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tv   Inside Story 2019 Ep 236  Al Jazeera  August 24, 2019 8:32pm-9:02pm +03

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change in the mentality of the people the way the government is reacting to address this particular problem. in an area. doesn't 2000 photos of 30 incidents i don't know about the kidnapping of each book else then. in the mice couldn't mice could just look at it out in what is time corner of the state that the extreme end cannot be stick and i've missed several attacks in that area that's called caliente global name and spread kind of community and i've been to several attempts before units have had an intervention in the school and it's same teach us all. that culturally discussed. and u.p.s. is that the psychosocial support to teach us does the best at least this is the best to does if we're using money to get a new study butte not a thought brought helios that is to teach us the most of our teach us founded that it's. very hard that just sharing our say what that in meant and in our
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society relationship to put a knot in the show so we teach what we've done in television what it would to money school and it shouldn't and we have development plan we know how to stitch on security personnel around the school we have their contact i know also we also see . we have also busy stepped down to fit into the community we involve the community members that in the community and we have their contact that everything anything to the protein i would advise to to know how to walk in that impeaches to school not in learning this on remember that in 2 years it doesn't look them but to terrorize they would think they have an attempt in my school that you just could not be attempted i would have city so one blast about for just about 200 metres away from what we did if you shown up this chain in by unicef which it would to come down our students and not least load them down on to school very distinct get out and had been very helpful and very. experience i'm definitely going to explore those give
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me an opportunity to at least go quite a bit in the education in be a member of it get on you know my ideas to work in. record equal or and i must say really brave of the year the children and the families to insist to taking their kids to schools despite what you have been describing passy resilience is one thing but then the spread of those attacks by groups affiliated with al qaeda. these lie mixed in sub-saharan africa in different parts of the west and central africa is is another thing. through the alternatives that you've put into place to try to put an end to this phenomena. so basically in the schools that we actually that are still functional and as our teacher colleague in my degree was saying we offer a package of support to school so that they to make them safer for children to be
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in and for teachers to actually perform their duties. but in situations where we don't have a school or to at all for instance i was in mali this week and visited a displacement camp in mopti in central mali which has seen a rise in attacks actually in recent in recent months what we have is we can offer at least safe learning spaces a turn it of learning spaces in these camps so that the kids at least can access some form of basic education and are given some basic education skills numeracy literacy that kind of thing while in displacement in other parts like in northern iraq in a fossil which is also very much a country an area of concern for us because of the rise in security there we offer together with our local partners we offer radio school basically we develop broadcasts that are there are broadcast in local languages 5 times a week in 3 different languages in northern brooklyn a fossil where kids who aren't able to even leave their homes let alone go to
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school at least can be at home and listen to a radio we offer these radio sets and they can listen and learn something and we are also reaching for the 1st time kids through have never been to school before through these solutions as well so again this is about you know taking into consideration that long term effect we have such a huge problem with out of school children and many of these countries regardless of conflict but now the conflict is obviously making things worse but to call in a co would that those alternative blood forms like the broadcast like the would be would be enough given the fact that we're talking about a huge number of people forced out of the schools and do do you think there will be enough. sources to try to cope with the new york tentative well we're also talking about most of this region challenged by technology so even getting such technology to the homes these are so very challenging the 2nd is that
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we also need to look at the psych logical disposition of these kids to learn at school serious trade. if you look let me just give you a little bit of statistics which i think that is part of it is also reflected in the unicef report 220000 i.d.p.'s in book you know fossil and over if i was a 900 schools including 500 in this i hope of these shut down leaving about 90000 teach us redundance so how does this now contribute to increases in the level of peace and security challenges that we have on the region is what we are now faced with as a serious issue on our own so with that are often it is nice to it gets in this kid's yes there are available example of what could leap from. a degree
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and also the unicef colleague already mentioned but we also need to understand that kids that age boss order why are some peer relationship to be able to learn better you know not most fair that they feel is not just conducive for for lennon but also for 4 or 40 patient or whatever it's the these thoughts. my degree have a patsy from unicef listening to mecca from west africa network for peace what what you have our viewers all over the world watching you give us a sense about the immediate needs the stuff that you need not. for you to be able to convince parents kids to come back to school and provide them with a tentative 2 tones so that they will continue to learn by a thought of 30 despite the challenges and your population that i have known is
