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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 25, 2019 8:00pm-8:34pm +03

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for federal help and about 77000 wildfires have been reported since january alone brazil's president has expressed confidence that the situation is under control but average burns are down over the last few years and are going back to normal. so ahead on al-jazeera. there are reports of a hunger strike inside the bahrain prison inmates relatives say they are tonight religious freedom and new concerns today saying the popular alternative to smoking could be linked to a mysterious lung disease. welcome back we're here cross to pan things looking quite nice as we begin the week we're going to be seeing plenty of sun here for tokyo with temperatures into the mid to high twenty's and that's going to come down just slightly as we go towards the next
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full day so $27.00 degrees is the expected high here on monday sendai at $25.00 but notice the rain down here towards the southwest that's what we're going to be watching because that is going to be making its way up towards the north bring some rain towards osaka as well so you could see a little bit of that rain as we go towards tuesday as well we do have another storm coming out of mongolia that is going to be pushing into northeastern china and that rain could be quite heavy at times as well where here across china we did see our tropical storm by lou make landfall it is now weakening quite quickly but we're still going to be seeing plenty of rain as we go to the next couple of days so even though the storm we do have a final warning on that storm and we are only looking at the remnants of that storm it will continue to push towards the west and bring very heavy rain across much of this area here on monday and even on tuesday where we are going to see the rain on the coastal areas there for shanghai though it is going to be a nice day on tuesday with a temperature of 36 degrees and then very quickly here across the philippines we did see some heavy rain but we are watching an area just to the east for
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a possible tropical development as we begin the week. in the next episode of techno the team travels to the part of the amazon. where we are now should be reinforced to investigate illegal gold mining mercury has a very unique characteristic finding the gold for a miner it's almost like magic and the technology being used to expose its devastating impact and so what we end up doing is imaging the worst in very high fidelity street. techno own knowledge is here with.
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watching al-jazeera let's recap the top stories right now they were on nuclear deal is under scrutiny at this year's g. 7 summit with france's president saying they were great on joint action to salvage the 2015 agreement but yes president donald trump says he was not part of those discussions a peaceful march and hong kong has once again turned sour police have fired tear gas at demonstrators who in turn threw petrol bombs and tens of thousands of brazilian troops have begun heading into the amazon to join the fight against fires burning through the rain forest that their president claims things are returning to normal. or endure a few days in bangladesh are marking 2 years since violence forced hundreds of thousands of them to flee man mark and cox's bazaar they're protesting over can't conditions because their situation is an resolved angled ashes warning that it no longer can bear the economic burden of sheltering more than
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a 1000000 russians or refugees many have resisted efforts to send them back saying their safety cannot be guaranteed so let's take a look at how this crisis unfolded on air. 25th 2017 fighters from armed groups attacked dozens of me and more police posts and an army base about 80 fighters and 12 members of the security forces were killed the fighting spread in the region just say hundreds of their homes were set on fire by the military and but it's militias within weeks almost 300000 head to have fled the violence which included murder rape and torture across the border into bangladesh and by mid september the un had described the military operation against the right hand as textbook ethnic cleansing on the lee is the united nations special for me and marsh joins us from seoul thank you so much for your time so let's pick up on that the u.n. has used the language ethnic cleansing before what is the mechanism to address that
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to have some sort of accountability for that. well 1st and foremost the security council has not been effective or it has not been up to its job to refer this situation to the international criminal court as i have recommended and others have recommended numerous number of times and without the security council moving forward there are other options for us and for the international community to pursue in this account and the accountability process the independent a mechanism has just been set up this will be collecting and mapping and consolidating data for all the crimes that they committed to that lead up to 2012 which is covering 2011 and
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currently what has what is still going on not just in rakhine but in kitchen and in northern shan state so having said this my other recommendation is to in to pursue accountability we can also set up an international tribunals or they international community can apply universal jurisdiction but none of this has taken any traction so far why did i met is that this upcoming well 1st of all the. international community the the big. muscle people of the international community are very quiet if you have read the recent fact finding missions report about the business involvement of the top model within covering everything
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pharmaceuticals to media construction banking thing they have also identified about 10 to 15 international. companies that are cooperating more have invested in the tatmadaw of philly aided companies and i am not sure if that might be the reason was i'm of the countries or the member states are keeping quiet so far but i think it should not. keep silent anymore and move forward so when we talk about this camp that's basically a city of over a 1000000 people it doesn't seen that there's any place for them to go all right now and they're very resistant understandably to to being sent back so what can be done for them in this situation right now with bangladesh breathing down their neck
