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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 22, 2019 10:00pm-10:34pm +03

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girl today in paris really gives opportunity to reaffirm his commitment to a strong european union to show that the european union can be very united on subjects particularly on breaks and that he won't back down oh no way i'm so in a way an opportunity for him at all michael to send a message out to all of the global leaders particularly donald trump. the tough lifers there from paris find some tasha. plenty more ahead on the news hour including the u.s. and turkey agree to launch the 1st phase of a safe zone in northern syria for displaced syrians to return home. and the u.n. warns of lifesaving aid cuts in yemen where i was significant new funds. and it's a bad night for football or wade when a chill will tell you why in sports. let's return to our top story on iran taking on france's proposal to salvage the nuclear
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deal from this one nicole is the former french ambassador to iran and he joins us by skype from sun a resort in the sides of france a star thank you very much for joining us what do you make of these proposals and we don't have a whole heap of detail but what's your feeling. well you know mr zarif will need mr mccrone to more all we really need the french foreign minister also. something is. working you there is something in the obviously there have been many contacts already between the 2 presidents a reunion and friends the there have been a mysteries going one plusa the other mr the route he's carrying a message from mr rouhani to mr macro there are some ideas floating about a possible agreement there will be conversations certainly. a meeting in
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garrett this weekend it's. possible there goodenough is the opportunity or true of meeting again trying to put together a solution that would be the general assembly in new york of course in september and in terms of this compensation in inverted commas that's potentially being talked about to help iranian citizens and to mitigate the effects of the sanctions i can only imagine that looking that that from the white house perspective that might be a bit of an awkward conversation between mccall and trump. yes you're right it will be more difficult to convince the american side of the ring inside that. we'll see if there is this idea over you know a credit line. to for prime to pound all of in stakes and notice mccunn ism over which would. the help of voiding the use of the dollar laws
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and then protecting your trade with you to run. europe and even other countries from american sanctions but of course. dude for this system to work. there has to be there have to be exchanges on both sides and of course precisely at the moment the eeriness cannot serve their all and so the idea is to prime the pump with a line of credit and see what happens after that what is in this from a crumb to be at the heart of coming up with the solution. you know the french have never been indifferent to the we run the hub the sand on the religion but. the friends. have been always trying hard to find solutions. for revenge and the civic is non dispersed certainly no since the you
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know the will of the with this team all 3 european gone through the british the germans and the french will who started the negotiation leave the 12 years 15 years ago with iran with this idea that the the solution hard to be negotiated but the present moment to me it's the mr mr boris johnson has all the worries in mind mr mrs merkel is the is not the lib position to take us bold initiatives so the only one on lived is the president but croll. i don't know if we will succeed but one thing really we have to to recognize this is trying all fronts one nickel of former french ambassador to iran so i think. that airstrikes have killed several civilians in opposition control turns around an important highway in syria near a turkish observation post the army backed by russia is continuing its offensive in
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the northwestern provinces it live along the strategic and 5 highway government troops are already in control of a part of the m 5 following the rebel withdrawal from the town of qom she could on monday well let's go live to burn a smith in antakya and hatay province that's near the syrian border hi there barnard's so what more do we know then about this attack on that turkish observation post. julie this is the 2nd time there's been an attack on turkish military forces by acid's forces in the last week earlier this week a convoy was targeted and civilians who were near or at the end of that convoy 3 civilians were killed this time today it is showing around another military observation post as turkey calls them both of these are the incidents near and around the town of honshu a coon this is where there's been this massive push by the syrian forces in the
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last week or so to retake that town they pretty much have done all of the fighting has died down and the pushing refugees further north the turks say whatever happens it has a dozen military observation posts in northern syria that are in agreement with the iranians and the russians and turkey says those observation posts will stay in place to burn as i'm just going to give our audience little bit of detail in these safe zones and hopefully we come back to you to chat about those but stark in the u.s. are also trying to work out plans for a safe zone in northern syria after months of dispute over just how big it should be and who should control it the plan will eventually see patrols of both turkish and u.s. soldiers in the region and joins operation center is to be created in the town of shan the order for support of them how much progress is being made towards establishing this exam because there's been a lot of back and forth about the size and who's going to be in control.
