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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 11, 2019 5:00pm-5:35pm +03

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under the cover of or through the vessel of religion because we've got the hard going on just now in mecca we've got 2000000 people there who do not want to mix religion and politics the reality is what's going on right now in occupied east jerusalem is a heady mix a potentially combustible mix of politics and religion and whether they like it or not those 2 things are very much mixed together right now in real time this in occupied east jerusalem. they are and they're universal you know the american civil rights movement was was really fought and the black churches of the south the african liberation struggle in apartheid was heavily anchored in the churches of south africa religion and politics are 2 sides of a similar human dynamic which tells us that there is a deity that loves us that promises justice a normal do something life of dignity for everybody on equal terms when that is not
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given to people because of oppression as happened with american blacks or south african blacks or palestinians today under israel when you don't have political and civil an economic rights you cannot live a normal human life religion is your last resort and therefore it's natural to see this kind of combination of religion with politics when the normal civic life of a country doesn't work the the point of the palestinian side as you has is what this represents is the pretty total incompetence of the palestinian political leadership i say unfortunately it's a very sad situation but the p.l.o. the palestinian authority under of them as and is totally absent there watching this on t.v. for the most part which is a terrible terrible situation and we've seen this in the last couple of years especially since the trump administration came into power this squeezing squeezing of the palestinians denying them aid denying them construction taking more
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settlements expelling more people putting the squeeze on the palestinians so they ultimately surrender and they won't surrender need like the jewish didn't surrender when they were driven out of the after the destruction of the 1st temple and the 6th century b.c. and they they ultimately came back and created the jewish state the palestinians will not surrender they will keep struggling for a fair and equitable solution that gives israelis and palestinians equal rights in the jason states the. that's the ideal of course and we keep struggling for that and jerusalem and the uk so in particular has now become the sort of the last stand of the palestinians this is where thousands and thousands of postings will converge to pray and they will converge there to show their solidarity to protect their their holy sites their leadership is totally missing the leadership of the palestinians in jerusalem has been now been taken over by the islamic work for institutions and civil society groups that work together including muslim and
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christian groups and jerusalem and palestine that work together regularly so this is a real difficult moment for palestine to have this kind of pressure by israel supported by the american government with the rest of the world just sitting here watching it on t.v. so they're going to take care of themselves and they're going to try to do it in any possible way preferably peacefully but we're going to see these struggles continue until there is a political solution that's fair to both sides ok mccorry many thanks. plus most come for you here on al-jazeera including. defying a crackdown on protests russia's capital sees the biggest opposition rally it's seen in years.
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hello get welcome back to your international weather forecast well it has been quite stormy here across parts of the u.k. and we have seen a lot of problems in terms of rail transportation as well as on the highways but i want to show you this photo that has come in from cornwall on the waves caused by the storms look how big they are right there a lot of storm surge with these waves lot of beach erosion as well going along going on along those coastal areas now the winds are going to be dying down slightly over the next day or so but that airflow pressure is moving up here toward scandinavia and the big problem is the winds are going to continue across parts of the benelux region as well as into denmark as we go through the rest of day today as well as into tomorrow though the other big problem we're going to be having is severe weather down here across much of the south anywhere south of this cold front that is where we do expect to see some storms brewing today causing some hail causing some thunderstorms and also some heavy rain and possibly flooding across
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much of the area including parts of northern italy as well so on sunday going into monday a lot of those storms begin to dissipate we're going to be seeing the a winds continue up here towards the north but the rain is going to be a big problem look at this doric temptress dropping pew down to about 19 degrees but for rome it is going to be a sunny day at 36 and for athens more sun in your forecast with a temperature of 32. the weather sponsored by countdown and. scola and lawyer. and politician. radical. and prisoner in a 2 part series al-jazeera world tells the story of one of the most enigmatic figures in sudan's history. whose influence is still felt in events in the country today sit down i'll to robbie's life and politics on al-jazeera.