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called my school and my community just like you post community and actually thought effort and if i didn't even be what you've been about populated enough for now but my advice to parents and largely for the larger community is that the children you cheatin of the poor whom ducted people fit to train actually it would not make you or dutch or dutch you discover its peace you children of the poor who do fear to train would not make make that shouldn't have peace that is better that we all come to get our doctors to walk in and i cleave to support at least some of the schools in any way already or dust or no doc to be. fine no social distance i choose to make you forward that's who we're talking about children who have been traumatized by conflicts and by war people who come from poor backgrounds some of them were displaced so ultimately we're talking about need for massive psychological support
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to help them recover from the trauma and learn isn't this an exceptional moment that would it acquires not on in nasa financial resources but also a comprehensive plan where the international community should be on board. 100 percent we turn to to local governments to make sure that they perform their duty in ensuring that schools are safe havens for their children we turn to our humanitarian partners to work with us in order to make sure that this is becomes a reality on the ground but we importantly turn to the international community to our donor community and make sure that they step up 70 percent more than 70 percent of our humanitarian education emergency programs are actually underfunded so we need everyone to come on board and make sure that every child has access to education at every child even if they're in booking a fast or even if they're in cameroon they have a right to education that's the call that we make today. what baffles me personally
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is that you have the african union with this 2030 agenda for sustainable development that says that we need to transform the continent into a better place to live and thrive and the facing problems like this and it would seem to be on top of their own agenda. well i think african union is doing its best but i think it's also if period that we need to start a conversation between at the level of what a lot right relations saw the kind of arms and ammunitions that is used in africa to exit use violent extremism we need to ask questions about the origin and destination the level of corruption in in africa especially among some of the lead us and then be the cost to receive between the african elites and africa political elites and did this initial we had a stolen money caused because some of these stolen money are supposed to be used to
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develop the education aspect and then of course the the kind of illicit forms that that goes away from africa illicit arms and ammunition that comes into africa i think this conversation need to take a different level while we continue to besiege africa lead us to do what this should do i think it's also important that this kind of mortal a problem by law crowded nations and accountability needs to begin to take place i see a point my dog oh what's the situation like now where you live is it getting worse or is it improving our families willing to take the risk and send their kids to school or they are more reluctant than ever to send them back to school. it calling my community is really walking and roll mythos increased tremendously at least we have enough we see need more classes at least some of the classes are not even enough for at least talk of pi the last enrollment increase that we know education
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i see right we do not neglect we do not at least we we that if we know we did it would help of the community and outro are good to see a room a tax increase everyone wants to be in a school the school has now busy beyond as they knew just like a child friendly space all children want to be in school and run at us increase we need support that small class isn't all that it's asking proof to those. but c c c now we have some good news coming from my degree by the same time the concern is about the infrastructure and the number of more kids not finding the right place. there would shelter them against the backdrop of this how concerned are you about the future of west and central africa what kind of impact will have on those countries if the number of students dropping out of school and schools closing because of instability and violence increases in the future well that's a huge concern for us of course because as we know when children are up after
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school they're much more likely to become victim to traffickers they are much more likely to end up in child marriage for girls much more likely to basically have their futures ruined by their lack of access to knowledge and education so this is really something of concern we also know that the number of children is increasing in that part of the world across africa saw so this is education placing education at the center of the conversation is really important and we often look at me in this part of the world through to strategic lens or a security lens and we'd like for once to peel that away and to bring children back to the forefront because thoughts those communities and the civilian communities are the ones paying the highest price less than a minute please if you can is an issue that has been debated in africa white since independence and the failure has been phenomenal in many parts across the continent what's the biggest problem here are we talking about lack of political will from
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the political elite or is it a purely economic thing the budget for education is not enough and therefore what we see there is a normal result. i think that you because nazis don't you so he's a major problem most of the educational systems out yet that from the colonial masters and that have not changed or by put up by but i also think that image at issue here is governance diffuse which is these is direct reflection of the lack of we would need a political elites to invest in education or to see the nexus between quality education and the future of africa that's seen akhil took a mccain as a my dog oh my god she already appreciate your time and your contribution to the program and let's all hope that tomorrow would be a better day for children across the african continent and thank you for watching you can see the program again and its time by visiting our website
