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tv   The Father The Son And The Jihad Ep 2  Al Jazeera  August 21, 2019 4:00am-5:01am +03

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0. 0. 00 s. . and i am of the problem in doha with the top stories on al-jazeera accordionist radio has upheld convictions against kabul george powell the highest ranking vatican official found guilty of child sex abuse was sentenced to 6 years and president on charges of abusing 2 quiet boys when he was archbishop of melbourne 20 years ago. in court. now there were 3 judges on that court of appeal who were making the decision in the end to climb down to its or so what some of the judges decided that the conviction against george pell was reasonable and
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that he's appealed would be dismissed that would straight grounds under which george pell was appealing his conviction the main grounds was that the jury could not have come to a reasonable decision beyond reasonable doubt that he was guilty of abusing these 2 choir boys back in the i'd say ninety's in melbourne when he was the archbishop but those 2 of those judges decided that it was reasonable whilst one of them writes concerns that he thought it would not have been raised to go for the jury to come to the decision that it kind see. so don his family disbanded the military council that took power off to deposing longtime president all about al bashir the military and protest leaders have announced an 11 member solvent council to run the country for 3 years until elections are held have a morgan has more from costume. the decision by sudan's military council to appoint
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a sovereign council comes in line with a power sharing agreement that was signed between the military and the opposition coalition known as the forces of freedom and change on saturday now asper that agreement the rule of the suffering council will be largely ceremonial and it will be overseeing the executive council which will be having members nominated by the opposition coalition and the legislative assembly which 2 thirds of it seats will go to the opposition coalition as well the sovereign council will have 11 members 5 from the military 5 from the opposition coalition and 11th member which has been agreed upon by both sides it will be sworn in on wednesday morning and after that a prime minister who has already been nominated by the opposition will be sworn in in the evening this marks the beginning of sudan's transitional period which will last for 39 months the 1st time $21.00 will be headed by the military and the remaining 18 will be headed by civilians it's taken more than 8 months of protest and more than 4 months of negotiations for the sudanese to reach to this point and
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start a transitional period but both sides the opposition and the military say they're now optimistic that soon sudan will start its transitional phase and that the journey to civilian rule has begun. this lease president has accepted the resignation of promise as you said because tabor has asked him to stay on as caretaker leader con take used right wing interior minister metellus albania of putting his party before the country and breaking down the government to force early elections the u.s. state department has approved plans to sell $8000000000.00 worth of f. 16 fighter jets to taiwan congress is expected to give the green light to finalize the deal china strongly opposes any arms deal with taiwan. u.k. and e.u. leaders appear to have hardened their positions on reopening breck's of negotiations european council president donald tusk has rejected british prime minister bars johnston's latest demands to get rid of the so-called irish backstop
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provisions in the current withdrawal agreement a large explosion has had an arms depot belonging to a paramilitary group north of baghdad a salacious in the recent series of blasts at military bases and munitions depo iraq the explosions have all occurred inside the longing to the popular mobilization forces no one's claimed responsibility. in venezuela parts of the capital and at least one state have endured and other power blackout lasting several hours power went out in a large area of caracas shutting down the metro and forcing thousands to walk long distances where the state tricity companies had the blackout and all power was restored within hours but opposition leader on why those have the outage lasted much longer leaving at least 11 states without electricity. those are the headlines on al-jazeera the father the son and the jihad is up next.
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it is you see students all. allow michael of the. boys is good news it is what you are a user of the. no reason you know to just you don't i don't i doubt it but say beat this on for years about it did. they would it not. be said you did die. but you know i sampled songs on feel of the. road to. visit if he did you know the decision is you did me. and all he the. tool b. . is on. egypt who you. know he.
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was. doing. this for a song he needs the good. news of a woman who believes he is the good the one the. is will be easy. to see. this is. the only thing he. did she says to. mark. down the. i've done. enough was enough of. the high school.
