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and drag them to these police vans and bystanders here i mean this is a very crowded area and watching this and they're looking in amazement and shouting things also people were just shouting this is our city and immediately the police were running after them so the situation is pretty tense here right now and we don't know at this stage how many people have been detained but i just saw many right in front of me right here. and doesn't look like momentum is building because it's quite rare to have these sorts of all this level of protests in moscow at least right exactly it hasn't been this large of a turnout for many many years here in moscow and basically you can say this is picking up momentum what we are seeing is that people are increasingly aware of what's going on people are angry they don't like the fact that people who are demonstrating peacefully are just being detained and crap like that and often beaten as well not very nicely treated so people are getting more and more angry
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about that and that's what they want to show they want to show and come out and make that hurt to the rest of the world to people here in russia so it's not clear where this is going but what analysts have been telling us is that it's not new of course that there are protests in russia or there is a police crackdown by the determination of people and also the level of how they are organized is that's mostly picking up and i'm sure this is very worrying so would a government into the kremlin as well. from moscow. saying in russia there's been a series of explosions at 2 military installations state nuclear company says 5 of its staff were killed when a rocket engine exploded while radiation levels temporarily rose and towns in northwest russia the military is blamed lightning for another blast to death in siberia explains. an investigation tain meets near a military facility in russia's far north moscow says they're investigating the
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explosion of a rocket engine at noon your site is used for testing missiles for the russian navy russia's state nuclear company staff members died in the blast u.s. analysts suggest it was likely a new nuclear powered cruise missile president putin said russia was producing in march last year the united states formally withdrew from the 30 year old intermediate range nuclear forces treaty with russia last friday russia's defense ministry said no dangerous substances were released in the explosion although local authorities closed waters north of the site to shipping for a month greenpeace cited government data showing a radiation spike 20 times above normal in a city 30 kilometers from the test site some of. the biggest threat is the release of radioactive substances on the inhabitants of a settlement located next to that military base nevertheless for the inhabitants of several beings a city they could also be
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a danger depending on what kind of substances were released and whether they reached the town. residents took no chances they bought medical iodine known to block the absorption of radiation national. event have shaken up the whole town people started to panic within a matter of an hour although i had been and i had been continually drugs were sold out. yes. 4000 kilometers away in eastern siberia another explosion at a military ammunition dump site the government blamed it on lightning. there was a big explosion i saw a colored mushroom cloud it was very bright i was slammed by a door that sent me flying but. a fire triggered powerful explosions at the facility on monday it was home to more than $40000.00 shells thousands of residents were evacuated. russians in both regions are now
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demanding transparency from authorities and the potential risks posed by the blasts dallas' al-jazeera. plenty more still ahead on the news hour including police in hong kong gas and protesters those demonstrations continue against the region's government the spiritual cause more than $2000001.00 of the world's largest program to choose. a 5 star performance from manchester city as they begin the defense of their premier league title. protesters in hong kong have now taken their rally to the popular shopping district of calhoun crowds of barricaded streets in the busy area riot police move in to gas has already been fired at the protesters who are rallying in defiance of
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a police. correspondent bride was at a protest in another part of home where he filed this report. we are in a place called typo it's a medium sized town up in the new territories as it's known close to the border with mainland china until about a half an hour or so ago this whole section of highway was completely full of protesters they were all the way down to the barriers that they had constructed further down there opposite them was a police line of riot police where everybody was expecting there was going to be some sort of clash and then just as quickly as they arrived the word rent around the well knows exactly where these words originate from they say is as we know meant to be a leaderless movement everybody said no we're going somewhere out there to a place called highway it's a couple of stops down on the train so they have vanished disappeared and have moved down there and leaving behind the barricades that they had spent the last
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hour or 2 building we often see this when they move into places build move along roads they quickly strip these barriers off the sides of the roads and they become very adept at using plastic ties and then to create these barricades moving straight across the road that's what we're left with here but no protesters they are down in this place called tire way that's where we will go to next as the along with the rest of the media who are following them to see what they do next and then some of them have said that after that they may go back to hong kong's airport where they have this continuing rolling protest that goes through today saturday into tomorrow sunday trying to tell business visitors to hong kong about their campaign. indian ministry of kashmir has been placed under an indefinite strict 24 hour security lockdown after protests earlier on friday restrictions were eased briefly in srinagar on friday for prayers for about 20 minutes that was the 1st
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relaxation since new delhi revoked indian administered kashmir ptolemy earlier this week the limited lifting of the lockdown was made almost immediately with protests reuters reported up 210000 people gathered police fired tear gas and pellets fighting back demonstrators the strict 24 hour security lockdown was then reimposed indian officials now say any future easing will depend on whether there are more protests. as tensions rise between india and pakistan firing usually escalates over the de facto border separating indian and pakistani administered kashmir people living in the area usually find themselves caught in the crossfire. in the area. a serene and picturesque landscape just a few kilometers from the line of control between indian and pakistan administered kashmir but for those living here. their reality is very different.
