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the fires in gulf in bits of the amazon rain forest they are visible from space this is a peek of this is never been seen before this amount of damage mr paulson r.-o. is in effect here today gone tomorrow politician does that mean that the damage that we're seeing is repairable can it be fixed or is it permanently wasted. i fear it is really much of it is permanently waste that's a sense that expects ages to recross forest and it can never be regrown in the orange you know we enter them or what we're also seeing is that actually the embassy is now under so much traction it actually starts to sell destroyed normally the end result is really an area which is very unique and wearing across a lot and which does capture a lot of carbon as well now as the amazon becomes smaller and smaller and actually this as a way to the degree it makes that's the end muscle meat comes more and more vulnerable
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also don't drop the ental forest fires etc so even if a good policy maker might come after of also a lot of the chances for changing this. normal state are very low and are not sure if it works what actually works ok we have to leave our conversation there nellie madigan in go and thank you so much for coming on to al-jazeera. europe so the heart of an illegal wildlife trade operation worth an estimated $4000000000.00 well the evils of being smuggled by gangs to asia in massive quantities are environment identical art has more now from volunteer in the no limbs. in the halls of farming country in the netherlands you'll find the daily routines of agricultural life the perennial tending of pasta and stock but it too you'll find a different kind of farm where it's eels that in and grows one and a half 1000000
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a year producing legally $250.00 tons of a national delicacy and we grow them up to market size that's between 30. 2 on the grounds and then there are going live to the smokehouse mostly and all of these eels start life thousands of kilometers away deep in the saga in the atlantic ocean they drift on the gulf stream is elvas. to the s. trees of european rivers every era legal quatre is caught for aquaculture to be grown on as i dealt eels for consumption but that's where the unscrupulous strike it's estimated $300000000.00 glass eels a year a trafficked to asia recent past have demonstrated the scale of the problem and illicit trade with billions the end result of smoked to unsuspecting consumers in japan china and beyond that are leaving europe to your o.e. each and one year later grown on in the $900.00 of china.
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that have a 10 fold increase in value so 300000000 eels 300000000 euro is one of us later that's 3000000000 euros this is the greatest crime model. over the centuries the lakeside town of valan down was made rich by eels fishing but with the species now down to an estimated 10 percent of the original titles the industry has all but disappeared but poland may yet have something to offer the fish that made it famous it may just be that to break the cycle of illicit trade you just need to crack the code lifecycle here it's a privately funded laboratory trying to find out how to breathe the european ale from egg to adult something that has eluded science to this day the project here is
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focused on getting reproduction of the european to make it available for now for humans so we need to represent. in captivity so that we can supply you'll farms with glossy. the problem is replicating precisely what happens in the sargasso sea and figuring out what the he'll love eat but once that sold the wild deal population need never be touched in the meantime the focus is on enforcement and international collaboration to take the pressure off this extraordinary species nicholas al-jazeera valan the netherlands imagine all the sights and sounds of the fierce surf without the sights that's what audiences are guessing that argentina's blind theater which put shows on in complete darkness. went along in one's iris. society. we think we know what it's like to be in darkness but we don't not
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complete darkness where all the lights have been extinguished the blind here too in whether cyrus provides that experience in the stream. we put the audience in a situation which normally the main stimulus is visual so this person is now disconnected from their phone another source of information for more than an hour having to concentrate solely on what is happening in front of them. but what does the one osiris going public to get from the darkness. it surprised me it was unique a sensation i hadn't expected it when you're in there it stimulates all your senses fabulous it wakes everything up smell hearing imagining things you can't see but can understand that many of the actors and other theatres staff are blind or partially sighted in a. figure work is perfect for people with impaired vision i'm partially sighted for instance but 1st it was difficult to get used to total darkness but you do. we saw
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a production called looses on all lights the revolution a story of the big love during argentina's 19th century fight for independence there was plenty of sound the movement i felt the window my face and herbes and so . you have to learn how to live in complete darkness 2 is the slogan goes see what you can see and then emerging into the light to see life with different eyes. there is also a show for children in the pure musical experience a blind gourmet meal singing in the comedy on saturday 6 different shows. there is a feedback from the audience you feel the development of the perception not just from their emotion this but you feel them that palpitations even though you can't see the relationship is still there it's surprising what you can find in total darkness illumination perhaps to the senses that don't see.
