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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  August 23, 2019 6:00pm-7:01pm +03

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a so desperate to get this safe zone agreed with the americans we've had no indication yet of what form it's going to take the turks are very keen to push the idea but it's going to happen soon and they're very keen to push the idea it's going to happen soon because they do not want the hundreds of thousands of refugees that are fleeing yet more fighting they are pushing further north heading towards the border with turkey and syria turkey is not going to let the men and it doesn't want them amassing there and at the same time turkey wants this safe zone along its border to push back the kurdish forces as well but no indications yet that the americans and the have agreed either the depth of this saves own into turkish into syrian territory whether they'll patrol with joint patrols with the u.s. forces or whether the u.s. which are on their own no indication yet that they've agreed these parameters but they do keep saying they are talking about it marty all right thanks for that ben
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is there live in an attack air in techie that japan's prime minister says he expects south korea to work on rebuilding trust after seoul ended an intelligence sharing agreement between the neighbors this comes amid a trade route and a dispute over compensation for south koreans who were forced into war time labor by the japanese government bride reports from seoul south korea says it had been hoping until the last minute to avoid pulling out of the pact blaming japan for what's now become the most serious deterioration in relations in decades young japan created a green change in bilateral security cooperation we have determined it would not serve our national interest to maintain an agreement to exchange sensitive military information. the intelligence sharing agreement was set up 3 years ago to counter the nuclear and missile threats from north korea its breakdown comes at a time of increased missile testing by pyongyang what anymore because the south
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korean decision completely misjudges the current regional security environment it's nothing but a disappointment and i find it extremely regrettable disappointment to from u.s. secretary of state mike pompei o who's called for the 2 u.s. allies to settle their differences relations have soured just as regional rivals china and russia seem to be moving closer together militarily this dispute began with a south korean court ruling in favor of victims of forced labor used by japanese firms during the 2nd world war japan retaliated with the restrictions on the export of materials and components needed by south korea's high tech manufacturers. south korea then responded with a campaign to boycott all japanese goods and cancel holidays there. it's now
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started another campaign to support south korean firms hurt by this dispute this company making and fresheners had spent 3 years trying to break into the japanese market and was all set with 3 major orders which have all now been canceled i look back as citizens we need to support our government's policy given the current mood with japan will need to find an alternative solution for now exports to japan are difficult. this deepening trade dispute comes at a tough time for south korean exports has already caught in the middle of the trade war between the us and china trade figures show exports this month are down more than 13 percent compared to the same time last year extending a slump that's gone on now for more than 8 months many here fear the next move by either side in this continuing take for tat will only be further deterioration
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robert bright al-jazeera sold. still to come here at al-jazeera a hong kong court makes a ruling to ensure that last week's protests will not be repeated. u.n. investigators say the scale of sexual violence against the read by mere miles military shows genocidal intent. hello again it's good to have you back well you've seen plenty of rain here across parts of thailand over the last few days we've been talking about this but i want to show you an image that has come in from bangkok dealing with the rain a lot of pedestrians have been seeing a lot of problems of course across the region take a look at this a lot of water making its way towards the drains as well unfortunately that is going to continue as we go through the next few days heavy rain across much of the area of bangkok where the temps are there of 31 degrees here on saturday dropping
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down to about 30 degrees by the time we go towards sunday well here for australia we have seen plenty of cooler air across much of the area not a lot of clouds across much of the northern and southern parts but it's up here towards the northeast that we have actually seeing quite a bit of cold air expression in the mornings and friday morning was one of those where here in cannes 8.9 celsius was what their low was that is the lowest august temperature they have seen in about 56 years it's not going to get that low as we go towards saturday but it's still going to be well below average as your morning low their high pressure dominating across much of the area and as we go towards the next few days we could be watching that frontal boundary push through parts of adelaide as well as into melbourne and hobart bringing a lot of wet weather across the region we could be seeing some winds as well across much of the region.
