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defense spending is in the world but the emerging superpower ramp up its security purely on imports plus the young people tap into the world of sports and streaming services we are pay t.v. killing off leash for. counting the cost on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. hello i'm adrian forgotten this is that he was a live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes the battle heats up at a key town in syria's province with accusations by turkey that its military convoy was attacked. a court in his evidence that for president obama al bashir received millions of dollars from saudi arabia. a new york city police officer is fired over
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his deadly handling of an unarmed man which led to the black lives matter movement . and power play and it's only days after the ruling coalition collapsed the prime minister's future remains on. to a key is condemning an airstrike that narrowly missed its convoy in syria's last rebel held it live province syrian russian warplanes have been pounding the area turkey's foreign ministry says the attack violated agreements with russia which is a powerful ally to syrian president bashar al assad damascus says the convoy was heading towards the town of qana shakoor and to protect rebels but ankara denies that accusation 0 saying the holder reports from beirut. a syrian or russian warplane is believed to be behind this attack close to a turkish military convoy it was making its way through the. opposition controlled
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province of idlib turkey says it was heading to one of its observation posts. that in the harbor town of more ak and like the rebel controlled town of hunch a horn a few kilometers away it could soon come under siege and syrian government forces and their allies advance the syrian foreign ministry is accusing turkey of trying to stop the army's advance and providing support to what it calls terrorist groups turkey's local allies the so-called syrian national army were recently seen heading to the front lines to help fight the government's military push the nation and army were sent in massive amounts to the front lines and and the 2nd we have seen today mourning the turks armisen mess of calm war 202 established. and. cutting 5 highway that highway will allow the syrian government to collect cities under its control and revive trade but many population centers like lie along
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the road the town used to shelter up to 100000 syrians before the military escalation started in april many of them had been displaced from nearby hama province it's now empty as government troops and their allies are a few kilometers from reaching its center. syrian regime did not enter haunch a clean and fighting continues in the vicinity of the city the turks have sent reinforcement to prevent the syrian regime from entering college and as usual the syrian regime targeted the turkish convoy turkey is a key guarantor in this region as part of the deescalation equipment and we do not expect it to give up the airstrike may have been a message from syria to turkey whose defense ministry has condemned it as a violation of existing agreements and cooperation with russia and to. deployment
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of troops seems to have been its own message to syria and its backer russia not to advance any further but many are asking are both sides just posturing or will this sharp escalation in tension turn the proxy battle in into a different kind of war. beirut let's give you a little more background on the last rebel held province in syria it's home to 3 and a half 1000000 people half of whom are internally displaced air raids on the area have intensified in recent days after a short lived ceasefire pro-government forces seeking to surround the area can shake cool in the focal point in recent fighting is a rebel held town controlled by former al qaeda affiliates it's of strategic importance because it has a major highway that connects the capital damascus with the northern city of aleppo in the past 4 months the u.n. has documented 500 civilian deaths due to the fighting russia and syria though insists that they are targeting rebel groups and not civilians joshua landis says
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the rector of the center for middle east studies at the university of oklahoma he says the battle for can't shake koon in northwestern syria is vital to all warring sides. the major highway connecting damascus to aleppo the north of the country runs right through this area and whoever controls concha koon is going to be controlling the highway as well this is vital for the national government to reestablish connections with aleppo rebuild the country otherwise aleppo is really quite cut off and will never be revived so this is a major struggle and it's very important to both sides syria and assad demand that they're going to insist that they're going to take control over all syrian territory and restore sovereignty to damascus that means taking away this area big area of italy province which is still under rebel control supported by turkey northern aleppo cars controlled by turkey and ultimately the regions in the
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northeast that are controlled by the united states and kurdish forces the stun a process in which these these agreements were hammered out is falling apart to a degree here and it led because. originally turkey had agreed that it would withdraw rebel forces particularly jihad us forces away from conch a coon and and this and a buffer zone they've been unable to do that because the jihadi forces aren't listening to ankara so this it really raises the question of you know there isn't an agreement that's operative right now so both sides are claim the other side is violating the agreement and they're there get moving towards an outright battle russia is trying to sit in the middle of this it's very important to russia that it get along with turkey at this point the misses that we saw turkey by from russia the 400 s. 400 missiles are still in the balance america says they won't put sanctions on
