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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 25, 2019 6:00am-6:33am +03

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country's getting down to business no luxury hotel and beer it's is unlikely to change their opinion. al-jazeera the fridge spanish border. the president has appealed to world leaders to help brazil and all the south american countries trying to control fires in the amazon rain forest brazilian president has now ordered the military to combat the fire as it says aircraft and $44000.00 troops will be made available this off to all the countries threatened to target brazil's economy if nothing was done brazilian state experts say the number of wildfires is 85 percent higher compared to last year let's get more on the story now with trays of both who's. in the state of mato grosso on the southern brazilian boundary of the amazon what have you been seeing there. well where we are right now we know the story of some of the little one of the most
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respected states by fire by our own 30000 buyers in this space that is affecting mostly remote locations not quite here in the city but we're told that 345 hours away from here there's already fires in those areas the government has announced that they're going to be using the armed forces to fight this fires around the hundreds of thousands of them people here are telling us they still have not seen anything as whole as we also heard from the governors of at least 6 states that have been affected by the fires they're asking for an urgent meeting with the press and they say that they need help the police to fight the fires but in order to cope with what is coming next and let me tell you where we are right now this place 30 years ago used to be filled with trees and biodiversity that has obviously obviously changed this is now a city but over the past decade brazil has pulled him place a series of controls of laws of agencies that help protect the amazon rain forest
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watch environmental groups are saying is that since that was when i go to coffees he has taken a very aggressive stance against the n.g.o.s he has encouraged loggers and miners for example to take over land in places like this one and that's why they're saying that mount the fires that we're seeing here have increased in the past in the past this past month. and tell us more about how brazilians feel witnessing these fires and also the international pressure that's being piled on the government right now like every other. well like in every other country in the world it depends who you are going who you talked with been talking to environmental groups who are extremely war even with what is happening in the country they're saying stuff that comes that between and deals and the government was over. that was when i don't once again starting over us why they say that they already had for example
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in places like this when they were already working with communities helping them fight deforestation among other things and that valued most when i don't has once again opened up another fight but then of course you talk to people in places like this one many of them are supporters of the precedents in fact who are trying to rent a plane in order to be able to make it to a place that's where of a big fire apparently is happening and we were told that the plane was not going to be rented to us because we were from the press and we were spreading lies about president valuables and i don't many of the people that are living in the face say that so the situation is being exaggerated by international media well when you talk to environmental groups we're just seeing some of the maps that they have been seeing maps created through satellites and what they're saying is that there's been an increase and 80 percent increase in the past year of the amount of fires that are being set in the amazon rain forest and they're saying that what he's always that they need the press in fact right now. all right thank you very much from
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other to start us there to raise above and was most unhealthy to die in china he joins us from cairo prune an indigenous territory in the state of a donya in northwest brazil tell us what's happening there. well on the for our river trip to the sea but on our river which is in the far northwest of brazil in the amazon there's smoke in the air there's ashes in the air this is the community that 1st made contact with the outside world made those made contact with in 1978 so a very rustic way of life but there are people from this community who have traveled to europe or to united nations in geneva they've spoken to the european union they've spoken to merkel sore in south america about their conditions here they say that there is regular incursions into their territory the developers set fires which cannot be controlled quite often and so they are calling for the international community to put pressure on the job also nardo government to do more
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to protect these kind of environment they talk about local authority the local municipality working together what they call criminal organizations to try to steal their land so these are protection from the outside world to protect our way of life which they say is fundamental their relationship with the earth is likely important to their future well being but they are seeing the effects here of the smoke of the ashes of the fires in the amazon thank you very much from the caribbean and daniel shaima bring us a sense of what's happening there discuss this and more with powerless a taro he is director of the brazil institute at the woodrow wilson center joins us via skype from sao paolo and we have seen these really the ferocity of these fires in the amazon not only sparking protests inside of brazil but statements of international concern as well what are your thoughts on jr bolzan are is handling
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of this crisis. well he is clear they feel it in the press or. in the hospital is mobilizing the army to work in containing this fire. very different crime the responses for it from a few of the ready low when you was that monsoons eels and saying that and seals had set the fire let me put something in their street. greed of 80 percent of forest fires this year comes from data collected by the brazilian national institute of space research that has been doing this kind of job work of monitoring forest fires for a number of years together we've not this is not a work of. this is a work of scientists and they have produced. that this and then the
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images of the fires is what field that the beta i that is actually i have worked on this for a number of years having covered the real 92 earth summit i believe that this is all very well because brazil. of fire and environment to it as a fire vibrant scientific community in a fire and society that does not want to see the amazon which is that national asset of brazil talk which is. for us. it's not just a try it doesn't just have implications for brazil there are concerns about the long term consequences for the world but let me just ask you about bolton r.-o.
