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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 15, 2019 8:00am-8:34am +03

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as well as the u.s. china trade war there's a glimmer of the pressure to increase government spending but she says there's no need for a stimulus package at least for now. klaus it is this is the chief eurozone economist feel like or economics explains that or could be because. there's 2 main linkages that there is there is a link that through what we can say export growth has slowed if you look at global data for export that has slowed in the trade war and the uncertainty house. has access abated that another a link is via our confidence you know you have this huge degree of uncertainty which has been weighing on on the global economy for for such a long time and that is starting to feed through to production cuts and slowing investment and that's really what we've seen in the german economy i'd say since the beginning of of since the beginning of the year which and that's come on top
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of of a slowdown in car sales as you mentioned because of some new emissions rules in the e.u. and some some some some changing regulations there so there's a lot of things that is not working out very well for the german economy at the moment. well china says the protest movement in hong kong has reached near terrorism and it's called for the sword of the law to be used to restore order police have once again faced off with protesters foreign take us or abdul hamid reports from hong kong. they had gathered for the festival of the hungry girls when offerings are made and items burned for ancestors but even this ancient chinese ritual couldn't escape the current turmoil a group of protesters burning notes printed with pictures of hong kong chief executive kerry the police chief and several other officials they were near a police station and started beaming laser pointers at the building.
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was ignored warnings to stop and police were soon on the street 1st a show of force police advancing. but the protesters remained defiant. he's out with a new phone call and just to. match the faint than in. me that. came to tear gas. standards like this will happen when you leave the bases in different parts of kong's days and there doesn't seem to be an end in sight actually was each day that passes both sides seem to be more and more entrenched in their position. the confrontation in a neighborhood came as the city's airport was returning to normal after 2 days the disruption that have caused more than $70000000.00 airport authorities were granted
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a partial injunction to prevent protesters from occupying the main terminal again only travelers with valid air tickets could get into the building but some protesters were allowed to continue their sit in in their visit mated area of the. hall and here to part of the anger is directed at police chinese officials have condemned the confrontation that broke out on tuesday night as near terrorist acts . and home called officials have described the protests as extremely radical and violent acts that crossed the line but alice long doesn't agree she has been watching the confrontations unfolding on the streets from her home we are born and we don't want to see portishead teenage. you know just like. i think crazy if they can do something then. something will slow down
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but they didn't listen to people. after a few hours this protest fizzled out but the political turmoil has consumed hong kong and everyone here is expecting more chaos in the days to come but at the company a disease called. more had hailed the al-jazeera news hour including a top trumpet ministration official visits london with encouraging words about a post brics trade deal but will it be so easy. also a solar powered mission to save the world teenage activists get at it and set sail across the atlantic and install a full play in the 1st trophy of the season with after taking it to penalties in the european super cup final. iran's president has again been criticizing the united states for its military
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buildup in the gulf. says foreign forces are needed because gulf states can protect the region american and british warships started joint naval patrols to guard shipping after iranian forces seized a british like oil tanker last month and egypt. all talks about establishing a new coalition in the persian gulf and sea of oman we won't be practical no doubt that it won't help the security of the region there is no need for the presence of foreign forces to provide security. there as a bag has more from to her. well it's the 1st time president rouhani has addressed reports that israel may be participating in this u.s. led naval coalition in the region which the united states says is to guarantee freedom of navigation in the gulf now president rouhani said that the idea that israel will be paid taking part because of security is absurd and that if israel was able to provide security it should do so in its own region you also said that wherever israel has a presence it causes insecurity terrorism and massacre but he also said that iran
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is willing to establish relations with neighboring countries and says that the u.s. goal in the region was to solve discord and newt money he said that coastal countries are fully capable of providing security and stability in the region there's no need for foreign troops now the context for this is that the united states unilaterally pulled that 2015 nuclear deal last year and impose sanctions on iran and in the last few months there have been an increase of tensions with drones shut down tankers mysteriously attacked the united states and its gulf allies then the iran of course iran has denied that but also iran seized a british tanker after the united kingdom seized it raining tanker in gibraltar now this coalition only has 2 countries in it the united kingdom and the united states and that's because european countries are still trying to salvage a 2015 nuclear deal and they feel fear that any presence of troops in the region would jeopardize that deal in fact germany has refused to join it join this coalition because they say everything should be done to avoid escalation. syria's
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state news agency is showing video of what its government forces moving into a strategically important turn in the last rebel help problems of the capture of betty is said to represent a significant advance by the army in the region has been bombarded for the past 4 months by the syrian forces and russia the u.n. says at least 450 civilians have been killed others say and 700. a government was played has crashed province opposition group. says the. jet which took off from an airbase in homs province was shot down by its fighters crushed in a car jacuzzi in a rebel held town that is now being targeted in the russian backed government's offensive it's understood the pilot who objected from the jet has been captured. new details are merging about how a u.s. political fundraiser helped orchestrate a campaign against qatar in washington d.c.