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welcome back you're watching al-jazeera a reminder of the main news so far israeli police have moved into the al aqsa mosque compound after a standoff with palestinians at one of its gates earlier thousands of palestinians gathered at the site of the 1st day of the muslim festival of. there been more protest in hong kong in a weekend of demonstrations which saw the police firing tear gas most of the rallies are not authorized by the police the city is now entering its 9th week of demonstrations protests and unrest activists have also been protesting at the airport the international airport to make arriving tourists aware of the campaign mcbride is live for us in hong kong so rob neither side backing down here another
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sunday it feels like it's the new normal. absolutely it does feel yes very very normal very usual to be out on a sunday afternoon in the streets of course as you mentioned there peter this is a completely illegal demonstration this does not have permission from the police as you know you are allowed to express your opinion if we have free speech here you can go out and stage a march but it has to get an authorization from the police in order to do that police normally give that authorization but because so many of these demonstrations tend to end with a minority getting involved in clashes with police police variably now it will not give them the permission but still thousands of people are going ahead with this particular march now i'll just tell you where we are because we are over in the cow loon district of hong kong this march began a good kilometer or 2 kilometers down that way in a place called sham choice and they were made to march down to this area and around
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this intersection here as there are no police here it is the marshals that you see going along who basically have taken over the job of the police they are controlling the traffic there are no police around to be seen but everybody is behaving themselves like quite capable of acting responsibly and thus far at least we have also people handing out water to people as they go along because this is another blisteringly hot day now that much was meant to have come to an end. because there are literally so many thousands of people do you reckon that by the end of this march we know you will be talking again about the 10s of thousands of people and at the moment we're not quite sure exactly where they're going on that probably hasn't i guess a lot of these people themselves don't quite know just at the moment where they're going peter ok rob many thanks. separatists in southern yemen have agreed to
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a ceasefire called by saudi arabia in aden that in 4 days of fighting in the city of separatists captured bases belonging to the presidential guard saudi forces withdrew from the area shortly after being called in to protect the presidential palace the violence has exposed an apparent rift in the saudi u.a.e. military alliance fighting the who sees meanwhile saudi arabia says the coalition has come to the defense of the government by attacking targets as opposing a threat lower burden man who explains. the battles of braced for 4 days in yemen 2nd 38 and since the rebels took over the capital sanaa in 2015. 18 has been the seat of the country's internationally recognized government now key areas including the president to palace have fallen to southern separatists analysts say their goal is to win back the independence the south lost in the 2 yemen sea knighted in 1990 this is what they have been fighting for since
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2007. that's about. more than 10 years now. since they have been demanding their separation. and their. chance at the moment to now. is there and i think also the their regional and national and international circumstances will be in. their favor of this is what is highly likely to happen the separation this flag represented south yemen when it was independent between 1967 until 998 a group doctors without borders is calling the city a battlefield. after dozens of their soldiers were killed in a hoot the attack on aug 1st suddens. separatists accuse the internationally recognized and saudi backed president of failing to protect them and called for the
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government to be overthrown. many people have fled 8 and others are trapped in their homes including this aid worker we hear the sounds of mortar shells from time to time without knowing the source or the target to be hit some houses in the city are directly hit or fire fragments entered the houses or the cars for example a group of men sitting in a cafe yesterday were hit by a mortar shell the battling side who once part of a saudi led coalition they've been fighting hooty rebels in northern and western yeven for more than 4 years the latest violence threatens to open a new front in the 5 year war which is killed tens of thousands of people. about a manly al-jazeera. the u.n. secretary general and condemned the car bomb attack that killed 3 u.n. employees in libya explosion in the eastern city of benghazi happened moments
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before a u.n. convoy passed through that area the u.n. security council met to discuss the attack and the latest developments in libya i join others in condemning in the strongest terms today's attack on the u.n. convoy in benghazi we send our deepest sympathy to the families of the victims the u.n. exists to help and protect people and attack against its representatives is an attack on the international community at large and we salute the work the un's millis doing in libya at the same time assistant secretary general said scores of libyans have also been injured safely the libyan representative can convey my country's condolences and sympathies to his country and to his people well u.n. peacekeepers of also respond or not stop their work in libya. it serves to highlight the continued danger of terrorism across the country and the limits of
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effective security control in the absence of one government and one military and police force walking across the country it also comes later the board of those still it is is creating a vacuum easily exploited by harvey called elements that strive on cowles and violence the united nation doesn't in turn to either create only via for the foreseeable future i would place the remains early longside the libyan people well earlier the libyan warlord only for half told us that his forces will observe a cease fire during the ied holidays starting from saturday the internationally recognized government in tripoli has already agreed to a un request for a truce have to us forces launched an offensive to take tripoli in april.