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himself because we know he's a nationalist party this leader he's been very clear he says he doesn't believe in climate change there's a control of a sea like this at home and then also the sort of statements of international concern just sort of give him fuel to kind of reinforce his base of support. i don't think so particularly his minister of agriculture for instance a very competent in this article by the way a lady that is at the cinema is not with the president on this because she knows that for presumably coulter remain me. it is probably the most productive open culture in the world we did it on the amazon them on the pass to be there because the amazon i'm a song is what got her into rain actors in brazil and part of the reason brazil is so productive the recall is the rain the rain comes from the amazon add to
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that lots of lent lots of science research and science for the best 40 years i think the president will and he is starting to get a shows that he with it will listen and you will understand because not only its is in the national interest all were super super surfer who protect the forest for reasons that i just indicated it is also obviously brazil coots ace sanctions from under sparkler the opium of countries but as you just heard the agreement of a lot would spark americans who are with. others at that agreement we will not be fulfilled it will not come. again as you say european countries have indicated that that trade deal might be in jeopardy but thank you very much for sharing an alice with us palace to tara joining us now from sao paolo. so i have for you on
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the program plans to create a safe zone in northern syria move closer to a joint turkish us control center becomes operational harrowing video of a woman stabbed to death by her ex-husband outrageous turkey sparking a domestic violence debate and put in a record breaking performance against island leader we'll have that story in sports . pro-democracy protesters in hong kong have thrown bricks at police who deployed tear gas in the latest round of violent demonstrations. hundreds of black clad protesters clashed with riot and he's following a march against so-called small lamp posts which are sparks of valence fears in the city the chaotic scenes unfolded outside a police station with protesters setting up makeshift barricades in the street
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violence is interrupted nearly 2 weeks of calm in hong kong which has been gripped by 3 months of turbulent demonstrations waianae has more now from hong kong. after a week when the police in hong kong appeared to adopt a different tactic seemingly standing back allowing the protest to happen without intervention on saturday it seemed that they were in no mood to muck around the riot police very quickly moving into this area of cow loon to clear the protest is away using tear gas the day it started peacefully there was a march through this part of cow loom the protesters had asked police for permission for their march to take place the permission was granted by the police but as we have seen before a large group of the protest is then broke away approached a police station near the roots of the march erecting barricades that the that we have seen them do so many times before and it seems that when the police lost patience and formed up and that's when the patients again. lasted perhaps one to 2
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hours this came on a day when carrie lamb the chief executive of the hong kong someone whom the protesters want to resign held who 1st round of dialogue with representatives from different sections of society in hong kong around $28.00 representatives of different sections of hong kong society met with her to start the process of dialogue the ultimate aim to end this crisis but crisis but significantly there were no protests leaders who were involved in those talks in the protests were they show no sign of dying down meanwhile a british consulate worker in hong kong has been released by mainland china after he was detained for more than 2 weeks simon chang went missing on august 8th during a business trip to the city of sendai in which shares a border with hong kong chinese police said chang was detained for violating public safety nals it comes as relations between beijing and london sounded the ongoing protests in the form of british territory. israel's military is saying it's act
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ofter of hit iranian forces near damascus now this off the syrian state television reported that its government's defenses intercepted what it called hostile targets over the capital a car bomb has exploded in rebel held. meanwhile killing one person this in the north of the country as airstrikes hit the outskirts as this were part of the government's offensive and the last major opposition bastion a new push to take the areas the heavy strikes and advances this week in the south of adlib province and in nearby hama the u.n. is saying that hundreds of people have been killed in the fighting since april and a new exodus of refugees has begun meanwhile turkey's defense minister is saying a joint control center with the united states is operational in northern syria this is part of a plan to create a so-called safe so the 2 sides were locked in months of talks over the depth of the zone and who would control it but its myth has more from antakya on the turkey
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syria border. the turkish and u.s. military have been discussing for a long time now what exactly a safe zone along the turkish syria border would comprise of how deep into syrian territory would go whether it would be joint patrols with the u.s. and turkish troops or just the u.s. troops patrolling on their own the turkish defense minister believes that at least the opening of this joint operations center is a significant step on the way to getting the safe zone up and running one of the. most this is a joint operation center has been established here they continue the work the 1st drone flew on august 14th and now as of 4 30 pm we have a joint helicopter the helicopter including both americans and members of our armed forces is now in the year the 1st flight has started syrian regime forces are now pushing against the last of the major rebel held area in northern syria that's been