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turkey if turkey doesn't activate those missiles so russia has a lot at stake in maintaining a good relationship with turkey it will not want assad to push this battle too far and ruin that relationship. the u.s. has tested a ground floor missile with a range of more than 500 kilometers the test would have been banned under the intermediate range nuclear forces treaty washington formally withdrew though from that landmark 987 pact with russia earlier this month alleging that moscow that already been violating is the u.s. plans to test an intermediate range ballistic missile in november more from particle hated washington. the u.s. department of defense has announced that it has in fact gone ahead and tested a land based cruise missile this would have been banned under the intermediate nuclear forces treaty that the u.s. had signed with russia but let earlier this month the u.s. said that they were going to withdraw from that treaty because they said that russia had been violating the terms of the agreement now that's something that
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russia denies so all we know is this test took place on sunday in the afternoon in california and the military saying that it went more than 500 kilometers and then accurately hit its target again the more than 500 kilometers is the key because that sort of testing hasn't been done in decades because it had been prevented by the treaty that says you cannot test land based cruise missiles that have a range between 502-5500 kilometers so the u.s. said that they were going to take this step they say they're going to have more tests in the future the big question now is where they're going to try and put these land based cruise missiles we know that the secretary of defense has hinted that he'd like to play some in asia china reacted strongly along with the u.s. allies say that that was not a good idea but this again he said it will take time before any placements are made this is a 1st step but it is a 1st step that the u.s. has now taken sudan's former president omar bashir says that he received millions of dollars from saudi arabia's royal family during his presidency but he told
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investigators that the funds weren't included in the country's financial records the revelation came during his 1st court hearing on corruption and bribery charges since he was forced out of office by the military in april which is eras have a morgan reports now from 2. he was once feared and guarded as the head of the country now sudan's former president on what it was here is under a different guard as he appears in court to face criminal charges which include illegal possession of foreign currency and bribery investigate to see if he found more than $130000000.00 in his house days after the military deposed him in april. present. the head of a country to trial proves that there is a rule of law in the country and that no one is above the law this message is not just for the ousted government but the incoming government the case will resume next week we can't tell you what the outcome will be but we can say that we are assured that the case is going in the favor of the defendant the court heard that
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bashir admitted to receiving $90000000.00 from saudi arabia he also admitted to receiving millions more from the ruler of the united arab emirates during his time as president bashir is 10 sudanese soldiers to fight alongside the saudi u.a.e. coalition in yemen but investigators say the former president said he doesn't know how the money he received was spent nor did he follow up on its use he was also charged in may for inciting to kill protesters in demonstrations that started in december over the rising cost of bread which quickly turned into a nationwide anti-government movement those charges are yet to be heard in court charges not addressed are charges that are brought against him by the international criminal court which involve work crimes crimes against humanity and genocide the transitional council that ousted him said that they will wait until a transitional government is formed and an independent and impartial judiciary is set up and that body will be the one to determine whether the former president should be tried for these crimes and if he is whether he's guilty or innocent. more
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than 300000 people have been killed in the western region of darfur since 2003 and more than 3000000 displaced international experts say there are many reasons as to why bashir isn't likely to be handed to the international criminal court. recent research demonstrates. warrant of arrest released by the international court would do not really. provide incentives for a peaceful solution the current transitional government is composed also by many who are deeply dissipated allegedly of course in the massacre is that late since the 1003 so we should start asking the question on whether the just weak claim the i.c.c. could bring to sudan wouldn't be a plus saga of justice but after 30 years in power with immunity from any kind of
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prosecution for people in thought then the corruption charges are applied to scottish justice then a ton of them were going under their 2 young famine is the secretary general of the international association of democratic lawyers he says that omar al bashir was also be tried in sudan for human rights violations done for. well actually. i'm i hope that it will be possible to. also try these aspects human rights violations in sudan it's of course very difficult in a crisis situation like this when regime is toppled then another government comes in it's very difficult to set up an independent justice but if such a trial. can be conducted in saddam it's i think much more to be preferred than a trial in an international court because we've seen that the international courts are not really
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a very big success and so the local court is of course only over a much closer to the evidence well the whole question there is whether the international court to the international criminal court good to have an independent view on that. and. from my experience the international criminal court hasn't proven that it really is independent from i would say geo political interests at this stage and so if saddam is capable of conducting such an independent trial possibly with international assistance and help it would be very important because international law anyhow for seize the principle of subject janet which means that the priority should be to the local court because the local court is always in a much better position to assess the evidence to look at all busy the elements of the context of the crimes that were committed the local court is in
