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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 9, 2019 8:00am-8:34am +03

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forces and separatists backed by the u.a.e. continues to escalate mortars have been fired and tanks on the streets of aden as fighting spreads towards the airport 9 people have been killed at least 9 others injured including a child gun battles began on wednesday after a funeral for a high ranking commander who was killed in a hooty attack southern separatists accuse saudi backed government forces of conspiring against them despite being on the same side battling the hooty rebels in the 4 year civil war mohamad the top reports now from son al. this iteration and aid in is chaotic the 1st confrontation started once again after a short lived ceasefire between both sides after the build security forces which are backed by the united. have failed to control of our national which is the presidential palace which is taking a strategic area over
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a mountain which is fortified region so also be started again in the afternoon of today and the afternoon of thursday to continue until now the situation there for the civilians is scary especially that the confrontation is expanding where the presidential units which are backing and supporting the internationally recognized governments of president had the. taking control of crater and serve while the. security forces are taking control of her why where the biggest population are positioned so many rights activists are more concerned about the lives of civilians as they have been inside their homes for now for the day all the shops are closed all the situation a life in aden has been brought to a stand still william lawrence is
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a professor at school of international affairs at george washington university he joins us now live from washington fire scott good to have you with us professor so you have these this fighting going on between government forces and separatists backed by the u.a.e. it's escalating on earth is going on. we're bordering on chaos you know i run war simulations here at university i'm running one tonight and when i run the yemen or simulation we often run into this problem of spoilers because in the south you've got the southern separatist forces linked to the heavy forces but now fighting and then you've got terrorists and jihadists forces who want to spoil just by going bombs and everything happens that happens in our simulations in the last week and then the who is attacked as well who are also tracking to the north and so all the different factions who are either loosely alloyed or or depending on the
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enemy of their any need to help are all coming to the foreground in the yemen conflict which makes the u.n. process much more difficult and the prospects for peace much more difficult what's the u.a.e. up to here is it with drawing from this conflict. yes they announced that they would draw in about half their forces there definitely scaling back they always had quite a different agenda in yemen then the saudi. then saudi arabia even though they were part of the saudi coalition and bay but they do want to protect their own interests which are more mercantile more commercial them a saudi interests and more focused on the south than on the north and of course this group is u.a.e. backed but i seriously seriously doubt the southern. separatist forces are taking cues from the u.a.e. too. to do what they're doing it's a little bit like the who is not taking hughes from the iranians all the time these
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local belligerence do things for their own reasons even if their international backers may not benefit from those actions this conflict is into its 5th year now as anyone achieved anything it. yes we've had temporary cease fires we had a deployment back today to where most of the humanitarian aid comes in we've had what amounts to the world's worst humanitarian catastrophe suppressing even syria which was already on the scale of our ally and it's a crisis and things are horrible in yemen coming humanitarian perspective but the humanitarian aid does flow to some degree we hardly have over a 1000000 cases of cholera but there are some advances there and as long as we don't have you know major movements of military we have about 150000 troops in each side in the clashes could be much worse you know then then we can control the
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situation enough to get the u.n. led process back on track but right now none of this helps because all the spoilers are spoiling more than usual and that makes everything more difficult the u.a.e. said last month there's no easy victory and there be no easy peace. how does it end . well like similar conflicts like syria like here via libya when you don't only have 2 sides but you have a bunch of other militias and jihadist groups with their own agendas the main game is to have a big deal between the 2 sides like we had in sudan in very different circumstances in july where the 2 main forces decide we're going to make a deal and then we're going to have side negotiations with the others to try to stem what they can do and then if you have a big deal and most of the others join on then it becomes easier for countries like united states and others who are primarily concerned with kara terrorism against
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the hardest to focus on the jihadist groups who then become much more vulnerable because they can take advantage of the chaos that the other types of fighting creates are right now what the problem is that was jewish in is that it's it's the opposite of trust building trust that's hard to do in these circumstances when allied troops can't really rely or even trust each other anymore so it's going to take some months to rebuild these coalitions back so that we can get the eventual. professor it's really good to talk to you many thanks indeed for being with us william lawrence that. this is that from al-jazeera still to come on the program the largest immigration raids in a decade hundreds of arrests as u.s. agents target undocumented workers in search of greener pastures kenya's herders face a struggle for food and water as drought kicks in. and it's for south africa star batsman calls it a day. jailed
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kurdish leader says that he's ready to talk with turkish authorities to work on a solution to stop the conflict between the turkish state and kurdish fighters and a statement through his lawyer says that the kurds do not need a separate state which one founded the kurdistan workers' party the p.k. k. which launched a separatist insurgency against the state in 1904 he's been in jail now for 20 years to seriously if barker reports from istanbul. launch a land the founding father of the p.k. k. has released a statement through his lawyers in which he said that he was very confident that he could resolve the conflict between the turkish state and kurdish fighters within a week he said he also said the turkish government needed to do what's necessary or flan is the founding father of the p.k. k.
