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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 11, 2019 11:00am-11:34am +03

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try to run in the moscow election not in detention at least not at the moment before the rally we could only meet him at a public square because he's avoiding arrest by not going home he had been detained for 8 days after the previous protest or the authoritarian regimes collapse just because of their actions like this because they do everything vice versa they suppress speech. he try to stop the spread of information they stop they try to stop something inevitable something that you cannot stop a big victory to stop time to trade so progress did attention of opposition leaders like ilyushin and alexina at not deter people from taking to the streets at the authorised rally protestors were urged to take part in a not or an authorized rally that's when police started to detain people and again part of the center of moscow is under lockdown people are being detained for peacefully marching here through the city center it wasn't an authorized protest
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people are being brought in one by one dragged over the floor u.k. sometimes with quite a lot of force with love been screaming and with this thing yet and they're all being brought into the fight while vladimir putin is celebrating his 20 years in power analysts say more russians when their point is to be heard. the citizens are demonstrating something brand new and you wear for interacting during this protest and importantly they're persistency it's not valued enough but for a political process like this it's the key factor so far the authorities have not backed down although less people were detained during the previous weeks but with tens of thousands on the street and more protests expected pressure will only grow step fast and al-jazeera. protesters in romania calling on the prime minister to step down media say that at least $24000.00 people rallied outside government headquarters and bucharest demonstrators say they're angry about corruption and
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weak public administration they also paid tribute to 2 young women whose killings shocked the country and sparked street protests. there with the news out from out 0 still to come on the program a dirty business in tunisia as a chemical plant destroys in a way says it was once a world heritage site. of the performers pushing experimental theatre to its limits at the edinburgh festival. and honda speed king is looking out stoppable ahead of the austrian cream with reaction a little later in sport. american finances jeffrey epstein has been found dead in his new york prison cell he was awaiting trial on sex trafficking charges officials say that his death is an apparent suicide she had returned to reports from washington. jeffrey epstein faced
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a maximum of 45 years in prison for the trafficking of girls as young as 14 to his homes for sex he pleaded not guilty after being denied bail last month the 66 year old had been found unconscious in a cell with marks on his neck and reportedly placed on suicide watch however there are conflicting reports as to whether he was on suicide watch when he was found hanged in his new york jail cell early saturday morning epstein worked in finance reportedly managing other people's food chains he presented himself as a billionaire and he lived an extravagant lifestyle but the source and extent of his own money is obscure his social circle was extensive and influential documents show former president bill clinton britain's prince andrew and donald trump were all acquaintances and before he became president trump told epstein a quote terrific guy he likes beautiful women as much as i do trump said and added quote many of them are on the youngest side however since epstein's arrest the president has distanced himself i was not a fan of jeffrey yet and you watch people yesterday saying that i threw him out of
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a club i didn't want anything to do with it now is many many years ago it shows you one thing that i had think that you have long been allegations that he supplied young girls to his circle of influential men all denied by the man in question just on friday thousands of documents were unsealed from a legal case against one of his associates that alleged a young girl was forced to have sex with quote many powerful men including numerous problems american politicians business executives foreign presidents and well known prime minister and other world leaders and quote epstein was 1st indicted in 2007 on similar charges that could potentially have led to him spending life in prison yet he served only 13 months in a private wing of a county jail in florida following a plea agreement under the terms of that deal investigations into his activities were ended and the extent of his crimes and who else was involved concealed the federal prosecutor who negotiated that deal with alexander acosta who subsequently
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became doldrums labor's. secretary he resigned following renewed scrutiny of that plea deal it would be selfish for me to stay in this day and when you talking about it it all gets old rather than about. right now even off to epstein's release as a registered sex offender he mixed in elite circles but in july federal prosecutors ordered his arrest again his house was searched and probes of evidence seized it's expected that civil proceedings will continue against epstein's est and perhaps the truth of who epstein was will be settled the al-jazeera. bruce fein is a former us associates deputy attorney general he says the people wanted to pursue the case will face considerable challenges i think we have to divide the legal process into criminal and civil as a matter of criminal justice the death terminates all the proceedings and the indictments go away he's not going to be found guilty of anything more but on the