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a much better position the question there is of course will the new sudanese government be able to set up an independent judiciary that offers all necessary guarantees if yes it would be much better to have a trial in sudan that to have a trial in an international court it with a new sound from the system to come on the program. i remember shaking with fear when checkpoints appeared in the small village of. anything guns everywhere a u.s. congresswoman denied entry to israel because painful memories of life in the occupied palestinian territories plus. a woman accused of killing a stillborn child. a manchester united dropped points of the season details coming up later. white's new york city police officer has been fired over his role in the death of a black man 5 years ago eric who was unarmed when approached by police on
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a city street died after he was put in a choke hold his death sparked protests of the race and police brutality that inspired the black lives massive movement gabriel i was on the reports from. the video of the moment new york city police officer daniel. unarmed black man eric garner trying to arrest him by years ago police say gardner 43 year old resisted arrest as he was being. he's heard saying his last words i can't breathe. his death led to the black lives matter movement and protests throughout the country against police brutality against blacks federal and local authorities never brought criminal charges against a police officer but an internal investigation did not conform with the rest procedures on monday police commissioner james o'neill said the officer would be
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fired in this case the unintended consequence of mr garner's death must have a consequence of its own therefore i agree with the deputy commissioner of trials legal findings and recommendations it is clear that daniel can no longer effectively serve as a. new york city police officer eric garners daughter was happy the officer was fired but said it's injustice her father was killed in the 1st place i will do everything in my power to so never see another era garner i don't even want to see another video of a person being choked out because this was supposed to happen to him is not supposed to happen i should not be here standing with my brother fatherless i should be here with my father. took that away from me also have a 17 the police union blasted the decision saying the officer was just doing his job trying to arrest an uncooperative suspect anyone that has been a police officer know every 2nd counts when you're getting possibly trained
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through a plate glass window your responsibility is the itself the person you are trying to arrest and everyone else while there is disagreement if the police officer should have been fired all sides seem to agree on one thing that 5 years was way too long to reach a conclusion in this case now the police commissioner is saying that in the future the department will decide much sooner on disciplinary action against any police officer accused of wrongdoing gabriel's on al-jazeera new york a u.s. congresswoman who was denied entry to israel on the fischel visits a spoken out rashida to lead a critic of israeli policies against palestinians and a supporter of a global boycott movement against the country was led to offer the private visits to see her grandmother in the occupied west bank but she says she turned it down because of oppressive conditions designed to humiliate here's what she says about
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would sing life under occupation. as a young girl visiting palestine to see my grandparents and extended family i watched as my mother had to go to do human eyes in checkpoint. i remember shaking with fear when checkpoints appeared in the small village of bedouin for tanks in guns everywhere i remember visiting east jerusalem with my then husband and him is courting that scored off the bus although he was a united states citizen just so security forces could harass him all i can do as my city's grand daughter as the as the granddaughter of a woman who lives in occupied territories to elevate her voice by exposing the truth the only way i know how as my detroit public schools teachers taught me by humanizing the pain of oppression more now from john hendren in washington. 2
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congresswoman who were denied entry into israel held a news conference with other people who've been denied entry to that country saying it was to highlight the human cost of the israeli occupation rashid it's a leap says history does have a habit of repeating itself and she talked about a congressman who was denied entry to apartheid south africa decades ago she said the difference is at that time the u.s. president and the u.s. state department were willing to help so that he eventually could enter that country omar the other congresswoman who was denied entry to israel said by enlisting a foreign power to take action against 2 american citizens let alone elected members of congress mr trump crossed a line that other presidents have not that is a reference to the fact that president trump urged israel to deny them entry and the white house has not backed down in a statement saying israel has the right to prevent people who want to destroy it from entering the country so what used to be
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a fairly nonpartisan issue that israeli palestinian issues is now becoming increasingly partisan with fiery rhetoric coming out of the white house and the makeup of congress changing so that democrats also have become more contentious because his state's has delayed its total ban on hallways access to american supply the move will allow the chinese technology giant to continue buying some components from the u.s. it old it's a fulfill existing contracts reports now from washington. and unexpected reprieve companies are dependent on wall voice who are giving them a little more time to wean themselves off that means for now u.s. companies will not face penalties for still doing business with the chinese telecom giant but the reprieve is temporary just 90 days been plenty of discussions with the president the president has made clear in his announcements yesterday that he's
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very concerned about more dealings with who are way the trump administration blacklisted way in may but almost immediately postponed the punishment something it's done once again as u.s. businesses in rural areas scramble to replace weiwei equipment they depend on to provide service we're not going to do business i don't want to do business at all because it is a national security threat but huawei is pushing back on that claim arguing this decision made at this particular time is politically motivated and has nothing to do with national security these actions violate the basic principles of free market competition they are in no one's interests including u.s. companies but the trump administration and u.s. lawmakers have long accused while way of backdoor espionage resolving those concerns has made huawei a bargaining chip in the ongoing trade war between the united states and china on sunday trump tweeted discussions to resolve that dispute are going very well still