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millions of people across india missed out on medical but a hospital train is delivering doctors and home to those most in need one i want to east towards india is a lifeline express on al-jazeera. al-jazeera where every your. toughest to take a look at the top stories here it out of syria the french president emanuel macross says unprecedented fires in the amazon are an international crisis he's calling for
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an urgent meeting of the g 7 brazil's president j a bolter nari has said farmers are rights groups may be to blame for the fires iran's foreign minister is due to meet the french president in paris the talks which are aimed at salvaging the 2015 new play deal covered zarif said on thursday tehran is willing to work with european partners after the us pulled out last year . the syrian state t.v. is reporting that the army is surrounding several rebel held town in the countryside of hama province it's also reporting that government forces have moved into the area around the turkish observation post in mora. now the new york times is reporting that israel has carried out an attack on a weapons step and there rog 2 senior u.s. officials told the newspaper that there have been at least 4 strikes somewhere.
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instep is controlled by it rainy and backed groups and iraqi military official confirmed a base was hit and 3 people were killed including an iranian israel has carried out hundreds of air strikes against the reigning in assets in syria over the course of the 8 year civil war. hong kong court has extended a ban on any more protests inside the territories therefore eval bosses went back to the high court as protest groups prepare for more action this weekend last week thousands packed inside the main terminal forcing the airport to shut down meanwhile hong kong's federation of trade unions say staff and airline cathay pacific are being targeted for supporting the protests 2 pilots and the stewards union leader of been sacked and stuff have had their phone calls checked by chinese aviation officials earlier adrian brown spoke to barney long from the organization
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civil human rights front she says cathay pacific employees are being bullied. is ferry sad to see what has what is happening in cathay pacific because it is a very big corporation international cooperation and hong kong people have one is immensely proud of it and it has a very strong union but how however we see that the workers union one of the leader of the workers' unions had been dismissed and even the c.e.o. was forced to resign from the corporation this is how would a corporation facing the bullies by the chinese government and i urge not only corporations in hong kong but also globally to think one thing is that are you standing for this or are you standing up against these kinds of beliefs i think it is a time to make decisions hong kong's economy is hosting the actions by your group and others like you are contributing to that are you satisfied now that you have
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succeeded in one of your primary goals which is to basically wreck the hong kong economy well i believe. the only thing that is hurting hong kong economy generally and also including a tourist industry is starts people from around the world do not think hong kong is a safe city when they hear that property rights that personal safety cannot be protracted and if the extradition be was passed it it's what happened so what we're doing now is trying to save home calm in order to. keep this safety. u.n. investigators say the scale of sexual violence by the miramar military against the ranger was so widespread and severe that it demonstrates what they call an intent to commit genocide a fact finding report says soldiers routinely and systematically raped gang raped and sexually abused women children men and transgender people the u.n.
