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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 10, 2019 2:00pm-2:34pm +03

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there was an exchange of fire between the s.t.c. aligned fighters and the presidential guards honeybun break then accused hardy's forces of playing a role in the attack and on wednesday called on southern separatists to march on the presidential palace and topple the internationally recognized government of president i'll drop 2 months or heidi that i've been at all he and the security forces are supported by the us which announced its withdrawal from yemen last month how does government has accused him of fomenting sedition saying this will only serve the who these they remain in control of the capital sana despite more than 4 years of war by the saudi u.a.e. coalition residents there received some good news on friday the world food program has reached a deal with the who peace to resume food aid next week peace said we will resume food distribution following the festival for the 850000 people inside the city who have not received food russians from be for the last 2 months the past few days
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have raised fears that yemen's war may be evolving into something even more complicated with rival factions vying to control its future and are shipping al-jazeera. a number of people in mecca and saudi arabia for the pilgrimage has passed 2000000 pilgrims are climbing mount arafat to pray and recite the koran before performing the ritual stoning of the devil. one of the world's largest annual religious gatherings is one of the 5 pillars of islam. lots more so it's coming out of there including a russian rocket engine explosion causes a spike in radiation levels sends people into a panic. and a police raid a t.v. station owned by kyrgyzstan's former president is facing corruption charges more on that stay with us.
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however the monsoon rains have made another so northward so pakistan seeing a fair bit of wet weather at the moment are sent in the case into the south of the country white cloud tops showing up here from beheads pushing up into west central parts easing a little further north it's as well a must see further showers as we go through the next day or so the heaviest of which will be down towards the south and i think we could well see some flooding here as we go through saturday and on into sunday the cloud just not seeing a little further west but elsewhere across the region it's generally dry as per usual 45 celsius in baghdad a rather more pleasant 30 celsius there for beirut come down into the arabian peninsula the winds tending to drift them from north westerly direction not too bad but i think we'll just see something of a nice to feed in the winds and that will just pick the community up as we go on into sas day and maybe also into sunday fat a cloud across southern parts chances some showers just around the southern end of the red sea into that western side of the yemen not too many shows on the chart
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there for southern africa areas generally set there temperatures in durban at around $25.00 celsius and sas day or mysterious we go on into sunday a little more cloud just making its way towards the pass out chances and right here but also let's find a dry and sunny. through a shared passion for elephant conservation colleagues have become friends but with civil war descending they must now protect themselves escaping deep into the rain forest go back to the west in one look. at the elephants surviving the poachers is a lifelong challenge now today must count lost a rebel militia and a from pod a witness documentary on al-jazeera. welcome
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back i'm out of our top stories here on the al-jazeera at least a dozen people have been injured in srinagar as thousands rallied against india's crackdown on customers autonomy police fire and it's meant to gas to disperse protesters in the indian administered region which remains under a security lockdown. the u.s. president's call for commonsense solutions to address gun violence but donald trump assured the national rifle association of its views be respected his comments come almost a week out the 2 mass shootings in ohio and texas killed at least 31 people. and the number of people in mecca in saudi arabia for the harsh pilgrimage has passed 2000000 pilgrims are climbing mount arafat to pray and recite the koran before performing the ritual stoning of the devil
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a harsh one of the world's largest on your old one is just gatherings is one of the 5 pillars of the. south korea's military says the north has fired what appears to have been too short range ballistic missiles missed eastern coast into the sea last week north korean leader kim jong il in. missile similar in the launches he says the tests are warning to the u.s. and south korea over the joint military drills u.s. president trombonist said he to cede what he called a very beautiful letter from kim that he hasn't that he wasn't bothered by the recent launches gordon chang is the author of nuclear showdown north korea takes on the world he thinks the u.s. needs to do more to put pressure on north korea. well the north is up to a 1000000 in the present the united states you know just hours after president bush said about that letter from kim kim fires off these missiles and you know on one level you can say well the president's not perturbed he's letting the north koreans just play this out but we've got to remember that this is the 1st stage of an escort or
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a cycle the north koreans will continue up that stage and when they do it will be much more difficult in the later parts of the cycle to stop it and certainly much more dangerous so i think president trump needs to sort of changes policies and impose some costs on north korea for violating these u.n. security council resolutions on missile launches this sort of hark back to his predecessor president obama's policies that you choose your patients you just ignore what the north koreans do and don't appear to be bothered by that but the problem is that north korea is continuing to produce fissile material and it's continuing to improve its missiles so this is not a good story for the united states you know the north koreans are not making any concessions we're making all the concessions this is not good typhoon the team has hit eastern china causing widespread damage the storm made landfall in the province of james young with potential rain causing landslides and flooding firefighters and