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the province and as they do that more internally displaced syrians fleeing the fighting yet again and they're heading north towards the turkey syria border as many as half a 1000000 people heading that way according to the u.n. turkey is not going to let those refugees in and it doesn't want them amassing along the border that is why turkey wants to get this saves own up and running as quickly as possible the challenge of the turks is how big is the us a safe zone going to be they want it 30 kilometers into syria the americans want a much narrower save zone and that the turks wanted a lot deeper because they also want to push back the syrian kurdish fighters they consider them allied to terrorist p k k to turkish kurdish groups in turkey the americans though working with the syrian kurds and they don't want them pushed as far back. beginning of a mother by ex-husband in front of her child has caused outrage in turkey i mean it
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was stabbed to death in a cafe last sunday in kara carly it's the 2nd case of domestic homicide in the country this week and the issue of gender equality is growing on social media for him home it has the latest it's this video that brought turkey to a standstill but too graphic to show the moments after i mean bullets was stabbed to death in front of her 10 year old daughter she can be heard screaming and holding her neck as her daughter begs her not to die but that means ex-husband fidel baran has been charged in connection with the killing her name and her last words are now being said on social media to raise awareness about women's rights in turkey and the issue of femicide which is the killing of a female based on her gender is generated a large response on the streets to dozens of people are demanding justice for it means killing from country coyer in istanbul to chi serry and also in some small. the cry of mean pollutes was not just
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a cry it is the rebellion of women we are not silenced anymore we will not lose anymore women. i don't like reacting to such situations by tweeting or hashtags but this time i really do care i feel so story i'm highly affected by i will join the protests taking place and encourage everyone to take part. these are the reasons murder is justified femicide she betrayed that's why i killed she was not a virgin that's why i killed she was dressed improperly that's why i killed society has accepted those reasons but under normal circumstances the punishment of murder is a life sentence. and on friday a turkish football team held a one minute silence ahead of kickoff in solidarity with. all the outrage has prompted the turkish government to respond the ruling party has vowed to tackle violence against women and children and the justice minister has tweeted that he
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was confident that it means former husband would be given the punishment he deserves but critics say not enough is being done to address the problem of gender inequality according to the we will stop femicide a women's rights platform more than 200 women have been killed in turkey this year in the room it's possible to stop femicide article 6 to wait for the law to protect women from violence has to be applied properly the istanbul agreement has to be applied effectively to strengthen and protect women when the istanbul agreement was signed in 2011 we saw a decrease in femicide figures we have to take this past the law should be applied properly in order to keep women alive. still ahead on the program police battle a wave of kidnappings in nigeria when many feel like no one and nowhere is safe. recognition at last for intersex an albino people in kenya government census by collecting data present significant challenges and racism raise its ugly head again
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after manchester united's defeat to crystal palace by alex playing in sport. however the late summer and in europe are still produces a pretty big thunderstorms and it was during saturday around this area this is satellite picture the shares and swirling around the pope valley the thunderstorm risk was then in the out stance in the balkans italy and then towards tunis and the next couple days will see the same sort of area just move a little bit further north but further east temps here around it though don't look unusual if you think a bit closer 33 in paris and 30 in london at the end of august all that is on the high side we have an incoming probably neither 3rd heat wave or the sub of the europe this in western europe stretching from the reliably hot spain but through
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france towards the british isles and coming across the low countries once more are going to be a record breaking high from the point of view of london on monday which is a bank holiday traditionally wet and cold not so this time for the rest of your term should look on the high side but not extraordinary necessarily nice but a late summer but of course with a cage door vicious than the storms well there are more occasional than regular as i said today as he was involved in the thunderstorm risk on saturday or sunday i think that's gone temperature wise has to pretty hard 31 in 2 days on sunday hottest to all monday. 67 words that spelled promise for one people. but disaster for another. the blair to be establishment of a jewish homeland at the expense of the palestinians. the story of the british
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declaration that changed the middle east balfour seeds of discord on al-jazeera.
