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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  August 8, 2019 2:00am-3:01am +03

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falling be. the whole thing is that on their parade. many campaigns of the restaurants or for those who are. from the northern side of the country those who are there those who are loyal to the commander from the council cause which is calling for the separation of the south from the north so from the beginning of the year their school ation of the core calling for this kind of separation right there their being have to want to take over aden nodder true to us to us experience 1st bill the governments of hardy and call for the separation of the south and the north this is according still some of the observers. from the service side of the country are right with an update from sa thank you. turkey's defense ministry says it will coordinate with the u.s. on what it's calling a peace corridor or in turkey's southern border the nato allies who've been in
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their law over the area for months have also agreed measures to repatriate displaced syrians the decision comes after 3 days of tense negotiations in ankara saying a further the latest from gaza into. 3 days of talks in ankara between high level delegations from the pentagon and the turkish defense ministry have reached some sort of a breakthrough deny that states and turkey have now agreed on creating a safe zone along syria's north eastern border that area is under the control of the white peachey the syrian kurdish armed group which is allied to the united states turkey believes that group is a terrorist organization and it believes its presence along the border and its presence all together really is a threat to this country so that is why turkey has been insisting on creating this stone it also wants to create the zone to allow syrian refugees to return and that's why in the statement they talk about an agreement to set up a peace accord or now the turkey and the turkish and the american delegate
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delegates agreed to set up a joint coordination center which means that these 2 nato allies which are their relationship really has been strained over this particular issue have now agreed to work together which means any unilateral actions at least for the time being are now off the table turkey has repeatedly said if there is no agreement it is going to carry out a unilateral cross border operation into syria to deal with the white p.g. threat so right now turkey and the united states agreeing to work together but there's still no agreement on how how this is done is going to look like the length the deps who is going to control it and the fate of the white p.g. and those really have been very contentious issues the deep differences between the both sides as they have been negotiating for months trying to solve just those issues still ahead on al-jazeera backing for venezuela's president ers he did. sanction.
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hello again and welcome back or are going to be things a very gusty winds here across much of the violent you can see not a lot on our satellite image so we are going to be seeing plenty of sun across much of the area for baghdad we do expect to see $44.00 degrees in kuwait city at $45.00 but the winds will be coming from the north and that is going to cause a lot of problems in terms of visibility as well tehran though as we go towards friday $37.00 degrees for you and baku a nice day with a perception of $28.00 degrees there where across the gulf it is going to be the winds as well that have been affected here for parts of doha but i want to take you over here towards down here towards yemen where we have seen some very heavy rain over the last few days and for a sun that has meant some localized flooding across much of the area thursday is looking better there a lot of the rain has been pushed out a touch a few of 24 degrees and as we go towards friday the temperatures stay the same but
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we do expect to see a little bit more in terms of clouds and possibly even some rain coming into the forecast there here across the southern part of africa it is going to be clear across much of the interior down here across the cape though we could be seeing some clouds rolling their way across cape town as well as into port elizabeth but for durban it is going to be a windy day for you at $22.00 degrees but up here towards harare expect to see plenty of sun in the forecast with attempt there of $27.00. america is divided like never before each side is so convinced that they are absolutely correct that the other side is dangerous heaven has a wall and strict immigration policy people in power investigates the partisan politics eroding civil norms are vital to american democracy are you concerned that the political divisions today could lead to violence. this strange death of
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american civility part 2 on al-jazeera. the again the top stories on al-jazeera pakistan has downgraded diplomatic ties and cut trade with india over new delhi's decision to strip the autonomy from the part of kashmir it minister and indian troops are enforcing your client on there with the internet shut off and curfews in force the united nations envoy to yemen is calling on all parties to engage in dialogue following fighting in the city of aden at least one person was killed as forces of the internationally recognized government confronted fighters backed by the united arab emirates. there's been a breakthrough in talks between turkey and the u.s.