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that began as separatists insurgency against the turkish state in 1904 he was jailed in 1909 and is currently being held in a maximum security prison on an island in the sea of marmara he's been denied a lawyer since 2011 but this year is seen as lawyers on several different occasions he also still exerts a tremendous amount of influence over the p.k. k. and its offshoot the y.p. gee what does all of this mean well there is a new context for these comments in the form of hopes of creating a safe zone in northern syria negotiations between turkey and the united states have been intense in recent days plans to create the safe so a tentative largely because of a fundamental difference of opinion over the why p.g. viewed very much in turkey as a terrorist organization a threat to national security but seen by the united states as allies in the fight against isis or could this in some way soften the stance between turkey and the
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white b.g. all of that is unclear. italy's stephanie prime minister matteo salvini is calling for a new parliamentary election claiming that the ruling coalition has collapsed italy italy's prime minister picante says that salvini must explain to italians why he wants to interrupt the work of the government solving these far left league party has recently been clashing of a several issues with its government partners the 5 star movement. immigration agents in the u.s. state of mississippi have been carrying out what they're calling the largest raids in a decade nearly 700 suspected undocumented workers were arrested in an operation targeting agricultural processing plants several 100 of them have since been released u.s. president donald trump announced an immigration crackdown in june let's go live now to washington to get more from out zero's kristen salumi why were so many of those arrested kristen released what happens next. well federal officials
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said that they released immigrants with minor children to be able to care for those children they released them on humanitarian grounds 70 of them on wednesday 30 of them rather on wednesday 270 of them today this happened after footage of sobbing crying children started making the rounds in the news showing kids just really upset that their parents had been arrested many of them were at school when it happened and came home to find their parents missing or learned that their parents were being detained so there's really heart wrenching footage of these kids that was circulating and federal officials have gone through great pains to discuss the steps that they went through to make sure that all of those children were cared for from allowing the detained immigrants to call and make arrangements for the children to working with school districts and so on now the fact that these 300
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immigrants have been released doesn't mean that they won't still face deportation only that they'll they've been released pending those charges critics say that while this may have been a legal move on the part of the administration that it was not a humanitarian movement in fact it may be counterproductive to efforts to keep the community safe people like the mayor of jackson mississippi simply because the law does not speak to the fact that it is still a violation of human rights this isn't a partisan issue it's not about. you know about whether we have a soul of a nation any time displays children from their parents without process without any clue into you know as to whether somebody will actually be at have done they are released today they were simply arrested. how unusual a raids like this christiane is anyone coming to the government's defense. well you
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know it's not unusual for immigration agents to investigate employers who may be hiring people illegally and to make raids even but the scale of this is a bit unusual it's been a decade 2006 the last time that we've seen one of this cael where hundreds of people over 1000 in that case but that was spread over several states so it's unusual in the scope of the arrests and it's happening at a time when president trump is increasingly under fire for his get tough on immigration policies yes they are popular with his supporters but those on the other side have been increasingly crying foul over policies from separating children from their parents at the border to you know comments from the president that they say promote racism and white supremacy he has been constantly under attack in this latest raid happened just as the president was going to el paso
