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tv   The Stream 2019 Ep 129  Al Jazeera  August 13, 2019 10:32pm-11:01pm +03

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testing base in severed venzke northeast us in petersburg at least 5 people died russian doctors who treated people injured in the incident have been taken to moscow for medical examination india's supreme court says the government needs more time to restore order in indian controlled kashmir the court has been hearing a petition against india's move to strip the disputed region of its autonomy and revoke special rights millions of kashmiris have been forced to stay indoors for 9th straight day without working phones television or internet. there's a top stories do stay with us the stream is up next hour more news for you after that thanks for watching.
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well he could be here in the stream today is brazilian development a death sentence for the amazon will look at the push to bring more business interests into once protected areas of the world's largest rain forest as always you can join our discussion via twitter or in our live chat. everyone. from the brazilian club with observatory. amazon deforestation is happening rapidly under president brazilian president on r o according to brazil's national institute for space research the 1st 7 months of 2019 showed a 67 percent surge in d 4 station that's compared to the previous year the far right leader called those figures misleading he's also said that environmental
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protections are what's holding back the country's economy since taking office this year regulations have been scaled back and the green light has been given to logging mining and other development projects environmentalist worry that too much deforestation in the amazon could create irreversible damage to the region's unique biodiversity and worsen the global state of climate change so how will opening up the amazon to business interests impact the world's largest rain forests with us to talk about these issues in salvador brazil. a political ecologist and professor of humanities at the federal university. paolo ard to show an environmental physicist from the university of south from where he joins us his background includes work studying the amazonian ecosystem and how to build sustainable development in the region and in london. a multimedia journalist who covers latin america welcome to the stream everyone i want to start with the view of our audience our community has
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so much to say about this. so this is a tweet we got from grecia who says i have known the amazon forest since i was 7 watching a series it's very saddening that it's going to be cleared for agribusiness and it's fall and flora that i dreamt of seeing by age 30 i'm 27 now are going to be destroyed so mia talk to us about how proportionate this tweet is to what's been going on because of course president took office in january what's happened since then when it comes to the amazon. yeah the amazon before session is not a new phenomenon in brazil but i think what's concerning is the rising rates of the destruction which are almost record high so in july we saw an increase of 300 percent comparing to last year that's the equivalent ag
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a football field actually 3 football fields every minute so that's the rate of destruction were talking right now so what happened when joe wilson are became president and even before during his elections was that he promised to ease regulations. of mining companies and you know operating in gamut of agricultural companies companies operating operating in the rain course he also hinted that he was and he not only he said but he has admitted that he is open to opening up the amazon for exploration so he believes that yemen song is like a very valuable commodity that griz your have not only because all the food is can create mean world water and even oil so what he believes is that brazil be sitting on this wealth and it's not using it and so since he's electoral campaign he's being very focal about pushing for this and sometimes he was actually
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hand at the legal businesses and he said of condemning the illegal before the station it seems like he's just not getting a lot of value to us is happening and what critics say is that these he's just pushing these illegal loggers and miners to continue their activities right so we know you mentioned 3 football fields worth deforestation which is a good one for audience to get a visual of if you know football of course so i want to broaden this out i want to share a map so that when knows what we're talking about here when it comes to scale so take a look at this the amazon is outlined in your. oh it is shared by 9 countries 6700000 square kilometers to india's could fit inside the amazon and 10 percent of the world's known species call it home so philippe when it comes to this section of brazil how does this current government differ from the previous administration
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when it comes to policies that affect the amazon. well to have an idea it's much worse then than well it's actually in the theater i've just been in one community of camp our indigenous people in the amazon and there was this beautiful river that i used to swim that with the kids 4 years ago today there's no river anymore that entire river has been destroyed by illegal gold miners who are also deforest the. so there is good for the forestation for it at the range of but there is also a lot of illegal good mining company to every single indigenous land in them as of this writing river basins it's unbelievable how fast it can be what goes on areas do is not peace is amazon is not open for business is open for planned it's a crime against humanity international audience should be really really ward off
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what is being time what's happening in brazil it's a horrible crime against humanity villa need to display i mean i think that this international attention that brazil has been getting the past few weeks out say after these last day that i think it has showed just how much it bothers as i've also narrows intent and to open yemen's on for business he's a very pro-business president and so are all am of course i agree with felipe that in everyone everything everyone in the scientific. community says the same that presume that amazon has an invaluable. play in our planet it's not only like like you said a species it is if it homes but also it's our economic it's controls our temperature and it slows climate change it also is home to most of the. freshwater we can drink but it's just shells what present with the brazilian government says
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that that if you did have. towards this criticism coming from a from international bodies is that the amazon is brazil's and not the world's research. and the control of the amazon rain is the cover and position you mention i need a community of just how low you are in that community go ahead figures not just gesture not open for business open for predatory b.c.'s you're not a muslim no funds short of a very nice example of that is it possible to develop adama's when you know us you still your way does not ask too much well it only can be implemented quickly so basically it is not the issue to isolate a young muslim person but actually to give you a window for the people who lives in numbers on a sustainable we are full of it because i was one of these critical for to global carbon cycle if you might differ significantly traction from muslim bullshit we can