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in the middle what the fuck ups if it's tough if. quite. healthy. that. i just. fell over from the. cliff i'm not looking to make sure. that i want to call on top of him. tim shelf a shot and democrats seem to. have all come out. i want to go to you tell us how this is. going to put it was so you know i love hard work i
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knew nothing about stuff. unless you have a film off. and had done follow the news doesn't mean that it's good and it's that he. said i want a golf. club. with you i want to tell your sentiments. most of them what what ideas. about good means to them how long but. when it. is old and. he said to don't. want to tell mcconnell what i mean and to do a little over the 4th the phone just don't be good to us she put on good to see it
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is a good piece on the flop if. you mustn't use the money then there should if we have a newspaper and they fold oh oh. never know what that was so that. the doctor should know. and then we'll. get that. done. and why we have been leaving the home with mom and some of. them is the little bit of the we're going to be. a little football didn't get. the time to. love them. i say you.
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know a dog doesn't come to another night. on the lucky i'm sure. it was a mom want to dispute the vehicle he's on but he did so obviously if we had undergone his own dishy days or don't. do it i don't need a bone home don't i don't have to walk through that i mean don't develop i mean you can start to know that your filter is gone. out that morning. you know as you did the problem isn't all that but you think this genetic but. we did instead you measure it did to still coming down the. little man what. you got from the last. thing.
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anybody i mean you need all the new stuff i meet bob could that it be admitted that he did imagine you brought. a gun to each mall sunday monday as to what i mean he said to. me to have your. everybody have also. the owner of the momo not on the real bill i know nothing about rely on my automobile legally illegal i do without a lot of what is going to. be like. a low carb you're going to live and be. under the hood of a listen will go a little in there but i'll leave it going to the ones who want to muzzle what you do as opposed of all the heart out of me out of all of it nobody would ever that. from. me. i got it.
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it's just it's just. dumb presentation which was sex with me yesterday we are all. we have to have needed to this automatic just to play well you look like. a hobo homocentric the form of class unworn get for that position i told you just in last month and but. yes the national best. ali festival young walk the bus is on the dash.
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just so forth i think commuting could get more. cultured out and visit less don't come to the truth if is it a shot of his own split. a kitty kitty. is an awfully big what is she. going to shandon off elephant. saying. could you get piffle. i saw. them going to. the shop myself. so i thought that you know at least i mean our lives i mean a mccarthy there are not even this feet if you do it when i. can only drive v.b. i mostly mean kind of. what you call terminal than well or you called there want
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to know what i do want and that she had the solution but i'm too lazy. i mean how to eat. the flesh was a vicious aid but when paul says. the state says. you know if you don't get all semen. and she can come. over this is the wall. of hope and it up will push east. on mars you see people fairly judge and she plays people not only. mr wolfe
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idealogy had bouts lethally yet in the field in the museum open easily all do you know. said ms on. his own say that since i'm also doing what. i'm in a movie she sees it will be complete and kentucky infamy just some don't think of it more how much socialism going to and lean as we. see love general chic to my family. has shaken each other yes she said the 2 countries a little bit of what. is all said so to use or do you want to move to civilian death don't hold what you do who wouldn't.
