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saddam's opposition and the army announced a joint want to you formally disbanded the military council. and welcome to our own life from our headquarters in doha but the problem also ahead the most senior catholic cleric convicted of child sex abuse has a has appealed to. italy's prime minister resigns blaming bright. vini of toppling the government for his own gain and thousands flee the violence and reinforce retake a strategic town of the mostly profit. plus. the world's
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1st reusable world cup stadium will have more on the inspiration centered around sustainability. so don has formally disbanded the military council that took power after deposing longtime president omar al bashir the military and protest leaders have announced and 11 member sovereign council to run the country for 3 years until the elections are held will be led by left and general abdel fatah albert harm for the 1st 21 months but one has been had in the military council which is running the country soon speciate of us alstad in april from khartoum his head of morgan. the decision by sudan's military council to appoint a sovereign council comes in line with a power sharing agreement that was signed between the military and the opposition coalition known as the forces of freedom and change on saturday now asper that
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agreement the rule of the sovereign council will be largely ceremonial and it will be overseen the executive council which will be having members nominated by the opposition coalition and the legislative assembly which 2 thirds of its seats will go to the opposition coalition as well the sovereign council will have 11 members 5 from the military 5 from the opposition coalition and 11th member which has been agreed upon by both sides it will be sworn in on wednesday morning and after that a prime minister who has already been nominated by the opposition will be sworn in in the evening this marks the beginning of sudan's transitional period which will last for 39 months the 1st time $21.00 will be headed by the military and the remaining 18 will be headed by civilians it's taken more than 8 months of protest and more than 4 months of negotiations for the sudanese to reach to this point and start a transitional period but both sides the opposition and the military say they're now optimistic that soon sudan will start its transitional phase and that the
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journey to civilian rule has begun. of course in this trailer has held convictions against george pell the highest ranking vatican official found guilty of child sex abuse was sentenced to 6 years in prison in march on charges of abusing 2 choir boys when he was archbishop of melbourne 20 years ago his lawyers say the jury's verdict was unreasonable as they were blocked from showing a crucial video he'll be eligible for parole in the toba 2022. for now politics in italy is facing a leadership crisis after prime minister just said they can't take quit following divisions in the governing coalition conte accused his deputy far right leader vinnie of being an opportunist well italy's president want to talk to party leaders to see if a new government can be formed sagna guy go has moved from abroad. as leader of the government had overseen one of the most challenging coalitions in recent times
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battling one political crisis after another gone to aimed at being a stabilizing force between 2 vastly different political parties the far right league and the anti establishment 5 star movement it proved to be an impossible task and qantas said he would be offering his resignation but there was no question over who he thought was responsible. let me say that interior minister told me has showed that he is following his own interests and those of his party. in a blistering attack against any country accused him of unleashing further turmoil and in doing so endangering italy's already started to con a me but the leak party leader was unrepentant. i would do again everything i did everything with the great strength of being a free man therefore it means i'm not afraid of the judgment of the italians overshadowing this impasse has been my terror cell beanies own political agenda vocally anti migrant he's also waged war on the n.g.o.s that have attempted to
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rescue asylum seekers crossing the mediterranean and it's a tactic that has had success support for his views have increased across the country turning his party into a force that cannot be ignored. in the middle of this political drama the spanish rescue vessel hovering off the coast of lampedusa with dozens of vulnerable people on board for more than 2 weeks they have not been given permission to disembark the open arms vessel repeatedly requested permission to dock despite continued rejection or someone board became so frantic they risked their own lives by jumping into the sea attempting to swim to land they were rescued by nearby italian coast guard vessels. on tuesday a local prosecutor visited the vessel and issued an emergency measure allowing it to dock and it was but this is one incident among many others despite tough new
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laws preventing such landings they still arrive desperate for safety in europe no matter the cost of reaching their. rome now dozens of migrants who were stranded on a rescue ship off the tally in island of lampedusa for nearly 3 weeks have come ashore that sought a prosecutor has ordered the body to be allowed to dock the open arms rescue ship arrived at lampedusa sobber harbor a few hours ago in spain and 5 european union nations have offered to take the men . the u.s. state department has approved plans to sell $830.00 in dollar's worth of at 16 fighter jets to taiwan and congress is expected to give the green light to finalize the deal strongly opposes any arms deal with taiwan which it sees as a breakaway province but let's get more on this i corresponded to gaven any zonda is joining us live from washington d.c. it could be the largest on sale in 20 years for the island of cape what are they buying. yeah they're buying quite a few f.
