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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 21, 2019 8:00pm-8:34pm +03

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of the street of her most were 20 percent of the world's oil passes through and just between its most narrow points between iran and oman is just 33 kilometers wide and the and the shipping lanes are 3 kilometers wide and iran said that they are opposed to the u.s. presence in the u.s. 5th fleet is here that u.k. has 2 warships and australia has committed to a frigate a surveillance and patrol thing as well as military personnel and europe is fundamentally opposed to this that's why europe didn't join this coalition in fact germany said everything should be done to avoid escalation in the region and that's because europe is trying to save the 2 $1050.00 nuclear deal which the united states unilaterally pulled out of last gen you post sanctions against iran and the fear is that the increased military presence in the region could lead to a miscalculation and a conflict a rebel fighters being killed in a gun battle with security forces in indian administered kashmir this is the 1st such death since new delhi revote the regions in town and me earlier this month
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some parts of the area still under lockdown pakistan opposes india's actions and it's valid to take the case to the international court of justice. of the death toll from saturday's attack at a wedding in the afghan capital kabul is now risen to 80 the interior ministry says 17 more people died in hospital there injuries and more than 160 is still being treated i saw claimed responsibility for the suicide bombing at a reception hall in kabul it's one of the worst attacks in afghanistan this year. protests in indonesia's west papua have entered their 3rd day as police send more than a 1000 additional officers to contain the violence rallies of erupted in various towns across west after police have fired tear gas after a protest is tossed a market an office building and blocked roads so they're pulled this comes after the arrest of 43 people in students last week for accusations of disrespecting the
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indonesian flag. the leaders of uganda and rwanda are expected to finalize a new deal which is aimed at reducing tension between their 2 countries the agreement is to be signed in angola once close allies rwanda's poor girl army and uganda is your where the most 70 have accuse each other of espionage and political interference relations of steadily deteriorated one that closes its border with uganda in february and that severely impacted trade on both sides then in may ugandan police accuse rwandan soldiers of entering the country and killing 2 men a charge roland has denied markham webb has more now from the ugandan capital kampala. tensions reached a head in february this year amid a sea of accusations and counter-accusations from people in the governments of
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rwanda and uganda that each was spying on the other followed a series of high profile murders here in uganda over the last few years that included a senior police officer as well as other government officials some people in the intelligence services here believe that the government of rwanda was responsible meanwhile some people in the government of rwanda or have accused uganda of hosting and helping exiled dissidents who want to overthrow rwanda's government it's important to understand that both president 70 president. our military men who both came to power by successfully leading armed rebellion and overthrowing their predecessors and both live to some extent in fear that one day somebody will do the same thing to them today's meeting is the 2nd is being mediated by angola's president. was a meeting in july which both sides tabled their grievances we didn't hear much more
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from that meeting suggesting that not much progress was made today we are waiting to find out if some agreement will be reached if things will deescalate and if they get to no border will reopen resuming usual trade between the 2 countries. nigeria's president mohamed do bihari is sworn in $43.00 ministers into his new cabinet it's almost 2 months since president bihari began his 2nd term in that 6 months since he was reelected he's expected to assign the government's top 4 portfolio is after the ceremony. almost 100 refugees and migrants have spent their 1st night in weeks on dry land after their rescue boat docked in italy a prosecutor ordered it to be seized and in a standoff between the spanish charity that operates the ship and the italian government. has more from rome. as leader of the government just epic on to had
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overseen one of the most challenging coalitions in recent times battling one political crisis after another contest being a stabilizing force between 2 vastly different political parties the far right leak and the anti establishment 5 star movement it proved to be an impossible task and contest said he would be offering his resignation but there was no question over who he thought was responsible. that interior really has showed that he is following his own interests and those of his party. in a blistering attack against any country accused him of unleashing further turmoil and in doing so endangering italy's already started to qana me but the league party leader was unrepentant. i would do again everything i did everything with the great strength of being a free man therefore which means i'm not afraid of the judgment of the italians overshadowing this impasse has been my tale own political agenda vocally anti