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trumps economic advisors signaled a deal between the world's 2 largest economies is far from imminent low level discussions between the 2 sides are expected next week if those deputies meetings hand out as we hope they will and we can have a substance of renewal of the gosh ations then we are planning to have china consing usa and meet with our principals to continue to. in negotiations earlier this month the u.s. labeled china a currency manipulator for the 1st time since 1994 but last week delayed until december expected tariffs on products made in china like toys and electronics u.s. consumers like to buy during the busy holiday shopping season still the u.s. is not easing up all pressure on china the commerce department has announced it's adding $46.00 affiliates of huawei to
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a list of companies banned from working with american businesses as both democrats and republicans in congress urge the white house to maintain its hardline stance can really help at al-jazeera the white house the salvadoran woman at the center of a controversial abortion trial has been acquitted of all charges evelyn hernandez was charged with murder after giving birth to a stillborn baby in a public toilet she says she was raped and didn't know that she was pregnant and salvador has strict abortion laws and women who have miscarriages have been accused of murder in the past. year i also asked that justice and freedom be done for the 17 other women who have been locked up in similar cases my future is to keep studying and achieve my goals bolivia's president has delivered humanitarian aid to residents who fled wildfires in the center of the country billy hall for a 1000000 hectares of bolivia's agricultural heartlands been burned no deaths have been reported but the country has declared
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a state of emergency president everyone has promised to send more helicopters and hundreds of additional soldiers to combat the blaze of any of us here or if they move according to the initial information that we've obviously and it's very difficult to hold the fire and i must be sincere with the population as such we are all working to battle the fire soldiers policemen and we have 400 soldiers that are on their way to join 200 soldiers that already day. the white house says that u.s. president donald trump a spoken by phone with india's prime minister narendra modi and stressed the need to reduce tension with pakistan it's been 2 weeks now since new delhi revoked the autonomy of indian administered kashmir trump and modi also discussed increasing trade and preventing what they described as cross border terrorism. well the tension continuing over the disputed kashmir region our correspondent the sullivan jahvid has spoken with the president of pakistan administered kashmir to get his
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thoughts on the situation there anything can happen there can be miscalculations but before miscalculations india has taken escalate 3 steps in february this year indian prime minister had threatened pakistan with the use of nuclear weapons and at that time we had said that if he doesn't know what he's talking about by if he takes that step then that would mean a nuclear armageddon. and a nuclear winter not just for us but for the entire world and you can see more of that if you on talk to al jazeera at these times throughout the day tuesday and wednesday here on al-jazeera well life is slowly returning to normal in indian administered kashmir after india's decision to revoke the region's autonomy some schools reopened after the 2 week shutdown but had no students in attendance as 1st jamil reports from new delhi. it was a 1st day back for primary students in srinagar but many didn't show up some
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schools had more teachers and students others had virtually no one. less than a quarter of primary schools have reopened in tree hugger but even if more were to open many families say they don't want to send their children. home of the use of his kept his 3 young children home from school because he doesn't believe it's safe to let them outside. even the teachers won't be coming the other thing is there's no communication if i send them to school before. something happens. it was a better situation in other parts of indian administered kashmir some students piling to school were trying to look on the bright side. of us today we're going to school after a long time it's been $10.00 to $15.00 days since we went to school and met our friends i'm feeling. back and many felt much less optimistic.
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environment. it's already a bad situation living under restrictions and curfews is nothing new for people here they know how easily violence can break out and the consequences many people including children have been injured or killed over the years after joining protests were just being nearby when they happened the consequences of the revenues that. the future that young people and children see for themselves i think the. future. this activist recently returned from a fact finding mission indeed administered kashmir saying children are easily caught in the middle children as young as 11 years old who had been spend several days in police custody in legal custody. in the police station being beaten up and being intimidated and. that is partly why many here are worried about. safety of their children with more school due to reopen in the mission here valley facials
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and indeed administered kashmir say police will guarantee the safety of schoolchildren as they go back but many parents say that's too much of a risk right now given the continued protests along with security and communication restrictions still in place as jamil al jazeera you dealt with. a weather update next here on out 0 then an opportunity to peace the french president sits down with russia's vladimir putin and calls for an end to the conflict in ukraine. my relatives my name is mark charles the native american man who started his political career in his dining room but has his sights set on the white house. and show it may weather beats down rumors that he's about to find an old nemesis in the middle east details coming up later in school.