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that. one osiris. with the sports including not quite sure it's a pickle home run at this minute sort of baseball game. stopping play.
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time to support peter thank you to former major league baseball world series
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winners have been linked to a dominican drug trafficking and money laundering ring octavio to tell who played for 12 different teams in his 15 year career was arrested in one of 40 rites carried out across the dominican republic 3 time all-star luis castillo was among 16 others implicated by authorities but has denied any ties to the group well 2 of the major teams in major league baseball the boston red sox and new york yankees have suffered losses in their race to get to the postseason things started positively for the yankees with a solo home run by gary sanchez in the 1st inning but open them struck but it's about home runs in the 1st meeting between the 2 clubs since the a's lost last year's american league wild card game 6 to win opens face in 6 games. meanwhile boston's 5 game winning streak is over after they were beaten $32.00 by philadelphia the phillies scoring their runs in the 1st inning as they improve their chances of claiming a 2nd national league wild card spots. and there was drama in minnesota after
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a squirrel invaded the diamond for the 2nd time in 2 days after only 3 months kept his legs and headed for the players in the chicago white sox dugout before making a run for home on the out food wall the twins eventually winning it's one. couple's governing body fever has kate iraq to host well cup qualifying games in bastra iraq's match against hong kong in october is likely to be held at the basra sports city stadium iraq haven't been able to play a competitive game on home soil since 2011 because of security concerns in the country. and if iraq to qualify for their 1st world cup in fact they could find themselves playing at another impressive stadium in cats are they hurting went to find out about the 1st fully reusable stadium being built and. rising from the sand and the sea guitar's latest world cup stadium is coming to
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life one shipping container at a time sustainability is the main focus for those buildings that are asked to have a good stadium in doha all its components are recyclable and the life size building blocks are arriving to port filled with all the materials that will eventually hold them together inside the stadium do you know that it's a container stadium can you tell from the inside on one side they were north. hospitality boxes which will have the finish off the content of. the containers will be used to make up everything from the stadiums bathrooms offices and restaurants but always with an eye on sustainability what we have considered from the very early stages and the design that the very single component of the stadium without its content of all of this structure that's when the whole the content of what. we consider from then i said to them the design how these can be reused.
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the project is expected to be finished by the end of next year once completed it will be the 1st fully dismantle fifo world cup stadium and one of 7 being built just for 2022. these are the 1st containers to arrive $92.00 of them just came in from china and a 1000 are expected in total after the world cup this stadium will be disassembled and these containers will be used to build another stadium somewhere else in the world it's truly a case of thinking outside the box. part of guitars bid for hosting the 2022 games involved a plan to help another country develop its sporting facilities the 40000 seat stadium can be moved and split into 2 or made into an arena could be a good opportunity for those countries to. use the whole facility that's when donovan. guitar has already delivered one of its world cup the news this
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year the stadium and a walk up those behind the grass a block of wood project say it will cost 20 percent less than other traditional c.d.'s and piece by piece along doha's waterfront it's starting to come together hard in al-jazeera doha here and you're paying jobs are doing some last minute deals before transfer windows are open italian teams have been some of the busiest here in tina have successfully. from buy in munich up to 12 seasons the teen last won an italian title 50 years ago and narrowly avoided relegation last season. england opening batsman jason roy has been cleared to play in the 3rd ashes test i was being struck in the head during a practice session but he will still need to undergo a final concussion check for the start of play on thursday and only pope has been brought into the squad as a precaution issue of head injuries has featured since in a bowl of struck australia's steve smith forcing him to miss out on the test with concussion. people joe thanks very much now when we come back we'll take
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a live update out of washington after the news broke that donald trump counseling a state visit to denmark over greenland we'll tell you why. after years of war and famine a dramatic transformation is emerging. al-jazeera goes on a journey with more diverse ethiopian. to tell inspirational stories of the most us into me into them so i was a 1st takes a position to see persistence i was sometimes right. my ethiopian coming soon on al-jazeera. 67. pound promise for one people. but disaster another.
