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tv   Ghana Controversial  Al Jazeera  August 22, 2019 3:00pm-4:01pm +03

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and in your group for over the 4th on this could all be good to see good to see it is a good news you do your song well if it. doesn't understand the money then there should we have an issue we'll follow up on. what. was said and done. it's a bit of a dot to shut down. and we'll blow. them. and got them that have been on the move on with some of. the good of the of the. one i love most of all. the front of you love them. i say yeah. but i love you gorgeous i don't
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look good i would watch you go to. the hollow adata shall lie doesn't come to another naive. enough i want to tell you when it i know. how they'll luckily i'm sure they'll look at the machine and always i'm on a disc you can ease on by the obvious if we had a founder he's on this you days or new kids on top of the ones i don't need a bone or don't i don't have to look that out i mean develops opiates i mean if you can start small that your fairy. tale yourself then won't. do it as i get more you know as you did the problem isn't all that but you'll think just going to what . we did instead you measured did to still coming down then i don't feel you know no matter what. i do i got on the.
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anybody i mean you need all the new stuff i mean bob could that the pyramid that they did in my you brought on the monday they got 3 mall sunday monday and through it what i mean is it did i mean every hour of every day i have yourself. going on the real deal i know nothing really almost all of the only only only a little bit without a lot of what is a little bit of. a love you're going to live and be. i'm the one that always in the little in their belly they're going to know what you want to muzzle what you do as opposed to how me i love nobody would ever that. i get it.
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it's just it's just. someplace and if you. give something yeah. i mean i need to this automatic talking to plink plink look let's. go to diplomacy. and war thank it for that position i just did not nothing but i'm. just a national best. ali that's young want. to die.
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just so forth i think commuting could be a more. cultured in this is less not on the truth is it a shot of his own split. a kitty kitty these. both is an awfully big a what is she. going to shandon off the whole thing. seemed. like it could you get to 4. i saw. them. going to the shop. so i thought i was going to do so i mean our lives i mean mccarthy doris freeman do not even initiate if you do it when i. can only drive v.b.
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i mostly mean. what you call terminal than well or you called there want to know if you want and that she had the station but i'm delighted. to have been ish you know how to eat. the flesh was of which is saved but when paul says. this to exist. you oughta see that if you don't get all same and no i miss you can comb. over this in the wall. of the hope that it up will push aside exist.
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on mars you see people fairly judge and she plays people not the only. missile wolf idealogy had combats lethally yet in the field in the museum open easily i'll do you know. said ms on. his own say that since i'm awful don't want. a mini movie she sees it will be complete and pick up bucky infamy descend on pulpit mahama socialism going to and lean as we. see a lot of generous cheek to my family. if she can be sure that i yes she said the 2 countries a little bit of what. is all said so to use or do you want to move to civilian
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death don't hold what we do who wouldn't. create a relationship ok god. you might create i do you know. if you're going to be going to don't foresee any chord. the moment buck i mean a phone for a song she. sees you keep this should be easy but school you have really deep that. assad. as you did just hear about the bass he's so sad he's seen it and bucky then it's me. he virnet cause it is all. it is still going to face it live. but you know about the how that i just got it and they just got it and he did or said not them. said.
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i too does own washes you don't be a must see. a let them go to democracy year siege on only. and. only the 1st on treat. of. its course over here let me get the. i recently saw streets are. overly zealous for 6 services support for the 72 so. 70 may said good bye thank you dem on day and age and if you don't like the book. tell me limbaugh on in. more of the coalition was
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in the water and con the oem these 2 are. inevitably not child to go. on dorm. suicide be easier to do you see concussion explode in here. and she she did example of all. a she. she on the farm by scott beach into. it you about it the music division of young. and out. on the coffee to do go song. to get it done to bust up. on the gay team if. he. comes on the. listen we young.
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and maybe really 50 more in there are really. serious more all of you kofi on a podium good of you can. usually d. the energy to live on phones. really make sure you have a fear of it so if you go to review a concert on one of which could give it up to roddick she could. quantify. that you tube is that week on this ultimate you don't song. a.p.m. assured me just a moment you were. a concept they can i lost you the can continue focus no nothing so how. do i come to nj and theodor i'm in that he had me. she didn't want one but she's. somebody else almost all sounds this other bloke also said but would be as if he need to tell the book. state past about his human
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question would you have done for must it decreases the sample no commission the men . over his body do then look at your own for something more as you go deep shit to me even more but you go made a problem if you need to buy. the bridge shelley stamp out today if you don't have a good did. ship to my family only parts you want to have you shall get. if you don't breed let make a dem a deal or. be ready to release. long as you can have been a. dumbass also and degrees. the good of it is you can bet your gut on appreciate it fixed or don't think. about long complicated don't lead to if you defaulted if we good as your caller you should do.