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hello again welcome back to international weather forecast all of the next few days plenty of rain is in store for the southern portions of china as well as over here towards taiwan you can see the satellite image the clouds are already there and they will continue as we go not only just tuesday but also into wednesday over towards taiwan particularly in the southern portions of taiwan we could be seeing anywhere between 20250 millimeters of rain falling across that region so we're watching that very carefully hong kong you'll be in and out of the rain with a temperature of $32.00 degrees well it is going to dry down here across parts of southern indonesia across much of that central area over the next few days most of the heavy rain is going to be a problem across parts of thailand over the next few days so we're going to be watching areas anywhere from a central and northern parts of western thailand with bangkok being on the edge of the rain with the tempter a few of $34.00 degrees maybe dropping down to about $31.00 but over here to. it's been achi all the way over here towards coleman port it is expected to be very
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heavy rain few with a temperature of $31.00 degrees and heavy rain is going to be a big problem here across parts of central india over the next few days and that is going to extend over here towards the north as well in this area we could be seeing anywhere between another 202300 1000000 reason as we go towards wednesday and kolkata expect to see the rain continue with a temperature of $32.00. the weather sponsored by catalona is. rewind attends with a new scenery. and plain updates on the fast amount dizziness document chains one bag. rewind continues with howling and crown i will complete the onion the onion the fruit it's hard to see them from the entity you are holding on by their fingernails to the 2 state solution today it is still barely possible on al-jazeera it's my privilege to name al-jazeera english
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the broadcaster of the year the country as a fighting each other that we've been told that we chronicle here these are still are just an illustration it's been a help to refugees since over 700000 here are some of the nicest losers on the planet here only to think that they could be plastic here. al-jazeera english. recipients of the national kristen's growth comes to be a little. hello again it's good to have you with us a very unforgiving here in doha with the news out from al-jazeera the headlines turkey is condemning it as trike that narrowly missed its convoy of the last rebel held province in syria's north syrian regime and russian warplanes have been
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pounding the area meanwhile syrian forces say they've taken control of a checkpoint in it lip of move which would give them access to the strategic town of concha cool. a court in sudan has heard that president omar al bashir tell a vest against his saudi arabia's royal family gave him millions of dollars during his presidency but money was not included in the country's financial records alba she is on trial for corruption. and the new york police officer involved in the chokehold death of an unarmed black man in 2014 has been fired a video recording showed officer daniel plan to layer wrestling eric got out of the ground gonna can be heard repeatedly saying that he couldn't breathe. 20 soldiers have been killed at least 40 are missing after unidentified faces stormed the military units in the book you know fast so the attack happened in not soon due in soon province the military says that it could be the country's deadliest attack on the armed forces the key to faster has ensured months of violence with the deaths
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of hundreds of civilians. the leaders of france and russia have indicated a new round of talks may be on the table to end the conflict in ukraine putin said that there was cause for optimism during a meeting with. the french president's summer home in southern france reports. ladysmith putin landed at the medieval break or solve emmanuel mackerel summer residence on the mediterranean sea the french president said he hoped to persuade the russian leader to help in fighting in eastern ukraine mackerel said ukraine's new president. promised to end the conflict for a fresh russian backed fighters and ukrainian forces have been no war since russia annexed crimea in 24 to 20. is made by president selenski i think really changed the situation putin has spoken to him several times in recent weeks
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and it's an opportunity for us to revisit the situation to exchange and prepare future meetings concerning presidents alinsky and chancellor merkel we hope for a new summit in normandy format and the coming week with the 2 leaders seem to make progress on ukraine and putin told mackerel there was cause for optimism but there was little common ground on syria the russian leader rebuffed my calls demand that syria's moscow backed regime stop bombing the it lip region we. have been several attempts to attack a base from the area that's why we support the efforts of the syrian army to end terrorism threats there. the talks camas macro prepares to who still leaders from the group of 7 nations including donald trump the g 7 with the g 8 until russia was excluded in crimea the timing of this meeting just days before the g. 7 summit is significant wants to highlight france's ability to talk to all saw its bolster his country's standing on the international stage and despite the clear
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differences between paris and moscow michael says it's important to keep dialogue with russia. even though russia is not in the g 8 today's genius even in a way it was never totally excluded because political leaders realize that they can't totally ignore russia's position as a world power. micros attempts to reach out to president putin could be a risk the russian leaders proved uncompromising in the past but the french president hopes his efforts could lead to brokering peace in ukraine and ending europe's only war. i'll just sirrah forte france russia is to investigate allegations of foreign interference in its upcoming local elections in moscow some local politicians say that foreign meddling is encouraging all the rise to rallies a parliamentary committee has now agreed to set up a special commission lisa violently broken up large demonstrations of opposition
