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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 25, 2019 5:00pm-5:35pm +03

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and for political change and counting a population in kenya enter 6 people are being recognized for the 1st time in a national census and africa. hello get a welcome back here in a national weather forecast here across europe today is going to be very much like a day like yesterday across the central regions of europe we're going to be dealing with severe weather again today anywhere from some lucky all the way down here into northern italy parts of the balkan peninsula as well and then across the central mediterranean now we're talking thunderstorms with gusty winds a lot of rain coming out of these as well as hail is going to be a problem really staying across this region and the reason being is they are the low pressure that's causing this the instability is really not moving so we're
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going to be watching this very carefully at the risk of flooding is going to go up as well because we're already talking talking saturated grounds across much of the region temperature wise though take a look at this london today 31 degrees as our expected high we are basically and he wave right now across much of western and northern parts of europe temperatures are expected to go up in some locations berlin at about $32.00 degrees there for the 3 day forecast here across parts of london look at this we are going to be seeing 31 degrees today 32 tomorrow and it's not till wednesday that the heat begins to break but it's still going to be well above average for this area across parts of the northern africa we are going to be seeing some heavy rain possibly up here towards parts of tunis and temperatures are going to be into the mid thirty's. who was sponsored by catalona is. what i'm going to use will be given to the people will be coming to my mama workshop we listen i'm supposed to explain apologize for someone who is also terrorizing me we meet with global
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newsmakers and talk about the stories the. 0 new yorkers are very receptive to al jazeera because it is such an international city they're very interested in that global perspective that al jazeera provides. watching al-jazeera let's recap the top stories right now tens of thousands of brazilian soldiers have begun heading into the amazons join the fight against fires burning through the rain forest the president claims things are returning to normal g 7 leaders have just begun meeting in the french city of paris as concern as a pro and over the u.s. trade war with china and its effect on the world's economy earlier u.s.
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president donald trump said britain's prime minister boris johnson is the right man to oversee the process of bricks that. israeli drone has exploded over the lebanese capital beirut has lost as a cause damage when it crashed into a building housing its media office another drone went down in the same area. thousands of protesters are gathering in hong kong to mark for the 12 consecutive weekend are calling for a fair democracy and government accountability a similar demonstration in north hong kong turned violent on saturday with police firing tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse the crowds allosaurus began in june over an extradition bill which was later shelved demands and widened to include political reforms away hey joins us now from hong kong so what are the police doing to try to keep these protests under control.
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who are showing now the actions of the police throughout this approach is movement that says you mentioned is going for almost 3 months now i very much a pot all the time i get all the protest is now they are very angry with some of the actions by the police around this approach is still movement and they are calling for an independent inquiry into the police actions just to give you an example richelle this is an organized march to the leaders of this movement sort of police approval for them to stage it on a does ignited group the police granted them fairly sure and what we're seeing now is very big no scenes of thousands of people have been sharing pos here into iraq where they really will continue for throughout was where the trouble staats and that we're seeing a weekend on the weekend is when some protesters break away from that does ignited for you approved groups and take perhaps more extreme measures blocking roads with barricades targeting police stations for some of the approaches thank god and
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that's what we saw on saturday said today was also a pre-approval macia taking place and then just as broke away targeted the police station and that's when we saw all the violence break out protests is throwing things at the police the police responding with many rounds you see a gas perhaps over a period of about 2 hours what we're hearing today is that we've had very up. bad weather throughout the course of sundays be raining heavily courting to reports in the hong kong media the police are saying that if things turn violent today they will use water cannon for the 1st time we haven't seen that 2nd i was a haas 3 months or so during this protest movement the reason i say is of course because of the weather had to guess won't work as well so the threatening to use water cannon on the protest is if things get ugly in the coming hours it's not about kerry land for a moment obviously hong kong's chief executive apparently she has come up with a new process to talk to the protestors what do we know about that i.
