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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  August 18, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm +03

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of southern europe sunny throughout much of the mediterranean went about in the southeast but still across the central and northern as you got more cloud speeding in from the west bringing the clash but also the rain and of course also some pretty strong gusty winds not a bad start today there into the southeast of poland this picture shows you just that transom for just a care in the morning but the sunshine soon burning that off now throughout sunday that is going to be able to help pushing into more central and southern areas of poland plenty of that across into western russia trailing right the way down across much of the black sea but really the next system is pushing in across the northwest and pushing that rain right there across into sections of the u.k. and then this line of rain showers all the way really from northern spain through central france the low countries and up towards scandinavia as the conditions all monday still pretty gusty winds across much of the north but it's a mostly dry picture that front just sinking southward and taking the rain with it so fairly and settles that means iroko monday 23 degrees celsius and quality catapults much of central and northern areas of spain meanwhile as a warm
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a day across into moscow 23 as that cloud clears out of the picture fine and dry through much of northern africa $37.00 in tunis on sunday and it will be $36.00 across in cairo. trust is fundamental to all our relationships we trust banks without money talk to us without really personal thought what happens to trust in a world today my own. as more and more decisions are made for us by these complex piece of code the question that comes to never do. we trust. the 1st of a 5 part series great question when you're trying to of the. trust me i'm an algorithm one of just.
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watching out to 0 let's recap the top stories right now only 63 people have been killed in a suicide bombing at a wedding reception in kabul the taliban has denied responsibility but the president says the group cannot escape blame for the attack. on caucus bracing for what organizers say will be the city's largest anti-government protest since close to 2000000 people march in june or testers are massing right now as you can see in the korea part there is police approval for that gathering. thousands of people have been left homeless after a fire swept through a slum in the capital of bengal desh that on friday evening in doc was a poor area no deaths have been reported. ruling council to lead sudan into a new era of democracy is due to be named on sunday that's after the main opposition
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coalition and the ruling military council signed a historic agreement thousands of people in khartoum are celebrating. they traveled from across the country to the capital where the accord was signed and he gathered at the newly renamed freedom square that was once a site of protest rallies against former president omar al bashir about morgan has more from khartoum. after 18 months of protests and 4 months of negotiations sudan's ruling military junta and the opposition coalition known as the forces of freedom and change into a final power sharing deal with marking the start over 39 month transitional period you know your average american i am aware with only for whom that is where i stand before you with pride after we have overcome the stage of preparation and progress to the stage of construction we chant together with honest hearts that the focus now is on the nation a nation that is proud of you and you of it a country that has produced people who have raised its name with their generosity
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in achievements. the final agreement includes a transitional period led for the 1st 21 months by the military and for the remaining 18 months by a civilian from the opposition coalition. it also includes members for an executive council nominated by the f.f.c. and they will also have control of 2 thirds of the seats in the legislative assembly. but the coalition that has negotiated the deal has other challenges some of its own members have refused to recognize the agreement saying it doesn't address the core issues of conflict in the country other members say bringing peace will be one of the top tasks of the transitional government. that the issue of war and peace is one of the most important priorities of the coalition and we work to tie the issue of peace to the issue of democratic transformation because we believe in the right to live in peace we believe in the rights of the martyrs the displaced people and. we affirm that the assuring the names for
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a comprehensive peace in all areas of conflict. outside the hall people celebrated the hope for a new phase in sudan's history but with cautious optimism the signing of the agreement on saturday may mark a landmark on the road to civilian rule but many sudanese say it's not the end of the revolution they say the struggle will have succeeded only when the military hands over power and justice and accountability begins. more than 250 deaths have been recorded since the start of the protests in december with at least one who would tend to kill jews in the military raided the pro-democracy army headquarters which had become the symbol of the revolution. the next step we are waiting for is the justice for the nautilus before power is handed to the civilians and before the economy improves justice for those who sacrificed their lives so that the whole country can be happy but we haven't been for the past 40 years. we don't expect the
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road ahead to be easy but hope to reach the end together the things people lost their life support the demands must be met it's a 1st step and that's what we're celebrating not the end of our revolution. on the day of the signing hundreds arrived in the capital from where the protests began in december before spreading across the country the chance reflected their optimism about sudan's future but also included minded to the new transitional government that they are ready to keep the flames of their revolution burning all their demands are met he will morgan al-jazeera. the indian government says it will is more restrictions and minister in kashmir on sunday. then left and some areas. other parts as tamil has more this is what much of srinagar has looked like for nearly 2 weeks to schmear he's unable to move around the largest city in the region and communications completely shut down. indeed administrators say some phone lines