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aggravate if very significant the greenhouse effect a good an asshole a muslim is critical for you i don't logical cycle for the whole choice critically important to preserve it just wasn't a resume. to do that in a sustainable way yeah and probably if you correct me if i'm wrong but from what i've heard from what i've read and most of the protestation is right now at a total of 17 percent so 70 percent of that whole chunk you saw on the map is another strike and what scientists are calculating is that that point of no return that we've been hearing about is between 20 and 20 percent so it if if this calculation is correct we are very close to seeing a point of no return indiana's on we don't have but i was told i was doing an article about it and i was told that every human being every being in the planet we
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don't have to kill the whole thing. to kill it all you know you've got me here that matters i know it's suffering pressure to form climate change because the climate in numbers are nice changing but all for a lot of sugar equal to or. not that up to a little profit you very very small number of people only really this solution to all. and for the water the book relation so the scientists have come up with a very nice way it is showing that it is possible to go to log a muslim in a sustainable way does not cost too much money we do need to have the political will to do still mainly the issues not scientific you more political than anything else so you said and i didn't go which is what i want to come back in here because i want to share news that broke earlier this month in august the beginning of august this headline was everywhere brazil scientists sacked after deforestation
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row with president we're talking about ricardo galileo he had a government agency that revealed an increase in deforestation in the amazon and that was the space research agency this is what our community thinks of that firing rafael says he was clearly fired because he showed based in facts what is really happening with the amazon forest devastation of the forests increased to 278 percent comparison with the same period of last year but i want to share with you well scenarios words from his own mouth here is what he said in all this when it came to the facts of this report. if these figures were all true the amazon would have been devastated 3 times over during the past 20 years we have to combat zone but if. the figures came from inside from one of our organizations that is the big worry we have i even think that
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studying it more closely we should see that maybe people released this information in bad faith to damage the current government and harm brazils in the us political him philippe what did you make of that firing well that's pure censorship but he's not only censoring science he's also sending a message to the ones who are on the ground in amazon you are allowed to the forest you are allowed to invade initial conditions out you are not allowed to kill you setters and violent explosion that's a message of good bozo not to be sending to the kids support this. never mind the law now isn't it time for you there and piracy it's the reality that you can see in the amazon today it's not for the station fire there is the movement i think women indigenous women today in brazilian marching for defending
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their territories it's a brother censorship from from the administration not only to get out of the oval but everyone who just went to live in their environment being this process as exact as a matter it's trying to push. on that sense i would say i talked with the couple of government workers and as a generally 2nd set that's not where they should be hard to reach someone in the government to have for example a quote and i got to speak to some government workers who are keen on the which is the environmental agency to say so and they relayed was sleep just said that some of them have been indicated not to talk to the media that some of them are not talking to the press because the are worried they will be fired and they also told me that what they feel from the government he's a complete shutdown of communication between these agencies and the government so and also complete these beliefs of the scientific data which was what happened with
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the firing of the god caldwell so also not all and the minister of environment because it's all about denying these data they are saying that they are false and that they are both because they believe still ideology and a belief go will to overthrow the government and so these people are faking the seda according to the president and since he's in the situation to convey a bad image of the president across brazil now even know you have said that means that these data is correct. yeah you know it's important to note that. space agencies use you would if you're not into wouldn't put before the station we have over the last 40 years they can always use to fight on the ground so we had leaders who would leaders not want you to want people to be called fortress problem is that when the. false you wish or whatever amount.
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of informers you roche now so be discreet. so this is really bad. science. philippe you mentioned earlier the protests that are happening right now and i want to share with our audience what those look like because of course we have brazilian indigenous women who are marching all the way to brasilia to protest some of us in our policies and among them are these environmental policies have a look you know some thank you. we will be here shouting women women women s.o.s. our fire is disappearing mother nature is asking for help and nobody's listening we need a shout s.o.s. for the defiant station of our land we need help we need to have visibility do you
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understand we're crying for how did i stop it in football. so philippe paolo here on twitter says brazil under the helm of all scenario has prioritise industry interests by mining and farming on indigenous lands and weakening environmental restrictions the development of the amazon poses a threat to the plethora of indigenous communities that live there talk to us about the specific incidences that have been happening with some of these communities. my 1st thing is i'm going to strike today defending education at the same time that i'm on strike defending dimas and we are all in the strike. as a university in brazil. this is not a result of voting a new environmental licensing bill that he just wasn't to make it any easier for big money companies invading these are serious or this is not business this is another thing the dispute what you want to open in the amazon is
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not new business because we were doing business before because our astronomers are going to right after the beginning of his mandate on the 2nd day of his mandate but also not to try to move the responsibility of the marketing indigenous lens from the ministry of justice to the ministry of agriculture which has exactly the opposite interests of the indigenous communities and these indigenous people are on the forefront of these of these battles if you look at most of the green patches in the amazon they correspond either to natural reserves or to indigenous reserves and it's a very unfair battle as they have been told me telling me as i told the weekly session you know you are comparing these people who feel really know very well to cattle you know you because miners for example that come in and some tractors and go. away off them it's not only just destroying reversed our forests