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know i will what we know is unlikely to work out certainly are you sure she on saturday started a process of dialogue what she did is assembled 19 senior people in hong kong influential people politicians and other influential figures i called them to government house for the 1st round of what she is calling a brainstorming session with the ultimate aim of trying to bring this crisis to an end and have dialogue directly with the protest is the 1st reason it's not going to succeed in the short term is that there were no representatives all of these people there these people don't want any part of that because they want the government to bow to their demands are there were no protesters present on saturday a government house unlikely to be any if there are future talks in the weeks ahead according to media reports more than how of the 19 people who were invited to government house urged kerry lamb the chief executive of home home to bow to some of the protesters demonstrably including specifically agreeing to withdraw
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officially that extradition bill which is why this started in the 1st place and also to agree to that independent job police inquiry into the police action in response to that one of the few hours i'm not doing that at the moment until things more peaceful as she put it she wants the violence to end and then they can stop talking about inquiry so it seems you are a long way off by any sort of school being able to resolve the situation i am wayne hale at the latest in hong kong thank you. thousands of our hunger refugees in bangladesh are demanding better rights in me and maher they have been rallying on the 2nd anniversary of their exodus from me and mar i want the government to give them citizenship along with other rights desh is warning that it's no longer able to bear the economic burden of hundreds of thousands over $100.00 refugees many have resisted efforts to repatriate them saying their safety can't be guaranteed stephanie decker is at the critical long camp in the south east of the country.
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today's quiet calm betrays the scenes of panic 2 years ago when hundreds of thousands of rango across the river now off in a desperate attempt to seek safety they are safe now but nothing has been resolved nor has 6 children who was part of the exodus in august of 2017 but only about it. they asked if you want to go back to burma i said no yeah ask me why i told them of the houses were burned our family members were raped and killed this is why we suffered so much and came here how can we go back without knowing that we will be safe there's been a renewed effort to get some of the refugees to go back to me and mar but with no guarantee of what will happen when they get there no one has so far agreed to return the scale of this camp is like nothing you've ever seen it is the biggest refugee camp in the world around a 1000000 rangar are living in these camps across southeastern bangladesh but what
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does that number really mean well it's more or less the population of islamabad or oslo it is a city of refugees without the infrastructure needed to cope. many aid agencies work here in that sense it is a global effort but it's bangladesh that's hosting the rangar and it's made it very clear this is a temporary solution and it's a population that keeps expanding this is a really dynamic population. aboard 100 to 2 been born into did that come to 3000 police people being murdered him to you so it keeps growing the young won't remember much about what happened but the older ones know that the killings the rate the burning of homes in august of 2017 was only the latest chapter in what's been decades of persecution against their people and as you hussein is a camp leader this is his 3rd time as a refugee in bangladesh have brought our grandmother not boredom i don't bother my
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riding with i'm 65 years old i came here as a refugee in 1978 then again in 1902 then i went back now i'm a refugee again in 2017 i've spent 30 years of my life as a refugee i want to go home if the burmese accept our demands will go back right away. what they want is to be officially recognize israel as citizens of me and mar with rights freedom of movement and security what they want is to go back home but the reality is they are not wanted there most of their homes no longer exist bangladesh is categoric it can't use them forever it's not clear what or where their future will be stephanie decker al-jazeera could depend on camp cox's bazaar southeast bangladesh a jury is culture minister has resigned after being criticised for her handling of a stampede that killed 5 people at a concert dozens were also injured in the panic at the packed stadium in algiers on
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thursday i am in d'arcy was blamed for the way the concert was organized and how she dealt with the aftermath of the crush more than $30000.00 people attended the event but there were only 4 small entrances and exits so dan's new prime minister says the country needs at least $10000000000.00 in foreign aid over the next 2 years to rebuild its economy. another 2 $1000000000.00 busy of foreign reserves are needed in the next 3 months just stop the currency from falling further the country is in talks with the international monetary fund and world bank about restructuring its debt was sworn in on wednesday to head sudan's new transitional body the kenyan government is conducting a historic census this weekend it's the 1st in africa to recognise intersex people those born with physical characteristics that don't fit the typical definitions of male or female malcolm webb went along with census workers in the capital nairobi.
