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tv   Inside Story 2019 Ep 229  Al Jazeera  August 18, 2019 3:32am-4:01am +03

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somewhere else we don't know whether. and another complicating factor is the repudiation by the iranian government of the representation supposedly made to the u.k. that the and its cargo of oil would not go to syria after it reached even if it was released but remain and sam rule 2 wars the iranian government while we have passed them sent our stuff everywhere where. no contact. that might have been premature statement meaning they're accurate as a matter of fact the law. russian opposition activists in moscow staged a string of one man protests call for free elections they also want charges to be dropped against protesters detained at recent ronnie's as large opposition demonstrations are not allowed in russia the activists took turns to hold protest signs to avoid being arrested they have been weekly protests since last month after authorities bodil position candidates are running in september's city elections
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where the communist party has also been rallying supporters in moscow thousands of people attended the authorized protests calling for clear and honest elections step fast and has the latest now on what is certainly going to rope people here in moscow hours ago thinking this is a frequent this is america going to rallies that we're not to see the previous week this is the communist party was the 2nd largest party in russia for your election but there clearly was not supporting the opposition candidates who are far from the same election and this is where all these protests for all these weeks i've been about this sort of thing leading from a spark was waiting for a crisis for the feeling in this moscow elections while the americans. leave the russians there is a clearing in their relaxed. do for 2 years that we interfered with their elections but there's still no evidence and here as we watch that orchestrates in this process this is unacceptable on monday
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a special section of the state to mark council will be how the risk of this. request by the opposition candidates who are far from these elections to have done the story says they have been restored. at least 8 people have died in a fire at a hotel in the ukrainian port city of odessa 10 others were injured in the blaze which broke out early saturday and took dozens of firefighters to extinguish the desert is a popular seaside tourist destination authorities say that around 150 people were evacuated from the area but he's having now opened a criminal investigation into possible health and safety violations. more from london very shortly let's get back to canal now and our thank you mara conservationists estimate 55 african elements elephants i should say are killed for their ivory every day much of it ends up being trafficked through vietnam and campaigners and are calling for tougher action as the illegal trade is discussed at a wildlife protection conference in switzerland more on that from hayward running
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wild and free for now at least while elephants aunt on the verge of extinction more countries could lose their herds altogether destruction of habitat complet with people over land and poaching threaten the elephant down a back street in hanoi the capital of vietnam the floor of a timber plant is strewn with elephant ivory the result of illegal poaching passed from here but traded in vietnam where it's possible to buy pretty much anything using your boat. one man told an undercover investigator from a group campaigning against the illegal wildlife trade how he's able to open his container full of ivory inside a customs compound standing next to officials who are supposed to stop him campaigners say more needs to be done to tackle the traffickers in which is become the global hub for the illegal trade we think there are compelling reasons to use
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these noncompliance proceedings against vietnam so we're calling on all sides parties and world governments this month to begin these noncompliance proceedings against vietnam with a view that if significant progress is non demonstrated or gently that they should be slapped would treat suspensions vietnam is under pressure to reform its practices and has bowed to do more. there have been modest increases in elephant populations in kenya malawi in uganda but losses in tanzania mozambique and the democratic republic of congo complex with people over habitat loss is a problem but so too is poaching that's despite the $989.00 international ban on the trade in ivory there are estimated to be about $400000.00 elephants in sub-saharan africa it's also estimated $55.00 african elephants are killed for
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their ivory every day that's $20000.00 a year. there is a long standing debate about what the ivory stock should be sold or whether that would provide a cuppa but the illegal trade campaigners say wildlife crime is worth noting that more needs to be done before it's too late and the heywood algis there are now fair warning this next story is a bit squeamish in mexico it is becoming increasingly popular to go to a restaurant and maybe order a plate of insects with some welcome only on the side ancient traditions are now being mixed with modern flavors as people try to entice new customers to what is an environmentally friendly cuisine on well. it does but more than report from mexico city here. around the world there is a growing demand for insects as food and why not they're high in protein and have a minimal carbon footprint compared to many other foods but. it's worth considering the positive environmental impact we could generate if we all replaced one meal