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over a proposed safe zone inside syria turkey is the finance ministry says the 2 sides have agreed to coordinate what it's calling a door on turkey's southern border. donald trump is in dayton ohio where a gunman killed 9 people on sunday the president's also due in el paso texas where 22 people were shot and killed on saturday several state and city leaders are against his visit accusing the president of inciting racist and hate crimes well before leaving for ohio trump told reporters about. assault rifles is unlikely but congress is working on changes to gun legislation. that there is no political appetite at that moment to get. only no political appetite probably going to lead like that but i will certainly bring that up i'll bring it up and. there's a great appetite and i mean a very strong appetite for background and i think we can bring up background checks
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like that for let's bring in rob ron l.z. is joining us from el paso so what does tom planning to do not only mail possibly in dayton as well where he currently is and are we likely to see protests against trump's visit. well as a matter of fact there in there is a protest underway already in dayton ohio there will be another one here in el paso it's planned to be a peaceful protest the president and the 1st lady are planning to visit with 1st responders police officers paramedics and also with the. doctors who treated the wounded and as well with family members of victims and with some of the wounded people as well we don't know whether any of that is going to be recorded on videotape done of the events or are public and he has no. speeches or other big public events on his schedule he'll be here in el paso for less than 3 hours
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and what do americans as a whole rob think about the level of political debate going on right now in the u.s. in the wake of these 2 mass shootings. well there's been some polling on that by the pew research organization and it shows that 85 percent of u.s. adults believe that the tone of the political debate has become more negative. a majority of those people polled said that president trump has made things worse and more than 3 quarters of americans said that politicians use of aggressive campaign rhetoric or speech of speechifying that identifies and speaks out against certain groups ethnic populations does make it more likely that those groups will be subject to violent attacks and rob particularly on the issue of past so why is there so much on happiness that trump is visiting the city
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trump and passage of a long and fraught relationship there in the president in his state of the union speech described this this city which is generally very safe in terms of violent crime as a kind of war zone that no one would ever want to visit so he said a lot of untrue things about bill paso and kind of made it a scapegoat this is a overwhelmingly let you know city people here are upset about the family separation policy that was initiated right around here in this part of the border area and that in general people who are of let's you know dissent don't feel that trump respects them ok rob reynolds thank you. to bring you some breaking news out of puerto rico because the supreme court there has overturned the swearing in of the territory's governor clearing the way for the just the secretary to take over the senate decided to call off a vote on monday to confirm pedre here lucy is governor while the court decided on
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his legitimacy. joining us from san juan so i suppose the court has decided well his appointment is not legitimate gabriel was expected. it was really unsure what the court was going to rule quite frankly but they gave an overwhelming decision here just within the last 10 to 15 minutes or so here in puerto rico at the supreme court it was a 90 unanimous decision in the opinion of the court which we've been reading briefly since it just came out they said that his swearing in as you mentioned was unconstitutional because he was not sworn in by the senate he was only sworn in or confirmed i should say by the house of representatives here in puerto rico and so the supreme court overwhelmingly said he is not a legitimate governor and then went so far as to say that he should step down
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immediately this all just came down within the last few minutes we have not heard from the interim governor had to appear louis c. yet however yesterday during a press conference i asked him specifically if the court rules against you will you step down his answer was i will be forced to so we are expecting that purely see if he follows through with what he says will step down at some point sooner rather than later probably very soon he's only been governor for 6 days when he was sworn in on friday night after the previous governor was forced to step down amid scandal and street protests that lasted nearly 2 weeks so far and still call right now on the streets of puerto rico san juan there could be protests later this evening i think people right now are different digesting this supreme court decision and seeing what the interim government governor pierre luis he will do in the coming hours rights gabriel is on the thank you. well supporters of one
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as well as governments are protesting new economic sanctions by the u.s. the white house says the new measures will cut off funding to president nicolas maduro his vice president is denouncing the freezing of assets as a global threat and a u.s. attack on private property there is a bow has more from caracas. but they say the united states and its way that what you see here. i mean militias that are now part of the armed forces here here with hundreds of people were worried about what would happen to venezuela what influence what this latest sanctions have . donald trump signed an executive order banning american companies from doing business when it sees venezuelan assets in the united states threatening countries like russia and china from doing business with venezuela these latest sanctions
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just from being. mostly because there's not a private companies of course many of the companies that we have spoken to say that they're worried about what impact they're going to have the government is saying that they're trying to find alternative ways in order to find a way out so that it doesn't have an impact on. other talking to the countries like russia and china and even though it seems that venezuela a cycle a did in the west and continues to have the support of other countries like russia and china that they. will be officially leader of the challenge that governments all the whatever you say that. you know to pressure. the president and actually the opposition believe that elections the way out of the parents are going to make crisis. in the street is warning it could lead to nationwide shortages the food and drink federation says it would be disastrous for
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. the industry if delays at ports cost fresh produce to roths the government's being urged to waive some competition rules to allow retailers on suppliers to work together if there is no deal the industry's testing alternative ports to avoid the main lorry routes from france to dover. ukraine's new president says he's pressed russia to resume talks aimed at ending fighting in the east 4 ukrainian soldiers were killed in a rocket attack near the eastern port of mariupol on tuesday volodymyr design is calling on russia as well as france and germany to resume 4 way peace talks for the dawn a. ukrainian government forces and pro russian separatists have fought since russian troops are next crimea 5 years ago. i just had a phone conversation with russian president vladimir putin i called him immediately i see that this doesn't bring us closer to peace i beg you to influence the other side so that they can stop the killing of our people judges and lawyers in hong
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kong have marched in a silent protest to accuse the government of political persecution. dressed in black held a vigil the department of justice they are demanding an independent inquiry into weeks of mass protests lawyers say police have arrested hundreds of protesters but not allege a gang members who attacked them now the protests started against an extradition law to china and grew into an outcry against chinese control of the former british colony the arrest is costing hong kong businesses threatening to territories reputation for stability to andrew thomas explains. in cooling monday strike protesters in hong kong directly targeted the territories economy to make their political points but the protests which started in june have already been having a financial impact. shoppers are staying away.
