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tv   Counting the Cost 2019 Ep 34  Al Jazeera  August 25, 2019 6:32am-7:00am +03

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as you say there's a lot we don't know about this particular case what concerns me is that particularly in the us the seems to be a tendency to blame vote on. you know for what happened to patients without actually looking at the wider picture in the u.k. our medicines and health regulator we agents looks at any adverse events and there has been nothing reported apart from you know dry cough a little bit of a sore throat in the early stages and we know that people stopping smoking experience that anyway and i think it's important to actually get the message out to smokers that is a very that your saying i see your saying that this could be linked if there is lung disease or asperity on this this could actually possibly be linked to a previous history of smoking actual cigarettes as opposed of aping oh yes i mean
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clearly a lot of most papers were smokers originally and you know somebody that smoked for 203040 years will of developed all sorts of problems that are related to smoking now they'd switch to vaporing in the hope of improving their health but that doesn't wipe out the the years of now i'm reshape what you say. what you say about there being a difference perhaps in the way the u.s. and the u.k. protest but it is important that the u.s. centers for disease control prevention as say they are investigating a 193 other cases of this mysterious spirit tree on this which could be linked to isa great so in all these cases the patients have used the cigarette. yes although they were also done all sorts of other things and that from what i've read there has been some use of t.h.c.
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so you know the the active ingredient of camel bit is you know that that's that's about that particular substance it's not about vague and i think it's important to to stress that you know if people use street drugs they are taking risks with their health and you know that is the elated and unsafe. product are not likely to suffer the same effects that this this particular patient that and we thank you for speaking to us today joining us from leicester thank you very much a russian spacecraft carrying a robot the size of an adult human has failed to dock at the international space station problems with the automatic docking system cause the failure a humanoid robot was on its way to the i s s for a 2 week mission to support the crew and test it scaled russia's flight control center will attempt to dock again on monday night as confirmed that at no point
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with the crew of a spacecraft or the space station at risk. much more still ahead on this news hour from london indonesians are developing a taste for coffee but the country's coffee farmers believe it's not enough to save that industry and india is one step away from having a badminton women's world champion. the story of a friendship between a filmmaker and a 7 year old girl what is it would mean. giving whom it into a refugee family being the syrian war. in the face of deep rooted tension between deliberate needs and the refugees. my syrian friend. bisect on al-jazeera.
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the arab talk to old jews there oh we have what is going to give to the people will be attending the minima workshop we listen i'm supposed to explain apologize for someone it's also terrorizing me we meet with global newsmakers and talk about the stories that matter is iraq. now story from indonesia coffee farmers there are expecting
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a bumper crop this year but with prices at an 8 year low some growers a warning they'll go bankrupt if the situation doesn't improve florence louis has the story now from jakarta. for the harvest time at this coffee plantation in sumatra and it's plenty for farmers who it normally celebrate but not this year they are the world's 3rd largest grow as of the robust a variety of coffee beans but the market price they're fetching is at an 8 year low but. if the price of coffee stays like we can't continue we might not attend our plantations anymore because we can't afford fertilizer we don't have enough money to buy our work is in my case i still have to type for my son's high school. robusto is used mainly in instant coffee and demand has been increasing but prices have dropped this year because of the success of the 2 largest producers brazil and
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vietnam. while indonesian fama struggle to make money there's a growing demand domestically as more indonesians get a taste for what they produce growing affluence and evan ideation are driving the rise of the so-called coffee lifestyle and many more coffee shops are opening up some are part of a chain others like this one in jakarta independence i mean i come here 2 or 3 times a week the price of coffee for what i get is well worth it not cheap but not too expensive. indonesia is one of the top 5 fastest growing coffee retail markets and has the lowest coffee consumption type person in southeast asia so there's plenty of room for growth the so much confidence in the industry that one coffee chain received $28000000.00 from venture capital firms in the past year for its expansion plans that's not even a seat in the local market can absorb a large amount of domestically grown coffee only 30 percent of coffee grown here
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was exported but if the price of coffee keeps dropping farmers will start planting coffee and i would be a huge loss for everyone who was in the. demand from indonesia coffee drinkers has so far helped cushion the blow from falling export prices back at his plantation gotoh is hopeful the price of coffee beans suppose we cover in the meantime he's planted other crops just in case lawrence louis al-jazeera jakarta time now for us forward in the air thank you mariam england are making a fight of things in the 3rd ashes cricket test against australia and leaves and it looks like a thrilling finish could be on the cards the australians were $171.00 for 6 at the start of play minus made 80 but the england bowlers did well to dismiss the tours for $246.00 the english would lose their openers cheaply as they began chasing the