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create a relationship. you might create your know. if you're going to be going to don't foresee any chord. the moment buck i mean a phone for a song she. sees you keep this should be easy busking have a dick that's. a sad. day you didn't just hear about the bus he's so sad he's tentative and buckie then it's me. he virnet cause it is all. it is still going to face it live. in that but you know about the how that i just got it and they just got it and he did or said nothing. but he said. i think that's almost as if you don't be
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a must see. a time go to democracy year siege on to your own. and. only discourse on treat. its course over here let you get the. irish assaults me to. overly so see services to sell to so. savory may said good bye thank you dim on day and age and if you don't have a book for tell me lew move on in. more of the company shorts the what i'm calling the oem these 2 are. inevitably not
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child of god if you're on dorm. suicide be easy to do you see can explode in here. and she should be here example of all. a she if you d. . she on the farm by scott beach into. it if you have any music to be interview. and. a on the coffee to do go song. to get it down to. sit down and then the gate to meet the. president. comes on the. listen we young. and maybe really 50 or more if they are really. serious more feed on our body and good of you could cope with that we should
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leave the energy to live on phones. really make sure you have a fear of it so if you go to review a concert on one which could defeat of 2 out of she could you quantify. that utilities that week on this ultimate you don't solve. a pm issue and we discussed in one minute you were. they can i lost you the can continue focus no nothing so how to. do this i come to nj and theodor i'm in that he had me. she didn't want one but she see all about somebody else some almost all sounds this other bloke also see it but maybe see if he needs to tell a book. state past about his email unquenchable don't bomb us it decreases the stamp on the commission the men. who buy
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into who got us on the phone as you go deep shit image in my body go middleborough blame if you need to buy. the british duty if you don't have a good did. you miss you ma years ship to my family only parts you want to have you showed you. if you don't breed that make a dem a deal or no. or i bet if you have the biggest. loser on wheels you could have been a sam i think we'd done the songs and degrees. the good of it is you can bet you'll go on appreciate it fixed or don't think. about long gone pay don't please so if you defaulted if we good as your cover you should do. the concept goal is you can you bet some of us she on the r.v.
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said would you tell. us that the book is your car your pool of course we showed you . do you know it all was all the only meal i mean this was expecting a. woman to pull off by saying oh yes she is they all come and also i will contact . them all she meets needs. to be told us to get if at all to finish the civil war since you know about you go for the local mall so you know whatever you don't go to pass go and so on the city can come to you soon to have all. the news you know investing time all the dust is. just measured god don't call her the flash. team is going to play don't speak also call elizabeth banks here do you have a problem i said. levy
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diverse and yes she. will be pakistani yes so many. is that about it though don't see saluki muslim with him if he still i guess you know single call us while in that office if you are leaving the scene say so there you will see in the call me go all take a member of the pretty. if i decide. to do that i should be if you. want all the good a mob you can get if you don't cause as you go more the. more it is you knew by the end dick. was just stupid. that this accounting must came.
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to him. in that movie don't get caught but. if you do have a good dog said you know goodies as you'll hear from me of why you. son of all mean if. he always would buy some of the. things that you. don't want to. see. if you're not on duty if you knew someone say. something i used to sit down on.
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was something just thought i'd make a point on the. point then if you did beautiful you get there are a lot similar. just so you can just say you. know you're going to. need to see to know more of the horrors. people feel. see count all that that get at me real decent deal. with it if. this was not it if it isn't you need. this so would you do you mean we can reach a decision. to city call any or most a day keeps the. room in the suv. in the absolute.
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i don't want to if you can eat anything these days i don't see v.a.'s that cause when the mamba is on most see if you can you see shell is you need but don't need them for much sure he's gone for good. weather even though we will ship if you do as a dickhead beauty of me was more. like us that you should be so we. believe he has also said that every survey we have done. not only shows you made money. but i don't see many tell you except i meet him. on the. street or.