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and it was one of the us president donald trump's top fundraisers brody's accused of illegally running a multi-million dollar advocacy campaign to turn the u.s. against katter the campaign was allegedly funded by the united arab emirates a key date in that investigation according to the new york times is the pivotal white house meeting between president trump his chief of staff and his national security advisor and it broke he reportedly told an associate that he spent most of that meeting talking about the middle east including telling president trump that qatar was part of an axis of evil and we cood his a senior public policy fellow at the american university of beirut he says the campaign was largely unsuccessful but its discovery will have knock on effects. the reality though today if you look at the u.a.e. and you look at qatar n. washington and in the american political elite the countries are doing fine they're not the terrorist supporting wild islamists that the saudis and what ideas have
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tried to paint them as while the iraqis and the saudis are really in a difficult situation in the u.s. with with congressional majority votes to prohibit arms sales to them and things like that because of the killing because of the lobbying they're doing because of the boycott of qatar and other things that they have done so to the bottom line i think is that the iraqis have not achieved anything by dealing with shady characters so it's going to shed more light through serious investigations on what the u.a.e. or the so it is or even the qataris are doing and the united states i don't think the countries have much to worry about as far as we can tell while some of the other countries have more serious issues that they have to deal with that's really the core the polow quality of the people that they've been dealing with that is the biggest telltale sign. of the ineffective nature of these kinds of campaigns
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let's head to europe now where the leader of britain's labor party is calling on other opposition forces to unite with him and topple prime minister boris johnson's conservative government says he'll call a no confidence vote as soon as he believes it will be successful he says he wants to prevent the prime minister from following through with his plan to take britain out of the e.u. on top of the 31st without a divorce agreement meanwhile see the u.s. politicians are weighing in on breaks at times the deadline approaches the u.s. house speaker says they would be no chance of congress passing a trade deal with the u.k. if brics it causes unrest at the border with north and island but supplies these comments appear to contradict the national security advisor john bolton he says a deal could be fast tracked through congress if britain leaves the e.u. obviously small from outside the british parliament. it may be the middle of august and parliament isn't sitting but political intrigue at westminster right through
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the summer has been absolutely full bore because of all the controversy about boris johnson's threat to leave the e.u. with all without a deal at the end of october this enormous game of poker that's going on now between the british governments and the european union several some 20 leading conservative m.p.'s including former ministers senior ministers in sarees amaze governments have now come out with a letter to boris johnson saying they cannot support that plan because they say it would be stone so destabilizing and in terms of effectively suggested in doing that that they would vote against their own party in a confidence vote which now looks very likely to happen when parliament reconvenes at the start of september and that in turn could trigger a general election either immediately before or immediately after if boris johnson has his way brek sits on the 31st of october and in return boris johnson has now taken to facebook to ask and answer questions about what what his plans are he's
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accused that group of 20 conservatives effectively have treachery and of taking the european union side against their own government so while that rift very significant rift inside the conservative party is going on there's another rift across the atlantic as well where of course a trade deal with the u.s. is seen as the absolute prize for brics it says john bolton the american national security advisor came here the other day and met boris johnson said that the u.k. would be 1st in the queue for a trade deal with the u.s. after 31st of october even though as many people pointed out is nothing to do with him because a security advisor and the trade deal would be within the gift of congress well now nancy pelosi the speaker of the house has come out and said what very many people have said here for months and months which is that congress would block that trade deal if no resolution was found to the integrity of the open border between northern ireland and the republic of ireland. because of the story coming out of