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saying we can't do this anymore. well bangladesh certainly has been more than generous in in the housing and hosting more than a 1000000 refugees for a number of years now well there's security issue is the most. serious issue for the rangers they do not feel safe to go back and by saying they do not feel safe to go back is those perpetrators who are responsible of the torture the rape and the killings and the burnings and those who are responsible of course was forcibly deporting people out of myanmar they're still there and if you have those security forces police and military it's still there how would you feel say 2nd they'd will not have any freedom of movement that is not any condition anybody
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would want to return to that is not a dignified return and there is. no citizenship or rights that they can enjoy that other people in them enjoy and we have to remember that many of the people in cox's those are had in the past enjoyed scissors and ship but it was all taken away from them do you think that a year from now we will still be having the same discussion i certainly hope not i certainly hope not but as it looks i'm not too sure if the situation will change. the u.n. nation the united nations special robert or for me a more thank you so much. prisoners inside
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a jail in bahrain are on hunger strike saying they're being mistreated about 600 inmates began to strike 10 days ago over conditions inside job prison in the east they've complained they're denied religious and visitor rights and are being kept in solitary confinement the media in bahrain says an official investigator from the prisons managers haven't broken any regulations at all the guys director for advocacy at the brain and stick to for rights and democracy is also a former inmate at the prison he says conditions in the prison have long failed to meet basic standards. i do remember my 1st job prison where i was welcomed by being beaten by the by the officers i remember one of the pregnant from my hand and begin to look my head towards the wall and the speck to my face and begin to slap me and this is the place where they say to welcome i think years left out and now the prison conditions and joe is in that swartz conditions since 2017 some of those
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inmates did not see their families for a single time because because that there are a few that started to impose a punitive measure that no longer tolerable by the prison things like just bury us so they can actually even have a direct contact with their families and it's been the case for 2 years that some of those inmates did not had a single time in a visitation system i think denial or american negligence so there are serious disease within the prison that people can see that they don't really get even a proper treatment then i know that medications the situation with comes into 50 prison facilities and it's overcrowding you talk about a president that was supposed to have only 6 inmates it got in some cases 12 in some cases even 18 individuals day in and out of water and they had a bad food in many cases they do commented mess numbers of individuals being facing
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food poisoning just because of the poor quality of the food when some of their own out of air conditioning but an ounce of water and they cannot even if left the toilet which is the 2nd best this is how bad it is and. i mean really drone has crashed and lebanon's capital beirut has a law says that damage to building a building that is housing its media office and the area wat in the southern suburbs another israeli drone exploded in the air in the same area and just hours earlier israel carried out air strikes against iranian targets near the syrian capital damascus so who has more on that from beirut. this is a really populated neighborhood in the lebanese capital but it is. cool because this. area that exploded and crashed in the area we don't have any more because the group of the.
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group. the group of course. which have been the ones that is grabbing the. australia has unveiled a plan to keep extremists content off the internet during an attack and involves blocking certain internet domains the government says it may also consider a law that would require digital platforms to improve the safety of their services when it comes 5 months after gunmen attacked 2 mosques in christchurch new zealand killing 51 people a stream that shooting live on facebook. one person has died in the u.s. after developing a severe lung disease which health officials suspect is linked to vaporing and would be the 1st such case if confirmed the patient was one of almost $200.00 people being treated for an unexplained respiratory illness after a reported use of cigarettes the devices were used to inhale vaporized nicotine or cannabis and are sometimes used as an aid to quit smoking scientists are divided on
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how safe the thing is this individual had a significant severe respiratory illness and died while hospitalized to have been in past years and past months reported. severe outcomes related to maybe. but with this investigation yes the 1st important we urge people to use caution and consider avoiding the use of such material. as a clinical consultant for the national center for smoking cessation and training she says there needs to be more evidence to show that the person died because of a ping. what concerns me is that particularly in the u.s. the seems to be a tendency to blame venting on. you know for what happened to patients without actually looking at the wider picture in the u.k. our mentions and health regulator agency looks at any adverse events and there has
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been nothing. reported apart from you know dry cough a little bit of a sore throat in the early stages and we know that people stopping smoking experience that anyway from what i've read there has been some use of th c so you know the the active ingredient of cannabis you know that that's that's about that particular substance it's not about vaporing and i think it's important to stress that you know if people use street drugs they they are taking risks with their health the kenyan government as conducting a historic census this week at it's the 1st in africa to recognize enter sex people born with physical characteristics adopt that entity but all definitions of male or female balcombe where when along with census workers in the capital nairobi. really james kuranda has tried to kill himself 3 times the police when he was born he