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in the valley were reconnected on saturday with more due on sunday we have also welcome back. by the internet. some functionality in at least 5. or. phone users in srinagar had buried reactions so that if you follow this here. i think it's a good thing that the government is able to restore the phone lines because people are facing a lot of issues they will not be able to communicate with near and dear ones but for some the worst restriction is on freedom of movement. shakes i hear there has been teaching his niece and nephew at home since the shutdown began he says not
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being able to move around has been severe but. the kids are stuck inside this schools have been charged in 3035 years i haven't seen restrictions but my sister is only 2 kilometers a v. and i don't know her situation. despite the promise of the lockdown being loosened some are protesting in other ways have set up their own barricades in this neighborhood to stop armored personnel carriers from entering they would have been would you go to bomb we've put up these blockades so the police won't be able to come here and risk their trying to few times but with my old. the police are trying to come here but the people are resisting we've managed to keep them away many times acts of defiance even as the indian government says it will take a wait and see approach before lifting morpeth restrictions in the region says jimmy 00 new delhi and an ambulance driver has been killed by rebels in shan state
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the rescue workers reported to have been caught up in fighting between ethnic rebels and government forces rebels have been fighting for decades for greater autonomy on thursday they killed at least 15 people in an attack on a military college that was their 1st attack of its kind on a major urban center warning about the dire conditions the u.k. could face if it leaves the e.u. without a bracks a deal a good experience shortages of food fuel and medicine that's according to government documents leaked to the times newspaper that also show ports could be jammed for up to 3 months the documents describe the effects as the most likely outcomes not worst case scenarios u.k. prime minister boris johnson says he's prepared to leave the 31st with no deal. meanwhile the u.k.'s opposition leader gerry corbin has been rallying support for his plan to become caretaker prime minister and avoid. having a labor party wants to hold a no confidence vote boris johnson and then
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a snap election on a go has more from bolton. as mr corbyn addresses the labor party activists or members in the northern town of bolton he does face one of the biggest political challenges of his career and that was his idea that he floated about of the last few days that he wishes to become a caretaker prime minister take the country to snuff elections and even campaign for a number of bricks it a referendum he says that this is the best way out of a no deal bracks it which could cost the country in much deeper term more than it is already facing however that idea has a big problem in and that is that it is on able to go on the support with members of the conservative party the party currently in government members of the party who are against bracks and certainly against a no deal breck's it actually do not see that to happen the idea of having mr cool
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been is nick as a caretaker leader it does not appeal to their sensibilities they would always rather stick with the status quo rather than risk that also the. opposition party the liberal democrats the leader joseph winston has said that she does not want to go into any kind of deal with mr colvin but is open to any of the names from the labor party there are 2 other names that have been cast in one from one senior politician from the conservative party another senior labor party politician but while this political wrangling is continuing the clock is still ticking and there is less and less time in which to formulate some kind of plan in order to prevent a new deal breaks it from happening and that is the risk that all these politicians who are against such a scenario. battling against whether they'll be able to do that without doing a deal with mr coleman is an open thing altogether argentina's treasury minister has resigned after a week of economic turmoil triggered by the surprise to feed our president mr mark
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rey in a primary poll that close driven a lead i'm the i m f part made that implemented austerity measures last week pull 15 points behind the center left candidate alberto fernandez and anshul markets reacted strongly with the peso falling them more than 30 percent against the dollar . formulate malaysian prime minister najib razak is set to return to court for the 2nd of 4 trials involving money allegedly stolen from estate investment is accused of using his position to obtain funds tolling 550000000 dollars between 20112014 reports in kuala lumpur. he was once considered untouchable but formal asian prime minister najib razak now faces the 2nd of 4 trials this time to answer $25.00 criminal charges of money laundering and abuse of power in relation to more than half a $1000000000.00 that prosecutors say was stolen from one end of the state
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investment fund he set up in 2009. not job is already on trial involving the transfer of $10000000.00 from s.r.c. international a former subsidiary of one m. d. into his personal accounts he has denied any wrongdoing saying the money was a donation from saudi arabia most of which has since returned allegations of nuggets involvement in losses at one end d.b. surfaced when he was prime minister but he was cleared by the police at the time and the then attorney general the case was reopened when a new government led by mahathir mohamad came into power in may 2018 over you represent a fulfillment of for example the. electoral promise to the voters of malaysia then. go to the bottom of this one and 80 series of irregular very easy sense can those not troops home and other
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properties linked to him and his family were raided last year police said they seized cash jewelry handbags and watches worth up to $270000000.01 is also being investigated in other jurisdictions including the us it isn't just those with direct links to one. m.t.b.e. has been charged prosecutors in malaysia and the u.s. have filed criminal charges against to form a nexus of goldman sachs malaysia is also going off to the investment bank itself which it helped to issue 6000000000 dollars in bonds meant to finance development in the country the prosecutors allege money intended for $1.00 and was instead used on extravagant purchases including a luxury yacht by one of associates last month malaysian prosecutors charged stepson. a co-founder of a hollywood production firm with money laundering alleging he misappropriated