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rescued in a 200 people in the province were trapped inside homes and cars schools have caused widespread power outages and flight cancellations. rescue teams in southern maine lost searching for survivors after a landslide killed at least 10 people dozens more are missing days of heavy rain and floods of engulfed homes and displaced 12000 people. and every 60 people have been killed in southern in western india as monsoon rains lashed the country 22 of the victims were in the state of kerala where landslides and flooding of cut off some areas and forced a major airport to clones carolers still recovering from last year's floods which were the worst in a century meanwhile more than 200000 people have fled their homes in the western states of maharashtra go or a kind of tough. and a whirlwind has hit the dutch city of amsterdam at least one boat was damaged police say they received several calls about damage elsewhere weather forecasts that but high winds again on saturday. has been
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a series of explosions at 2 russian military installations the state nuclear company says 5 of its staff were killed when a rocket engine exploded while radiation levels temporally rose in towns in northwest russia the military has been lightning for another blast at a depo in siberia charleville its reports. and investigation tain meets near a military facility in russia's far north moscow says they're investigating the explosion of a rocket engine at noon your site is used for testing missiles for the russian navy russia's state nuclear company cid staff members died in the blast u.s. analysts suggest it was likely a new nuclear powered cruise missile president putin said russia was producing in march last year the united states formally withdrew from the. intermediate range nuclear forces treaty with russia last friday russia's defense ministry said no
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dangerous substances were released in the explosion where the local authorities closed waters north of the site to shipping for a month greenpeace cited government data showing a radiation spike 20 times above normal in a city 30 kilometers from the test site. some of. the biggest threat is the release of radioactive substances on the inhabitants of a settlement located next to that military base never the less for the inhabitants of said road to being a city they could also be a danger depending on what kind of substances were released and whether they reached the town. residents took no chances they bought medical i adding no one to block the absorption of radiation you national. events have shaken up the whole town you people started to panic within a matter of an hour although i you didn't and i you didn't continue drugs were sold out. yes. 4000 kilometers away in eastern siberia
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another explosion at a military ammunition dump site the government blamed it on lightning. there was a big explosion i saw a colored mushroom cloud it was very bright i was slammed by a door that sent me flying but. a fire triggered powerful explosions at the facility on monday it was home to more than $40000.00 shells thousands of residents were evacuated. russians in both regions are now demanding transparency from authorities and the potential risks posed by the blasts shallop bellus al-jazeera. police and kyrgyzstan have raided the t.v. station owned by the former president. of his arrest on thursday has raised fears of instability and a potential past trouble with the country's current leader norbert manning reports . he's been off air and ordered out staff at the t.v.
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station owned by kurdistan's former president sent home in the latest move against a teddy bear. he was arrested in his home last week. that this followed a violent confrontation between his supporters and police one officer was killed and dozens injured. attend b.f. remains in police custody after failing to cooperate in a criminal case attendee of a previously been accused of corruption in parliament stripped him of immunity after he fell out with presents a room by jean because. a 10 b.f. who served 20 eleventh's 2017 rejects the charges and accuses the authorities of a piece of good looking to capitalize on the political fallout a more back. he's a former presidential contender and it's returned to the country after fleeing 2 years ago when he was accused of inciting ethnic hatred. i want
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to note the arrival of bob and off won't destabilize the situation now everyone is looking for the next parliamentary election and 2020 political parties including president jean because of the knobs will unite for the sake of stability the timing is perhaps coincidental the same day as. russia's prime minister made a scheduled visit to the country. achieved. in my opinion it's obvious that in the 21st century kurdistan has reached its limit for revolutions and it would be really bad if these events resulted in any political and consequently economic instability in the country but it's. the former soviet nation has seen 2 former leaders to post an uprising since 1901 many in the capital bishkek 5th the political fallout. i want to address both jane because of
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a tom by of police sort all your issues without involving the people we're tired of political tensions and instability in. the month of august is the business period for tourism and reordered work and business will be affected. and there's no sign that the political tensions will. attend they have supported the fowling further protests and there are fears the country could be thrown into turmoil. as manly out of fear of. spain's acting prime minister pedro sanchez will hold more talks in a bid to break the deadlock over forming a new government he says he'll meet the fall if but they must party and others including catalan separatists by the end of the month sanchez's twice failed to secure a parliamentary majority in support of the ministration a socialist leader has 6 weeks to be confirmed as prime minister or put forward another candidate for the job phrenology opposed to. it but i look at the end of august we will have an open progressive proposal ready we will discuss with the
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different political parties that could support the confirmation of the socialist and spain's government we would talk with the national party and we will also talk with the customer national forces and logically we will talk with today most to see if we can reach an agreement that forms the government. portugal has declared an energy crisis and will start rationing fuel nationwide as tanker drivers threaten to go on strike the drivers want higher wages and better working conditions motorists will face fuel restrictions from monday to ensure supplies to key services are not disrupted. libya's un recognized government says it's open to observing a cease fire during the 4 day holiday starting on saturday the un mission in libya earlier requested the break in hostilities including a ban on airstrikes it's calling on fighters loyal to the wall orderly to agree but they've yet to comment after us forces have been attempting to take the capital city for police. 80 migrants have been saved by a french one rescue ship off the coast of libya the aid group doctors without