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welcome back a quick look at the headlines the escalating trade war between the u.s. and china looks set to dominate the agenda of this year's g. 7 summit which is underway in the french seaside town of ferrous brazil says it's making $44000.00 troops available to fight the fires in the amazon rain forest which are estimated to be 85 percent higher than last year president made you want to offer to the growing international criticism and riot police of 5 to gas and baton charge pro-democracy protesters in hong kong as a tense standoff turned violent on the 12th week of protests they faced off outside a police station having constructed makeshift barricades. now at least 11 people have been killed in the latest fighting between u.a.e. backed forces and the government in yemen both sides of sent reinforcements to shout war province in south central yemen tens of thousands of people have been
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killed in the country's civil war millions more are struggling to survive meanwhile in the capital protesters gathered in front of sun as airport demanding the siege on the facility be lifted a saudi led military coalition has been enforcing a strict embargo on the airport residents are calling for the u.n. to help them lift the siege which they say is having a major impact on the city it is that is the message i want to receive treatments. but the u.n. has santa claus and the u.n. and goes and comes to the village and local traditions. always. open. for all those nations and envoys will be able to produce a little bit and worthy human rights were as the world relief organization or as the united nations that's a very gives these violations. sudan's new prime minister says the country needs $8000000000.00 in foreign aid over the next 2 years to rebuild its economy after
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months of political turmoil one doc added that up to another $2000000000.00 of foreign reserves deposits were needed in the next 3 months to hold a fall in the country's currency talks have started with the i.m.f. and the world bank about restructuring sudan's debt undock was sworn in on wednesday to head a transitional ruling body after the ousting of veteran leader model bashir after months of anti-government demonstrations. on out one cherry of a country is in the grips of a kidnapping crisis thousands of people have fallen victim to the crime and forced to pay millions of dollars in ransom i'm going to die reports now from katrina an area that is a notorious kidnapping hotspot they're. taking the fight to the kidnappers these officers of nigeria special into robbery squad are responding to a tip off that kidnappers have been sighted at this port on the border can do no highway. the sick forest nearby serves as a cover for the guns this highway has been
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a popular sport for the kidnappers to our top potential victims the police say they're making gains against the kidnappers were over 200 ripples. this was sure to do a whole lot in last 2 weeks we parted i was summoned tonight and did not suspect the traffic on the highway tells a different story. this was once one of the busiest highways in the country the border could not highway links the muslim states of the country to the other parts of nigeria now feel more proof a brave enough to travel and. many are choosing not to drive when instead use the train you to remember trains a squat is a must as the kidnapping guns get bolder more sophisticated few places appear say. abdul-malik mccumber the siniora government official was abducted from his home in the city of could do. then they begin to say ok i should give them money as i don't
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have money they keep on asking are you have it because we saw cars in your house country sell those cars we need money you have to give a body if you don't you are going to kill you after 7 days in captivity of the malik was released after paying a ransom but not before being told to deliver a message to the world for 2 years then as if they give you all that i should be able to tell the government that most of them only poit they are guarded they need employment it does not include those people kidnapping people. but it's not just frustrated youth will turn into kidnapping it's now a free for all with both pity and 100 criminals joining in. robert and. was kidnapped and held in a forest by a group armed with machetes he says they tortured him until his family paid or not some of $200.00 who had drinking he said well i want to give it a thought for a life force would for all through a good church. so all i was simply to know was it in. the back of my remark
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i don't have a quote last one and give me slack for america it was all up. until now kidnappers emerge and you have to get the public officials the relatives and foreign workers often in the oil industry what is worrying most nigerians about the current we were kidnapped in the country is that no one and no we're still safe and . how about the world just. could know how. kenyans have been ordered to stay home on saturday and sunday evening as the government carries out a census it's the 1st in africa africa to recognize intersex people those born with physical characteristics that do not conform with the a typical notions of male and female bodies and web reports now from nairobi the thing that i really james taranto has tried to kill himself 3 times when he was born it wasn't clear to doctors or his parents if he was male or female and so he