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candidates who are banned from running in the election. at least 9000 people have been ordered to leave villages on the spanish holiday out of the grand canal area because of a wildfire 16 aircraft are more than 1000 firefighters attacking the blaze which has flames as high as 50 meters the fire which began last week is advancing on several fronts due to high temperatures strong winds and low humidity. italy's prime minister is expected to address the senate on tuesday over a growing government crisis is epicanthic could be on the cusp of handing it is resignation of the coalition between the far right league policy of the populist 5 star movement collapsed a few days ago some of gago reports from rome. it was never a partnership of equal measures held together by an independent prime minister italy's 2 populist parties the far right the the anti establishment 5 star movement
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comfortably wedded to each other in a coalition of convenience. between the 2 the dominating force had always been the league with its strident anti immigrant policies and heavy reliance on its leader. combative personality and to prove popular eclipsing the 5 stars presence in the coalition. taking advantage of his surge in popularity really 2 weeks ago salvini took a gamble and announced that his party's alliance with 5 star was over the leak put forward a motion of no confidence in the government and salvini called friends actions that could make him prime minister call it hubris or a nail time intervention the move hadn't quite worked out as salvini had hoped instead the 5 star movement and the opposition democratic party began to talk openly of forming a coalition among themselves leaving salvini out in the cold his supporters call
5:38 am
him their captain but his latest venture has left him adrift faced with the prospect of losing power back down and said he would be prepared to stick with 5 star with perhaps a cabinet shuffle but his one time allies the damage had already been done. but it won't be an easy ride for 5 star either their decision to go into coalition with the far right party has cost them half of their supporters a humiliating defeat at this year's european elections and the league has overtaken the 5 star movement to become the most popular party in italy the contrie is going right just moments to population economic reform liberal terms wants market reforms and the fast movement have always been embracing. they cannot make policies so i don't think they will come back in a political approval from the masses of italians who are somehow demanding new elections it is a bitter breakup for 2 parties which will always ill suited for each other
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a fight for italy's identity between the far right and more centrist forces and with a weakening economy close to a recession the country cannot afford any worsening of its political turmoil in the months ahead. al-jazeera rome. with $107.00 migrants on board rejected an offer to leave italian waters and sell to a spanish force the open arms charity vessel has called on the italian coast guard to transport the migrants to land it says that those on board are too distressed to make another voyage. lodge demonstrations in indonesia's west papua region of time violent protests is angry at what they say is police abuse against ethnic when students are poor forms the western part of the island of new guinea and has been disputed since the end of dutch rule under schapelle ripples. as protests spread across 3 cities and pop up thousands took part to show their anger
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management example in one of the capital of west papuan protesters blocked intersections by burning tires and brought some areas to a standstill and they set fire to the local parliament building. earlier in the day a protester named alfred explained his reasons for participating in this is racism against pop when people pop when students were attacked and arrested only because they were willing to raise the indonesian flag or the incident he's referring to happened over the weekend on independence day rumors spread on social media that ethnic pop and students living on java island had damage the indonesian flag. their dormitory in surabaya was surrounded by a group of people who were recorded chanting kick them out and other anti west papuan slogans. rather than disperse the crowd police fired tear gas and raided the compound on saturday. more than 40 ethnic pop when students say
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they were subjected to racial abuse as they were being detained. after being held for nearly 9 hours the group was released without charge. this incident clearly disturbed the unity as a nation the government ordered a thorough and fair investigation of the incident and those who had violated the law we will pursue anyone who used this incident for their own interest. in the past indonesia's government has blamed separatists for stoking violence in the west papuan region which has been home to a low level armed rebellion by indigenous pop once for decades in the 1st day of. good policy by giving amnesty inside. prisoners however in the recent situation he forget about you know how to preserve. as a human or human rights. the latest allegations of
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police abuse are likely to add to their list of grievances and or chapell al-jazeera. afghanistan locks 100 years of independence president says that his government is committed to eradicating and destroying eisel the armed group has claimed responsibility for saturday's attack in kabul which 6 in which $63.00 people died at a wedding reception reports. 100 years ago afghanistan gained its independence from britain in kabul remind us everywhere. we are very happy that we became independent on this day 100 years ago and that's why we are celebrating it. just like i'm celebrating independence day today i'm happy i like the. children also celebrate with cricket calling it the great gang it's a hangover from british colonise ation in the region yet these children are unaware
5:43 am
of another great game played when a modern history began. in the 19th century afghanistan was caught between russia pushing south and the british expanded waste from india afghans for to retain the sovereignty but were peaceably occupied by the british to the treaty was signed in 1919 decades later during the cold war afghanistan was again stuck between 2 world powers russia and the united states in 1959 eisenhower became the 1st u.s. president to visit the country both nations called it afghanistan influence leading to rapid botanizing in a more liberal afghanistan in the fifty's and sixty's. all came to afghanistan on christmas eve 1979 and never left the soviet union invaded and took kabul within 3 days. islamic guerrilla fighters known as the motor who dean fought back with u.s.