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of the sock was hit in the back by a stray bullet 2 months ago it's a risk base by many people here who are caught in the crossfire between indian and pakistani forces but they say they can't leave. we would we go bullets hit here all the time when the situation gets even a little bad bullets start flying but there's no option to leave my elderly parents are here apa zisha ins whatever we have is here live or die here. down the road there are more signs of conflict 2 years ago this village was evacuated for months after it was hit by shells but people have returned and built reinforced concrete bunkers going to metres or more underground in case the firing escalates again and this time they say they will leave but you've got to. we'll move the elders and the children from here but we'll stay we have the bunkers we call and leave all lands and animals because we're dependent on them. many here are forced to choose between
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life and livelihood this village is only about 3 kilometers from the line of control separating indian and pakistani administered kashmir despite the recent tensions most people here are deciding to stay if cross border firing intensifies but others who left before are scared to risk coming back. about a dozen kilometers from the border this school has been home to some villages for more than 2. years after facing gunfire they're not afraid of a little rain but they are scared of going back to their homes i am going to go about to board there was so much shooting our homes were destroyed all around here but there's no water no rations file that my kids travel far for school life is hard. distant gunfire breaks the serenity locals know the danger of living here but many say trying to decide whether to leave or stay is like choosing between a rock and
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a hard place as jimmy all al-jazeera indeed and mr kashmir. now there have also been large protests in pakistan against india's actions in kashmir pakistan's foreign minister is now back from china after seeking beijing support against india's decision to strip away the region's autonomy. reports about. freedom at any cost that's the most popular slogan in pakistan the minister shamir . and many towns and cities throughout the region. to protest infuriated at india's decision to remove special status and the military lockdown of the most in majority region there were these large muslim i don't go $12000000.00 muslims have been made hostages we appealed to amnesty international the organization for islamic cooperation and all human rights organizations have to take notice of these indian violations and plans to replace them with the majority within the us i students were among the younger voices civil society leaders see
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the government and by this fund administered kashmir should support their plan to cross the line of control of the border which separates kashmir. nor do all students young old and children watch the line of control on august 15th we will reach for a new car and stand with our kashmiri brothers their. anger to what some see is the belated response of pakistan's government they want prime minister iran contra do more. resolutions and cutting off trade ties will not freakish near for the last 72 years they have been presenting resolutions they destruct trade for a vehicle to and then their relations are back to normal we demand a day either reach the other side themselves or let us go their. protesters took to the streets in other parts of pakistan as well workers for the ruling very can suffer party rallied in favor of the government's decisions it is downgraded diplomatic ties with india to trade and stop bus and train services it's also
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stepped up diplomatic efforts to shore up support for mr sharon mehmood qureshi visited china the 3rd party involved in the disputed kashmir himalayan region china says it's all to concerned about the situation in kashmir and asked all parties to avoid unilateral actions in years army commanders accused of creating threats in kashmir a spokesman said anyone attempting to destroy peace in the kashmir valley will be in his words eliminated by the sounds army says its response will be harsher than when to track down an indian jet in case there is military involvement as pakistanis continue to protest against what they call an extinct of a disputed region the united nations is urging both sides to refrain from changing the status of kashmir. with pakistan administered kashmir a libyan war logs says his forces will observe a cease fire during the 4 day holiday starting on saturday the internationally recognized government in tripoli have already accepted a u.n.
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request for a truce after us forces have been attempting to take the capital since april or shortly before that cease fire announcement to the united nations employees were killed in a car bomb explosion in the eastern city of benghazi occurred moments before u.n. convoy passed through the area at least 10 other people wounded get more now from our head is live for us in tripoli so what does the aftermath of that car bomb look like now. it seems that the united nations staffers out of the target this time medical sources in the eastern city of benghazi confirm to you and the staffers dad of the car bomb explosion one of them is a libyan national the other is non libyan and they also say the medical sources say that there are 2 other you and staffers in critical condition in receiving medical
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treatment in one of the medical centers currently meanwhile eyewitnesses in l.a. where the area that's in the western suburb of of. the area in front of a market where locals were shopping for the ied and the car bomb explosion caused also. tens of injured civilians in the same explosion as you know that this explosion happened as the. convoy was passing and we know that this is the 1st time en mission is targeted since 2012 and this is not the 1st time a car bomb explosion happened since have to the forces took control of the city of benghazi but meanwhile as you know sami that. last month
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a car bomb explosion also happened and killed 4 have to fighters in the city sami for a moment where do we stand right now with hopes for a cease fire. well i am of them as marty the spokesman of the warlords who for have to has just announced that they are accepting and proposed a truce it means that if this truce being put in place given the fact that as you note i mean do you recognize the government of national accord 2 days ago announced that it's accepting the truce giving a few conditions that all the military operations to stop in all the front lines axes including also the air raids and also the government of national call it has demanded that all civilians are given. a way to.
