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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 11, 2019 1:00am-1:34am +03

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they have moved very quickly to set up these barricades but now we see the police that have come from a nearby police station very close to here it remains to be see now what these police will do and the police just across that intersection clearing the protesters away and reopening the road again as the protesters we think have melted away again into the shopping center here possibly done to get on to the subway system the m.t.a. to go to another location but the police were leaving the scene they detected some protesters using laser pens against them and they responded with guns which used the so-called non-lethal ammunition but the protesters have taken off they too without back in their vehicles waiting for the next call as this pattern mouse game continues through saturday evening around the streets of hong kong. now russian activists say police have arrested nearly 200 people at protests in moscow they've
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rallied for the 4th consecutive weekend and they're calling for free and fair local elections next month vasant joins us now live from moscow looks like you're in the middle of the unofficial protest is that where you are right now. yes that's correct. basically wiping this free part of the center of completely off anyone basically not only protesters but people who are shopping everyone on the streets is sort of swiped away from this post back to another area of the central mosque. as you said many have been detained over the process already no clear figure. tens of people have been detained i've seen being people being left and right everywhere basically it seems less aggressive than it has been in the past couple of weeks when. hundreds were detained more than
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a 1000 at one particular saturday the police have maybe changed the strike lightly but as we're seeing now we're clearing clearing the streets here of anyone they think could be protesting but honestly we can't see any protests here around us and these are people who are shopping people who are on holiday in moscow and if i turn around now i can show you there's a huge crowd that has already been pushed in that particular corner and there are people shouting they have been shouting it's our city moscow is our because of course they're angry not only because the elections people cannot opposition candidates cannot run there but also the crackdown the police has been performing in the past couple of weeks so many people have been arrested and some have been charged with very serious offenses even though they were just peacefully protesting in this. protest in the last couple of weeks so the mood is quite determined right
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here it seems police have tried to make people afraid to come to the streets but that has clearly not worked step assuming it's safe for you to continue going on because you look like your sandwich right now between the police and those protesters explain to us why the unofficial protest began after the end of the official one. yeah that's a very good question and we saw in nearly 50000 people in that official protest which was the largest protest years here in moscow but to make a point so what are your thoughts is that they have a right to protest that they don't need a permission by the authorities to to have to say about what's going on in the country they want to make this point and have this unofficial protest as well that's why they called for this protest and people have actually come out despite the fact that you know you can face up to 8 years in prison and even more when you
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do this when you come to this kind of unofficial protest so i have to say these people here are all very brave all right it does look like a really interesting situation i wonder if we can come back to what looks like a standoff develop from now when you. regroup steadfast in the. still ahead on al-jazeera. ramming in defiance protests is in indian administrate kashmir say the risk their lives for freedom. why ethnic minorities in canada is struggling to get lifesaving stem cell treatment. hello again a welcome back or did sarah typhoon the kima make landfall on saturday morning very
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early here on the east coast of china and whether we saw some very heavy rain anywhere from 235 millimeters and higher and certain locations now the forecast over the next few days is a tropical storm intensity making its way towards the north just the shanghai by the time we get towards sunday but the storm is moving quite slow at this time and because of that we're going to be seeing a lot of accumulating rain across much of their area so we watching that very carefully down towards the south though some localized showers anywhere from hong kong over the all the way here towards northern vietnam not very heavy at times but we will be watching those as well the big problem of the last few days have been the very heavy rain here in parts of myanmar and with that we have been seeing a lot of flooding and evacuations that have been going on across the region in terms of what has happened we have seen landslides here and around the area 10 people have died because of these landslides and many more are missing and we're going to be seeing more heavy rain coming in really have caused some problems in terms of rescue and relief efforts across much of that area also very heavy rain
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has been a problem over here towards mangalore we have seen $170.00 millimeters of rain just and the last 24 hours heavy rain will also be a big problem up here towards the eastern sections of india as well as the west but that's quite nice of the temperature of 36. america is divided like never before each side is so convinced that they are absolutely correct that the other side is dangerous heaven has a wall of strict immigration policy people in power investigates the partisan politics eroding civil norms vital to american democracy are you concerned that the political divisions today could lead to violence. when we have this strange death of american civility part 2 on al jazeera.
