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tv   Inside Story 2019 Ep 236  Al Jazeera  August 25, 2019 3:32am-4:01am +03

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bonuses to the armed forces instead. of coffee farmers in indonesia are expecting a bumper crop this year but with prices at the low some grow as a warning they'll go bankrupt if things don't improve for as louis has the story from jakarta. over. the harvest time at this coffee plantation in sumatra and it's plenty for farmers who would normally celebrate but not this year they are the world's 3rd largest growers of the robots to a variety of coffee beans but the market price their fetching is at an 8 year low but . if the price of coffee stays like this we can't continue we might not attend our plantations anymore because we can't afford fertiliser we don't have enough money to pay our workers in my case i still have to pay for my son's high school. robust is used mainly in instant coffee and demand has been increasing but prices have
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dropped this year because of the success of the 2 largest producers brazil and vietnam. while indonesian pharma struggle to make money there's a growing demand domestically as more indonesians get a taste for what they produce growing affluence and urbanization are driving the rise of the so-called coffee lifestyle and many more coffee shops are opening up some are part of a chain others like this one in jakarta independence to me i come here 2 or 3 times a week the price of coffee for what i get is well worth it not cheap but not too expensive. indonesia is one of the top 5 fastest growing coffee retail markets and has the lowest coffee consumption type person in southeast asia so there's plenty of room for growth to serve much confidence in the industry that one coffee chain received $28000000.00 from venture capital firms in the past year for its. action
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plans even if it was the local market can absorb a large amount of domestically grown coffee only 30 percent of coffee grown here was exported but if the price of coffee keeps dropping farmers will stop planting coffee and i'll be a huge loss for everyone was that the. demand from indonesia coffee has so far helped cushion the blow from falling export prices back at his plantation is hopeful the price of coffee beans above the cover in the meantime he's planted other crops just in case florence li al-jazeera. said i had an al-jazeera india one step away from having a badminton women's world champion and there was more coming up in the sport. $67.00 were found promise one. but
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disaster or another. the bled to the establishment of the jewish homeland at the expense of the palestinians. the story of the british declaration that changed the middle east for seeds of discord on al-jazeera. violence and discrimination are all too familiar to many women in india a reality too often reinforced by bollywood. but its leading star is throwing his weight behind the cause. and using his celebrity to advocate for gender equality. the snake charmers on a con witness. on. the nature news as it breaks. angering creases into the fiber the government rose
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deeper. with detailed coverage will was once known as the colder 15 and that's why people are not used to the freeway from. from around the world. it's been over a decade since morphia had seen her granddaughter. just off one of his main highways the median family collects as much water as possible from the mountain above. a nationwide blackout left millions without power a regular water supplies. but this water is not portable the health ministry is recommending people treat it with chlorine but with none available now the. hopes that boiling it 1st will make it safe for her family to drink dr. says the increased consumption of untreated water in the last 3 weeks is making an already
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catastrophic situation worse of anyone in norway to all we don't have the precise numbers yet but we know that in the public and private hospitals there's been an acute increase of cases of severe diarrhea that require hospitalization including children under 2 years of age which can be fatal local and international public health experts describe the crisis it's a complex humanitarian emergency. now borne from video games a sport sees a new and booming industry in china thousands of young players are competing for millions of dollars in prize money but some are finding out that there is also
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a downside the pressure to stay on top of the reports from shanghai. this might look like a hobby or entertainment to many but eastport is taking off globally it's about to become a $1000000000.00 industry here in shanghai site of the international or t.i. the annual championship for online game dota 2 the prizes for winners totaling $33000000.00 breaking the previous record set last month but as each sport grows so are health concerns for these young players many are teenagers like kyle gears dorf a 16 year old american who last month picked up $3000000.00 for coming 1st in the fortnight world cup the highest ever individual win for an east board event the concerns are for players physical health with the hours and hours of sitting and repetitive motion and also mental given the high stress of big money on the line not to mention millions of people watching each and every move burnout and anxiety
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are an increasing issue. under age eastport betting is also a concern a recent u.k. study estimates that globally 45 percent of tweets about eastport betting reaches young people below the legal minimum age you know you know kind of e.g. is one of the leading companies in china it operates in a similar way to professional athletic clubs the players live and train on site one says going pro is not for everyone has hours when you weigh it depends on what your interest and what you are good at if you have the talent and confidence about yourself you can choose e sports otherwise you should spend more time studying e.g. starts recruiting players at 16 and they reach their prime between 1021. the 2 main factors for choosing good players one is talent the 2nd is hard training where we scout these kids with good talent we have why their training the sports fans are