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retail revenues in june were down 7 percent year on year figures for july and august are expected to show much bigger drop still. business is terrible terrible people have lost the desire to spend tourists who are missing especially those from mainland china. many vendors like us afraid to run in to protest i won't be rushing back i rather wait until. tourists losing confidence in hong kong is one thing but if international credit rating agencies do too that could be disastrous. continental and escalate. and become uncontrollable then that will have a significant impact on hong kong's credit rating hong kong's current credit rating scores a similar to those of the united states there are a lot better than mainland china's because hong kong is seen as economically and legally independent the protests could mean
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a downgrade either because they make hong kong a more difficult place to do business or because evidence of beijing asserting itself would undermine the independence that many consider makes hong kong special a downgrade would mean hong kong's government and any firm listed here pays nor to borrow. hong kong's economy was already sluggish weighed down by the us china trade war and sky high house prices were beginning to dip property and movable and you can exclude from that impact of the political instability so. many people are willing to enter the market in this kind of situation the protests could tip hong kong into recession it's too soon to know the full impact of the protests economic data takes a month or more to feed through and who knows whether the chaotic scenes here have reached their climax or going to get worse but what has been lost already is hong kong's reputation for stability that will have
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a cost even if it's unclear yet how great that cost will be andrew thomas al-jazeera hong kong. china's government has banned movies and actors from taiwan's most prestigious annual film awards the announcement was widely expected after an award winner from last year's ceremony called for taiwan's independence. china sees taiwan as part of its territory tension between the 2 sides worse and last week when beijing confirmed it will stop granting permits to individual travelers to taiwan much more on the story as well as the day's other top stories on our website . dot com. hello again the headlines on al-jazeera. has downgraded diplomatic trade with india over new delhi's decision to strip the autonomy from the part of kashmir ministers
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indian troops are enforcing a clamp down there with the internet shut off and curfews in force the united nations is calling on all parties to engage in dialogue following fighting in the city of at least one person was killed as forces of the internationally recognized government confronted fighters backed by the united arab emirates. because supreme court has overturned the swearing in of its new governor. declaring it was unconstitutional it clears the way for the territories justice secretary to take over peer lucy came to office on friday after weeks of protests forced his predecessor to resign. from sun. it was a $90.00 unanimous decision in the opinion of the court which we've been reading briefly since it just came out they said that his swearing in as you mentioned was unconstitutional because he was not sworn in by the senate he was only sworn in or confirmed i should say by the house of representatives here in puerto rico and so
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the supreme court overwhelmingly said. not a legitimate governor and then went so far as to say that he should step down immediately. no higher where a gunman killed 9 people on sunday president's also do in el paso texas where 22 people were shot and killed on saturday several state and city leaders are against his visit accusing the president of. his rhetoric has no impact on the country there's been a breakthrough in talks with the u.s. over a proposed safe zone inside syria turkey's defense ministry says the 2 sides have agreed to coordinate what it's calling a door on turkey's southern border. supporters of venezuela's government are protesting new economic sanctions by the u.s. the white house says the new measures will cut off funding to president nicolas maduro his vice president is denouncing the freezing of assets as
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a global threats and the u.s. attack on private property those are the latest headlines inside story is coming up next on al-jazeera. what's at stake for the kurds in syria turkey considers a kurdish led syrian democratic forces to its security and wants to establish a border buffer zone the u.s. back to the kurdish fighters and says it wants to prevent a turkish offensive against the can the nato allies bridge their differences over the this is inside story.