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they have to alleviate the suffering of civilians especially those who are living near by the fighting areas but as you know. this cannot be good emptied as you know that both leaders on both sides either side raj here in tripoli or have to at least they cannot have full control on their troops on the ground so unfortunately this truce could be reached at any time if any of the watering factions starts this war again or alone with mahmoud are going to are. so i had an al-jazeera wants the world heritage site city and 17 is is being damaged by pollution i think minorities in canada struggling to get lifesaving stem cell treatment we'll tell you why and it's brought strain of williams and i only our sack of meat for the 1st time since the controversial us open forum that.
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hello again it's good to have you back we are picking up some clouds and some showers here across parts of pakistan over the next few days and scratchy that means here from saturday as well as into sunday expect to see some rain showers passing through and those temperatures hovering about 30 degrees but by the time we get towards monday we do seem some improving conditions for you there over here towards quaint city though a dry day in a windy day with a temperature of 46 degrees now speaking of winds we did have a lot of winds here in doha over the last few days one break here on saturday where the winds did come down but unfortunately as we go from sunday and into monday we do expect those winds to start to pick up again temps wise 44 degrees is our expected high here on sunday as well as into monday but notice all the clouds anywhere from the u.a.e. all the way down here towards miska and the rest of oman we do expect those clouds to continue as we begin the week there well across much of the southern parts of
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the cape we are looking at fairly dry conditions but we are going to be looking at windy conditions as well if frontal boundary is pushing through capetown with some clouds there on sunday and that front will make its way towards durban by the time we get towards monday really drop those temperatures from 30 degrees all the way down here towards 1000 degrees there johannesburg though is going to be quite a nice day with a temperature of 23 degrees in harare sun in your forecast at 25. it's very difficult as a chef or restaurant or to buy shrimp with the confidence that what you're serving is going to be good seafood by nature is a high risk monitoring sometimes trip was raised using production drugs. that are not approved for use in the us the f.d.a. simply isn't tasking enough on the imported market to really find all of these violent bread to feed take note at this time on al-jazeera.
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0 where ever you. china has one of the world's highest good beef but many a take up the farmers against for military style white let's go to radical surgery one o one a student instigates as the chinese battle to get in shape on al-jazeera. welcome back you're watching our time to recap our headlines yemen's internationally
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recognized government says it's lost control of 3 camps in the something city of aden they've been occupied by southern separatists. a fuel tanker has exploded in tanzania at least 67 people have been killed the truck overturned and crowds arrived to gather believe you. police in hong kong of gas at anti-government protesters demonstrators have taken their rally to the popular shopping district of calne it's the 10th consecutive weekend of demonstrations. pilgrims in mecca climbing mount arafat on the 2nd day of. they all pray recite the koran before performing the stoning of the devil ritual more than 2000000 people are in saudi arabia for the religious gathering had just one of the 5 pillars of islam and john esposito is professor of religion international affairs and islamic
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studies at georgetown university he joins us by skype from madison maryland good to have you with us so this is i think the largest gathering of people for a pilgrimage or at least one of the largest gatherings of people for the pilgrimage give us a sense of what this means for those who are for it is a pay to get. yes more than 2000000 muslims are to be attending arch this year i think when you realize that the pilgrimage is one of the 5 major or more fundamental beliefs and practices of muslims and that is the a pilgrimage to mecca which brings together a muslims who really come from very different cultures. politics nations but become together and symbolize the as it were the the unity of
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of islam the muslim that transcends. nation states it's been a major. practice that that has existed on throughout the history of islam and i think it's important as you emphasized. today that the arab and the gathering together this was where the farewell sermon was given by the prophet mohammed and muslims come to come together there to remember that farewell sermon and the promises that you know that came from that john if i have faith in him many people might think that neck area simple no the question of why mecca many people might think well because it's associated with the founder of of islam the prophet muhammad but actually the importance of mecca as a place of pogrom age long predates the days of muhammad right. that's right i mean
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in fact muslims would see that the notion of pilgrimage the pilgrimage going all the way back to the prophet abraham. ends and so there's a continuity seen throughout history but then there is this you know special way to do that that was introduced by the prophet muhammad. and you know everybody wearing white doing the same thing is the talk a little bit to the theme of the dress rehearsal for the day of judgment kind of thing you know i think it really is to reflect that despite all the different differences language ethnicity color etc this is a single community and it's and this symbolizes that as they come as they come together. and and that message of unity. a very powerful one right in the muslim world if not the global human community now that that's facing