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the u.k. and the teenage climate activists great to work on a voyage across the atlantic ocean taking a campaign against global warming to the u.n. in new york the 16 year old is making the 2 week rossing on a 0 emissions yatta company by her father and 2 of the crew so you're going to go has more from plymouth where tim burke began her transatlantic journey. the preparation had been tough but greater to him burke is now undertaking the journey of a lifetime at the soul of an english port of plymouth the racing yacht the mallets year to a professional crew and her father awaiting them all the challenges of the atlantic ocean for at least the next 2 weeks despite all the technology designed to make this a carbon neutral journey there is little luxury and even less previous e this teenager who has become a beacon for so many young climate crisis activists now prepared to brave the
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challenges of the open ocean in the hope that her message will be heard and understood rated trip across the atlantic is expected to take 2 weeks she aims to be in new york for the next month's un climate action summit but the crossing won't be easy organist is peak hurricane season off to new york the book says she'll travel by train and bus to canada and mexico she also plans to attend the annual un climate conference in santiago chile in december and told bird is doing this despite the criticism and the vitriol she has experienced from climate change deniers i'm not concerned about what's reactions what i'm concerned about is whether we we will do something or not whether the people in power will react and act. with the necessary force it's taken the determination of 116 year old
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schoolgirl to spark call for global movement and work has been urging politicians do something more than say the right words but to put it into action as well all over the world message of taking action has resonated with young people like scarlet and francis their worry that the older generations do not understand the crisis the planet is facing. direct democracy they can directly control the composition of the legislature to get that freaks across. to strike from school it was bowed and something we haven't seen before. the parliament. in. 2050 target which is already according to the. the vessel will also be collecting essential data such as measuring the temperature of the ocean to assess how much carbon is being absorbed
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but it is a journey fraught with risk but with the effects of climate change already being felt across the globe it's one this teenager believes is worth making so he diagonal al-jazeera southern england. among the stories also coming up from rags to riches we visit the won't spoil which town that's become a symbol of the venezuelan crisis will also take you to an ancient city that street opening its doors after being freed from myself and in sport heavyweight boxing champion andy rees jr says his title rematch with anthony joshua won't be held in saudi arabia those stories after the break. we've had some severe weather into the upper midwest of the united states
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a fair amount of plow rolling for the reason is that eastern side of the u.s. that will see some very lively storms as we go through thursday so some wet weather anywhere from around new york new jersey right out cross the carolinas down into the panhandle with very unsettled possibility of some localized flooding doesn't get that much better as a go on into friday sickly around the southeastern corner of the north new york should broaden out we'll see a few showers there just up towards new england into that eastern side of kind of the central as a kind of a fair bit of cloud here central parts of the u.s. through the plains looking at some very heavy right just around the prairies that could cause some flooding as well for a dry for the west coast of the u.s. western parts of canada will see some clouds and some writers pushing across the bt . just making its way a little eastwards. and have a care been there but it's right weather a few showers just around the windward islands that go on into friday the shouts
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will skip their way through some more the west sunshine than chappell to chose to what it sees as around the great run 10 days watch out for some very heavy rain across central and southern parts of central america as we head through the next couple of days. from mother to daughter an ancient craft kept alive by a bustling matriarch. from start to finish. all traditions intertwined with new designs making this family's place unique in tunisia has a rich tapestry. the threads are not just 0. i was raised in france. these are my grandparents. these are my parents
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and this is mean. by them both isis and us are. the 1st of a 2 part epic tale of a remarkable family. the father the son and the jihad. one on al-jazeera. the lucky watching al-jazeera news are with me so rob never mind of all top stories pakistani prime minister iran collins says his country has to fight to the end over kashmir if necessary calm speaking during pakistan's independence day and compare the ideology of india's governing be j.p.
