a white nationalists and to say something on a more mainstream platform for example i do believe buzz feed reported this that they facebook was going to take down white nationals or white supremacy groups facebook groups but some of those groups still stand i believe that was from an article from a couple of things to go to a year ago but these are deeper questions to actually and i do think perhaps we should come back and focus maybe on something like a channel full time we're running out of a time had no policy was definitely a but as of this issue with you in the near future things to brian. brian
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broderick and thank you 2 for watching you can see the program again any time by visiting a website dot com for further discussion go to our facebook page that's facebook dot com forward slash a.j. it's a story you can also join the conversation on twitter and that is a inside story from me. the whole team here in doha by for that. i. august. a unique story about a french syrian family who traded their peaceful lives in europe for revolution in syria marking 2 years since the start of myanmar's military campaign that's forced hundreds of thousands of range of muslims into exile musicians shaking up
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stereotypes of africa a powerful new witness documentary from ghana another bid to preserve multilateralism within a group of the 7 most advanced economies will cohesion prevail over challenges that the g. 7 faces drawing on a decade of al-jazeera documentaries rewind revisits the archive to find out how the story moved on august on al-jazeera. captaining a leading used team at 16 years old takes determination. to that staying on top of your game at school. the whole family bands together and shares the sacrifices necessary for a song to have a shot at becoming a professional footballer. my tunisia home game on a jersey. i was raised in france.
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these are my grandparents. these are my parents and this is mean. by them both isis and us of. the 1st of a 2 part epic tale of a remarkable son and. the father the son and the jihad. one on al-jazeera. fighting to ungar and. pakistan against india's decision to revoke kashmir special autonomous status while india is also rejecting criticism from china which says it shouldn't even laterally change the status quo.
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alone down jordan this is live from doha also coming up venezuela accuses the u.s. of economic terrorism following new sanctions aimed at president the duo's government. and thousands protest in turkey warning that a foreign owned gold mine project will cause widespread environmental contamination . pakistan says it will put maximum pressure on india of its decision to strip indian administered kashmir of its autonomy the prime minister imran khan called for international intervention following india's move to change the status quo of the disputed region of some of the nge of a begins our coverage from the suffer about in pakistan administered kashmir. our fight will continue that's the message from these protesters in laughter about in pakistan administered kashmir if you 100 gathered towards the anger against the indian government's decision to abolish its special status of the himalayan region
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disputed. may you want. my appeal to the united nations to resolve this issue immediately otherwise we will go there to win freedom for our brothers. my opinion is still all muslims that if you have come out of your homes and stand with us. members of pakistan's parliament in islamabad voiced their anger at india's decision to revoke autonomy and privileges for the contested muslim majority region prime minister announced on predicted that india will crack down even harder on the kashmiris people he fears ethnic cleansing and call the ruling b.g.p. steps in line with the racist ideology you talked a little like yeah you. can eat your junk election the manifesto this is not a decision the b j p have taken out of the blue it was part of their election manifesto all along it is in fact ingrained in their ideology to put hindus above all other religions and seeks to establish
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a state that represses all other religious groups. it was a heated parliamentary session where the leader of the opposition says that pakistan has 2 choices now either to hide or take decisive action but people on both sides of the line of control of heard fiery speeches before the feeling here is on bread and inside he not knowing what is happening beyond these mountains in the indian administered side of the schmear reserve means cut off from the outside world pakistan's military leaders say they will go to any extent to fulfill their obligation to the kashmiri people facts on the army spokesman tweeted pakistan never recognize the indian efforts to legalize its occupation of genuine kashmir through article 370 or 35 a decades ago. and india have fought multiple wars over the territorial dispute there are fears that this latest move from india could provoke another charming guy without a 0. to stand administered kashmir. well that's the view from pakistan but the
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decision to remove indian administered kashmir as autonomous status has received widespread support in india's parliament as jamil has more now from new delhi. for the 1st time in decades here feeling optimistic because schmear hindu fled with his family from indeed administered kashmir in 1990 because of religious violence he's pleased with the indian government's decision to revoke the region's autonomy under article 370 but has his concerns if we are we are supposed to go back. home. and all. of the who will look after us. and who is going to be a god. india's home minister lead tuesday's charge for change in the lower house of parliament where the bill passed easily thanks to the government's majority and support from the opposition members but many members of parliament say
