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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 19, 2019 6:00am-6:34am +03

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attack barack to deaden and unjustifiable. well afghan leaders in the taliban lay blame children lay on their relatives graves too young to understand the forces that tune today of joy into one of tragedy dallas al-jazeera kabul. violence in afghanistan comes against the backdrop of ongoing talks between the u.s. and the taliban president all trump says he is having very good discussions with the group who are talking to afghanistan know about their government and also talking to the taliban have a very good discussions we'll see what happens we've really got it down to probably 13000 people who will be bringing it down a little bit more of the world is tired whether or not we'll be staying longer and we're having very good discussions with the taliban who have a very good discussions with the afghan government. still ahead for you on this
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news hour from london thousands are left homeless after a massive fire in bangladesh destroys shanty homes in a crowded slum area a leaked government report predicts brecht sick chaos if the u.k. leaves the e.u. in october without a deal and in sport is formal while chanting sends out a warning message as it was the last 6 championships. iran says its oil tanker held for 6 weeks off the british mediterranean territory of gibraltar should leave in the next few hours it comes after gibraltar denied a request from the u.s. department of justice to seize the vessel a supreme court judge in the british territory ordered the tankers released when asked about the tanker dispute president donald trump said iran would like to talk . simmons brings us more now from. the adrian del
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rio warm as it's called now also that's being displayed on all the automatic identification systems which shows that there is some level of readiness but let me just take you through recent events few hours ago a service boat came on the starboard side was unloading equipment and also supplies. using a crane before that this service but a bit on in perilous sea away from this the leeward side of the boats. actually transferring at least 6 new crew we saw additionally it would seem we heard of the radio a short sighted later a british voice definitely a british voice it seemed a requesting his laptop computer actually be lifted up there and then we heard that he would be returning to shore he has evidently been doing some sort of repair work
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or maintenance on the ship he is he described himself on the radio to the to the port authority as technician the other crew we think office is and it would seem now that as the iranian ambassador in london have announced earlier on sunday that this ship would leave tonight as far as the super supreme court in gibraltar was concerned when it ruled last thursday it could be released all aspects of fulfilment of the compliance to the e.u. sanctions on syria had been really reached in the sure and his legal assurances submitted to the court and indeed all e.u. institutions were given however the u.s. department of justice tried to the last minute to get the detention order extended
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that did not work the court threw it out it said it was fall to have the procedure been followed it wasn't within his jurisdiction. well in all the developments iran is saying a plan by the u.s. in turkey to create a so-called safe zone along syria's northern border is provocative and i'm u.s. and turkish officials agreed to establish the zone last week as a way to manage tension between turkish forces and kurdish fighters but the move has also been rejected by the syrian government who called it a blatant attack on the country's sovereignty. elite government report as predicted chaos if the u.k. leaves the european union without a deal there's now just over 10 weeks to go until the brics it date at the end of october but with no prospect of a deal in sight the leaked report warns of food and medicine shortages though the government insists it only outlines a worst case scenario so negate go has more. it paints a grim picture a leaked report in a sunday newspaper breaking down what the u.k.