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increased polarization is there a message there for everyone. well i think that there is a me and i think that you know part of the message certainly. in a world in which we see whether you're talking about muslims or just global politics the shock divisions that are taking place today along the lines of ethnicity and religion whether it's in the western europe or a muslim countries with regard to the muslim world i think the messages to it that it should address the current rivalry and division that increasingly is existing between iran and saudi arabia who are for influence because it also feeds then. and exacerbates a division between sunni and shia muslims and a lot of this is connected to what has been going on politically for example the the war in syria and particularly the who war in yemen the saudi
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see iran as a great influence there and the other side of it is iran sees the saudis as basically you know engaged in in warfare and and and killing both military and innocence and indeed much of the international community has question that that kind of bombing so there's a real kind of rivalry in tension within the region which can have a spillover effect and are always good to get your thoughts thanks so much on the specific of that. now 4 palestinians have been killed near the gaza or israel border this video appears to show flares being 5 in the air in the southern area east of that about one as israeli soldiers shoot at the man these ready army says the palestinians were armed and attempted to breach the border. south korea's military says north korea has fired what appears
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to have been to short range ballistic missiles from its eastern coast into the sea last week north korean leader kim jong un of a soul similar launches he says the tests are a warning to the u.s. and south korea over their joint military drills u.s. president donald trump earlier said he'd received what he called a very beautiful letter from kim and that he wasn't bothered by the recent launches golden chang is the author of nuclear showdown north korea takes on the world he thinks the u.s. needs new more to put pressure on pyongyang well the north is up to a 1000000 in the present the united states you know just hours after president bush said about kim kim fires off these missiles and you know on one level you can say well the president's not perturbed he's letting the north koreans just play this out but we've got to remember that this is the 1st stage of an escort or cycle the north koreans will continue that stage and when they do it will be much more
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difficult in the later parts of the cycle to stop it and certainly much more dangerous so i think president trump needs to sort of changes policies and impose some costs on north korea for violating these u.n. security council resolutions on missile launches this sort of harks back to his predecessor president obama's policies at strategic patience you just ignore what the north koreans do and don't appear to be bothered by it but the problem is that north korea is continuing to produce fissile material and it's continuing to improve its missiles so this is not a good story for the united states you know the north koreans are not making any concessions we're making all the concessions this is not good. now police in kyrgyzstan have raided the t.v. station owned by a former president back of his arrest on thursday has raised fears of instability and the potential power struggle with the country's current leader laura birdman
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the reports. he's been off air and ordered out staff at the t.v. station owned by kurdistan's former president are sent in the latest move against our must back i tell. he was arrested in his home last week. that this followed a violent confrontation between his supporters and police one officer was killed and dozens injured. attend b.f. remains in police custody after failing to cooperate in a criminal case an attempt of a previously been accused of corruption parliament stripped him of immunity after he fell out with presents a room by jean because. a temp who served 20 eleventh's 2017 rejects the charges and accuses the authorities of a piece of office looking to capitalize on the political fallout
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a more backdrop and off he's a former presidential contender and his return to the country after fleeing 2 years ago when he was accused of inciting ethnic hatred. i want to note the arrival of bob and off won't destabilize the situation now everyone is looking for the next parliamentary election and 2020 political parties including president jeenbekov and baba knobs will unite for the sake of stability the timing is perhaps coincidental the same day as bob return from moscow russia's prime minister made a scheduled visit to the country. achieved. in my opinion it's obvious that in the 21st century kurdistan has reached its limit for revolutions and it would be really bad if these events resulted in any political and consequently economic instability in the country but it. the former soviet nation has seen 2 former leaders to post