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says those responsible should be prosecuted on charges of war crimes genocide and crimes against humanity the report also mentions sexual violence and persecution in the sates of catchin and shan targeting other ethnic minorities stephanie decker has more from cox's bazaar in bangladesh. the un report on the city's a sexual violence committed against the right is a reminder to the world that these are stories that people have been telling aid workers and journalists for the past 2 years they are the most horrendous stories stories of mass rapes children being raped in front of their parents of wives being raped in front of their husbands now that's coupled with stories of killings of people being chopped into pieces of babies being ripped out of their mother's arms and thrown into the fire now this is why hundreds of thousands of people fled across the border here to bangladesh in just the space of a few weeks and this is why this is now the biggest refugee camp in the world these
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people want justice what does that mean it means they want to go home but they want to go home with full guarantees of citizenship and security and that seems a long way off. there decades of fighting between different ethnic groups has killed thousands of people in the central part of nigeria and displaced even more now another crisis is added to those who've been displaced by the conflict and that's rape mohamed odeh reports from mccurdy a venue a state where women in camps live in fear for their safety. in a company the city of is one of dozens dotting the expansive been with state in central nigeria its inhabitants are just a fraction of the 171000 displaced across the state by the ongoing violence between tribes in this bottle. while the comp was supposed to be a refuge for the people most don't feel safe here anymore
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a sharp increase in reports of women and young girls is deeply wounding this community. and. i fear for my daughters there those who send their kids to go work in the city but not me the current situation is too dangerous. people here complained that become so widespread that women can no longer live the compound accompanied a missed international no recent report detailed how girls as young as 9 and 10 years were being taped at times by the very security personnel charged with protecting. news that a 10 year or displaced rape victim has delivered in a new a few days ago has sent shock waves across nigeria we met the girl and her baby girl at one of mccready's hospitals. look to educate michael help with the delivery of the 3 days of labor we literally says
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a recession because the reason we live in africa is for them so we don't risk much to be good some units of blood on the internet or turn to the internet to feed this social worker was one of those who brought the girl to hospital and told us that she grew up an orphan and was raised by her grandmother but was forced to flee how home when her grandmother and called tried to force her to marry a blind man that is when she fell prey to the man who raped her. despite what she's been through the young mother already has dreams for her baby. i don't want my daughter to go through the same suffering as i did when she starts walking both of us will go to school police say there were arrested the man suspected in her rape last december but they have this plea for families of rape victims punishments for offend us can serve as deterrents to orders intending to do the same but when
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family members tend to make good shit to kind of receive more nice from from suspects all to try to prevent prosecution we family members can come up to help us let the prosecution process. the plight of the little girl prematurely propelled to motherhood is 1st becoming a rallying cry for all secu actual in nigeria's displaced peoples comes many hope that hard case will spark the authorities to take action too and such horrendous crime once and for all 100 well just 0. 3. israelis president has given political leaders more time to form a new government said geo maternelle a says he wants a clear solution quickly the coalition in power collapse and prime minister has every country resigned this week the president says any new government must be able
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to win a confidence vote in parliament or it will be forced to call an election talks will continue next week u.s. president donald trump has scrapped of plan to freeze more than $4000000000.00 in foreign aid the decision follows a strong outcry from both republicans and democrats the administration had considered using a specific budget process to revoke aid that had already been approved by both the senate and the house of representatives. 8 years ago a $5.00 earthquake hit the u.s. state of virginia southwest of washington d.c. it shook the american capital so violently that it cracked the washington monument and pools $20000000.00 worth of damage to the national cathedral today stonemasons a still repairing the gulf extend that the f. quake shook loose my name is shawn callahan i'm a stonemason stands down carver at the washington national cathedral in washington
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d.c. by bases knock on the door one day and ask for a job and that's how i ended up here as an apprentice and i was 987. when i 1st came here i relished the opportunity it was very exciting and unique and over time it becomes who you are. when i came here vince plummer was the master carver i think the last one hired actually. over the years you build up a breath of dollars like a repertoire of shapes and skills so each piece you do will inform the next piece you worked on when we had the earthquake here it was months before even got the building back open structurally what happened to us wasn't too bad it was a lot of things on the outside but we still had to shut down and assess the damage and see what was safe and what wasn't and that took some time my part of it is i'm here on the workbench hyper focused on this one piece of stone i'm always aware of how important a building is to other people it's an important as
