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tv   The Stream 2019 Ep 135  Al Jazeera  August 23, 2019 7:33am-8:00am +03

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of relief to the left but clearly there are a lot of us will have the people who are. basically grew up in all you know. coming out of you know your comfort zone of operating in the. hospital that i did not tell anyone because it is unfamiliar to our situation our new water are not going up many things but. some of the people. ringback can't imagine how people here are feeling tired they're anxious and in a minute i'm going to walk through that door and hop on an operating table for surgery that could change their life. and i'm
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doing a one because there's only one case for me. i don't think i want anything else other than that but you can look it's. going to take this risk of us having to start from the money to go to a total of $100.00 plus of my brain and my heart what is with the patient. most is no water bill but it will take me take me a while wishing it minute last fiscal. planning to it is a standard list and he's walking on this bill for when we believe that he will be able to do that nationwide but it's like having. a violent. place starting are you off next. on the start. of the month.
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it's a delicate surgery. one wrong move and imputation wonderful going to be possible but knowing what. to do. if i could come did i have only played it again and then but the moment. it comes to deny that it's to go on $100.00. soon but it was not to. say you can say this will provoke of the season. this year honestly don't think much of it cost me sound very. proper apartment over . the. washer go to 100 come back i may think of going to be good. conduct my only down straight forward that operation seemed to be a simple incision manipulating the muscles and putting in a plastic cost is the difference between that boy being able to walk and not get it over with. 1. 100 all it's about
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me. i mean i want to shut out all the stress and the noise i mean there's a crying baby in here have you a story we're going to make some are there. any of us. off that he. as soon as one patient is taken to recovery a new one sedation. it's a nonstop chain of operations. including the brothers are a sick sense. of the. term the more. you go down talking and you could just. read about i feel stressed or not able to for. my favorite song starts ringing in my brain to forge a. my nose. job.
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john. that means i will go somewhere but because of your beautiful face i would be one towards the. eastern front and then i fear for my. person and. today a young girl is having a cleft week. to morrow i will be baby out of steam but it only 4 months old the risk will be much higher. maybe how i. already have no dr neil ish con help but think if he's on sun every time he operates on
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a child. i wasn't excited when he was born. almost offical years of automatic age as you want to make sure they're. taking all the precautions my child is not suffering from a blood defect. bargained down i'm going to get out. i'm lucky that my dad is absolutely normal so. i always got one company top car owners keeps on being me and i want to go out on a kid with a cleft so. i'm trying you know as much as possible to those babies. hot people who ringback treat babies but let me leave you more generally. we have all of them are ready all girls very very unorthodox are accepting them all over though one hard. thing there. are going to be of course for the family.
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which is very often by some bball father and mother out of the house bigger carried with us live. today when i do you know that are not the case but he could give me a good time with us for the hello. then my not going to give us a head to bully and i'm tired at this took up limited time with us is under one hour they may get a little game one of the i wish him but he asked he got a 2 way d.s. like him and maybe. because it seemed to superstitions around pregnancy. the fees she's close to baby. she hopes to die the doctors can break that could. mean we've got jeri's myself when there is a lot mission pick it would be. me they were going a bit better then i got
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a big. heart they would. one day i did genuinely open to. seeing the. they. all go well the operation is scheduled to happen in less than an hour. on board the train which doctors are debating whether or not they can go through with it. a physical examination by a local a nice has revealed the baby out of has a chest infection previously all my infection of the lungs. might be having some. sort of street running nose. are planning to get.
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the operation khant go ahead. you told me already know are destructive no. we really want to. cuddle a bottle of water i'm going to need. one of. our 000-0000 member 3000 on the level and i'm not going to follow her here. oh i forgot my neighbors are unknown but i wonder now if there was a couple in their own person remember the 3 friends are different but are there to learn from the body of the. man or to. the author of. the.
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letter less of them. going up on the top of that i love to look at it. it's been an emotional few days. after watching the success of so many other operations all they can do is return. and home. from christmas to be free to do good work at all for sure. there's no point putting the parishioners. story progress or start talking their years apart and. whilst one set of parents will go away with pot take another will leave overjoyed. dr neil is just clift leap operation on the young girl was a success just imagine her where i did not embarrass me or someone you're going to get all person if you're wondering off or don't last because i'm going to die and
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i'm just going to have to 950 you know to be made out to be something back i'm going to give it to. i haven't got the speed up here but i mean. i'm glad he looked at me with the happy you know what the take that i don't want to keep getting what do you think a lot of money. but that's what i love. that india yemen i'm not really got. by my back. i got it i got audience laugh. i don't want to get it. but.