5:44 am
support 1000000 people died in the fighting until the soviets withdrew a decade later a civil war intel a ban rule followers national landmarks and infrastructure were destroyed by cavil's darla man palace. and this is how it looks today president gandhi had planned to inaugurate the building for independence day sign of how far the nation had come but again conflict intervened the spurning the event after and i saw suicide bombing killed dozens of people just a few kilometers from here many afghans are resisting celebration for another reason they feel this sovereignty is still compromised. the younger. son believed. this since it's by the soviet union and by the united states of america. the u.s. invaded in 2118 years later having spent $800000000000.00 and with $13000.00 troops
5:45 am
in country it's negotiating its withdrawal with the taliban so if the afghan government isn't involved but those talks could mark the start of a new afghanistan the afghans hope they can shake their identity without the 3 of who were into fair. kabul in chile for nearly 4 decades members of a german sex that became a refuge for nazi fugitives were enslaved and abused by the paedophile leda more than 100 victims of the so-called dignity colony set to sue the chilean states for damages a latin america and its lucy a newman reports from. on the foothills of this mountain range in central chile lies on a large rural estate. shafique was 3 years old when his parents and 300 other german emigrants came here in 1962 to establish a plummy and their leader was self-proclaimed pastor paul schaeffer a former nazi who turned the so-called dignity colony into
5:46 am
a prison for 40 years unimaginable things happened. from the age of 8 i was beaten and abused we lived in a nightmare in purgatory in a hell that's why today i want it understood that we still live in an unjust. horst and his wife helga who was born here had no formal education and worked 7 days a week with no pay. from infancy children were separated from their parents and the boys sexually abused by schaeffer young and old were beaten and drugged to keep them docile. to govern and. almost every day someone had to be beaten for 20 minutes and everyone had to take turns hitting the victim with a pole the community was under permanent surveillance and kept within electrified fences but some of the colonists did manage to escape through this the forest to
5:47 am
neighboring farms or to the nearby town of and when that happened paul shaeffer would call the local police which was in his pay there are documented cases to prove it and when that happened the police would bring the escapees right back here . lawyer winfred him for was also born in the commune i met him 6 years ago when he was preparing a lawsuit against the german and chilean states for their alleged negligence and complicity in the suffering of the colonists in may germany agreed to pay up to $11000.00 to victims as a token gesture but since chile has not agreed to settle out of court the lawsuit will now go ahead in. the chilean state ended where the colony began by a perverted sadistic pedophile who collaborated with the pinochet dictatorship and corrupted all the institutions in the area in the 21st century there was a slave camp before the eyes of the chilean state. horses among the a.v.o.
5:48 am
so colonists who remain on the property now called villa. like almost all the men he suffers from acute back pain from years of forced labor and with no pension or savings the couple is struggling to overcome economic hardship and psychological trauma. we want the government to help us receive justice because authorities knew what was happening here and did nothing. the lawsuit is for a $1000000.00 for each of the $117.00 plaintiffs it may help compensate they say but never erase the horrors that they still live with you see in human al-jazeera chile several people hoping to be the next u.s. president will be in iowa in the next few days at a forum focusing on native american issues one of the speakers will be mark chiles who is running as an independent not a serious alan fischer went to meet the native american who's aiming to change the
5:49 am
face of u.s. politics. mark charles hopes in 17 months he won't be walking in his dining room but from the oval office in the white house he's running for president and believes america is ready to elect a native american i am running this campaign not as a protest but a way. to try to change. a citizen of the navajo nation he launched his campaign as an independent online my realtor's our name is mark charles and since the launch he's campaigned mainly in native american areas for one very good reason native america alone has the power to put me on the ballot in all 50 states. that is incredibly empowering to our communities which for so many not just decades centuries has been left behind and disenfranchised by this nation and said you don't have any political or voting power and so you're going to be dismissed and.
5:50 am
journey the principle plank of his campaign the from the very beginning of the country marginalize many that the us constitution of we the people left women marginalized known whites and put power in the hands of a few i'm laying out this vision of let's build a nation where we the people truly means all the people one political expert says those who feel excluded might rally around him but not running for one of the 2 big parties makes it hard for his voice to be heard but i do think though that the constituencies he would have to win right and he knows that he's going to need all of these people who are you said marginal in our society and these are people who are becoming the majority in america so i think he has the right sensibility i mean i think his message of one of we the people is the kind of message that people are interested in and perhaps why people issue partisan labels but i do think the fact that he is an independent speaks to this larger issue that we have with people who look like non winners charles is only the 2nd native american to run for the u.s.
5:51 am
presidency his campaign is small who says tiny but he believes he is a big message and that the u.s. is ready for something new from someone whose roots go back to before america was america alan fischer al-jazeera washington. just ahead on the calls for indy cars make changes ought to get another major across the details coming up. in the spalls .