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an uprising since 1991 many in the capital bishkek 5th political fallout. i want to address both jane because of have police sought all your issues without involving the people were tired of political tensions and instability. during. the month of august is the busiest period for tourism and we're worried do work and business will be affected and there's no sign that the political tensions will. attend they have supported the fowling further protests and there are fears the country could be thrown into turmoil. manly al-jazeera. now pollution from chemical plants in tunis is causing devastating damage to land and sea that's according to environmental groups the warning comes as the country plans to increase its export of phosphates by 50 percent the chemical is mainly used in fertilizers david chaytor is in the coastal city of gabe's which has seen some of
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the worst of the pollution. this is where he says he was once considered as a world heritage site by the united nations it borders a bay that was a rich spawning ground marine life in the mediterranean but ammonia now hangs in the air above the palm trees as this chemical complex vents the toxic gases produced by using soft fury acid to process phosphates. nasy her head see association formed to defend the u.s. says he describes what is happening here as an act of industrial terrorism from up moreover we getting diseases of all kinds like lung cancer cancer of the nose and sort briskets are we being people every day because of these diseases. 13000 tons of chemicals and waste our channeled into the bay through this train every day it's making
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a desert out of the sea floor the residents here say before the chemical plants began operating the sea was so close the fish used to jump into the fields and their children used to swim amongst its problems i've been standing by this river of toxic sludge for just over half an hour now already my eyes are stinging in my throat feels wrong or it's been flowing into the sea behind me for more than 40 years it's killing everything it touches the locals have a name for it it's called the fatal shore you don't see any crabs here nor any bird life above its hauntingly empty only the occasional pool with an algal bloom a line of black slime shows the high water mark the tunisian chemical group which runs the complex claim they are taking measures to tackle the pollution abdel heloc has seen his living as a fisherman destroyed by the chemicals washing into the bay and his own health
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ruined by their city gas plumes he's now suffering from cancer of the coal on his boat is rotting in the harbor which is becoming a graveyard for the trawlers any hope of the future has gone. the neighboring port transporting phosphate to the world though has never been busier. the sport has ruined everything it's polluted the ear and the agriculture and is lead to a deserted vacation of the marine life in one of the main parks in the city of gabbers graffiti warns of dangers of air pollution a device which actually monitors the gases has been broken for years now. it's hanging in a road called environment of a new hard way down it a large rubbish dump an old rusting cars. many here say the whole city seems to have lost hope david chaytor al-jazeera gulbis the least 13 people
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have been killed by a landslide in china after super typhoon lekima hit its eastern coast around 1000000 people have been forced from their homes after it made landfall in the province of vision there have been widespread power outages and more than $200.00 houses of collapsed the storm is now expected to move up the east coast towards shanghai. the tariff wall between the united states and china has created new trade benefits for other countries one of the biggest where is appears to be mexico . mexico city. mexico has taken the top spot among the united states is international trading partners according to data from the 1st half of 2019 this potential gain from mexico is the result of a 12 percent drop in imports of chinese goods to the united states as a tariff war between the world's 2 largest economies plays out. uncertainty from
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international investors over the u.s. china trade conflict however has also rattled markets on august 1st the mexican stock exchange reacted with the worst trading day since the start of the year but it is because of these terrorist between the united states and china that we are seeing this disruption to global financial markets imagine what such a confrontation involving mutual terrorist between the u.s. and mexico would bring this is not good for anyone. this disruption to global markets has also hit the mexican peso which devalued by 1.57 percent on august 1st . not good for national economy which is only projected to grow by point 2 percent through 2019. this economic equilibrium that mexico appears to have is not solid i would say that the economic situation in mexico is shaky at best mexico could maintain this balance at least until the end of the year but it depends heavily on the policies pursued by president donald trump. earlier this year mexico avoided
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its own trade with the united states which could have had a devastating effect on the national economy the reaction by global markets to growing tensions between the u.s. and china puts into question whether mexico really is the clear winner of the ongoing trade war or if there are any real winners at all the dip in the stock price has also served as a reminder that the mexican economy is subject to the. international investors have in the u.s. china relationship there may be nervousness in the markets but mexican exports the united states are still on the rise as mexico continues to pick up the slack left over from china there is one thing however that could unbalance mexico's position the sluggishness of its own economy would up a little al-jazeera mexico city. stem cell therapy has proven to be an effective way to treat a range of diseases but it can and their nations are mainly from people of european descent posing a problem for some from other ethnic backgrounds daniel like reports from toronto.