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i have been looking at your instagram account and reading the atmosphere behind the scenes this is a dialogue when donald trump announce his candidacy for president after them everyone has a voice the best chance for democrats to beat donald trump is to nominate an exciting inspirational callus mother nominee to join the global conversation in your thoughts get to where an. amount is iraq. we have a news gathering team here that is 2nd to their all over the world and they do a fantastic job when information is coming in very quickly all at once you've got to be able to react to all of the changes and al-jazeera we adapt to them. my job is is to break it all down and we held the view on the stand and make sense of it. millions of people across india miss out on medical but
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a hospital train is delivering doctors and home so that is most in need one i want to east towards india is a lifeline expire on al-jazeera. the problem and the top stories on al-jazeera a court in a stranger has upheld convictions against cardinal george pell the highest ranking vatican official found guilty of child sex abuse was sentenced to 16 years in prison and marshawn charges of abusing 2 choir boys when he was archbishop of melbourne 20 years ago. saddam has formally disbanded the military council that took power after deposing longtime president omar al bashir aid the military and protests leaders have announced an 11 member sovereign council to run the country
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for 3 years until elections are held will be led by left tenant general of the father albert han for the 1st 21 months italy's president has accepted the resignation of prime minister decepticon taber has asked him to stay on as care taken leader contrary accused right wing interior minister material salvaging of putting his party before the country and bringing down the government to force early elections the u.s. state department has approved plans to sell $8000000000.00 worth of f. 16 fighter jets to taiwan congress is expected to give the green light to finalize the deal with china strongly opposes any deal with taiwan arms deal which it sees as a breakaway province rebels and syria's problems have withdrawn from the strategically important town of can she could follow his days of heavy fighting government forces the un says almost 3 quarters of a 1000000 syrians have been displaced in the past 6 months because of the offensive u.k. and e.u. leaders appear to have hardened their positions on reopening bricks at negotiations
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throwing more doubt on the top of the 31st deadline european council president donald tusk has rejected british prime minister brown's johnson's latest demands to get rid of the so-called irish backstop provisions in the current withdrawal agreement a large explosion has had an arms deployed belonging to a paramilitary group north of baghdad is the latest in a recent series of blasts at military bases and munitions differs around iraq the explosions have all occurred in science belonging to the popular mobilization forces no one's claimed responsibility. and there is one step closer to becoming the 4th country to make a soft landing on the moon at last on manned spacecraft last month which is now and to the moon's orbit. is approaching the new south pole to study him to deposit small dose of the headlines on al-jazeera do stay with us the father the son and the jihad continues next.
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if we knew some of any false and very strong on the phone recently been a few 1000000 martians that libya on their part of course said the. 50 day 1000000 of us question that we follow you down the country. by making me go about. how easy it down for you as begun yet she should mosher to know. on the. on the back here. if you don't move can go fly one of the probably unmanned themselves filmy. on the banks. if there was thought if you could. move them all dicks on the walls. did you
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the 3 year. old i think that it must get will sound. to me. nothing i have. been saying. some. evil. and insensitive. it's just. one of. the body bags of this since you got so freezing. if you don't have it by. did you school bully thieves if they did you school is story more. films you need to
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stumble music. for 2 could be real who are all banking fees on the voice of marley you know what we know best and a ticket and a very momentous would stick in this vast device toss your head. don't need bush difficulties of bludgeon math a best time to see all the old things you just saw again while i sit at the trial to be just sat there while the other guy is a the physically new order to be funded the sense. that i'm poor i left the best until we had to nearly always buy that city pascal capon this is back and i will have the piano. is a vice it was easy for the more but we should be limited to sam no peavey overall their blue live policy eco morons will do the aborted if she does you or if you'll
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be a white poly but. then of course i said maybe on dollar v.p. afternoon deja vu known did i lay you she did do enough cause it has a. liberal be an. actual move all contributed of a vision played a $1.00 more than your own so much you have a companion for lead on assault so you have 2 more in the us also during the war she. did miss you the above children will be given each was used to fear midazolam of policy on glee. people show more yoni of the of welcome one to me saying saw the situation obey and he's on the news or will be to decide it was just. the fear because if his kid screws up would you. if you will do poorly will be for those who are in some way or she the result of
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what is going to court could cure this one is all it is moving towards or to do over go here what you were given the arterial road you would as a teacher let me see to you live in order to have a huge star so new push for broom possible to do over with you you can sure what you're going to sue. the mall dog has shifted to be said the more you have declared what did i shut it out is that me or. is it the idea that in what is the idea that god can't keep going to school feet. on his cold feet. yet impost i don't think it's just that he would. sit and watch on janaki the. high deakin to be meek at song zone was that you will know very.
