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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 20, 2019 5:00pm-5:34pm +03

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it's content on al-jazeera congressman are you interested in stopping crime. syrian rebels surrender the strategic town of qana ship cool enough to heavy airstrikes by government forces. i'm about this and this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up his prime minister tzipi conte resigns after weeks of hostility from his polish and. more refugees and migrants jumped from a rescue ship in a desperate to bed to reach italy's shore less than a kilometer away. also acquitted of killing her stillborn baby a young salvadoran woman says justice has finally been done.
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opposition activists in syria say rebels have withdrawn from the strategically important town of punish a coon in southern province the follows days of fighting which saw them firing rockets into government territory the syrian government has told its forces which are backed by russia that the battle isn't over yet the rebels also richard from the town of mourdock which is in hama and it's the site of a turkish military observation post on ciccone in southern italy province is the main population center that used to be a place where 100702 shelter before the military escalation began in april. towns nearby in the northern countries are forward to government forces but for the syrian government the big prize was getting control of. that will give it access to the 5 it's an important economic highway that crosses the country then
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a harder has more from beirut. is back under the control of the syrian government images released by pro regime media shows a town in southern italy empty of residents and fighters rebels withdrew early on tuesday after days of fighting and hundreds of air strikes its location gives the syrian government access to parts of a vital commercial highway that connects the northern city of aleppo to the capital damascus and has been a military objective for months this is a very important development in the course of this conflict. this is the 1st step in the 1st stage maybe. in an effort by the government to regain control of the territories along with the m 5 road between. aleppo i think the next target will be moderate to normal the opposition to just lose. rebel fighters had
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little choice but to leave towns further south in the northern hama countryside they would have risked being besieged if they didn't move further north the opposition was hoping the presence of a turkish observation post in the area would stop the government advance but an attempt by the turkish military to reinforce that position failed when an airstrike launched by a syrian or russian warplane on monday prevented it from reaching its destination. the syrian government and its allies have been advancing in the past 2 weeks they have now taken more territory than they did in the 1st 3 months of their military campaign it's not clear if the rebels had been subjected to heavy fire power are exhausted or if the army is using better tactics like concentrating the strikes close to the front lines and on rebel supply routes but the relentless airstrikes in parliament continue to force people into displacement in recent days more than
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25000 are believed to have moved north closer to the border with turkey war monitors and activists say over 700000 syrians are homeless since the military escalation began in late april of. the past few days witnessed unprecedented bombardment that is why the people who didn't leave during the 1st months of the offensive back everything and left most of them believe their houses will either be fully destroyed or taken over by the regime. the bombardment of opposition held towns across southern libya continues as the syrian government presses on with its offensive there have been more civilian casualties as rebels promise to defend what is left of their last stronghold the battle is not over there now for their al-jazeera beirut turkey's foreign minister. says it will not move its military observation post away from despite a convoy on its way there being attacked so his defense ministry says the airstrike
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killed 3. ok let me bring you some breaking news out of italy the prime minister's i think has just announced his resignation in the last few minutes to address the senate over the political turmoil on least by his coalition partner the leader of the far right not to v.v. and said that trying to put an end to the coalition could harm the italian economy so your game goes in rome and she's joining us now live with the latest we know that he has been speaking to the parliament what's he been saying. really he has given a farewell speech citing that even though there was still an awful lot to do the actions of this particular government and on this day on tuesday and then he went on very much to give direct criticism one of the deputy prime ministers the leader of the far right party. he laid squarely the blame at his feet because saying this
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crisis in the 1st place cues him of being an opportunist the saying that he had decided to launch this bid to for a vote of no confidence immediately after he had managed to successfully pass through parliament which would effectively ban ngo vessels from coming into italy with that he said writing on a wave of populism i'm conducting politics as he does in squares in the party rallies as well as across social media he said that he really had to play this very badly as well and that he worked more in the interests of of his party and for his own political profit rather than for the interests of the party with that set content then towards the end of his speech said that he would be willing to perhaps engage in old time it's
