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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 22, 2019 3:00am-3:33am +03

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in island of lampedusa several e.u. member countries have agreed to take on the nearly $100.00 or so people who are on board the open arms vessel that would be spain portugal luxembourg and france they have been willing to take them on and so they will now be able to claim asylum in those countries as well the prosecutor did immediately order the disembarkation after having visited the vessel and saw for himself the state the condition that the best was in which we are told that was were in poor hygiene conditions as well as the very fragile condition of the people on board both physically and mentally as well but there is also another ship is not too far away circling the sister island of lampedusa the island of the noise as it has been circling the area for several days now with 356 people on board this is already a not of course for concern because they will have to at some point go to adopt for
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a safe landing they have already requested that an executive with the european commission has already called out the member states to show compassion and try and see if they can provide a solution with which these people can be taken on and given the opportunity to seek asylum in e.u. member countries but of course this is all part of the process which has been happening in these islands here even though the interior minister met there salvini has said that he has banned these landings from taken place the reality of the of the matter is that they keep turning up while there are people who are desperate to try next skate the conditions that they found themselves in libya they will do anything they can always possible to try and find safety in the european union country. britain's prime minister barak's johnson says he's confident that the u.k. can leave the e.u. with a deal but only if the backstop is removed johnson has been holding talks with german chancellor angela merkel in berlin about stuff is designed to avoid
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a hard border between the irish republic and northern ireland if the u.k. and europe can't agree on a trading relationship after brics it but critics warn it could ultimately separate northern ireland from the rest of the u.k. . we in the u.k. want a deal we seek a deal and i believe that we can get what we can do this often does i think is that is the phrase but really. they clearly. we cannot we cannot accept the current withdrawal agreement arrangements that are the dividing the u.k. or look us into the regular treaty trade the arrangements of the e.u. legal order of the e.u. without the u.k. having any say on those matters so we do need that backstop removed
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that says the facts of this and what folks was it's one of the backstop has always been a fallback position if one is able to solve this conundrum if one finds the solution and we said we would probably find it in the next 2 years to come but we can also maybe find it in the next 30 days then we're one step further in the right direction and we obviously have to put our all into this. risk a lot of dominic a news in berlin personally about cosigning cautiously positive there but is that 30 day timetable she suggested a realistic. well that's the question when boris johnson heard her say that is response and the question came to him was well angela merkel seems to be seeking to set a blistering pace but that the united kingdom would like to try to take that onto to work to that sort of shared sure but perhaps a more realistic one lauren would be the 31st of october the dates in shrines when bragg's it will take place certainly that's what our strengths and once that's what
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the british prime minister wants but of course the devil is in the details because not just agreement needed between great britain and the federal public of germany but with all the other e.u. member states as well and clearly the german perspective is that it's sad that the united kingdom wants to leave the great britain wants to leave the e.u. but it has to protect the cohesion of all the e.u. states and specifically of course that means the republic of ireland and how do you but germans view boris johnson. well there is a very interesting question because on the face of it then the the welcome that angle americal off foods are as johnson was friendly was diplomatic and mr johnson said that he was moved by the scale of the welcome that he was offered but if you look a little and been beneath the surface as it were certainly amongst the political commentators amongst other political parties there is
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a degree of skepticism about mr johnson some. particular magazines such as the should be go to very reputable magazine and others to have likened mr johnson to a clown and said that they don't see him as serious that he is chaotic indeed one analyst i spoke to in the last 24 hours also said look we perceive mr johnson if he is the candidate who said some of the things that he said and he is that as prime minister we can't really deal with him whereas if he's been playing a particular game where he can now be serious as prime minister well that's something else so the question frankly americal is what sort of prime minister is she dealing with is he the sort of prime minister that to resume a was or is he something else entirely different should be finding that out in the building behind me the chancellor rhee right now on the mccain thank you. more from london later in britain and i suspect you rolled into. your as president donald trump as rebuff to the danish prime minister after she labeled his idea of selling