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the concept goal is you can you bet some of us she on the other side would be to. see the book as your color your pool of course we shall get. you do you it was all the only meal i mean this was expecting a. woman to pull off by saying oh yes she is they all come and also i will call talk to. them all she beach needs. to be told us it to get if at all to finish the civil war since you know about you go for the local mall so you don't go away you don't go to bad cordons on the city can tell the. truth to have all. the news even those investing the time all the dust is. just good good measure god don't call her the flash. team is going to play don't
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speak also call elizabeth banks here do you have a problem and i said. is it you could. spend the heat of us and then yes she. does scenario because of a sit in on the pakistani yes so many. departed go don't salute keep us warm with him if he still yes you know single call us well you know i thought it since you are leaving the scene say. you will see in the call me a member of the pretty. if i decide. to do that i should be if you. want all the good a mob you can get if you don't cause as you go more the. more you can see by the end dick.
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was just stupid. thing must came. in that. movie don't get caught but. if you do. if you do have a good dog said you know goodies as you'll hear from me of what you. find of all media sources on this ness. and more some of the. things that you. don't want to. see. if
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you're not on duty if you meet someone say. something i used to sit down on. was something just to make a point on it. then if you did you definitely get on board similar. to so you can just say you. know you're going to. need to see you know more the whole idea of. me just. as you do. do you see that that he that me real deal. with it if. this was not it if it isn't. this i would use you to miss it do you mean it. is easy to. get a song. to city called any or most
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a day keeps. going and then move. absolutely. oh well i don't want to if you can if they need to leave i don't see vs that cause we don't want to put it on mostly because you can use each all is unique but don't need them for my soon. good. weather even though we will ship. as you do i said dick happy to have me there was more. that you should easily. be because he's also said that every survey we have done. not only shows you made money. so that i don't need to see many tell you except i me. on the. street or.
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the story of a friendship between a filmmaker and a 7 year old girl would mean. giving who made into a refugee family being the syrian war. in the face of deep rooted tension between billet binny's and the refugees. my syrian friends. on al-jazeera. when the news breaks. when people need to be heard and the story needs to be told pretty remarkable due to the battery it died last week crossing from mexico to the united states with exclusive interviews and in-depth reports we can live according to the fishing life section of al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring you
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the old winning documentaries and light news. after 25 years of informing the world's waste china through the global recycling industry into chaos . the growing pressure of agreement skies is resulting in change we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in. counting the cost on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera i'm very you navigate though the check on your world headlines sudan's no leaders have been sworn in after months of political uncertainty and violence general abdel fatah about a hard will have the sovereign council for the 1st 21 months. will be prime minister. the united nations has warned 20 to life saving aid programs in yemen will be forced to shut in 2 months unless the world does more to help fund them in
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february countries pledged more than $2000000000.00 but less than half of that was actually received. they were us president has defended new rules that allow indefinite detention of migrant children along with their parents the new policy overturns an existing legal ruling that bars children from being held in custody for more than 20 days very much the children in my mind bother me very great people make this horrible 1000 mile journey one of the things that will happen when they realize the borders are closing the only thing built with building numbers of miles of border right now in different it all comes together like the beautiful. one of the things that's happening but they can't get into a war when they see if they do get in the day they will be brought back to their country won't matter if they get it or not we're doing that they won't and many people will say brazil's president is dismissing criticism of his environmental
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policies after being blamed for a record number of wildfires in the amazon about 75000 the sere shareable so narrow says n.g.o.s are to blame a group still going to the chemo got almost all of the time under the impression that it could have been sit by and euros because they had asked for money what was their intention to bring about problems for brazil thousands of protesters who rallied at a hong kong train station to mark one month since alleged gang members attacked demonstrators and commuters protesters accuse the police of colluding with the attackers no one has been prosecuted for the violence that left more than 40 people injured the speaker new zealand's parliament has taken on a new role babysitter on wednesday trevor mallard was left holding the baby while the boy's father m.p. to mount a coffee attended a parliamentary debate those are the headlines on al jazeera it's back to the
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father the son and the next. if we knew some of the need of false and very strong on offense and false this is a benefit then motions that they be. on their part and court said. the. video game is an investigation that we shall eat on the conscious. meaning meagen about. how easy it down for you as a gun yet. mosher to know. on the other cheek on the back you. can go fly one and evolve limit then just kill me. on the bank.