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migrant he's also waged war on the n.g.'s that i have attempted to rescue asylum seekers crossing the mediterranean and it's a tactic that has had success support for his views have increased across the country turning his party into a force that cannot be ignored. in the middle of this political drama the spanish rescue vessel hovering off the coast of lampedusa with dozens of vulnerable people on board for more than 2 weeks they have not been given permission to disembark the open arms of vessels repeatedly requested permission to dock despite continued rejection or someone board became so frantic they risked their own lives by jumping into the sea attempting to swim to land they were rescued by nearby italian coast guard vessels. on tuesday a local prosecutor visited the vessel and issued an emergency measure allowing it to dock in lump it was a but this is one incident among many others despite tough new laws preventing such
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landings they still arrive desperate for safety in europe no matter the cost of reaching their. al-jazeera rome. or europe is at the heart of an illegal wildlife trade operation that's worth an estimated $4000000000.00 wild eels are being smuggled by gangs to asia in massive quantities. in the netherlands. in the heart of farming country in the netherlands you'll find the daily routines of agricultural life the perennial tending of pasture and stock but here too you'll find a different kind of farm where it's eels that in and grows one and a half 1000000 a year producing legally $250.00 tonnes of a national delicacy and we grow them up to market size that's between on and on 30 . 2 on the grounds and then there are going live to the smoke house
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mostly and all of these eels start life thousands of kilometers away deep in the saga so you see in the atlantic ocean they drift on the gulf stream is elvas. to the s. trees of european rivers every year a legal quatre is caught for aquaculture to be grown on as adult eels for consumption but that's where the unscrupulous strike it's estimated that $300000000.00 glass eels a year a trafficked to asia recent basques have demonstrated the scale of the problem an illicit trade with billions the end result of smoked to unsuspecting consumers in japan china and beyond that are leaving europe to your o.e. each and one year later grown on in the $900.00 pounds of china. they are that have a 10 fold increase in value so 300000000 eels 300000000
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euros one or so years later that's 3000000000 euros this is the greatest crime by a mile. over the centuries the lakeside town of valan down was made rich by eel fishing but with the species now down to an estimated 10 percent of the original titles the industry has all but disappeared but poland may yet have something to offer the fish that made it famous it may just be that to break the cycle of illicit trade you just need to crack the code lifecycle here it's a privately funded laboratory trying to find out how to breed the european ale from egg to adult something that has eluded science to this day the project here is focused on getting the reproduction of the european to make it available for now for humans so we need to do reparatory steel in captivity so that we can supply
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the ill farms with glossy the problem is replicating precisely what happens in the saga so you see and figuring out what the 11 i eat but once that sold the wild deal population need never be touched in the meantime the focus is on enforcement and international collaboration to take the pressure off this extraordinary species nicholas al-jazeera. netherlands. time to take a look at the top stories here it out there general abdul fatah has been sworn in as chairman of the newly created sovereign council in sudan he'd been head of the military genter that took power a few months ago when the army pushed out a long time leader omar al bashir. protesters in hong kong have gathered in front
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of the british consulate to appeal for the release of a man who's been detained in mainland china earlier china's foreign ministry said simon chang an employee of the u.k. consulate violated the law and that he'd spend 15 days in administrative detention the spokesman urged the u.k. to stop stirring up trouble on hong kong. this u.k. consulate employee is a hong kong citizen he is not a u.k. citizen in other words that means he's chinese so it's entirely an internal matter for china so with regard to the recent series of mistaken comments the u.k. has made regarding hong kong china has openly expressed its stern position we want to once again urge the u.k. to stop making indiscreet remarks and stop stirring up trouble on the hong kong issue it is the highest ranking official of the roman catholic church to be found guilty of child sex offenses has lost the appeal against his conviction in australia the form of vatican treasurer
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a cardinal george pell was jailed in march for abusing 2 choir boys 20 years ago. nigeria's president mohammed who bihari has sworn in $43.00 ministers of his new cabinet it's almost 2 months since he began his 2nd term and 6 months after he was re-elected is expected to assign government portfolios after the ceremony the case of a u.k. flying to oil tanker seized by iran a month ago is making its way through the country's courts there had been speculation the center imperio could be freed after gibraltar a british territory released in the rain in tanker all right up to date those are the very latest headlines here at al-jazeera coming up next it's talk to our jazeera.