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16 fighter jets not one not 2 not even 10 this deal calls for the sale of 66 at 66 f. 16 fighter jets to taiwan it's where as you mentioned worth about $8.00 to $1000000000.00 this is a huge huge a purchase by the taiwanese and as you mentioned it's the biggest purchase of any military hardware in about 20 years or so so this is very significant in that way and we've been hearing rumblings of this for several days now in washington and elsewhere but it was on tuesday that the white house sent a formal memorandum over to the congress saying that they were going to go forward with this it's expected to pass congress without any problems now this is part of a bigger play by the white house and this trumpet ministration to improve ties with taiwan we can see that since trump has taken office he's sent high level
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delegations to taiwan the u.s. has opened up diplomatic offices in taipei and the top administration supported pro taiwan legislation as well so this is all part of that and this is just now the biggest sort of most high profile way that the trump administration is really getting better relations with with taiwan previous administrations the obama administration bush administration even going back to the clinton ministration have considered arms sales in this nature to tell. and but if shied away from it for the most part in fear of agitating the chinese but clearly that's not the strategy of the donald trump administration this is another sign of him really wanting to help taiwan and china indeed agitated gave their asking the u.s. to immediately cancel the sale yeah they are as you wouldn't as you'd probably expect china's not very happy about this it's unclear but if u.s. so backtrack at all but probably not the china daily newspaper they're owned by the
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communist party in china called the sale of these sixteen's to taiwan a sends a seriously eroni this signals they said and then a taiwan foreign ministry official said actually on monday one more was getting out about this he said nobody should underestimate our will and ability to safeguard our natural sovereignty and it to arrest or terrorists territorial integrity excuse me so the chinese are very upset about this is you can imagine and what's interesting to see how this will play out when the ongoing trade war between the u.s. and china how china could possibly retaliate they could. extend these trade talks that could be a possible retaliation by the chinese it's unclear if they're going to do this but it comes a very sensitive time with economic and diplomatic relations between the u.s. and china so up to see how this plays out in the coming days and weeks so i gave thank you very much that gave you any zonder live in washington d.c.
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. now rebels in syria have a drawing from the strategically important town of conch a coup in southern edge of the province the syrian government has told its forces which are backed by russia that the battle isn't over yet meanwhile the u.n. says almost 3 quarters of a 1000000 syrians have been displaced in the past 6 months because of the offensive saying hold that has moved from beirut. back under the control of the syrian government images released by pro regime media show the town in southern italy empty of residents and fighters rebels withdrew early on tuesday after days of fighting and hundreds of air strikes its location gives the syrian government access to parts of a vital commercial highway that connects the northern city of aleppo to the capital damascus and has been a military objective for months this is a very important development in the course of this conflict. this is the 1st
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step in the 1st stage maybe. efforts by the government to regain control of the territories along the m 5 road between. aleppo i think the next target will be moderate to normal. the opposition didn't just lose. rebel fighters had little choice but to leave towns further south in the northern hama countryside they would have risked being besieged if they didn't move further north the opposition was hoping the presence of a turkish observation post in the area would stop the government advance but it tempted by the turkish military to reinforce that position failed when an airstrike launched by a syrian or russian warplane on monday prevented it from reaching its destination. the syrian government and its allies have been advancing in the past 2 weeks they have now taken more territory than they did in the 1st 3 months of their military
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campaign it's not clear if the rebels have been subjected to heavy fire power are exhausted or if the army is using better tactics like concentrating the strikes close to the front lines and on rebel supply routes but the relentless airstrikes and partment continue to force people into displacement in recent days more than 25000 are believed to have moved north closer to the border with turkey war monitors and activists say over 700000 syrians are homeless since the military escalation began in late april of. the past few days witnessed on president the bombardment that is why the people who didn't leave during the 1st months of the offensive back everything and left most of them believe that houses will either be fully destroyed or taken over by the regime. the bombardment of opposition held towns across southern libya continues as the syrian government presses on with its offensive there have been more civilian casualties as rebels