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building diversity in canada's stem cell donor base happens here in testing clinics aimed at the country's ethnic minorities around 2 thirds of registered donors are of european origin their cells probably won't help people from other backgrounds organizers of this clinic for chinese canadians say there's been little outreach to their community some people are still reluctant to be tested or donate a pool of their chinese and go chinese say that since we've been working on it for over 2 years now we had raised up to 7 percent but even 7 is and is not a big number it's even more challenging to find a match for people of mixed backgrounds 13 year old aryan didn't alley is a vietnamese and afghan origin he has a plastic anemia a blood disease that can only be reliably cured by stem cell transplants 3 years of searching in canada and around the world have yet to find him
12:38 am
a donor it haunts me daily it's it's unbelievable if patients you know is caucasian the chances of him or her having 6 or 7 or 8. possible matches on a registry to another patient because of their heritage lineage that they don't even want at all marketing executive made got leukemia in 2013 she needed stem cells but her vietnamese origin meant fewer donors but one did come forward miraculously she says and now she runs a campaign called swap the world and that's literally what she wants to do it is there it is a literal because everybody should get swab everybody should know about how stem cell donation works and it's not only in the back and chatted up but we're aiming the world stem cells can regenerate tissue and treat an increasing range of medical conditions but as long as cell donor registries don't reflect the societies around
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them doctors options are limited some. donors can help people not just with blood cancers like leukemia as in the farmers but also with immune disorders genetic diseases by disorders of of other types so it's quite a broad therapeutic field are younes anemia is in remission now and he's able to study play and behave much like other 13 year old boys but he'll still probably need a stem cell transplant one day he and his family are waiting for a match daniel lak al jazeera near toronto. still ahead on al-jazeera in spalled news of record breaking defeat for the new zealand all blacks he tells the moment. if you were looking at this from the outside you would really wonder what was going on but what do you see this. is
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a religion that they have an in-depth exploration of global capitalism and our obsession with economic growth this is still the center of capitalism there is no limits i view myself as a capital artist we are trying to bankers and those smaller and smaller we don't want to be set realistic in the world we would rather have a fantasy growing pains on al-jazeera rewind returns with a new c.e.o. he's. been on the past about using this documentary i would compare the onion. rewind to games with faggots in city under siege. this is one way that we shot 60 on al-jazeera.
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all right sports fans that find out what's exciting at the english premier league right now i mean everything there starting is probably what you say. here i've got the defense of the english premier league title off to winning start off with i thrashed west 5 new and kick off. go there london stadium but off the bat what they were haim stirlingshire as he bragged the hot pep guardiola team attempting to win a hat trick of premier league titles. 1st game away to all 30 hard. still hard to read them was not was not but that's normal for the being the 1st the 1st games from the beginning we saw who would be better more calm more extra prices
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for games coming up to full time in the e.p.l. burnley in brighton on their way to comfortable wins while tottenham newly promoted aston villa in the late kick off. or manchester city are going for a 3rd consecutive league title in england in scotland celtic a garden for their knowing championship in a row they made it to enter into this season as they thrashed motherwell. away it means they've now scored getting 12 times in 2 matches having big incident johnson 7 mil last weekend will be happy to carry this form into the heart leg of their champions league qualifier against romanian proves that tie currently stands 11. that has been widespread criticism of the decision to hold the heavyweight boxing rematch between andy ruiz and anthony joshua in saudi arabia the world title fight had widely been expected to be either in new york or cardiff but will now be held on december 7th in the area on the outskirts of riyadh but ruiz caused
12:43 am
a huge upset in june by handing joshua his 1st loss of the professional rights group amnesty international say the fight is need to take a stand against saudi arabia's for human rights record or in a statement amnesty said if anthony joshua fights and the ruiz in saudi arabia it's largely to be yet another opportunity for the saudi authorities to try to wash their severely tainted image there's been no justice over the gruesome murder of jamal khashoggi and the saudi led military coalition in yemen is carrying out indiscriminate attacks on homes hospitals and marketplaces with her if it consequences for yemeni civilians as with other sporting stars going to saudi arabia we call on joshua to inform himself of the human rights situation and be prepared to speak out about saudi arabia's abysmal human rights record with the claims of sports washing count off to saudi arabia put up significant amounts of money to host a number of top level sports events quite recently the former unified world
12:44 am
champion army karmas paid millions for his fight in jeddah last month the saudis signed a 10 year deal with world wrestling entertainment said to be worth $450000000.00 but some of the top names in the sport did boycott various events with saudi arabia also signed a 5 year deal to host the dachau rally and given assurances that no one will be excluded they're also in talks to hold a formula one race. in march the parent company of the ultimate fighting championship endeavor 7 times with saudi arabia and handed back $400000000.00 over the job our shorty on a controversial exhibition match between now that document and rafa nadal that would have netted them a $1000000.00 each was called off in december you to melting pressure following the killings i carried just over a month ago before the start of the rugby world cup in japan and defending champion zealand have been baked and beaten heavily by a stray in the rugby championship the wallabies ran in 6 tries in a record
12:45 am
a 47 to 26 victory in perth it was australia's highest ever score against the all blacks the zealand did have a player sent off just before looks this makes for a dangerous tackle he becomes just the 4th black ever to be given a red card in a test match and american going to see in a 40 year old chairmanship reco broken it came in the women's 200 meters final 32 year old shelley and fraser price were going to jamaica in its heart of 22.43 seconds for the price it was the olympic champion in this event in 2008 in 2012 claiming a country sixto. serena williams is baking the rogers conference the wrong side of the quarterfinal match was the 1st meeting between the pair since asako one loss to us are you can type that there would be no repeat of the controversy from back matches williams ease into the semi's with a straight sets win despite the loss of soccer will become the new world number one next week. raffle it out i can it was going it with
12:46 am
a rogers cup semi remote 0 for levy in 3 seconds in the quarter. of a spot for more light or something thanks so much for a home but for me and this news i'll be back with another full show in just a couple of minutes so do stay with us here. an estimated 100000 lives cruelly ended over a century ago. a distant past not to the descendants of the sultan.