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welcome back you're watching al-jazeera time to recap our headlines now yemen's internationally recognized government says it's lost control of almost 3 camps in the southern port city of aden it says they've been occupied by southern separatists the u.s. department of justice has confirmed billionaire and convicted sex offender jeffrey abstainers being found dead in his jail cell in new york he describes the death as an apparent suicide the f.b.i. investigates. a fuel tanker has exploded in tanzania at least 67 people have been killed the truck overturned crowd so derived to gather the leaking fuel. libyan warlords says u.s. forces will observe
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a cease fire during the 4 day holiday starting on saturday the internationally recognized government in tripoli had already accepted a u.n. request for a truce off those forces have been attempting to take the capital since april. or shortly before that cease fire announcement 2 united nations employees were killed in a car bomb the explosion occurred in the eastern city of benghazi came moments before a u.n. convoy passed through the area at least 10 other people were wounded. as more from tripoli medical sources in the libyan is from the city of confirm it to you and the staffers dead in a car bomb explosion one libyan the other it is none libyan the also confirmed that there are 2 other you and the staffers in critical condition as also there are also tens of civilians injured by the explosion we know that the car bomb explosion
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happened in. a district in the western suburb of one has even as the convoy was passing by we know that according to eyewitnesses and one of us here the say that the explosion happened in front of a market were locals were shopping for the ied we know that this happened as a truce has been put in place by both warring factions in southern tripoli by forces loyal to the warlord khalifa haftar and others loyal to the you and backed government of national called indian administered kashmir has been placed back under a strict security lockdown after protests earlier on friday restrictions were eased briefly in srinagar on friday for prayers for about 20 minutes but it was the 1st since new delhi revoked the region's autonomy earlier this week reuters is reported up 210000 people gathered for
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a number of india disputes police fired tear gas and pellets fighting back demonstrators indian officials now say any future easing of restrictions will depend on whether there are any more protests. well as tensions rise between india and pakistan india and pakistan rather violence usually escalates over the line that separates the 2 and people living in the area usually find themselves caught in the crossfire 1st a male has more from the area. a serene and picturesque landscape just a few kilometers from the line of control between india and pakistan administered kashmir but for those living here. their reality is very different. mohamad isaak was hit in the back by a stray bullet 2 months ago it's a risk base by many people here who are caught in the crossfire between indian and pakistani forces but they say they can't leave. we would we go bullets
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hit here all the time when the situation gets even a little bad bullets start flying but there's no option to leave my elderly parents or here our positions whatever we have is here live or die here. down the road there are more signs of conflict 2 years ago this village was evacuated for months after it was hit by shells but people have returned and built reinforced concrete bunkers going to meters or more underground in case the firing escalates again and this time they say they will leave but you've got to. we'll move the elders and the children from here but we'll stay we have the bunkers. and animals because we're dependent on them. many here are forced to choose between life and livelihood this village is only about 3 kilometers from the line of control separating indian and pakistani administered kashmir despite the recent tensions most people here are
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deciding to stay if cross border firing intensifies but others who left before are scared to risk coming back. about a dozen kilometers from the border this school has been home to some villages for more than 2 years after facing gunfire they're not afraid of a little rain but they are scared of going back to their homes i am going to go. there was so much shooting our homes were destroyed. but there's no water no rations. my kids school life is hard. distant gunfire breaks the serenity locals know the danger of living here but many say trying to decide whether to leave or stay is like choosing between a rock and a hard place as jimmy el al jazeera indeed administered kashmir. now there have also been large protests in pakistan against india's actions in kashmir its foreign minister is now back from china after seeking beijing support against india's