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a week within sacks think about it it's a very healthy option. this kitchen in downtown mexico city specializes in edible insects and the restaurant owner. couldn't be more excited about the growing demand for bugs takes from the mosquito they never come off the tree so they have these taste like on the beach the really nice. the recipes italy hundreds restaurant the house of tacos or a combination of ancient indigenous tradition and modern mexican flavors the end results are dishes like and larva grilled and garlic and so long true sauce or fried stink bugs served with a side of the taste is actually quite good but i handle says there is still a long way to go for insects to become a staple food instead of picking up the. grasshoppers the farmers are spending money on the best decides the government is spending money
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on pesticides and it's like they're losing money. and they're missing i mean possible. for most people in central mexico eating bugs is totally normal and vendors seem to always have new recipes to offer but we will. today we tried scorpions worms in an exe they were all very good. around the world the edible insect industry is projected to be worth $1200000000.00 by 2023 mexico hopes to provide an estimated 30 percent of the world's edible bugs. mexico is home to hundreds of species of insects that are both edible and nutritious some of it stranger than others like this scorpion but have a little salt in line. delicious. so whether you want to help fight climate change by eating less meat or you're just curious maybe bugs should be the next item you add to the grocery list but ended up
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in the. mexico city has over to say son is holding a stomach imagine if he had to do that a few takes i think find out ok anyway have fun with your sport now thank you very much kemal attendance mantissa city have missed out on beating tottenham in the english premier league thanks to voss with a game i looked at 2 all in the dying minutes. thought he'd won it for a city with his name strike however the video assisted the referee spotted the handle by america in the build up and the goal was disallowed they ended troll. arsenal have opened their campaign with 2 straight wins for the 1st time in a decade the best friends alexander like i said to n.p.r. america got a goal each as they beat burnley $21.00 at home and we are happy we are we see the point but we know the next week we're going to play out and liverpool and he's a big challenge and also. be better but the difficulty is coming each module and
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we want to be complete if we want to be consistent you know wait on the moment we do doesn't need too much as in the days of the matches there were also wins for everton bournemouth and annoyed at last year's one liverpool have made it to and from today beat southampton 21 that was despite a major blunder by a goalkeeper in the closing minutes of the game and kept the game a little bit open so and then they came up and exert a big chance and that's normal in that moment i think the boys felt the tiredness and that was exactly the moment in management really now we have to go again and so we kept the result i think we deserved to 3 points and i'm completely fine with that. coach a thomas said to her play down speculation that nehemiah is on the brink of leaving the club on their ma in training with his team mates but to confirm the hills missed sunday's league game against it and he did
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not feature in p.s.g. as a last game either in july the french club revealed him are kidding over if they receive an acceptable offer having signed him from barcelona to an a $63000000.00 deal in 2017 france the summer transfer window closes on september 2nd. on sunday there lynn's a new promoted football club f.c. union will play its 1st ever game in the bronx league the team dates back to 966 and has one of the strongest fan bases in the sport but can they hold up in the big leagues dominic kane reports from delhi. as they go through their paces in training these players have one thing on their minds sunday and the bundesliga for. this is a step into the unknown and each player has one goal in sight my personal target. is reached when we succeed as
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a team when we. think for me this is the. absolutely main target if we have a successful season i have a successful season the man who brought them to the big league now sees his task is trying to keep his players' feet on the ground. i think if they take on the challenge i give a good effort and aren't surprised as i've said we concentrate on the game and at the end of the day it's 11 players against 11 players it doesn't matter which leak doesn't matter how many people are in the stadium it's about the game. one thing the team can depend on is its fan base these supporters are considered among the most fervent and most loyal in germany have stuck with their team through the years of communist domination and the lean years since reunification using money raised from donating their own blood to help keep the club afloat and at one point helping to build the stadium with their bare hands they think of themselves as genuine east
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germans unlike what they think of their teams opponents on weekend red bull leipsic a team founded just 10 years ago by austrian owners who've invested large sums and calls to fans of rival sides to call them a plastic club. with no real history. germany's top 3 teams have played here once or twice before in cup games but it's only now that the friends are getting the chance to see their team play. home matches here can have on your own defy logic and fair play. well the 1st test is against read on from the dominant al-jazeera earlier or england are in serious trouble going into the final day of the 2nd ashes test at lord's having a bold australia out for 250 on saturday england's 2nd innings has got off to a terrible start there are 964 for