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i think it will be a few more weeks before d.t.r. in fear at costs are renewed. by the other. but when they do they will walk and remember. that. if someone were less. they're going to. listen to those again. and. they're on our own they are. ready
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making. a scratch. from the ocean. building a new life on a beach living off the sea and. a dream shared by so
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many but so few make it a reality. a family business led by a woman with a flair for cooking and a zest. i didn't catch on al-jazeera. his main highways. as much water as possible from the mountain above. a nationwide blackout left millions without power water supplies. but this was. the health ministry is recommending people treated with. with none available. hopes the 1st will make it safe for her family to drink. consumption of untreated water in the last 3 weeks is making an already catastrophic situation worse. we don't have the precise numbers yet but we know
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that in the public and private hospitals there's been an acute increase of cases of severe diarrhea that require hospitalization including children under 2 years of age which can be fatal local and international public health experts describe the crisis it's a complex humanitarian emergency. of the 20th century. influence. much better than. is going to prevent the fall made software. to. break through digital revolution. face to face.
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don't you see. where every. this is 0. and welcome to the al-jazeera news our life or my headquarters in doha with me and it's a problem coming up in the next 60 minutes brazilian prosecutors open an investigation into the wildfires sweeping the amazon the french president calls it an international emergency. demonstrations at
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a protest hoben and do the administered kashmir trying to keep our security forces . here and authorities already know people plan to protest further the locals tell us they plan to resist as long as they can. the british prime minister asks for flexibility on the e.u. with the troll deal but the french president rolls out any major changes plus. that's a leak a gas leak. it's not a quick fix they don't lapidary should stay out of venezuela's oil and gas industry . pressure is growing on brazil's far right president to tackle a wave of wildfires threatening the amazon rain forest french president emanuel mccaughan has called it an international crisis he wants leaders from the g 7 countries to hold an urgent meeting on the issue during this summit this weekend
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but jibril sonars accuse in countries that donate money for the preservation of the amazon of interfering with brazil sovereignty he admits that his government lacks the resources to fight the flames and says there are suspicions that farmers could be involved after initially blaming n.g.o.s for the 5 is. now the amazon is bigger than europe how can you fight fires in such an area it is clearly criminal how can you do it you need to catch them in the act otherwise there's nothing you can do now non-governmental organizations are losing money money that came from germany and norway they are unemployed now so they are trying to overthrow me. now prosecutors in brazil have started an investigation into the wildfires and deforestation activists blame the government for its policies encouraging logging and clearing the land for farming. i have been there i have found. it's the 1st time i speak publicly about this since the world began watching
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to the for a station and fires that are out of control in the rain forest it's a situation i consider a crime against the state and a crime against humanity in brazil us history we've seen this you go situations but for the 1st time we have this kind of situation that was created almost with official encouragement from the government. now it's not just brazil struggling to do with wildfires across the border in bolivia more than 500000 hectares of forest have been destroyed while in the coming days many brazilians are expected to march against the government's policy is that they think caused the wildfires from sao paulo. explains. the sheer scale of the forest fires right across brazil is really what many days after they started is what's forcing the people both here in brazil and in the wider international community to finally take notice and start to watch federal prosecutors here in brazil have launched an integrated
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investigation into the fire as the environment minister here in brazil was booed and was criticized attending an international conference in the country for having done nothing to try to put an end to the fires but his job also narrow the president who has borne the brunt of the accusations he is being accused of creating the conditions for farmers for developers around in the more remote areas of brazil especially up in the amazon to de forest to start the fire as we did puberty he has often criticized the n.g.o.s the indigenous communities as an impediment to progress in brazil and has said that he would do nothing to stop that progress and he would encourage it so he is being increasingly blamed by people here in brazil demonstrations are planned in several cities around the country in the next few days but in the meantime the fires continue to rage something like 80 percent more than were raging at this time last year the same period last year some of them it has to be said are not true some of them are started illegally but the
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vast majority especially those up in the amazon started illegally where conditions where restrictions on starting fires are very strict to protect that environment and to protect the indigenous communities and the wildlife that lives there let's get more on this now we're joined by geraldo ron he's an author and a political analyst of the prison in affairs and he's also joining us from sao paulo very good to have you with us on al-jazeera said there had been reports of the fires caused dark clouds on the south part of what's been the reaction there to what's happening in the anderson. well there was on tuesday and we had a very dark and smoky day in some paulo the whole afternoon was cloud that people didn't know exactly what was going on and it only became clear by the end of the night in the next day. did the reaction actually split among party lines and has been what's happening in brazil with pretty much every political