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promise to defend what is left of their last stronghold the battle is not over for their al-jazeera beirut. now the spokesman for the u.n. secretary general has released a statement stefan jack is calling on all parties in the conflict. to respect international humanitarian law he says the secretary general is deeply troubled by the continued escalation in northwest syria and the prospect of an offensive deeper into which could trigger a new wave of human suffering possibly impacting up to 3000000 civilians. hong kong is brace for more protests in the coming hour as activists plan to disrupt services at some of the city's busiest train stations it's to mark a mom sends a message to gang members attacked protesters and commuters hong kong's lead to carry land said she is hopeful that sunday's nonviolent protests may pave the way forward anti-government demonstrations 1st began over proposed changes to
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extradition rules that have expanded and to a wider movement against beijing's growing influence. we're going to get more on one of our top stories breaking news this hour the child sex abuse convictions held against cardinal george pell let's go to gloria calais she's a journalist in melbourne she was in court and she's joining us live from there to tell us what happened in court gloria. elizabeth so this was a much anticipated decision we saw cardinal george pell brought into the court before the 3 judges of the court of appeals here in victoria now with a summary of what is a more than 300 page decision made by the judges now in that summary we could see that essentially cardinal george tells you against his conviction was
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rejected out of that's 3 judges 2 of the judges. panel of judges decided that there wasn't enough evidence that they were happy and thought that it was reasonable what the jury had decided when they found cardinal george pell guilty now he's a legal team was appealing on 3 grounds one of those grounds was that it was reasonable for the jury to have come to the guilty verdict that they came to the other 2 grounds that cardinal george pell wasn't a ranger he didn't enter a plea but. before. age before the potential jurors and the other one that was that he that he's defense wanted to put an animation video the courts reach the chief judge at the county court decided that and that he wouldn't allow that because essentially it was new evidence i'm sorry i'm daughter's blacks
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and browns the judges all 3 of them agreed that there was no grounds for appeal. but when it came to whether or not it's the jury could have come to a reasonable decision 2 of the judges decided that the jury did come to a reasonable decision whereas one of the judges decided that it was a great symbol for the jury that they couldn't have come to that verdict without having any very simple doubts now essentially treated juan that means that he has lost he's appeal which means that cardinal george pell shortly will be taken back to the mill 4 that assessment prison where he's been since he was convicted. of doing it it's a decision that's being watched very closely around the world because he is of course the highest ranking vatican official to be found guilty of child sex abuse what happens now. that's exactly right there's been intense media interest in this way whited out for quite some time to
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actually get into the court this morning the father most sure if you can see behind me is filled with media by local and international media who have an interest in this because as you say he is the highest ranking catholic official convicted of child sex abuse the child sex abuse so there's been intense interest in this now what this means for cardinal george pell is that it may not be entirely he could potentially take it to the high court and once again appeal but again my understanding is that it will be up. so the high court to decide whether or not they think there's enough grounds for it to go before the high court so well today for many of the survivor is of child sex abuse including the out one of the out victims a vote in this particular case the complaint and all of this case against george pell it is that my mentor is time for them and many of them will be plays that
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george pell who will be spending time in child will be $81.00 in the before he's eligible to get out of jail but again it depends now on whether or not they decide to take it to the high court if they do then this isn't always that yes doria thank you for that as gloria can live and now than thank you. still ahead on the bombs and the calls for an investigation and obama after more than 30 bodies were buried with valentine into cation and an experience and darkness we explore washington is unique there's a performance that audiences meant to watch for a different sense of.