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target of 359 but an unbeaten 75 from captain joe root and a 50 by joe denly saw the hosts reach 156 for 3 at the close they'll need 203 more to wed. and to be in the position we're in now. there's a lot of excitement in the us from not been too far ahead of ourselves but we understand that this is going to be a tricky period in the morning the new books coming out. but we've got reach in and start to buses and if we get through that we'll be in a great position. yeah exactly and that's so that's how it works over here you always fall on the this big partnerships and then all of a sudden. there's 123 wickets it can happen very quickly so that's why you just got to make sure we shut the school board then make sure you keep the pressure on skid when you lose one or 2 week it's all of a sudden the school board can can look a lot different with yad to we kids to it so that would be what we're trying to do
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tomorrow trying to make sure we shot not schoolboy down. it's only 3 games in but liverpool are already top of the english premier league and the only team with a 100 percent winning record on saturday they beat arsenal $31.00 scored the opening goal but how it's chipped in with 2 goals including a penalty arsenal pulled one back through lucas but it was too little too late but was really happy with a lot of parts of the gave i think everything we did well in the 1st 4 games we did tonight longer more precise and better too. and a lot to desire the passion the power banditry what we put in this game. that made us really i'm comfortable to play against i would say and that's what we wanted and crystal palace left manchester united with all 3 points jordan i you gave palace the lead but an 89th minute goal from daniel james seemed to have rescued a draw for united but then right at the end patrick ben and holt popped up with the
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winning goal for the visitors united striker marcus rash heard missed a penalty in that match and just like his teammate paul pogba who also missed a spot kick earlier in the week has come in for racial abuse on social media manager ole gunnar so shyer says it has to come to an end it's the same us who spoke before the weekend it's on heard over and we need to stop it we need to stop because. now i just look for words when it comes if you keep going we keep having all these companies. know the races and they still keep hiding behind fake identities so the it's just crazy that we talk about this in 2019. after losing a draw in his 1st 2 premier league games new manager and former player frank bard now has his 1st league win chelsea lead twice against north before being pulled
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back by the home team but tammy abraham 2nd goal made sure chelsea would win the match and in the italian sorry you've been to started their new season on the right foot the defending champions are aiming for a record extend the 9th straight league title they started with a one nil victory over parma with captain giorgio scoring the winning goal in the 21st minute on saturday. england are looking in impressive form with the rugby world cup now less than a month away the english record or court the english recorded their biggest ever win over ireland and a warm up test on saturday in london england ran an 8 tries in a $5715.00 hiding they'll be in full see at the world cup alongside france argentina and the us. we feel like we're going in the right direction we feel like we're building building toward something. today today is. another step
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along so as i said the most exciting thing for for everyone to not just in reno the minute is that is that it feels like there's a lot more in the badminton world championships are coming to a close with the finals on sat on sunday men's singles 5th seed andras and toes and beat his tie opponent in the semifinals 21152110 the young dane will have a have to be world number one kin to motet for his chance to win his maiden title in switzerland. and india is one step away from having a badminton women's world champion 2 time silver medalist. cindy had a straight games victory over number 3 seed you say china. it's very important to keep yourself just focus because it's not away yet for me yeah i'm happy but not satisfied yet there's one more match to go and then i definitely i would want to get the gold for sure but it's not going to be easy at the same time
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i think i have to focus very much and be way too much patient and give my best in the finals adrenaline junkies unite at the red bull cliff diving world series in bosnia and herzegovina australian rianne and if retained her 4th title it was still one stop in the series to go for romania as a constant in pop v.g. he well the crowd and the judges perfect. that's all the sport are now back to you maria thank you leah well now here's an interesting story a large water spout has been filmed swelling across a lake in michigan the funnel shaped cloud can be seen a bomb in the water before magically disappearing as it reaches the shore phenomenon is caused when a whirlwind a whirl wind or tornado forms over water they usually develop along the bottom of dark cumulus clouds and contrary to what you might think or spouse do not suck up the water the water in the main funnel cloud. is actually condensation thing
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a bit different but that's what we like bringing on al-jazeera sometimes that is it for the news hour but i will be back with another bonus in for you by shorting. millions of people across india missed out on medical but a hospital train is delivering doctors and home to those most in need one i want to east towards india is a lot line explained on al-jazeera. september on al-jazeera up to