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a public building and as a cultural icon i'm always aware of that so i have a responsibility to put my best effort in because it's not just my work it's part of the fabric of the building and it's going to become historic hopefully it'll be around for a very long time that's always in the back of my mind i'm working on this i have a responsibility to be faithful to the work it motivates me when i see the impression it leaves on other people when they come here and visit and see that building it gives me a sense of pride that i have a hand in that of giving that satisfaction to other people that touches people every. it's something that grabs you in your soul and you you want to be a part of it. travers a take a look at the top stories here and out as are the french president emanuel macross says unprecedented fires in the amazon are an international crisis he's calling for an urgent meeting of the g 7 brazil's president j. abbas an hour it has blamed farmers and rights groups suggesting they may have set
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the fires deliberately. iran's foreign minister is expected to meet the french president as talks begin aimed at salvaging the 2050 nuclear deal jaziri said on thursday that tehran is willing to work with european partners after the u.s. pulled out last year and he specifically referred to a french proposal and that's what seems to have led him to paris that team barber has more the noises from the iranian side o. stream really positive they know that there is a division between the us and the other signatories to the deal and their approach and that is equally the european powers are really keen because of those tensions in the gulf the seizure of changes and so on to reduce tensions and to start to offer iran some kind of incentive. the state media in syria is reporting that the
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army is surrounding rebels in the northwest of the country. it says that the rebels are under siege in several parts of the hama countryside it's also reporting that government forces have moved into an area around a turkish observation post in marek. the japanese prime minister shinzo of the says he expects south korea to work to rebuild trust between the 2 nations after seoul ended an intelligence sharing agreement amid a dispute over compensation for south koreans forced into wartime labor by the japanese the pact was aimed at sharing information about north korea and its missile program. hong kong courts extended a ban on demonstrations at the international airport it pursued the injunction last week after mass demonstrations led to the cancellation of flights but 2 days
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meanwhile the federation of trade union says staff or cathay pacific are being targeted by the company for supporting the protests right there is the headlines one o one east is next. on this week we check the pulse of the global economy the age of populist the independence of central banks comes on threat and the unintended consequences of trump's trade plus the. missteps of briggs and trade with. counting the cost on al-jazeera. that.
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could be hard to find. crisscrossing the country spots. on. life. and i think that's delivering medical care and to both reviewed a lot of the. express a last chance for a lot of people many. of them. in converted train carriages surgeons perform free operations that are transformed patients long a lot. of. one to 18th goes on board each of these people trying.
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india trains are a symbol of life. but there's one train like no other. the lifeline express. this train is a unique one. this is a very different concept. a team of surgeons and specialists cooks and claimants are about to embark on a 6 hour journey bringing health care to those who can't afford it. all happens on board these fully functioning hospitals on we. think.
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there's. almost 900000000 people believe in room villages where for most access to medical care is impossible. today much needed doctors heading to la tour in the east in maharashtra. go. there. you know what they are going.
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he in la tour this is social media. commentary got all get us really popular will. as a set of. administration. most of villages have never visited a doctor because they're too far away and too expensive but you. know. what. over the next few days a lifeline express team will perform as many operations as they can before the
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train is scheduled to depart. wood has spread fast. families trickle in from surrounding towns and villages full hoping for a medical miracle. come up to the fire like a. little summertime but to be a part of iraq now you're. done with that one you're going to. tell me what lies and because of how you feeling today you know based on that i need to. know that. the doctors are trying to identify omens that can be fixed on board the train. no one wants to miss not only through a doctor's the obvious screening you know a lot of patients so we're screening the patients like nadia examining the. operation theatre list will really be operating them in next one or 2 days. here
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but. it's pretty much organized chaos here today some families travel up to 4 hours and me by villages to basically all of them a desperate for just a few minutes but they stopped. remember the selling of the dollar. when i would be allowed by the. doctor is an also paid excursion from mumbai he's examining 2 brothers with cerebral palsy to see if he can help. one another not the doctor i tell you i. think if you go to india i'll go thought you didn't come by as well operationally. so it's all sort of. yeah . oh look.