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greenland to the united states as absurd trump has now canceled his upcoming trip to denmark in september in retaliation for the commons the president says he demands respect for the united states now denmark i look forward to going but i thought that the prime minister's statement that it was absurd that was that it was an absurd idea was that the i thought it was an inappropriate statement all she had to do is say no we wouldn't be address that but we can't treat the united states of america the way they treated us under president obama i thought it was a very not nice way of saying something they could have don't mean no and the danish prime minister spoke earlier in copenhagen saying she's disappointed in trump's decision to call off his trip. at discussion has however been very gracious about a potential sale of greenland this has clearly been rejected by
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can keep us in a position that i share of course. this does not change the capture of our good relations. and we will of course from denmark continue our on going dialogue with the u.s. on how we can develop our cooperation and deal with the many common challenges we are facing ok let's bring in our white house correspondent kimberly hall could kimberly as this was developing jurymen the last few hours and you and i were talking about it on air we were talking about the fact that a point seemed to be quite good natured but things seem to have taken a little bit of a change of direction. yet this public rejection of his offer to or bid essentially to buy greenland behalf of the united states from denmark and the sort of the snub that he perceives in the rejection of that
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real estate deal as he sees it has really irked president travel not only did he repeatedly talk about it as he left the white house to head to the u.s. to pataki but he also has just taken to twitter talking about it once again well not naming the danish prime minister directly pointing out that denmark is behind in his view in its contributions to nato the sort of shared defense obligations that says that many nations have not been meeting for quite some time so this is really been an irritant to donald trump it certainly has caused some tension in the relationship a diplomatic rift in fact the u.s. president says that he felt the comments by the danish leader were nasty and that really the united states should have been shown more respect kimberly this is obviously a very public to between the 2 leaders but in diplomatic terms how important is the relationship between the u.s. and denmark particularly in relation to nato for example. well this is
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a very important strategic relationship and that's what the focus of these september 2nd 3rd meetings that we're so abruptly halted were really about and so this is the concern in all of this is that there is important defense cooperation conversations that need to take place that now will not happen a lot had been under way in terms of preparation and i think the white house was the surprised as the danish side when these 4 abruptly canceled by the president and. what many people don't realize is the danish territory of greenland actually has a very strategic importance to the united states there is an air base there that in fact house is part of the u.s. ballistic missile early warning system the u.s. air force uses it for space command north american 6 aerospace defense command is also operated partially out of there so there is a strategic interest in all of this for the united states but all of that has been brushed aside over the concerns by the u.s.
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president that he has been in some way publicly humiliated as a result of a suggestion of this real estate deal really protesters are back on the streets of hong kong after a sit in a train station diverse wearing black flooded into your own room station to commemorate be a time some protesters that happened. while those seize hold another demonstration front of the british consulate in hong kong there appealing for the release of consulate worker simon chang china's foreign minister has confirmed he has been detained on the mainland the minister says he will spend 15 days in what it calls administrative detention john went missing or was nine's while on a business trip to the city ocean sun well china hasn't provided for the details about the detention but it's filed in ministry is urging the u.k. to to stop interfering. so you know. this u.k. consulate employee is a hong kong citizen he is not a u.k.
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citizen in other words that means he's chinese so it's entirely in internal matter for china so with regard to the recent series of mistaken comments the u.k. has made regarding hong kong china has openly expressed its stern position we want to once again urge the u.k. to stop making indiscreet remarks and stop stirring up trouble on the hong kong issue it. has more from beijing. the ministry of foreign affairs here in beijing on wednesday confirming that some in chang is in detention something that's called public security administration detention down in shin gen that's a border town just across from hong kong we know that part of this detention is 15 days they can be extended there's no indication that that's going to happen just yet we know maximum is at this stage 15 days so that should be a couple of days before simon has been released by the police ministry of foreign affairs spokesman saying any details about the specific case need to come from the police themselves and kind of passing that off to them you know what's interesting
