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tv   Inside Story 2019 Ep 220  Al Jazeera  August 9, 2019 10:32am-11:01am +03

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you. may lose. an estimated 100000 lives cruelly ended over a century ago. a distant past not to the descendants of the sawtooth. a tale of colonialism and racial supremacy on revels in the quest for justice and recognition of the sacrifices of tribal people in the media. skulls of my people a witness documentary on al jazeera.
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hello again or welcome back we're here cross party united states it is going to be the heat across much of the south that said biggest problem across the area we're talking about the temperatures are well into the high thirty's over the next few days dallas parts of houston as well as san antonio take a look the forecast map here for dallas we're looking at $38.00 degrees as well as some rain and some storms in the forecast by the time we get towards the afternoon over here towards atlanta on friday it is going to be a warm and rainy day as well in the afternoon we do think those showers will be a problem but as we go towards saturday the showers continue across much of the south and for dallas your temperatures are going up to about $39.00 degrees kansas city at 30 and chicago it is going to be a nice day for you at $28.00 where across much of the caribbean and central america where look the normal showers for this time of year the tropics have been very quiet this time but we're going to see some showers anywhere from sunday to go over here towards kingston as well panama city is going to be
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a very rainy day if you here on friday attempt on $32.00 degrees on saturday but for we do expect those rain showers to start to curtail by the time we get towards the weekend and then here across much of argentina it is going to be the rain across this is going to be the big problem here on friday temps there but by the time we get to it saturday we do see improving conditions the temperature 14. this is al jazeera. hello i'm adrian for the good and this is that he was a live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes. and my doc
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a new era has begun india's prime minister defends the decision to remove autonomy from the disputed kashmir region as the move generates more anger in pakistan. fears of a new front opening in yemen's wars forces backed by saudi arabia and the united arab emirates on their guns on each other. but jailed founder of the kurdish armed group the p.k. k. says he's ready to talk peace with turkey. and from one crisis to another migrants sleeve venezuela only to be caught up in violence in neighboring colombia. india's prime minister strongly defended his decision to take away the autonomy of the disputed kashmir region it controls there is a lockdown in place in india the midst of kashmir to preempt any violent protests against the move the renderer modi says bringing the area under new delhi's control
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will bring peace and prosperity. got a little bit. to the millions of the public this dream has now come true in jammu kashmir and la dock a new era has begun now all the citizens of the country have their rights and they will practice their rights i'm going to say to the people and my countrymen i congratulate you across the border there's been an angry response pakistan has downgraded its diplomatic ties and suspended trade with india a train service that runs between the 2 countries has been put on hold the united nations expressing alarm over the clampdown in kashmir it's calling on india and pakistan to refrain from taking any steps that would affect peace the secretary general is also concerned over reports of restrictions on the indian side of kashmir which could exacerbate the human rights situation in the region the secretary general calls on all parties to refrain from taking steps that could affect the status of jumble and kashmir al-jazeera priyanka gupta is in new delhi
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she has more on the remote is address to the nation on the kashmir crisis. he's come up with a bouquet of promises from economic opportunities to opening the region for tourism more jobs for people and also inviting bollywood producers to come and make films he's handled as a historic decision and said and blamed article 370 ad 35. appropriations . which the government of india revoked on monday and also spent the region which was finalized by a resounding vote in the 2 houses of the majority of m.p.'s supported the government's decision. as a huge position invoke even national leaders. also maybe leaders of the past talking about how they dream of a unified country. come to fruition we were wondering where exactly is he going to
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speak to the kashmiris and if it is on the ground can actually listen to what he say because there right now under a severe security crackdown they don't have access to lives they don't have access to television they don't have access to basic amenities like food and medicines for those living in indian administered kashmir life or mains so as jamil reports from general districts in the south of the region. indeed administered kashmir has been cut off from the outside world mobile phones internet and landlines are all down in the valley where soldiers are enforcing a curfew for people here life suddenly become tougher. as you can see the shops are all shut here and we having a hard time getting food and there's no transportation we are facing a difficult time here. i had to take a patient to the hospital but they aren't allowing us to travel to have a restriction here created a militarized zone and 1st fully imposed
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a black lawn to us the indian government has revoked the region's autonomy but the situation is not the same everywhere. this is just the hindu majority part of easy to administer to smear like the demographics the views here are different than the rest of the region life in this part remains fairly normal with the exception here in general public assembly has been restricted and mobile internet has been disabled along with some phone connections well these are not nearly as severe as the total shutdown in the neighboring kashmir valley the difference here is that by and large most people support the government's new measures for indian administered kashmir. hindus used to live in the muslim majority kush near valley but fled religious violence 30 years ago some are living in cramped homes and can only dream of the ones they left behind. the condition of the economy today. the head of this now permanent migrant camp still visits family and
