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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 23, 2019 7:00am-7:33am +03

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but more still ahead on al-jazeera including the hidden cost of venezuelan oil as a once thriving industry crumbles. i'm sorry i echo in lump it goes out where an ngo vessel carrying 356 people on board is waiting to dock safely. hello there without some very wet and windy weather into the southeast australia of the last few days it's on its way really across towards the tasman sea so clearing conditions along the east coast pushing in as you can see here into western australia that will bring some showers the winds being strong along the east coast so sydney this is just around the bay from bondi beach very high winds very big you can see it looks like fun but of course it can be very dangerous it should be coming down as we go through friday and saturday 970 on friday 23 degrees in
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brisbane and that is we had 370 we could see some pushing across into tasmania 15 at best few in hobart but not a bad day in perth a high there of 70 celsius and into new zealand the south through some trad we could just see a stray shower but really the bulk of the rain that is going to stay in position across the north. and south of a couple days in alton touches generally around 13 or 14 celsius and then up into japan fairly widespread rains to round out the week heavy at times clearing conditions nicely across much of the korean peninsula you can see even through the far east of russia we have got that rain in the full cost $20.00 of all start with those shots lingering on saturday and becoming less wet across japan. millions of people across india miss out on medical but
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a hospital train is delivering doctors and home to those most in need one i want to east towards india is a lifeline explained on al-jazeera. their own 100 crisis is now in its 2nd year more than $700000.00 and it's placed and stateless after fleeing military led massacres and me and mom and they still don't think it's safe to go home and follow their plight with special coverage and reports on al-jazeera. on top stories on syria brazilian federal prosecutors have begun an investigation into the recent spike in fires burning across vast areas of the amazon rain forest
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. iran's foreign minister mohammad serif says tehran is willing to work on french proposals to salvage the nuclear deal which it signed with world powers in 2015. and after sunday's u.s. missile test the united nations security council has been meeting at the request of russia and china. the french president has again ruled out any major changes to the brics a deal agreed between britain and the e.u. but kohl has been hosting new u.k. prime minister boris johnson in paris where he urged him to set out his proposed alternatives as soon as possible and to the has more from the french capital. if boris johnson had hoped to convince emmanuel macro to change the negotiating position on briggs it scrapped the irish backstop the french president's response made it clear that wasn't going to happen after greeting the british prime minister at the lease a palace macro said the e.u. would not renegotiate the withdrawal agreement and the backstop the insurance
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policy to prevent a hard border between ireland and northern ireland in no country in the european union can negotiate renegotiate this agreement with the key elements of the 6 remans including the are not just technical constraints or legal issues but some genuine guarantees to preserve stability in ireland and the integrity of the single market which is the foundation of the european project this is all part of what was negotiated by the u.k. and. my call did however back the german chancellor's proposal to johnson in a bill in meeting on wednesday giving him 30 days to come up with alternatives to the backstop a good deal i was powerfully encouraged by our conversations last night in berlin with our mutual friends and i know that with energy and with creativity and application we can find a way forward for our businesses and our citizens this analyst says that e.u.
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leaders might have an ulterior motive for offering 30 days more time screw up european leaders may hold that breweries jenks and the stock old in the coming days because they know johnson's majority is very for joining all saturday mackerel hosts johnson and other g 7 leaders including u.s. president donald trump for a summit in the south of france the meeting with johnson gives mccraw an opportunity to reaffirm his commitment to the european union coming just 2 days before the g. 7 summit it also allows him to send a message to world leaders including donald trump that when it comes to bragg's it the easy united and why don't you turn on a weapon back ross says that britain's destiny is in its own hands if it leaves europe on october 31st without a deal the french president says it's the u.k. government that will be responsible and not the e.u. natasha al-jazeera paris. a german court has sentenced a syrian asylum seeker to 9 and
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a half years in prison for joint manslaughter and grievous bodily harm over the fatal stabbing of a man which triggered mass far right protests the 24 year old stabbed the cuban german victim during and into cation in the eastern city of chemist's last year general forces have also issued an international arrest warrant for an iraqi suspect who's been on the run since the incident they believe he was the main culprit in the killing thousands of far right supporters clashed with police in what became germany's worst riots for decades. 2 days after the charity rescue vessel open arms was finally allowed to disembark in italy another rescue vessel is sailing near italian waters looking for a safe port the ocean viking is carrying 356 migrants mostly from sudan including 90 unaccompanied children libya says it can dock there but the vessel run by doctors without borders and s.o.s. many johnny has refused to go because of the potential danger so you go yeah go