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james kuranda has tried to kill himself 3 times when he was born it wasn't clear to doctors or his parents if he was male or female and so he says a childhood of misery began but he says some things have since improved for intersex people here in kenya. the government's now conducting a census is the 1st in africa to recognize intersex people not turn it into typical males and females there was a realisation that intersex cauldron of being killed most of these children cannot even access simple government services then there was a need. to have policies that put onto into 6 years. another group to be recognized for the 1st time in this census of people with albinism it's now listed as a disability we are excited because it will make us to count it will make us to be
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seen to be kenyans it is valid it's us that we are actually a demographic variable we've been there most of the current population. the government hopes most of the data can be collected in 2 evenings so use. before you move in the last census 10 years ago some officials were accused of rigging politics in kenya who are often contested along tribal lines and census data determines the allocation of state resources we have. you know people are trying to do some funny games asking to move this way or that way we are watching you. we will ensure that you meet with a lot. collecting accurate data is a challenge about 10000000 kenyans and their magic herders who regularly cross borders to neighboring countries millions more live in slums like this one is no official list of addresses so the government has ordered bars and pubs to close and
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told everyone to stay home and wait for the enumerators to come and knock at the door. they push the data collection takes days processing it takes much longer will do so more persons national and. the results might contain some surprises or be contested. kenyans will have to wait months to find out malcolm webb al-jazeera nairobi kenya one person has died in the u.s. after developing a severe long to see what health official suspect is linked to they think if confirmed it would be the 1st such case the patient was one of almost $200.00 people being treated for an unexplained respiratory illness after a reported use of the cigarettes the devices are used to inhale vaporize nicotine or cannabis are sometimes used as an aid to quit smoking scientists are divided on
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how safe they thing is this individual had significant severe respiratory illness and died while hospitalized to have been. in past years and past months reported. severe outcomes related to maybe. but with this investigation yes the 1st part of it we urge people to use caution and consider avoiding the use of such material form from video games sports has become a booming industry in many parts of the world especially in china thousands of young players are competing for millions of dollars in prize money that some are finding out there also downsides including the pressure to stay on top scot highly reports from shanghai. this might look like a hobby or entertainment to many but eastport is taking off globally it's about to become a $1000000000.00 industry here in shanghai site of the international or t.i. the annual championship for online game devoted to the prizes for winners totaling
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$33000000.00 breaking the previous record set last month but as each sport grows so are health concerns for these young players many are teenagers like kyle gears dorf a 16 year old american who last month picked up $3000000.00 for coming 1st in the fortnight world cup the highest ever individual win for an east board event. the concerns are for player's physical health with the hours and hours of sitting and repetitive motion and also mental given the high stress of big money on the line not to mention millions of people watching each and every move burnout and anxiety are an increasing issue under age eastport betting is also a concern a recent u.k. study estimates that globally 45 percent of tweets about eastport betting reaches young people below the legal minimum age you know kind of e.g. is one of the leading companies in china it operates in
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a similar way to professional athletic clubs the players live and train on site one says going pro is not for everyone has hours when you weigh it depends on what your interests and what you are good at if you have the talent and companies about yourself you can choose a sports otherwise you should spend more time studying. e.g. starts recruiting players at 16 and they reach their prime between 1021. the 2 main factors for choosing good players one is talent the 2nd is hard training where we scout these kids with good talent we are poor why the training. the sports fans are not only watching live streaming thousands packed the competition for dota to paying hundreds of dollars for tickets some in the china eastport industry see competitions growing beyond just being housed in large arenas that are normally used for big athletic events like this one here in shanghai but that eventually they'll become part of international athletic games in
