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tv   Americas Guns Secret Pipeline To Syria  Al Jazeera  August 18, 2019 8:32am-9:01am +03

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it is of the opinion that it's vessel is free to say it's right because. any action from the u.s. under the terms it's been talking about seems to have no jurisdiction here so could there be a case at a late stage it's thought unlikely. russian opposition activists have staged a string of one protest in moscow the calling for free elections they also want charges against protesters to tame the recent rallies drops because large opposition demonstrations aren't allowed in russia the activists to holding protest signs to avoid further arrests have been weekly protests since last month after authorities barred opposition candidates from running in september's city elections more off from step vasant in moscow. on what is certainly going to rope people here in moscow thinking this is a story this is america that was not a c 3 piece suite this is the communist party 2nd largest party in russia fair election but there clearly was not supporting the
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opposition candidate. the same election and this is where all these protests all these weeks i've been about personally the communist party is begging for one process the feeling this must go elections while the americans and the russians interfering in their election no matter where they have been shouting for too yes the to interfere in their elections but there's still no evidence and as you watch the orchestration this process this is unacceptable on monday a special session of the state to my counsel will be how do you mean i do your request by the opposition candidates who are far from these elections this race and they have been receiving. a fine hotel in ukraine has killed 8 people at least 10 others were injured some of them critically by the place in the black sea port of a president. said that he would personally see to it that the owner of the tokyo
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stock hotel is punished. and often baby do going made famous after it was rescued earlier this year in thailand has died the sea mammal died after consuming plastic and experiencing shark are only a few $102.00 goals left in thailand. and mexico it's becoming increasingly popular as you go to a restaurant and order a plate of insects ancient traditions of being mixed with molten flavors or in the hope of enticing interest in the environmentally friendly cuisine of a serious manuel republic of ports from mexico city. around the world there's a growing demand for insects as food and why not they're high in protein and have a minimal carbon footprint compared to many other foods. it's worth considering the positive environmental impact we could generate if we all replaced one meal a week within sacks think about it it's a very healthy option. this kitchen in downtown mexico city specializes in edible
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insects and the restaurant's owner. couldn't be more excited about the growing demand for bugs thinks from the miskito they never come off the tree so they have these taste like the beets we really nice. the recipes are dolly hundreds restaurant the house of tacos or a combination of ancient indigenous tradition and modern mexican flavors the end results or dishes like and larva grilled and garlic in so long true sauce or fried stink bugs served with a side of the taste is actually quite good but i handle says there is still a long way to go for insects to become a staple food instead of picking up the. grasshoppers. farmers are spending money on pesticides the government is spending money on pesticides and it's like they're losing money and they're losing i mean a possible income. for most people in central mexico eating bugs is totally normal
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and vendors. seem to always have new recipes to offer but we were all selected and today we tried scorpions worms in an egg they were all very good. around the world the edible insect industry is projected to be worth $1200000000.00 by 2023 mexico hopes to provide an estimated 30 percent of the world's edible bugs because. mexico is home to hundreds of species of insects that are both edible and nutritious some of it's stranger than others like this scorpion but add a little salt in line. delicious. so whether you want to help fight climate change by eating less meat or you're just curious maybe bugs should be the next item you add to the grocery list but ended up in. mexico city. just ahead here on al-jazeera in the sport there was a dramatic finish to manchester city's clash with
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a talk in the english premier league soccer has all the details next. building a new life on an entirely beach living off the sea and. a dream shared by so many but so few make it a reality. a family business led by a remarkable woman with a flair for cooking and a zest. island kitchen an al-jazeera. place when the news breaks. when people need to be heard and the story needs to be told pretty remarkable too to about earlier died last week and crossing from mexico to the united states with exclusive interviews and in-depth reports we
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can live according to their tradition but life is exceptionally al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring you more award winning documentaries and lied news. again time for sports hisself. thank you very much champ is imagist the city have missed out on beating top numb in the english premier league thanks to v.a.r. with a game locked at 2 all in the dying minutes. thought he'd won it for city with his late strike however as the video assistant referee spotted the handball by america