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a visions for the country but that he would not be tendering his official resignation yet. until the debate begins immediately afterwards as well so there will be approximately 3 hours of debate that will be conducted in the senate after that he will then go to the president's residence. and officially handed this is resignation however that does not mean that he is out of of his role yet because the president could very well request him to go and head up another coalition so really it is very much a scene that is being played out in front of our eyes and it could wind up with mr condit still contending to be head of the government sonia as you've been talking we've just been seeing pictures from italian t.v. talking. to the leader of the leader party addressing parliament there now as you say having been criticized by the county but irrespective of whether or not it's only gets a new prime minister the problems still remain don't play. absolutely
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and certainly since this coalition came about a very on easy coalition of 2 completely sort of politically oppose sides here the dynamics of how politics played out in this country have changed a lot and certainly because of the way any has conducted politics he. works in a kind of. basis where it's very much a personal reaching out to supporters he uses a very avid user of social media very much in in the style of donald trump that kind of populist tactics where he goes up and down the country organizing support rallies for his followers and promising that he is going to act upon his policies of stopping migrants from asylum seekers coming to this site this is also in a country which has seen an economy crawling
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a very very slow most sort of stuck economy here. that has been one aspect which is touched on italians as well his vision his anti migrate vision and also his argument that it's he has been left out on its own to deal with this migration crisis and very much gets enough air with many people following and agreeing with him and since the coalition is funny even though the leaked party was very much in the minority in terms of seats that the supports however on a popular level is that the likud party has overtaken 5 star and they are very much the dominant force in this government sonia thanks very much indeed. more refugees and migrants have been leaping from a rescue ship in the mediterranean sea trying to escape a voice in conditions on board and reached the nearby italian island of lampedusa the crew of the spawning ship says the situation is out of control adding that people are getting increasingly desperate they have been stranded for almost 20
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days with italy refusing to let the ship dog spain says they can go there and it's sending a navy ship to pick them up a lot as a spokeswoman for the charter to productive open arms and she says many felt they had no option but to jump. being living. now we risk. so going much in that the beginning of there we ended the rescue we were $103.00 we were leaving thinking and doing everything or work to do about. we think that all these people come for media grown for. abuses by the laces or kind of as they were sent on the i was really really you know so it was not allowed to go or stay off the grid you 19 days ago when he was the both so i want to say for me
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it was as if there was a happening in how rock uses them up and used to let me go with this and also the niece of a minor with these numbers on the not being flag day we could and so i thought it was the they are seeing right now the growth. of the 200 meter. they need that they've got to reach the growth so they need like the they they were is is but its government says it's extremely concerned about the disappearance of a staff member from its hong kong consonance has been missing since crossing into mainland china the u.k. foreign office says simon chang attended a business event in chen's then on august 8th and was supposed to return to hong kong on the same day but china says it's got no information about its whereabouts on kong police say they're trying to figure out what happened. see 5 point. 9
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from august leading to a missing person case but for the sake of personal data i couldn't just comes to too much detail and the case is currently under the and try read by the regional missing person unit of how and when we can and so far the hong kong police force does not receive and the notification from the mainland of storage is under the reciprocal notification mechanism and i hear word has more from london where we understand that simon chang travelled to shands then on august 8th to attend a business conference he told his girlfriend that he was going to come back the same day on the fast train but he simply didn't make it back home now the hong kong police have opened a missing persons inquiry into his whereabouts now they he is of concern of course to the british government because he is
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a member of staff in the british consulate so the u.k. foreign and commonwealth office has issued a statement saying we are extremely concerned by reports that a member of our team has been detained returning to hong kong from chen said they are now held trying to help the family of simon chang the chinese authorities in beijing say they have no information about his whereabouts of course this is all happening against a backdrop of increased tensions in hong kong because of the ongoing protests there we understand there are more and more checks at the border between hong kong and mainland china but of course these are very worrying times for simon chang's family . still ahead an al-jazeera the muslim in mom and christian pastor who are trying to end decades of fighting in northern nigeria. and thousands are evacuated as wildfires rage across the spanish holiday island of drunken area.