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is there was george if you could. move him objects on the walls. did you do. that for him but it must kill songs or have you. thought i think. nothing i knew less and. then sang. some. evil. and insensitive. it's just. the body of this since you got so freezing. if you have it by. did you school bully to
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exit did you school in story. since you need to stumble mission number 2 could be real who are all banking fees on duvall marvin you know what we know man i'm not a mess i'm a ticket and a very momentous words dick this past the rest of us your hell. don't need bush difficulties of bludgeon murphy bassam to see all the old things you just saw again while i sit at the trial to reach. that at the highest. physically renewable that they funded that sends. them to where i left the best something we had to nearly always buy that city pascal capon this is beck and i will have the piano. is a vice it was a phone. but we. limited maugham's t.v. over all their blue live policy eco morons will do the aborted if she does she'll
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be a white poly but. then of course she has said maybe on the levy passed on in the show to no good l.h. she did do enough falls it has a. liberal be an. actual move also contingent in the invasion played in what i want to hear on so much and a companion for a lead on assault to lead to more is also doing more who should. be misused the above children will be jewish was your defeat or midazolam. on glee. gave up so more yoni of the of all on one do you mean sang song c 2 a little band piece on the news or moving to this other was a dismal. the fear was a. kid screws up would you.
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filter probably will mean for those who are somewhere she's the result of what is going to court could cure this one is all it is moving towards or to do over go here or to vote to arterial to new foods or teacher let me see to you live in order to have a huge star so. over with you you can sure what you're going to sue. the mall dog has shifted to be sent the more the big lead what did i show you how does that mean. you. sit in the lead in what is then the idea that god can't keep going to school feet. among his goldfish. yet impost i don't think it's going to if you. sit and watch on janaki the. high
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deacon dippy meat that song was a little good there. is little. difference to the shuttle suggesting that the earth and. the. sheriff did it down. so when i've been buddies you don't walk or live among the quite young own people but i begin to add up in that when i became good on the big. bit of what hooky happy it is all about that good or bad at all they dissolved what i the only g.o.p. deal of the problem. says you know it it will be about getting the flow. this is almost gone just as though it will be
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that close. shelves. and the whole gulf of. all the. world to the muscle. tissue no money no exam or tell us you must give up the most you could probably don't come for it if you stop. 11 and how the other almost all almost all look not as a mystery woman the title of the 1st adult was a gun which i deem. what a lot of logic which is a lot of. really but i didn't believe me and if you saw a bit of it men want your own bit. i didn't want to much of a good cover up doesn't she either for top the other would be a healthy or. not. definitive count basically the same. as you going to just. from those who didn't approve it mamas and saddam who never
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joined the photos you don't pretend she could gave a good. deal of a body to i do she said to people that she does that mean. like a little beyond the victim when any. involved. they did easy to clean the lucky to be made of evil clunky and down to eat. more. she was of the album do need what would you want to meet new novel bob i'm going of the do fun i think a concrete overlook to the levy have to do them more. with . each new mall. all have gone through a minimal share best. that factional media each said.
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only. to bitch. who. would. be the more. i think the result would be a list of. words. if you're going to. sit. in it the. only. way. i would say like effective more.
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or less used to be doesn't is to play who will succeed to do so and keep. pushing to be slim. we are in. fear if a. deal is all. due to. make. the decision. to the body you know that your. dad. to engineer
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a little. bit of the knowledge you can make that sat. down in the hope. like lethal you were shown by some oh please one of the traffickers on the air that he just. liberated. from will be. busy with a question you call you. see the. measure of food keep us. see. the. dishes.
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with the young i want to get into. it given a fair. trial you know. in order to cause. everything your own sort of. at back of you shall do good. in these. tests and then more can. frame on me for a month. and. the . last person on the.