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$240000000.00 linked to one and. the malaysian government meanwhile is also seeking to recover $5000000000.00 worth of assets that it believes were bought with money stolen from $1.00 and. florence italy al-jazeera. as president donald trump says he may designated anti-fascist movement as a terror organization he warned the members of n t 5 as they gathered in the state of oregon to counter a rally by far right groups reports from. sporadic clashes between members of far right organizations and anti-fascists spread through the streets of portland hours after a far right rally concluded portland police declared a state of civil disturbance in the city. we estimate that there were approximately $1200.00 demonstrators at the peak of the demonstrations our team spent many hours monitoring the various groups as they gather splintered reformed and moved
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throughout the downtown core the day of tension began with a demonstration staged by far right groups led by a militant organization called the proud boys they were heavily outnumbered by. their supporters and peaceful protesters expressing opposition to far right groups a heavy police presence covered the area officer seized shields poles and bear spray from protesters many portland residents were upset that far right demonstrators came to their liberal left leaning city to cause trouble as far as somebody coming here and getting a group together just to fight out that's mascot a short time after the proud boys and their supporters arrived in the park tensions rose you could see that the group of anti-fascist protesters have gathered here underneath this bridge to the other side there cross that greenlaw on the far right
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and neo-fascist groups have gathered there being kept apart by the police and the hope is that the police presence will keep these 2 sides from engaging in any violence police in riot gear ordered anti fun not to crowd into the streets at one point pushing the group back then abruptly the far right crowd beat a hasty retreat the proud boys and their supporters with through across a bridge which police closed off to prevent from pursuing and i think that what we need to do is continue to show that we are going to fight against these ideals of fascism and nazis as much if it takes president donald trump inserted himself in the affair tweeting that might be named an organization of terror but he. had no criticism of neo fascist or far right groups proud boys leader joe big was pleased by trump's message go with the trolls present trends twitter we talked about
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earlier cities want to see but that's all we want we want to see really go out of the violence and dueling demonstrations are further evidence of a country deeply divided with a president who exploits those divisions in search of political gains robert oulds al jazeera portland an orphan baby the gong made famous after it was rescued earlier this year in thailand has died the same mammal suffered shock after eating plastic waste that cog her intestines and cost infection are only a few $100.00 kong's left and thailand. check out the headlines now on al-jazeera they list 63 people have been killed in a suicide bombing at a wedding reception and kabul the taliban has denied responsibility but the president says the crew cannot escape blame for that attack you know not going to
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say the angst is a dad and the mother is a crying some people also lost their parents you can see with your own eyes what's happening in our country no one's telling me anything and no one wants to help i'm asking them please just let me see my son ones but they won't let me and my heart is going to explode sitting here what should i do every day don't know thousands of people have been left homeless after a fire swept through a slum in the capital of bangladesh began on friday evening and poor area took several hours for firefighters to get that plays out that's been reported though some people were injured. hong kong is bracing for what organizers say will be the city's largest anti-government protest since close to $2000000.00 people marched in june or dusters are massing in victoria park with police approval but there are fears of a confrontation with security forces as their plan marched through the city that has not been authorized and me and mar an ambulance driver has been killed by rebels in shan state they rescue workers reported to have been caught up in
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a fight between ethnic rebels and government forces the rebels have been fighting for a decade for greater autonomy on thursday they killed at least 15 people in an attack on a military college that was their 1st attack of its kind on a major urban center the u.k. is likely to face shortages of food fuel and medicine if britain crashes out of europe without a fax a deal that's according to government documents leaked to the times newspaper but also show ports could be jammed for up to 3 months the documents describe the effects as the most likely outcomes not worst case scenarios israeli forces have killed 3 palestinians at the gaza border and injured another dozens of palestinians in gaza protested in the streets after the men were killed israel says the group had been trying to break through the border fence and were fired on by helicopter and tank so the headlines keep it here on al-jazeera of another bolton and about 30 minutes in the meantime inside story is next. counting the cost india
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$1.00 of the biggest defense spend does in the world but emerging superpower rampant security purely on imports plus the young people tap into the world of the sports and streaming services we are these pay t.v. killing off leash for. counting the cost on al-jazeera. will sudan return to civilian rule a power sharing deal between protesters and the army the sign and a council will temporarily run the country but who will hear in t.v. this agreement gets implemented and will sudan's army really give up power this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program. it was a deal months in the making sudan's military and protest leaders have finalized an
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agreement that's intended to put the nation on the path to civilian rule just 2 months ago dozens of demonstrators were killed in a military crackdown now the 2 sides will have to work together to shape new institutions for a new sudan we'll go to our panel in just a few moments but 1st a bit morgan has more from the signing ceremony incredible. it's taken more than 3 months on and off the talks between the opposition coalition and is the forces of freedom and change and sudan's ruling military didn't put that it was time to put their final signatures on the power sharing agreement which was signed today here in sudan's government somehow till now the agreement states that minutes to leave the ruling what the 1st 21 months of the transitional period while the opposition coalition will be rooting for the remaining 18 months before elections are held but the protesters on the streets are saying that they're cautiously optimistic they're saying that they're the ones who brought about this that this is changing government after toppling out from the president on what it was sheer and that