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see see. this deceiving scenery hides one of the world's most dangerous flashpoints. a brewing and ongoing conflict between 2 nuclear drive holes the ridge on the right is in india and the one on the left is in pakistan. the 2 neighbors have fought 3 wars over kashmir and the latest crisis has once again highlighted 72 years of failure in finding a solution for the. stage was set of british road after the 2 countries gained independence from british rule in 1947 the mirage lost a majority kush we had decided to exceed to india that did not sit well with the local population in pakistan and the 2 countries and their militias had their 1st
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war over schmear in 1988 a un resolution and later mutual agreements formed a cease fire line of what's now called the line of control. on the 5th of august prime minister there and there are more the government made a dramatic decision. the pasha lot on to me in the part of me to do overseas. to stem anticipated protests. and. inform the internet. that caused a predictable uproar in neighboring pakistan. strongly disagrees good distance that the constitutional changes. in response decided to create but then. diplomatic ties and suspend bus and train services but it has a. political system as to how to respond to the
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united nations. from changing the status of kashmir and pakistan. to the un security council with the help of its allies china which also has a claim on a different part of the disputed kashmir himalayan region. the tough talk has direct impact on millions of people on both sides of the so-called line of control the unofficial border which separates the 2 sides. the question now will pakistan be able to neutralize the indian moved in diplomacy defuse tensions with powers such as china get involved and if so what could this mean for kashmir. today 3 important people on the pakistani side the country's foreign minister the president of pakistan administered kashmir and a vocal opposition leader give their views on talking all that there are.
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the fun of former prime minister benazir bhutto and former president asif ali zardari is the chairman of pakistan peoples party he is critical of both the indian and his own government i wish that i while condemning the human rights abuses in. in in magoo's akash mean or the attack on press freedoms in occupied kashmir i wish i was speaking from a moral ground moral high ground and i would be speaking from one of the high ground of my own government was not restricting some human rights and media freedoms in pakistan but having said that we can't equate our concerns about curtailment of democracy in pakistan with the military occupation by an extremist government by the man seen as the butcher of good drop. over the the people of kashmir i mean no matter our own flaws no matter our own weaknesses we have to we have to talk for those who cannot talk for themselves and at the moment there is a total media back out in occupied kashmir the whole political leadership in
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occupied kashmir whether those who used to boycott the electoral process and advocated for a freedom movement or those who took part in elections who served as chief ministers even under the b j p's own government all have been rounded up and put under arrest so it is that who is left. to talk to the people of kashmir if the people of us out this me to not talk out if the people of pakistan and i don't see eye to comprehend that i don't wish my government was i was fighting more passionate case a more convincing case more powerful case but that case is strong according to sadar masood han the president of pakistan administered kashmir do you think pakistan has a case pakistan has a case and the people of jammu and kashmir have a case in fact india has committed aggression in the recent weeks against the people of jammu and kashmir they have invaded the territory. inducted additional $180000.00 troops to brutalize kashmiris so do we have a case of course we have
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a case and everybody knows that the indian or quite bushmeat has been under occupation for the past 72 years and india has made this fresh move colonised the territory of kashmir do we have a case yes we do because the issue of german bushmeat is on the agenda of the united nations security council and we have a case because there are several resolutions which have mandated that the future of the jammu and kashmir dispute should be decided in accordance with the aspirations of the people of jammu and kashmir. to be supervised by the united nations do we have a case yes we have just as india has a strong strategic ally in the united states pakistan needs allies to highlight their case as well in foreign minister recently visited beijing and returned home with support from the chinese government as
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a 1st step toward it was this ready to consult with. someone who stood with consistently and is one of the p 5 members that china. with the delegation to meet with the chinese leadership and i have come back. satisfaction that it to complete and to stand and indorse a point if you considered the indian action as unilateral. unlawful. and they feel that the matter should be result under the un charter and according to the a pickable security council resolutions they have endorsed a point if you concerned about the peace and security of division. during the muslim festival of the in a rare show of bipartisan solidarity rushing in billable prayed that kashmiris in