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civil side it's quite different the alleged victims will have an opportunity to make claims in a probate court which will handle his estate and if they can sue they would sue the estate which would have a lawyer to defend and if they are able to obtain judgments that could be collected against whatever assets are in the estate now it is a little more difficult probably in some cases to prove the sexual molestation when you don't have a living defendant it just a one sided statement perhaps of a woman that you know he forced me to have sex but not impossible especially because apparently in many cases mr epstein used an intercessor woman to recruit these young girls and she would be available to testify as well but i think it seems that given the industrial scale of predation that epstein was implicated in that there will be many judgments but of course not all that you can get expect
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that some women will come out of the woodwork for altera motives to try to concoct a claim to get money but i expect those would be the few and the many will actually have judgments. in a few hours' time thousands of palestinians will gather at the al aqsa mosque in occupied east jerusalem for the 1st day of the muslim holiday of aid. at the same time there are reports that jewish settlers plan to storm the compound the whole area is central to the israeli palestinian conflict and there's been a regular flashpoint as both sides lay claim to it jews refer to it as the temple mount the al aqsa compounds western wall is the holiest sites where they can pray for muslims the compound houses the dome of the rock and the al aqsa mosque which represents the 3rd holiest sites in islam jordan holds custodianship of the al aqsa mosque but its role has been challenged repeatedly or and nobody is a city a fellow at the institute for palestine studies he joins us now live via skype from washington d.c. good to have you with us once again put this into context for us why this rise in
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tension why now. well i think there are several issues in the background to be taken into consideration the 1st is trump administration's open embrace of not only israeli policy on jews but of the agenda of the israeli extreme right in the service of course enormous the pull that not only the israeli government but also the more extremist forces in israel society such as the senators that you mentioned that are planning to storm the had a machete the 2nd is the upcoming israeli elections in which the various israeli parties censor rights and the far right are biddy in terms of their willingness to in their view of the quote there are certain questions and express
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and territory demolish the gaza strip. and so on and the 3rd is if you have this confluence of both the at the top. and muscle the british then and in this really sorry or rather they are all jewish holiday puts come at the same time and these years are using this as a pretext to storm the head of the city stream the provocative manner in the in count on having some sort of course israeli state the israeli police and army and so on so it's in that stream it was possible situation that made you say they have the support of these ready police the police though haven't decided yet whether they go to open that the complex to jewish where support worshipers that they're expected to hold a situation assessment after which conditions will be set i mean that can't be helping tension skynet know who you say is of course correct but there is now
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a record of over 50 years. which is that whenever palestinians come under attack by whether those settlers are acting at the instigation of the state or autonomous the state is really military and we spoke to a community in jerusalem almost without you know intervene are either in open support of the settlers or at the very least intervene to suppress the past city and it's and should it come to that this morning i would expect these very governments the a production of whether or not they actually get explicit permission to the 7 years to invade the part of the city do you think there's a serious threat of violence there before the day is out there is a very serious threats of violence 1st of all because of announced
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intentions of the so you're 2nd of all because of the record of this when the government insists its relations and 1st of all it's a policy is quite natural even the authorities thought of this and i've called upon the population to come to the heart of the city of to defend the about the mosque and i think that also there is mention that this is not purely an issue between possibly and most of those that israel jews had a machete is not only has national significance for all our city and irrespective of their religion but is also a poor issue for the entire muslim world so you know the threat of serious unrest is very real again particularly in this broader context of what we've seen the trumpet ministration doing and the announced intentions of the nazi out to proceed with the end trigger an excess of