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let me go. here. if you don't believe him now hold up we're off but here we go one of the form would be a good model of everybody would rather just start be forming don't mourn those but . it's good news for young and. both are approved for surgery. for him as i'm here now just look at i lighten up a little bit so very like your number flash started out not enough up on the reason he was starting last time around lemon start up october not the fact that i like almost ominous allies so. some of the cost of the care had made a better but. the doctors are here to treat a variety of conditions from cancer screenings to cataracts to the old into
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the young like 4 month old baby. who has a cleft lip. his mom is worried because he can't breastfeed properly. suggest the risk and what they need is the back of a ford do the make and there is distorted ballot. and i would just from. what they just put out i live in and the work that this. my done with us is and that's where. he'll need plastic surgery to join the muscles in his sleep. i don't want to talk about becoming irrelevant what i wanted i will not tell him about what a little bit about his low weight makes operating risky he mount already you know these are. the plastics team is assessing whether his feet the surgery they want us
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to insist on when i'm going to fall off but there was something that the muslim world are still going to know that it's not going to be artists i want to point out that could be but the reality basically if you're going to. be a doctor but i would have it up and go all. the doctors agree to go ahead. as a screening to wrap up more than 40 patients are selected for surgery. back at home it's an anxious wait for the family of the 2 young brothers cerebral palsy . may. not. look at it that. i look at the thought that when i.
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get. looking after 7 year old virat and so year old aditya is a full time job. card from of course. he had to leave but i. don't want to but i took a man and i credit me so. the now don't want to know. that. i hadn't. at the time again don't they are not aware they are. going to take on the management of a puzzle and that i'm now. i will not. resign and. granted i you will get. heart of your beloved. * does and only $2.00 a day. he's borrowed almost $3000.00 seeking treatment for his son and.
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it will take years to pay back. don't get into the plane need. done a lot later than the time was out of the. night got out of the body i'm going to. tell i was on. and off he just. back at the last line explained it's as busy as any bricks and mortar hospital. got a year. for i. run the trains head shift has lived and worked on board for a staggering 26 months. to look for your style 1st car let alone to yourself to
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look at the general idea. it didn't make don't buy you the dr blonde out of you by that little tightening of the needle the left but i learned the mother but will have the feeling that. cooperating are. coming out of you know your comfort zone of operating in the. hospital i did not tell anyone because it is up for me out of our situation you are are not going up many things might be. going imitation of some of the people. ringback can't imagine how people here are feeling the time they're anxious
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and in a minute i'm going to walk through that door and hop on an operating table for said . could change their mind. when i'm doing a one because there's only one guess for me. i don't think i want anything else other than their body can look it's. going to come out they're going to start really wanted to write to my hundreds of my brain and my heart what is with that picture. lost business or whatever it might take me to. the planning to it is a stand i just don't use walking on this post but when middle is a given to be able to either close the one honestly i bring my lunch.
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next to us in our i'm off next. on the start. or not it's a delicate surgery and. one wrong move and imputation when difficult to be possible for knowing what. to do. if i could come to who played it again and then but the moment. it comes with the context of this don't want to understand. but it was not to. say you can say this. this you want to think it all that much or you caused me sound like a rock i'm tired and i thought of telling. people how to. wash or go to $100.00. primary thing across america. because my really straightforward that operation seemed to be
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a simple incision manipulating the muscles and putting in a plastic coffee is a good difference between not voicing. i want to walk and not you know what. we. have heard all it's about me. i mean i want to shut out all the stress and the noise i mean there's a crying baby here and you have you know your story are going to come out and some are there. any of us. after me. as soon as one patient is taken to recovery a new one is sedation. it's a nonstop chain of operations. including the brothers our 6 sense. of the. term the more. you go down talking and you could just.
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read about i feel stressed or not able to for. my favorite song starts ringing in my brain. for joy. down my nose and for me to concentrate on my job john the whole. world if. that means i will go somewhere but because of your beautiful face i would be one towards the. eastern front and then i think for martha. for me all you know for so long i'm just wondering though. today a young girl is having her cleft lip repaired. to morrow will be baby out of steam but it only 4 months old the risk will be much higher.
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it may be how. i think by. now we have no dr neil h. con help but think if he's on sun every time he operates on a child out today i was really excited when he was born. almost offical years of automatic age because you want to make sure that. they can while the precautions of my child is not something i'm about to fix. by going down i want to get out. i'm lucky that my dad is absolutely normal so. i always got one company talk heartless keeps on being me and i want to go out on a kid with a cleft so. i'm trying you know as much as possible to those babies. hot people who treat babies but let me leave you more generally.