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support for india in the kashmir valley has dried up following the government's revoking of the region's autonomy and splitting it into 2 federal territories even those who politically supported the indian government in the region are now lashing out this is not that i believe. there is a democratic and yeah taking on india. whatever your religion. the students studying in your new delhi are worried they've been scrambling to find a way to contact their families and friends in indeed administered kashmir without much success my main guns on that my parents even ok like they haven't i don't know they've been alive for me. not knowing what they're going to do. so i know what are the problems but this is the highest this is the worst kind of situation that is happening now. as many worry about their families in kashmir
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being cut off others are dreaming of a new beginning their fares jamil al jazeera new delhi india has rejected china's criticism of its move on cash may have priyanka look to has more now from new delhi . it was completely predictable about china would react so strongly against india's decision to do market dock as a separate administrative region to be directly controlled by new delhi are the 2 countries have fought a bitter but a brief war in $96.00 you to have a could be a both countries claim each other parts of each other 3500 kilometer long border i did have been several skirmishes in the past when the soldiers from both countries faced off each other but what we heard from the chinese foreign ministry is that there is called india's decision completely unacceptable. against china's terry to its sovereignty india says it's india's internal matter new delhi has complete
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right to take decisions on what it chooses to do and it does and since it since it does not meddle in other people's or other countries internal affairs it expects china and pakistan to back off. and one of india's best known female politicians the former foreign minister. has died of a heart attack the 67 year old served as foreign minister for 5 years but she did not join prime minister narendra modi's cabinet in may for health reasons barely 3 hours before she died she tweeted congratulating prime minister modi for the changes in indian administered kashmir saying she'd been waiting to these to see this day in my lifetime. dozens of people have been injured in kabul after a suicide car bomber targeted the police building the taliban who claimed responsibility for the attack in the west of the afghan capital the bomber detonated his car a security checkpoint outside the building setting off a huge explosion. the u.s. says tough new sanctions will cut off funding for venezuela's president washington
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has frozen venezuelan government assets blocking american companies and individuals from doing business with nicolas maduro his government and its supporters stories about reports not. long lines in front of the peruvian consulate in caracas most of those who come here are desperate to leave the country. is a retired engineer she has been waiting for months to get an appointment because she says she cannot continue living year. i have a pension of 40000 bolivar's that i can buy 2 kilos of cheese my son is in peru and i'm going to live with him but i cannot get their. stories like mine are frequent in venezuela these days as the country struggles with an economic crisis that has forced millions out of the country for the united states and dozens of other countries worldwide who are meeting in. political and economic change the united
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states and venezuela have historically had a strong bilateral relationship but that relationship started to deteriorate 20 years ago when socialist leader over travis took office and denounced what he called the united states' interference in this country in the past month the situation has escalated even further the united states shut down its embassy here in cairo and announced harsher economic sanctions. out of office in the past the u.s. imposed sanctions on venezuelan individuals linked to my government and. venice were less state oil company accusing them of serious human rights abuses drug. trafficking and corruption now they're taking things further by seizing venezuelan assets in the u.s. and banning u.s. companies from doing business in this country so basically one way to summarize this to a business for example is do you want to do business in venezuela or do you want to do business with the united states and i think for any international corporation
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for their u.s. based european wherever they need to be to the boards of directors and shareholders they ought to be asking their management if it's worth risking for a trickle of income from the illegitimately dural government if it's worth risking their business in the united states the government and the opposition are holding talks in barbados to try to find a way out of the crisis that will but in the end we are acting on old necessary battlefronts to achieve a solution to the crisis which is what all been insulin's want the kingdom of norway's mechanism continues because what we are generating are the conditions for real so.


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