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what specter it's one. good to see as always. skype from washington was palestinians prepare to gather at a mosque more than $2000000.00 muslims are marking the start of aid of mecca in saudi arabia they're on the 3rd day of the harsh pilgrimage they'll be sacrificing animals as part of aid celebrations later in the day earlier they climbed the sacred hill of mount olive fast before the ritual stoning of the devil john esposito is a professor of religion international affairs this logic studies at georgetown university he says harsh is an important time for healing divisions. the shock divisions that are taking place today along the lines of ethnicity and religion whether it's in the west in europe or a muslim countries with regard to the muslim world i think the messages to it is that it should address the current rivalry and division that increasingly is
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existing between iran and saudi arabia who are for influence because it also feeds then. and exacerbates a division between sunni and shia muslims and a lot of this is connected to what has been going on politically for example the the war in syria and particularly the the war in yemen the saudi see iran as a great influence there and the other side of it is iran sees the saudis as basically you know engaged in in warfare and and and killing both military and innocence and indeed much of the international community has questioned that that kind of bombing so there's a real kind the rivalry in tension within the region which can have a spillover effect muslims in indonesia have been marking the start of a dollhouse with a morning press in today's has the world's most populous muslim nation thousands of
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gathered in the capital to casa on the 1st day of the holiday. south korea has opened the last of 3 hiking trails along the demilitarized zone the government hopes the initiative will promote cooperation with the north it can sides with the launch of several short range missiles by pyongyang kathy lopez reports came out in force but they were going into the 3rd and last hiking trail along the demilitarized zone that separates north and south korea is now open to the public. once marked by fences and land mines along this highly militarize the border public access was restricted for decades until now it's. all a site that has been forbidden to the public is now open for the 1st time i believe this symbol of division will become one of peace. the program is part of an agreement signed in september by the 2 korean leaders that seeks to ease the
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decades long military standoff with the north would say leaders hold summits continuously and now more than ever people aspire to peace hyper unification kemi peacefully. unlike other tourists they give the general public and president access to a demolished guard post in the demilitarized zone or d.m.z. it was set up after a split between the north and south but tensions have remained high since the truce ended the korean war in the 1950 s. but despite efforts to build trust the provocations continue north korea recently launched a string of new short range missiles and rockets an apparent warning against what it calls hostile joint military drills by south korea and the united states. your north korea is one of the most isolated countries in the world for many visitors it's a rare opportunity to get a glimpse into the secretive communist state for the 1st leg of the d.m.z.
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peace trail was opened in april the 2nd in june while this program hopes to bring peace there is still a long. way to go towards normalizing ties between south and north korea caught c.l.o. flu so the young al-jazeera we're going to weather update next. then. gradually it defines protesters in indian administered kashmir say they'll risk their lives for freedom. but look at what's at stake in guatemala some coming presidential runoff. and in sports a 5 star performance from manchester city as they begin the defense of their premier league title. had some very impressive weather calls much of the northeast and eastern regions of
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china in particular with the watching the progress is typhoon kima it will continue to weaken but very very slight still quite a significant storm for the next couple days producing some very heavy amounts of rain also just to the west of shanghai but sunny very unsettled a couple of days ahead with the chances of flooding rains and damaging winds meanwhile for the south hong kong 32 celsius with the rain in the forecast where you for the next couple of days you can see by monday it does carry away from shanghai but the rains a very heavy out towards much of the west that we had for the tools the south those ranges generally being kept away from bourne use the marshes so quite a bit of cloud in the forecast but the rain with that really staying much further to the north as you can see but particularly heavy across towards mamma in fact 12000 people have been displaced because of the floods has been some deadly landslides in the forecast there as well monday is a similar sort of story still more rain in that region and also into indiana here the rain has been particularly heavy those monsoon rains all the way along the western coast and down into carola which is seeing days of rain again we've seen
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floods here 10000 people to move from their homes and there's really no letup in the 4 calls through sunday monday still very unsettled 30 in mumbai. the weather sponsored by catherine. rewind returns with a new scenery. paints on the past about using this documentary by would compel the onion dial into. the heart. rewind the games with faggots in city under siege for think. one. shot fixed on al-jazeera. the most memorable moments with al-jazeera was when i was on air as hosni mubarak fell with the crowds in tahrir square talking.