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says a childhood of misery began but he says some things have since improved for intersex people here in kenya the government's now conducting a census is the 1st in africa to recognise intersex people turn it into typical males and females there was a realisation that intersex children are being killed most of these children cannot even access simple government services then there was a need. to have policies that look on to intersects. another group to be recognised for the 1st time in this census of people with albinism it's now listed as a disability we are excited because it will make us to count. it will make us to be seen to be kenyans it devalued it's us that we are actually a demographic body of will we being the most of the current population. the
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government hopes most of the data can be collected in 2 evenings so. while you're more in the last census 10 years ago some officials were accused of rigging politics in kenya who are often contested wrong tribal lines and census data determines the allocation of state resources we are. trying to do some funny games asking google to move this way or that we we are watching you or. your middle of the law collecting accurate data is a challenge about 10000000 kenyans and their magic herders who regularly cross borders to neighboring countries millions more live in slums like this one is no official list of addresses so the government has ordered bars and pubs to close and told everyone to stay home and wait for the enumerators to come and knock at the
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door. they push the data collection takes days processing it takes much longer will disown her son's national. results might contain some surprises or be contested kenyans will have to wait months to find out. where al-jazeera nairobi kenya. u.s. health officials saying a patient has died after developing a severe lung disease in the 1st such case they suspect is linked to vaporing the patient was one of $193.00 potential cases of the unexplained respect illness after reported use of east cigarettes to inhale vaporize nicotine or cannabis now hoping is sometimes used as an aid to quit smoking cigarettes but scientists around the world are divided about how safe an alternative it is isa great users don't get exposed to the estimated 7000 chemical constituents present in cigarettes but
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vaporing products do contain nicotine which is of course highly addictive but we know that they also contain other potentially harmful substances the use of the cigarettes has skyrocketed in recent years particularly among adolescents 3600000 middle and high school students in the u.s. of the 2 views of a ping products in 2018 and this is double the figure from the year before. and we ross is a clinical consultant for the national center for smoking cessation and training she joins us now via skype from leicester here in the u.k. so we have this case in which a patient has died after developing lung disease of course there is much we don't know about the precise circumstances of the patient's death but how important is it that they did use e. cigarettes. well i think there's a lot we as you say there's
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a lot we don't know about this particular case what concerns me is that particularly in the us the seems to be a tendency to blame on. you know for what happened to patients without actually looking at the wider picture in the u.k. our medicines and health regulator agents it looks at any adverse event and there has been nothing to report it apart from you know dry cough a little bit of a sore throat in the early stages and we know that people stopping smoking experience that anyway and i think it's important to actually get the message out to smokers that is a very very your say but i see your saying that this could be linked to if there is lung disease or asperity or less this could actually possibly be linked to a previous history of smoking actual cigarettes as opposed of aping oh yes i mean
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clearly a lot of most vapors were smokers originally and you know somebody that smoked for 203040 years will of developed all sorts of problems that are related to smoking now they'd switch to vaporing in the hope of improving their health but that doesn't wipe out the the years of now i'm reshape what you say. what you say about there being a difference perhaps in the way the u.s. and the u.k. protests but it is important that the u.s. centers for disease control prevention is a they are investigating a 193 other cases of this mysterious spirit tree on this which could be linked to isa great so in all these cases the pay.


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