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decision to strip the region of autonomy. reports about. freedom at any cost that's the most popular slogan in pakistan administered kashmir . and many towns and cities throughout the region. to protest infuriated at india's decision to remove special status and the military lockdown of the muslim majority region there were these large muslim i don't go $12000000.00 muslims have been made hostages we appealed to amnesty international the organization for islamic cooperation and all human rights organizations that they take notice of these indian violations and plans to replace them with the majority within the us was students were among the younger voices civil society leaders here the government and by the fund administered kashmir should support their plan to cross the line of control the border which separates kashmir. nor do all students young old and children watched the line of control on aug 15th we will
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reach for a new car and stand with our kashmiri brothers their. anger to what some see is the belated response of pakistan's government they want prime minister imran khan to do more. resolutions and cutting off trade ties will not a freakish near for the last 72 years they have been presenting resolutions they destruct trade for a vehicle to and then there were lesions are back to normal we demand a day either reach the other side themselves or let us go their. protesters took to the streets in other parts of pakistan as well workers for the ruling very can suffer party rallied in favor of the government's decision it has downgraded diplomatic ties with india to trade and stop bus and train services. it's also stepped up diplomatic efforts to shore up support for mr sharon mehmood qureshi visit to china the 3rd party involved in the disputed kashmir himalayan region china says it's also concerned about the situation in kashmir and asked all parties
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to avoid unilateral actions in years army commanders accused pakistan of creating threats in kashmir a spokesman said anyone attempting to destruct peace in the kashmir valley will be in his words eliminated like assad's army says its response will be harsher than when to track down an indian jet in case there is military involvement as pakistanis continue to protest against what they call an exciting of a disputed region the united nations is urging both sides to refrain from changing the status of kashmir from a jar with al-jazeera with pakistan administered kashmir now pilgrims in mecca are climbing mount arafat's on the 2nd day of had they will pray recite the koran before performing the stoning of the devil ritual more than 2000000 people are in saudi arabia for the religious gathering stem cell therapy has proven to be an effective way to treat a range of diseases known as need to be healthy and have genetic similarities i think calendar donations are mainly from people of european descent that's posing
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a problem for people with diverse ethnic backgrounds than your lack reports from toronto. building diversity in canada's stem cell donor base happens here in testing clinics aimed at the country's ethnic minorities around 2 thirds of registered donors are of european origin their cells probably won't help people from other backgrounds organizers of this clinic for chinese canadians say there's been little outreach to their community some people are still reluctant to be tested or donate a pool of their chinese and to go chinese. since we have been working on it for over 2 years now we have raised up to 7 percent but even 7 is and is not a big number it's even more challenging to find a match for people of mixed backgrounds 13 year old aryan din alley is a vietnamese and afghan origin he has a plastic anemia a blood disease that can only be reliably cured by stem cell transplants 3 years of
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searching in canada and around the world have yet to find him a donor it haunts me daily. it's unbelievable if a patient you know is caucasian the chances of him or her having 6 or 7 or 8 possible matches on the registry to another patient because of their heritage lineage that they don't even want at all marketing executive made got leukemia in 2013 she needed stem cells but her vietnamese origin meant fewer donors but one did come forward miraculously she says and now she runs a campaign called swap the world and that's literally what she wants to do it as if it is a literal because everybody should get swab everybody should know about how stem cell donation works and it's not only in the back and chatted up but we're aiming the world stem cells can regenerate tissue and treat an increasing range of medical
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conditions but as long as cell donor registries don't reflect the societies around them doctors options are limited some. donors can help people not just with blood cancers like looking years in the farmers but also with immune disorders genetic diseases by disorders of of other types and it's quite a broad therapeutic field our younes anemia is in remission now and he's able to study play and behave much like other 13 year old boys but he'll still probably need a stem cell transplant one day he and his family are waiting for a match down your lack or near toronto. and let's take you through some of the headlines here on al-jazeera now yemen's internationally recognized government says it's lost control of all military camps in the star city of aden and says they've been occupied by southern separatists.