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little. difference to the shire suggested. that there can be a. sheriff did it down. so when i've been there but he don't. want to come on the do quite young only for bob be good at that and that when i became good on the big course you won't. be out of work hooky have you it is all about that all about it all the result good idea only g.o.v.t. of the problem. says you know it it will be about getting the flow of. it is that you're almost your own judge that will be that close. the generals.
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and the whole government. all all. went to the mossad my dad. all of the. jews you know mcdougal reclaimer tell us you give up the most of the public don't come over if it's out. 11 how they had almost all almost all look now there's a mystery woman without a hole in the middle of it without any 1st at all was a gun which i didn't mean the film how did i i'm would do a lot of watching we had to sort of. yes it really but it didn't believe me and if you saw a very little of it never mind your own bit. about i didn't want to much of a good cover up doesn't she either for top the other would be a healthy or. not. definitive compass yet since some bias is the strongest form for me at best from those who didn't approve it my muscles and them will never join the photos you won't pretend she gave a good of
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a year everybody to i do she said to be but guess what vashti these at me. like a little beyond you have a good one to me while i go and evolve. a deal easier to clean. if lucky to bare me divvy it up clunky and down to v. so get a more. she was a bit album do need water do you want to meet new novel bob i'm going into the do fun i think on the road to a concrete overlook to the 11 have to do them or. your mom all share best all who gone are you doing minimal share best. see that facts show me that each is even more you.
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do so only so don't argue superdome or new comodo must today to assess you need to force on a just to bitch or something of this other man solutions do you come or do sit on of the cuban op you did you. see how do you can you see she knew what she did about the one of the installers. we. were going to put to good use to. call the most would. be a list of. if you. would sit. in the. way and we. would say like effective more.
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really. doesn't do this to public who were using the t.v. to do song. we are in. fear. of do to. make. the decision. that you.
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meant that they sat. down in the hope. like lethal you know to share best some all presumably cafes all of. libya. with a pretty. strong with a b. do. visit there you know it was with us in the quality of. the truth. see the. measure of food keep us. see. board see but. the. key to all of.
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these you know i want to get into. it given fair liberty to tell you no evil to man or z. to cause. everything your own sort of. at the back of your shoulder would succumb to sex at the fair in these. fair. yes and then more can. frame on me for more. i don't. see the. office to collect the. one. person.
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who all knew or. thoughts on the reason there was. some iraqi renee don't they restart that actually mama she could be going to say i love you really silly on it i thought that this is a fallacy about it apparently and the leverage just of the 2nd thought was that absolute gem of the law was that if the reason that rights are not life. is unfair there's a boss clause i need please on why you are in the pool cook us the dos at the fed king on the top of the piece on the list sick of the shout about some scenes i do when you're talking to me i mean they need to. think that you know system adalius soon as you call you.
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and the. not be upwardly mobile bear heard about. the money. in. his own ticket counter so he didn't. join the hosts this is so squat in the slum miss out luckily demi. gnocchi on the comics a classic for this year. in conception madame loom. in good discipline madame through. the shop you needed them beat out if you're on. a dime if you want it they bombard the area because you don't pay if
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we don't live in zone the amount on your dog they got value. ship the image out there for a moment toshiba but you nor. season god given you we would see you know. there could be this young boy. this is going to be. up to date with the love i lean on bob but how do you know bob. the middle of the hospital. every movie is $11.00 dances a little of haunted among. different hans's. conditionals rouge will didn't exist to come although or i'm sure she will some because it is of.