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civil service says would likely happen in the event of a disorderly exit from the european union and the havoc it could entailed the dossier known as operation yellow hammer offers an insight into the plans underway in the event of a no deal breck's it and the enormous feats that would have to be achieved to avoid disaster it details a vision of a country in peace time forced to undergo food shortages jammed ports and a lack of fuel and essential drugs unavailable for patients also the ria parents of a hard border on the island of ireland with the prime minister vowing to deliver bracks it by october 31st with or without a deal the line from the top is that the report is merely scaremongering and that it's now outdated as preparations have been ramped up i think some of the concerns about brics have been exaggerated it's the case that there will be bumps in the
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road some element of disruption in the event of. the document that has appeared in the sunday times was an attempt in the past to work out what the very very worst situation would be so that we could take steps to mitigate that and we have taken steps not just to deal with some of the risks but also to make sure that our economy and our country a better place than ever to leave the european union on top of the 31st. in a bid to reinforce his promise prime minister boris johnson is set to visit french president of madrid back home in the german chancellor angela merkel his message that the westminster parliament cannot stop bricks it and the new deal must be agreed if britain is to avoid leaving the e.u. without the government has been putting extra money into contingency planning not just a few weeks ago the transfer allocated next for 2000000000 pounds to the sort of thing so you can't really accuse them of sitting on their hands they are seriously gearing up for no deal i think the aim is to get people in the european union to take that possibility seriously despite the swagger the reality for johnson is that
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he faces a constitutional crisis more than 100 m.p.'s have written to the prime minister calling for an emergency recall of parliament to discuss the situation and the opposition leader jeremy corbyn said he would look at putting forward a vote of no confidence in the beginning of september to bring down the johnson government and avoid a no deal brix it with less than 3 months to go the political wrangling continues beyond certainty has left the once stable british economy teetering on the edge of recession and its currency sharply devalued and little respite in order to contain that turmoil so he got ya go. well for more on the story i'm joined by dennis novi associate professor of economics at university of warrick so 1st of all how serious are the consequences of a no deal breck's it described in this leaked government report i think that can be
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very serious it's very difficult to say what exactly what happened where and which part of the country but what we do know is there will be serious problems at the border down in cali for example and certainly in northern ireland that means issues for food in particular because that's health and safety related pharmaceuticals these are the big issues that was certainly face up somewhere at some point the cabinet minister michael gove who is in charge of no deal planning is saying that in this report we are only. seeing a wuss case scenario described in other words a when it speaks about shortages of food and fuel and medicine this is an exaggeration well if we have no deal this is the worst case is will be the case i mean can't be worse and i'm in no deal means it's an easy it's a reasonable scenario yes not a west case yes but of course it's very difficult to pin down what will happen at a precise moment in time at a person place in the u.k.
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but we know there will be problems somewhere and the reason is we will no longer have the same regulation as the e.u. we will be in a different area of regulation no longer being a member of the e.u. and that's why these problems pop up and with that kick in on november the 1st it will kick in at night and you will have by law you will need to have customs checks and we know that british businesses and businesses on the continent are not prepared therefore the problem will be that right the minute we leave in any brics it scenario there are going to be more customs checks more procedure is how much more exacerbated does that become in the event of a no deal so just in real terms we're talking about real henri's that bring food. and perishable goods into the country that will be stuck aboard it going through extra checks and just congestion that stops and getting through yeah it will happen is by matter of law you suddenly have to have checks where previously there were
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none and by definition this is what no deal is minnow deal is almost a misleading name because it sounds like you and i are talking about something we can do greece so we have no idea this is not what it is it is in the leg it's an end of india because we have in india right now with the rest of the e.u. and that will come to an end it's not about whether you like breaks it will not everyone will have to contend with this and so in terms of the some of the ramifications that are outlined in this government assessment how serious could the food shortages be because obviously we rely on perishable goods and fresh food that is brought in from the e.u. but you know that this supply is going to be seriously disrupted well that will very much depend on how supermarkets and the government prepare for that particular industry so i'm not an expert on the supermarket industry would have to austin but of course will be and it is going to have it's going to hit businesses that trade with the e. class of course i mean if you are
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a business that uses intermediate inputs from the u.k. for example for the manufacturing industry in the u.k. your entire supply chain right now is about pods criss crossing the border again multiple times and that will be seriously disrupted in the car industry has been talking about this for years even prior to the referendum so in some sense the announcement of today is no news we've been having that for years what is news is the circumstances we now have a government in place that for the 1st time talks about pursuing actively no deal and that's the new thing they've said that they actually promise at bars johnson has said that he would prefer to have a deal but he is prepared to crash out if something doesn't materialize we know that he is going to be speaking with the german chancellor angela merkel and president of france. ah his meetings this week likely to make any difference to this in a row again we've been there for years the key thing to understand is no deal is the worst case for the u.k. and that's why even boris johnson doesn't prefer it but it's not the worst case for
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the e.u. the worst case for the e.u. is to cave in at the last minute and the simple reason is that it would undermine the single market and that's worse for them than having the disruption of no deal i think the real test for the prime minister is not the opposition i think the prime minister is quite confident that jeremy corbyn is a weak opponent the real deal for the prime minister is will his own ranks stand up will some tory m.p.'s get cold feet if economic trouble is down the way thank you very much dan is now the professor of economics at the university of warwick joining us at mexico city's south pole tepic park is one of the largest of an open spaces in the well that 7 square kilometers of park and forests offer a much needed response from one of the planet's most polluted cities for an estimated $15000000.00 visitors a year now it's been handed a prestigious global award as money wrap it reports.