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al-jazeera dot com for further discussion go to our facebook page that's facebook dot com for was last a.j. and it's a story it can also join the conversation on twitter al hand it is an ad agency i saw it from a hash and i have been on the whole team here in doha i don't know. it
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looks ugly it sounds ugly in scares people from america's high streets to mexico's on the wild requests for the seaside and who controls the other side people in power follows the smuggling route and test the ease of acquiring untraceable weapons on american soil the weapon that was designed for war and it took you about 5 minutes to buy it. america's guns arming mexico's cartel on al jazeera congressman are you interested in stopping crime. this is opportunity to understand
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very well where there. is a we don't. talk to al jazeera we're going to ready give to the people will be attending the minimal workshop we listen i'm supposed to explain apologize for someone who is also terrorizing we meet with global newsmakers and talk about the stories that matter on the edges there are. a lot again adrian for that here in doha the top stories on al-jazeera the trade war between the u.s. and china that's already rattling the global economy has been taken to a new level by the u.s. presidents donald trump has just arrived at the g. 7 summit in france where the economic faceoff is expected to be
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a major topic of discussion especially since the u.s. increased tariffs even more on hundreds of billions worth of chinese goods i do joe castro for. the trade war between the world's 2 largest economies just boiled over in the span of 280 characters on friday just after u.s. stock markets closed u.s. president donald trump announced via twitter starting on october 1st the. $150000000000.00 of goods and products from china currently being taxed at 25 percent will be taxed at 30 percent additionally the remaining $300000000000.00 of goods and products from china that was being taxed from september 1st at 10 percent will now be taxed at 15 percent this was true. after beijing announced a few hours earlier that china will tax an additional $75000000000.00 worth of u.s. goods also starting next month that came at the end of an already tumultuous day
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earlier friday the u.s. president tweeted and order to american businesses move supply chains out of china immediately trump does not in fact have the power to command u.s. businesses to leave china but he does have leverage he can encourage them he cannot give them government contracts for example that if they're buying things from the government or strine a sell things through the government but no he can't he can't stop that the tweets still spooked investors the dow jones closed more than 2 percent down the tech heavy nasdaq index was off by 3 percent both signs of the importance of the chinese market to u.s. companies all of this comes at a particularly vulnerable time in trump's presidency a growing number of economists forecast a u.s. recession on the horizon driven partly by the white house trade policies trump has responded by blaming everyone but himself i think the word recession is
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a word that's inappropriate because it's just a word that the. the church people are going to be kind of certain people in the media are trying to build up because they'd love to see a recession trump also took on president it aim at the chairman of the u.s. federal reserve the central bank lowered interest rates last month but not as much as trump hoped that earned its chairman this comparison from trump who is. a bigger enemy jay powell or chairman c. the chinese leader president trump will spend the weekend in france at the g. 7 meeting with fellow leaders of major industrialized nations the white house has asked concerns of a global recession to be front and center and no doubt the us china trade escalation will dominate those discussions castro al-jazeera washington the president of the european council has spoken ahead of the g 7 leaders summit in france donald tusk warned that trade wars could break trust between its members
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protesters in hong kong are trying to disrupt the transport system riot police and fire tear gas on crowds who blocked roads after a large order rawest march encounter loon rallies 1st began in june of a extradition bill but the demonstrators have widened to demand political reform. sudan's former president omar bashir arrived in court for the 2nd time in his corruption trial supporters chanted slogans as he entered the courtroom bashir faces charges of corruption and money laundering during his 3 decades rule investigators say they found $130000000.00 in his home after the military deposed him in april a russian spacecraft carrying a robot the size of an adult human has failed to dock at the international space station problems with the automatic docking system caused the failure russia's flight control center will attempt to dock again on monday the robot's been sent to
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help astronauts working on board the station. well there's the headlines i'll be back with more news for you here on al-jazeera during face to face jobs and gates. lol can i in a sense grew up together we were within a year of the same age and you know we were kind of naively optimistic and built a big company and most of it as rivals but we always retained a certain respect communication including even when he was sacked i got to go out and spend time with steve jobs the man of many line wonderkid rebel a sort of new age guru of high tech. bill gates the
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richest man in the world a relentless achiever fueled by dreams of greatness. to supernovas who synergy and rivalry led to the creation of a binary system with a friendly i don't think they called each other say no it's my birthday happy birthday i don't think it was that kind of relationship at microsoft just you know it's mcdonald's the only thing they had in common was having dropped out of school to pursue their vision of your dreams though they never worked in the same company they created an industry together and we had a hippie editor. gates and jobs the mightiest jewel of the tech industry has ever known the epic battle between mac and p.c.