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a way that is eating away i am very confident that the sports will become formal play in asian games or even the olympics this is the trained and this trend is unstoppable. with the potential of e-sports elevated beyond big money becoming a game of national pride through teams representing their country training and strategy will become even more secretive and intense scott al-jazeera shanghaied. i'm richelle carey these are the headlines right now on al-jazeera tens of thousands are brazilian soldiers have begun heading into the amazon to join the fight against fires burning through the rain forest and military are being sent to 6 states and of president in response but the president charleston r.-o. claims things are returning to normal for those average burns are down over the last few years and are going back to normal g 7 leaders are meeting in the french
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city of everett says concern is growing over the u.s. trade war with china and its effect on the world's economy earlier u.s. president donald trump said britain's prime minister boris johnson is the right man to oversee the process of brics it aside from global trade the amazon fires and salvaging the 2015 iran nuclear deal are likely to top the agenda at the summit an israeli drone has exploded over the lebanese capital beirut has balls says it caused damage when it crashed into a building housing its media office another drone also went down in the same area. media reports in bahrain say the government has investigated a hunger strike at a prison social media reports say as many as 600 to 600 prisoners have been on strike for 10 days at the job prison it's in response to inmates being relocated with then to the tension center investigation says the president's actions don't break the law and the hunger strike cannot be classified as torture. at least 11
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people have been killed in fighting in yemen between the u.a.e. back separatist forces and government troops both sides sent reinforcements to szabo province and southern yemen after fighting broke out in the city at the top thousands of protesters are gathering in hong kong to mark for the 12 inside of weekend a calling for a fair democracy and government accountability a similar demonstration in north hong kong turned violent on saturday with police firing tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse the crowds 1st began in june over an extradition bill which was later shelved the demands have now widened to include political reforms thousands of our hands are refugees in bangladesh are demanding better rights and me and maher have been rallying to mark 2 year since the violence forced them from their homes and they want the government there to give them citizenship along with other rights so the headlines keep it here on al-jazeera more to come talk to al-jazeera is that next.
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we understand the differences and the similarities of cultures across the world. most have when you call home al-jazeera international bringing the news and current a phone is that matter to you. al-jazeera. deep in central mali children are dying of starvation. dulled by hunger it is a slow and agonizing death. molly's health ministry says so far hundreds of people have died from what it describes as a manmade famine. this is happening in the central region of mali.
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what was supposed to be harvesting season for villagers has been a season of death and destruction. here farmers and herders are fighting over land. it is an ancestral conflict that takes place at the height of the dry season on one side or the traditional farmers and hunters known as doggoned. on the other side the semi nomadic herders of the sile the full on these. dual domes accused of over stepping on their farmland to feed their animals. accused of killing and stealing their cattle. now they're killing each other. the violence is not limited to mali one neighboring countries for lonnie's have been in conflict with other tribes as well. fuelling this conflict
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are armed groups stepping in. in taking sides some have been fighting in the war in libya. and al qaeda affiliate is calling on full on these to join their ranks in exchange for protection. so is the slum mixtape in the greater sahara who are gaining a foothold in the region and into burkina faso. despite 14000 u.n. troops known as menu smoke among them british canadian in german soldiers and 4000 french combat troops and the regional force g 5 hell made up of armies from the region the violence is spreading spiraling out of control. further down this road is where the 5 to hell officers are stationed people here want to see them out of this neighborhood and also out of this country this is a feeling that many millions have towards the security forces whether it be the u.n. peacekeeping force the security forces or that he fights to help they're not
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a source of protection but a source of danger. this is because insurgent and rebel groups are targeting security forces launching suicide attacks and car bombings. has become the deadliest u.n. peacekeeping mission more u.n. troops are dying in mali than anywhere else for at any time before. president. says the country is being torn apart with its unity at stake who profits from the state of instability and how can the violence be brought to an end this week talked to al-jazeera meets with dawn and full on the leaders to try to understand this complex conflict. in march 160 follow on the villagers were killed in a massacre in. no one claimed responsibility.