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hello welcome to the program. turkey's president has warned he's lost his patience with the united states over the establishment of a safe zone in northern ne syria and was off by about 2 and says he will always out an offensive against the kurdish led syrian democratic forces the turks consider the u.s. backed s.d.f. a terrorist organization and wants to protect its border with a buffer zone but american troops are there and the pantai gold warned against and it turkish incursion targeting his kurdish ally in the battle i guess i still. saudi any clues indicate that about talks the new code but it's our top priority to train the terrorist swamp in northern syria turkey cannot feel safe as long as the structure in the south which is growing like a cancer cell and is increasing with a heavy weapon itself our allies is not eliminated if we don't do what's needed
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today we would have to do it tomorrow by paying a bigger cost he said god willing we will bring our operations so a different face very soon so. we've been heavily engaged with the turks with regard to their security interests in northern syria. clearly we believe any unilateral action by them would be unacceptable and so we're trying to do now is work out with them and arrangement to address their concerns and i'm hopeful we'll get there at the same time we're going to do is prevent unilateral incursions that would upset again these mutual interests that both the united states turkey and the s.d.f. share with the cardinal in syria. saying the whole doha's more of the talks from ghazi on tip on the turkish syrian border. for months the united states and turkey have been engaged in discussions over what turkey calls a safe zone along syria's north eastern border as i was negotiations have been difficult differences but it has been difficult really for the united states to try
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to balance the interests and demands by 2 allies turkey being a nato ally the syrian armed kurdish group the why p.g. is an ally of the united states in its fight against the i saw. the differences really have been over the length and the depths of the zone as well as who will control the zone and most importantly the fate of the wife p.g. turkey considers the y.p. geo terrorist organization and if it wants the group to be in its words neutralized but do knighted states want to continue to cooperate with this actor in syria it's what he calls a partner in syria in the in the ongoing fight against isis so it is not clear if the these 2 countries will be able to reach a deal it has tested their relationship a lot with the us is at stake because turkey has repeatedly warned that it will act alone it will carry out a cross border operation if there is no deal with the united states the united
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states has warned against this of course across the border a unilateral cross border our operation would be risky there could be an intended to a confrontation between 2 nato allies and it's not just that the white peachy house promised to fight back for a corner of syria which is so strategic for many players many players want this corner syria it's rich in oil and it is of course the bread basket of syria and it gives each of these players more influence in the syrian conflict center whether for inside story. is to. incursion into syria in the past 4 years the 1st was 2 years ago. the northern town which was held by 2 and a half. of years the turkish operation was also aimed at limiting the growing influence of the syrian kurdish led alliance and the formation of a kurdish state on turkish border turkey considers the us back soon democratic forces a terrorist organization there and
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a 3 in offensives followed in the next 2 years turkey agreed to set up a deescalation zone as part of a deal with russia now turkey plans to target areas east of the euphrates river where hundreds of u.s. troops are stationed. let's bring in our guess here with us in doha is model and syrian political analyst and head over policy analysis of the arab center for research in ankara but incur law professor of world history of the american university of iraq so in many and from norman oklahoma via skype just one on this director of the center for middle east studies university of oklahoma and editor of syria comment blog welcome to the program marwan this seems to be. a push to come up with an agreement between the turks and the americans about safe buffer zones but.
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is this something they can agree on permanently or do you see the potential for a confrontation between the americans and the turks well theoretically i mean they might come up with an extreme and although i mean there are major differences on the on the buffer zone as in actually mentioned that a border is the differences of the depth of the borders on the americans are willing to give the turks something like 5 kilometers inside syrian territories whereas the government is seeking actually something like between 20 and 50 miles. within inside syria it's about also where the scan actually enter could dish villages and towns on the borders on the borders between syria and turkey and also there is the question of what happens to the heavy weapons. because the turkish government is also asking the united states to this arm the kurdish militia from the heavy weapons which had been provided. while it was actually fighting fighting
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isis so there are major differences still between talking about is although i mean as is said i mean there thickly they can actually agree on a compromise but i mean that is not the only issue we must keep in mind there is another issue that is very important in my opinion because although it looks very much like a bilateral issue between the united states and turkey there are different get rid of. the original implications. the turks and the americans seem to be no narrowing differences over the issue of the safe zones but is this the focal point of the issue of the problem or is there is more to it. thank you 1st of all thanks for having me on the show that's a great question whether the issue of the buffer zone as an issue of self or part of a much broader set of problems in u.s. turkish relations the answer is both on the one hand. genuinely sees the p.y. the. the. party for. people's unity