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friends in the kashmir valley he'd also like to go back but says that's difficult. we also the government one place for us to sit on so from there we'll have self security and check on old properties but if they tell us to just go back to our old place or this won't happen 5 5. tension is high here and many people say they'll wait and see what develops and pray life will get better. district indeed administered kashmir. pakistan says it will be all options against india short of military action. is looking at. diplomatic. and legal options. we are not looking out a minute you know we're not on our from come out and islam about. prime
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minister narendra modi has spoken i never did like need to a wall got strong reaction now from pakistan the pakistani foreign minister speaking before the media. that india would inducting 900000 troops into the rally making everybody a word prisoner and then saying that destroyed for the red face of the people of kashmir the pakistani prime minister also said whether the world was going to be watching another day of peace mental force and the genocide on leash by that and more the government. saying that this was unacceptable a strong language coming out from pakistan the relationship between the 2 not getting any better and despite the fact that the foreign minister said that pakistan was not looking for a military confrontation he also warned that india may go another false flag operation and blame it on pakistan so indeed the situation getting from bad to
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worse and no one had know it how this is all going to play out. is security and political analyst she says that the escalation between the 2 nuclear states is significant. the ministry of external affairs of india has a doubt that issued a statement and it has arched pakistan to look and revisit the options that are available for pakistan and iraq actually asked pakistan to revisit this downgrading of diplomatic ties so i think it's not that insignificant and the entire situation although i do agree to the extent that pakistan has negligible treated it in combat isn't going to ignore you that india up with this is it said on point 3 percent of the total period of india it might not a 2nd day out but a suspension well with a nuclear armed neighbor of all pakistan is a big thing and we all know that the international community is going to. sanity to
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get together and they're going to take up this matter for a principle humanitarian step and for to self-determination of the question we need to ask the question and that's the nations of the people not to simple demographic changes some fortunately see that the joint parliamentary session here in pakistan has not been able to come up with a unified strong unanimous message although i guess that is if you sin is there any promise saying but at most in the parliamentary joint session of hostility between the opposition benches that the treasury benches it wasn't something very appreciated and it did not give a good clear message from pakistan's parliament. fears of a new battlefront in yemen's conflicts are growing as fighting intensifies in the south between government forces and separatists backed by the united arab emirates mortars have been fired and tanks are on the streets of aden as battle spread towards the airport line people have been killed and at least 9 others injured as heroes andrew chapelle reports. as gunfire is heard in yemen support city of aden
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for a 2nd straight day a rift continues to grow between the local forces of the saudi u.a.e. coalition after dozens of their soldiers were killed in a hooty attack last week southern separatists blamed the internationally recognized government of president hadi of failing to protect them and called for hardee's government to be overthrown with fragile negotiations taking place to bring an end to yemen's war the united nations is calling on the parties to stand down where we're very concerned about the ongoing violence that we're seeing in. this something that the special envoy himself has stated. it is important for everyone to recommit themselves to a political process hardy's government has support from saudi arabia the southern secessionist led by a true sounds of baby are backed by the united arab emirates while the iraqis
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announced their withdrawal from yemen last month they've trained and left behind 90000 troops made up of fighters from southern communities and the coastal plains that opens up the prospect of a new front line between the u.a.e. backed horse against the saudi backed government. it's going to be very dangerous they are on the same side in terms of fighting the host the or another northern opponent out however in reality they have not been getting along for months and the southern separate us forces especially represented in the southern transitional council have called repeatedly to secession and feel like the time is ideal to self-determination and to pursue it now so it seems that although they're fighting against a common enemy the time has come where differences amongst them are more important than just fighting that enemy was. the area where the fighting is taking place is the highest point in the city and near the presidential palace and even though the
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building is largely empty it's still considered the seat of government without a resolution to their longstanding demands southern separatists may decide to try and take their seat at the negotiating table if one isn't given to them and schapelle. william lawrence is a professor at the elliott school of international affairs at george washington university he says the latest violence is a setback to a political solution similar conflicts like syria like libya when you don't only have 2 sides but you have a bunch of other militias and jihadist groups with their own agendas the main game is to have a big deal between the 2 sides like we had in sudan in very different circumstances in july where the too many forces decide we're going to make a deal and then we're going to have side negotiations with the others to try to stem what they can do and then if you have a big ego and most of the others join on then it becomes easier.


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