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gears of war and famine al-jazeera looks at the dramatic transformation emerging to the inspirational stories of 4 diversity p.o.b. israel elections can benjamin netanyahu form a majority and survive another time on the listening post to 6 the world media how they operate and the stories they cover to succeed the late tim is in president to succeed join us for live coverage as to his units a documentary that examines the worst atrocities committed during the war in libya . september on al-jazeera. over 100 years ago britain and france made a secret deal to divide the middle east between them now we can draw him in the 2nd episode we explore the lasting effects of this agreement if there is a original set to 6 because it's at the borders were drawn without consulting the
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people who have to live with the. site speak old lines in the sun on just. really felt liberated as a journalist was. getting to the truth doesn't lie with that's what this job. the escalating us china trade war overshadows the g. 7 summit where expectations for progress. i know i'm i am the mozzie and london you know with al jazeera coming up on the program brazil says military aircraft and 44000 troops will be available to fight the fires sweeping through the amazon. violence returns to the streets of
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hong kong as protesters rally against so-called smart lamppost which are sparks of valence fears. and recognition at last into sex and albino people in kenya in the latest government census. welcome to the program our top story global trade is set to dominate the g. 7 summit which is now underway in the french seaside town of beer it's france had made fighting gender and social inequality a key theme of this this year's event initially the trade war between the u.s. and china has suddenly become more urgent after both sides announced more tariffs on each other's goods it's already being blamed for a global economic slowdown all the fears of one a french in germany it is also demanding urgent talks on the fires engulfing the amazon rainforest and emanuel is hoping to deescalate tensions between the u.s.
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and iran after president trump pulled the u.s. out of the nuclear deal and reimpose sanctions but after last year's tense meeting in canada expectations are low that much can be achieved our diplomatic editor james bays reports now from the. with the global economy teetering and some warning of a worldwide recession the 7 leaders gathering here may not look it but they're almost certainly worried the host emmanuelle macro on the us president donald trump seemed relaxed as they sat down on the terrace for lunch but in addition to the china u.s. trade dispute currently rattling stock markets they have their own problems a new french tax will target u.s. tech giants and trump has threatened to retaliate taxing french wine imports to the u.s. this though would immediately receive an e.u. response according to the president of the european council i will. then
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trying. gentle in the domination for many reasons. and after the 3rd by france. if the u.s. impose a star with france they respond in kind president is about to finish 5 years in one of the e.u.'s top 2 jobs a term dominated by one issue one that could also cause economic problems across the continent breaks it to a squall in the new british prime minister he could go down in history as mr no deal as he landed boris johnson didn't respond directly but he did focus on his country's future trading prospects this data global trade i'm very worried about the way it's going the growth of protectionism of terrorists that we're seeing u.k. thrives mightily on the open at will looking free trading nation that's going to be
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promoting breathing is good for the world trade wars talk of recession breaks it it's all a very depressing economic picture the one thing that could bolster the markets would be unity coming out of this g. 7 summit but don't expect that the french presidency of the g. 7 has already said it's not even seeking a final communique this will be a meeting with discussion but a very unlikely to have any decisions james bays al-jazeera spirits. french police are fired water cannon it protest a stage in an authorized march at the summit the demonstrators rallied on the french spanish border just south of the summit venue in berets mass protest as threw stones at the police and kicked back to gas canisters well as the summit gets underway thousands took part in an authorized demonstration as well in the nearby town of aunty they called for urgent climate action and accuse the leaders of causing inequality was there. the march began in the southern
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french border city of die thousands of protesters including some from the yellow vests movement walk to spain to demonstrate against the g. 7 summit in berates protesters say global leaders and their capitalist policies are responsible for many of the world's problems seduce people to sit up and it's just an ignorant book received that the theme of the summit is the fight against an equality when it's them where the source of food inequality and inequality is increasing because of them it's a false cheer provocation although thousands of police have been deployed to god against violence during the summit officers of the protest kept a low profile french and spanish or storytellers have allowed this protest on the border because it is 12 kilometers south of here it's an odd scale resort where the 7 leaders are beginning their summit the idea is to keep the demonstrators as far away as possible from the international policing one of the main issues of the g.