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party in syria as an extension of the p.k. case and in fact the p.y.t. and its and its armed wing y p g do not deny the fact that they take inspiration from of the imprisoned leader of the p.k. k. a belligerent and as we know in the west and since 2014 of the p.y.t. as part of the syrian democratic forces as the f. have expended in the their the area under their control in the northeast and serious part of the operations as part of the operations against isis this is a genuine security threat for turkey but it also is a very important problem in u.s. turkish relations because the p y d's main sponsor main international backer is the us government since 2014 starting with 1st airstrikes and then u.s. special operations operatives being inserted into north eastern syria the united
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states has become. the main sponsor of the p.y.t. and d.s.d. if. it's it's basically sophie's choice you know on the one hand you have your nato ally and on the other hand you have your main and muslim affective local actor against isis since you mentioned the u.s. influence and link to the y.p. dnd why p.g. just is a whole debate just about the buffer zone and the details of the buffer zones how deep should be who should be in control who should monitor the area all. why is it from an american perspective because the moment they said that they would like to go east of the a for vegas that was a red flag from and from that for the for the fall for the trump administration yes you know i think to understand the turkish point of view you have to look at the 2 major shifts in american policy we have to remember that that obama and courage the
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turks to get involved in syria and that america would fall behind they were going to put the sunni arabs in power then america got spooked by the sunni arabs it's switched from the sunni arabs to the kurds in order to destroy isis it promised the turks that once it had destroyed isis it would get rid of the it would take back the heavy weapons and it would leave the region now that has infuriated the turks because both of these promises to help the sunni arabs come to power and then to leave syria after isis destroyed have not been fulfilled and the united states has switched his policy to an anti iran policy and staying in syria for the long duration now from an american point of view. they want to stay in syria because they believe that roll back iran there to continue fighting isis is the war on terror and that turkey is upsetting the apple cart america is convinced that they can have it both ways they can have
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a turkish ally and they continue to support the white b.g. because they believe the white b.g. is not a terrorist organization they can successfully build a firewall between the white and the pe k k ok sharks aren't by nest and we're at loggerheads. just was basically saying that it is specter or there's a deal or not about the buffer zone we're talking about now an ever growing political landscape in syria itself where the americans are looking into different potential challenges particular when it comes to iran isn't this something which could further complicate the task for the turkish government which says that he's determined if there's no agreement to move forward with its minister campaign well i think i mean well i this is something in my opinion it's going to be very difficult for actually to move in without the consent of the united states specially now after the u.s. secretary of defense has warned against against that and in my opinion turkey has been actually threatening to invade to go and side syria for the past few months at
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least since a president actually said that he would like to withdraw from eastern syria but of course i mean they knew what their u.s. administration the strategy of the u.s. administration because it is very much complicating the situation for turkey not only for took it it's also for russia because turkey and the shop was was actually we're expecting the united states to leave the eastern part of syria instead of the fifty's the moment the defeat i said but that actually is not is not the case right now we all know that president is very willing to leave actually but it's been tugged on which wants to stay very much because you know i mean president tom paved the twice actually he quit for the withdrawal of us of u.s. troops from the country but i think now they convinced him that it's more useful to have for the united states to stay. because they can actually prevent iran from having the if this land go to door between iraq syria and lebanon and they will actually prevent the event of ice and they will use actually the presence military presence of the if it is in order to put pressure on the syrian regime to accept
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a political solution to this conflict because we all know that there is somebody of syria is useful syria and fact it includes oil as water and almost everything that syria needs in and no regime in damascus can sort of arrive actually without having back without any covering that is symbolic of the fifty's so they are this is actually feel now that this could be used as a card in order to put the pressure on the regime to accept a political solution that asia and its allies but as you said it's much more complicated than that there are other actors and they are not actually have as much say in this in this conflict as an artist says and to bahrain when when when when let's set aside the differences between the americans of the turks what when erdogan says that he is determined that sets are moving forward east of you for you freighters should really take him seriously on this given the fact that the
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military establishment seems to be really really really skeptical about a deeper involvement in the conflict in syria. yes and no that's also a great question yes and no i would say because on the one hand since turkey conducted its 1st major military incursion into syria in 2016 against 1st isis in august 26th the. operation euphrates shield and then last year early last year against the p y d in the region operation olive branch there has been talk of staging an operation they even have the code name out operation euphrates sword very clearly geared aimed at the eastern part of the eastern part of the euphrates river and so he exists on the one hand yes we have heard this before on the other hand. president adlon may either deliberately or