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to us. if something happens anywhere in the world al-jazeera is in place we're able to cover news like no other news organizations. were able to do it properly. and that is our strength. hello again it's good to have you with us adrian for the going to hear and to how with the news out from of 0 the headlines southern separatists in yemen have agreed to a cease fire in the city of aden saudi led coalition pull for the truce off to separatist forces took control of the presidential palace a military camps the southern port city is the temporary seat for given's its
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nationally recognized government at least 70 people have been killed and dozens injured when a fuel tanker exploded in tanzania it happened in the town of the tiki northwest of the capitol dome up people were trying to collect fuel from the vehicle. and the f.b.i. is opening an investigation into the apparent suicide of u.s. financier jeffrey epstein epstein he was found dead in the jail cell where he'd been held on sex trafficking charges security remains tight in indian administered kashmir although some restrictions have been east to allow people to celebrate the muslim festival of 8. our military forces continue to patrol the streets of the capital. they were deployed before before new delhi revotes the autonomy of the disputed region on monday landline and telephone internet connections still cut off a brief lifting of the lockdown on friday was met almost immediately with protests will out 0 has access to both sides of the line that divides india and pakistan
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shortly we'll have a report from pakistan administered kashmir but 1st i'm just curious 1st jamil has met people on the indian side who live with a constant threat of. a serene and picturesque landscape just a few kilometers from the line of control between india and pakistan administered kashmir but for those living here. their reality is very different. mohammad isaak was hit in the back by a stray bullet 2 months ago it's a risk base by many people here who are caught in the crossfire between indian and pakistani forces but they say they can't leave. we would we go bullets hit here all the time when the situation gets even a little bad bullets start flying but there's no option to leave my elderly parents are here. whatever we have is here live or die here. down the road there are
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more signs of conflict 2 years ago this village was evacuated for months after it was hit by shells but people have returned and built reinforced concrete bunkers going to metres or more underground and kate. the firing escalates again and this time they say they will leave but you've got to. we'll move the elders and the children from here but we'll stay we have the bunkers. and animals because we're dependent on them. many here are forced to choose between life and livelihood this village is only about 3 kilometers from the line of control separating indian and pakistani administered kashmir despite the recent tensions most people here are deciding to stay if cross border firing intensifies but others who left before are scared to risk coming back. about a dozen kilometers from the border this school has been home to some villages for more than 2 years after facing gunfire they're not afraid of
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a little rain but they are scared of going back to their homes. there was so much shooting our homes were destroyed. but there's no water no rations. my kids travel far for school life is hard. distant gunfire breaks the serenity locals know the danger of living here but many say trying to decide whether to leave or stay is like choosing between a rock and a hard place as jimmy el al jazeera indeed administered kashmir. of control in pakistan administered kashmir also living in fear of conflict has been java group ports. these explosions are what can you fear the most. disastrous safety been mortars and artillery shells hit the area. both sides exchanged fire regularly across the line of control that divides india and pakistan. these images were filmed on the pakistani side just days before india revoked partial autonomy
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in a part of me to do overseas civilians and both sides have suffered when tension increases between the 2 militaries one child was killed and others were injured in needham valley in the latest shelling from the indian side. pakistani soldiers to cluster munitions are used and hundreds of unexploded bombs are scattered over an area approximately 10 kilometers wide. but many homes were hit with traffic from artillery rounds. of was a year particular heritage we didn't see anything we just heard the sound of our house was filled with smoke my grandmother called for a vehicle and then they took us to hospital the pakistani military did not allow us to film in the open because it says there is danger from posts like this one on the indian side behind me is a district of wildwood troll the proximity between pakistani and indian administered kashmir and how people are caught up in the violence in another village near to korti crossing there is an uneasy. being close to the front line
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people here are under an ever present threat. they are trying to teach their children to forget the fear from the last time they were hit by mortar shells. that are here we live in danger our children are always scared we don't have the shells to hide in the night we can't sleep every time there are shelling our children's education is affected because they can't get to school for weeks along the line of control like this one have begun to appear villagers here have been telling us that they have built these on self-help bases in case shells begin to drop from the indian side they want indian forces to stop targeting civilians and remind the pakistani government to live up to its promises to provide better security in the. because. they can begin shelling at any time as they have done before all these bunkers were built with our own money and the government gave us nothing despite promises for compensation and funds to build shelters the disputed kashmir region
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is one of the world's most dangerous flashpoints between nuclear armed rivals the ridge on the right is an india and the one on the left is in pakistan it's on to around 2000000 people and multiple un resolution already exist on the issue but the latest crisis has again highlighted 72 years of failure in finding a solution for kashmiris. down to 0 and the line of control pakistan administered kashmir a hong kong swat team has fired tear gas of protesters forcing them to flee after starting a fire outside a police station protesters also stated demonstration of the city's airport to greet arriving tourists more now from bride. the permission for this protest had been refused but with thousands of demonstrators arriving in the town of typo's near the border with mainland china there was no way they were going to be stopped. it's part of the strategy to gain more support for