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to that of the nazis. also the dow jones has suffered its worst loss of the year on the 4th largest single day drop all right called the index closed $800.00 points or 3 percent lower it was driven by. a global recession. also pleasing to disperse the toe translators protests this time outside the police station offices of tear gas and anti-government demonstrators who'd been shining lasers at the building the protests followed 2 days of destruction at home which is now beginning to return to normal. but millions of people have been affected by the protests just inside hong kong the impacts are being felt in mainland china to especially the city that sits on a whole kohl's border function same school highly reports. the primary gateway from mainland china into hong kong. a constant flow of arrivals and departures many people here are concerned about the protests in hong kong from both sides of the
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border than just the one for hong kong is not safe anymore that's why i'm coming back my family was one of my safety the protests to cost inconvenience to local people i hope it will end soon here in the protest post made inconvenience to local people i hope this would be ended soon this is too bad for the image of hong kong syngenta received a great deal of international attention earlier in the week when state run media aired video of columns of paramilitary vehicles and soldiers pouring into the city there due to hold according to the government a large scale exercise soon their deployment clearly meant to send a message to the protesters the father of china's reform and opening movement 41 years ago. his economic reforms it was also his idea for the one country 2 systems approach that's being heavily tested just across the border in hong kong. the economic impact from the hong kong protest now in their 11 week is being felt
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in chin gen as with elsewhere in mainland china its stock market had seen negative numbers since the protests moved to the hong kong international airport but there was one standout jen airport shares soared. it's the closest major airport to hong kong and during the closures this week some flights were diverted there they continued turmoil in hong kong could make more attractive to airlines and passengers the airport just received approval to expand allowing it to nearly double its yearly passenger numbers to 80000000. so while the view from jan into hong kong remains the same the impact from what's happening across the border is be keenly felt by the people here it's got harder al-jazeera. a canadian government watchdog has ruled that prime minister justin trudeau violated conflict of interest and ethics laws when he tried to pressure the country's former attorney general to cut a deal with a construction firm the watchdog concluded in the lead up to october selection that
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trudeau broke the rules by attempting to convince his attorney general to settle a criminal case against an engineering giant truda must pay a small fine. well facebook has admitted that it paid contractors to transcribe audiotapes sent between users of its messenger service the revelation is raising more questions about the social media giants privacy policies facebook says the contractors were checking whether artificial intelligence software was interpret in the audience messages correctly it stopped doing this a week ago the company added that the audioslave fits with mass so that no user can be identified however transcriptions done by humans prompt concern about the potential of rogue employees or contract is leaking sensitive details tech firms like amazon and apple have also come under fire for collecting all due from devices larry magid is the c.e.o. of connect safely dot org an internet privacy and security organization that provides advice to online firms including facebook and joins me now from los
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angeles good to have you with us on the program again there laurie facebook in hot water again over privacy a subject they've been fined about heavily in the past it's a lesson they don't seem to be learning. well it's true facebook seems to constantly be stepping in these privacy methods and it had one after another after another and that find the mentioned record $5000000000.00 followed other fines and other issues over the year if but this particular situation is one as you mention that plague not just facebook but amazon google and even apple which prides itself on privacy because all of these companies are trying to verify the accuracy of their artificial intelligence speech interpretations and other ai features by comparing what the machine does to how a human might use it so i think their intentions may have been ok in this situation but the fact that contractor if people around the world are listening to what you
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and i might be thinking or in on a facebook message situation if it be unacceptable and i've heard story that some of these contractors that the very personal conversations even intimate that you ation faith and that's just not acceptable so one wonders how facebook is going to get out of this because there is a political dimension to getting out of this difficulty and there's a consumer die mention to the full out but certainly mogs and his executives have to consider well on this particular one they're going to take cover by thing hey it's not just us it's apple it's google it fam have on it cetera but bottom line because of facebook's history of privacy violations they're probably going to have higher consequence than this and others because it's just one more example of way that they flipped up i mean they have actually been fined 5000000000 in the past full these sorts of privacy messes yet facebook for example made as much as 56000000000 in the last financial year so even if they get a small sign it's
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a drop in the ocean what level of all censure is required full face book to really sit up and take notes. i think $5000000000.00 to facebook is like a traffic ticket to most people but no i think the issue here if less about what they are going to do and more about what they got caught doing in the past and we have to acknowledge that what happened here with transcriptions happened before the $5000000000.00 fine with disclosure so they claim that they're really doubling down on privacy that they're retooling the company over privacy if mark zuckerberg is telling the truth then facebook is going to not do this in the future but he said things in the past so i think we have a real good reason to be skeptical yet at the same time he gave a talk to with employee confed i mean at this time we're going to retool the company around privacy let's see how he followed up on that larry do we feel it as
