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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 12, 2019 2:00pm-2:34pm +03

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this editor of an english daily says she hasn't been able to reach a journalist in the valley since monday she's filed a petition in india's top court to ask the government to lift restrictions on the media we don't know all the truth we are seeing a lot of different reports and there are very strikingly different words coming out which one is. it's very difficult to say with certainty the government says the restrictions are temporary and are aimed at ensuring law and order in the region but the editors guild of india say it's concerned that they're making it difficult to report accurately from the region and people here say that that vacuum is being filled by mr porting and what they call fake news on the internet fact checkers of the quaint and indeed online news websites say they have found 13 instances of fake news flooding the internet in recent days says there is no communication we don't know what's happening so i
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think when you talk about propaganda other thing isn't easy but anybody actually on board decides to just read or whatever they want to read greek news be the kind of me was there do you want people to believe it. back in srinagar or through those finally manages to get want to jack should for his ailing mother but not all he will now have to look elsewhere for another day. as people in india still live under these unprecedented restrictions these are certain times and any word from the indian government priyanka about how much longer these restrictions will remain in place and made. well the indian government has been saying that these restrictions are temporary nature and stand sure law and order in the region we've also heard from the police in the past hour who say that prayers have in fact concluded in several parts of the region and they haven't reported
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quote any untoward incident we also are hearing from the government officials there who say they're going to install 300 telephone booths to facilitate locals to speak to their loved ones and their families and to ensure that the communication lines are open but we have been hearing from journalists on the ground who say they've been a queue is outside the very few telephone booths aim government offices where people queue up from 6 in the morning for several hours and don't even get the chance to speak to their family members so it's really difficult situation for the people there unprecedented times elizabeth and there's no word yet on when these measures will be lifted priyanka thank you very much for that for now that's priyanka gupta with the latest live in the indian capital thank you still ahead on the bulletin a high risk rescue in china the efforts to save people from severe flooding plus.
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stephanie attack at the fruit around the hotel why be here watch a lot of animals cost $25.00 a. head of this and fairly brisk winds pushing through much of iraq on a tools q.h. is national wind again which is that picks up a pace now the same time we have got winds but we've got more rain in the forecast the croce across much of pakistan those monsoon rains that back in the fore call some heavy thunderstorms that. times meanwhile temperatures very hot indeed in baghdad up to 48 celsius on juice day and although of course that is typically hope this time of year that is about 5 degrees above the average for this time of year now those winds will work their way further south across into areas of saudi arabia on into cattle but at the same time we have seen some showers but in particular to
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mt not typical for this time of year $34.00 millimeters of rain found in less than 24 hours not a huge amount but a lot for him because that is actually almost half the year the total as i say less than 24 hours the pilgrims' them managing to stay dry under that umbrella is that there's more showers in the forecast into the southwest of yemen as we go through monday it does dry up on cheese day and it stays pretty warm elsewhere $41.00 in doha with that fairly strong breeze as they coming down from the north and we've got a few showers in the 4 calls not just the cape town but also durban in the next couple of days 14 celsius in cape town as that front slides by to 19 on tuesday with those showers. old 0 explores prominent figures of the 20th century and how one influenced the course of history. the giants of the struggle for civil rights.