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they're the ones with. legitimacy to the opposition coalition and that they have been protesting since december 1st a villian ruled so there's thing that they will continue with their revolution although in a different form they're saying now it's time for a political protest and that they will be keeping an eye on both the opposition coalition that represents them and the military council and they're saying that based on the dance track record of implementing power sharing agreements in these deals they have to be very cautious but today they're saying that they're celebrating the fact that a deal has been signed that will eventually lead sudan to civilian rule and until anything happens they are going to enjoy that moment of victory even more going to al-jazeera for inside story the deal is the culmination of a struggle that began in late 2018 mass protests that were initially over austerity measures grew into calls for a change in government in april this year the military overthrew longtime leader ahmed bashir and replaced him with the ruling military council but the protests
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continued demonstrators wanted in the media transition to civilian rule and the dismantling of old institutions on june 3rd the army launched a crackdown one raid on a protest camp left dozens of people dead despite this we go she continued and the deal was reached a transitional government will prepare sudan for a full handover to civilian rule in a little over 3 years time. all right let's bring in our guests with us here in doha i will have an affinity is professor of politics at the institute for graduate studies and author of several books on sudan and khartoum an award winning filmmaker and activist from new york city man baldo is a human rights and democracy activist and senior advisor to the enough project welcome to the program abdul have let me start with you what happens next and how difficult or easy will this process be to get going. yes i think from now on
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maybe the idea that there is a power sharing is not accurate because what is going to happen is that there's going to be a civilian government which will have most of the powers to enact whatever it wants technically or at least theoretically and this government is supported by also a should be in 3 months a list that if council which of which 2 thirds majority is also from the forces of freedom and change so i think we could say already there is a an impending transition to civilian government in the sense the council does not as was said in the introduction room for it to mass it only. it's only a few hacked it does it's the headed by
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a military person a dozen room. and the head of the council doesn't have any. any. supporting vote he's voted like anybody else so in this regard we're going to have generally a civilian government of course many difficulties because the military would be entrenched in and the security forces in the military in the police and they insisted on having control of the ministry of defense and the minister of interior on the security forces. thought i would like or wish to say we should look at the positive side there was an interesting debate in latin america when democritus your wrists were accused of fresh full thinking when they said democracy welcome to life
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in america and one of the leading fielders there he said no way this is not wishful thinking if this is forth for we should. in favor of engaging it for tradition. because the issues of will in the end about how democracy triumphs is not the issue of objective factors but also where if the people are willing and also the politicians or. wise enough and they act in a year to contemporary must show that we will get there. in the sense of their mistake that real the dynamics is going to kill from in the beginning of next months when the new government place over the dynamics in the country will change because now most of this is and will come from the civilian government has what about you are you optimistic this agreement can work. i'm cautious i'm not
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that optimistic the next few days will make me decide what i want i'm excited that we're going to have a prime minister civilian i do agree that this should not be our cherie this should be civilians the beginning of not complete but would really upsets us and what really makes me not that excited not so they're not innocent operational today is that humidity and growth for us should be in a courtroom and should be in. not not needers on the council so that's my main problem can saddam move forward can we reach peace can we reach. overcome racism marginalize aisha and woman write all those things which committee occupying. the rest of the bix major cities in sudan and all of which is forces the
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rapid response forces which actually committed the. massacre in june 3rd and massacres in dar for him it was part 2 so for us it's like how do you receive justice and justice is the 1st step towards reaching a democracy and after asperin see have accountability the have participation equality and economy and all that can reach. economic stability in sudan knowing that one of the major issues we always had was that 70 percent of the country's resources is being used by the military so can we expect the military to abuse their resources to 10 percent so we can move forward so we have all these questions that we have and to up to me is like seeing committee there signing and and standing behind him. just makes me feel like this is not going to go forward the revolution is to continue and for me though seeing that the only optimism i have is that people there who she marries were out in the street will continue and now that
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we have a legitimate government that the world knows that we are the legitimate government and ones are prime minister takes over power and the executive branch we can move forward but do expect more protests do expect more people going out in the street and asking for more rights we need to get to the point where justice happened and where we can move forward so then on which we're just talking about the fact that one of the things that was bringing him a sense of optimism even though he has mixed feelings one of the things was bring him a sense of optimism is the fact that a prime minister is going to be appointed now this is the economist mohamad abdalla dog who's been nominated by the opposition faction and i want to ask you if you believe that this appointment will proceed as planned or if any complications could show up in the next few days. i don't expect competition. just by a minister he the consensus candidate you have. there but if you have