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unintentionally paint himself into a corner and and end up delivering if you will. basically forcing his own hand to conduct some sort of operation into eastern syria as for the turkish commands the turkish military brass is a position on this they really are not in a position at the moment to completely resist president add on's desires we had seen this in 201-320-1420 extension 15 when president add on wanted some sort of intervention by the turkish military in northern syria and the the high command was a post that is but after the failed coup attempt of july 26th president advice still holds the reins over the military and a former chief of general staff who struck out is still the defense minister so we see a very serious control on the part of president out on the military and i don't think the turkish military irrespective of its position is in
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a position to resist. its commander in chief's orders if they're ordered to go in syria just when defense across the mark has been spoke about the u.s. taken action without specifying what kind of action if them if the turks decide to the most the ministry offensive east of the euphrates was he talking about sanctions or. a potential for an aggressive response from them against well that's a that's an excellent question and he didn't specify and there's there's a comfort confusion about what america can do and what it should do because america does not want to get into a shooting war with turkey we have to remember that the reason that america is in northern syria is based on a resolution about provided by congress about fighting the war on terror that means isis so if this spins into a warrant turkey the congress is going to be furious and americans will be furious and even president trump has been painting himself in the present president shall
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campaign as somebody who wants to get out of middle east look what he's doing in afghanistan he says withdrawing american troops he says at every occasion just a month ago he said we're going to leave syria and we can they can take care of themselves so president trump does not want to shooting war with turkey if in air no one knows that and he is playing on that and every time he escalates he gets and can get trump on the phone trump says we're leaving and then the men around him roll that back so he is trying to split trump from the pentagon and the state department and so forth and and that's his strategy right now is to escalate get trump on the phone he needs the americans to get out of there and fulfill their promise that he's going to be beating this drum until the americans leave ok and we have to remember this is an inhospitable environment for the americans the syrians don't want the iraqis don't want the russians don't want the iranians don't want to
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and the turks don't want to so he's going to raise the price and they're all going to raise the price on america until america leaves that's the stretch when we tend sometimes to talk about the big players that but we were not talking here about the syrians what does it leave syria when actually what the king had a crush on fact mainly because it is what simplicity. that talks between the americans and the turks and we have not this over the past few months that when the russians feel that the americans and the turks are close to having an agreement on that it's in your feet there's the other skating on the west and it live mainly and i think that the russians that he has always from the very beginning there's a bit between turkey and the united says it's a clear that the russians they want the americans are but they don't want to key and they want actually the regime to recover the eastern if we eat these. region because i said before it's very rich in oil and gas in water and there is human damascus will be dependent on the russia hand out if if if it doesn't get already
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covered that is to defeat these regions where the russians that they want that easy and very much and how does the syrian government see this well of course i mean this is a basic interest for the syrian government as well actually is he covered the region of east of the if with these and. once or once again so there are important in my position in my opinion is very important here as i said they are watching closely what's happening between the russians between the americans and and the turks bahrain we have here the regional players vying for the biggest say in the aftermath of what happens in syria so you have the iranians you have the russians you have the americans and you have the turks i mean from a turkish perspective can we see this a pretty good to turkey trying to rethink its presence militarily politically once syria splinters or is divided. turkey's interest
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i would say is to keep syria as much of a unitary state as possible several times turkish president on himself has said that turkey does not wish to see an autonomous kurdish region in northeastern syria in northern syria the way there is now a kurdistan regional governments in the north of iraq even though turkey still enjoys fairly good relations with the k r g with the iraqi kurdistan regional government. it policy makers an uncharacteristically do not cannot foresee a scenario where they could enjoy a similarly good relations with an autonomous kurdish and ministration in northern syria that has of course much to do with the fact that ideologically whatever syrian kurdish autonomous administration has established in order to syria it would
2:42 am
have ideologically a very different outlook on turkey's kurdish question than that of iraq's k r g just so i see a party's 1st issue is to maintain syria as a unitary state and to find a space in northern syria to repopulates some of the syrian refugees in turkey this is becoming an increasingly bigger hot potato in domestic turkish politics just say those 2 thank you just like you spoke earlier about the. political considerations taken by the american a ration but by maintaining a presence there in a very complex political landscape and too concerned that this could backfire in the future knowing that you have the same time the buses who are pretty much concerned about the americans trying to expand their influence in syria. yes you
2:43 am