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reports from the italian island of lampedusa. they were pulled from the sea as they attempted to reach land in europe were told to stay on board but some were so desperate they jumped into the water to be rescued. they could not have imagined the journey from libya would have taken this horrifying turn 2 but what they feared most was being forced back they had to be defied that they would be taken back to libya where they have been exposed that were randall's abuses and that ability that the engine many of them did that to flee libya more times but have been intercepted the by the europeans to board to believe bianca's guard and force them back to the danger for nearly 2 weeks the ocean viking operated by doctors without borders has been circling the same spot in the mediterranean sea the italian island of you know as or close to lump it was or it was refused entry to malta and the italian
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authorities have ignored 2 appeals by the vessel to dock safely. just days before another drawn out standoff between italy and a ship run by a spanish charity open arms it came to an end when a local prosecutor visited the vessel and after witnessing the conditions on board ordered it to dock overjoyed at finally reaching land they suffered days of distress at sea with no way of knowing if they were going to be able to stay alive just like for us. to see how it's possible that the differing government are can produce. all the international notions we doubt until now you know consequences this monument known as the gate to europe is a symbol of how. has been a welcoming people seeking refuge over the years but italy's anti vikrant interior minister my fair salvini claims that the ngos who've helped me do that and nothing more than taxis the people smugglers it's critics say that he's playing politics
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with vulnerable people's lives and in framing the charities as the enemy many on lampedusa say it has not resolved the problem. everyone thought the immigration program would be solved by so very me banning the entry. of a book from arriving everyone just pretends they don't exist. as the ocean viking continues to wait for a port of safety and immigration voices will continue to use their rights as a call to control the charities that rescue them while those on board already bearing the scars of a brutal journey continue to wait for refuge in europe if and when your thirty's finally allow it. al-jazeera it was up. these 4 people have been killed and 22 injured during a thunderstorm in ponens toucher mountains lightning hit a group of tourists on gevalt almost 2000 metre high mountain after
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a sunday morning. me rescue teams with the help of 4 helicopters worked to airlift victims another person has been killed in the west to touch us in slovakia according to mountain rescue services. in kosovo nor makers of voted to dissolve parliament paving the way for a snap election the 120 seat assembly held an extraordinary session on thursday deciding by 89 votes in favor of ending the parliament the move follows the resignation of prime minister or deny it last month or deny has been summoned for questioning by the country's war crimes prosecutor over his role in the 998 insurgency against serbian forces he denies any wrongdoing. the president of the southern somali state of jubilant has won another term in office when the derby won a majority of the votes cast in the regional parliament but his rival has also claimed victory and the federal government has rejected the result jubilant is no
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thomas region which is at the forefront of the fight against the group catherine sawyer reports. supporters of a mad mad dog you pronounce some of his actions he won the backing of 56 of the 74 members of parliament he's main opponent got just 17 votes my daughter's victory is however contentious with some somalis think he influenced the selection of m.p.'s by clan elders the central government in mogadishu has vowed not to recognise his leadership insisting the electoral process was flawed and marred by is regularities. drivel and is one of the states of somalia and i fully support its allegiance with the federal government of somalia and when it comes to any and all political disagreements that only make seems to result in such disagreements internally. there's also concern over the state of security after last month's attack on
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a hotel in the port city of smile you when gunmen killed. 26 people jubilant is important in the war against the armed group al-shabaab it's also one of the richest states in somalia with good farm and grazing land and a busy and important port kismayo is close to the indian ocean which has vast oil and gas reserves and which are being claimed by both somalia and kenya some analysts say the central government in mogadishu wants to control regional states by imposing its preferred leaders competing interests between kenya and ethiopia who both have troops in the region and the just sling for influence by some gulf states is not making things any easier disorder in juba and would place in jeopardy not only gains made in that member state but also many critical national priorities including preparations for the 20202021 elections the fight against al shabaab and the development agenda. my daughter who once led fighters who opposed al shabaab
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has not had an easy stay at the helm of politics he's presidency has been clouded by clan becoming an interference from the central government and regional states malbone this poor but many people who live here are afraid that his reelection could potentially lead to violence catherine story al-jazeera has indonesia has restricted internet access and arrested dozens of people in the popular region an effort to rein in days of violent protests $1200.00 extra security personnel have been deployed to the province to contain the riots government buildings police cars and parts of an airport have been destroyed since the protests began on monday the violence broke out when $43.00 papuans childrens were arrested and racially abused for allegedly disrespecting the indonesian flag on independence day. one of the justices students from back here have faced racism for