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hello again welcome back we're here cross taiwan we have seen some very heavy rain over the last 24 hours particularly towards the southern portion of the nation and we're going to be seeing the rain continue here on wednesday but as we go towards thursday it is going to start to subside make its way down towards the south but all the last 24 hours we have seen well over $200.00 millimeters of rain are in the area down towards the southern part of china though it is still going to be raining as we end here on thursday well across the philippines we're going to be seeing some more rain starting to push in but notice out here just towards the east we're going to see a little bit of circulation there that is going to be our next possible try. optical system you notice the winds they're turning counterclockwise we're going to be watching the area very carefully but we don't think the philippines is going to be affected too much maybe a passing feeder band could be going past on wednesday and into thursday but that system is expected to make its way towards the northwest and we will be watching that very carefully as we go towards the end of the way down towards the south though job is picking of more clouds with the time to there about $33.00 degrees
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and then here across india the rain has been particularly heavy across the northern and the eastern part of the country over the last few days more heavy rain is expected as we go towards wednesday and into thursday in focal cutter we do expect to see a temperature of 33 degrees. sponsored. obvious reason fronts. these are my grandparents. these are my parents and this is me. fighting both. this 2nd of a 2 part epic tale of a remarkable son. the father. on al-jazeera.
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on the news of a problem and or how with the top stories this hour saddam's transitional military council has been disbanded an assault on council set to take the reins the body will be made up of 11 people to share power until elections in 3 years it will be led by left and general the fact that i was brought home for the 1st 21 months according to strangely has apel the convictions against cardinal george pell the highest ranking vatican official found guilty of child sex abuse tell the sentenced to 6 years in president march on charges of abusing 2 quiet boys when he was archbishop of melbourne 20 years ago and revels in serious problems have withdrawn from big strategically important town of khalid shaikh it follows days of heavy fighting with government forces. now a large explosion has that of belonging to
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a military group north of baghdad that's the latest in a recent series of blasts at military bases and munitions deco's or around the country no one's claimed responsibility. now there are growing calls for an investigation in iraq after more than 30 bodies were buried in karbala province without identification they included women children and elderly people szymon rights groups are accusing the government of covering up evidence of possible sectarian violence natasha going to reports from baghdad. beneath the shrouds or the faces of men women and children their families longed to see again longed to know what happened to them. last week 31 husbands grandmothers and daughters were buried in an unmarked grave in the cemetery in iraq's karbala province the morgan neighboring babel province gave the bodies to
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a local charity saying they were identified and and claimed it was a coma there is negligence on the part of the government the government should have announced to the public the existence of these bodies deny to use must be conducted to determine their identities so that they can be returned to their rightful relatives. human rights groups are accusing the government of covering up possible sectarian violence about 250 bodies have been given to the same charity for burial 2016 the governor of baba province says they're from the area and their cause of death range from what he calls terrorism to murder. suspicions have been raised because witnesses say the bodies are likely from a sunni dominated town called jurf elza har it was once controlled by eisel during the battle to defeat it she got paramilitary groups are accused of killing
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civilians and forcibly displacing the population the iraqi high commission for human rights is calling on the government to investigate reports of additional bodies scattered beneath the soil in babel province government denies there is anything suspicious going on. there has been a lot of negative media coverage in order to take a sectarian turn these bodies were stored at the morgue to be identified after the investigation was over they were buried because the bodies were not claimed by their families but with so many families in the area still living in displacement camps that might explain why no one came forward to identify the 250 bodies. for all son out there knows her son could be among them the family is from jeff carr she hasn't seen her son since 2015 when she says armed groups accused him of being an iso member and arrested him her family was later driven out of their home
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they were afraid if they returned they'll be killed. because he did nothing wrong if he had i would testify against him but his god is my witness he did nothing wrong who dared like so many iraqis never know what happened to our loved one the answers could be buried deep in the soil of her country natasha going to name. baghdad. now imagine a fear of the censors all except the one we most associate where the theater vision argentinos. blind theater puts on shows in complete darkness the reports now from when inside. the society. we think we know what it's like to be in darkness but we don't complete darkness where all the lights have been extinguished the blind here to him whether cyrus provides that experience. we put the
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audience in a situation which normally the main stimulus is visual so this person is now disconnected from their phone another source of information for more than an hour having to concentrate solely on what is happening in front of them. but what does the one osiris going public to get from the darkness. it surprised me it was unique a sensation i hadn't expected it when you're in there it stimulates all your senses fabulous it wakes everything up smell hearing imagining things you can't see but can understand that many of the actors know the theater staff are blind or partially sighted. the work is perfect for people with impaired vision i'm partially sighted for instance at 1st it was difficult to get used to total darkness but you do. we saw a production crew luce's la revolution on all lights the revolution
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a story of the big love during argentina's 19th century fight for independence there was plenty of sound the movement i felt the window my face and small herb's choklit you have to learn how to live in darkness complete darkness 2 is the theatre slogan goes see what you can't see and then emerging into the light try to see life with different eyes. there is also a show for children in the pure musical. ariens blowing gourmet meals singing in the comedy on saturday 6 different shows how you feel. there is a feedback from the audience you feel a development of their perception not just from their emotion is but you feel their movements their palpitations even though you can't see the relationship but still. it's surprising what you can find in total darkness illumination perhaps to the senses that don't see.