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a lot of the population in the government the recall of the experts use it brings to say you are not only of the economies but also of their experience in the. across the continents and nobody here has why international. connections. in court and in. sudan's mission shippers international conventions institutions in the. us prime minister he had a fairly high maybe we'll have a real powers the some of somebody or are you know. a sort of figurehead of. it merely a puppet government it's a government of the of power and. the freedom and jenks
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falsies of that. look at the position of the cutting it being an opportunity to has. to be lost and they're far. cautiously optimistic yes because the issues of realty and each use of transparency appear to be a great experience even though the army did up a simple courses are responsible for all the efforts of the crimes that mention a lot of our society and most of them a source of the company. not going to pretty well call their. funds go have if you could pick up on a point that some amount was making when it comes to the accusations of atrocities that have been made against military leaders in sudan like general ham 80. now one of the things that made it difficult putting this agreement together was the issue of whether these military leaders would get immunity was that resolved and if these
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military leaders in this agreement do get immunity is there any way in which that could be revoked i don't think they should for muti the key issue i think yes i agree that this issue of accountability is a paradox because the. the the revolutionaries have decided that they want justice to be a top priority specially the should be a committee which should investigate the massacres we don't need to investigate the massacres we know who committed them and the members who are in the military council. and issue has to be examined i think. there are to more than one issue the issue which had to do rightly pointed out which is there is currently a military occupation of khartoum by a. force that up the deployment forces and.
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raise a. issue of the influence of the military on the government i am ready to trade the influence for the. for the accountability if you move sister oops out of the cities and. lift. the security forces are handed over to civilian government the way for example what happened with peter in. in chile and other governments that you could do. a bargain. always transition transition to democracy needed some kind of spark you have to give something that something of course when you
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get something the dynamics if you have a really civilian government the dynamics of civilian control will in time they get possible for you to engage in the in the justice issue but i have this particularly. if somebody as they said is ok by car talk and you want to try him in that capital of khartoum or you want to you have to have a war in this regard so you have to think about all these things in a very pragmatic positive way how do you get there. one of the problems we had that some of the revolutionaries have been through kind of absolutely and say you have to have everything the government has to give in and leave and then they should come and we put them in prison try them and so and i thought and that should happen by itself and i have always argued that is not going
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to happen that way you have to negotiate now we have the go shoot it at one point reach this particular juncture the question is also we need some more negotiation to pass over the next steps and i think one of the important things is hero there will be many challenges challenges facing the the incoming cabinet and you have to look at not only the issue of justice is not the only thing you have to revive the economy you have to deal with the demands of the people on the street now khartoum is under water at the moment a lot of people have died already and. the government will need to look at this issue and i'm not allowed to but a lot of areas in a jersey area and other parts of the country have been people have died. so we have to look at the need bread people need to feel. you need to
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work on on the economy and it's working out pretty so that challenge i agree with. with the point that we have you have died in this house you heard i go have there speak about the economy from your point of view what are the immediate steps that can be taken to try to turn things around there. well wait come so they qana me i mean the main reason we think the economy's in the state is 2 things one corruption and lack of that villa t 2 managed resources sudan has a lot of resources be it animal agriculture or. material human resources but it's not has not been correctly for a very long time but to me to be able to manage it we have to answer the deeper questions of sudan the biggest issue you have that has always been the creation of sudan the sudanese identity so for us to be able to feel like the whole countries part of this. not just people who are from the center so for us to get the whole
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country together and to get at the population the woman part of this we need to answer what is our identity and to meet to be able to have that question we have to defeat the political islam. political that is. the also in the identity to be just an arab identity for so for me to actually move forward we have to quickly and very decisively answer that question what is it in these identity how do you create an identity that includes all sudan and includes a woman's right to become part of the work force so for me before we do that we're just going to be a reform we're not going to be a revolution for us to have a revolution and this happened in the city this isn't it was very clear that the whole population was behind what was happening in darfur then decide what is happening in nuba mountains and blue nile people actually started to understand
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each other and it made for mation started so for us to continue that and to make it a. sort of having racism as part of what is happening which was happening all game we need to move forward and this is the 1st step to actually improve our economy and everything we need to manage our resources and to do that we need to have a real identity who will act as guarantors for this agreement. well we have all the witnesses who have. the primary goal not a lot of closely because we got the 2 of them the. sisters of the. 2 civilian. control government that momentum flow. between the council and the freedom and forces what's on. your. emotions on the chair of. mission.