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however i get the impression that the seasonal rain in change in china this year hasn't really followed his normal course and at the moment is precious little feud by satellite or in the forecast for a good part of this eastern side of china for shanghai down to hong kong the dry couple days coming up the rains offshore taiwan the northern philippines getting the bulk of it the cloud is building to the western united in northern vietnam not toward sichuan that could well produce a significant amount of rain during certain particularly and it is edging this way but still looks dry in hong kong and shanghai right now the monsoon trough itself are made its major advances nice slowly dropping better back of course yeah we're nearly in september there's still plenty of rain to come if in flooding up in which pradesh again the green the next couple days is more nepal and southwards the 2nd
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class so of india is now dry in a good part of the west side of india and indeed in pakistan and afghanistan in detention system quite hard to the west is that we've got a warning of a heat wave if you believe in baghdad the temperatures in the high forty's we're looking at middle forty's versus saudi arabia and just below that in doha where of course weather and that's true throughout the gulf is humid. what is resistance. in a crack people are grabbing social and political issues by the horns. and time to sing creativity. and protest to challenge and change i.d.'s. gun a controversial witness documentary on al-jazeera. you're
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watching all jazeera a reminder of our top stories this hour syrian opposition activists say rebels have withdrawn from the strategically important town. in southern italy province that follows days of fighting which saw them firing rockets into government territory. italian prime minister who has offered to resign after the legal party leader and latinos salvini withdrew support for his government told the sun it's the collapse of the coalition would damage the italian economy. the u.k. government has raised concerns about
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a staff member from its hong kong consulate has been missing since crossing into mainland china simon chang attended an event in chen's and on august 8th but did not return. the u.k. and e.u. leaders appear to have hardened their positions on reopening brags that negotiations bring more doubt on any breakthrough before the october 31st deadline european council president donald tusk has. injected british prime minister abbas johnson's latest in months to get rid of the so-called irish backstop provisions in the current withdrawal agreement it's an insurance policy to prevent border shots between northern ireland and the republic of ireland honestly has more from dundalk near the republic of ireland's border with northern ireland. this is the more motorway the main arterial routes connecting the republic of ireland behind the camera to northern ireland in the u.k. away in the distance and it is the absolute flashpoints in the standoff between the
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european union and the u.k. in the crisis over brics it's what both sides say that they absolutely want a guarantee is no hard border because that would jeopardize the long standing northern ireland peace process and so that sends the idea had been to have this thing called the back stop leaving the border open until some new arrangement can be found whereby the u.k. can leave the european union totally leave the customs union technology probably but to maintain the open border well now boris johnson the new british prime minister who insisted the u.k. is leaving on the 31st of october with or without a deal has said the buck stop has to go because he says he will look the u.k. into the european union in this orbit forever and it's undemocratic but in his letter to donald tusk of the council of europe in which he says some alternative arrangements to be found he can't say what battles hundreds of arrangements is and so consequently his letter has been ruled out of course by both final task and by
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our politicians here who we've been speaking to as well the reason why it matters isn't just because if you can imagine border controls there big queues of traffic big effect obviously on cross border trade both for the u.k. and for ireland as well but the other reason why it matters is because in ireland they've been taking the absolute fear is that a customs post there would be attacked by dissident republicans and they would go for not just british but also irish customs officials and you'd see the reemergence of the troubles which blighted northern ireland for so many years the u.k. says it's a myth it's scaremongering the won't ever be a border we'll make sure it doesn't happen something else just east. be found but the trouble is boris johnson can't say what that alternative solution is and the closer we get to the end of october the greater the fears of the reemergence of the hard border and all the security risks and risk the trades that go along with all
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that. it's all the daughter and woman at the center of a controversial abortion trial has been acquitted of all charges evelyn hernandez was charged with murder after giving birth to a stillborn baby. reports. a celebration after being cleared of all charges evelyn hernandez has become the face of a car to decriminalize abortion and el salvador she faced up to 40 years in prison in a retrial after giving birth to a stillborn baby prosecutors accuse her of aggravated homicide the 21 year old said she was raped and didn't know she was pregnant. there is always the. today there was justice i want to thank all the countries and international organizations are supportive of me i also want to thank my mother who stood by me i know it was difficult for her to see me being accused of something i didn't do her case has
