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tv   Unsafe Shrimp  Al Jazeera  August 10, 2019 10:33pm-11:01pm +03

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this followed a violent confrontation between his supporters and police one officer was killed and dozens injured. attend b.f. remains in police custody after failing to cooperate in a criminal case attendee of a previously been accused of corruption in parliament stripped him of immunity after he fell out with presents a room by jean the cause of. a 10 b.n. who served 20 eleventh's 2017 rejects the charges and accuses the authorities of a piece of cake looking to capitalize on the political fallout and more back off he's a former presidential contender and it's returned to the country after fleeing 2 years ago when he was accused of inciting ethnic hatred. i want to note the arrival of baghban off won't destabilize the situation now everyone is looking for the next parliamentary election and 2020 political parties including
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president jean because of the knobs will unite for the sake of stability the timing is perhaps coincidental the same day as bob return from moscow russia's prime minister made a scheduled visit to the country. achieved. in my opinion it's obvious that in the 21st century kurdistan has reached its limit for revolutions and it would be really bad if these events resulted in any political and consequently economic instability in the country but it's. the former soviet nation who seem to fall the leaders deposed an uprising since 1991 many in the capital bishkek 5th the political fallout. i want to address both jane because of a tom by of police sort all your issues without involving the people we're tired of political tensions and instability in. the month of august is the business
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period for tourism and reordered work and business will be affected. and there's no sign that the political tensions will ease. of support is the founding father protests and there are fears the country could be thrown into turmoil. al-jazeera. stem cell therapy has proven to be an effective way to treat a range of diseases donor state to have healthy rather than have genetic similarities but in canada 2 nations are mainly from people of european descent and that's posing a problem for people with diverse ethnic background general lack reports from toronto. building diversity in canada's stem cell donor base happens here in testing clinics aimed at the country's ethnic minorities around 2 thirds of registered donors are of european origin their cells probably won't help people from other backgrounds organizers of this clinic for chinese canadians say there's been little outreach to their community some people are still reluctant to be
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tested or donate a pool of their chinese and go chinese. since we have been working on it for over 2 years now we have raised up to 7 percent but even 7 is and is not a big number it's even more challenging to find a match for people of mixed backgrounds 13 year old aryan din alley is a vietnamese and afghan origin he has a plastic anemia a blood disease that can only be reliably cured by stem cell transplants 3 years of searching in canada and around the world have yet to find him a donor it haunts me daily it's it's unbelievable if a patient you know is caucasian the chances of him or her having 6 or 7 or 8. possible matches on a registry to another patient because of their heritage lineage that they don't even want it all marketing executive made got leukemia in 2013 she needed stem
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cells but her vietnamese origin meant fewer donors but one did come forward miraculously she says and now she runs a campaign called swap the world and that's literally what she wants to do it is there it is a literal because everybody should get swab everybody should know about how stem cell donation works and it's not only in the back and chatted up but we're aiming the world stem cells can regenerate tissue and treat an increasing range of medical conditions but as long as cell donor registries don't reflect the societies around them doctors options are limited some. donors can help people not just with blood cancers like leukemia as in the farmers but also with immune disorders genetic diseases by disorders of of other types so it's quite a broad therapeutic field are younes anemia is in remission now and he's able to study play and behave much like other 13 year old boys but he'll still probably
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need a stem cell transplant one day he and his family are waiting for a match daniel lak al jazeera near toronto. still ahead on al jazeera and sport champions manchester city a look to make a winning start to their premier league campaign details in just a bit. scola and lawyers. and politicians. radical and prisoner in a 2 part series al-jazeera world tells the story of one of the most enigmatic figures in saddam's history. who is influence is still felt in events in the country today. i'll to robbie's life and politics on al-jazeera
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the latest news as it breaks. with details coverage no one is willing to return home to me on my own without sort of the ship papers and security guarantees from around the world the challenges facing the new prime minister. negotiate a new bricks that feel in 98 day a deal the e.u. says cannot be renegotiated. time for sport with the show thank you there's been a war and spread criticism on the decision to hold the heavyweight boxing rematch between are always and anthony joshua in saudi arabia the world title fight had
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been widely expected to be in either new york or cardiff but it will now be held on december the 7th in their area. on the outskirts of riyadh schools a huge upset back in june by handing joshua his 1st loss of the professional rights group amnesty international saying find his need to take a stand against saudi arabia's whole human rights record in a statement amnesty said if anthony joshua fights and due to ease in saudi arabia it's likely to be yet another opportunity for the saudi authorities to try to sports wash their severely tanishq image there's been no justice over the gruesome murder of jamal khashoggi and the saudi led military coalition in yemen is carrying out indiscriminate attacks on homes hospitals and marketplaces with horrific consequences for many civilians as with other sporting stars going to saudi arabia would call on joshua to inform himself of the human rights situation and be prepared to speak out about saudi arabia's abysmal human rights record all the