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p. also felt odd little michael betty collected on plot. as your boss or that they're doing the t.v. longer babba kubel so many issues. going on i will bow. or no hope whatsoever i would. thoughts on the reason there was. some iraqi room at around the restart that actually mama she could use a live view reading a cd and i thought that this is a pile of the body ahead of me and the left just to be 2nd thought my thoughts are with some of the left was that if the reason that rights are not life. is unfair there's a boss clause i need please on point you know in the pool cook us and all set off a fictional book called by the peas a book list secured in the shell but some scenes i do we are talking to me i mean
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they need to. think that you know system adalius owners equally and. all. the. know be upwardly mobile. the marquis. of his own ticket counter so he didn't. know which was the hosts this is so why in the slum may suck when demi. gnocchi on the comics accustomed to her dishes. in peace a bit madame loom. in disappeared madame through. the shop he needed them
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to feel all. the time enjoy it they bombard the air that we can use you don't have we gone leaving his own demons da da da they got value. ship the image out there for a moment toshiba but you nor. season god given you we would see you know. there could be this young was the. this is going to be. up to the love i lean on bob ward but how do you know bob. woodward the hospital. room of one london says he did it of all to them on. the phone hans's. conditionals crucial didn't exist to come all the or. or she was some of the
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cyclicals citizens of. foreigners or useful to the hardcore boards at all because all 4 go in for to be nor do. the more you will toward softly this will freeze muscle for deformed deval who is also to some. of the more you probably you. will all sing in jihad communal saying you know too much if there is. a new that will is see. may if it is more him at the top of the tiller jed's. by the fall don't be is it the priest coming to strong. woman this day off it is
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very point. it is even more could be the mom at. a loss in. i love clueless when my joke. goes it was jesus was very nice what's more do this and so he did her best for this is the area where. no. one will feel it don't be a multi-year form one time unto this me i've caught you think it almost. becomes you that would be hit with to see john vicki rebuilt his own news on his own point not on refer the other one. via. this on pendar the right man committee did
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i'm sure on the news on news on to sort of it is on phone of course it is on. to build a machine gun you do something. you . better up the last. year stuff was on blood till today son shoots just.
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fair. play to ship an expose your own ear on the bus on it that's all the. child jeff approach to the fun. imagine stop then. if you can for the talk. give initially who do you get to post to you. was going to have a look at suzy. the 2nd button you're a kook spears it is a. game of you something. would you bend their demise as you build your brother was it much at all did. you have to be on top. video you see quantum aside you just will believe it or a deal is the extent at least give it and you don't use it on your theory.
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he's on the pussy in a moment sort of what you. call them is upset with the show anymore to. say he is exposing this would set off a was a mall and call but p.c.p. to show. you know this is a little more so. he . said a mini me.
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job. he. shot. for. democracy. that continent was to be. delivered for this or that i said did you. say i have a clue called the i've done. a. good to see it go plan on how much i will show you and your blood going out of am really are the materials
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1000000 hardy i'm so lucky and you are sure that you know. live sort of the edict out of court i mean they do it if they own up to do that they have the ownership to sort of call the be. as we. do so they did also but you might have a e.q. needed to record d.v.d. see if any will be given you did. this to book the film saw the day but you won't get on the ball. it will be used to that. there will be the fee for visas.
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well. there was my lawyer nicholas naaman and i do not have time to veto. a lot. they would. if he decided. on no. it's good to see. you he you know he. moved. the beauty that's here. said. that didn't was on said. i keep. waiting. on the view or not to be as i said push it.
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out of the 6 view of not did you suck it up. you know how to defeat the auto if you want to go find a job you know to be is going to fall off. good just walk. well there you go up to the. money.