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a long time. you know with the word monkey is. always used to insult us the puppet students this is been going on for too long we don't have freedom to leave here it's as though we're not indonesian citizens we heed to study we never create problems but people have always treated us as if we're animals we're all drinking micro plastics in our water but the world health organization says no one yet knows how damaging it is for our health and research is needed they warn that very small plastic particles carrying bacteria could be absorbed into our organs a study last year found that we ingest a credit card sized amount of plastic every week but a richer says the answer is to eliminate plastic pollution entirely but for now it's calling on drinking water suppliers to do more to treat their water and israel has the world's largest proven oil reserves but it's all output once latin america's largest is falling fast with latest figures show
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a bigger decline than in iraq after the 2003 u.s. invasion and the crumbling oil infrastructure is creating new problems there is a bow visited the once booming oil town of cubbie mass. mina has always lived beside the lake of my in the northwestern state. he's a fisherman but he says pollution from the oil industry is destroying his way of life. this is abandon completely abandoned in the past the oil and gas installations were taken care of but not anymore now are lake is filled with oil and contamination our boats are dirty or nets are dirty my family depends on this and it's killing us we're close to the town where oil was 1st discovered in venezuela 922 it turned this country from michael cohen coffee producing nation into an oil giant but things have not been going well in the past 2 years the
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bottom of it was filled with thousands of kilometers of gas pipelines some of them are broken if you can see right there that's a leak a gas leak this is just an example of the enormous infrastructure problems that venezuela energy sectors has today were told tankers i rarely seen here venezuela's oil production has dropped by more than 70 percent in the past 20 years and the u.s. oil embargo is further complicating the export market. has worked for venezuela. for over 30 years at one time they were producing 80000 barrels a day now not a single one. i have fought with management how is painting a pipeline red maintenance when inside it's rod and deteriorated we pin a pump and then it catches fire then things blow up that's the maintenance they
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want us to do with what we have and we have lots of accidents. fransisco says he's paid around $8.00 a month couple you're a little i'm a revolutionary but this is not the left i dreamt of i want to work but we have no tools no boats total deterioration in the past there were food halls not any more we have said that until we are fed we cannot go out to work we cannot even buy food with our salaries so we are demanding a meal at least former president or chavis promised to improve people's lives when he took office 2 decades ago and they're still company played a crucial role in his plan but experts say a lack of investment corruption and inexperience among chavez loyalist devastated the company now the government of the little with money from russia and china is trying to provide the only industry with a much needed cost so with change in geopolitics to china for example is more costly because of the cargo shipments will have to see were ends venezuela has lots
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of debt with china and we will have to see whether they really invest in the country and if it generates cash and how the money is going to enter the country if we are sanctioned it's a vicious cycle that generates lots of questions and problems many of these fisherman supported what will chavez called the believer in revolution and believed in the benefits it would bring now they feel abandoned by a government they say has forgotten about the promises that were once made. venezuela. with money of our top stories brazilian federal prosecutors have begun an investigation into the recent spike in foz burning across vast areas of the amazon rain forest earlier president. asked for international help saying his government lacked the resources to tackle the fires alone. and. the amazon is bigger than
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europe how can you fight criminal fires in such an area it is clearly criminal how can you do it you need to catch them in the act otherwise there is nothing you can do now non-governmental organizations are losing money money that came from germany and norway they are unemployed now so they are trying to overthrow me. iran's foreign minister mohammed gerrard's or if says tehran is willing to work on french proposals to salvage the nuclear deal which it signed with world powers in 2015 u.s. president donald trump withdrew from the agreement last year and has been reimposing sanctions on the islamic republic. the u.n. security council has been meeting at the request of russia and china to discuss current u.s. missile policy and its impact on international peace and security it comes after the u.s. military tested a ground launched missile on sunday following its withdrawal from the intermediate
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range nuclear forces treaty 3 weeks ago. the french president emmanuel mccaw as again ruled out any major changes to the brics it deal he made the statement when hosting the new british prime minister boris johnson in paris back or urged johnson to set out his proposed alternatives as soon as possible. at least 4 people have been killed and 22 injured during a thunderstorm in poland tatra mountains lightning hit a group of tourists on give aunt and almost 2000 metre high mountain after a sunny morning turned stormy. m.p.'s in kosovo voted to dissolve parliament paving the way for a snap election 120 seat assembly held an extraordinary session on thursday deciding by 89 votes to end the current parliamentary session for as the resignation of prime minister sharon in ny last month of an investigation into possible war crimes when i won east is up next i phone or.