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over. the meat world. and more to. race to fix. them there's a problem in doha with the top stories this hour conservative candidate. will be guatemalans next president election officials declared him the went out with a commanding lead of the center left contender and former 1st ladies. president when he's here marquise hopes of reelection in
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a presidential election have been dealt a severe blow official results in the primary election show opposition candidate alberto fernandez and his running mate former president cristina fernandez de kirchner have a strong lead and pakistan's foreign minister has condemned india's decision to revoke the autonomy of ended administered kashmir shah mahmood qureshi has told al-jazeera and that the indian government has a fascist mentality 2 words made. now southern separatists in yemen say they're committed to a cease fire in the city of agent with the saudi led coalition at least 40 people have been killed in 4 days of fighting as the u.a.e. backed forces overran government bases and the presidential palace now the group is pitching itself as a natural partner just saw the arabia hoping to have a great a say in the future and a chapell reports. despite the shards of broken glass and burned out reminders of days of fighting people in aden are speaking of hope that they are finally being
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heard but that. once the ceasefire started last returned to normal police returned security returned and people cars and children started returning to the markets and music the separatist forces who represent us agreed to the cease fire that was proposed by saudi arabia and the coalition forces and i hope that saudi arabia and the coalition can provide justice for the southern citizen. as his presidential palace fell to separatists control. or hadi yemen's internationally recognized leader was in saudi arabia where he spends most of his time as he met with the king how does own officials were publicly casting doubts about who the coalition is really supporting in yemen and aid through cells a baby the leader of the southern transitional council made his own pitch to the king from a new found position of strength. we are ready to work responsibly
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with the leadership of the arab alliance led by the great sisterly nation saudi arabia in managing this crisis we reiterate our firm position to stand firmly with the arab coalition to fight a rainy an expansion in the region led by saudi arabia we renew our confidence in the kingdom of saudi arabia and declare our readiness to work with them and through them as an ally we have proven to be a strong ally that they can trust to work with on the ground for the last 5 years unlike others who are full of empty talk. without calling for complete secession beatty's comments made a late fears of more internet seen fighting between members of the coalition i don't think we are seeing a proxy war between the 2 allies simply different priorities and i think in the end neither of saudi arabia nor the emirates are unhappy i think after
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5 years of fighting. they are not going to win the war against the hoti is they're not going to liberate. it has cost them too much already so i think they are making do with simply taking on the south completely. as security returns to aden and its residents go on with their lives it appears the 4 days of violence they experience may have completely changed the lay of the land and given them a greater say in their own future whatever they decide it to be enter chapelle al jazeera. to libya now where rocket fire has engine 3 people near the main airport in the capital tripoli that is despite the declaration of a truce for the muslim holiday of. both the internationally recognized government and warlord khalifa haftar had accepted the ceasefire of a quest from the u.n. . a form of sri lankan defense chief has lost his presidency bit by
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a valid to restore security and stamp out extremism he made the pledge alongside his brother and former president mahinda rajapaksa now philander's has moved from colombo. a new chapter for the rajapaksa. rajapaksa brother of a former president and the next defense secretary now the candidate for the sri lanka party expected later this year. i love my country i'm proud of my country and i have a vision for the future of this country. to give leadership to all kinds and bring peace happiness and prosperity to the motherland. good rajapaksa led the military to victory over the tamil tigers ending 26 years of civil war he was given a free hand by his brother then president mahinda rajapaksa to do so. but
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accusations of human rights abuses and walk rimes league his. many tamils in the north and east are still looking for answers about their missing relatives or those abducted under rajapakse as watch some complain of intimidation and harassment when they tried to speak up sherry in savior who has worked with these communities says his candidacy for president is causing concern he seems terminated of dissent yes so in that context like an aunt people are a bit worried about i mean any kind of dissent cannot be tolerated rajapaksa seems to be aware of such concerns telling the party convention on sunday that the diversity of communities in sri lanka is its strength. it's taken one term for sri lankans who voted rajapaksa president out of office to look at his brother as a potential leader the reason according to one political commentator lies with the
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current government which has not fulfilled people's expectations the premier of that democracy of perry mun have for one month appears careful and a combo democracy be an order made for whatever i get up in the rear possibly fight . back you know a political return to being more up in the feeling of a fight the presidential elections must be hailed by december 8th. those campaigning to go to our bare rajapaksa say he's a terminator and will stamp out corruption and fraud but won't be an authoritarian leader that's something voters will have to decide whether to believe or not when they choose then president. just 0 colomba. and dozens of people have been killed in severe flooding and storms across asia and china typhoon lekima has left at least 36 people dead while monsoon rains and india have killed 160 and displaced