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not only watching live streaming thousands packed the competition for dota 2 paying hundreds of dollars for tickets some in the china eastport industry see competitions growing beyond just being housed in large arenas that are normally used for big athletic events like this one here in shanghai but that eventually they'll become part of international athletic games all in a way that is eating clean i am very confident that the sports will become formal play in asian games or even the olympics this is the trend and this trend is unstoppable with the potential of e sports elevated beyond big money becoming a game of national pride through teams representing their country training and strategy will become even more secretive and intense it's got harder al-jazeera shanghai. that's the school's news with lydia thinks i mean well england are making a fight of things in the 3rd ashes cricket test against australia and leeds it
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looks like a thrilling finish could be on the cards the australians were $171.00 for a 6 at the start of play. made $88.00 but the england bowlers did well to dismiss a tourist for $246.00 the english would lose their openers cheaply as they began chasing the target of $359.00 but an unbeaten $75.00 from captain joe root and a 50 by joe donnelly saw the hosts reach 156 for 3 at the close they still need 203 more to win over in colombo it was a day to remember for new zealand batsman tom latham against sri lanka the 2nd test match itself has been dampened by persistent rain but left them lit up the kiwi anyones on day 3 with an unbeaten 111 new zealand are 196-4448 runs behind it might only be 3 games in liverpool are already top of the english premier league the also the only team with a 100 percent winning record on saturday they beat arsenal 31 mohammed chipping in
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with 2 goals and crystal palace left manchester united with all 3 points jordan i gave palace the lead but an 89th minute goal from daniel james seemed to have rescued a draw for united but then right at the end patrick hold popped up with the winning goal for the visitors. united striker marcus ashford rash word rather missed a penalty in that match and just like his teammate paul pub who also missed a spot kick earlier in the week has come in for racial abuse on social media manager only going to says it has to come to an end. it's the same us who spoke about this before the weekend it's gone heard over and we need to stop it we need to stop because. now i just look for words when it comes if if we keep going we keep having all these companies. know the races and they still keep hiding behind fake identities so the it's just
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crazy that we talked about this in 2019. after losing and drawing his 1st 2 premier league games new manager and former player frank lampard now has his 1st league when chelsea led twice against norwich before being pulled back from the home team but tammy abrahams 2nd goal made sure chelsea would win the match since he saw it. because well believe that's probably because we should have begun to talk about earlier because we had chances and we can show big parts of it and obviously success for 3 points are a tough place to come in or if you're a very good start i knew that already we knew that that would take a lot of points some teams are going to want but we control the government very pleased with performance this year's final test grand slam the u.s. open starts on monday but organizers have changed part of the match following last year's controversial duel between naomi osaka and serina williams during the match
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williams clash with umpire carlos ramos and received multiple violations to say the least the incident was confusing to most viewers so this year for the 1st time code violations will be posted on the scoreboard as they happen to make sure as they make sure fans know what's going on. serena williams starts with a huge test at flushing meadows the 6 time champion starts her campaign on monday against one of her biggest rivals 2006 winner maria sharapova. england are looking and impressive form with the rugby world cup now less than a month away the english recorded their biggest ever win over ireland and a warm up test on saturday in london england ran an 8 tries in a 5715 hiding they'll be in pool c. at the world cup alongside france argentina and the usa and it was home runs goal lore in los angeles on friday the new york yankees were in destructive form against the dodgers they smashed 5 homers in southern california grigori ascott 2
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of them including the grand slam the dodgers were never in it the yankees winning $10.00 to $2.00. the badminton world championships are coming to a close with the finals on sunday men's singles 5th seed on the race and beat his tie opponent in the semifinals 21152110 the young dane will have to beat world number one motor for his chance to win his maiden title in switzerland. and india is one step away from having a bad men women's world champion 2 time silver old silver medalist vs the new had a straight games victory over number 3 seed you face of china. it's very important to keep yourself just focus because it's not a way yet for me yeah i'm happy but not satisfied yet there's one more to go and i definitely i would want to get the gold for sure but it's not going to be easy at
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the same time i think i have to focus very much and be way too much patient and give my best in the fight is best of luck to those athletes on sunday all right well that's it for me back over to sammy thank you so much. well that's it for this news hour will be back in a moment with more of the day's news that's coming up from london so stay with us. in the next episode of techno the team travels to the heart of the amazon. where we
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are now should be reinforced to investigate illegal gold mining mercury has a very unique characteristic of finding the gold for a miner it's almost like magic and the technology being used to expose its devastating impact and so what we end up doing is imaging the forest in very high fidelity street techno all knowledge is evil. we understand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world so no matter how you take it al-jazeera will bring you the news and current affairs that matter to al-jazeera talk to al-jazeera we ask what guarantees will you give to the people will be attending them and i'm a workshop we listen i'm supposed to explain apologize for someone who is also terrorizing me we meet with global newsmakers and talk about the stories that
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matter on the soldiers there are over 100 years ago britain and france made a secret deal to divide the middle east between them now we can draw in the 2nd episode we explore the lasting effects of this agreement that there is a regional set to 6 because it's at the borders were drawn without consulting the people who have to live with the. psychs people in the south. the escalating us china trade war overshadows the g. 7 summit or expectations of progress.