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he went on to say that he is a chinese national. so this is an internal matter and he said that they've been irresponsible comments coming from the united kingdom and officials there about this case and that they should just essentially saying mind their own business now this is kind of an ongoing theme with how the chinese administration has been handling with hong kong situation these protests over the last several weeks that there's been international western meddling so obviously feeling this is an opportunity to make a comment about the situation with this detention and hold of the hominid was that the support for simon chang in hong kong. salman chen is a hong kong or who holds a british national overseas passport about $3000000.00 home congress have a similar passport we know from his girlfriend that all this he went to chen jane for a business trip and he was supposed to return that same day on his way back in the evening he was on a high speed train he exchanged several messages with his girlfriend the last one
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was around 10 pm in which she said that he was about to cross back into hong kong we also know from a statement issued from his family that he was held at the west train station it is actually on hong kong territory but it is manned by chinese immigration officials only shanny's officials operates. in hong kong now this goes really right at the heart of what protesters have been calling for over the past 3 months that much contested extradition bill that they want to see with drone one of the protesters here will say this is it this could happen to any one of us being picked up by chinese officials and then we don't know what happens to us the family of the child simon chen says that they had they hired a lawyer in change and he went around 3 different detention centers but no sign of
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simon chen now the protesters here are actually in front of the british consulate because they're calling on the u.k. government to put pressure on both local bookstore just to try to resolve this issue and also to put pressure on the authorities in beijing to try to say where is. why is he held and what will happen to. an extra 1000 security forces have been deployed to west papuan where protests continue to spread since monday demonstrators accuse the indonesian government of mistreating ethnic popcorn students so hot as more. police reinforcements have been sent to the west point to control protests that have turned violent government buildings police cars and parts of an airport have been destroyed. the police have been accused of racism after 43 when students were
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arrested for disrespecting the indonesians flag on independence day. there were reports one flag was set to lines outside a dormitory after being held for hours the students were released without charge. the government regrets the burning of the indonesian flag the incident is under investigation the incident was followed by negative statements which triggered violence in several areas over and west pop up provinces it is disrupting the nation's unity among. the protests came after videos were shared on social media showing a school being tear gassed i and the students called monkeys a derogatory term used against the pop ones. 3 years and an e.c. has blamed indigenous pop and separatists for unrest in the west papuan region but they accuse the government of human rights abuses. during protests on tuesday 258 inmates escaped from prison in the city of sarongs after it
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was set on fire the city's mayor called for calm. come on let's join hand in hand together united in our hearts over differences and maintain togetherness unity and solidarity between top one or non pop ones i dinny seen president says he's committed to the welfare of all popcorns but it's not clear if his words will be enough to calm protesters they're now calling for a referendum on independence. and. still ahead analysis here and troubled waters human rights groups unveiled evidence about the lesser known victims of the war in yemen plus. i'm eclat reporting from valan dam in the netherlands on efforts being made to combat europe's largest illegal wildlife trade . and favre has cleared iraq to host world cup qualifying games peter is going to
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have more in the sport. and i will turkey's about to enjoy some good downpours but virtually nowhere else on this chart you can't see very much in satellite picture except behind my head and that arc is pretty obvious i would suggest a good circulation of thunderstorms which will be the thursday and less so on friday keeping the anchor about $26.00 degrees clearly it's hotter further south and further east $34.00 interest more reasonable $44.00 in baghdad still considered to be on the high side particularly if you head south basra kuwait were in the high forty's and consistently just the south of kuwait we've seen 5152 degrees or seems extraordinary because we are ready to report however the city itself about 42 a bag has cooling gently but it is hot is beyond even this time of the year
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humidity has been high from bahrain through qatar towards the usa in the last few days it seems still to be about how i would temps below 40 that's sort of the clue draw our inland riyadh's at $44.00 and record for 2 and tied for effectively with the exception of somalia still the edge of the southwest monsoon is that 27 degrees could if you're lucky give you some decent drizzle and of course the green surroundings southern africa all my whole is looking fine with cape town reflecting 20. what is resistance. in akra people are grabbing social and political issues by the horns. and time to sing creativity parody and protest to challenge and change i.d.'s.