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in the build up the goal was disallowed and did a draw always are going to leave for the season in these considerations as to where it is accepted so we'll make a stronger so we can say some. play better than today against the team the 2nd best in me europe in the way we played some of the people say you can do better and better than these in the novis it's possible in the way that we fight them so hardly but in the same time i am critical because we need to be followed but in the same time i think we are willing to bruford we did stop of recent positive response for the point of the 2 difficult games i think and so you proceed to force a different sound from this is all this is arsenal have opened their campaign with 2 straight wins for the 1st time in a decade the best friends alexander like i said to n.p.r. america got to gold each of us they beat marley $21.00 at home. we are happy we are we see the point but we know the next week we are going to play out
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and liverpool and he's a big challenge and also. being in does position is better but the difficulty is coming each module and we want to be complete if we want to be consistent in our weight on the moment we did doesn't need too much as in the days other matches there also wins for everton bournemouth and annoyed last year's a runners up at liverpool have made it 2 wins from 2 they beat southampton 21 despite a major blunder by a goalkeeper in the closing minutes of the game. and kept the game a little bit open so and then they came up and exert a big chance and that's normal in that moment i think the boys felt the tiredness and that was exactly the moment in management really now we have to go again and so we kept the result i think we deserved to 3 points and i'm completely fine with that by sound almost coach thomas to hall has played down speculation that nehemiah is on the brink of leaving the club in ma has been training with his teammates but
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200 confirmed hill missed some days a league game against then he did not feature in p.s.g. as a last game either in july the french club revealed neymar could move if they receive an acceptable offer having signed him up from barcelona in a 263000000 dollars deal in 2017 france the summer transfer window closes on september 2nd. to the transfer window will close at a certain point and for me i can only repeat for me this hasn't changed things because he is my player he is in my locker room and when i think of a strong p.s.g. team i think of a team with neymar but name and a good state of mind with aggressiveness running and dribbling freely and a name ah that's completely fit this is why i think of when i think of a strong p.s.g. team it's a team with neymar always and today there is no solution to leave the club and with
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this nothing has changed. on sunday burnings newly promoted football club f.c. union will play its 1st ever game in the bundesliga the team dates back to 966 and has one of the strongest fan bases in the sport but can they hold up in the big leagues so many can reports from berlin. as they go through their paces in training these players have one thing on their minds sunday and the bundesliga for . this is a step into the unknown and each player has one goal in sight my personal target is . when we succeed as a team when we. win this thing for me and my age this is the. absolutely main target if we have a successful season i have a successful season the man who brought them to the big league now sees his task is
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trying to keep his players feet on the ground the club even sees only me i think if they take on the challenge or giving it effort and aren't surprised as i've said we concentrate on the game and at the end of the day it's 11 players against 11 players it doesn't matter which league doesn't matter how many people are in the stadium it's about the game. one thing the team can depend on is its fan base these supporters are considered among the most fervent and most loyal in germany have stuck with their team through the years of communist domination and the lean years since reunification using money raised from donating their own blood to help keep the club afloat and at one point helping to build the stadium with their bare hands they think of themselves as genuine east germans unlike what they think of their teams opponents on weekend red bull leipsic a team founded just 10 years ago by austrian owners who've invested large sums and
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calls to fans of rival sides to call them a plastic club with no real history. germany's top 3 teams have played here once or twice before in cup games but it's only now that the friends are getting the chance to see their team play. home matches here can have on your own defy logic and fair pre-season well the 1st test is against red bull on sunday dominic came out earlier cricketing unbeaten opening stand of 133 looks set to give sri lanka a victory in the 1st test against new zealand in goal on day 4 began with the black caps resuming at their 2nd innings on 195 for 7 some big hitting up from the lower orders saw them push the score up to 285 all out that set sri lanka difficult victory target of 268 however the sri lankan openness had no problems with the new
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zealand attacker. and city money both hitting half centuries as the home side ended the day on 133 for no wickets in just 135 more runs to win and england are in serious trouble going into the final day of the 2nd ashes test at lord's having bowled australia out for 250 on saturday indian 2nd innings has got off to a terrible start there are 96 for 4 and lead by a 104 runs. icy body lost her chance to regain the number one rule in the ranking off to she was knocked out in the cincinnati open semifinals else training was up against botanicals nets. who would have a place that ended nominalist sack us the world number one with the victory was stunned by her russian opponent straight sets the win is a big boost for the 2 time grand slam champion kuznets of us has been struggling with injuries the past few seasons and has fallen to 163 in the rankings.