5:52 am
time for sports. thank you very much meant to say nice would have dropped the 1st points of the english premier league season they drew one all away to wolverhampton
5:53 am
will pull paul could have a want to go for them but he missed the 2nd half and ulti the draw means united to have 4 points from 2 games already going assault has now failed to be to all the hunton in 3 attempts in all competitions as united boss. or you venters begin the syria campaign this saturday against parma but it remains unclear where the new boss sorry will be in the dugout the 60 year old has been diagnosed with pneumonia him missed training on monday as well as a pre-season friendly over the weekend sorry only joined in june of following a season at chelsea in which he won them they were plagued. german football champions by munich have completed the signing of a new from barcelona the brazilian has joined on loan but by and have the option to make it permanent for fix the price of 133000000 dollars struggled since joining
5:54 am
us now from liverpool a 492000000 last year or so it is. because of violence importance and its history is the club that comes with a certain responsibility at every competition with expectations to win big titles each season and obviously the champions league is among them so i'm here to work hard learn to give my all and do my best to help my teammates win important titles . a little known defend playing in know the 9 and the women's league is in the running with the likes of little miss is la time for him which for a fee for award he listens and who plays for cliftonville a ladies is a nominee for the waldo goal of the year award for this strike officially called the award fans vote for the winner online of the prize was established in 2009 simpson could join an impressive list including your ma christian or nardo and all of issued if she wins. are there more calls for indy car to stop racing as
5:55 am
pocono raceway in pennsylvania after another huge crash there on sunday it happened on the opening lap of the race at the oval circuit that 5 cars were involved but there were no serious injuries thankfully one of the drivers felix rusin face that was hospitalized but has since been released have a look at the on board the camera shot and you get a real sense of just how terrifying it would have been. for many feel the track of pocono is too dangerous justin wilson died there in 2015 last year with cancer was catapulted into a fence leaving him paralyzed from the waist down al-jazeera spoke to indy car journalist john he believes it's the indy car regulations not the tracks creating
5:56 am
dangerous situations. i don't think you know it's any more dangerous than any other oval track on her schedule why it does bad karma in the last few years with 3 major accidents now and i think it's a product or. more of a modern racing itself and then you know it's. constantly designed to be as equal as possible. when nobody can create space so there's a very strong wind up in situations like that were cars run close proximity they can touch you when the cars touch you know when we announce your bookings now i think it's a product of the form of racing fans and if you read comments after any race whether it's national are going to go for the long they get upset when they don't get close race and the cars the regulations or the it's nascar or indy car the cars have been regulated so that no one can gain things and yes it's created incredibly
5:57 am
close and slightly worse which time the same time it's going to consequence the cars running as close together we can from together and saying that floyd mayweather jr has denied that he said to fight manny pacquiao in saudi arabia it follows a video that surfaced on social media on sunday in which the boxing legend said the fight is happening it hears that video i want to say thank you it's an honor to come to saudi arabia to say don't you guys talk about the mayweather patio saudi arabia floyd money made with a moment when they were they take spain that video was shot at is this yeah head of a promotional trip to saudi and that he was specifically asked to mention paki out however he confirmed that there are currently no talks for the fight to happen may with them packing house squared off at once back in 2015 american winning the bout by unanimous decision. and that's so useful for me we'll have more later on.
5:58 am
that's it from me to durham here next i'll see a guy like. building a new life on an antique beach living off the sea and then. a dream shared by so many but so few make it a reality. a family business led by a mockable woman with a flair for cooking and a zest. island kitchen on al-jazeera. across the united states indigenous families are searching for their loved ones for relatives of people who go missing finding closure is often impossible people are meeting here to raise money for the search efforts of the young woman advocates and
5:59 am
family members have started to raise awareness about the high rates of violence they disproportionately impact indigenous communities tribal police departments are understaffed and under resourced another factor is that tribes don't have jurisdiction over non-native americans for all crimes there but a lot of concerns that the federal agencies don't respond that they don't take these crimes seriously a lack of evidence is the main reason federal officials give for declining to prosecute crimes on reservations that shouldn't be the end of the discussion. there should be then a ok let's see while i'm wrong in this case why the is no evidence or why the evidence isn't good enough and make sure that doesn't happen again in the next episode of techno the teen travels to the heart of the amazon. where we are now should be grateful to investigate illegal gold mining mercury had a very unique characteristic of finding the goal for
6:00 am
a miner it's almost like magic and the technology being used to expose its devastating impact and so what we end up doing is imaging a forest in very high fidelity street. techno on all just 0. the battle heats up in a key town in syria's problems with accusations by turkey that its military convoy was attacked. a lie from a headquarters in doha i'm dare you navigate also ahead a court in sudan here is evidence that former presidents on martin bashir received millions of dollars from saudi arabia. relief a mother of a stillborn baby is found not guilty.


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