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a gun a controversial a witness documentary on al-jazeera. setting the discussions police in cape town has struggled to reach instead of dying by examining the headlines now under president putin russia is making a push to engage explore an abundance of wild class programming designed to inform motivate and inspire me but. it's almost 2nd nature and i also know what they see the world from a different perspective on al-jazeera. your
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daughters are a reminder of our top stories this hour sworn in members of its newly created solver and council it's composed of military and civilian leaders general abdel fatah will hartung the previous head of the military join to raise its 1st. german chancellor eyeing the lamar cole is hinting at the search for a compromise to the issue of the irish backstop before the u.k. leaves the e.u. at the end of october she's holding talks with the u.k. prime minister but as johnson says. all the human birds have a united position they're willing to hear solutions and they're prepared for any scenario the drug administration has announced a new rules to allow the indefinite detention of migrant children that overturns an existing building the children can't be held for more than 20 days but the move is expected to be challenged in court. the u.n. special envoy to yemen martin griffith says arrived which is controlled by the
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rebels on tuesday griffiths told the un security council that yemen was at risk of falling apart of an agreement to end the conflict was not found urgently. human rights watch is drawing attention to a lesser known victim of yemen's war fishing communities the rights group believes at least $47.00 fishermen and children were killed in bombing attacks by the saudi and iraqi coalition last year it says another $100.00 or so are detained in saudi arabia and some have been tortured in custody h. r. w. also accuses the who the rebels of attacking commercial traffic in the red sea priyanka malta parties acting emergencies director of human rights watch is joining us now from new york thank you very much for your time why is it that the fishermen are being affected in this way. as you know the red sea is a very contested border body of water at the moment you have coalition warships
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operating in it you have had who the vessel is attacking coalition vessels you have had a number of tankers including you know western or european tankers that have also faced incidents so it is a very militarized and heavily controlled body of water at the same time these fishermen come from some of the most impoverished communities in yemen these fish because this livelihood is their only means to survive which is why they keep going out to sea one could understand why tankers and military craft would be targeted but why would smaller craft like fishing vessels be affected and targeted in this way. that's something that we really don't have good insight into and it's something it's a point on which the coalition does need to provide an answer in particular the
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attacks that we documented were very distinct there were certain patterns that emerged in many of them fishermen raised white pieces of cloth indicating that they were not a military threat that they were merely civilians that they surrendered to any military vessels that were approaching them they raise their hands above their heads they attempted to show the fish that they had caught all of which was to say they were indicating that they were civilians they were not a military target they were not any kind of threat and still we found that in multiple cases we documented 5 deadly attacks these fishermen were fired upon from helicopters from warships they were in some cases hit by air strikes and we have no understanding of why they were hit very clearly they were civilian targets hit in delivered attacks one could understand that this of course isn't just affecting the people on the fishing boats themselves it's also affecting the communities that rely on those fishermen as well what do you what action do you
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think can be brought to try to. force the coalition to return the fisherman are at least do not target them in this way. so in terms of the attacks 1st of all the coalition has repeatedly repeatedly told the international community its international partners in the u.k. in the u.s. it has told them that it is improving its targeting practices so that it will no longer take civilian lives these attacks are very dramatic examples of how that is not true in the attacks that we documented coalition ships pilots you know the people operating the guns could see the fisherman they were attacking nevertheless they went ahead with these attacks and what that tells us is that there are very little cost for coalition forces to take civilian lives in yemen that has to change in terms of the communities with the coalition can start doing is to investigate
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these incidents and provide compensation to either the victims or the families we found in all of the attacks that we documented we found in the one case in which families received any form of compensation it was not described as compensation it was called mere help or assistance to the families the last thing is that the communities are desperate to get back the breadwinners the men and the children who still remain and saudi detention centers they've attempted to raise the profile of the issue they've attempted to bring awareness to these cases and these individuals need to be either charged or released without delay and sent home burn care more to proceed from human rights watch joining us from new york thank you very much indeed . 2 people have been killed in indian administered kashmir and the 1st gun battle between separatists and security forces since new delhi revoked its autonomy indian police say an officer and a rebel fighter were killed in the bottom of the district the region special status
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was scrapped earlier this month many parts is still under lockdown. even before getting to the kashmir valley you can feel the restrictions in place on flights the passengers are instructed to keep their window shades shut before landing here on the ground the restrictions that have largely kept people in and around their homes have been eased on wednesday leaving many people to be outside as well some vehicles milling around but as you can see shops and businesses are shut now closer to the center of the city is the neighborhood this is been a flashpoint for protests ever since the region's autonomy was revoked earlier this month and some communication restrictions have been eased with official saying thousands of landlines have been restored but most people here rely on mobile phones which along with the internet remain shut that's the reason why getting information from outside it is so difficult but indian officials have confirmed several fire violations between indian and pakistani forces along the line of