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the campaign against the government's now dead extradition back i protest as a rang gree that the bill has not been formally withdrawn they say china is trying to gradually erode hong kong street efforts in her a number of stores in the town had closed fearing the same kind of violence that has marred the ends of otherwise peaceful protests but some stayed open to offer free drinks and snacks to the protesters one of the few shops that supports all have been hit with this deal we are open and we are not afraid of our other party trying to arrest them as the march ended several 1000 protesters advanced on the town's police station where they. came out against a cordon of police thousands of protesters had made it this far and built this barricade the police line is just another 100 meters further on there was a standoff everybody was expecting that there would be some sort of clash but then
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word went out amongst the protesters that they were pulling back and just as soon as they arrived here they have now all that away. it's all part of this movement's hit and run tactics designed to have the biggest impact across hong kong splitting up into smaller groups some protesters went to shopping districts others blocked roads and intersections like this one in shot in another town that has seen violence with police. protestors hastily assembled barricades to block the traffic before police arrived to drive them out. of the protest discounter to cause disruption elsewhere as this weekend of civil disobedience trying to. rob a bride al jazeera. at least 22 people have been killed in a 1000000 people forced from their homes by a powerful storm that struck china's east coast typhoon
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a kima made landfall on saturday in the province of. it caused widespread damage landslides and flooding several people are still missing malta the government says that its offer to take in 39 people pulled from the sea by a migrant rescue organization has been rejected malta was willing to take the rescued people but refused entry so 121 others who were already on board the charity's vessel open arms said the decision had caused a serious security problem and created high levels of anxiety among the migrants the european union is appealing for member states to work out a solution. government has opened fire at a mosque in norway injuring at least one person the suspect is now in custody police said that the body of a woman a relative of the suspect was found in a house near the mosque where he's described the gunman as a young white man they say that he entered the elnora islamic center in oslo wearing body armor the shooting happened on saturday the day before the start of
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the. holiday. amasses been held in a mexican border city to all of the victims of the el paso shooting catholic bishop of cedar oras presided over the service praying for the community to remain strong it's been a week now since the attack that killed 22 people and injured dozens more most of the victims were hispanic police say the gunman confessed after surrendering saying that he targeted mexicans thousands of others whalen's of taken part in a rally to protest against u.s. sanctions president nicolas maduro addressed his supporters of the no more trump rallies saying that the country will resist what he calls the racist government of the u.s. president talks were to be held in norway this week with opposition leaders on why dobe move pulled out in protest the u.n. human rights chief says the new sanctions will likely worsen the crisis for millions of ordinary people. there's been major protests against gender based violence in bolivia demonstrations and demonstrators rather say the police are
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failing to prosecute crimes of domestic violence critics say the law to fight gender based violence is not being properly enforced. guatemalans will choose a new president in a runoff election on sunday polls are putting the 4 month 1st lady sandra told us ahead of the center right candidate. who's now on his 4th presidential run john hold reports. hope was in the air at the last quarter mile in elections a groundbreaking united nations backed commission is going off the corrupt politicians the president himself had folded. in the streets thousands marched for change and for a moment it looked like they get it i'm feeling it is fast food for years he hopes you but die young tea corruption commission has been slowly dismantled and both
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both candidates are talking the talk. but i'm going to look like the troops well about. combating the disgusting corruption will be a priority i need the plans to renew the anti corruption commission's mandate sunda told is an island hundreds have other priorities but. she says she'll bring back the social aid that made it popular as 1st lady and sent the army on to the streets to combat gangs he's a conservative who's promised training credit for farmers and 9 faced on crime a multi-year isn't but they're far from popular and both have checkered pasts horrors was accused of illicit funding for her last presidential campaign. was acquitted of it should you dish to killings while head of the prison system whoever wins will take an extra baggage left by outgoing president jimmy morales he signed a deal with the u.s. . that migrants crossing the country mainly from honduras and el salvador would
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have to request asylum in guatemala rather than continuing to the u.s. if the deal is ratified it could mean tens of thousands of new arrivals in a country where already more than half the population lives in poverty. but much has less on it for many reasons like high malnutrition rates inequality and corruption allegations in the health system what a mile in some soap slave the country that shows it can't guarantee those rights to the hundreds of thousands who would ride the the candidates keen on the deal with the u.s. but neither has rejected it outright part of governing guatemala for whoever wins will mean getting along with the power to the north shore home and how does the other environmental campaigners say the pollution from chemical plants in tunisia is devastating the land and the save the country is planning to increase its export of phosphates by some 50 percent the chemicals mainly used in fertilizers david schaper reports now from the coastal city of garbus where this but some of the
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worst pollution. this away says was once considered as a world heritage site by the united nations it borders a bay that was a rich spawning.


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