12:47 am
a tale of colonialism and racial supremacy unravels in the quest for justice and recognition of the sacrifices of tribal people to maybe. scholars of my people a witness documentary on his ear a. culture of down's thrives here every day generations of tibetans continue to brace and maintain their cultural heritage it's a reminder of who they are aware that. this is a suburb of the idiot capital new delhi so be refugees here since 964 buttons here have been defined as migrants are not refugees because india hasn't signed up to the 1951 un convention on refugees so tibetans here have been able to access the indian welfare system so they become self-sufficient setting up a business says and looking for work independently but for some it's not enough in
12:48 am
an exclusive series of documentaries i was born into a very ordinary japanese family. shows 5 different stories i am just so excited to focus on anything else right now from 5 different countries newsroom i wanted it but i was most importantly also with the one journey no one in my family has ever been to mecca this is a joyful occasion the road to has an al-jazeera. recapturing u.a.e. back foresees reclaim control of all military camps in the port city. i'm sammy's
12:49 am
a down this is al jazeera live from the also coming up american financier geoffrey epstein killed himself in his new york jail cell where he was held on sex trafficking charges. overturned fuel tanker explodes in tanzania and killing at least 60 people. police used tear gas to disperse protesters gathering again on the streets of hong kong. yemen's internationally recognized government says it's lost control of all military camps in the southern port city of aden and says they've been occupied by u.a.e. backed southern separatists it's been battling since wednesday aden is the temporary seat of you have an internationally government to recognize government fighting has been intensifying for the past 4 days thousands of people have been killed in homs
12:50 am
brings us the latest from santa. there following the 1st confrontations between separatists backed by the united. with the with the 4th brigade of the fighters of the prez the prez the president abdullah gul months old. this has resulted in the separatists to take over the 4th brigade along with the presidential palace in home and also. important military camps like camp we have already taken. portland government institutions this is an indication that the separatists barque to by the united. heading away to fulfill their long years dream of taking over the. current. kind of interim capital of the internationally recognized government this is
12:51 am
another fairly for the saudi led qualification in yemen they have already failed to take over the capital sanaa and to reinstate to the form of the president abdullah mansour hadley meanwhile yemen's who the rebels say they've launched another 2 drone attacks on an airport in southern saudi arabia a spokesman for the group says the strikes hit a fueling station at airports and targeted a monitoring tower disrupting flights it's the latest in a series of drone attacks by the who these in recent days the u.s. justice department has confirmed that billionaire and convicted sex offender jeffrey abyssinians been found dead in his new york jail cell he describes the death as an apparent suicide the f.b.i. is investigating epstein was awaiting trial on charges of trafficking underage girls had been placed on suicide watch. she habitants he joins us now
12:52 am
live from washington d.c. so she had to have any details on how a man on suicide watch was able to kill himself. well that's the interesting thing just the last half an hour oser n.b.c. is reporting that in fact he wasn't on suicide watch and it was had been reported that all of the what appeared to be an attempted. suicide attempt a few weeks back he had been placed on suicide watch and b.c. the reporting there that when his body was found immediately preceding that he had not in fact been on suicide watch in his cell that he didn't share with with anyone else the f.b.i. is investigating his death as you mentioned however we're hearing that they don't suspect any foul play but it's out of abundance of caution but clearly his death in a cell in a federal prison is raising all sorts of questions because of the nature of the allegations against him just on friday all sorts of doctors a 1000 thousands of documents on sealed from
12:53 am
a case from from against one of his associates that alleged. a young girl had been made to quote sleep with many powerful men including numerous problems american politicians business executives foreign presidents a well known prime minister and other world leaders as a result of of abstains activities are clearly there's all sorts of conspiratorial talk now on the way but i think the problem with that conspiratorial to a perhaps is it's based on the assumption that with epstein's death the investigation of the prosecutions go away by the criminal prosecution will go away because there's no one to prosecute but the civil prosecutions will continue and in fact perhaps the suggesting that now it's even more likely that we'll get we'll get to know what was in epstein safe his house was searched in july when he was arrested all sorts of evidence was seized. epstein could have had the standing to challenge the use of the evidence in court but he's gone now no one else perhaps has the standing to challenge the use of the evidence or perhaps this
12:54 am
makes it even more likely that we may understand finally who exactly have seen most of what he was up to so does the entire legal process come to an end with his death no that's exactly the point i was i was trying to make that the civil process will continue and that is based around not just epstein's over the allegations against epstein which he had faced once before in 2007 he had faced very similar allegations of child sex trafficking for sex for sex in his own house as you know between him and young goes however there is i mean face life imprisonment potentially for those charges but in a very controversial plea deal he immediately got like 13 months in a private wing of a county jail in florida with work release it was an incredibly lenient lenient deal for him and crucially as part of the deal all the rest cords about what he actually was accused of and who else was involved were classified were would take