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honestly i enjoy my time of the cord been very home sleeping in my own bed and it was great to have some time off it was on my cue to have injuries but i feel more fresher now and so to be happy to be back and playing good venues and that's a useful form we'll have more later on and that's it from the news hour but i'll be back in just a moment with more day's news to see that. the
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romantic crisis is now in its 2nd year more than $700000.00 and it's placed and stateless after fleeing military led massacres. and they still don't think it's safe to go home follow their plight with special coverage and reports on al-jazeera . 67 words that spelled promise for one people. but disaster or another. the bled to the establishment of a jewish homeland at the expense of the palestinians. the story of the british
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declaration that changed the middle east for seeds of discord on al-jazeera. we understand the differences and the similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter where you call home al-jazeera will bring in the news and current affairs that matter to. al-jazeera. a power sharing future of his about his sealed military and opposition leaders make their deal official.
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hello i'm adrian forgive this is our 0 live from doha also coming up a bomb blast at a wedding in the afghan capital kills at least 20 people. confrontations at a u.s. city is a far right rally is challenged by anti fascist protesters. and bugs on the menu mexico gets a taste for eating insects that it hopes to vote to provide 30 percent of the world's edible bugs. it began as a protest over the price of bread but now the people of sudan are celebrating the birth of a new democratic future people traveled from across the country to the capital as a historic accord was signed between the military and the opposition coalition as al-jazeera civil war going reports now from khartoum the deal paves the way for a civilian led government. after 18 months of protests and 4 months of negotiations
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sudan's ruling military junta and the opposition coalition known as the forces of freedom and change into a final power sharing deal with marking the start over 39 month transitional period you know there always a mammogram only for her and that is that i stand before you with pride after we have overcome the stage of preparation and progress to the stage of construction we chant together with honest hearts that the focus now is on the nation a nation that is proud of you and you of it a country that has produced people who have raised its name with their generosity and achievements. the final agreement includes a transitional period led for the 1st 21 months by the military and for the remaining 18 months by a civilian from the opposition coalition. it also includes members for an executive council nominated by the f.f.c. and they will also have control of 2 thirds of the seats in the legislative assembly. but the coalition that has negotiated the deal has other challenges some
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of its own members have refused to recognize the agreement saying it doesn't address the core issues of conflict in the country other members say bringing peace will be one of the top tasks of the transitional government will look at the issue of war and peace is one of the most important priorities of the coalition and we work to tie the issue of peace to the issue of democratic transformation because we believe in the right to live in peace we believe in the rights of the martyrs the displaced people and. we affirm living if the name for a comprehensive peace in all areas of conflict. outside the hall people celebrated the hope for a new phase in sudan's history but with cautious optimism the signing of the agreement on saturday may mark a landmark on the road to civilian rule but many sunnis say it's not the end of the revolution they say the struggle will have succeeded only when the military hands
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of a power and justice and accountability begins. more than 250 deaths have been recorded since the start of the protests in december with at least one who would tend to kill in june when the military raided the pro-democracy army headquarters which had become the symbol of the revolution. the next step we are waiting for is the justice for the plight of the nautilus before power is handed to the civilians and before the economy improves justice for those who sacrificed their lives so that the whole country can be happy but we haven't been for the past 40 years. we don't expect the road ahead to be easy but hope to reach the end together the things people lost their life support the demands must be met it's a 1st step and that's what we're celebrating not the end of our revolution. on the day of the signing hundreds arrived in the capital from us but where the protests began in december before spreading across the country the chance reflected their
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optimism about sudan's future but also included minded to the new transitional government that they are ready to keep the flames of their revolution burning till all their demands are met people morgan al-jazeera. at least 20 people were killed when a bomb exploded at a wedding reception in the afghan capital the blast happened in the men's reception area of a wedding hall west of kabul there's been no immediate claim of responsibility. with an image of it was my father's cousin's wedding i took my uncle and cousin to a nearby hospital there will be ended and then they were taken to an emergency hospital there are so many dead and wounded victims my father and other uncle are still there to identify the other victims. police in the u.s. city of portland oregon say they've seized weapons including metal poles and bass spray from demonstrators a far right rally riot police followed the demonstrators through the city and some shops closed for the day in anticipation of violence several arrests have been made one of the groups called the proud boys has been described as