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there was a phone call last night between turkey's defense minister and the u.s. defense secretary and they both agreed that take immediate steps to implement the security framework the thing is we don't know what the security framework is you are talking about the controls and the length and the depth of the safe zone so we know that pushing ahead with it and this is coming from the turks who are particularly keen to get this safe zone in place as quickly as possible for a couple of reasons 1st because because of the fighting the afghan forces pushing on it live and hundreds of thousands perhaps as many as half a 1000000 syrian refugees are heading towards the turkish border turkey doesn't want them gathering that it doesn't want it's not going to let them into turkey so instead it wants to create a safe zone for these refugees to be sheltered in turkey also wants to push back from its border the syrian kurdish forces to seize them to
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a threat to the turkish state so that's why turkey is keen to get this going as quickly as possible and it's pushing the suggestion that it's very very soon to happen julie benz smith joining us there live from hatay province thanks for the update bernard. that would torrent of water released from an indian submerged times in villages in northeastern pakistan floodwaters now cover hundreds of hectares in punjab province and river levels are still rising baucus on the army's turned a military base in so relief camps more than 17000 people evacuated from their homes and some are refusing to leave flooded areas because it would mean abandoning their crops and their livestock well some a binge of aid is near the jhelum river which flows from northern india into eastern august on. pakistan's national disaster management authority says at least 1200 people have been evacuated to safety and water levels continue to rise in the south ledge river in the punjab province with get its gets its name from the 5
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rivers that flow through it in certain age is one of those rivers the geographic piece makes between pakistani and indian territory we've been told by officials that at least 18 villages have been affected and 3 have completely been submerged there are people who had to harvest their crops and have to think here of their lifestyle which is their livelihood and they're refusing to leave saying that the government has not given them any assurances that what is going to happen if they leave their life belongings behind but what we've been hearing from authorities is that they've been blaming they bring india off releasing this water without forewarning as they had been agreed upon in mutual agreements now in the last 24 hours that communication link between the water commission is on both sides have been established and they are talking to each other and budgets and you've already got telling us that they will be concentrating their effort to big sure that people are safe and their livelihoods are protected for strict sions remain in place for
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some parts of indian administered kashmir nearly 2 weeks after india of all the regions autonomy people in srinagar that's the area's largest city of barricaded neighborhoods to keep security forces feisty male explains. these barricades have been placed in the srinagar neighborhood not by the security forces to control people's movements but by the residents themselves to keep the security forces out tensions have been high all over the kashmir valley since the region's autonomy was revoked and restrictions put on communications and movements locals here say these barricades are a form of protest against those restrictions but for them it's also a form of self-defense. boys a big big dope and we have no clue from vero how many have been big. how many distinctions so that they don't let anyone out of the neighborhood people here aren't shy to show their anger towards the authorities area has already been the
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flashpoint for several protests this month locals expect the security forces to eventually return in larger numbers and tell us what happens after that is in god's hands. protesters in india demanding the release of all kashmiri politicians who were arrested or detained there asking for normality to be restored in indian administered kashmir and has more from new delhi. in reality often several indian politicians have gathered in the heart of the national capital here to do some are under 700 ish media politicians are being arrested all day tomorrow on immediately released this will just be an organizer a really fun party in south of india however many other political parties have sent a representative from our leading opposition party in the country the congress of art has not yet organized but i still don't protest and we are also insisting that normalcy must be the sort of that and believe i'm going to be reaching the praises of knowing what is happening in the valley toward assume that they're going to be
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fortunately the political opposition is right now all very weak like this they get happens in. circumstances and fascist forces i think you know what any country saw as the case in india the politicians say they were normal easy to be resorted to smi where they don't quite challenge the indian government's decision to reverse we are told the real indian agnostic that perhaps god has just told. the governor is decision is even if you look at the protests the numbers are displayed the elephant is only on the fate of the people here feel it is all the ownership of those your goals in kashmir. the united nations has warned the $22.00 lifesaving aid programs in yemen will be forced to shop in just 2 months unless the world does more to help fund them in february countries pledged more than 2000000000 dollars less than half of that was actually received tens of thousands of people have been killed in yemen civil war and millions of starving u.n.