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mexico city's chip we depict park is the largest urban forest in latin america. it's a massive area nearly twice the size of new york city's central park there's a manmade lake a zoo there's even an 18th century castle sitting atop a hill one of 8 museums located within the park complex. is the park's administrator and is especially proud of the diversity of attractions the park has to offer the local community he didn't move there is that the thought this park has everything from archaeological ruins to contemporary art we have an entire section devoted to sports and another section focused on conservation and capturing valuable rainwater for the city's awkward for years. one of the parks many hidden gems is a quiet reading space nestled among the trees there we met them goggles a caretaker here of more than 33 years he says the forest is rich in history but
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also has a unique effect on its visitors. this one of those who sometimes people arrive here emotionally charged but the energy in the forest removes all the negativity and stores it in the earth people always leave here more peace it's a place of positive energies. this summer the chap with the pick part was awarded the 2900 international large urban parks award a recognition that takes exception to a spaces environmental value to a city. and after all the most important feature of the park is the forest itself the world urban parks association has referred to pick park as a 7 square kilometer green long for mexico city walking among the more than 180000 trees that make up with that big forest it's easy to forget that we're one of the biggest and busiest cities in the world. mexico's dry season often means an increase in air pollution made worse by the more than 6000000 motor vehicles the
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transit the city of duluth there are species of trees here that actually trap contaminants from the air such as follows how organic compounds which are released when you burn fuel such as gasoline would coal or natural gas these dangerous contaminants are captured by the trees. there's even more good news coming from the world class to depict part mexico's federal government has allocated it additional one and a half kilometers of land to expand the already sprawling urban forest but up a little under mexico city. as well still ahead for you on the program and you see don we'll be looking at the challenges ahead for the next government following the historic deal signed between the military and the opposition. and i meant to ask i will never forget as a now really escaped death at the hands of a melting glass. and sri lanka claim
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a historic test victory those details along with the 4 now from the 2nd ashes test in sport. hello there still plenty of my son john throughout much of the mediterranean but still we have got some bright sunny is false as well further to the north across eastern sections of europe plenty of cloud plenty of rain those stand in the forecast and still on the way however in between not to cloud in the rain some very nice sunshine some petersburg is a good example look at these glorious sunshine temperatures in the low twenty's celsius as we go through monday that is some right in your forecast but again my choose day we should see high of about 23 with some good sunny skies now before that on monday we have got these curious guys across the east notice that temperature in moscow 22 degrees they getting warmer by choose day line of rain showers possible thunderstorms all the way down into the alps across into italy in
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switzerland by choose day some rain pushing into the northeast of spain as well but not a bad day choose and paris and london 22 celsius and there's that very warm 27 in moscow that's actually 6 degrees above the average for this time of year so warm and dry through much of north africa about 37 in tunis on monday not as hot across into cars at 35 celsius for you so prevailing a lot better about the same really on tuesday and then as you can see temperatures generally in the i 30 is 31 across in tripoli but have an all natural flow into rip but refitting very nice into partly cloudy skies with a high of 24. talking about i reports decimated populations of elephants and they don't ship the ivory out of a different country from where it was ok because that's where you start the search looking in the wrong place this radio carbon dating method tell us your trade ivory
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will then we have a place you can focus law enforcement take those out and perhaps coax the source of the r.v. from entering the network take no at this time on and you. the leaders of the 7 most powerful economies in the world meet in paris this august for the climate crisis is high on the agenda. but tried walls breck's it on the tension with iran will be vying for their attention how much progress i might follow the g. 7 summit on al-jazeera. millions of workers a big in slaved in the british films of india. explores how satellite technology is now helping to set them free. 0.