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claims of sports washing come over to saudi arabia put up significant amounts of money to host a number of top level sports events recently former unified world champion i'm in a car was paid millions for this fight in jeddah last month a saudi signed a 10 year deal with the world wrestling entertainment they said to be worth $150000000.00 bots some of the biggest names have boycotted those events the saudis have also signed a 5 year deal to host the dakar rally and given assurances that no one will be excluded and also in talks to hold a formula one race and in march the parent company of the ultimate fighting championship endeavor severed ties lead to saudi arabia and handed back 400000000 dollars for the murder of jamal khashoggi and a controversial exhibition tennis match between now that djokovic and rafa nadal that would have netted them a $1000000.00 each was called off in december due to mounting pressure following because shockey killing. i mean the football now matches the city have got the defense of the english premier league title off to winning start off the really
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hammering west in saturday's kick off. scoring their opener at the london stadium but after that it was the rock show is he the hat trick. guardiola start attempting to win a hat trick of premier league titles that are 6 counties in english premier league of on saturday big spending everton are in action shortly they play crystal palace away a last season's champions league runners up tottenham hearts aston villa in the lights kick off on friday the european champions there will be ignore it in their opening games goals from style of van dyck in a retape us and our own goal from norwich game liverpool $41.00 win however the result was overshadowed by an injury to the reds goalkeeper allison which could see him out for up to 4 weeks it was actually nothing that to say about the game apart from ali was injury that's of course not good for us but we have to see how serious it is and then we have to. give it it's the car.
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and let it go he couldn't carry on that's not a good sign and we have to see. the awesome power of mesut ozil and save calista natural mists the side game against newcastle on sunday because of what the club are calling further security incidents both players were left unharmed after a carjacking attempt in north london last month in a state run the club said police were investigating the latest incidents and that they were providing the players and their families all growing support. now just over a month ago the start of the rugby world cup and defending champion due zealand have been thrashed $4726.00 by australia in the rugby championship the wallabies running in 6 tries in total new zealand had just their 4th ever player sent off in a test match lights in the 1st half of the pan american games in lima so a 40 year old championship record broken on friday came in the women's 200 meters
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final 32 year old shelley and fraser price winning for jamaica in its time of 22.43 seconds for a surprise who was the olympic champion in this event in 212012 claiming a country 6 gold of the games. serena williams has beaten me as soccer at the rogers carpenter on site of the quarterfinal match was the 1st meeting between the pair since osaka won last year's u.s. open title but there was to be no repeat of the on par in controversy from that matches williams ease into the semifinals with a straight sets win despite the loss of soccer will become the new world number one when the iraqis come out next week. for williams will play in the real bush calls are in the 70s the czech qualifier advancing to her 1st ever semi final appearance after defending champion so monahan it was full to withdraw with a leg injury after losing the 1st set. or after the dow will take an advantage of going into his rogers cup semifinal in montreal he beat me in 3 sets in the quarter
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finals is yet has as yet another department in the semi to lead to play twice on saturday after the quarter final to. roberto our goal was the vote because. dustin johnson has been sharing the can't afford that saw him when his only major part of the 2016 u.s. open the 4 were well number one birdie the final hole of the 2nd round at the northern trust are open in new jersey to take the outright lead going into saturday the event is the 1st of 3 fed ex cup playoffs johnson falling apart around a 60 says a 67 even lead him on 12 on the overall one shot behind its compact it jordan space space looking to end a 2 year trophy drought berth close due to begin this round in a few minutes time a u.s. president donald trump says calling captain a should be able to play in the n.f.l. again but only if he's good enough captain it and the n.f.l. came to a settlement earlier this year but in $26.00 thing happen it began nailing during the u.s. national anthem before games to protest social and racial injustice the former san
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francisco 49 a quarterback had accused the n.f.l. of colluding to keep him out of the league over his activism trump have previously condemned the kneeling action. i was always one for more light hearted thank you very much for home keep it here i have much more for you on the other side of the break here in algeria thanks for joining me for this year's hour. in a country with high youth unemployment one organization helps turn school children into entrepreneurs walk on tell us what i mean by their wide fundraising empowering them to reclaim their futures retention them out of this story by should realize how to make the best face and build more prosperous communities some of that invest the money into other businesses school for life uganda part of the rebel education series on al-jazeera. when the news breaks.