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today this is the bend in the international community today that the united nations and the members of security council all we said to leave. my missions of going you know and to lead in the resolution of the problem. and this and. to go to some of. those a lot of the unclear. i hear what have we speaking of the african union the african union of course suspend its or has membership in early june do you think they will reinstate it and when might that be. a no i think they will have they will probably mediately now reinstated because it was conditional on returning to and for the process of 50 and over for democratic. transition. that the families
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actually don't want to live anywhere but i would add that maybe the best got on top is the people themselves i think. the moves we have seen as always being drove out of popular pressure. the transitional council was very adamant for example that council that it didn't want any to make any concessions and actually said it has. abandoned all sides remit is signed in the past when you saw the number of people on the streets. in july they. understood that you can go ahead and that is how. the the unity of the people also the clarity of. of
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vision and and and also there is a. you have to not pushing that is what happened for example in the experiences in egypt and other countries that people have underestimated the enemy and how overstating their own forces. and then they lost so i don't want this to happen that people should focus and should be rebuilt and should look forward not backward this is a very important. support point about the issue of identity i think the issue of ideas although it's important it cannot be as all political is an issue what we can resolve politically is a democratic system which allows people to debate issues of identity i will not issue a decree by the government to say that we are arab or who are not arab and muslim of course that won't work and bad leaders can create i did
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a problem where none exists for example america today donald trump has created a problem of identity although there was in the past 1st an acute problem of identity in that country. so i think our priority should always be democratic governance and good government. i want to ask you there's many people in sudan who believe that the trial of former president bashir may be a sham what do you think. yeah i think i think it is one of the people who think it's a sham one of the people is not just going to be here that they see that it's actually the biggest issue it could even be bigger than the him self. there is not enough people in jails we did not have enough information on who still what why they're not being tried and all that there is one thing within. the treaties
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that were signed and it was the actually the one before the last and that one actually specifically said that people should be tried and even in international courts and to me i really am one of the people who really believes that the right way to try our may be here is actually to try. to pursue a lot of reasons we i don't think we'll have a good enough trial within sudan and part of it is because but i was there and i meet these there and obviously up to now on able to go forward the one good thing also is now when we have civilian government is the trust the real trials can start now that we have people we trust and hopefully the justice system we create is going to be a secure lives read is going to be good enough to actually try the rest of the state and give us our rights and take away put people in prisons and accountability and so we really i don't think trial all those trials were real i think the trials
4:45 pm
start wides our general attorney is in place and he has power to actually ready get these people try to sue them and we only have less than a minute left i just want to ask you very quickly where do things stand for the islamists in sudan right now they're headed by so many side will they be sidelined going forward. well there on it was she to get a great job and i was sidelined islamist you hiding them undermining the military and therefore i don't see the islamist movement see this time has a lot of clarity on it that i get jury to do with all these developments therefore i'm not really worried about islam is that when i see. a lot of pollution they would be some good ass who have you know and there are. as americans too wise. and then. the mayors of the good lity.