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hello they're still very hard to and mostly dry across much of the middle east even across pakistan we've seen fall few those in the last few hours the nothing really in the 4 calls where we have been seeing the cloud with the showers and thunderstorms is as you can see and old i'm sure as all the turkey now more rain in the full cost of course this rain coming down in some very very dry ground so we could indeed see some flash floods keeping the temperatures below 0 to 25 degrees celsius thursday in ankara as the rain kids where the touch of beginning to come back up so feeling pretty nice for you i would say in the wake of that $29.00 degrees celsius. as you can see through central and southern areas of iraq and that you cross into kuwait city 43 celsius is your high on friday and that hot dry at extending right the way across the arabian peninsula still a chance of a few shots into the southwest of yemen and also the temperature insalata going up over the next couple of days and on the szell flow so it should be feeling pretty nice $38.00 is
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a high friday in doha but still feeling pretty humid with those lower temperatures and then down into southern africa in fact time which is here are actually on the rise above the average for this time of year 27 degrees and been on thursday 24 across in johannesburg we might also see over the next couple of days into eastern sections of madagascar but staying hot in durban on friday with a high of 28. building a new life on an entirely beach living off the sea and the man. a dream shared by so many but so few make it a reality. a family business led by a mark of a woman with a flair for cooking and disaster than if it. is yeah i didn't catch it on al-jazeera. the leaders of the 7 most powerful economies in the
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world meeting barrett's this august for the climate crisis is high on the agenda. but trade was brick sit on the tension with iran where it would be vying for their attention how much progress i might follow the g. 7 summit on al-jazeera. inmates learning from other inmates acquiring knowledge that could set them free. through legal education classes and mock tribunals their dedication has led to staggering results you've been in prison for 15 yards is over and that was. teaching empowerment kenya part of the red legislation series on al-jazeera. one of the really special things about working for al-jazeera is that even as a camera woman i get to have so much empathy and contribution to a story i feel we cover this region better than anyone else working for us as you
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know very challenging the body but the good because you have a lot of people that are divided on political issues we are the people we live to tell the real stories are just mended is to deliver in-depth journalism we don't feel inferior to the audience across the globe. turkey and the u.s. finally prepare for joint patrols in northern syria and the creation of a safe zone. hello welcome to our jazeera live from doha and it's also coming up. we will have a plan that will address. toward recovery program addressing the
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failed. to dance prime minister is sworn in and he vows to build lasting peace and solve the country's economic crisis. wildfires burn across the amazon rain forest and brazil's president accuses groups of starving them to make him look bad. the russian humanoid robot all set to turn cosmonaut at the international space station. turkey in the u.s. are to begin putting in place a safe zone in northern syria after months of dispute over just how big it should be and who will control it the 1st phase is expected to start in the coming hours and will see joint patrols of turkish and u.s. soldiers negotiations on the scope and implementation is still ongoing the
3:50 pm
representatives of both countries a jew to meet in ankara to talk about the next stages a joint operations center is to be created in the town a sunday lou of. well turkey has been concerned with the passage of people coming from syria sanny lower for in the southeast is around 130 kilometers from the border the joint operations center will be based there it's 330 kilometers from italy that's where airstrikes are ongoing let's go live now to a correspondent sinan causey a glue who is in it stamboul so as far as we understand then because details are scarce the the agreement really revolves around this joint patrol center which is judah start work today. well martin yes finally it seems there's an agreement on a safe zone between the americans and the turks and the joint operations center is
3:51 pm
kind of let's say it is being set up and it's expected to become a parade this week according to the official statements however if there is a question about the details the framework of the save some because turks have claimed that us for us and donald trump has approved let's say has promised a 20 mile which is 32 kilometers deep safe zone this is what turkey has been a demanding since the beginning however on the other side and we are not hearing the similar the similar statement by pentagon yet but we are hearing from the cornish kurdish fighters group the y.p. g 8 leaders that they and they have agreed on a 5 kilometer deep safe zone so what we have been hearing from the military sources is that they are going to do this step by step 1st 5 kilometers deep and then 9 kilometers and turkey will be some say that took it will be involved only in that 5
3:52 pm
kilometer with the u.s. forces and after that turkey will not be present as it is present as consultant group in the other areas like the so now this is this is a question because turkish foreign ministry has been politically criticizing this and they said he said that the u.s. is trying to gain time because they want to protect the kurdish fighters group the wife e.g. turkey says' the y.p. gee is the syrian offshoot of the out both kurdistan workers party but the usa is that why p.g. is a main force to fight against eisel so there is a dilemma between us and us and tricky the spy they have agreed on a safe zone and if that's the the the depth of the safe zone is just all of 5 kilometers and turkish military is not present on the ground then it will be a buffer zone to many in this is what many military experts say in turkey the case
3:53 pm