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after 25 years of affording the world's waste. into chaos. resulting in change we bring you the stories of the shaping the economic world we live in. counting the cost on al-jazeera. going. to be hard to find. crisscrossing the country spots. on
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you. live the life threatening the delivery medical care and power to those who knew that most of the job. is lifeline and express a last chance for a lot of people who. are one of the only johns for that job. in converting train carriages surgeons perform free operations that are transforming patients long a lot but. yet it is not. a modern. one a 18th goes on board easy who's still trying. in
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india trains are a symbol of life. but there's one train like no other. the lifeline express. this train is a unique one. there's a different concept. a team of surgeons and specialists cooks and claimants are about to embark on a 6 hour journey bringing health kit to those who can't afford it. it all happens on board these fully functioning hospitals on we. think. the brain. has.
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almost 900000000 people live in room villages where for most access to medical care is impossible. today much needed doctors heading to the tool in the east in maharashtra. go. there. you know what they are going on. here in la tour this is social media.
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professional. comedy we got all get us really popular will. as a set of. administration. most of villages have never visited a doctor because they're too far away and too expensive. and i don't know. what. over the next few days a lifeline express team will perform as many operations as they can before the train is scheduled to depart. would has spread fast. families trickle in from surrounding towns and villages full hoping for
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a medical miracle. don't multiply like a. little summer time but to be a part of iraq or not you're. done with that one you're going to. tell me what lies and because of how you feeling today you know based. on that i need to. know that. the doctors are trying to identify omens that can be fixed on board the train. no one wants to miss not only through a doctor's you obviously know a lot of patients so we're screening the patients like nadia examining the. operation theatre list will be in the operating them in next one or 2 days. here but. it's pretty much organized chaos here today some families travel up to the
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alleys and me by villages to basically all of them a desperate for just a few minutes but they stopped. remember the selling of the dollar. when i would be allowed but the. doctor is an also paid excursions from mumbai he's examining 2 brothers with cerebral palsy to see if he can help. one another not the doctor i tell you i. think it's a. big myth coming up well operational. soldiers are. here. a lot. but he will be. here. if you don't leave him out
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or up we're off but he will go aboard the phone with these people who are muslims already put it where to start be forming the more those who are. it's good news for young and the d.t.i. both are approved for surgery. for him as i'm here now just look at i lighten up a little bit so very like your number flashed i'm not not you know that but on the reason he was typing last time around i'm undone by october not the fact that i like almost ominous allies so. some of the most of the care i had made a better i like. the doctors easy to treat a variety of conditions from cancer screenings to cataracts to the old into the young like 4 month old baby. who has a cleft lip. his mom is worried because he can't breastfeed properly. suggest the risk and what they need at the back of the loan
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afford to do their make and there is distorted ballot. with an order from. what they just put our television and the work. in my den with us is and that's where. we'll leave plastic surgery to join the muscles in his sleep. i don't want to talk about becoming. what i wanted i will tell him about what a little bit about his low weight makes operating risk is you know nobody you know these were. the plastics team is assessing whether his feet the surgery they want us to insist on going up an awful lot but there was something that the muslim world are going to know that it's not going to be our 1st i want to point out the
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complete with the rat the basically if you're going to. be able to take it but i would have an open little bit of what. the doctors agree to go ahead. as a screening to wrap up more than 40 patients are selected for the surgery. back at home it's an anxious wait for the family of the 2 young brothers with cerebral palsy. may. not. look at their. mother to look at the thought that then i. get. looking after 7 year old virat and 4 year old aditya is
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a full time job. and a card from one of those. he has to live but i. don't want to but i took a man and i credit me so. the now don't want to know. that. i hadn't. at the time again don't they are not aware that there. is going to look i wonder when i was alone at the time i'm now. at the thought of that i will not. be done in. granite i you will get. heart of your beloved work of others. * does and only $2.00 a day. he's borrowed almost $3000.00 seeking treatment for his son and. it will take years to pay back. don't get it over
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there can you can quickly need other. than a lot later than the time without of the time little bit of. night i got out of the party i'm going to. tell i was on. and off he just as you're going. back and the last line explained it's as busy as any bricks and mortar hospital. yet you can get a year. even if i. run the trains head shift has lived and worked on board for a staggering 26 eleventh's then again look for your style 1st let alone to yourself to look around at the jimmy dean by the name of that bill it didn't make don't buy you the dr blonde out of your biological tightening of the needle the lever color
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later the mother but the heart the people you know. basically cooperating are you know. coming out of you know your comfort zone of operating a door made out of hospital i never tell anyone because it is for me or our situation our new our are not many things but we are. going imitation of some of the people.


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