4:46 pm
well at least that was woman look accomplice because 30 years ago it is bound to undermine the innocent all right we have run out of time so we are going to have to leave it there thanks so much to all our guests at the white house but offend the jewish and so the man baldo and thank you too for watching you can see the program again any time by visiting our website al-jazeera dot com and for further discussion go to our facebook page at facebook dot com forward slash a.j. inside story you can also join the conversation on twitter our handle is at a.j. inside story for me i'm going to hear my friend. across the united states indigenous families are searching for their loved ones for relatives of people who go missing finding closure is often impossible people are
4:47 pm
meeting here to raise money for the search efforts of the young woman advocates and family members have started to raise awareness about the high rates of violence that disproportionately impact indigenous communities tribal police departments are understaffed and under resourced another factor is that tribes don't have jurisdiction over non-native americans for all crimes there but a lot of concerns that the federal agencies don't respond that they don't take these crimes seriously a lack of evidence is the main reason federal officials give for declining to prosecute crimes on reservations that shouldn't be the end of the discussion. there should be then a ok let's see well i'm wrong in this case why the is no evidence or why the evidence isn't good enough and make sure that that's not happening yet. a society's progress is dependent on the quality of its experts we need more of finest professionals
4:48 pm
a top priority is to why do you wait in your generation to study find new teaching methods are infusing thai students to become the agents of change taking them out of the classroom to solve problems in their local communities level education inspiring science. at this time on old you see. at least 63 people have been killed in a suicide attack at a wedding celebration and the afghan capital. i'm richelle carey this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. anti-government protesters in hong kong keep up the pressure on city leaders despite warnings from china. thousands in bangladesh are homeless after
4:49 pm
a fire sweeps through a slum in the capital dhaka. u.s. president considers declaring an anti-fascist movement a terrorist organization as it faces off with far right protesters. afghan president says the taliban cannot escape blame for a suicide bombing at a wedding in kabul at least 63 people were killed in the biggest attack in the capital this year the taliban has denied responsibility but president. criticised the group for destabilizing the country. at the hospital in kabul where many of the injured her being treated. were outside emergency hospital in central kabul with dozens of people awaiting for any years of loved ones people are being firies here all night the wounded and also the date people caught up in this explosion at about 1040 last night it was a
4:50 pm
a waiting for when on the street by waiting in southwest kabul it was his are awaiting which is the shia minority here in afghanistan we understand that the suicide bomber at the wedding and detonated himself near the front near the stage in the main section causing many many pieces is one of the biggest explosions in kabul this is we talked to one man who has sat outside this hospital oh no i waiting to use he feared people back and forth all night and he was in shock. i was at the back of the wedding hall when suddenly an explosion happened it was very big i fell down where i was when i stood up or saw tables and people were scattered everywhere the scene was awful my brother was injured most of my friends were killed. no one has time responsibility for this attack the taliban have come out this morning you said it was not traditionally these type of the text claims my
4:51 pm
i saw a story target shia his are a minority it's going to start in these areas and another development in afghanistan there are reports of another blast this one involved province at least 11 people are feared dead including 5 from one family it happened in the district no group has claimed responsibility anti-government protesters in hong kong have gathered for one of the city's largest rallies since close to 2000000 people marched in june demonstrators are filling victoria park for a rally that is approved by police but there are fears of confrontations with security forces as some protesters have now begun an authorized march through the city protests was organized by the civil human rights front the same group that organized june rally this very large one and thomas is live for us in hong kong so andrew there is lots of umbrellas so it doesn't seem that the weather is hampering anything how are things playing out right now. well the weather is
4:52 pm
a fact richelle we have absolutely to rachel rain about 45 minutes ago that lasted for about half an hour and i say that it's a factor because sas of the sunday rather is all about the numbers all about the numbers that this group can get turning out to victoria park which is behind me we've come to get some cover and also to find a mobile phone signal these mobile phone signals will cost you and your side many people in that park they weren't able to do so from inside but this group organized those 2 huge martins back in june 1 that got a 1000000 people one that got 2000000 they had another that got hoffman on the 1st of july but this is the 1st one organized by this group since and since the 1st of july of course the process that got increasingly violent so sunday this is seen as a test as to whether that main stream hong kong has will still come out in support of the protesters despite the violence that there's been so i say that the weather is a factor because it will be straight to rain put people off now there was no sign of it as far as i could see as people gathered just about an hour or so ago now there
4:53 pm
was certainly hundreds of thousands victoria park the police say has a capacity of about a 100000 people and there were many many many more people than that spilling out and filling the roads around the place and not given permission for people to march from this spot to where they want to go in central in the middle of hong kong but they have marched you might say they're just leaving given the right but they certainly look like they're marching on the wrists well over 100000 people of course what no official numbers until late tonight but this will be a test if they've got half a 1000000 people out say which is what we're going to eyes were saying they were anticipating and that would be a sign that the protesters despite the violence despite the antagonism with the place have still got a lot of support among ordinary you like hong kong is but we'll see that number and of course you mention the potential for violence well again and again we've seen peaceful rallies jur and particularly weekend an increase in the acrimonious increasingly violent as the sun sets and it's not called. on whether the weather