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pakistan side of the border. but internal divisions remain in the political opposition is critical of how the government handled india's constitutional changes . do you agree that pakistan should be doing more and do you think that a divided opposition in the ruling party sends the right message i don't think that the division between the ruling party and the opposition sense right a message or 2 or that there's a sense this this that the action taken is too little too late for example we see that the government of pakistan is following not leading but it's not a time for us to be nit picking we in the opposition have extended a movement in you to extend our support to the people of kashmir and do whatever we can in our limited capacity but there's also concern on the pakistani side as well i've spent the day at the line of control docking to ordinary kashmiris who feel that pakistan perhaps has not done enough and that is something that was shared on the parliament floor by the opposition as well where the prime minister said that
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you know if they like them cannot go to war how what would you tell them that will suffer satisfy them that by going on is doing all it can over the kashmir if you can with why am i here. to give a message of solidarity i represent the government of pakistan and i am here with the permission of the prime is to pakistan i discussed it with him last night and he said by all means you must go and show solidarity he himself is coming what else can pakistan do if you share the feeling of kashmir is that they feel let down what else do you think that the government can do i do share the feeling that they feel it and i would don't necessarily want to 12 on the criticism but as i said earlier . i think that the people of kashmir are looking to leadership and they are looking for the prime minister of pakistan to speak to the motions. and to speak to the crisis and take concrete actions not react not 5 days later decide to take any reciprocal action with india which is unfortunately what we saw in this
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situation but would have preferred immediate action would absolutely have preferred for more of a consensus for more bipartisan approach i mean the prime minister chose to. arrest the former prime minister mr new washer reese daughter right in the middle of this crisis these are very divisive tactics of the prime minister of pakistan who are not i don't choose to dwell on those at the moment but i believe it's important is for us to all speak out for those who can put those who can speak out for themselves because they can't come before your cameras because they're not been allowed because they don't know how they relatives are doing whether those relatives are living abroad with israel and relatives living in other states of india they don't know how their blood relatives are doing in kashmir so that's a human that humanitarian crisis that's a genuine concern as the president of pakistan administered kashmir do you think by government has done enough we thank the people of pakistan and the government of pakistan the parliament of focused on for the steps that they have already taken
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and the solidarity that they have expressed with the occupied territories particularly its people so we want to thank them they have started a process of initiatives let's watch how india response or chooses not to respond and then the response of the state of pakistan would develop so i don't think that these are the final word and yes it is natural that the people in the street should expect more but as you must of heard from other government officials that pakistan firmly believes that there should be a diplomatic and political solution we do not go down the path to war mongering we do not want to stoke. war hysteria as india has done so pakistan is showing restraint and responsibility but at the same time it is proactive it is reaching out to the united nations security council other
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international forums and there would be additional measures which would or strict or punish what india has done the people of pakistan stand shoulder to shoulder with the people of kashmir as far as to. state politics is concerned at the various political parties obviously have their differences but when it comes to the issue of kashmir we all stand united and whether it's the prime minister the opposition leader or my south my speech in the national assembly we time and time again emphasized the fact that we are willing to stand together and stand united for the people of kashmir india says that it is proof that pakistan was harboring terrorists and groups which are a threat to the indian state how do you respond to that when india says that it is in response to what pakistan. this is india's hobbyhorse this is. false wouldn't fabrication that they have been selling to the rest of the world yes there was a time when. the we called them freedom fighters they used to go across the line of
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control because they were being killed this was in the early 1990 s. but since then. i mean after particularly after 20032004 that practice came to an end and india has practically sealed the border would be millions. really afraid of north these $250.00 militants as the call them militants but millions of fish meetings would come to the square s. and streets and chant the slogan very loudly go india go back leave. they are freed of this beast.


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