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is called that the world's worst humanitarian crisis she have written she's been following those developments from the u.n. . the u.n. security council received a disturbing briefing on tuesday about yemen because humanitarian efforts there are only 34 percent funded in the coming days water treatment would be stopped in various areas of the country putting some 300000 displaced people of risk of cholera now on wednesday an even more dire warning of what's to come because of that funding shortfall unless the funds promised at the fed recon friends are received in the coming weeks food rations for 12000000 people will be reduced at least 2500000 malnourished children will be cut off from services which have been keeping them alive some 19000000 people will lose access to health care including 1000000 women who depend on the un for reproductive health clean water programs for 5000000 people will shut at the end of october and tens of thousands of displaced
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families may themselves may find themselves homeless and what we keep on hearing is although most donors have stumped up the money that they promised in february for yemeni humanitarian efforts it's saudi arabia and the united arab emirates who've only paid a mother sed amount of the 7 $150000000.00 that they each pledged for yemen humanitarian office flash flooding has killed at least 50 people in force thousands to flee their homes as people morgan reports many families have lost all of their possessions. this used to be his home and the shop that provided him income. now all that and it's on what has left is rubble his house collapsed after flash floods hit his town of a j.d. in sudan's hard terms date on monday the water destroying most of their belongings . this shop was the only means i had to support myself and my family and the house was the only place we had to live all of that is gone now and there's nothing i can
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do but say it's god's will the floods have destroyed at least 700 houses here according to the town's disaster response committee leaving more than 300 families displaced so these authorities say rains and flash floods in the past 2 weeks have destroyed over 12000 homes across the country most of the damage is in poor neighborhoods with shodi drainage infrastructure basic services have also been affected. life has become there is no electricity the water lines have been affected there are no shops working no buy crees working everything has become. more rain and a rise in river water levels are expected in the coming days adding to concerns of more floods to come but that's not all flash floods have not only destroyed homes here in and they've also turned roads like this one into rivers and because it can take days sometimes weeks for them to dry out it's feared stagnant waters will
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bring diseases. over the past few years health workers have recorded an increase in the number of malaria and cholera fatalities due to stagnant waters during rainy seasons affected residents blame the former government ousted in april of neglect now opposition leaders say steps need to be taken to ensure that what happened in chile doesn't happen again because we only know having yes we use rationing players we need some deeds we need to be new news. coming from the far east again. it is more than having to give there's an implicit in about political it is about restructuring the area coming as new ideas to get event any slots in the future. for m.s. who has to pick up the pieces to rebuild his home starting over won't be easy and with the rainy season not yet over he hopes no more flash floods come to take away
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what little he has left he will morgan algis their own hearts on it's time for the weapon that he has kept and that's why we have another flooding potential threat coming up or to take you there right now towards the western pacific we're now talking tropical storm by lou making its way towards the west very slowly and you can see the clouds right here just to the east of the philippines it is a tropical storm winds right now are about 83 kilometers per hour gusting to just over 100 kilometers per hour with winds pushing with the storms could be pushing to the west at about 13 claims for hour now it has slowed down and it's movement and what that does is give us a give us more question on where the storm is going to be going over the next $2.00 to $3.00 days right now we do think the storm is going to increase intensity and make its way to the northwest but still we're talking the philippines northern philippines as well as taiwan and even china at threat for have very heavy rain storm surge and the likelihood of flooding as we go into the weekend so we're going to be watching this very carefully over the next few days the other story i want to
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take you here to talk about is take you over here towards just one part province where we are looking at a flooding situation there as well take a look at the video that has come in across this region right now because of heavy rain 9 people are confirmed dead over 30 people have been missing across the region and the water is still a big problem in this area the good news is over the next few days though the heavy rain is expected to ease in the flooding should subside. still ahead here on al-jazeera thousands of high school students take part in a rally in hong kong adding their voices to calls for change why new bensimon patry thousands of ranger refugees may have to face. and that age a 100 this boy's loving none continues to be one of the stars of college basketball so we'll have that coming up later in sports. in the uk so to me it sounds ugly and scares people from america's high streets to
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mexico's on the world's request for the seaside and who controls the other side people in power follows the smuggling route and test the ease of acquiring untraceable weapons on american soil the weapon that was designed for war and it took you about 5 minutes to buy it. america's guns arming mexico's cartels on al-jazeera congressman are you interested in stopping crime rewind returns with a new series. and brand new updates on the past about using documentary think. oh please please please please. rewind continues with the last try secret army of the cia it's down to 75000000000 in the same way that the and sisters did living in the forest in the jungle and seems like they're abandoned by everybody on al-jazeera.