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been fought in court for years evelyn was 1st sentenced to prison and 2017 but was released 2 years later while she awaited a ruling in her retrial with 17 other woman behind bars under similar circumstances her legal team says the work was far from over. the way there are women who have been in prison for 10 years for something that isn't a crime we will keep fighting for their release. the case brought international attention to a salvador strict abortion laws of war ban was implemented in the central american country in 1998 including in cases of rape or incest women who go to public hospitals after a miscarriage are sometimes accused of murder and charged with aggravated homicide . we cannot allow this to continue we have to change the law we have to change the enforcement of the law and we have to free the women who are still in prison. after spending nearly 3 years in prison evelyn says she's ready to move on with her life
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out of court. this of a gun al-jazeera. at least 24 soldiers have been killed and others a missing after unidentified fighters stormed a military unit in brooklyn a fast so it happened in the region of soome northwest of the capital. the military says it could be one of the worst attacks on its armed forces since 2016 months of violence has killed hundreds of civilians for decades people in northern nigeria have endured almost constant conflict and couldn't a state the fighting pits the majority muslim population against minority christians are coming out of reports on reconciliation efforts. under the reign of the muscle the elements these are the latest victims of the ongoing violence it could do no state hundreds of them have been company this school since march this year when gunmen from an opposing tribe attacked their village killing dozens and
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destroying homes our main problem the moment is shelter from then where i would go but while there we talk about security. located in northwestern nigeria and with a population of nearly 6000000 consumers state has been embroiled in conflict for decades the violence has its roots in ethnic tensions between the state's muslim and christian populations the most them christian divide has been so eggs the baited by the fighting that the government has mandated these 2 men a muslim in mom and a christian cleric to use the potty to try and bridge the gap between the 2 communities and they're brought together traditional leaders to join their calls the politicians have taken this important element sensitivity to our religious values as a chess game for women political office this is why it becomes so seen. it was the james weir is him self a victim of the ongoing conflict he lost his arm when his village was targeted in
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the tit for tat attacks and now wears a prosthetic arm and i wish the know the benefits of peace sometimes i feel incapacitated i wish this superman somewhere in the movie can go drop water in trouble zones system to skill it will not help you the conflict is mainly concentrated in rural could do but it's also spilled into the city. the people of kut do not have also been fiscally divided along religious lines with the river could do not forming a natural boundary many christians have fled the state over the years fleeing almost and less cycle of violence forethought remain behind have sought refuge in the south on part of the city while the muslims dominate the north. this month the governor of could do now is also leading a force to bring peace to his conflict riedel state we're making progress wrong
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this was not built in a day we are very realistic expectations were pragmatic about this but what we are optimistic about is that we are now as a state as communities were moving in the right direction in the 1st 6 months of this year ethnic clashes in northern and central nigeria have killed an estimated 1300 people that is 6 times the number of deaths from the war with boko haram according to the international crisis group. it's these grim statistics that make the mid to bring peace to the affected areas of a more urgent muḥammad the world is eager kaduna nigeria u.s. president donald trump has spoken by phone with india's prime minister narendra modi and stressed the need to reduce tensions with pakistan it's been 2 weeks since india's parliament revoked the autonomy of indian administered kashmir and modi also discussed increasing trade and preventing what they described as
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a cross border tunnel was an. indian government has eased some restrictions in indian administered kashmir which had been in lockdown for more than 2 weeks and given some rest by the people of the capital shanika as well as journalists trying to report on the decision to strip the region of its autonomy. has more from new delhi. 10 days after a complete information blackout the indian government set up for computers with internet access for more than 200 journalists in a media center it controls in srinagar the reporters wait patiently until it's their turn. some on latif who writes for the indian daily the tribune says sometimes he queues for hours just to email his story and if he's lucky chat briefly with his editor. you have to stand in the queue and read for them and then when you send a story you don't get. to read the response of. then you had to go back again to