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when people need to be heard and the story needs to be told we must go through to the better we are died last week crossing mexico you know stay with exclusive interviews and in-depth reports we committed to the mission life is just fiction al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring you more award winning documentaries and live news. i was raised in france. these are my grandparents. these are my parents and this is mean. by them both i sis and a son to the 1st of a 2 part epic tale of. the father the son and the. one on al-jazeera.
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from mother to daughter and croft kept alive by a bustling matriarch. from start to finish. all traditions intertwined with new designs making this family's place unique rich tapestry. the threads on a. recapturing a backdoor says reclaim control of all military camps in the port city. i'm richelle carey this is live from doha also coming up an overturned field tanker
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explodes in tanzania killing at least 60 people. tear gas to disperse protesters gathering again on the streets of hong kong. spiritual pentacle if more than 2000000 gather to one of the world's largest. what began with breaking news yemen's internationally recognized government says it's lost control of all its military camps and the southern port city of aden it says they've been occupied by u.a.e. back southern separatists it's been battling since wednesday aden as the temporary seat of yemen's internationally recognized government fighting has been and tense a fine for the past 4 days dozens of people have been killed meanwhile yemen's who the rebels say they've launched another 2 drone attacks on an airport in southern
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saudi arabia a spokesman for the group says the strikes hit a fueling station at all the airport and targeted a monitoring tower disrupting flights it's the latest in a series of drone attacks by the who these in recent days. a fuel tanker has exploded in tanzania killing at least 60 people and happened in the town northwest of the capital to douma a hail of mohammad has the latest. a rush for fuel that ended in tragedy a fuel tanker had been heading from dar saddam to tanzania's capital determine when it overturned to close to a bus stop in the town of moral growth. people came to take what they could. but then disaster. emergency workers try to help those courts in the flames for some it was too late to get out of there get out of there people are burning they say the fire truck is on the way this is
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a big fire accident people are burning alive dozens of people were killed according to local media most had come on motorbikes because it all happened so abruptly i heard an explosion then saw motorcycle riders running trying to save themselves i ran away and fell on my knees in the commotion so i ran over here the few i took off people with teaching others will say they didn't know what was. the tanzanian police say they've launched an investigation like you've got to know. unfortunately fire broke out and burned a lot of people more than 57 people lost their lives the bodies that we have recovered have been taken to the hospital as rescue operations continue we'll try to determine the identity of those who perished. dozens of people are in intensive care and there are fears they'll be more who don't survive. mohammed al jazeera. has the latest from nairobi in neighboring kenya. so i must say that when the truck tipped over petrol started gushing from it and not true
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a crowd of people trying to collect the fuel using packets and jerry cans it was important to understand that in the small towns and rural areas that these fuel trucks drive through many people a poor and some free petrol which is otherwise going to go. a waste anyway for somebody like a motorcycle taxi driver this can help keep children in school help to feed a family but with a large crowd of people gathering trying to collect fuel this went on for about 20 minutes that's enough time for the fuel to soak into the ground in the surrounding area a lot of it to evaporate into the air and then of course just one small spark of flame is enough to ignite it that's what happened there was a very large explosion and as we've heard 60 at least 60 people have been killed in a similar number and now in a nearby hospital many of them in a critical condition and the medical officials have made a call out for people to go and donate blood because they're now facing a severe blood shortage there as well protesters in hong kong have now taken their
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rally to the popular shopping district of how alone crowds have barricaded streets in the busy area and riot police have moved in gas has already been fired at the protesters who are rallying in defiance of a police ban mcbride is out amongst protesters following what happened throughout the day so far. so the day began with a demonstration in a town called typo that's in the new territories up near the border with mainland china it was very good natured families were involved walking through the streets even though the police said the demonstration wasn't allowed there was no way they were going to stop the thousands of people who turned out at the end of that demonstration most people then drifted away but several 1000 people stayed they occupied the streets they set up barricades there was a standoff with. riot police as soon as they heard the word