4:54 pm
will make any difference about again rochelle will see lights or so angelus to make it clear for our viewers to the crowd that we're saying that is authorized there is nothing illegal about that but what has not been approved is if they is when they began to march through the city is that correct. that's exactly right richelle the police say that they can't guarantee the security and safety of people as they're marching to the actual meeting in victoria thought that was all authorized that was organized and the the organizers of this was making announcements to the crowd saying please come into the park show the place that you are in much bigger numbers than this part can accommodate because they were very angry that their permission to march of being denied but as you can see now from these large pictures people are marching they are walking and they're already filling 3 suburbs in hong kong island i'm here in the victoria park area but cools way by alongside and then admiralty again all of that area completely full of
4:55 pm
people so certainly the numbers are extremely high how high we'll find out later ok andrew thomas live for us in hong kong thank you andrea that those protests follow large scale rallies both for and against the government that happened on saturday and so to tell him they found out there was a generational divide among those on the street. now how how did they get it under the banner of say phone call to denounce recent violence during protest and to show support for the police here into mar park just to china is clear but there's more than just that the crowd is mostly middle aged or older part of a generation that grew under british colonial rule and want to protect their lifestyle david chu works in the service industry he is one of $200.00 government supporters from to same neighborhood what he called the cellar i absolutely don't accept the months of the protest on the steps not what the general public wants not that the months can be managed they are all nonsense and excuses was the people
4:56 pm
here are calling on the police to uphold the law and order and blame protesters for divison outburst of violence. and we all love hong kong we all part of china will firmly believe that so i don't want this place to be ruined and so i came back and support and do the rally i cannot take any of violent demonstrations that we can see as witnessed by so many young writers you know and that fanfic stating is killing my killing my feeling oppressed who comes harbor in kowloon devious son march with the pro-democracy protesters mostly young people who fear what they perceive as the growing influence of the chinese government in hong kong's affairs they feel their demands are being ignored and frustration is growing it should be said that if i chiefly feel things you respond to i was patient myself terry and i have a lot of emotions. in this society so i think that's why we come out is to
4:57 pm
let's just hope that they can respond to. part of the anger is also to his depletes whom they accuse of using excessive force but the protestors are under pressure for bringing chaos to districts. these divisions. apart between a content with the present and one that is worried about the future but at the. core. thousands of people have been left homeless after a fire swept through a slum and the capital bangladesh and again on friday evening and poor area i fighters put out the fire after several hours he has more from the scene of the fire and. absolutely devastating scene in the slum over $3000.00 family lived there nothing is left even the trees are burned many families actually were in their rural villages for the holidays now they'll be devastated when they come back some
4:58 pm
people are trying to salvage their life saving what about they out some said they will actually rebuild their home because they're not very hopeful they're going to be rehabilitated or they're going to get an alternative shelter many of the slum dwellers complain to us they're not getting any food or water they don't know what to do what their future holds but most of them said that we will rebuild our home because we don't have a place to go some of them been living here over 30 years many of them moved from the island bowl of this village homes were washed away by the sea so they are here for generation that work here as either rich or as a day laborer or as a government worker the ruling council that will lead sudan into a new era of democracy is due to be named on sunday that's after the main opposition coalition and the ruling military council signed a historic agreement it will travel from across the country to the capital where that deal was signed and the morgan has more from khartoum. after 18 months of protests and 4 months of negotiations sudan's ruling military junta and the
4:59 pm
opposition coalition known as the forces of freedom and change into a final power sharing deal marking the start of a 39 month transitional period you know there always a man. for whom that is where i stand before you with pride after we've overcome the stage of preparation and progress to the stage of construction we chant together with honest hearts that the focus now is on the nation a nation that is proud of you and you of it a country that has produced people who have raised its name with their generosity in achievements the final agreement includes a transitional period led for the 1st 21 months by the military and for the remaining 18 months by a civilian from the opposition coalition it also includes members for an executive council nominated by the f.f.c. and they will also have control of 2 thirds of the seats in the legislative assembly. but the coalition that has negotiated the deal has other challenges some of its own members have refused to recognize the agreement saying it doesn't
5:00 pm
address the core issues of conflict in the country other members say bringing peace will be one of the top tasks of the transitional government. that the issue of war and peace is one of the most important priorities of the coalition and we work to tie the issue of peace to the issue of democratic transformation because we believe in the right to live in peace we believe in the rights of the martyrs for the displaced people and for a few games we affirm. the names for a comprehensive peace in all areas of conflict. and. outside the whole people celebrated the hope for a new phase in sudan's history but with cautious optimism the signing of the agreement on saturday.


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