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issue for the past few years so people that were criticizing the government for this allowance of 5 years into the support of the mining and the cultural sector they were very critical activists and then jailed or very critical but some people went into the president's defense and saying that you know there was a de call i that there was just a conspiracy theory that we had cloudy days before and the smoke was not that hard it's it's a very appalling situation here so the polarization remains and is affecting how people look at what's happening at the amazon and the environments the government has ordered an investigation into the fires what they look into how their own policies which many environmentalists saying that to much greater deforestation when they look into the role of their policies in the increase in 5. well that's
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a nice yes or absolutely no i mean it is this government has been play with accusations and all the vista geishas have been shut down so far are just as minister has been very quiet here was a lot of the fight against corruption in the months before but since he took office has been very quiet about it and to be honest you know the increase in fire in the fires in the forestation dates back. some of the end of the most recent government and throughout the previous government shutdown. but nothing has been been done so far and they surely one point to themselves but this is you're saying there's been an increase since general who sets time but the figures show that it's an 80 percent increase in this year compared to the same time last year so have they been going to fire since this president. took office more fires father know absolutely done being with them being lots of flyers and just
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a few weeks ago both sinatra fired the head of the agency that monitors dissatisfied monitoring of the amazon so that was a clear message that he's not paying attention to the data being generated about deforestation about fires his whole speech and those political position it's very supportive of the agricultural sector the mining sector absolutely and if he's cry if he's immune to criticism from within brazil what about international pressure especially if he's going to ask for international help in fighting the flames even though he says countries should and shouldn't interfere in how the brazilian government deals with environmental policies but does asking the international community for help in fighting the flames present an opportunity for other countries to exit more pressure on brazil. i don't think so i think that's just
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wishful thinking his being under a lot of pressure. especially because of this duce quero with norway and germany about the rainforest fund that they stop supporting. he rides after to the new show accusations he blamed n.g.o.s and activists of setting the fires to take pictures and call the international media attention. this disc all for international support right now is is just window dressing and i think there's i mean my might be to pursue mystic but i think there is little that international community can do so is there any hope then why a while jabal snarl remains in office for the amazon which again provides something like 20 percent of the planet's oxygen well the hope is to put pressure on the groups that support their bills are not owed that can be damaging with the fires so that even the agricultural sector and the the cattle exported need export
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they can suffer sanctions from from europe and from order importing markets so if they start losing money they can put pressure on the government but as we thank you very much for your time on this that as geraldo zohan live in sao paulo thank you thank you now the wildfires in the amazon have been trending on social media. with a round off of the online reaction. this new story's been trending worldwide with a hash tag pray for amazonian our people are outraged how humans are mostly to blame for the wildfires in the world's largest rain forest and what they have perceived as global apathy to protect the environment i want to show you this chart because it gives you a sense of the sheer size of the wildfires that we're talking about here if you compare it to the size of brazil and you can see just in the corner there there's parts of bolivia as well and the effects are also being felt in sao paolo thousands of kilometers away from the amazon this is a still from
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a doomsday movie is actually some paolo plunged into darkness in the middle of the day on monday and these are huge clouds of smoke that have been posted pictures of these have been posted on social media and if you think that's bad enough we'll take a look at this because people have been collecting black rainwater and posting their pictures on twitter out of shock now some even said the water had a smoky smell so it just gives you an idea of what they're seeing in sao paolo but prayed for on dunya is also another hash tag that's been changing our own don years a state it was originally home to over 200000 square kilometers of rain forest but now it's one of the most deforested places in the amazon and this was filmed there showing how far the amazon wildfires have reached in the video it has been viewed more than 15000000 times and people online have mostly criticized the lack of international media coverage asking why now when the wildfires have been burning
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for almost 3 weeks so far some including the world wide fund charity to comparisons on twitter to the global attention that's been given to the not saddam inferno in france of course that happened earlier this year on asking why there isn't the same level of outrage for what's happening in the amazon and the criticism hasn't stopped there because twitter users have mostly accused brazilian president diables nar of dismissing the severity of. the situation including allowing looking deforestation is forcing out some of the millions of indigenous people living in the amazon and i j plus team here al jazeera has put together this video on why brazil's indigenous women are taking a strong stand has that been a matter. i thought it actually looks a little bit.


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