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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 21, 2019 2:00pm-2:33pm +03

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providing the money to do its bidding it's a sort of weaponize ing of its juridical sovereignty to dominate the federal member states so i think the real issue of yours that either president far imagine his team become the conveners in chief and they bring the leaders together and say look let's talk and we might even talk about going to a federal system a centralized who had decentralized unitary system rather than a federal one i mean if that's what from i just agenda really is or a farm manager will probably leave office in a year from having accomplished virtually nothing except having stalemated the state building process and that's the money worst and he found the supporters a loyalist of model b. see him as the man who has brought stability to buy land and defeated they. don't just see this as an exaggeration because the remain extremely powerful in huge areas across the country. it is true i mean they control about
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5470 kilometers outside kismayo but in case mind you are where the jubilant forces are in control apart from the type that happened last month because my has been very peaceful nothing has happened in the past few years except the others that i visited kissed my your this year it's very peaceful city and it has been very peaceful for several years and i think we have to understand from a local somali perspective we in the diaspora often talk about policies but for the local people all the case about peace and stability but they don't really care who brings the peace and security and kismayo is one of those cities that changed hands many times during the civil war and all the major clans vying for control of his maya so it was a test case for ahmed meadow bit but he has managed to somehow unite people in kiss
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my hand bring peace and security so in case my view is he'd as far as i have seen he's very popular with the local people because they might not agree with certain things he does but at least it brought peace and security let's if the central government that is trying to overthrow him and bring someone in his play lists talk about the regional implications fairly kenya now is staunchly supportive of. however why are they involved is it because they would like to see jubilant as a buffer zone against a suburban or is it more to do with the border dispute in the 100000 kilometer square which is off the coast of the indian ocean while actually want to use it has many leverage is among them is so-called the jubilant as a buffer zone and when you when this maritime dispute came up one of the leverage is that it actually used was the stock in the jubilant issue but it's not
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the only one i would say all in all there are about 500000 refugees a large community business community in kenya and of course other other leverage is that now it enjoys more than would be different but that also how did we differ in the sense that they played the nationalist the card by saying that oh you know what this is our summer knitty and just belongs to. is part of some areas so that has been the case for now regionally though it's not only mogadishu ferrous is the kenya also you thought is involved here and this time is strangely enough that even though for a module has been using the discount for in a successful way he is using ethiopia is not going to help him ok he's too broad and exactly that's why i believe it's president who lost the power and i think
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he's not very well advised in just only because of this issue when it comes to this issue not why would the if european governments which in the past with the kenyans central inside. somalia disagree with the kenyans and decide to support a new candidate why would a country take such massive gamble that could backfire. in jubilant i think that's very hard to explain ethiopia's policy on somalia has been consistent for the better part of 3 decades and this church this 180 degree switch under prime minister abbey seems to be more a result of idiosyncratic pylea personalized leadership rather than any kind of strategic policy shipped and i think for ethiopia has actually ever said this is it's really ill advised it seems as though anyone in new york and policy
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establishment with with understanding of some of the politics has disappeared or been been replaced because. ethiopian troops in somalia have generally been seen as perhaps an on a benign presence and they've been able to operate with the support of local communities if you look at what happened when the. election in by dark who was was a century hijacked by mogadishu and the leading candidate was arrested by european troops and detained in mogadishu where he remains essentially ethiopian troops became blind the community stopped cooperate as he appointed and they suffered their worst attack 7 over 70 of them killed in a decade so i'm certain it's a couple change of heart i see 0.0 this is going to be my last question to please a letter in 11 than half of
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a minute it's not only they think because of the kenyans who are vying for a bigger influence you have also the sod is the image of the tommies and the and the turks do you have any concerns of this is just for bigger political sake could create some instability in the area. yes there are many foreign actors who are playing politics in somalia who have different interests regional governments like kenya and ethiopia and then the gulf states and also the western countries and i think in the longer this goes the west for somalis you know more about this you would have thought would different groups to fight against that which that's what we have seen for many years that i think it can be a boy did it can be avoided thank you very much indeed. bryden. appreciate your time thank you very much indeed. thank you too for watching you can see the program again and it time by visiting our website c.n.n.
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dot com for further discussion go to our facebook page that's facebook dot com forward slash a.j. incisively you can also join the conversation on twitter 100 is at a.j. inside story from me the whole team here in doha by phone. i. they're doing a new life on an entirely beach living off the sea and the land. of dreams shared by so many but so few make it a man it's. a family business led by a remarkable woman with a flair for cooking and a zest for living. his yeah i didn't catch it on al-jazeera. 67 where i found promise. but
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disaster. the pledge to the establishment of the jewish homeland at the expense of the palestinians. the story of the british declaration that changed the middle east for seeds of discord on al-jazeera. as it breaks. up. with detailed coverage no one is willing to return home to me on my own without the reship papers and the security guarantees from around the world the challenges facing the new prime minister negotiate a new grex that he'll in 90 days a deal the e.u. says cannot be renegotiated. sudan's
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military genter prepares to share power with civilians the joint council will lead the country to elections. well again a mounting debt this year without is there live from doha also coming out china confirms it's detained a british consulate software from hong kong. form a vatican treasure cardinal george pell returns to prison after an australian court upholds his conviction that sex abuse. refugees and migrants embrace their rescue ship finally docks in italy after being stranded at sea for 3 weeks.