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we had our mahdi all of those very very unorthodox accepting them all over though one hard. thing there. are going to be of course for the family. which is very often by some bball father and mother out of the house bigger carried with us live. today when i do you know that are not the case but he could give me the time with us as i live. like the one i'm going to give us so i had to believe and i'm tired of this took up limited time with us is under one hour they may get a little game one of the i wish him but he asked he got a 2 a d.s. like him and a baby. because it seemed to superstitions around pregnancy. the fees she's close to baby. she hopes to die the doctors can break that
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could. mean we've got jeri's myself when there's a operation picked it would be. me they were going a bit better then i got a big. heart they would. one day i did genuinely open to. seeing the. they. all go well the operation is scheduled to happen in less than an hour walk. out on board the train which doctors are debating whether or not they can go through with it. a physical examination by a local a nice has revealed the baby out of has
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a chest infection previously all the infection of the lungs so you might be having some. sort of street running those. are planning to get. the operation khant go ahead. you told me already no are destructive no. we really want to. bottle bottled water i'm only. one of. ours you know but on the other 3 times a lot of them are not enough people that are here. oh i forgot my neighbors are unknown but i wondered out there with a couple endorsement from 3 different but the one from the body of the.
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manager. was the order of. the. letter less of them i didn't know the. going up on the top of that i love to live it up. it's been an emotional few days. after watching the success of so many other operations all they can do is return. and home. for christmas to be free to do good work at all for sure there's no point putting to parishioners. program or start talk or barriers are part and parcel of. whilst one set of parents will go away with heartache another will leave overjoyed
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. something dr neil is just cliff to leap operation on the young girl was a success just imagine her where i did not embarrass me or someone you're going to get all person if you're wondering off or don't last because i'm going to die and i'm just going to add to $950.00 you know to be made out to be frontenac i'm going to give it to. the timing of these d.v.d.'s to get money. i'm sad he looked at me with a hobby you know what the take that i don't want to keep getting what do you think a lot of money. love but to a load. that india yemen i'm not delayed. by my back. i got it i got adrien last.
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i don't want to get it. i'm going to the children because. i think it will be a few more weeks before i did tia and directs costs are renewed. by the other. but when they do they will walk and remember. that. if someone were less. of them a lot they're going to. come to settle some of those again also with them. for that . and.
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there on our. ready breaking. ready news. from the ocean.
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in afghanistan the taliban is renowned for its violent repression of women now a new deal with the u.s. could see the group return to palla one o one a steam vista gates of afghan women will pay the price the pace on al-jazeera business updates brought to you by qatar airways going places to get a. little. odd. little. odd. lead. the to.
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lead. to. business updates brought to you by qatar airways going places together september on al-jazeera up to gears of war and famine al-jazeera looks at the dramatic transformation emerging to the inspirational stories of for diversity p.o.b. israel elections can benjamin netanyahu form a majority and sometimes in the time of the listening post to 6 the world's media how they operate and the stories they cover to 6 even 18 is in president dissent see join us for live coverage as to his humans a documentary that examines the worst atrocities committed during the war in libya . september on al-jazeera.