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consumers the why the question is how much more impersonal day to do we give out in part to these sorts of organizations simply we just don't join the site so we reduce our exposure to social media is not a reality that we can accept in the 21st century you know if you'd asked me 6 months ago i would have said no but i'm beginning to feel a backlash i'm beginning to feel people say you know anough enough and i'm not suggesting that people are going to leave facebook or instagram in your oath but i think that people are looking for a friendlier kinder more private more personal way of communicating and i do think there's going to be a change and facebook will go along with it because it's in their business interest they've already said they're going to encrypt messages so i think it's going to be kind of a gradual shift towards a more private level of interaction than companies are going to have to do it or ultimately they are going to suffer well larry it's great to speak to you maybe if we do that right you a letter instead in the future thanks
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a lot. and feel that nobody can really. brilliant flowery take care of well let's move on the state of the americas because argentina's the president maruti america has announced salary increases and tax cuts after voters turned against his all stereotype policies polled 15 points behind center left candidate alberta fernandez in sunday's primary that served as a preview for october's general elections said the package of measures would relieve the pockets of argentinians argentina is in a recession and poverty affects one in 3 people don't. the size of the government's defeat in sunday's primary elections surprised everybody in argentina but it shocked the government of president notice your mockery it's taken them 3 days to respond mostly to the subsequent collapse of the argentine peso was against the dollar on monday which lost up to 30 percent of its value and
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also affected argentine stocks and shares in markets in both wall street and in one of cyrus. dress the nation saying he was story for his brusque reaction on monday blaming the voters for voting what he said was the wrong party and not having faith in his policies he said he hadn't slept and he was still reeling from the size of the defeat on sunday among the measures announced an increase in child benefit in pensions an increase in the minimum wage a freeze on wages for 90 freeze on fuel for 90 days and in general more measures about to be announced in the course of the next few days this for starters to try to calm the markets now watching and waiting to see how those markets respond to the government's response to what was a very convincing defeat in primaries on sunday waiting to see the what happens where they can recover in time for the presidential elections at the end of october . even as well in city where a cyber was once the capital of the country's oil industry but it's become
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a symbol of the economic crisis trees are both possible. and it to the city has become a luxury for most people in northwestern venezuela election this people do not have they say they only have 4 hours of electricity a day. then called store died 4 months ago in the middle of a power cut. my daughter died of a heart attack because of the heat because of all the problems we are facing the government is not doing anything to help us we have no water or electricity my cable was once venezuela's oil hub but now its people. many venezuela are struggling in the middle of an economic crisis mike i was once known as the cold the city in venezuela because of the amount of her conditionings here it has one of the highest temperatures in the country and that's why people are not used to the situation there bringing the sofa as a matter of faith to sleep at night. or has had 2 heart attacks when
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a power is out her daughter says she starts to choke. she starts crying like a child because she cannot breathe all our food is going to waste it's terrible for us a few minutes later power went out experts say electricity problems are the result of lack of maintenance but it's not just electricity the queues to get petrol in this country which sits on the world's largest oil reserves can go on for miles gasoline is almost free many. but a black market exists for those who don't want to queue up this man who does not want his name revealed says it is the only way he has to make a living leopard sort of the more you go or you all of us living off gasoline we get it from government officials who also need to make some extra money because with the salaries we have we cannot survive it's the only way we can buy food these
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everyday calles only adds up to the political tension between the government. and the opposition led by one. and there are war is that an increase in u.s. sanctions could cost the situation to deteriorate even more. i don't think we are going to see political or economic change any time soon the conflict will increase with a radicalization by the government and the opposition justifying economic and oil financial sanctions that are trying to break the government and for these people every day life is already very hard to say may the only life you know i'm showing these burns because it's the only thing many can buy bones they can put it in a soup and get simple. routine. lack of food water and electricity and all have people here are tired and angry and they feel that the government has stopped listening to their piece. years for was a facing the biggest challenge in decades as the trade war with china continues and
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the reports of where the dispute has already cost billions i o. or is known as the tall corn state part of the american rural heartland where agriculture and food production dominate the economy. beans have been exported to china for decades but the trade war is changing all that in july china placed a 25 percent tariff on the crop and stocks piled up prices dropped and i was farmers have been caught in the cross says you know corn and soybeans are 2 major crops that we grow april has just returned from china as part of a soybean growers delegation like many farmers in iowa she's been hit hard we knew someone had been there were china something had to be done you know we don't like how it's going down because at the end of the day agriculture usually always takes it growers woes of been hampered by an unusually wet spring and as china deals with an outbreak of.


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