know there's 2 considerations united states one is their plan it is to make autonomy zone in the north of syria even if they succeed in using the leverage of of northern syria in order to change the government damascus which is their plan is to weaken damascus to such a point that assad and the russians have to agree to you any over sponsored elections democratic elections that assad leaving some other regime that would allow for autonomy that's the american wish in all these regions and in lebanon northern aleppo and so that each area would have their own set up that means the kurds get relative independence turkey isn't going to put up with that america is going to have find it extremely difficult to remain in this area as we've seen already arabs and kurds are coming to have deep differences in the region and all the regional players want to merica out it's going to be a difficult heavy push united states model one of the syrians talking about what's
2:44 am
next. they went into a debate. a divided syria north damascus of the north east bit perhaps if there is something that that he and the opposition would agree on is that to keep one united country they might be actually fighting over what every other think but but the course i mean not this one so this is why i mean the russians they are holding actually that they can bring in the opposition. in order to agree on a political solution that is tailored by the russians and that would actually maintain the unity of syria and that might also be the interest of turkey and and iran because we are seeing those on the bottoms of that sit down a process trying to do something and they are very suspicious of the intentions of the united states in the east in your fifty's and this is going to have some people think that it is american troops and as just one has as mentioned actually to have an antonym a scottish region in the northeast of syria but any less than 30 seconds please is
2:45 am
there a general sentiment in turkey in favor of the military offensive or do you think they have had enough of economic and political problems we do want to stay way from took from from syria. turkish people from what i can see been here for my summer break for about almost 3 months now and my sense is that most of my compatriots are more interested in seeing that the country's economic problems are resolved however given that as i mentioned earlier the there is a groundswell against syrian refugees if out of the one president there could also package any impending military operation as a way of increasing turkey's bargaining power in syria that could be sold to turkish domestic to the turkish thank you to public opinion thanks i'll guess manuel couple unbutton cola and just well landis. and thank you too for
2:46 am
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your thoughts get to twitter and find out his iraq. after 25 years of affording the world's waist china for the global cycling industry into chaos. the growing pressure of agreement skies it is resulting in change we bring you the stories of the shaping the economic world we live in. counting the cost on al-jazeera. al jazeera. you're watching the news hour live from the headquarters in doha and coming up in the next 60 minutes pakistan cuts trade and downgrades relations with india as the
2:49 am
security clampdown continues in indian administered kashmir. the u.n. expresses alarm after a surge of violence in the yemeni city of aden. early that i'm going to stick. with the latest from europe including warnings of a major food crisis across the u.k. if the country crashes out of the e.u. without a deal. sport is esperanza finally between the winners of the african champions league and the chairman of the german football club steps down temporarily amid a racism row. below pakistan says it's downgrading diplomatic relations on suspending trade with india over the kashmir issue thousands of indian security forces are imposing a clampdown on indian administered kashmir 3 days after new delhi took away the
2:50 am
region's autonomy internet has been cut curfews are in force and local politicians are still detained there have been small protests but the streets as you can see are dominated by security forces of people across the line of control in pakistan administered kashmir have been protesting india's the solution and there been demonstrations too in the indian capital this one organized by left wing groups but a bill splitting the region into 2 was approved by parliament with a huge majority we have reports from both sides of the disputed region 1st al-jazeera has exclusive pictures from certain ghar in indian administered kashmir which is under tight military control here's priyanka gupta. street a ghost town troops on every corner barricades everywhere in the largest city in the idiot and listed. in the us government says recent troop force months are to
2:51 am
ensure security. order asked me to see the effects of the significant changes to their autonomy and statehood. they didn't tell us anything and we walked article 37 all the phone lines are down trains are not working we haven't seen anything like this in kashmir in our lives. migrant workers who hope to find employment here happen stranded for days to learn about internet is down we can't access cash machines no one is listening to up like no one cares about us liberals . in new delhi this public filmmaker is worried about his elderly parents and she. he questions the timing of the government's decision to revoke the state's autonomy a divided into 2 federally administered territories the one thing about the timing of this decision is very seems awfully time. and so then one is
2:52 am
forced to wonder as to why this would have happened and crudely yes the story has pushed the impending economic crisis off the front pages for this week and who knows you know until the next round of elections legal challenges are already being planned the 1st public interested again against the government's position has been filed and they are more expected some cost issue experts say that there are some legal loopholes that the judges may consider the process hat is a certain amount of scut constitutional skullduggery which i expect. in the supreme court but in the other constitution of course you look at very closely constitutions do not work on the limb off a few people alone no matter how high in the constitutional structure
2:53 am
india's government led by the party the party of hindu nationalists the special status was discriminated and with a change of status to be open. for now the shops are closed and a lot knows for how. many in indian administered kashmir i believe india is ruling party want to change the makeup of the regions population 5 is tamil has more from. this is one of the many displacement camps for hundreds of thousands of hindus who fled religious violence in the mirror valley back in 1909 and the early 1990 s. many of them ended up here in germany which is the hindu majority area of india administered kashmir and as you can see the cap has become a lot more permanent over the years as hopes of returning home have slowly faded