in him thank you for that sinan because you have been talking to us live from istanbul. now after months of political uncertainty and violence it has new leadership a new prime minister has been sworn in as well as a sovereign counsel with military and civilian members general abdul fattah alba hanyu led the military journey to power in april will have this council at least for the 1st 21 months have been more than has well from call to. with those words advance military junta came to an end and a transitional sovereign council took its place the council has 5 members from the coalition known as the forces of freedom and change and 5 from the military an 11th member agreed upon by both sides makes up the body that will lead sudan's 3 year transitional period a prime minister abdullah one dog who was named by the f.f.c. was also sworn in hours later with the light vision with the right policies we will be able to address this economic
3:54 pm
crisis we will have a plan that will address the media challenges swore to cover the program addressing the felt need by the people issues of inflation. availability of commodities we fuel medicine and all that. everyone is happy and satisfied but if anything happens and if we do not see anything new from the revolution being achieved we will surely hold another revolution and topple the council same as it did with omar al bashir oh no one believes you know all the members of the sovereign council or accept the bias the formation of the sovereign council comes after a power sharing agreement was signed between the coalition and the military on saturday after months of protests it had been a point of contention between the 2 sides with disagreements over its role and who will have a bigger say now the council will be led by the military for the 1st 21 months of
3:55 pm
the transitional period and by a civilian from the forces of freedom and change coalition for the remaining 18 months it will have the role of overseeing the executive council and legislative assembly in which the opposition will have a majority or presentation of the forces of freedom and change has been representing the protest movement and the talk of the former transitional government and all its institutions now people on the 3 think will be keeping an eye on that coalition and the institutions including an independent judiciary to make sure that their demands for justice and accountability and better living conditions are met. the weight now is for the next steps in the journey to a democratic rule i think one of the interesting things here is that we are largely expecting a fairly technocratic cabinet. during the transition period the political parties. will take their place.
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so while there might be some you know this issue that happens in the next 3 years i'm certain there will be. exactly it is. offset by the structure of the transition government. the sovereign council is said to be a test in the power sharing agreement between the military and civilians sudanese see if at the end of experience the military does hand power to a civilian government that's when they will know that they're on the right track to democracy people morgan al-jazeera hard to know secondary school students are expected to rally for political reform in hong kong as the protest movement continues to keep pressure on the city's government it comes a day after thousands of protesters demonstrated in a train station in hong kong marking a month since alleged gang members attacked protesters and commuters activists accuse the police of colluding with the attackers no one's being prosecuted for the violence that left more than 40 people injured. well with 28 years until china
3:57 pm
fully takes control many now say is a crucial time in shaping what hong kong will look like in the future. is to morning rush hour herman is at the metro station reminding people of recent events and calling those students to carry out civil disobedience on september the 2nd when this school year starts he says their future is at stake a new generation returning from the policy. to hong kong the beijing government has. promised. universal suffrage and seen back in 2008 but that was not happening in 2008. chief executive kerry lamb said she wanted to open a dialogue with the demonstrators but many don't trust her they say she hasn't addressed any of their demands which include an investigation into the use of force
3:58 pm
by police and political reform there are several walls like this one a round home where people out in solidarity of the protesters to voice their opinion for example there is free home called stand with home congress fight for your freedom and you do get a sense that there is more to the protests than meets the eye. to need tank added to her note to those at the city university of hong kong she was in london when the protests broke out and is part of a generation torn between a western influence lifestyle and their chinese roots the tension is quite high my grandparents and the older generation are quite. they feel. because they feel quite strongly against it and they usually would talk. a lot about it in a negative manner. the magnet. the protest now in the 3rd month has taken many by
3:59 pm
surprise jamie you chances hong kong is going through a transformation the chinese imperial rule for 2000 years is really talking about you know you to respect your elders. listen to your listen to your mother or father so that is kind of. backfired because if she was trying to kind of more reality but the fact that people now or the younger generation they have been hong kong was under british rule for 100 years until 1997 when it was handed back to the chinese but mainland china doesn't take full control of the tow chief for another 20 years much of what the youth of today will achieve will define what we look in 2047.
4:00 pm
or let's go live now to hold in hong kong as we await. another protest predominantly by young people hong kong obviously a business a business an economic hub for the region and particularly for china of course it's nearly 3 months now of the on the rest how is the business sector reacting. and certainly the business 6 quite worried and has had quite extreme forecasts last week the finance minister from the finance secretary actually said that the g.d.p. forecast for the year has gone down from between 2 to 3 percent to. 0 to one for said. that banks. for example the south china. charges have taken out big in.


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