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bari was hiding while his village was torched and his family killed. he called the u.n. peacekeepers known as for help. but they. would . yeah. these villagers say the un came but a day too late for the un peacekeeping force says it sent to patel years in helicopters on the day of the attack this is an idea if the head of the mission have you failed your mission to protect the civilian population there. and the law protection d.c. or civil or civil way lamond out there live in a small village distin
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a problem nor. if you need a plan you know if you want i mean any prosecutor pos on or documents obtained by al-jazeera showed that the un were documenting villages being torched before the hugo saga massacre and yet they failed to intervene and don't know militia groups continue to attack for lonnie's mahmud togo is the chief representative of mali's doggone people. attack. is not grown. on hunters the investigations are still going on so who is behind these attacks some say that the neighbors even before learning something. that people came from somewhere because. the person of the here speaking
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they were speaking english but isn't it easy to blame outsiders rather too to look at the reality that there is tension between the full lonny and the do go on community that's right i agree that there was still essentially but then imus i will made it a the clear vision. from this. but that do go on militia group has added fuel to the fire has attacked full on you villages. why they have attacked 20 villages no you're saying they haven't they haven't done any attacks they're not responsible for any attacks so who is attacking them what i know religious or what i know and i said to the president of the republic to diminish that to the prime minister and to everyone i say. people. never
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go and attack a village. but when another people. and attack the dog and. they retaliate so there are brevet attacks led by the dog by your dog on militias is that right which at that you're saying that they retaliate when they do don't retaliate when they get attacked who did they retaliate and you're admitting that it took only those that are involved in those violence who come to attack them and i myself used to tell her if she's here we cannot sit. and watch people come and kill us and go back. without anything you said no this is only. where they come. on people the hunters or
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the people in the village. the run after them and if. they come to seize one they kill. that's normal i say that's normal to kill they did a kind of there's no humanity when you come to kill me and i am not dead but i sense if i can i would kill you. that's normal we've seen videos where they're going to hunters have decapitated heads a full on these holding them like hunting trophies do you know feel that is exacerbating the situation rising the tension between the 2 communities the videos you see. where you feel any themselves what to draw guns. is. more than
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a lot of the dog and do to people for instance. they kill a dog. and. they put mines in the board of the building. when the or the guns come. to try to take. the day. and it was just. given that 1020 and so on. that's what you need to do. why are you taking justice in your own hands why are the 2 guns arming themselves you say to defend himself what is it that the government isn't doing the government say they would do these do that.
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but i will government has not yet. fully done what he should do. we had a talk with the prime minister. we told him. first of all. we need say clearly key in the desert country. the security is not enough. seconds. we need food dugan people who remain in the villages they have nothing. food have been. stolen. or. their cattle. stolen and even what they have in their houses. as something so as you are saying this is all their money into curity forces are
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not providing security not enough. not enough. this is what is left of the doggone village of savannah down where 100 of dawn villagers were killed in another massacre an apparent revenge attack although no one claimed responsibility for this an al qaeda affiliate. one was lee mean has called on for mani's to rise up against the militias and the state. mama diego is a full on e. and a powerful leader of the high islamic council the accuse the philosophies for being behind the attacks if a man is accused the doggoned behind the other attacks how these 2 communities have lived side by side for centuries how do you explain this mistrust. more should government keep. in their brutal force and busy brought skills. from all of the
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stability plus freedom. to disabuse us. to be a little donkey for you just feel the gamble. of the political . scene as a set of views on you and probably a month. to live. on the liberal side to live a little. first convert. it to comment to know why you didn't listen let's say the amount of momentum the for the one we kill somebody 1000000 or a mechanism politically difficult on to move. forward through inclusion was a problem. in april the government faced countrywide protests.
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demonstrators carrying signs calling for president bashar cater to leave office in response the entire government of mali resigned in a serious accusation mama diego accuse the prime minister of supporting the doggone militias. we asked a leading member of the government the foreign minister to explain how the government is responding to the violence which is not limited to mali but is present in neighboring countries as well you're for yourself far from the center of the country an area that's been hit by ethnic tensions now we spoke to some of the villagers both in. who they say that they called for the 1000000 forces to come and help them and they didn't see any 1000000 soldiers now until 24 hours of the attacks why aren't your soldier able to stop the violence in.


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