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texas where there had been a mass shooting that many believe actually targeted immigrants and while he was there to show sympathy the fact that these raids were happening at the same time just outraged supporters of immigrants and immigration reform all the more making this a very very controversial move i was there as kristen salumi reporting live from washington kristen many things the number of migrants waiting for asylum at the us mexico border to at least 40000 john holdren reports from mexico city. there's been a dramatic increase in the number of migrants on the mexican side of the us mexico border these most of them on actually mexicans they're people from central america honduras guatemala el salvador and people from even further away african countries particularly cameroon that have gone up this route trying to get to the united
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states now one reason for that dramatic increase is a deal between mexico and the united states that really came into force at the start of this year and under that deal people the past into the united states on documented and asked for asylum in that country would put back into mexico while they waited for that process to play out and while they waited for their appointments and their hearings for that assignment process now those appointments can be months apart so meanwhile those people are stuck in limbo and really there isn't a lot for them to do here on the mexican side of the border the mets can government did say that it was going to provide tens of thousands of jobs health care schooling for the children but that just hasn't materialized and we're now 8 months into that process and into that deal so those people many of them we're hearing deciding simply to go back to their home loans if those home loans are in central
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america the problem is that their they face of course the poverty that they fled from or even worse for many of the threats from organized crime and the cartels the gangs really is especially in places like honduras and el salvador make many people's life a misery. the un's human rights chief has warned the new us sanctions on venezuela could worsen the suffering of millions trying to access food and health care michelle bush lay says that she's worried that the measures will have a severe impact on those already struggling with shortages this week the trumpet ministration banned americans doing business with venezuela's government and froze its assets in the united states the move sparked angry demonstrations in caracas venezuela escaping talks with the opposition in protest over the sanctions. we're going to win this battle and gain is by
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a little will go forward with grace overcoming integrations and blockades united states had not and will never win again it's been a while and this is the birthplace of the liberators donald trump john bolton they can't and will not be able to take on our homeland eat less meat or lose the land we use to the consequences of climate change that's the warning from the united nations report which says that human activity and food habits are destroying the environment and fueling global warming it says that eating more plant based foods and reducing waste could help to reverse the trend of a serious cattle lopez for diane reports. in many parts of the world land is being overworked and misused and it's increasingly being swallowed up by the effects of global warming heat waves and droughts are turning once fur thailand's entered deserts that's the latest warning from scientists i think the takeaway message is that the way we use land matters because it impacts the climate and that
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we also should use land as a solution the un's intergovernmental panel on climate change says global warming and poor land use practices are having devastating effects entire communities have lost their crops livestock land and livelihood. small scale farmers who depend on rain to grow their crops i left guessing about when the weather the rains are going to come and whether they'll be enough so it's really a marriage and message to governments. the report calls on governments to promote small scale farming and to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions it also urges consumers to do their part by reducing meat consumption the way we produce food on what we eat contributes to the loss of nature ecosystems and declining biodiversity. it's estimated that one 3rd of the food produced for human
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consumption about $1300000000.00 tons goes to waste every year the u.n. panel says limiting the amount of voice would free land for reforestation and crop growth. a warning to stop pushing land to its breaking point and a call for governments to pay attention katia will piss of the young al jazeera we're going to weather update next here on out 0 then after 2 days of trying a former president is arrested in dramatic fashion in kurdistan. struggling to cope during a fever spreading at a record rate in bangladesh. and this czech star has her eyes on top spot in the world bank details coming up experience.