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mining since the beginning of the year we have seen killings we have seen stonings and i have seen that things they have seen you know schools wanting to just communities on fire and there was a week. ready by. folks about 12 per se but since the beginning of the year he's been saying a lot of a lot of his warnings. can come out and getting to protest as very anti indigenous almost racist calling you just people prehistoric beings like you said on the same press conference you just use a quip from right so you know these people are in fact that they are actually the last frontier of protecting the amazon not only of them and i should add that most agency workers even public servants even bear the part of the government but they are under attack because most of the actions. so mean to me i'm proud of how do i
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want to go to you with this because we just got a comment and that's a little bit of a push back to the conversation we've been having this is luge is from brazil he writes i think it is a it is good for the economy if we do a more careful approach to this for business i think we can be careful and don't give cause deforestation without thinking about the consequences the english is a little bit broken there but you get his point though he says that there is a business case to be made here. is of course there are a lot of very good experienced enough long enough that a lot of the reason we don't just going to do work. for you if you strike a spoonful of the report released repetitive not to go resource just for the profit from very very few. orders so be sure you have fighting under the messiah
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if a good point is to make the economy grow but then you destroy this product it kind of backfires. yeah you know. in many ways we. really. are so basically. short but i'm. very. reluctant to spot this kind of political party development. and. sustainable development for almost do you know i want to share with you all a comment one moment i want to share with you all the comment because you took the time to send it to us and it's interesting for the pale directed to you he comes from amazon watches same as i r 10 deaths but he me he's an indigenous biologist from the kind gang people and a consultant with the group amazon watch and he has this message for the
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international community we than the originals movement of brazil we represent the truth and the future and the government represents a total of us that he present destruction and sent back and he will do everything to force his agenda and attack his opponents he try to diligent the mice all those who disagree he wheat his terrible ridging that does not respect brazilian people and their diversity and the environment wealth of the country so we call for international solidarity to help us spread the misdeeds of this government that he's always trying to create fake news today for it to thank him from he's responsible acts. so philippe he calls for international solidarity will he get it do you think that the rest of the world the international community realizes how important this is. i'm sure you will we're not going to read them as i'm be
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destroyed he was precise the indians are fighting for the future their fight for the future generations when you talk about these most movement in brazil we're not talking about the best we're talking about the future truly speaking the tipping point that we may soon be here is a ready happening the shingle part is so it's a route that by sawyer. plantation it's the force that has been this right where the indians are defending the future of the forest is the future of procedure . is to protect the possibility for future generations to live in this country. and yet we've got this here you're talking about the future and something hopeful but i want to share this tweet from someone who says there is little to nothing that can be done about the amazon climate change is dangerous the rail and deforestation is carelessly an ending we our our own nemesis. do you
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share his sentiment or do you have a little bit more hope because it has been done before that the rates of deforestation have gone down in brazil before ya know i'm not best to mislike at this mess h. because we i'm sure that if the international community to gether with you brazilians we will reverse de strange this has happened as you mention brazil has a very nice story of reducing the forestation from fall from 28000 square kilometers in 2003 only 4000 square kilometers in 2012 right now we've doubled that number to $8000.00 it's going to kill be to the 2018 chill basically this shows is it possible to reverse the deforestation but these need these policies that should be applied on our long term this should. options for the local population and also should be legislation for the big island on it not to destroy my son but instead to develop
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a sustainable development for the regions and many very good experiences showed that this can be done does not cost too much money. it is the promise of the government to develop the amazon in a sustainable way so i think we'll just have to wet in see if that will be applied in the future but i have to say that international community might have a very important role in this i mean we've seen how people have reacted to palm oil to plastic around the world forcing be you know environmental consciousness in the world and there are already products on the shelves that we consume every day crude coconut oil and so many that come from brazil come from sustainable development but i think in the moment that people realize that these products we are consuming come from illegal trade and not fair trade as we have promised i think there's going to be an international reaction to boycott these products and even in sweden you has
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happened in a very small scale that these very small supermarket has banned brazilian could and has created a campaign called got caught because you conclude just the protest that they were receiving products promised us create trade and there were not so i think the international community might have a role in this i think people will react and lot of except this is happening and also our good rock wants to to do is cry and say you are not the only one that thinks that is all the time we have for now but i do want to share this because you're not alone this person on twitter says this is not a concern of only brazilians but of the world amazon is the lungs of the world we should stand and say no to these policies thank you so much for joining us today philippe paolo and leon that's all the time we have but we'll see one line. the eat
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oh. thank. thank. you i know you're in tehran on the top stories on al-jazeera they've been clashes between protesters and police at hong kong's international airport the violence started after an injured man who is being held by protesters was taken away by medics demonstrators say he was an undercover officer in the chinese mainland earlier flights were suspended for a 2nd straight day after thousands of protesters jammed the terminal chanting singing and waving banners are going to have meat has no. we've seen some of the employees come back to their counter some of the stranded passengers trying to figure out when they will be able to catch a flight back home and you still have the pocket of these protesters who are roaming around we've seen them actually clear.


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