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has more from santa they have already taken control of a number of from military camps like part of military camp and also the other military comes specially the year that the presidential palace so the the there we have achieved many of their goals the government forces which are the presidential units have also withdrawn from a number of military camps there seems that the. southern separatists council is achieving its goal after although they have started their. rebellion against the internationally recognized government the u.s. department of justice has confirmed billionaire and convicted sex offender jeffrey epstein has been found dead in his new york jail cell it describes the death as an apparent suicide the f.b.i. is investigating epstein was awaiting trial on charges of trafficking under-age
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girls. a fuel tanker has exploded in tanzania killing at least 67 people many more have been injured suffering serious burns the truck overturned 200 kilometers outside the commercial capital crowds of the rive to gather the leaking fuel protesters in hong kong have now taken their rally to the popular shopping district of calne crowds of barricaded streets in the busy area as riot police moved in it's the 10th straight weekend of demonstrations which began over a proposed extradition law russian activists say police have arrested around 200 people the protests in moscow and several other cities they've rallied for the 4th consecutive weekend and they're calling for free and fair local elections next month the be in warlord khalifa haftar says his forces will observe a ceasefire during the 4 day either rob holiday starting on saturday the
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internationally recognized government in tripoli had already accepted a u.n. request for a truce it's people in power next stay with us here now to syria. america is more just you're not you the next 24 inch in recent history is politics undermined by causes and divisions consensus among most anything. so what's we can once. seen together. at the disco. in the 2nd of 2 special
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reports. has been to invest. former special counsel robert muller recently appeared before the u.s. congress to answer questions about his investigation of president trump and russian interference in the 2016 presidential campaign president has repeatedly claimed your ford found there was no obstruction and that it completely and totally exonerated. that is not what your report said is it. correct it is not what the report said. the report did not include he did not commit
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a structure of justice that is correct for many democrats there are strong grounds for impeaching donald trump but with republicans remaining firmly in his corner it's becoming symbolic of america's partisan divide it's starting to look like you having desperately tried and failed to make a legal case against the president you made a political case instead you put it in a paper sack lit on fire dropped it on our porch rang the doorbell and ran i don't think you will view a report that is as thorough as fair as consistent as a report that we have in front of us history is repeating itself i would say the trumpet ministration is in fast competition with what happened in the nixon administration john dean is a former white house counsel whose 973 testimony helps seal the fate of president richard nixon in watergate he also appeared before congress recently and sounded a warning about partisan division and incivility there's too much polarization the sunset in the questioning sitting here and the shots that get taken that witnesses
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the president trump exacerbates political polarization in the u.s. but it is the result of a social sorting process between the parties that began with the passage of civil rights legislation in the 1960 s. it's culminated in the formation of democratic and republican parties made up of distinctive racial ethnic and religious groups we are at inclusion of basically a 60 year political journey and it's a disaster. because the parties have divided over fundamental visions of the national character the drug man is a senior fellow in the political reform program at the think tank the new america the republican party basically sees the true national identity of america as in the past a time when america was a white christian nation it's a traditionalist vision and then we have another party democratic party as a very different vision of america it's a more secular place it's more progressive and it celebrates diversity so the
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fundamental problem today is that politics is no longer about battles over resources but about battles over what it means to be an american yeah the 2 sides are casting each other as fundamentally un-american so pal could you possibly compromise with them. this clash over values has led to the sorting of the parties along geographic lines in the 2016 election trump one decisively in the 2300 counties that make up small town in rural america but in cities hillary clinton beat trump in a landslide. continuing our investigation into toxic partisanship in the us by focusing on north carolina as a microcosm of the nation we headed for charlotte biggest city in this state. some areas of the state's very you know it's hard hard for democrat to get elected and some and now cities it's very hard for a republican to get elected and then much paul in the area is a group of people that tend to be highly educated more moderate and liberal in their views white and black or is becoming whiter and older and
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areas are becoming more diverse 8 percent of north carolina's population is foreign born 51 percent from latin america i know low benton crueler who owns this bakery immigrated from colombia 1000 years ago when traum decided to run for president as one i got involved with we had democratic party. and then latino. 59 percent of north carolina's latino population is u.s. born but there are about 100000 undocumented immigrants i'm sure didn't think change once trump was elected yes a lot of families you know the father some modest way from their kids in charlotte illegal immigrants were being deported with the help of the local sheriff was working with federal immigration and customs enforcement ice under a program called to 87 g. so benton corin a group of local activists helped elect a new sheriff basically expand the reach of ice and deputized his local
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sheriff's deputies to place foreign nationals entering mobile proceedings the 287 g. we well aware of what the problems were with that and how women were suffering in afraid to go places children were not attending school out of fear that something would happen during the school day before the sheriff's election in may 2018 activists hit the streets with a score card highlighting the differences between the incumbent erwin carmichael and his challengers the american civil liberties union also ran radio ads carmichael's challengers mcfadden and they pledged to stop working with trump's deportation for gary mcfadden the homicide detective for 27 years one becoming the 1st african-american sheriff ever in charlotte and his 1st day in office he ended his department's involvement in 287 we already had communities with mistrust you know no matter what happens in a community the community says you do not tell the police and to 87 g.