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i'll come back and look at the top stories now organizers in hong kong say more than 1700000 anti-government protesters have rallied through the night in one of the biggest demonstrations the territory has seen in recent weeks in afghanistan families there are burying the victims of saturday's suicide bomb attack in the capital at least $63.00 people died in the explosion at a wedding hall in kabul. and an iranian oil tanker is preparing to leave gibraltar after a u.s. request to seize it was rejected. all in all the stories we're following closely around 3000 people in the bangladeshi capital have been left homeless after a large fire swept through a crowd at some blaze an area took firefighters several hours to put out tender chowdhry reports. the challenge now looks like a wasteland thousands of shanty homes went up in flames in
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a few hours several people were injured and nearly $3000.00 families lost their homes like many others in the slums of dhaka mohammad free is a migrant from another part of bangladesh we're displaced a river erosion we don't own any land iran's any government homes we very poor we live day to day if we get some help then we may rebuild in make a living a 3rd is say they have made arrangements so that the slum dwellers left homeless by the fire can stay in schools in the neighborhood from now john or a big m says she has nowhere to go and not much to eat it was sort of c going to go there was a fire here and we had to flee with no time to take anything with us if anyone gives us them we can eat we just live in the street now it's not clear how many people are homeless according to the government about 750 shanties were burned down and 450 damaged. one were a big loss to life. savings model battleground rule i must i had 12 and everything
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was burned i barely escaped with what i'm wearing now i had some gold and around $3500.00 in cash but i couldn't bring anything with me i just managed to lock my door disaster ministry official said the government has provided $500.00 tons of rice and more than $15000.00 to help those affected but many are more concerned how they will rebuild their homes and their lives the money help with the monkey before prime minister has some empathy for us he can help us the poor maybe we can rebuild our home here over here again. fires at factories slums and markets are common in bangladesh as there are few if any safety measures emergency services said there are about 43 fire incidents every day and more than 90 people have died in fires this year alone most who live in slums are low wages and have very little choice as
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to where they can live people here said they have lost everything and they feel devastated some of the people have been living in the slums for more than 20 years many are trying to salvage what they are uncertain about what their future will hold and where they will leave next 100. dhaka bangladesh news from chad now where the president has declared a state of emergency in 2 eastern provinces after 10 days of ethnic violence president interestedly says the order will stay in place for 3 months and he would die and provinces at least 50 people have been killed in the last 10 days as farmers in a magic cattle herd fight of the land rights. transitional government is expected to be formed in sudan in the coming days this follows the signing of an historic power sharing agreement between the military and the opposition but while civilians even celebrating a new democratic future there are many political challenges still lying ahead
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morgan reports on this now from hard to. take you outside this little bakery in sudan's capital hard to means there's more pressure on safety. the baker says flour isn't as cost as it was my months ago so people don't expect a shortage but because of other reasons there is a shortage usually looks a bit of normal there's a shortage of fuel and we don't know why it has resulted in a shortage of bread because we've had to cut back on the bread we break and so the . bread shortage in december sparked a protest that quickly became a nationwide call for the country's long time president obama to be sure to step down he was deposed by the military april after months of demonstrations. the military and protest leaders have now agreed to form a transitional government. the final power sharing agreement was signed on saturday after months of talks babying way for what's many sudanese hope will be a new start. but the upcoming transitional government has 39 months to function as
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per the deal and many issues to tackle before elections are held at the end of its term. here and was ever possible 1st demand that we have for the transitional government is accountability for all those who did wrong to the people of this country no one should be above accountability and this should be a free and fair traditionary to deliver justice. for the geisha will stop shall i let that leave a lot needs to be done the government need to work on delivering health care and education the economy is important because we're suffering and we can't get food or child horse easily we want better services. and those are just among the many issues facing people here the transitional government will have to deal with the various conflicts around the country and the armed groups waging them some of those groups who are also part of the opposition coalition have rejected the agreement it will need to work on to dance kremlin constitution as well and hold elections all
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in a government that's just hours between the military and civilian. talks to form the transitional government weren't always cool and they broke down several times before the deal was reached we have the home of some analysts say how the 2 sides work in their partnership will have an impact not just within the country but in its relations with other countries there's a lot of our sources i mean sudan is on the u.s. list of states sponsoring terrorism and to lift it a lot of issues need to be resolved with regards to internal politics like the issues of war and peace in the country and the main problem between the 2 sides will be in issues related to conflict and secure over to. the deal signed many like safe we'll be looking to see what changes come their way sudan is now a nation waiting to see if its new government will be able to fulfill the demands of millions of its citizens here but morgan al-jazeera has its own. migrants have attempted to swim ashore from the open arms rescue ship anchored off the coast of