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jobs the hippie and gates the geek literally dictated the future of the computer. in the seventy's steve jobs and bill gates are still adolescents video games are just starting to appear. computers still are enormous machines super computers that only the largest companies can afford a market dominated by the american multinational i.b.m. . a native of seattle and son of a well family bill gates enjoys creating computer programs and software during his high school and university days with his friend paul allen. and bill gates and paul allen they were after harvard and get a computer store at the bookstore and harvard square there was a magazine popular electronics january $1075.00 and it had a picture of the out air on a cover that was the gun that was fired the start of the race for them
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the all to all the dinosaur of personal computer who's a rudimentary tool a mix of total switches and flashing lights it is reborn thanks to bill gates and paul allen by creating a programming language for the ultima called basic they provide it with intelligence. level lucian i mean. the languages thing was what they were passionate about bill gates and paul allen's goal in 175 was to dominate the languages business on personal computers that's why they left harvard immediately afterwards in april 900 $75.00 gates and allen start their company microsoft the purpose is to sell basic but above all to develop new software for future computers also in 1985 in palo alto california another do you own steve jobs and steve wozniak high school students who are fans of this new technology also discovered
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the ultimate age the start of an epic journey. steve was now he looked at that al terror for him this was not elegant. too many chips the thing was too big so immediately what was was doing as it was saying i can design a computer all on one board this would be the one was in july of the 1st to succeed in putting all of the components that make a computer hooked onto a single board power supply keyboard and memory all connected to screen the 2 friends had just invented the personal computer making me out one was purely was his idea and it was purely his design but once he showed it to his good friend steve jobs steve is the marketing person. we can make money. but for now the apple one is being manufactured in the jobs family garage.
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i'm pretty much the only person who worked in the car irish at least on the apple line. steve jobs was on the phone all the time he was in the kitchen on the phone and i was in the garage testing up on boards one year after the founding of microsoft the apple computer companies established in april 976 microsoft and apple the 2 pillars of the computer revolution they both. believe that computers were not just important but crucial. and. and yet they had a very different way of going after it jobs was coming from hardware and and gates was coming at it from software and that was so they came at it from 2 different directions but they both. were very strong minded
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men who believed they were they were changing the world. while bill gates continues to develop his basic the silicon valley do you will push ahead steve wozniak develops the apple 2 while steve jobs looks at investors so that he can grow his young company. impressed by jobs angel investor mike markham invests $250000.00 in apple which expands and moves to cupertino where its headquarters are still located today. the how many calculators c o 2 maybe right and you have to use the automatic bank telling machines short so life is already seducing you into learning the stuff and it's certainly not an 8984 ish visit vision at all it's just going to be very gradual and very human in will to do so you into learning how to use it jobs and
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was unveiled their new computer in the spring of 1977 at the computer fair in san francisco the apple 2 is a smash hit. the apple 2 was a huge that it was actually really the 1st usable personal computer the apple 2 always you know i always thought it was magical because you could do almost anything you thought of if he were creative enough the apple to the 1st personal computer designed for the general public the sales are phenomenal it in bodies the computer revolution but it has a serious handicap and the person who has the solution is bill gates was the acro version of basic but it wasn't. completely up to date that was a certain aspect of it that wasn't in there so they began looking around for another version of basic that ran on that ship at the apple 2 used and microsoft
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was a company that had it so they got in touch with bill gates. with basic microsoft supplies with the apple 2 locks this is the 1st collaboration between bill gates and steve jobs but at the end of the seventy's thanks to the success of the aapl 2 the spotlight is on steve jobs and then in 1980 they went public so there are all these people have stock that got very rich in it was one of the 1st public companies in the personal computer space where people got rich so then people started to really paying attention what's it like to get rich. it's very interesting i was worth. over a $1000000.00 when i was $23.00 and over $10000000.00 when i was $24.00 and over $100000000.00 when i was $25.00 but especially at that point in my life it was it
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was not the most important thing the most important thing was the company the people the products we were making the products also be obsession of boogying.


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