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borders posted photos of the migrants being ferried from a dingey the italian interior minister that they are solid many says he's preparing to ban the ship from entering italian waters under a new government decree the vessels owner could be fined up to a $1000000.00 another $45.00 migrants have been rescued by libyan coast guards in waters near tripoli and the 100 tons of humanitarian aid have been delivered to venezuela as it faces a political and economic crisis the red cross says the shipment included medical supplies have arrived in caracas from panama and that's arrived after the u.s. administration froze venezuelan government assets and banned americans doing business in the country 4000000 venezuelans of now fled their homes with most crossing into neighboring colombia. now stem cell therapy is seen as an effective way to treat many diseases but donors need to be genetically similar to those who are receiving help yet in canada donations are mainly made by people of european
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descent and that's posing problems for a growing population of immigrants with mixed ethnic backgrounds danny lack reports from toronto. building diversity in canada's stem cell donor base happens here in testing clinics aimed at the country's ethnic minorities around 2 thirds of registered donors are of european origin their cells probably won't help people from other backgrounds organizers of this clinic for chinese canadians say there's been little outreach to their community some people are still reluctant to be tested or donate a pool of their chinese and to go chinese. since we have been working on it for over 2 years now we have raised up to 7 percent but even 7 percent is not a big number it's even more challenging to find a match for people of mixed backgrounds 13 year old aryan didn't allie is a vietnamese and afghan origin he has a plastic anemia a blood disease that can only be reliably cured by stem cell transplants 3 years of
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searching in canada and around the world have yet to find him a donor it haunts me daily it's it's unbelievable if patients you know is caucasian the chances of him or her having 6 or 7 or 8 possible matches on the registry to another patient because of their heritage lineage that they don't even want at all marketing executive made to aung got leukemia in 2013 she needed stem cells but her vietnamese origin meant fewer donors but one did come forward miraculously she says and now she runs a campaign called swap the world and that's literally what she wants to do it is if it is a literal because everybody should get swab everybody should know about how stem cell donation works and it's not only in the back and chatted up but we're aiming the world stem cells can regenerate tissue and treat an increasing range of medical
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conditions but as long as cell donor registries don't reflect the societies around them doctors options are limited some. donors can help people not just with blood cancers like leukemia in the families but also with immune disorders genetic diseases by disorders of of other types so it's quite a broad therapeutic field our younes anemia is in remission now and he's able to study play and behave much like other 13 year old boys but he'll still probably need a stem cell transplant one day he and his family are waiting for a match daniel lak al jazeera near toronto. check of the headlines here on al-jazeera obvious a dozen people have been injured in sri lanka as thousands rallied against india's crackdown on kashmir as autonomy please 5 bullets and take gas to disperse
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protesters in the indian administers region which is under security lockdown. that will have been large protests across pakistan about 8000 people took part in the demonstration is normal but. they were urging the international community to take notice of the situation in kashmir and also call on china to stand with pakistan. the u.s. president has demanded commonsense solutions to address gun violence donald trump made the comments almost a week up a 2 month shootings in ohio and texas which killed at least 31 people. frankly we need intelligence background check ok this is a great event are a republican or democrat i will tell you i spoke to mitch mcconnell yesterday these are totally on board he said i've been waiting for your poll is totally on board i spoke to senators that it's up to me by friends of mine but pretty hard line senators we don't want. guns in the hands of the wrong people i think that the
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republicans are going to be graded lead the charge along with the democrats south korea's military says the north has fired 2 unidentified missiles into the sea off its eastern coast last week north korean leader kim jong who oversaw several similar launches he says the tests are a warning to the u.s. and south korea over the joint military drills typhoon the chemo has hit eastern china causing widespread damage the storm made landfall in the province of his young with torrential rain causing landslides and flooding firefighters are rescued in a 200 people that were trapped in flooded homes and cars. and the number of people in mecca in saudi arabia for the hodge pilgrimage is past 2000000 pilgrims are climbing mount arafat's to pray and recite the koran before performing the ritual stoning of the devil hodge one of the world's largest annual religious gatherings is one of the 5 pillars of islam. barack
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those are the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera autumn item is the stage and that's what it. on counting the cost a new world car and see to challenge the dollar facebook's global dominance spices challenges. currency wars trying to let the one depreciate as trump brought up the trade war and the economic and environmental costs of sand extract counting the costs on al-jazeera. going to say going to say a quota. it's not getting the stuff from the
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to. help people ask for the truth. in. the. night. too.


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