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italy 4 men in life jackets made a break for the coast before being chased down by crewmembers. let the rescue ship dock and the captain has turned down an offer from spain because of what he's calling an emergency situation on board ship is carrying 107 people rescued from the mediterranean mainly from africa. yes there is only one thing we have been calling for daily is people jumping into the water from rates of violence panic anxiety crisis what else do we need dead people. those who do not die you see you have to die here on board open arms is not what it takes. good i hope the public prosecutor's office act and act now we're going to see something sustainable. well on saturday italy's interior minister about to political pressure and allow children on the boat to disembark. the presumed miners the presumed refugees fleeing a presumed who are presumed no i'm alone against everyone the prime minister wrote
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to be to let people get off the boat do i need to end up in jail because i defended the border and the security of this country i will do so if need be. and it comes as the turkish coast guard has stopped more than 300 people making the eastern mediterranean crossing to the greek island of kos 7 coast guard operations have taken place in the past 24 hours the people rescued come from syria afghanistan iran and iran. turkey says the numbers risking their lives has surged with nearly 700 seized off its west coast last week. at least 2 people have been killed and several others injured during to rancho rain in india's northern himalayan states flooding caused landslides and states of a terror count in here much of pradesh it also damaged several roads stranding hundreds of people $270.00 people in india now died from floods and landslides so far this month. well in other stories the indian government says that it will ease
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more restrictions in parts of the kashmir region it controls a curfew and a communication blackout have been lifted in some areas but restrictions have been tightened in other parts meanwhile the blocking of trade between india and pakistan is having an impact on kashmiris on both sides of the border some a binge of aid reports from chuck ot on the line of control which divides the neighboring countries. the traffic means no flood tires to repair. indian administered. between india and. 150 registered vehicles. that was because of the. exchange of goods and no payments were made. it provided.
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the dividing line between. opportunities for profit. and. the trade with. the trade the trucks. feed my family. and after. relations between the neighbors have hit. 35. every day. 300 people. many people here. day.
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to day and. there's nothing to eat or drink that we can afford the only jobs here were for laborers loading and unloading trucks people are desperate it's a question of survival for hundreds of families no one cares about us. these. days. he hasn't heard from them since the. indian government severed kashmir from the outside world he's also a traitor and says he's lost sleep because of his daughters not for the hundreds of thousands of dollars stuck in kashmir after trade ended. their internet phones of internet and land lines are blocked there is no communication traders are also on the extreme difficulty as our money is stuck on both sides of the trade and bus service only began with the help of the international community we demand the same from them now traders estimate 25000 kashmiris have been affected in both sides.
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and every been associated with that trade or more financial burden with each passing day. on the line of control but a fun administered kashmir mourners at the funeral of 3 palestinians killed by israeli forces on saturday have been calling for a tally ation the 3 men were shot dead because a border fence comes after an increase in tensions in the run up to the israeli elections harry force it has more on this now from west jerusalem was thousands on the streets of here in northern gaza calling for revenge against israel this was a mass funeral for 3 palestinians in the early twenty's mohammed see mahmoud. and mohammed. targeted by the israeli army late on saturday night. saw a lot of the old item on the palestinian fighting groups retaliate against the israeli
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crimes either and we spank from gaza. israeli military says it used tank and helicopter fire on the group after spotting armed men near the border fence it comes a week after 4 armed palestinians were killed in similar circumstances in a month that has seen a surge in attempts to break through the fence. hamas and islamic jihad according them unsanctioned individual actions carried out by angry youths. there is anger among the palestinian youths over israeli aggression and crimes including the crimes in dealing with palestinian prisoners arrest and attacks on west bankers and the siege on gaza all israeli aggression created this kind of anger among the palestinian youths for a 2nd night in a row on saturday rockets were fired out of gaza one of them landing on a terrace in the israeli town of steroids increasing in security around gaza in recent weeks is being seen in israel as at least in part related to the upcoming
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elections in september before the recent polls in april there was an upsurge in rocket fire out of gaza seen here as a way of trying to increase pressure on israel at a politically sensitive time. in recent months rocket fire as long as it resulted in no injuries or loss of life has typically been followed by israeli airstrikes on evacuated bases and camps inside gaza these attempts to break through the gaza fence though are being met immediately by deadly force there's little doubt the temperature is getting higher again in and around gaza but the chances of another military escalation are also on the rise. al-jazeera west jerusalem argentina's treasury minister has resigned amid a financial crisis triggered by the president's shot poll defeat their quest to germany says the government needs to make significant changes to its economic policies but they say shed 20 percent of its value against the dollar last week after president.


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