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another 165000 were a challenge reports. china has already seen 9 typhoon so far in 2019 but according to news agencies typhoon lekima is the strongest in years in hangzhou city jan province rivers became raging destructive torrents rescuers engine young county made high risk efforts to save people from being swept away one was nearly swept away to. a 1000000 people have been moved from their homes. the storm is weakening after making landfall but it's now headed to shanghai china's biggest city devastating weather has lashed other parts of asia to this is karate and pakistan some people directing their anger at the government but. i don't mind we're trapped because of the rainwater that collected outside it's even entered our homes the authorities on
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bothered at election time they come to our doorstep asking for a vote but now they're nowhere to be found. we haven't had any electricity in the last 48 hours rain water has collected and in some areas it's too much we can't cook the government doesn't care if people suffer or die. among the dead in the monsoon rains for 7 who were electrocuted and 3 killed by a roof collapse. there were dozens of deaths in the indian states of carola in karnataka as well if. people could only watch as houses were destroyed by the water along with the many people pulled alive from the floods were those it was too late to save the 10s of thousands moved to relief camps can only wait before it's safe to return and find out what's left of their homes or talents how does their. now it's one of the world's most endangered species bought
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a mountain gorillas of central africa making a slow but fragile return from the brink of extinction since 2010 the population has increased by a quarter to just over 1000 stephanie decker reports from the in the mountains and along to what is later conservation efforts what you didn't get to the back were at the foot of the very good mountains and getting a briefing on how to behave around the mountain gorilla that's what everyone here has come to see and they've paid $1500.00 each to spend one hour with the great apes in their habitat and you excited i am beyond excited this is. international treasure that is being protected in rwanda and i'm so lucky to be able to experience it i can't wait and the cost is they put the concept where you think about it i think i think that's fair it limits access certainly to people who can
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afford it but i think by talking about what the guerrillas are providing for the communities that makes a lot of sense. this hike is not for the faint of heart it's beautiful but challenging terrain we trekked uphill for over an hour. our guide augustan shows us how gorillas get their water. and keep the energy high. and then. right in front of us a family babies mothers and the impressive great big family man the silverback the young ones are curious we have to move back not to get too close. others seem almost bored by our presents. then a display of power that. we walk around to get another view
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it's incredible. to be spelt right there by street watching us watch these great apes face extinction just a couple of decades ago and their surprise could use the top price increase. before we know it the hour is up and it's time to track back down so. thanks so. much for. rwanda's tourism policy we're told is one of low volume high value visitor numbers are restricted and the prices high translates to $25.00 per minute for the hours spent with the gorillas tourist actually who come to see the girl as i understand why we've done that understand that it's all about conservation for the species and you can even see it in the in the in the last recent systems that we did our
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strategy as i said prevent to be the right way to do this we've seen a 26 percent increase in the number of individuals who are in the us so it's working both on the conservation side and on the tourism side it's a fragile success story critically endangered for years and now their status has been adjusted to endangered the latest census shows or just over a 1000 gorillas spanning rwanda uganda and the democratic republic of congo from just around 200 a few decades ago but that still doesn't seem a large number when you think that it's the whole world's entire population of these incredible animals. stephanie decker al-jazeera in the video of rwanda. alone again is a problem in doha with the headlines on al-jazeera a conservative candidate
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a 100 g.m.'s he will be guatemala's next president election officials declared him the when a after early results gave him a commanding lead of the center left contender and former 1st lady standing tall is argentine president marquise hopes of election and a tie this presidential election have been dealt a severe blow on official results and the primary election show opposition candidate alberto fernandez and has running mate former president cristina fernandez de kirchner have a strong lead pakistan's foreign minister has attacked and the is government for revoking the autonomy of indian administered kashmir aid accusing it of having a fascist mentality the minister has just returned from beijing and says china fully supports pakistan's position over the disputed region to d. in india you have a regime which has the actual mentality that approach that they have is out as has been guilty of this is the political wing of the united states.
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that is great concern to pakistan innocent people being attacked killed raped me and through the pellet guns using eyesight you have seen this curfew. is a communication blackout. journalism not being allowed in. the new york food are not. leader of yemen southern separators says they're committed to a cease fire in the port city of aden and they're willing to work with the saudi led coalition the u.a.e. backed forces overran government bases and the presidential palace after 4 days of fighting now the group is pitching itself as a natural partner to saudi arabia and to have a greater say in the future well those are the headlines on al-jazeera one o one east is coming up next thank you for watching. talk to al jazeera.