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a lead by 104 runs cummings and peter siddle getting to a kids each. and on beat an opening stand of 133 looks set to give sri lanka a victory in the 1st test against new zealand in goal for began with black caps resuming their 2nd innings on 195 for 7 some big hitting from the lower orders saw them push the score up to 285 all out search for lanka a difficult victory target of 268 however the sri lankan openers had no problem with the new zealand attack. and both hitting half centuries as the home side ended the day on 133 for no wickets. and that's it for me come out thank you sun up more news coming up with mariam in london just a moment of keeping an eye on what's happening in portland oregon protests between
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the far right groups and anti fascist groups our correspondent is rob reynolds they will be keeping us up to date with what's happening i'm kemal santa maria let's be company you can see. we're talking about i reporters who have decimated populations of elephants in africa they almost always shipped the ivory out of a different country from where it was poached because that's where you start your search looking in the wrong place this radiocarbon dating method can tell us if trade of ivory is legal or not then we have
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a place we can focus law enforcement on take those out and perhaps choke the source of the id from entering the network take note at this time on al-jazeera. newsstand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world. al-jazeera trust is fundamental to all our relationships we trust banks without money talk to us without really personal thought what happens to trust in a world to buy out. as more want to stations and for us by these complex piece of code the question that comes up is inevitable can we trust. the 1st of a 5 part series great question of the neutrality of digital the. trust me i'm an
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algorithm on a job. the energy crisis is now in its 2nd year more than $700000.00 and it's placed and stateless after fleeing military led massacres in me and and they still don't think it's safe to go home follow their plight with special coverage and reports on al-jazeera. thousands of people celebrate the birth of a new sudan after the opposition in the military signed a historic deal for a democratic future. hello i'm maryam namazie in london with al jazeera also coming up a battle over syria's loss rebel stronghold where pro-government forces are accused
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of bombing displacement camps dozens of young migrants on a rescue boat. given permission to be taken ashore after 2 weeks stranded at sea. and escaping extinction the fate of wild life hangs in the balance as 183 countries hold conservation talks in geneva. it began as a protest over the price of bread but now sudan's people a celebrating the birth of a new democratic future after months of violence on rest in which hundreds of people were killed thousands have journeyed from across the country to the capital hard to him to celebrate the signing of a historic accord between the military and the opposition the deal paves the way for a civilian led government following a military coup in april that toppled the dictatorship headed by president tomorrow
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bashir under the agreement a sovereign council of 6 civilians and 5 generals will run sudan for a transitional period until elections are held. and reports now are to. but deal signed today between sudan's ruling military junta and the opposition coalition known as the forces of freedom and change is being hailed as a landmark and the beginning of sudan moving towards a civilian rule but some people in the opposition coalition are not happy the group's known as the sudan's revolutionary front and said that this deal is not complete and does not represent them and that's not include anything about were refugees and the displaced people sudanese communist party one of the biggest opposition parties has also said that this deal is all incomplete and that the revolution should continue and has called on people to continue with protests and till this deal is amended but the opposition coalition and many people on the street seem to believe that this is a new beginning for sudan. going about the right to be higher the result of the
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protest movement was to call for a better life for the people but demanding civilian rule today is the day of the signing of the agreement a star day for sudan and hopefully the agreement will meet all the processes demands that the revolution was based on. them we hope to sit down to move forward so that we can be proud of our country forget about the guns and move towards peace freedom prosperity and unity we also hope to open new job opportunities for our young people but the upcoming transitional government has a lot of challenges people have been demanding justice and accountability especially today when the head of the deputy transitional military council stepped out of the signing whole post signing and people met him with chants demanding justice and accountability there's also the issue of economy people are saying that they want the transitional government that will be formed to improve the economy to improve the infrastructure of the country as well as the health and educational services a lot of things for the transitional government that is going to be lasting for 39
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months and it's not clear if they will be able to achieve that in the 59 months and if there will be a civilian rule handed over from the military in the 1st place. fendi is a former diplomat of the sudanese foreign ministry he says the signing is historic but reforms will happen so lowly. a lot of people expect that next morning when the prime minister sits in his office things are going to change and of course that's not not going to be the case simply also because the demonstrations so from the protests over the last 7 months have all sort of grounded the state about sitting down and. it has been. has been you are even leading eroded more and more. the states capacity to intervene has been reduced so in order to get away i wish you well house in december.