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went out very quickly amongst the group was we know this is a group that says it doesn't have any leaders. one thing to another they decided to leave which they did and come to a number of other locations around. new territories and how lewd and this is one of the this is shot this is where there have been confrontations before they have quickly moved into this intersection in this junction have set up makeshift barricades as quickly as they can trying to block traffic they have partially managed that they brought traffic to a standstill but then very quickly word went out again that the police were on their way they moved very quickly to set up these barricades but now we see that there are police that come from a nearby police station very close to here it remains to be see now what these police will do and the police just charge across that intersection clearing the protesters away and reopening the road again as the protesters we think have melted
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away again into the shopping center here possibly then to get on to the subway system the n.t.r. one maybe to go to another location but the police believe in the city they detected some protesters using laser pens against them and they responded with guns which used the so called don't lethal ammunition but the protesters have taken off they too without back in their vehicles waiting for the next call as they scattered mouse game continues through saturday evening around the streets of hong kong. and russia there have been more anti-government protests in moscow and other cities for the 4th consecutive way can attest for her calling for free and fair local elections next month they also want those detained during recent protests to be released the government says the demonstrators are being employed by quote foreign meddling and went to moscow with the latest step how are the crowds so far.
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there were nearly 50000 people here. for this rally. that the government of course was not expecting at all because in the last couple of weeks they only have been cracking down on these protests many protesters have been some have been in detention with very serious charges. in jail for many years but despite all of this this. office searches and all the threats that have been made in the last couple of weeks all these people have turned on this street today in a peaceful rally which was also right by the government have been calling on and on . so this is something that we are very carefully right now because all these. polices right now calling on everyone to go home but we don't know for sure if people are actually going to follow that order. is there any reason to
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think. actually be open or. what it is the protesters want. it started as a protest against. something really not that important actually. but it has turned into into something much bigger it's about the crackdown about the repression about the system basically and the government so far has not backed . opposition candidates are still not allowed to run they have been appealing. but they all have lost so far the government has not given in at all so far there is a sense that the government that if they give them a little bit of space that this movement would even grow bigger and would be completely out of you know nearly 50000 people on just the biggest number for years
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here that's something that the government should think about all right stand us in line for us in moscow thank you. 4 palestinians have been killed in the gaza israel border and this video appears to show flares being fired in the air in the southern area. as israeli soldiers shot at the men israeli army says the palestinians were armed and attempted to breach the border. and back are climbing out arafat on the 2nd day of high they will pray and recite the koran before performing the stoning of the devil ritual these are live pictures more than 2000000 people are in saudi arabia for their religious gathering as one of the 5 pillars of islam. is a visiting researcher on islamic studies at george mason university he says hodge takes place when muslims all over the world are deeply troubled because that conflicts flaring from yemen to kashmir make no mistake a large swath of the global muslim community is deeply deeply troubled with the
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role that saudi arabia is playing in yemen and in some parts of the region it is just and most muslims are deeply dismayed with what's happening in places like kashmir and with the syrian refugee crisis and a lot of people do blame saturday saudi arabia for its role in causing these problems however there is a long tradition within the muslim community globally to bracket political issues when it comes to the performance of the hodge one has to remember today's day of the sacred day of your meal out of that is the day in which muslims return to their original and final states in this world and in the hereafter you know seeking for forgiveness from god speaking directly to god from the mountain signals a kind of a recollection of adam's pristine moment and and a kind of practice for the day of resurrection so yes people are not heeding a boycott but make no mistake that the that there is a sort of displeasure and
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a somber mood around this around this pilgrimage because of what's happening in parts of the world. to turn to our top story now the military operation that's been underway in yemen sportier of a new get the latest from mohammed our top with joins us live from santa so what is happening now what the saddam separate is what are they trying to achieve. is there reason to pull out of the united arab emirates forces from aden has encouraged them to take a chance or of the what is happening and also to take over the city it's their dream for over 20 years to have this out of the under their control. what has also encouraged them the fear the hope is that on the parade the. so this. suspicion that there are.


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