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hello i maryam namazie this is al jazeera live from london also coming up brazil says military aircraft and 44000 troops will be available to fight the fires sweeping through the amazon. while it's returns to the streets of hong kong as protesters rally against smart lamp posts which have sparked surveillance. and police battle a wave of kidnappings in nigeria where people now feel like no one and no way is a. global trade look set to dominate the g. 7 summit which is now underway in the french seaside town of beer it's france had made fighting gender and social inequality a key theme of this year's event but the trade war between the u.s. and china has suddenly become a more urgent matter of to both sides and else more tariffs on each other's goods it's already being blamed for a global economic slowdown french and german leaders are also demanding urgent
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talks on the fires engulfing the amazon rainforest and emanuel lakhani is hoping to deescalate tensions between the u.s. and iran president trump pulled the us out of the nuclear deal and re-impose sanctions but often last year's tense meeting in canada expectations are low that much will be achieved our diplomatic editor james bays reports now from barrett's. with the global economy teetering and some warning of a worldwide recession the 7 leaders gathering here may not look it but they're almost certainly worried the host emmanuelle macro on the us president donald trump seemed relaxed as they sat down on the terrace for lunch but in addition to the china u.s. trade dispute currently rattling stock markets they have their own problems a new french tax will target u.s. tech giants and trump has threatened to retaliate taxing french wine imports to the u.s. this though would immediately receive an e.u.
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response according to the president of the european council i will. then trying with. gentle in the domination for many reasons. and after the 3rd by france. if the u.s. impose a star if on france the e.u. will respond in kind president is about to finish 5 years in one of the e.u.'s top 2 jobs a term dominated by one issue one that could also cause economic problems across the continent breaks it to his quorum the new british prime minister he could go down in history as mr no deal as he landed boris johnson didn't respond directly but he did focus on his country's future trading prospects this data global trade i'm very worried about the way it's going the growth of protectionism of terrorists
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that we're seeing the u.k. thrives mightily on the open out we're looking for a trading nation that's what we're going to be promoting breathing is good for the world trade wars talk of recession breaks it it's all a very depressing economic picture the one thing that could bolster the markets would be unity coming out of this g. 7 summit but don't expect that the french presidency of the g. 7 has already said it's not even seeking a final communique this will be a meeting with discussion but a very unlikely to have any decisions james pays out his era barretts than cheering there is an economist at the center for international governance innovation he says the u.s. china trade war may well escalate beyond tariffs. the u.s. has been holding up reasonably well but china has appears to be slowing down very very much now if you go by the. not by the g.d.p. statistics but by electricity usage the chinese economy is is almost
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a stall speed right now and we also have the uncertainty that's been hanging over the global economy is undermining investment markets can hear and all these are price increases but they can't handle all out destruction of established business models so at the moment this is pointing to an accelerated steep and intensified conflict it's going beyond a tear of war or french police a 5 water cannon at and t. g. 7 protest as staging an unplanned launch the demonstrators rallied on the france border towards bio and just south of the summit then you and barrett must protest as throw stones at the police and take back to gas canisters. well as that gathering gets on the way thousands. in an authorized demonstration in the nearby town at hand a call for urgent climate action and accuse the leaders of causing the inequality
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and sascha bottler was that. the march began in the southern french border city of die thousands of protesters including some from the yellow face movement who walked to spain to demonstrate against the g. 7 summit in berates protesters say global leaders and their capitalist policies are responsible for many of the world's problems so good to see it up it's just begun to perkasie that the theme of the summit is the fight against inequality when it's them where the source of food inequality and inequality is increasing because of them it's a false cheer provocation. although thousands of police have been deployed to god against violence during the summit officers of the protest kept a low profile french and spanish or origins have allowed this protest on the border because it is 12 kilometers south of here it's an odd scale resort where g 7 leaders are beginning their summit the idea is to keep the demonstrators as far