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rewind returns with a new series. and bring you updates on the pants down to 0 documentary. let me leave you to believe it rewind continues with the last tried secret army of the cia so it's fun to 75 believe in the same way that the m sisters did living in the forest in the jungle and seems like they're abandoned by everybody on al-jazeera. but. this is al-jazeera. i live there and welcome to this news hour with me and julie months on all ends in doha coming up in the next 60 minutes burning through brazil's amazon forest but
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a crisis for the whole world arjen talks are planned for the g. 7 summits. a day after saying iran could get on board with french proposals to save the nuclear deal its foreign minister is in paris for talks. to countries where attacks on schools are robbing almost 2000000 children of an education class. it's obvious you were told you. you want to be a part of. the story of a stonemason putting back together what nature has torn up. i'm joined again with the sport as a 6 week hole from england bowl and puts them in control of the 3rd ashes test against australia going into day 2. a very warm welcome to the program it's being called an international crisis and
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the pressure is not quite. on brazil over record fires burning through the amazon forest french president manuel mccomb wants urgent talks at this weekend's g 7 and the irish prime minister is saying that he will try to block a free trade deal between the e.u. and south american nations unless brazil takes urgent action i do joe castro begins our coverage. dramatic video captures the fury of the flames eating away at the world's largest rain forest this is just one of several 1000 fires currently consuming swaths of the brazilian amazon and the world is watching we're very concerned about these fires both for the immediate damage that they're causing and also because sustained force is crucial in our fight against climate change the amazon produces 20 percent of the world's oxygen that's why it's called the
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planet's lungs but environmentalist warn if the burning continues at this rate the rain forest will transform to a landscape resembling the african savannah and rather than produce oxygen the antidote to global warming the former rain forest will humid carbon instead in brazil sister e. was soon difficult situations but for the 1st time we have this kind of situation that was created almost with official encouragement from the government environmental groups say ranchers and log are started the fires to clear the land. they were playing brazil's president. as a candidate he promised to give businesses access to natural resources to restore the country's economy as president he's gutted funding for brazil's environmental and forstmann agency and he now says without offering evidence that environmental groups set the fires themselves. now the amazon is bigger than
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europe how can you fight criminal fires in such an area it is clearly criminal how can you do it you need to catch them in the act otherwise there's nothing you can do now nongovernmental organizations are losing money money that came from germany and norway they are unemployed now so they are trying to overthrow. the hash tag pray for amazonas has been trending on twitter. and other world leaders have reacted as well our house is burning literally tooted french president emanuel it is an international crisis he's called the members of the g. 7 summit to discuss the amazon fire at their upcoming meeting this weekend. castro al-jazeera washington well across the border in bolivia the government has called for cooperation with neighboring countries to contain wildfires raging in the east where the 650000 hectares have already been destroyed environmentalist say 500
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species of wildlife or risk soldiers have been deployed and president evo morales has created a new emergency cabinet to deal with the crisis or farnan elwood is an associate professor of conservation signs that the university of west of england in bristol and he joins us now by skype him hi there phone and thanks very much for being with us foreign and when you see these pictures coming from the amazon and we're listening to that story about bolivia as well as someone who is a conservationist how do you feel when you see this crisis developing. i feel 2 things 1st of all i feel very sad that it's had to come to this live in the rain forest and so the amazonian rain forest has been dying for some time now but it's basically speeding up this process these fires are speeding up or you might say the death throes of this is rainforest by also feel as though because of public opinion beginning to change you know there's a lot more interest in this that perhaps it gives us a little bit of hope so on the one hand i'm so terrified of seeing that this this
6:54 pm
rain forest is a bench really now really really in danger of disappearing but on the other hand people are at least beginning to it's on the news and that's why i'm talking to you fine and one of the things that's really hit the headlines and that's having an impact is is when we think about the loss of the kind of lungs of our planet if you like that you know you specialize particularly in biodiversity why is the loss of biodiversity a big problem why should people also care about. well of course as you say you know the rain forest provide about 20 percent of the world's oxygen but it's so much more than that that the species that live there the connections the networks everything from funky and bacteria to insects and other arthropods like centipedes that the little things that run the world have to fit together that every life is a symphony orchestra and you can't expect it's like taking away members of a symphony orchestra and expecting it to still be able to play beethoven's 9th