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this will go to the floor and that's that's what the people have protested against . human rights activists have accused syrian government forces and their russian allies of bombing camps for internally displaced people at least 18 people were killed by friday strikes in the town of hassen edler province 6 others died in separate writes on saturday a battle over syria's last rebel stronghold has displaced a 124000 people in the last week and a warning that some viewers may find the pitches in this report from anderson pal disturbing. these people have already fled fighting in syria but tragically it's still caught up with them. in this case at least 18 people were killed in a suspected russian airstrike on a camp for internally displaced syrians. the attack in the town of hasse killed at
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least 6 children their mental bodies pulled from the rubble putting a baby whose umbilical cord still attached to its mother elsewhere in the town of the white helmets volunteer force say another child was killed in a government strike which injured 20 others. this seems are a daily occurrence following the collapse of a cease fire agreements between government troops and rebel factions earlier this month with a broken ceasefire in a so-called deescalation zone southern it live has seen many broken agreements and fierce fighting between rebels and government troops backed by russian airpower. together government forces have made their furthest advances north into it. tens of thousands of syrians have been forced from their homes and have moved towards the turkish border in the last week alone human rights campaigners say the offensive which began in april has claimed more than $900.00 lives a quarter of them children as human rights watch calls on the u.n. to assign blame to those attacking hospitals the un's regional humanitarian
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coordinator for the syria crisis told al-jazeera the situation is only getting worse. on a daily basis for the last $100.00 days as the 1st strikes ground offensive on hospitals and schools and markets on this edition areas creating an absolute total panic and have a look among civilian population we're very concerned we've had more than 100 incidents on schools and health clinics alone and that has the massive displacement in fact there's been more than 500000 displacements that have taken place what is going on at the moment is really a failure of the political will the international political will to implemented really a cease fire or a peaceful solution on the ground that would take into account the fact that there is millions of children women and families caught up in between and that is really what is happening right now including the attack that was on friday the syrian
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opposition coalition is calling on world leaders to stop the bombing in italy and what they call the systematic displacement of people living there but no one has come up with a formula for a solution and i'll just hear. i'm trying to tank by yemen's has the rebels has had an oil field in saudi arabia several trends targeted the oil fields the state owned oil company around says the attack caused unlimited funds which hasn't affected production saudi energy minister has accused the his ease of trying to disrupt the wells oil supply mohamed al a top has more now from the yemeni capital sana'a. according to the hole the spokesperson says that the have carried out the biggest operation deep inside saudi territories we have used 2 key draws that have crossed over 1100 kilometers to the east side of the kingdom and they have targeted this aramco oil field which is just. 10
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kilometers from the borders of the. also according to the whole of these laid up the military. sends also a message to the united states to stop their attacks there of. the saudi war on yemen and also that the he says that the. saudi arabia's initiated its war yemen order to secure itself that it should have done it with securing yemen's security 1st he also mentioned the all citizens so the stay away from the saudi. buy to strike tra as the are promising of more vital and also. for attacks on saudi arabia meanwhile the saudi i'm writing coalition and yemen is our separatist fighters to withdraw their forces from the port city of aden the u.a.e.
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backed group took control of the city last week and has repeatedly said it won't leave and they have rejected reports suggesting they have left 2 buildings capturing the city created a rift in the coalition which is supported yemen's internationally recognized government based. young migrants stuck on a rescue boat off italy's coast a bit allowed to disembark off the deputy prime minister about to political pressure 27 children and young adults were transferred to a patrol boat and taken to the italian island of lampedusa they've been on the spanish aid group ship open arms for 2 weeks along with more than 100 other migrants after being rescued off libya's coast to salvage any agree to let the miners come ashore following it to mon from the prime minister to separate conti meanwhile more than 350 migrants remain stranded on another humanitarian rescue boat off the coast of malta the ocean viking vessel operated by 28 groups including
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doctors without borders as not been given access to ports in italy in malta the migrants on board were rescued over the past few days in waters off libya. and the libyan coast guard has intercepted 4 boats carrying more than 270 migrants in the mediterranean sea they were picked up in separate rescue operations off the coast of tripoli the migrants were given humanitarian and medical aid before being taken to detention centers in the capital all of them are planning to make that way to europe sam turner is head of the mission for libya doctors without borders joins me via skype from the libyan capital tripoli and specifically on the ocean viking ship and we were saying over $350.00 people on board this vessel which is now been denied entry to ports and malta and basically what now for the ship. right so on board as you say we have $356.00 people including $103.00 children under the age of 18 we are urgently pleading for the routes he is to identify
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a place of safety that is a safe port where these people can be disembarked and the ocean biking can return to its urgent might saving activities at sea. you say there $103.00 children on board and obviously that there is the open arms vessel which has. we have seen we have seen minus specifically children transferred from that vessel. on to land they've been given permission for that obviously there is the physical condition but what about the emotional and psychological impact of being stranded at sea like this of course i mean our team on board our medical team have conducted over 100 consultations already and they've seen a large number of people with injuries both nonviolent from the time that they were fleeing danger in libya but also violence related injuries where people have been struck with guns or were beaten with.


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