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away as possible from the international research one of the main issues of the g 7 the climate change but few people at the protest believe that would be progress some say the fires burning in the amazon rain forest yet another example of politicians failing to protect the planet about the whole most of us is in a confused they're obviously not interested in climate there are lots of nice promises but they rarely keep them they're not conscious that today is the big emergency we're on the edge but we just keep going. the french president who's hosting the summit boards frauds to take the global lead on climate and he's called for emergency talks on the amazon. guarding the amazon we will not only launch it cool but also actions from all the world powers present here and in partnership with amazon countries for investment there 1st to fight all these fires but also to help brazil and other countries affected. most protesters say they're fed up with
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what they regard as the elites politicians who are out of touch with the lives of ordinary people the image of leaders from the world's richest countries getting down to business no luxury hotel in beer it's is unlikely to change their opinion. al-jazeera the french spanish border. or as you heard there president. brazil and other south american countries control fires in the amazon rain forest and the growing international criticism about as brazil's president charles an arrow has ordered the military in to help it says aircraft and 44000 troops will be made available from the state of one of the worst affected regions daniel shaima reports . forest fires happen every year in brazil but it was the sheer scale of this year that shocked the world the so-called world's longest room fire strong criticism firstly from with the brazil that the rest of the world forced
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president. to respond. forest fires happen all over the world so this is no reason to impose international sanctions brazil will continue to be as it is now a country that is friendly with everyone and is responsible in protecting its amazon forest. but he's been accused by many of creating the very conditions he is now trying to control but there's a defiance from the president and resentment from his supporters that other countries feeling was ill what to do. yes. i don't agree that other countries should come here to brazil we don't go to other countries to upset them you don't see brazilians there causing problems only working to see money home to invest here this is pioneering country distant from brazil's made population centers or so naro had a message that resonated here. i'm 63 years old and i'm never seen a president as honest as this one who confronts the problems and says what has to
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be seed is defending brazil these are people who came to tame the forest to cut a bird to carve a future from what they consider to be a wilderness this particular blaze may not be huge but is one of tens of thousands burning across brazil some control some not some illegal some legal what's clear is that few will be investigated but the consequences will eventually be felt around the world. the fires are being put out but what's left is this back and devastation which will take many years to recover. 70 percent of the state of the year has already been developed the forested for lucrative timber then burned to create land for cattle rearing and sawyer production the rest is up for grabs and no one it seems is stopping them at the moment if you burn the forest you are backed up by a president and then you do exactly as you want to do because you know nothing will
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happen and that's a problem and we have seen statistically when this law enforcement fires in deforestation goes down when we don't have it it goes up the fires are still burning but will bolster naro bend on the be heat of international pressure or bow to the ambition of some his strongest supporters that there are ground on your state north west in brazil. chile's capital and its outskirts are suffering that worst drought in decades the government has declared an agricultural emergency in half of santiago as districts this year has been one of the driest the country has faced in 6 decades the government is also concerned about the growing impact of global warming on its economy chile is the world's biggest exporter of copper but needs large quantities of water to produce it in december is due to host a global conference on climate change pro-democracy protesters in hong kong have thrown bricks at police who deployed take gas in the latest round of violent
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demonstrations. hundreds of black clad protesters clashed with riot police following a march against so-called small lamp posts which have sponsored balan's is a chaotic scenes unfolded outside a police station with protesters setting up make shift barricades in the street violence has interrupted nearly 2 weeks of calm in hong kong which has been gripped by 3 months of turbulent demonstrations wayne has a has more from kong. after a week when the police in hong kong appeared to adopt a different tactic seemingly standing back allowing the protest to happen without intervention on saturday it seemed they were in no mood to muck around the riot police very quickly moving into this area of cow loon to clear the protest is away using tear gas the day it started peacefully there was a march through this part of cow loom the protesters had asked police for permission for their march to take place the permission was granted by the police
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but as we have seen before a large group of the protest is then broke away approached a police station near the route of the ma.


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