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you are watching al-jazeera quick reminder of our top stories this hour here on the foreign minister says it's willing to work with france to salvage the. u.k. addio french president manuel mccall has offered to eat a song from the sanctions or provide a form of compensation to ease their effects french president manuel com has told boris johnson that the u.k. must respect the deal already made on breaks it 1st johnson wants the e.u. to compromise brazil's president share both scenarios says his government lacks the resorts to put out the fires raging across the amazon rain forest made the comments on a face that broadcast them are fine as now burning is at a record level 84 percent the same time last year and many blame both saddam's
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policies. or some cal is a journalist who covers brazil and the amazon and he joins us by skype from sao paolo and hi there someplace very much for being with us we've heard that some people blame both policies but also there are a number of fires every year and i guess what people are asking is why the rise this time. it's certainly true there are 4 as every year especially around this time all this is the dry months in the amazon it's you know when you know most plausible infeasible to use far that's a clear line. or 2 you know basically off the crops have been harvested to refer to the law as the soil for planting new seeds for growth of the castle grazing for example. before the rainy season starts again in around november december so this isn't new therefore as every single year all this and. the
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bo's'n are or has been in he's been in power for you know since the beginning of the year nothing has changed that much the season on going crisis that has been happening we've seen deforestation in the region steadily rising pretty much since 2012 but the environment is a sign that both are as rents yury which is very environmentally antagonistic in fact to environmental policies he wants to open up the he wants to open up the amazon for grazing development the mining agriculture except they say that this combined with the fact that environments when foresman agencies have seen a subsequent lack of funding this year this was that you know they're going to wreck would drop in the number of operations and fines applied for environmental crimes they say that this is creating a perfect storm for those that want to commit environmental crimes such as land
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clearance for that supply you know supplying ross so castle as one of the main the main reasons sam i want to from your perspective what's being said in brazil about the story if anything at all but also. well some are all saying you know we don't have the resources to cope with the situation but yet as you point out he's also responsible for a lot of the agencies that would help to cope having u.s. funding and so when he's making this comment well what's behind that. well. you know this is like a 2nd old governing problem we also saw in 2007 saying we sort a huge drop of 40 percent cuts in the environment in mean barman's will agencies that came under the last president michel tema so like i said this is an ongoing problem it's not just you know me supposin are a. but he essentially him is the boss and already he's
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in a bit of a tricky position because he's always had these and i can use the position towards the environment saying that you know he goes to meetings with inches except right he's been seen at meetings with ron just throughout the campaign saying oh you know this is your government you're going to be you all the ones that are going to have power it's not going to be like the last government where you had environments who minister you know getting in your business the whole time you know you're going to have greater freedom to to de forest your properties you know most steep forestation happens in vacs own private prophecies in the amazon but he caught in a bit of a bit between a rock and a hard space really because you know there is this deal with sure and the european union which he's on the table we are progressing and one of the stipulations coming from the european union would be that is he you know. the essential brazil would have to come out deforestation they would have to be sound environments will
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practice is implemented. so you know i miss the most hours bice a large part of that comes from the agricultural school and you know they thought they would be people this is a sector of society that is in favor of the deal with the european union so there is this kind of juggling act going on here where we want to be seen to have sound environmental policies was at the same slime maximizing profits mr poston are as on a bit of a tightrope that sam carry their sowing f.-f. on skype from side to very much thanks very much. talks between the u.s. and the taliban are being held in qatar it goes between the 2 sides have been ongoing for months regular meetings have been held in doha since october as they tried to end the 18 year conflict over to a gates me joins us for more on this why victoria so what can we expect this.