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control that's a defacto border separating india and pakistan administered kashmir officials also confirm the gun battle 50 kilometers from here in the district on wednesday between security forces and armed gunmen 1st reported since the region's autonomy was revoked. there's also been more violence along the line of control between the parts of kushner administered by pakistan and india the countries that are accusing each other of ceasefire violations but they trade blame people on the frontlines suffering asama binge of it reports from the capital of pakistan administered kashmir. or had dreams and ambitions his family says he wanted to join the forces which particular. his village he was killed in the latest cross border shelling in pakistan administered kashmir as usual india and pakistan accuse each other off what they call unprovoked aggression and violation of the ceasefire pakistan's military spokesman tweeted that retaliatory fire killed 6
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indian soldiers. the day after the shelling from the indian side we witnessed more shells landing on the civilian population in that the piney sector district courtly a few homes were damaged me say life comes to a standstill every time tension escalates on the border. the lifestar fighting indiscriminate firing continues from india they target civilians and kill innocent people as you can see we are a few kilometers from the border and. you can still hear their guns. people rush to see what happened to their property even the fighting so excited. here is a farmer he refuses to move because he would lose his now and livelihood now damn. it was no way to run and the heavy shelling from the indian side who was scared and tried to hide in the basement when mortar shells were living in every where. this year at least $33.00 civilians have been killed in artillery and mortar shelling in pakistan and minister to schmear and indian officials also say civilians have
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suffered on their side it's difficult for villages near the line of control the dividing line between the 2 sides every day activities such as going to school or the shops becomes impossible i'm the one who started to work until we were coming from cuts lead town towards battle 6 out on the line of control we had there was heavy shelling from the indian side so we took shelter in the basement of a mosque the foreign minister says pakistan will be taking fish we use case to the international court of justice but people here have their doubts that there will be any outcome there's mounting anger in fact it's done administered fish need not just against their shelling across the line of control but also about the plight of kashmiris stranded on the indian side of a job without that they are with. i thought. in the southern somalia states of jubilant have blocked access to the capital city and the main airport ahead of thursday's presidential elections tensions are high in the semi autonomous region after officials accuse the somali government of trying to exert control over the
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election process the region in somalia is at the center of a growing power struggle in east africa the un security council met in one state to discuss the risk of violence if the outcome of the vote is contested a south african high court has made a ruling that could have major repercussions for former president jacob zuma it set aside the findings of an inquiry which fund there was no corruption in the 1990 s. arms deal the high court says the allegations were not properly examined that explains from johannesburg. the houghton high court has sitter side the findings of a commission that 3 years ago concluded that a government deal that procured billions of dollars worth of military arms had not been corrupt now that commission was set up in 2011 by former president jacob zuma and it said at that time there was no evidence of corruption in the more than $2000000000.00 military equipment deal that these were contracts that were entered
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into with several european defense companies back in 100-1900 time the commission didn't hold anyone accountable and said there was no undue influence in the selection of bridges then president zuma said the commission also found that there was no evidence of bribery or corruption but today's court judgment said that the commission had not done enough to fully investigate those allegations of bribery and corruption now that the commission has the commission's ruling has been set aside it means that anyone implicated in the deal including former president zuma can't use the commission's findings as a defense and this is important because sumo who resigned last germ is facing renewed corruption charges related to that arms deal and his trial is due to start in october however the former president has been in court to have the charges thrown out the court is due to decide within weeks if zuma will stand trial or not
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but for the moment today's findings may certainly hurt the former president's bid to stay out of court. precedent a number of wildfires has been recorded in brazil's amazon rain forest this year nearly 73000 were detected between january and august residents have also nada has been criticized for his environmental policies that opponents say have accelerated deforestation now in madeon as the coordinator for forests and biodiversity and the friends of the earth international she says that corporate interests in the amazon rain forest are being protected by political power in brazil. internationally everywhere we see as the extreme right is really links to the interests of. corporate interests at once just to sell more products at once to have more access stolen pro environment the latest and we see this especially very very strong in
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brazil where the corporate interests still have access to more agricultural land is really represented by also not all we have heard earlier this year and minister of environmentalists alice think even an environmental program reza president us not like to agree with the alarm don't use to criticize the agricultural production of developing countries and so a release for them the amazon is there for business it's definitely in profit it's there it's not there for product in the environment and they are not worried about the international consequences and the consequences for the grocery tsa at the same time they are interrupting our the normal processes as well as literally human rights on indigenous people which there are multiple in brazil and they are actually.


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