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hello again welcome back we're here crossed party united states it is going to be the heat across much of the south it's a biggest problem across the area we're talking about the temperatures are well into the high thirty's over the next few days negatives dallas parts of houston as well as san antonio take a look the forecast map here for dallas we're looking at $38.00 degrees as well some rain and some storms in the forecast. by the time we get towards the afternoon over here towards atlanta on friday it is going to be a warm and rainy day as well in the afternoon we do think of showers will be a problem but as we go toward saturday the showers continue across much of the south and for dallas your temperatures are going up to about $39.00 degrees kansas city at 30 and chicago it is going to be a nice day for you at $28.00 where across much of the caribbean and central america we're looking at the normal showers for this time of year the tropics have been very quiet this time but we are going to see some showers anywhere from sunday to go over here towards kingston as well panama city is going to be a very rainy day if you here on friday attempt on $32.00 degrees on saturday but for nessa we do expect those rain showers to start to curtail by the time we get
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towards the weekend and then here across much of argentina it is going to be the rain across but as it is this is going to be the big problem here on friday tempers at 10 degrees there but by the time we get towards saturday we do see improving conditions the temperature of 14. latest news as it breaks. down. with detailed coverage no one is willing to return home to me on my own without citizenship papers and security guarantees from around the world the talent is facing a new prime minister. negotiate a new bricks that day a deal the e.u. says cannot be renegotiated. eradicating leprosy in cambodia relies on education and treatment in equal measure on. the embody early you know disability
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yes jail we will be waiting until 3 year old 4 year more he will have this ability to break it and in no wait the next generation of antibiotics may just be waiting at the bottom of the ocean maybe he did have it. revisited on al-jazeera. and again good to have you with us adrian for the get here in doha with the news are from out of the headlines the united nations has expressed concern over the restrictions in place on millions of people in indian administered kashmir that's been heavy restrictions on communications and free movement since monday's decision
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to strip the territory of its autonomy. at least 9 people have been killed in a 2nd day of clashes between government forces and separatists in southern yemen all flights to the city of aid but the diverted the separatist. supported by the u.a.e. accused the saudi backed government forces of conspiring against them. but immigration agents in the u.s. state of mississippi have been carrying out what they're calling the largest raids in a decade almost 700 suspected undocumented workers were arrested in an operation targeting agricultural processing us. special forces officers arrested kurdistan's former president was back at a bias after store his home for the 2nd time in 24 hours a soldier was killed during wednesday's failed raided his country residence near the capital bishkek protests a kid continuing in the capital. laura but many reports.
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they were hoping they could prevent character stands formally from being arrested but after a 2 day standoff security forces didn't want to wait any longer. a police officer was killed and 70 of the former president's supporters injured in the ensuing clashes. this woman says attempts in the van with her and they were both arrested was. it all started on wednesday when the tumble had greeted crowds outside of his home catholic. shots rang out police attempted to arrest him then but his supporters rushed to his defense after the federal rest he urged people to protest in the capital. national beaten we will start a demonstration we're going to go to the white house and will head an indefinite
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demonstration because the authorities need to stop this may have. a 10 day or who is in office from 2011 to 2017 with wanted as a witness in a criminal case he refused questioning 3 times. leading to his arrest. but some say the police didn't need to be so heavy handed. the president said that a temper yes needs to give a witness statement so what is a witness statement it doesn't mean that he needs to take over by storming or using security forces but it didn't get support in parliament where the president condemned as he said violence against the police. force president a tumble in a supporters have committed serious crimes against the republic he has violated the law by putting resistance and using arms during the legitimate actions by police who came to rest. since kurdistan's independence 9912 presidents have been deposed
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by uprisings ethnic tensions and high poverty rates continue to challenge the country. there are now fears that the former soviet nation will be thrown into turmoil with protests is now turning their anger on the current president. al jazeera hundreds of mourners attended the funeral of an off duty israeli soldier who was found dead in the occupied west bank the 18 year old was unarmed when he was found with. settlement early on thursday morning prime minister benjamin netanyahu has and a denounced the killing as a terror attack and has vowed to find those responsible a hamas spokesperson says that what happened in the settlement should be seen as part of the resistance against settlers. the operation in the west bank is part of the resistance of our people against this occupation it's a response to various crimes the most recent being the ethnic cleansing in the
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valley of hamas it proves that our people in the west bank will carry on with their struggle until the end of the occupation and the creation of an independent state which has its capital syria has rejected a plan by the u.s. and turkey to establish a so-called safe zone along with all them border the foreign ministry of damascus as the proposed buffer zone is a blatant attack on syrian soil from 2 officials from the united states and agreed on wednesday to establish the zone as a way of managing tension between turkish forces and kurdish fighters former us vice president joe biden is a front runner among democrats vying to challenge donald trump for the presidency and 2020 but by legislative record criminal justice has been under growing scrutiny many progressives blame his 994 crime bill for exacerbating mass incarceration in the united states. tons of reports. darrius perkins was released from prison in early july having served 23 years of
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a 35 year mandatory minimum sentence for selling crack cocaine in 2018 a new law retroactively reduced such long sentences for crack cocaine offenses will . try to play no. the us has the highest prison population in the world incarceration exploded in the eighty's with the beginning of the so-called war on drugs and because black communities are intensively targeted by law enforcement it was african-americans who were arrested and jailed disproportionately even though white drug use was equal or more than that of blacks joe biden took credit for the 1986 law that mandated the same sentence for 5 grams of crack possession as 500 grams of cocaine and he followed that with a $994.00 crime bill which mandated federal mandatory life sentences for repeat drug offenses and encouraged us states to do the same the devastation of
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african-american communities through the drugs crackdown was apparent yet it rejected recommendations to end the sentencing disparity for crack and ignored calls to focus more on crime prevention than punishment we do everything but hang people for jaywalking. in this mandatory minimum sentences passed during joe biden's tenure increased the federal prison population by about 800 percent and there's a pretty direct correlation between mandatory minimum sentences and federal prison growth i think the causal link is pretty clear and undeniable in fairness to biden he wasn't alone in advocating harsh sentencing and it was electorally popular but the issue has become controversial in 2019 because he campaigned only his crime legislation until relatively recently despite the obvious social devastation and his recent apologies have been filled with qualifications and he said we're talking about things that happened a long time ago barack obama trusted me that should be enough for reference.
