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of syria. and lebanon and an expression of they won't play poorly to becca and serving as a model of what is necessary to achieve using indigenous elements in palestinian groups and. these 2 men devised a plan that would not only divide the spoils of the declining autumn an empire between the 2 european powers but would draw lines in the sand that would ultimately influence the shape of the middle east for the next century.
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was. istanbul capital of an ottoman empire that had stood for 6 centuries. it spanned the 3 continents of asia africa and europe. its peak had been in the 16th century. than the other says russia left his neck at. the dock a year will see more score to the west side to how well. barack and mia from. his eminence manny fee. but a fine young. son of a shot but at the side. does. feel some of the.
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be kind of. as he met with many. but that there were. no money or land to call and there were soon i can that there were 0 hour year to job. and. he. was a lawyer othella sadar i had to hear from his own poor who were living. for his saw. a builder of many years where you've got for the rest maybe you feel a little knocked up so on food. from about a very few months of you know how they select and have fathers man you can reckon it's a lot of like him hasn't the liturgy and i can convey your can be a fuse and of course that i love. that i don't get
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a with many of the. dots i'm an empire began receding in the 19th century. in $830.00 it lost algeria to france while egypt gradually came under british rule which then expanded into the arabian peninsula. the arabs of mesopotamia greater syria and the he. remains part of the ottoman empire which was undergoing its own changes. kind of person i shall read it how does. but that. what democrat or you mentioned is really a lot of money and i mean a while michalis well but as i licked the. measures 3rd me when i mostly shore module got me i learned a lot. i lucked out
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a lot of the muslim lived. in 1000 or 8 the committee of union and progress the young turks overthrew. me just seconds and restored the $876.00 constitution. this reduced tension at the top of ottoman politics but also created in fighting among arab groups in the empire and let her hear much more of a new dictatorial. the much more. likely. to be a home. and who knows i would call me to. hate them as. they're only. a few short. and so.
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recent carefully in the embry. so far i think. there would be my me your me but it does use money because it would have. been led. to a drive that tricky and no. more american but lot of be you. know who work for the who americas by 914 you could really say that for those arabs who are engaged in identity politics what they aspired to was a better deal for the arabs within the art of the. this brand of politics is known as air of islam and arab ist were really thinking in terms of imitating the austria-hungary empire with a kind of arab turkish dual monarchy and the ottoman empire but were very concerned not to exit the autumn and umbrella for fear that where the arabs edited make a bid for independence they would be immediately at risk of european. the ottomans
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suffered a major defeat in the 19th dance a little period priests serbia and montenegro in the 1st balkan war. lost the. territory but the defeat did initially ease the relationship between the arabs of the ottoman empire and the young turks government's. able to focus 15 maybe even been. on well with many years and i suppose. i would fit. in with when to faff i'm also that would include how it was at the what the really thought raj reckon. food for thought for the i mean what are you. i the
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thought of. the 1st world war started at the end of july 19th 14. britain france and russia the central scholars of germany austria-hungary and bulgaria. shortly after the autumn and opted to supports germany. the daughter of 3 i know well and who walk. so fast it is generally a funny. little sit when i came i see kind of home and they will start for the most of them by about an f one how to see article not thought of it with many thought of show you. are liberal did the. national
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heart of. political. who are you starlet i look at remove. my knee i mean. to be a highly. mean mean. politically and he really thought that i thought were legit. i must be really really really brilliant or so you're going to dog the luckily my mother took. me in there but i also learned by heart i love you thelma poets that they were all put. to ruth doleman had the head of a says he cannot afford it and we had death well.