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well there is a sense of optimism surrounding this 9th round of tools the u.s. envoys though my colleague arrived here in very well yesterday afternoon he went straight from the united states where he had been briefing u.s. president donald trump and u.s. secretary of state might pay 0 on the outcome of the 8th round of talks that happened in the qatari capital here in doha and. boasted a sense of optimism when he said in a tweet recently that he hopes this year will be the last year that afghanistan will be at war and certainly those optimistic sentiments were reinstated by mike pompei a few days ago when he said on american television that he had been briefed that the talks have been going well and that he will than an agreement could be signed if the level of violence in afghanistan in afghanistan significantly reduced now the 2 things that they will be concentrating on during these talks this afternoon which you've just got on the way all firstly what the american school counter terrorism assurances they basically want the taliban to sign up to the fact that if
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troops all withdrawn in stage process that the taliban will agree not to allow territory that they control which is currently around hoffa got to stand to be used by groups such as. from which they could stage global attacks in return for that the americans are willing to talk about withdrawing troops in a stage process they currently have around 40000 u.s. troops in afghanistan the u.s. led invasion in 2001 the tell about taliban want them to go quickly we understand this some tension over the time scale. the americans think they can be withdrawn in stages over a 2 year period the taliban will see happen much more quickly but if they can agree those 2 things during these talks they will then move on to a more difficult stage of the negotiations which is the interim afghan talks that talks between the taliban and the afghan government now so far the taliban have
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that fastly refused to talk to members of the afghan government because they say it is an illegitimate government they think it is a puppet of the american administration we understand though having said that the informal talks in a private capacity between taliban negotiators and members of the afghan government here in doha over 2 days in july so we wait to see the outcome of these talks to be joining us live thanks victoria. thousands of high school students have rallied in hong kong and many are threatening to boycott classes next month they've joined demands for political reform of the territories government and they've called for demonstrations to continue the stance of the school year large protests in hong kong began 3 months ago in opposition to an extradition bill they've gone into a broader movement against the influence of mainland china in hong kong's of here's what abdul hamid has the latest from the rally. 3 months in and this wave of
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protests that has taken hold quote by a storm has really morphed into a movement that is involving many sections of hong kong society here high school students teenagers well they say that they should be part of the current conversation ongoing here in congo because much of it is about their own future when they become young adults when they become young professionals now many of just over started here are actually exactly the same that you have been hearing on the streets of hong kong elsewhere liberate a home called revolution of our time the students here also considering it's a carry out a strong. on september 2nd that's when the school year starts over summer also floating the idea of having strikes on a regular basis throughout the year it's not yet set in stone but certainly there is a whiff of this young generation to be part of what's going on in hong kong some of
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them saying it is a historic moment and they should also have their say. it's the morning rush hour herman is at the metro station reminding people of recent events and calling those students to carry out civil disobedience on september to 2nd when this school year starts he says their future is at stake a new generation can even afford the policy. to hong kong the beijing government have. promised. universal suffrage soon back in 2008 but that was not happening in 2008. chief executive kerry said she wanted to open a dialogue with the demonstrators but many don't trust her they say she hasn't addressed any of their demands which include an investigation into the use of force by police and political reform there are several like this one around home where
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people out in solidarity of the protesters. for example there is free home called stand with hong kong fight for your freedom and you do get a sense that there is more to the protests than meets the eye. to need tank added her note to those at the city university of hong kong she was in london when the protests broke out and this part of a generation torn between a western influence lifestyle and their chinese roots the tension is quite high my grandparents and the older generation are quite. they feel. because they feel quite strongly against it and they usually would talk. a lot about it in a negative manner. the magnitude of the protest now in the 3rd month has taken many by surprise jeremy you chances hong kong is going through
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a transformation the chinese imperial rule for 2000 years is really talking about you know you to respect your elders learn from them listen to your listen to your. mother or father that is kind of why carry limb speech is a little bit backfire because if she was trying to echo to kind of morality but the infected people now or the younger generation they are more open hong kong was under british rule for 100 years until 1997 when it was handed back to the chinese but mainland china doesn't take full control of the territory. for another 28 years much of what the youth of today will achieve will define what hong kong will look like in 2047 but at the time it called. a new bid to repatriate thousands of ranger refugees looks to have failed almost $300.00 range of families
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interviewed by the un and bangladeshi government all say they do not want to go back to me and unless their safety insists and ships are guaranteed says repatriation will only go ahead if families are willing stephanie decker has more. the 2nd time that authorities have tried to repatriate to send back some of the rangar refugees the 1st time was in november of last year no one wanted to go back then and it seems for now at least that remains the case. interview 295 listed families none of them expressed their willingness to go back to their country at the moment this process will continue and anyone who says they want to go back we will facilitate their return to me and more now one of the core issues is trust part of that press conference was a member of china's embassy here also a member of me and more as diplomatic representatives i also them why they weren't allowing journalists particularly the united nations access to the areas where these people would be returning to because that of course is.


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