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darrius is now $46.00 and adjusting to a world that's changed since he was jailed at $23.00 but while billions of dollars have been spent on prisons and police due to biden's legislation the lack of opportunity in his hometown remains vivid. worse we don't even have a store he'd be the center of. nobody wants to we're going to want to. break the law you know. about more opportunity want to be the. you know middle class we want to. you know somebody put our children want to do. and still thousands remain in prison sentence to life without parole for a moment violent offenses under the just nation joe biden road and for which he passionately took credit she average hansie al-jazeera sandy level the junior.
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puerto rico may get its 4th governor in a week after politicians spoke out against the latest appointee want of us because officials from his party publicly discussed replacing the day after she was sworn in the front runner is jennifer gonzalez puerto rico's representatives the u.s. . u.s. congress governor recalled a result of a resigned in july after weeks of street protests over leaked offensive messages and corruption allegations. a u.s. state department spokesperson has called china a fun geisha regime after hong kong's government disclosed photographs and postal details of a u.s. diplomat who met student leaders in the city's pro-democracy movement hundreds have been arrested in recent weeks and increasingly violent clashes with protesters planning another weekend of demonstrations the u.s. has raised its travel warning for people traveling there. at least 29 people have died of dengue fever in bangladesh this year making it the deadliest year since the
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1st recorded epidemic in 2000 the government has launched initiatives to help control the spread of the mosquito borne virus but experts say the climate change. rains are partly to blame for an increase in cases tanveer child reports. with a rising number of dingo fever patients it's becoming increasingly difficult for both government and private hospitals to coach in many hospitals there's hardly any space left. and when the 300 patients that we're going to get rid of in this hospital at least once we could once of the patients are suffering from. then and among them a significant number of the patients presenting with the future thought. in many cases patients are having to move from one hospital to another often not finding a vacant beds and returning home without treatment. i had a fever for around 3 days then i decided to go see
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a doctor at the hospital he suggested that i take a test the next day i got my results which showed it to be positive so i got admitted immediately at the hospital the worst hit are 15 to 25 year olds or both sexes. my roommate came down with a high fever he suffered for several days until he was diagnosed with dengue fever we didn't realize at 1st he had you know after a few days i came down with a high fever and after the diagnosis it turns out i'd caught. the government recently launched and i were in this campaign and fumigation operation to control the spread of muscular brown diseases if we think about the magnitude of the. break it's a break. for isn't to previous years we're having. i think the gap. huge so it's large number of patients suffering an estimated 400000000 people worldwide suffer
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the painful debilitating disease every year doctors usually advice pain relievers rest and to drink plenty of liquids health experts suspect that it is species of mosquitoes which carries the virus may have already spread outside the capital dhaka bangladesh is struggling with one of the worst outbreak of dengue fever in the past 20 years the situation is getting back to worse with a number of dead steadily increasing along with patients needing treatment doctors fear they will get even more busier during the holidays in few days. dhaka bangladesh more than 100000 people have had to be evacuated from flooded areas in india's states india's national disaster response forces deployed 28 teams to help with rescue efforts on soon rains in india have caused several rivers and dams to overflow flooding many states in the northeast.


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