2:54 am
but now that the indian government has revoked the autonomy for the region and has passed legislation to split the region into 2 federally run territories hopes here have been rekindled that some of these people or their descendants may be able to return to their homes in the neighboring push me or valley many people here were against autonomy they say that they believe that kept out development and investment and now there's economic potential for them and everyone else but the issues of india to mr kashmir won't be resolved by the simple stroke of a pen the shutdown remains in the valley and even here in germany public assemblies have been banned as a measure to control rioting as well many are questioning the realities of going back to their homes who will guarantee their lives and livelihoods who will ensure their safety and will be welcomed by their muslim neighbors given the tensions that still remain here in the region. well how does the region look on the map here's what india considers to be its sovereign territory but it's
2:55 am
a bit more complicated on the ground india administer is part of the disputed kashmir region pakistan and other china also administer as part of the territory that india and pakistan administered parts of kashmir are separated by the internationally recognized line of control some of it has more from pakistan administered kashmir. after long deliberations pakistan's national security committee has come out with recommendations that the government will be following up that includes a downgrading of bilateral relations and diplomatic relations with india pakistan will not be sending its ambassador to india and has asked the indian ambassador to leave the country it also includes cutting off all sorts of trade worth about $2000000000.00 a year and although these measures are seen as some bullets many analysts have seen except are seeing this with a sigh of relief that pakistan has not escalated the situation as government ministers in the last few days were saying that pakistan also reserves the right
2:56 am
and all options are on the table including war and bugs i reserve the right to send more reinforcements to the line of control the language divides the do side there's been a heated parliamentary sessions in the last 48 hours where we heard fiery speeches from both sides of the aisle the government ministers defending their position on issues we the prime minister saying that he cannot go to war and will be using all avenues available to him including the united nations security council and will be taking the matter to all of his allies as well the opposition saying that the government should have responded earlier to richard responded with much more force and this is a diplomatic failure on pakistan side that it was caught unaware of india's move there was also criticism on that iran can government abide these politicians saying that the man can came back to the country saying that the united states and the trumpet ministration will play the role of a mediator while india has rejected it and pakistan has not even been able to resurrect what the trumpet ministration has promised us this is coming on the bag
2:57 am
drop off all of the all of that is happening in the indian side of katrina we've been speaking to families who've been telling us that they are desperate for news about their loved ones people have been hearing rumors that many people have been killed in the indian administered kashmir by security forces but the internet and phone blockade continues and people are saying that this fear that the worst is yet to come. the united nations envoy to yemen says he is alarmed by fighting in the city of aden and is calling on the warring parties to talk at least one person was killed the forces of the internationally recognized government confronted fighters backed by the united arab emirates both sides have been united in their battle against hold the fighters during yemen's 4 year war analysts say rival agendas and a recent missile strike that killed $36.00 soldiers are causing friction martin griffis the special envoy for yemen said he is alarmed by the military escalation that are taking place in today including reports of clashes in the vicinity of the
2:58 am
presidential palace he's also deeply concerned by the recent rhetoric encouraging violence against yemeni institutions mr griffiths said that escalations of violence will contribute to instability and suffering in art and it will deepen yemen's political and social divisions the special envoy calls on all parties involved to abandon violence and engage in dialogue to resolve differences heal sergers all those with influence to deescalate the situation and ensure the protection of civilians mohammad there are top has more from yemen's capital. the 1st confrontation started when the funeral procession of the commander of a 1000000000 mamma who was the commander of the security and support. forces which is backed by the united arab emirates the 1st confrontation started as the funeral procession. moved from the presidential palace which the
2:59 am
confrontation taking have taken place between the forces of the internationally recognized government of hardy and the security forces who are loyal to this killed commander. there are reports that they have already critic in control of the 1st gates of the presidential palace members of the head is government had been reportedly fled the area. many experts believe that the situation is going ahead to words separation off aid in from the united arab from the united yemen so also the this in the case and of the deporting people from the north specially that they have lived they have lived there in aden for a long decade and the are businessmen and also people who are. deeply eroded with the society of aden you have the noble also expelled from the city reports about
3:00 am
thousands of people have been deported so we as expects personally that the situation is going to head for for the separation of the south especially starting from aden. which is going to head to the separation of the south from the from the north unless the united nations is about to take serious control many observers hope they will do something about it. on to more ahead on the al-jazeera news hour including president visiting the scenes of mass shootings an apostle in dayton but opponents accuse him of inciting hate crimes. contacting the kremlin ukraine's new president presses russia to help and fighting. on the list of the richest sportswoman is released and it's good news for the current u.s. open champion peter we'll have the details a little later in sports.


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