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the pledge to the establishment of the jewish homeland at the expense of the palestinians. the story of the british declaration that changed the middle east the seeds of discord on al-jazeera. the goal of the united states i learned that the 1st amendment is really key to being a good leader i'm told it's going to be the men and women of the resources that are available what makes al jazeera story is that we just don't tell you what the subject of the story wants to know the government is not going to do the one thing the demonstrators want to apologize for that's what al-jazeera does we ask the questions so that we can get closer to the truth. inmates learning from other inmates acquiring knowledge that could set them free. through legal
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education classes and tribunals their dedication has led to staggering results even in prison for. his own ricin and they were. teaching empowerment kenya boss of the rebel education series on al-jazeera. he was in charge of sudan's military now. sharing power with civilians after being sworn in as head of the new sovereign comes. watching al-jazeera live from our headquarters here in doha also coming up china confirms it's detained the british consulate staff member from hong kong. form of
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data compression a cardinal george pell returns to prison after an australian court upholds his conviction for sex abuse. and why deforestation is being blamed for surging numbers of wildfires in the brazilian amazon. begin in sudan where 10 members of the country's newly created sovereign council have been sworn in the past few hours general abdel fattah old boy the previous head of sudan's military will serve as chairman other members include 5 from the military 5 from the opposition and one other civilian the new governing body is set to leave the country until elections within 3 years if morgan has more from khartoum. well what happened next is the appointment of an executive council the prime minister which has already been chosen by the 4th. point and later he has
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a $21.00 day to appoint cabinet most of all will be from the foot. of the minister of interior and the minister of the friend who will be appointed by the military. people positions are really security therefore they cannot. appoint 2 members of the appointment of a. but more importantly the. appointment of. people here on the ground are saying that this judiciary that will be appointed for the. independent. and be able to deliver an accountability. for months and that's. the end authorized. talk to the transitional government and if no independent judiciary is formed then they will. protesters in hong kong have gathered in front of the british consulate to appeal for the release of a man detained in mainland china earlier china's foreign ministry concern simon
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chiang an employee of the u.k. consulate is in custody saying he violated the law the ministry added he'll spend 15 days in what it called administrative detention chain went missing on august the mine's false on a business trip to the city of shenzhen. china hasn't provided more details about the detention but the foreign ministry is searching the u.k. to stop interfering. you know i'm usually this u.k. consulate employee is a hong kong citizen he's not a u.k. citizen in other words that means he's chinese so it's entirely in internal matter for china so with regard to the recent series of mistaken comments the u.k. has made regarding hong kong china has openly expressed its stern position we want to once again urge the u.k. to stop making indiscreet remarks and stop stirring up trouble on the hong kong issue it. with more from beijing the minister of foreign affairs here in beijing on wednesday confirming that simon chang is in detention something that's called
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public security administration detention down in shin gen that's a border town just across from hong kong we know that part of this detention is 15 days they can be extended there's no indication that that's going to happen just yet but you know maximum is at this stage 15 days so that should be a couple of days before simon has been released by the police ministry of foreign affairs spokesman saying any details about the specific case need to come from the engine police themselves and kind of passing that off to them now what's interesting he went on to say that he is a chinese national simon chang so this is an internal matter and he said that they've been irresponsible comments coming from the united kingdom and officials there about this case and that they should just essentially saying mind their own business now this is kind of an ongoing theme with how the chinese administration has been handling with hong kong situation in these protests over the last several weeks that there's been international western meddling so obviously feeling this is an opportunity to make that comment about the situation with this detention. bill
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hamid was of the support for simon chang in hong kong. salman chen is a hong kong or who holds a british national overseas passport about 3000000 homes congress have a similar passport we know from his girlfriend that on august 8th he went to change and for a business trip and he was supposed to return that same day on his way back in the evening he was on a high speed train he exchanged several messages with his girlfriend the last one was around 10 pm in which she said that he was about to cross back into hong kong we also know from a statement issued from his family that he was held at the west train station it is actually on hong kong territory but it is manned by chinese immigration officials only shanny's officials operating in hong kong now this goes really right at the heart of what protesters have been calling for over the past 3 months that