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security remains tight in indian administered kashmir although some restrictions have been needs to allow people to celebrate the holiday paramilitary forces continue to patrol the streets of sri lanka they were deployed before the indian government revoked your ptolemy of the disputed region on monday telephone and internet connections are still caught a brief lifting of the lockdown on friday was met almost immediately with protests a gunman opened fire in a mosque in norway injuring at least one person the suspect is now in custody earlier the police said the body of a female relative of the suspect was found in a home near the mosque in oslo more than 50000 opposition protesters are rallied in the russian capital moscow it was the biggest demonstration of its kind in years they were protesting against the exclusion of some candidates from next month's local elections more than 200 people were arrested step vasant was there.
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this huge turnout shows that the government's crackdown is not working despite massive arrest in the past weeks more people have gathered to demand an end to police violence and asked those detained to be released what started as a local election protest has turned now into a broader movement and curators childer term kurd for. the fish is no government against its own people alexander salafi of is the only opposition candidate who tried to run in the moscow election who is not in detention at least not at the moment before the rally we could only meet him at a public square because he's avoiding arrest by not going home he had been detained for 8 days after the previous protest over the authoritarian regimes so while it's just because of their actions like this because they do everything vice versa they suppress a crackdown and they try to stop the spread of information they stop they try to stop something inevitable something that you cannot stop
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a big victory to stop time to trade so progress did attention of opposition leaders like ilyushin and alexina found me had not deter people from taking to the streets at the authorised rally protestors were urged to take part in a not or an authorized rally and that's when police started to detain people and again part of the center of moscow is under lockdown people are being detained for peacefully marching here to the city center it wasn't an authorized protest people are being brought in one by one dragged over the floor detained sometimes with quite a lot of force with love in screaming and resisting that and they're all being brought into the fight while vladimir putin is celebrating his 20 years in power analysts say more russians when their point is to be heard that the citizens are demonstrating something brand new and you wear. interact during this protests and importantly their persistency it's not valued enough but for
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a political process like this it's the key factor so far the authorities have not backed down although less people were detained then during previous weeks but with tens of thousands on the street and more protests expected pressure will only grow step fast and al-jazeera moscow a migrant rescue organization open arms is turned off it's taken 39 people rescued from the sea on saturday country had refused entry 221 of those on the charity ship open arms as that decision allowing people on board i'm also should have taken all of them or not the european union is appealing for member states to work out a solution. over 20000 people who rallied in the remaining capital book arrest calling on the government to step down they said the administration is weak and corrupt and they're also angry over the murders of 2 teenage girls critics of the police fail to react on one of the victims group each of the phoned to report her own kidnapping. a mass has been held in
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a mexican border city to all of the victims of the shooting last week in el paso the catholic bishop of see what has presided over the service has been a week since the attack that killed 22 people there and injured dozens more most of the victims were hispanic. in bolivia people have been staging protests against violence aimed specifically at women demonstrators in the past so the police of failing to prosecute crimes of domestic violence critics say the law to fight such abuse isn't being properly enforced. more news from them he wanted on our website 0 dot com the headlines next. updating your top stories for you just joining us there's an israeli police moving into the al aqsa mosque compound after a standoff with palestinians at one of its gates earlier thousands of palestinians
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gathered at the site for the 1st day of the muslim holiday of the very force it is an occupied east jerusalem. it certainly seems that there was an attempt to not do well in jail so it was an worshippers from the site but we did get reports of people once leaving at least at one site were being allowed back in so potentially they were trying to decrease the number of palestinians ahead of this decision that got through the allowing jewish activists and and therefore make it easy for them but it does seem that there is a significant number are still people who have heeded the call from the islamic walk to stay there separatists in southern yemen have agreed to a cease fire in the city of aden the saudi coalition called for the truce after separatist forces took control of the presidential palace and military council the southern port city is the temporary seat for yemen's internationally recognized government. the u.n. secretary general antonio good to others as condemned
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a car bomb attack that killed 3 u.n. employees in libya the explosion in the eastern city of benghazi happened moments before a u.n. convoy passed through the area the u.n. security council has met to discuss that attack and the latest developments in libya. well earlier the libyan warlord holly for half the said his forces would observe a ceasefire during the ied holiday starting from saturday the internationally recognized government in tripoli has already agreed to a un request for a truce his forces launched an offensive to take the capital city tripoli last april security remains tight in indian administered kashmir although some restrictions have been eased to allow people to celebrate the muslim holiday of the paramilitary forces continue to patrol the streets of the capital stronger they were deployed before new delhi revoked the autonomy of the disputed region on monday telephone and internet connections are still caught a brief lifting of the lockdown on friday was minutes almost immediately with