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dog. or useful to hardcore boids at all because going forward be nor do do. the more you will toward softly this will freeze. will freeze or deformed deval who is also to some. of the more you're probably you . will. all sing in jihad communal saying you know too much if there is. a new that will is see. may if it is more him at the top of the 2 or jets. but they forgot the is it the priest coming to strong. pull with this day off it is because very point. muslim will keep the vision will keep it in mind that my lad
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the demand. clueless when my joking. cause it was jesus was irresponsible doing this and said he did it for this on souter is jerry where no. one will get it don't be a multi-year form one term unto just me at the court you think it almost. becomes use of images with to see jockeyed the vicar rebuilt his own news on his own point news on referred to. this on then the right man committee did him in force on the design. it is on of course it is on. she built
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a machine gun you do something. you . on a ton bed the last. year stuff was sound loud till today sun shines just tough easy and fair. play to to ship
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an expose your own ear on the bus on it that's all the. child up approach go to the phones imagine stop then. if you can for the talk to. your vision did you get to post to you. on the nose of the local city. the speck you got in your little coop spears it is a. game of if you sucked it would you bend their demise as you build your own brother what it was at all did. you have to be don't talk. much on video you see quantum aside. or a deal is exterior least give it and you don't use it on your theory. he's
4:53 am
on the pussy in the moment sort of what you have. the content of what year is it called the music of selvi so that he more to. tell you. is on a say he is exquisitely expressed this would set up a was a mall and go home but p.c.p. to shock you notice of the almost so. that. he. die. a mini me. movies abdurrahman
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a boob job. than anybody on the why we don't be model t. who. shot a lot for us last year. and on this image here democracy. continetti be it on the walk through we. live for this or that i said did you. have. a out of a clue cause the up to. a clear good to see go plan on how much i will show you and your blood going out of am really are some of his 1000000 hardy i'm so lucky and you are sure that you know. if we.
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liz the day you dig out going i'm in a i'm going to do it if you own up he did i did he wanted you to sort of call. this a day he did also but you want to. eat you needed to tickle d.v.d. see if any will be given you did i. just took the film saw the day but you won't get on the ball. it will be used to that. there will be the fee for visas. where. it will mean. that i was not
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a lawyer and it was and is now my life and i do not have to feel. alone. they've got it all but he said more varied to see it. on the up. too so it's good to see. what happened a week after we moved. the beauty that's here. said toshiro. at the dinner was on said. i've seen. a cop wait. on the view or not to be as i said push it. out of the 6 view of the conduit he said it up. enough for you to feel
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the auto if you. will fall but you know to be is going to fall off. good just walk. well. you know about you know. money. some of your shift a little bit if you decide. to do it i mean i've yet. to .
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get a welcome back here in the national weather forecast well here across united states it has been the heat we've been dealing with across the central portions of the united states that is really going to continue and we're talking temperatures into the high thirty's across parts of texas as well as into oklahoma and when you have heat like that it causes instability with a lot of thunderstorms across much of this area and as you can see from wednesday into thursday this area across the central plains really begins to develop with thunderstorms that is going to continue as we go towards thursday as well from washington down here towards memphis it is going to be quite rainy down towards the south though in florida the rains are easing the flood threat is going down things
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are getting much better so miami we do expect to see a time to there of $31.00 degrees well the rain is going to be quite heavy here across parts of the turks and caicos as well as the bahamas over the next few days . we will be watching that area very carefully for some flooding across the region but down here across parts of central america finally we are getting a break from the weather we are seeing some spots of clouds and some sun across much of the area so the heavy rain is beginning to subside in some locations of costa rica better conditions for you there but over here towards center to me go expect to see a mostly cloudy day at 32 in for bridgetown attempt a few and sun in your forecast with the temperature of 30. well if we cannot have palestina my government was suddenly not allowed britain to control the french press time would be an outrage but then we need to find another solution before we come to blows over a century ago britain and france made the secret deal the change the shape of the
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middle east and so. now we can draw a much. sikes pekoe lines in the sun on just. this is al-jazeera. hello and welcome to the al-jazeera news hour on live from my headquarters and does that mean as the prawn i'm coming up in the next 60 minutes saddam's opposition and the army and now it's a joint warning party for many disbanding the military council. the most senior catholic cleric convicted of child sex abuse has his appeal dismissed and this trade. i think any jewish people that vote for
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a democrat. i think it shows either a total lack of knowledge or great disloyalty donald trump is accused of promoting .


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