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just compounds the problem because of fear that you will be deported or you'll be targeted by do you think a lot of folks got caught up in the deportation process who shouldn't have been because of 287 yes a lot of people got caught off a small driving with no license seatbelt violation as long as you got into the criminal justice system he will part of the deal. poor taste in process ice responded to mcfadden's decision to end cooperation by mountain an aggressive enforcement effort in charlotte accusing him of being soft on crime so i think it's just that you see that there is a one out of here is dangerous you found in other sheriffs of north carolina's largest urban counties are now battling legislation pushed by republicans that would force them to cooperate with ice or be removed from office do you think there's any way to compromise with people who favor aggressive vice enforcement absolutely not how do you compromise on taking the father out of the home in
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leaving a mother with her children destitute with no support there's no way to compromise there is no possible models they're doing the same thing that they did in slavery they just picked another group of people to do it now you can keep it can actually growing by making people disposable but when you get tired a username you brand name the enemy and you send him back to mexico or central america like republicans in washington d.c. republicans in north carolina representing rural districts have been accused of fueling partisan tensions by pushing policies on immigration and other issues opposed by urban residents public and legislature in north carolina is bigfooting the cities because the cities are more liberal and more democratic and they're conducting policies that are what's driving that their fences on immigration very sharp difference about whether it's good for the country to have a lot of people coming in from america countries or it is somehow rody americans
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authenticity in some cases it is economic competition what do you think is at the root of the urban rural divide so we have one half of the state that's dynamic and it's growing fast and the young people are leaving the small town the royer has to come work in raleigh or charlotte because that's where the jobs of the future are and the other half you have a dying north carolina the royals are really struggling with economic decline. and of course you're going to have a huge harben world of vied if that's that's the case. to better understand the economic laws that there are people to buy we headed west to the foothills of the appalachian mountains it's an area with conservative leanings rasmussen. for most of the 20th century could also find coming textile mills and furniture factories in small towns here every rival the industry in the american midwest but nearly 19 eighties all began to change.
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so how long have you been involved in economic development or about 30 years chuck mosley witnessed firsthand the decline of the textile and furniture industries in the burke county town of val d.s. and the surrounding area we had 7000 people that will be here during the day and i'm a little down but now we've probably got 2000 people in work in our town and so that's quite a difference this is the wall bench and plant and down about 81 or 82 they they were one time raved about 5th in the world and i was reading business what kind of impact did that have on the economy here and major impact because that was our number one source of income for valleys in the neighboring town of the northern caldwell county also lost thousands of jobs in the furniture industry due to imports from asia and the outsourcing of production to the region we were so focused on furniture and on textiles people were trying to do anything else so when those jobs left you know they just had to take whatever was left over you know i
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saw that actually the unemployment rate has improved a lot they're finding jobs the biggest problem is that they're barely above minimum wage so this looks like a shutdown plan we've got a ball over there. guarantee. i would be surprised if i walk out of it and live probably $10000.00 jobs in the furniture industry here to what extent did were. the trade deals for the economic problems at the phrase you hear a lot you know if they hey wait a minute let's bring that industry back and do it in america. so a lot of resentment among workers here that the politicians let him down you know at the coffee shop that was that's all they are more interested in then the dollar from wall street than they are the people that are making the furniture and the families they're raising in this country. during the 2016 presidential race donald trump's campaign targeted north carolina voters in hard hit and just really are
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living through the greatest steps in the history of our world a truck that ministry will stop the jobs from leaving him and tried leaving north carolina. trump received 67 percent of the vote burke county and 73 percent in caldwell county record levels of support for republican presidential candidates trump was saying stuff like bring manufacturing back they care about the little people support for trump and the stars are for america's past where evan invalides at near is classic car crews and on friday night i think trough 2 are great people or whatever but his policies are working for your average american i think a lot of people will look for a big change and trump is not a politician he doesn't look at things the way he typically called politicians look at us do you think people in this area support president trump in terms of his policy on immigration in america right.


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