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several protests those are your headlines the news continues after talk to al-jazeera more news on this channel in 30 minutes i'll see you then. al jazeera says sweat every you. see. the turmoil of post soviet russia in the ninety's saw a handful of business people grow rich. while the country itself group poor. and the world stage a once proud nation was humiliated. into the mix of chaotic capitalism and wild west opportunity step to young stanford business graduate ready to make his fortune
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. bill browder built the largest foreign investment fund in russia revelling in deals that saw his investments increased 10 fold overnight emboldened by his own success browder began to speak out about a culture of corporate corruption. soon forwarding file of russia's new president but to me of. the 2005 browder was expelled from the country and declared a threat to national security his home intelligent vestment fund was raided and he says a complex fraud conducted by russian officials resulted in the theft of some $230000000.00 it was a scheme uncovered by broder's lawyer surrogate magnet ski whose later death in prison apparently the result of torture gave brown to a thirst for revenge and justice purpose the putin's regime has been to commit terrible crimes in 2012 the united states congress passed the back need skill act
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aimed at freezing the assets of those suspected of financial crimes and human rights abuses and magnitsky style provisions are being adopted by the european union so russia is a country where a 1000 individuals have stolen all the money bill browder multimillionaire investor turned anti putin activist talks to al-jazeera. bill bratton thank you for talking to al-jazeera you've been on record describing yourself as flooded near putin's public enemy number one is that something that scares you or do you wear it as a badge of honor well i would say both i mean of course when vladimir putin wants to go after you he's got resources and he's not constrained in ways that others aren't so i live a very precarious life which may end very suddenly and tragically however the
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reason that i'm in this position is that. vladimir putin and his regime killed my lawyer sergei magnitsky from covering a massive putin connected corruption scheme and they killed him in a in a horribly sadistic way at the age of 37 and i've been going after them. ever since they killed him and we've created a law in the name of sergei magnitsky in the united states in the u.k. in canada in the stony a laugh we're lithuania and many other countries and there's a lot putin hate so much and that's the reason why he hates me and the fact that this law is causing him so much grief is something which which shows that we've got him back and that's what you with with pride you've been convicted in russia in a censure on 2 counts accused of tax fraud arrested very publicly in madrid last year accused among other things of killing mr magnitsky yourself. and then we come
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to this meeting in helsinki between trump donald trump the u.s. president and mr putin last year when putin said we'll give you the 12 indicted military intelligence officers indicted by a special counsel robert mueller but what we want in return is you bill browder how did that make you feel well again i was i was actually in america at the time and it and donald trump's reaction to that was i think it's a brilliant idea so i of course i couldn't feel anything other than. a little uncomfortable but 2 things that made me feel 1st was that in america donald trump doesn't have his own personal rendition squad this has to go through the department of justice and the courts and the united states the rule of law wouldn't have handed me over to the russians whatever donald trump reaction was but again the fact that i'm living rent free in putin's head shows just how how effective
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the magnitsky act has been that i would be the one thing he brings up at the summit and so from my perspective it only emboldened me to carry on and to push harder to get other countries do magnitsky and it was an extraordinary example was it of the state of modern politics and geopolitics his vladimir putin russian president all he's done in the last few years in ukraine and over the decried by obama in the obama administration donald trump willing to embrace them and willing to trade you . for secrets extraordinary well it was extraordinary what he was willing to do but it was also very comforting to see how the system rallied around to protect me and and the next day he didn't walk back his his agreement to this thing the next day after that he didn't. but then the senate of the u.s. senate then had a vote what would it be a good thing or a bad thing to hand me over and along with i should point out 11 others and and
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they voted 98 to 0 not to hand me over which shows that that whatever donald trump is thinking that's not a consensus opinion among his people or in america generally you're involved at the moment exclusively understand following the money trail what happened to the missing millions from your fund in russia. in the process of that you know many people wonder what the basis of this relationship and trump and putin it is about money is it about favors have you in your following the trail discovered any secrets there well everybody asked me that because so for 9 years we've been looking to who got the $230000000.00 of tax money that we paid that surrogate magnitsky discovered was stolen and went back to various corrupt officials we've we've traced that for 9 years and we found all the money and through law enforcement investigations the private investigations the whistleblowers and so far