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one of the robber had there that you let me up and methadone what lowball kenna to read woman who wore it get auburn the most for a while with theft moved down the hall and we had death. in february 915 frustrated by the stock meeting war in europe the british open to an eastern front against the ottomans on the dardanelles street they imagined the ottoman army as weak and easier to defeat as the way of taking on germany and ending the war. russia however was more concerned about its use of ottoman waterways so the russians asked britain and france to sign an agreement to guarantee their own share of the spoils after the war. the russians were keen to seize more as cultural capital as a sort of restoration of orthodox christianity after. 5 centuries of all of the
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rule and so with the outbreak of the 1st world war on the eve of the could literally invasion the russians wanted to secure their allies commitment to granting istanbul and the straits to the russian empire and this becomes an exchange of documents known as the constantinople agreement concluded between march and april 1918. britain france and russia entered into the constantinople agreement which granted the russians certain ottoman territories and waterways. however this agreement peeved the way for another secret deal as london and paris started to plot exactly what they wanted from a region that's was gaining strategic significance in the coming age of oil. you could really say that britain and to the war without any clear territorial
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ambitions in their territory they could not at this stage of the constantinople agreement identify one place that they wish to add to their empire but they reserve the right to do so as soon as they worked out what their priorities were and so in a sense the constantinople agreement really is the 1st of the wartime partition agreements that will begin to shape the way in which the arab provinces will be carved up primarily between britain and france since russia's interest lay mostly in turkish territories so very british fashion the british created a committee called the committee and its remit was to look into. the sort of the options for britain so that when the time for negotiations with the french came up the british would be well prepared know what they wanted and this is actually something that the british did throughout the war and right to the end of the war. so in april 1915 the british set up
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a committee headed by the diplomats morris' the bunsen to define their interests in the ottoman territories it's made certain assumptions about what its ally france would expect from any potential deal. russian i mean a few who. are there to prod said feel a very good walk and if it is you you really do there and live front. man a sort of cobra in the front so you can be a call on it right now i will suddenly be in the most i look at it and the thought that if you have a month of not up with you probably have your mom what have your month britain's interests are most likely to be in completing its imperium in the persian gulf by securing the territories of the province the bus route baghdad link as they were to persian oil fields and other done island in the shot that are up. nicely completing dominion that stretched right around the earth coastline of the persian gulf which
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is the place it's an $820.00 s. . good morning general part of illinois so if you want some time to settle. and it's youngest. and most carefree was mark sykes who was kitchener's military assistant kitchener was the secretary of state for war and he delegated the job of sitting on the committee to sykes mark sykes had been born into a wealthy family in yorkshire in the north of england in 879. he studied at cambridge university and was elected as a conservative member of parliament. in 1011. he like to give the impression of being an expert on the middle east based on his travels in the region but he was not quite the authority as it was sometimes assumed. he presented the bunsen
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committee with his vision of a new near east region as riches and this will be our eyes use i've come up himself with a different plan which is something completely different a much more old fashioned that was to create a quarter of across the middle east so he was planning to divide the middle east between france and britain. and create a belt of english controlled country that stretched across from the mediterranean coast to the mountains on the iranian from and back to the century as a as a affront to britain could control and keep other people away from the red sea and the persian gulf. that was rejected by the defense i wish the older wiser heads said you know that why work your. way into line 1915 the debunks in committee recommended dividing the ottoman empire into several provinces over which
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britain would seek influence rather than exercise direct control. but when sykes was sent to the middle east and india he began to revert to his original idea of a british cordon from the mediterranean to iraq. so so mark from your knowledge of the air out of the question. where would you say that a legion slot. between us and the french. practically all arabs approach . not exactly empty french but frightened of financial exploitation and they are frightened of french colonial methods. but there are many christians in syria in the limited particular out of a fear that christians are as afraid at the bottom of their hearts as the muslims and only in syria that feeling sarah is prevalent everywhere because they know what the french do that feeling pretty well runs all through. there is the french
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nationalist party which is sentimental still harking back to the crusades. so science returned and as the current sort of started to come together he was called into downing street at the end of the year on the 16th of december 1950 and then. he must've gone with a map as well because he got into them the meeting with the cabinet the prime minister and his chief ministers sitting around the cabinet table in downing street i believe they fear an arab kind of that. which is an independent stage a common language the arabs of tunis algeria and morocco in regional cause they control entirely the french nationalists believe that if the allies when they want syria and palestine and north mesopotamia likes appeared to be someone who was very knowledgeable and in fact in that cabinet meeting that he went to in december 1915
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. or the the result of the cabinet meeting was that one of the cabinet ministers he was there believed he could speak arabic and turkish but in fact he could speak neither language so he he dotted his speech with arabic phrases that sort of thing to give himself the appearance of being an expert when in fact he was more of a gifted amateur what do you think we should do some are. i think to counteract the french war aims. we require diplomacy. do you think diplomacy will achieve with the fridge i don't want to make any suggestions except on very general lines. that i feel we ought to settle with france as soon as possible and get a definite understanding about syria what sort of arrangement would you like to have with the french what would you say to them i would like for ourselves. south of haifa apart from the attitude of tourist. if you have it is just to be
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very. good and the who. your forgot to bark lisa fuck off. i mean there were funny. men in the. bronx and though. i will be men we would love to mop up a few months back a few months up with its most important we should have a bout of english controlled country between the sharif of mecca and the french in syria but would you do for fred i should like to draw a line. in even a go. to the last came good cook and this must all be settled before we can take military action against the turks in syria. we must find out what the french actually in sr ponder having they do multiple syria they can both be
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merely a military purposes we must make terms with props. which means we must make terms. of the matter. right to. britain has identified the territories of the ottoman empire it's wanted in order to protect its interests in the suez canal and the area provinces. but this clan was dependent on britain and france winning the war which at this.


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