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much contested extradition bill that they want to see with drone one of the protesters here was saying this is it this could happen to any one of us being picked up by chinese officials and then we don't know what happens to us the family of the child simon chen says that they had they hired a lawyer in change and he went around 3 different detention centers but no sign of simon chen now the protesters here are actually in front of the british consulate because they're calling on the u.k. government to put pressure on both hong kong authorities to try to resolve this issue and also to put pressure on the authorities in beijing to try to say where is. why is he held and what will happen to. ok that's the latest from our correspondents let's just rewrite some tape that we've got here
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. for you these pictures films coming into us here and just in the past 10 minutes or so you can see the protests beginning to get. a little bit more effervescent than the been just in the past 24 hours this is not the british consulate this is in an area called you know all along you're seeing there that green flashing and occasional blue flashes i'm just wondering if we can flip over to the the live shot that we've also got coming into us here at al-jazeera there we are you can see there the lasers what they've got is the protesters have got these laser pens and they in effect point them at the relevant security officers police officers to try to blind their photographic equipment because that's the same reason why the march with umbrellas to stop the authorities being able to id them properly and effectively and therefore connect them with any other examples of the own growing protests that we've seen now we're into we're into our 12th week of these broadly
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called pro-democracy protests in hong kong the demonstrators. got a new cause to rally around. a young employee of the u.k. consulate in hong kong on a business trip across the border to the mainland. he went on august the 9th he hasn't been heard from since he was in contact on his telephone with his girlfriend back in hong kong she's on record as saying they were thinking about the move but he loves his country hong kong he loves being there so much he wants to stay he's apparently in some sort of administrative detention for having done we assume something wrong as far as the mainland chinese authorities are concerned but these are the latest live pictures coming to us out of hong kong this this coalesced movement now of change in hong kong they've got 5 demands that they're making the executive the government of hong kong of course those demands have been relayed
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back to the central government in beijing one. there is one of the main claims is they want kerry lamb the chief executive of hong kong to resign she said that absolutely will not happen they also want the controversial extradition bill completely and utterly got rid of kerry lamb did go public and she did react to the force and the strength of the ongoing demonstrations about what 2 and a half 3 weeks ago now saying look it's gone away the protesters however are not convinced that is gone away. it's gone away and it's going to stay away so those are the latest pictures coming to us out of hong kong anymore developments the will bring its you just as soon as we can here on al-jazeera human rights watch drawing attention to little known victims of yemen's war fishing communities now the rights group believes at least $47.00 fishermen and children were killed in bombing attacks by the saudi and iraqi coalition last year it says another 100 or so are
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detained in saudi arabia and some have been tortured in custody human rights watch also accuses the the rebels of attacking commercial traffic in the red sea. meanwhile the u.n. special envoy to yemen mohsin griffiths has arrived in sun oh it's believed he will meet with the rebels on tuesday griffiths told the u.n. security council that yemen was at risk of falling apart if an agreement to end the conflict was not found. a rebel fighters being killed in a gun battle with security forces in indian administered kashmir and since new delhi revoked the region's autonomy earlier this month some parts of the area still on the pakistan opposes india's actions to take the case to the international court of justice. the capital of indian administered kashmir. even before getting to the kashmir valley you can feel the restrictions in place on flights the passengers are instructed to keep their window shades shut before landing here on the ground the restrictions that have largely kept people in and
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around their homes have been eased on wednesday leaving many people to be outside as well some vehicles milling around but as you can see shops and businesses are shut now closer to the center of the city is the sorra neighborhood this is been a flashpoint for protests ever since the region's autonomy was revoked earlier this month and some communication restrictions have been eased with official saying thousands of landlines have been restored but most people here rely on mobile phones which along with the internet remain shut that's the reason why getting information from outside it is so difficult but indian officials have. fired violations between indian and pakistani forces along the line of control that's a de facto border separating india and pakistan administered kashmir officials also confirm the gun battle from 50 kilometers from here in the district on wednesday between security forces and armed gunmen 1st reported since the region's autonomy was revoked. the most senior member of the roman catholic church to be found guilty
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of sex offenses is lost his appeal against his conviction is cardinal george pell he's a former vatican treasurer he was jailed in march for abusing 2 choir boys in australia 20 years ago is alexy o'brien. arriving at court cardinal george pell was taken in through a door away from the wasting crowds there was no room inside for everyone the court packed with other survivors of abuse by the catholic church and tell supporters. oh oh. 7 i was only inside the house of pale he failed and his 6 year jail term for abusing 2 choir boys when he was a ship of melbourne in the ninety's would stand just as maxwell and i accepted the .


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