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sudan's military and opposition allies have settled on the make up of a sovereign council which they say will leave the country until elections within 3 years the swearing in is due to happen within the next few hours the council will replace the junk and then formally as the transitional military council that took power after the army forced out longtime president obama alba sheer. will have this new body will have 11 members 5 from the military 5 from the opposition and another civilian the greed on by both sides more than has the latest phone call to. the council has been a point of contention between the opposition coalition and the forces of freedom and change and the transitional military council is the reason why i talked to him to a lack of real time before they finally were able to reach a deal. in july and it looks like they bring council which will have
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a larger term when your role will have representation from both sides from the opposition coalition and from the military council as well as an enlargement member which has been agreed upon by. now the point of contention with what the role of council would be how many people will be in it and it looks like the 2 types of finally agree on that when they finally after the end when they reach big read again yesterday and now and the world that that the council will be sworn in and that it will come to power it will largely be supervising the there the executive council which will be made a prime minister who will pick his cabinet and all will be from the opposition coalition and it will also be providing the legislative assembly which 2 thirds of it will go to the opposition coalition and australian causes apel the sex abuse conviction of the full of us a contract. he was jailed in march for abusing 2 cause 20 years ago the vatican says it's a knowledge is
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a ruling adding that pelz still has another appeal brian ripple. arriving at court cardinal george pell was taken in through a door away from the waist in crowds there was no room inside for everyone the court packed with other survivors of abuse by the catholic church and tell supporters. 0000. 7 0 if inside the hands of pale. and a 6 year jail term for abuse and to quiet boys when he was a ship of melbourne in the ninety's would stand justice maxwell and except at the prosecution's submission that the complainant was a very compelling witness was clearly not a lawyer was not a fair interest and was a witness of truth. pal is the highest ranking catholic worldwide to be convicted of child sex offenses he was once the vatican's treasurer and one of the pope's closest advisers. his lawyers said that the jury's verdict
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was unreasonable based on the evidence that the jury relied too much on the account of the only surviving victim. victim said he was relieved by the court's decision it is 4 years since i reported to the police. the criminal process has been stressful. the journey has taken me to places that in my darkest moments i feed i would not return from 5. now. and we have now. survivors advocates say the catholic church still needs to prove its taking clergy abuse seriously. crimes committed. in children's homes and.
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pal maintains his innocence and can still appeal to the high court he is going to. rot in hell and. he want to be eligible for parole until 2022 when he's 81. al-jazeera the u.s. envoy to north korea says his country is prepared to resume nuclear talks was it in south korea stephen beacon said that just waiting to hear from north korea discussions have been stalled since the u.s. president donald trump's failed summit with kim in. february has more from seoul. this visit by the u.s. special envoy on north korean affairs steven vega comes after a spate of weapons testing by north korea over the past month or so involving amongst other things short range ballistic missiles which is largely been seen as
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north korea's frustration at the lack of progress in talks with the united states north korea of course still demanding that there be some early sanctions relief or giving up parts of its nuclear arsenal but it also is seen as north korea's anger to military exercises that have been taking place between u.s. and south korean forces that have now just come to an end opening a window of opportunity for these working level talks between u.s. and north korean officials to start the talks that were promised by u.s. president donald trump and kim jong un of north korea when they met in their surprise and big thing at the d.m.z. at the end of june regarding the restart of those negotiations we are prepared to engage and soon as we hear from our counterparts in north korea in a tweet earlier this month president trump revealed that kim jong un had stated in
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a letter to him that he wanted another meeting soon after these military exercises had ended opening up the possibility of another official summit between the 2 leaders but of course the clock is still ticking on kim jong un's warning that he wants to see a real breakthrough and progress before the end of this year otherwise he has warned that he is likely to resort to another path other than the direction of dialogue. china's foreign ministry has confirmed that a missing employee of the british consulate in hong kong has been detained in mainland china beijing says simon chang violated the law he went missing on august the 8th whilst on a business trip to the city of shenzhen the u.k. says it's extremely concerned let's go live to our correspondent in beijing what more do we know about simon chang and his fate.
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martin we know that again this is the foreign ministry here in beijing they have a daily press conference they were asked about this yesterday tuesday today wednesday they said that they do have information and what they said is that he is being detained under a public security and administrative detention and we know that that can be extended probably beyond 15 days that we know right now at least 15 days so that would mean potentially he could be released in 2 days based on the fact that he went missing on august 8th and that would be 15 days in 2 days now a little bit more about this type of detention it's not and this was said in that press conference here ministry of foreign affairs saying it's not a diplomatic issue they said that he you know he's being held by shin gen police so any specific questions anyone has about exactly what the detention is he said but the spokesperson here said that needs to be referred to the shin gen police but what we do know about this too when the people are detained under this
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administrative detention order it doesn't necessarily mean there's anything criminal involved with it just that there are some of violation of some type of law so that is kind of what we're looking at now you know it's interesting because the ministry of foreign affairs yesterday said they had no information about it today they said that they went and researched it because it was brought up in the press conference on tuesday that's why they say they have this information now but should be specific should be directed at the police because that's who's holding this gentleman and one thing that was interesting at the end of this comment during the press conference the spokesperson said that you know that the united kingdom shouldn't be pointing fingers and that these are irresponsible comments over the last couple of days we can presume yes obviously about the situation with the detention of their employee but also there was a tone that it was much broader than that about what's been going on in hong kong more broadly and saying that the united kingdom shouldn't be making these kind of irresponsible comments scott thanks for that scott. correspondent in beijing.
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a rebel fighters being killed in a gun battle with security forces in indian administered kashmir this is the 1st such death since new delhi revoked the regions of ptolemy earlier this month some parts of the area still under lockdown pakistan opposes india's actions and has vowed to take the case to the international court of justice. the u.s. state department has approved plans to sell $8000000000.00 worth of f. 16 fighter jets to taiwan congress is expected to give the green.


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