6:55 pm
symphony it's just not going to work when we destroy elements of biodiversity we cuts the threads that find this network together and so at any time any moment this entire thing could crash when the nutrient cycling and the things like the leaf litter being cycled into nutrients in the soil is just starting starts to start crashing an ecosystem it's so are we going to crash and that's what's really dangerous when you use biodiversity because but interest is nature's defense mechanism it's nature's insurance plenty of species means that functions can still continue but if you take those away you destroy the engine you destroy mother nature's insurance mechanism and that's what's happening now finally one of the things that you and your team are concentrating on is a kind of solution isn't it for looking at these areas of damage if you like across the world and figuring out what can be done and i know that question of what can be done is a big one where where can we start. ok there are 2 things that need to happen
6:56 pm
because if you think about it to to put this into context many people who are familiar with mythology and they will know about that that famous occasion where the librarian in athens down and we lost scriptures and scrolls when when the massive library. in historical times we are essentially losing the same it's the same thing all this knowledge all these millions of species are like precious books that a burning in a library so 1st we have to literally put the fire out we have to stop using hardware furniture stop consuming beef because the beef production is what's causing the rain forest to be cut down in the fires are starving because they're trying to burn the wood as they clear the rain forest those fires then get out of control so the 1st thing to do is literally put the fires out literally physically and metaphorically just put those fires out the 2nd thing to realize is that the
6:57 pm
world has already changed so much of the rain forest is now being destroyed we are now seeing impacts on the climate we simply cannot go back but some people there are some there are some good news stories many scientists such as ourselves are trying to restore. even though a lot of it's been lost and as long as we can stop the destruction we can we can try to reinstate some of the networks that i was talking about so what my group myself or my postdoc joseph phillips what we do is now working southeast asia and we use plants called active fights these are plants that grow in the rain forest and they're very useful to move them around and that's our little way of restoring some of this complexity of trying to give nature back its insurance policy but we can do that anywhere in the world you can do this in the amazon you can do this in australia or in africa in southeast asia the point is we need to restore the budget versity as well as we can we cannot put the rainforest back rang for. took a hundreds of millions of years to evolve it's too late what that's why this is
6:58 pm
a tragedy once a house burns is gone and it's gone over the best that we could ever hope for is to try to salvage what is left and we have to give that we action we can't just pray for the rain forests we need to actually do things like consume less believe not buy such extravagant furniture and just try to pay attention to the rain forest alliance to n.g.o.s that are trying to work in favor of the rainforest final with their joining me on skype from bristol fine and thank you very much for joining us you're welcome thank you and we're also hearing from germany's angela merkel who says that what's happening in the amazon rain forest is something that will be talked about at the g. 7. now iran's foreign minister is expected to meet french president in paris within the next hour to see if they can salvage the 2015 nuclear deal dad serif said on thursday that iran is willing to work with european partners after
6:59 pm
the u.s. pulled out last year french president manuel mak home had earlier suggested a softening of sanctions or some sort of compensation in return for food compliance with the deal that embargo joins us now live from paris hi there in the d.m. so what is it exactly that macro is proposing what do we know. what we don't know for sure is whether the meeting has actually started it's supposed to be going on right about now with the man you are in the palace along with his foreign minister joel evolute and my mage of serif now is very speedy on a tour of scandinavia and on thursday he said that there had been proposals on both sides on the iranian side and the french side we don't know what iran has been floating but on wednesday president mcchrystal said that he had put forward proposals either to soften the sanctions on iran or in his words to
7:00 pm
provide some sort of compensation mechanism to quote enable the iranian people to live better of course those sanctions were imposed by the u.s. last year after it pulled out of the nuclear deal known as the j c p o a iran says that that was in you know a unilateral act which means that the u.s. has broken its commitments under the deal the u.s. obviously accuses iran of doing likewise there have been positive signs then from iran we understand the term a menu on a cross has been speaking about the subject also on the phone with president trump this week as well as when he met president putin of russia earlier in the week so he certainly bringing it up or every opportunity this is something seen as some sort of side initiative very much criticized by the u.s. so far they've said that paris has been sending mixed messages to tehran.


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