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a hate group by civil rights organizations anti fascist demonstrators here in the us and gathered to counter the far right march portland authorities set up concrete barriers and closed streets in an effort to keep the 2 groups apart here we here we are. just. playing on the. obvious. it's a while for the regular you are not welcome here let's go live to portland out 0 as rob reynolds is the rubble of affairs a blood shed today how did things go. well adrian there are still reports of sporadic skirmishes on the streets of the downtown area of portland as far right people who came here to rally and the anti-fascist or so-called and forces that oppose them have been
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encountering one another in the streets and police are trying to break those up police say there is a state of civil disturbance on the streets of portland in the downtown area right now however earlier there was fear that there would be a much more serious confrontation with possible bloodshed this is how it went down the proud boys and their supporters a fairly small group of far right activists assembled in a park on the other side of the park in downtown portland a much larger group group of and teeth and their supporters were gathered police set up a very broad area kind of a no man's land to keep the 2 groups apart and after just a fairly short while i think about an hour or maybe a little more of the proud boys and their supporters exited the scene they beat
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a retreat across a bridge that police closed off to prevent anti from from following them but since then we have been hearing these reports that the people have been skirmishing or squabbling and getting into fist fights on the street president trump has managed to insert himself into this debate what can you tell us about that rob. president trump went on twitter as one might expect he would really are today saying major consideration is being given to naming and teeth a quote organization of terror portland is being watched very closely hopefully the mayor will be able to properly do his job the president wrote the mayor ted wheeler is a democrat it's not clear exactly what the president's tweet it meant because there is no such designation in u.s.
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law as a domestic terror organization moreover experts say that and teeth as a verily very loosely organized kind of. not. stratified organization that comes together at times like this so it's not the kind of organization that one might be able to designate as a terror group and finally it's a really notable that the president singled out and made no mention of the far right groups whatsoever in his tweet and that was a good news for joe big says the head of the proud boys who said that the president's tweet gave the problem is exactly what they want it rob reynolds reporting live from portland oregon rob many thanks leaked government documents highlight the severity of britain possibly crashing out of europe without a briggs it deal they show that the u.k.
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is likely to face shortages of food fuel amidst the documents leaked to the newspaper the times show the disruption would john paul 2 some full up to 3 months and leads to a hard border an island that described the effects as most likely outcomes not the worst case scenarios u.k. prime minister boris johnson says he's prepared to crash out of europe on october 31st with no transition deal. crowds are expected to begin gathering again in a few hours for another mass rally in hong kong votes for lisa tonight permission for them to march through the center of the city saturday so crowds turned out for and against the government and. there was a generational divide among those on the streets. they gathered under the banner of say phone call to denounce recent violence doing protest and to show support for the police here in tomar park. is clear but there's more than just that the crowd is mostly middle aged or older part of
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a generation that grew under british colonial rule and want to protect their lifestyle david chu works in the service industry he is one of 200 government supporters from to same neighborhood. i absolutely don't accept the months of the protest on the steps not what the general public wants not that the months can be mapped they are all nonsense and excuses. people here are calling on the police to uphold law and order and play protest just for the recent outburst of violence. and we all love. part of china will believe that so i don't want this place to be ruined and so i came back and support and i cannot take any violent demonstrations we can see as witnessed by so many young writers you know that benefits dating is killing my killing my feeling
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across hong kong harbor and davis son march with the pro-democracy protesters mostly young people who fear what they perceive as the growing influence of the chinese government in hong kong's affairs they feel their demands are being ignored and frustration is growing and should be said that if i keep sweeping the same you respond. every. last emotion. in this society so i think that's how we come to let's hope that they can respond to. part of the anger is also too was deployed east whom they accuse of using excessive force but the protesters are under pressure for bringing chaos to districts these divisions threaten to take apart between a generation content with the present and one that is worried about the future but at the will call. a weather update makes 0 then phone service is restored to parts
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of indian administered kashmir for the 1st time since it was stripped of its autonomy almost 2 weeks ago. we would have loved her to come we started prepare.


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