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one osiris. now qatar has broken ground on another stadium for the 2022 football world cup the inspiration for this latest one a centered around sustainability it will be the 1st fully reusable fifa stadium near harding went to the building fashioned though hard to find out more. rising from the sand and the sea guitar's latest world cup stadium is coming to light one shipping container at a time sustainability is the main focus for those building in the last stadium in doha all its components are recyclable and a life sized building blocks are arriving to port filled with all the materials that will eventually hold them together inside the stadium do you know that it's a container stadium can you tell from the inside on one side they were north of. boxes which will have the finish of the. the containers will be used to make up
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everything from the stadiums bathrooms offices and restaurants but always with an eye on sustainability what we have considered from the very early stages and the design that the very single component of the stadium without its content of all of this structure that's when the whole the content of what. we consider from then if that isn't the design how these can be reused. the project is expected to be finished by the end of next year once completed it will be the 1st fully dismantle fifo world cup stadium and one of 7 being built just for 2022. these are the 1st containers to arrive $92.00 of them just came in from china and a 1000 are expected in total after the world cup this stadium will be disassembled and these containers will be used to build another stadium somewhere else in the world it's truly a case of thinking outside the box. part of the guitar's bid for hosting the 2022
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games involved a plan to help another country develop its sporting facilities the 40000 seat stadium can be moved and split into 2 or made into an arena could be a good opportunity for all of those countries to. use the horn for us and i think that's we've got a. guitar has already delivered one of its world cup to news this year the stadium and i walk up those behind the asked abruptly would project say it will cost 20 percent less than other traditional c.d.'s and piece by piece along doha's waterfront it's starting to come together leah harding al-jazeera doha. the problem in doha with the top stories on al-jazeera a course in australia has held convictions against cardinal george pell. the
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highest ranking vatican official found guilty of child sex abuse was sentenced to 6 years in prison and march on charges of abusing 2 choir boys when he was archbishop of melbourne 20 years ago saddam has formally disbanded the military council that took power to deposing longtime president or model bashir the military in protest leaders have announced an 11 member sovereign council to run the country for 3 years until elections are held the decision by sudan's military council to appoint a sovereign council comes in line with a power sharing agreement that was signed between the military and the opposition coalition known as the forces of freedom and change on saturday now asper that agreement the rule of the sovereign council will be largely ceremonial and it will be overseen the executive council which will be having members nominated by the opposition coalition and religious leaders assembly which 2 thirds of its seats will go to the opposition coalition as well the sovereign council will have 11
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members 5 from the military 5 from the opposition coalition and an 11th member which has been agreed upon by both sides now dozens of migrants who were stranded on a rescue ship off the italian island of lampedusa for nearly 3 weeks have come ashore that sort of prosecutors ordered the bought boat to be allowed to docks in and 5 other e.u. nations have offered to take the migrants in the u.s. state department has approved plans to sell $8000000000.00 worth of f. 16 fighter jets to taiwan congress is expected to give the green light to finalize the deal beijing's strongly opposes any arms deal with taiwan those are the headlines on al-jazeera inside stories next.
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so the polls and the results could have huge consequences for the whole of africa kenya ethiopia and somalia itself just influence and so why is it so important and what's i say this is inside story. on the welcome to the program. a small region in somalia is of a sense of a growing power struggle in east africa the people of autonomy for those.


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