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what guarantees ready would you give to the people will be attending the minimal workshop we listen i'm supposed to explain apologize for someone who is also terrorizing me we meet with global newsmakers and talk about the stories that matter just 0 the latest news as it breaks. with details coverage no one is willing to return home to me on my own without sort of friendship papers and security guarantees from around the world the talent is facing the new prime minister and negotiate a new threats that face a deal the e.u. says cannot mean it. has a big problem. one in 5 children is it's ok to say
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beyond my notes here we are actually here you should have known. as the obesity crisis grants summer resorts to drastic solutions from. the mark. to radical surgery. on it you will be gentle you can assure you can be gentleness up to machines and even. one o one days do best to gates is china that he's the boss. was. at a traditional restaurant in the southeastern city of shoots a. 15 year old do sure he's having a last supper of sorts he's been over white since he was 6 and in the moment his father be dropping more to a special feature. it's canned fruit being sent to keep it being easier is awfully
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lucky another doesn't want any sheets so one is a medium if. you know what you're one there was no one on your mind or elsewhere there's. sure why has a fetus after talks his father nurse that the camp will be a child that cannot goes on and they see how many people this is what she will find adventurous. that's a lot that's. come into their heads hard hugo's you know god he gets you looking at you because you. just. feel this will be his last moments of indulgence sometimes. the next morning. and he spun to make their way to the cab the teenager knows
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exactly what lies ahead this is the 2nd time he has sacrificed his school holidays trying to sweep down all her children yes yes so you're here to associate your song as your jealous side which it should i borrow the whole dollar here when your church driven home what an end to hold our children are. very cool the new religion can only way to. measure all about why there's a b u i j. what. was your heart you hope or are you had towards it on the show as a little show how did you know what it was you know what it was any like. his father has paid more than $5000.00 to help his son lose wice. figure that. they all. you know last.
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year but i'd have thought yeah lived there with her with. her. why is immediately taken for a health check before finishing his goals the trainers must 1st determine his body fat percentage using this state of the sky i'm sure she should have been exceptions or somebody will replace an incurable spindle doesn't it you. should go in and show our kids all of us in the sense of that i thought she was some good looking into it since the lights up. the city are going to get your. lines out what we always hold up. are secure. your these are some good chances are you would be able to show you just that if i'm with you well you don't
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want me don't you want the truth for once it up you know that sense of awe ok so you know not just the smiles maslow is use of trying to get caught all of the neck up. start the trainers here a former soldier. john. boswell. john paul on the ginger heard. joppa all. oh no oh. no these kids ranging from 12 to 16. strike away. after 2 kilometer march they told the rules i'll have to follow you for the next 2 months for women if you. want. to juggle
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with your boys or the mom she was your. job. bought over one. point 30 at school bob or george jones about all. too true. on all. the traditions of. show that just don't remember. trying to say that these kids haven't been told self control. the more you can. put it will find at the end of it to rely on a real drive up to them to what i. imagine you. should free time. during ashura free chalk to stand up before sure. enough you know you will feel you know i thought were from the social good lover i knew we are going to tell
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me. things just on. the 1st day and already one of the students has taken a song and he was cool off the jury in the instruction. series and says yes. so there you see how they're only going to be about. the home buyer hold on hold at that. moment it's going to transfer. you know what i was just shocked. that you may want to go and. jump in as in the short cut to cheat. me and tell you what. you do go fishing thank. you i will tell you. you know i'm.
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going to. the 26 this is just the beginning. of. the next day the students find out the day the schedule they will have to follow a. white cop at 6 in the morning make the bed like in the yard. 3 hours of school before lunch. another 3 hours in the office. to finish more discipline this. could recruit constantly doing something and have no pride. in any mistakes in life with physical assault. nudity she saw
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such as oh how will she. tell. him that was the toughest stuff. that's. fine let's all go ahead and. have had. us no. after a week maybe a losing one but it's not easy. we find in his room. he and the other students have to write about not only their successes but their failures as well. yes you cheers or conquer conquer yale or that mantle you told me and
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wesley shall draw and you only walk. by individual talent all working hard on the elite. the trainers will read out the notes the next day as motivation and do sure why needs it he's already struggling with the intense schedule. we're finally at our. really years a very accommodating jail where you go where you do whatever you like to walk on i'm sorry shoulder when they get the most anticipated moment of the day finally comes that i think yeah the teens are allowed a short moment on their mobile phones. they get one hour a day but only under strict conditions you. don't want to them are also part of the call. them on cell phones they go off
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social media says you. know our. 12 year old. is one of the youngest in the group like most of the participants he's an only child and whites die for the month when he can. show my father the original gonadotropin. she. was more than a little. my mom my mom. your unique god bullshit. and i don't know how cool that you are ya queer oh you're not. evangelism are not. the mob you're not. a mark while. i was in that penned then to watch. my national should teach the one that.
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you. are awesome we. could show you for misha here we are all less than we are. warm washroom have. slowly now syrian regime gone well i hear ya. and that's all we're trying. here i'll. try change our. laws. might be missing. before he can see them again his only option is 0 to follow the orders of the kerchief and lose weight as quickly. as.


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