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the same computer and. they indian government has issued press passes to most journalists in the past few days but access to the internet is tightly controlled and freedom of movement largely restricted to within city you know that itself. conditions however have improved a little since the 1st days of the lockdown imposed earlier this month after a new delhi's decision to revoke indian administrate kashmir's autonomy. is what we're doing is trying in setting of the television set and trying finding out what's happening on august 13th the editor of the kashmir times filed a petition in india's supreme court against the communications blackout the government is saying that the people are happy everything is fine people are coming out on the lord let them tell us. that they are indeed happy desperate but if you run the global the newspaper's lawyer and human rights
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activist says journalists have had a particularly tough time even in the silencing and crippling of media what we see is the silencing of the media journalists we do not hear that why. it's been difficult for journalists to report from strain about the capital of indian administered kashmir for the past 2 weeks a minute on one of the phone booths opened by the government was considered a luxury and although some restrictions have been lifted making it relatively easier to file stories from the city the rest of the rally remains mostly out of bounds. al-jazeera new delhi. 9000 people of several villages on the spanish holiday island of gun canady oh well wildfires are burning a fire started last week and they've been difficult to contain so while it has more . shock and disbelief in gran canaria these villages were forced out of their homes as large wildfires burn out of control across the spanish island they started
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spreading across mountainous areas on saturday as high temperatures strong winds and low humidity fuel the flames this headline reads the unstoppable catastrophe that they told me i had to move accommodation and to get out immediately because the fire and especially the smoke was descending it was so so hot. i think the risk youth team saved me because i did exactly what they told me on the one hand it's good news because they contain the fire in the town on the other hand it's bad news because of the disaster that is happening. one of the biggest deployments of firefighters in recent spanish history is under way a crew of 1000 is working around the clock to control the fires the flames as high as 50 meters have made their jobs harder. preventing the water dropping playing. from operating in some areas. the fire is still beyond our extinguishing capabilities when the weather conditions start to change that's when we can start
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to control it. gran canaria in the canary islands is popular with tourists millions visit every year to enjoy its mountains and beaches and more the spanish government has assured them the wildfires are only confined to higher grounds environmentalists are concerned spain could lose some of its most important nature reserves. and this is all just here these are the top stories syrian opposition activists say rebels have withdrawn from the strategically important town. in southern province that follows days of fighting which saw them firing rockets into government territory italy's prime minister tzipi conti has offered to resign after the nigger party leader matteo salvini withdrew his support for his government on he told the senate the collapse of the coalition would damage the italian economy let this.
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motion of defiance of forced us to set a calendar for new elections there were also statements in these last days and in these last weeks that have forced me to put an end to this government experience. a spanish activist group says 9 migrants have jumped from its rescue boat into the mediterranean sea the vessels anchored off the coast of the italian island of lampedusa they picked up the migrants and refugees off the coast of libya several weeks ago it's called on the italian coast guard to transport them to land but so far italy's interior minister matteo salvini has only allowed in minors and those with medical emergency. british government says it's extremely concerned about the disappearance of a staff member from its hong kong consulate who's been missing since crossing into mainland china the u.k. foreign office says simon chang attended the business event and then on august the
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8 and he was supposed to return to hong kong the same day but china insists it's got no information on his whereabouts russia's accuse the us of escalating military tension after it tested the ground launched missile with a range of more than 500 kilometers the test would have been banned under the intermediate range nuclear forces treaty but washington formally withdrew from the landmark $987.00 pact with russia earlier this month the us administration says moscow had already been violating it the u.s. plans to test an intermediate range ballistic missile in the van and those are the headlines coming up next it's talk to al-jazeera life and. millions of people across india missed out on medical but a hospital train is delivering doctors and home to his most in need one i want to east towards india is a lifeline expire on al-jazeera. the you. see.
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this defeating fini heights one of the world's most dangerous flashpoint. a brewing an ongoing conflict between 2 rival. the ridge on the right is in india and the one on the left it's in pakistan. the 2 neighbors have fought 3 wars over kashmir and the latest crisis has once again highlighted 72 years of failure in finding a solution to. all british after the 2 countries gained independence from british rule in 1947 the majority kush we decided to extend to india that did not sit with the local population in pakistan and the 2 countries and their militias had their 1st war over. in 1988 a un resolution and later mutual agreements formed.


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