12:55 am
it out of the public the public realm and actually the person who negotiated that deal the time the federal prosecutor in florida was subsequently alexander acosta donald trump's labor secretary he had to resign as a result of this so the weird thing is contrary to popular assumptions of many of the conspiracy theories his death might mean that we get more information about what exactly obscene was and who and who he was. even that thanks so much you have written. a fuel tank that has exploded in tanzania killing at least 63 people it happened in the town of the northwest of the capital dhamma him how many has the latest. a rush full field that ended in tragedy a fuel tank had been heading from darcy none to tanzania's capital the derma when it overturned to close to a bus stop in the town of moral. people came to take what they could. but then
12:56 am
disaster. emergency workers tried to help those courts in the flames for some it was too late they are dug up to get out of there get out of there people are burning they say the fire truck is on the way this is a big fire accident people are burning alive dozens of people were killed according to local media most had come on motorbikes but you got to say it all happened so abruptly i heard an explosion then saw motorcycle riders running trying to save themselves i ran away and fell on my knees in the commotion so i ran over to be able to fill i took off people with teaching the oils others will say they didn't know what was. the tanzanian police say they've launched an investigation but you can take out i do not know unfortunately fire broke out and burned a lot of people more than 57 people lost their lives the bodies that we have recovered have been taken to the hospital as rescue operations continue we'll try to determine the identity of those who perished. dozens of people are in intensive
12:57 am
care and there are fears they'll be more who don't survive or heal mohammed al jazeera. has the latest from nairobi in neighboring kenya. survivors say that when the truck tipped over petrol started gushing from it and that drew a crowd of people trying to collect the fuel using buckets in jerry cans it was important to understand that in the small towns and rural areas that these fuel trucks drive through many people are poor and some free petrol which is otherwise going to go to waste anyway for somebody like a motorcycle taxi driver this can help keep children in school help to feed a family but with a large crowd of people gathering trying to collect fuel this went on for about 20 minutes that's enough time for the fuel to soak into the ground in the surrounding area a lot of it to evaporate into the air and then of course just one small spark of flame is enough to ignite it that's what happened there was a very large explosion and as we've heard 60 at least 60 people have been killed in
12:58 am
a similar number and now in a nearby hospital many of them in a critical condition and the medical officials have made a call out for people to go and donate blood because they're now facing a severe blood shortage there as well protesters in hong kong have now taken their rally to the popular shopping district of cowardly crowds of barricaded streets in the busy area as riot police move in gas has already been fired at the protesters who are rallying in defiance of a police ban. protestors following what's happened throughout the day. so the day began with a demonstration in a town called typo that's in the new territories up near the border with mainland china it was very good natured families were involved walking through the streets even though the police said so that the demonstration wasn't allowed there was no
12:59 am
way they were going to stop the thousands of people who turned out at the end of that demonstration most people then drifted away but several 1000 people stayed they occupied the streets they set up barricades there was a standoff where i lined up with riot police and then soon as they heard arrive then the word went out so it spreads very quickly amongst the group was we know this is a group that says it doesn't have any leaders. from one thing to another they decided to leave which they did and come to a number of other locations around new territories and cow loot and this is one of the this is shot is this is where there have been confrontations before they have quickly moved into this intersection in this junction have set up makeshift barricades as quickly as they can trying to block traffic they have partially managed that they brought traffic to a standstill but then very quickly word went out again that the police were on their way they moved very quickly to set up these barricades but now we see that
1:00 am
there are police that have come from a nearby police station very close to here it remains to be see now what these police will do and the police have just charged across that intersection clearing the protesters away and reopening the road again as the protesters we think have melted away again into the shopping center here possibly then to get on to the subway system the n.t.r. one maybe to go to another location but the police believe in the scene they detected some protesters using laser pens against them and they responded with guns which used. so-called. ammunition but the protesters have taken off. back in their vehicles waiting for the next call as this game continues through saturday evening around the streets of hong kong. now russian activists say police have arrested nearly 200 people at protests in moscow.


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