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there has not been any money they went to donald trump having said that there's a lot of money that went to vladimir putin ok will leaving the money to one side i mean you theater in the inquiry in another respect in that in a secret meeting that took place in trump tower in mid 2016 campaign time between trump officials and a senior russian lawyer. the key subject matter was you indeed has mr miller contacted you about that well i can't really talk about what mr miller has contacted me about or not but what i can. see is that in on june 9th 2016 natalia vessel it's guy on a russian lawyer the lawyer involved in that meeting the lawyer involved that meeting who went to trump tower along with a couple of other russians and sat down with donald trump jr jerde coo sure and paul man of fort and this is this is now before donald trump just after he was nominated before he was elected president and they said. if your father talking to
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donald trump jr donald trump is elected president can you repeal the magnitsky act and could you indict bill browder and. she wasn't there just as a private citizen and she was there effectively on behalf of lattimer putin in the russian government and it's remarkable from him from almost every different standpoint that that the russian government would send an emissary to talk about me in the magnitsky act is remarkable that donald trump jr. his son his son in law and his campaign manager would meet with his russian to talk so is it possible do you think in the end that if collusion is proven that it may turn out that bill browder in the magnitsky magnitsky act with powerful motivators well we know for sure that the russians were there because of the me and the magnitsky act and we know for sure that they supported donald trump because they thought he would be more favorable about these issues than hillary clinton and we know for sure that they
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were willing to do things in order to make that happen what we don't know is whether the done it with whether donald trump personally agreed to that and colluded all we know is what the russians intention was we don't know what donald trump's response was going back to the money trail. the basis of the act of course passed by barack obama or under the administration of 2012 how successful in practical terms has it be in the last 6 years in terms of strangling the funds of the oligarchs in terms of cooling human rights abuses to account well so extremely successful it's been a dramatic and sort of tectonic success and what why has it been so successful because because of the nature of russia so russia is a country where a 1000 individuals have stolen all the money from the country literally a $1000.00 individuals have stolen a trillion dollars over
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a 20 year period so you've stolen all this money and so that the other 145000000 russians are in destitute poverty there's a 1000 individuals and so. historically when you do sanctions you sanction a country and it's all very blunt in the average person it starves them and the elite they fly in their champagne and caviar in private jets but instead what the magnitsky act does and the successor sanctions rules have done which have all been copies of the magnitsky act is go after those 1000 people and there's no if they're ready to kill for money there's nothing more painful for them to have their money frozen and it's and even if you haven't frozen their money just the the idea that their money could be frozen it is like a sort of sword of damocles hanging over their head and and and that's why putin is hates the magnitsky act so much is because he's a kleptocrat 1st and foremost i believe he's worth $200000000000.00 i believe that he keeps that money in the name of other people offshore and and if that money is
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put at risk of being frozen and some of it has been frozen that touches him. more than anything else that more than anything else the actors also had its powers expanded it's not just focused on russia. used recently against 17 saudis believed responsible for the death of jamal khashoggi was that a victory for you to find that the act was now being broadened so that after manusky act was passed in 2012 budget senator john mccain and senator ben cardin they looked at putin's reaction which was hysteria here that he literally lost his cool and they said we're on to something big here. and there's no reason why a chinese will in saudi villain or a venezuelan villain should be able to get a better deal than the russian villains and so they they created the global
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magnitsky act which passed unanimously in 2016 which goes after bad guys everywhere and and the united states government has been rolling it out. quietly and steadily across all different parts of the world and when jamal khashoggi was was brutally murdered i saw this and i thought this is like the textbook case for the magnitsky act he was a truth teller he was exposing corruption in his regime in the regime that he came for in the saudi regime and then they lured him to the saudi consulate in istanbul and extrajudicial e murdered him in the most gruesome reflect way if there was no this was this was the textbook case for them and for the global magnitsky act and then they used it they used it on 17 saudis and they didn't use it on mohamed bin solomon and i and i along with many members of congress think that that's that's really bad and expanded as well in recent months into the european union what what what do you
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foresee for its its use in the e.u. can you see it for instance begin to influence what appears to be the fairly insidious and creeping russian influence in european political affairs i'm thinking of russian money allegedly used to prop up the. populist government in italy also suggestions of russian money being involved in breaks it. tell me about the european angle well so your key united states is the most powerful country in the world but if you have the united states doing saying sions and europe not then then these guys are all going to the south of france and buying villas in the hotel in front of the hotel do koppen in marbella in sardinia and so the so you're a pastor has to conform with the rest of the world in order for this to be an effective policy and europe up until now hasn't now in december we had a breakthrough in europe where they were finally after 9 years of my campaigning
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they finally agreed. in principle to do it but it principle and having a law there's a lot of dots to.


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