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7 the climate change but few people at the protest believe that would be progress some say the fire is burning in the amazon rain forest yet another example of politicians failing to protect the climate about the whole myself but this isn't a confused they're obviously not interested in climate there are lots of nice promises but they rarely keep them they're not conscious that today is the big emergency we're on the edge but we just keep going. the french president who's hosting the summit board's fraud's to take the global lead on climate and he's called for emergency talks on the amazon. regarding the amazon we will not only launch it cool but also actions from all the world powers present here and in partnership with amazon countries for investment their 1st to fight all these fires but also to help brazil and other countries affected is one of the most protesters say they're fed up with what they regard as the elites politicians who are out of
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touch with the lives of ordinary people the image of leaders from the world's richest countries getting down to business no luxury hotel in beer it's is unlikely to change their opinion of the taj a bottle or al-jazeera of the french spanish border. as you heard there president mike on his appeal to wildly distant help brazil and other south american countries to control fires in the amazon rain forest a president who has now ordered the military to combat the fire as it says aircraft and $44000.00 troops will be made available this off to other countries threatened to target brazil's economy if nothing was done brazilian state experts say the number of wildfires is 85 percent higher compared to last year daniel shaima brings us more now from characters who know an indigenous territory in the state of run danya in northwest brazil. i'm a 4 hour river trip up the the yes but on our river which is in the far north west of brazil in the amazon there's smoke in the air there's ashes in the air this is
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a community that 1st made contact with the outside world made those made contact with in 1978 so a very rustic way of life but there are people from this community who have traveled to europe or to night in nations in geneva they've spoken to the european union they've spoken to merkel sore in south america about their conditions here they say that there is regular incursions into their territory the developers set fires which cannot be controlled quite often and so they are calling for the international community to put pressure on the job also narrow government to do more to protect these kind of environments they talk about the local municipality working together to protect a way of life which they say is fundamental their relationship with the earth is likely important to their future well being but they are seeing the effects here of the smoke of the ashes of the fires in the amazon.
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pro-democracy protesters in hong kong breaks at the knees here to play tear gas in the latest round of mining demonstrations in the territory thank. hundreds of black clad protesters clashed with riot police following a march against so-called smart lamppost the chief sponsor malins thing is the chaotic scenes unfolded outside a police station in protest of setting up makeshift barricades in the street line is interrupted need 2 weeks of calm in hong kong which has been going to my 3 months of demonstrations when he brings us more now from hong kong. after a week when the police in hong kong appeared to adopt a different tactic seemingly standing back allowing the protests to happen without intervention on saturday it seemed that they were in no mood to muck around the riot police very quickly moving into this area of cow loon to clear the protest is
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a way using tear gas the day it started peacefully there was a march through this part of cow loom the protest is that i asked police for permission for their march to take place the permission was granted by the police but as we have seen before a large group of the protesters then broke away approached a police station near the roots of the march erecting barricades that the that we have seen them do so many times before and it seems that when the police lost patience and formed up and that's when the confrontation began which lasted perhaps one to 2 hours this came on a day when carrie lamb the chief executive of hong kong someone whom the protesters want to resign held who 1st round of dialogue with representatives from different sections of society in hong kong around 28 representatives of different sections of hong kong society met with her to start the process of dialogue the ultimate aim to end this crisis but crisis but significantly there were no protest leaders who were
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involved in those talks in the protests or they show no sign of dying down. meanwhile a british consulate worker in hong kong has been released by mainland china after he was detained for more than 2 weeks simon chiang went missing on august 8th sharing a business trip to the city of shenzhen a city that shares a border with hong kong chinese police and chan was detained for violating public safety drills it comes as relations between beijing and london sound of the ongoing protests in on british territory. elsewhere taiwan has deployed $34000.00 soldiers to the south of the island amid fears of floods kohls by typhoon by the storm which is packing winds speeds of over 130 kilometers per hour is currently making its way across the island businesses and schools have closed and had warnings of landslides and high sea levels hundreds of flights have also been cancelled by you is expected to cross the taiwan strait and hit the chinese province of food john over the
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weekend. or now some news from sudan the country's new prime minister is saying that he needs $8000000000.00 in foreign aid of the next 2 years is to rebuild the economy after months of political turmoil. said another $2000000000.00 of foreign reserve deposits were needed in the next 3 months to hold the fort in the current sea talks have started with the i.m.f. and the world bank about restructuring sudan's debt was sworn in on wednesday to head a transitional ruling body after the ousting of president omar al bashir in april. you're watching al-jazeera live from london much more still ahead we'll be looking upon to create a so-called safe zone in northern syria after a joint turkish u.s. control center becomes operational.


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