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wasn't clear to doctors or his parents if he was male or female and so he says a childhood of misery began but he says some things have since improved for intersex people here in kenya. the government's now conducting a census is the 1st in africa to recognize intersex people turn it into typical males and females there was a realisation that intersex called and i've been killed most of these children cannot even access simple government services then there was a need. to have policies that onto into 6 years. another group to be recognized for the 1st time in this census of people with albinism it's now listed as a disability we are excited because it will make us to count it will make us to be seen to be kenyans it is valid it's us that we are actually a demographic variable we've been the most like of the current population. the
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government hopes most of the data can be collected in 2 evenings so used. before you move in the last census 10 years ago some officials were accused of rigging politics in kenya who are often contested along tribal lines and census data determines the allocation of state resources we have. you know people are trying to do some funny games asking people to move this way or that way we are watching you and. you meet with a lot. collecting accurate data is a challenge well 10000000 kenyans and their magic herders who regularly cross borders to neighboring countries millions more live in slums like this one has no official list of addresses so the government has ordered bars and pubs to close and told everyone to stay home and wait for the numerators to come and knock at the
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door. they push the data collection takes days processing it takes much longer will do so much. the results might contain some surprises will be contested kenyans will have to wait months to find out malcolm webb al-jazeera nairobi kenya and here's our website. al-jazeera. on the day's news and we have around the headlines in just a moment. the headlines for you on al-jazeera they run nuclear deal is under scrutiny at this year's 7 summit france's president says they've agreed on joint action to salvage the 2015 agreement because president donald trump says he wasn't part of those
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discussions and u.s. president also showed no signs of backing down from the trade war with china. when they steal and take out the selection of property theft anywhere from $300000000.00 to $500000000000.00 a year and we have a total loss of over 2 trillion dollars a year for many years. in many ways it's an emergency i have no way of right now actually we're getting along very well with china right now with don i think you want to make you know much more than i do you know a lot of money and terrorists coming in but it would be really ever going to tense and china so we'll see what happens when we don't talk to china. a peaceful march in hong kong has once again soured with tear gas being fired by police and several petrol bombs on by demonstrators police are trying to clear crowds would walk the streets after thousands actually march peacefully protest again over an extradition bill which was later shelled but the demands have widened to include political
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reform ahead to refugees in bangladesh marking 2 years since the violence forced hundreds of them to flee me and maher and cox's bizarre they are protesting over can't conditions and because their situation is under assault angle desh is warning it can no longer bear the economic burden of sheltering more than a 1000000 refugees prisoners inside a jail in bahrain or on hunger strike saying they're being mistreated about 600 inmates began the strike 10 days ago over conditions inside job prison in the east they've complained that they're being tonight religious rights and visitor rights are being kept in solitary confinement. one person has died in the u.s. after developing a severe lung disease which health officials suspect is linked to the being it would be the 1st such case if confirmed the patient is one of almost $200.00 people being treated for an unexplained respiratory illness after a reported use of the cigarettes the devices are used to inhale vaporized nicotine
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or cannabis and are sometimes used as an aid to quitting smoking so the headlines keep it on al jazeera more news to come inside story is that next. under fire brazil's president deploys the army to contain devastating blazes in the air that's come as criticism from the outside is growing almost demands to say the so-called long list of the world but what's triggered this natural disaster and why has it turned political this is still inside story.
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hello there a very warm welcome to the program i'm julie mcdonald the green longs of our planet are burning fires across brazil's amazon and wiping out huge areas of rain forest they're burning out of control in many parts at a record rate and official figures show there's been more than $75000.00 forest fires in brazil and that's just this year alone if they can't be stopped then we may be in very real trouble and that's because the amazon forest absorbs millions of tonnes of carbon emissions every single year and they're crucial in regulating global warming well this act like map shows all the fires that have been burning in the amazon and the crisis has created a panic amongst environmentalist and even some governments around the globe many are blaming brazil's president jabal son aro for not doing enough to stop the
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blazes daniel schwimmer reports from the state of rum don't you know that's one of the worst affected regions of 3 forest fires happen every year in brazil but it was the shoes scaled. the world the so-called world's lungs are on fire strong criticism firstly from within brazil and the rest of the world forced president. to respond. forest fires happen all over the world so this is no reason to impose international sanctions brazil will continue to be as it is now a country that is friendly with everyone and is responsible in protecting its amazon forest. he's been accused by many of creating the very conditions he's now trying to control but there's a defiance from the president and resentment from his supporters of other countries was ill want to do. or don't agree that other countries should come here to presume
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we don't go to other countries to upset them you don't see brazilians they're causing problems only working to see money home to invest here this is pioneering country distant from brazil's main population centers also nardo had a message that resonated here. i'm 63 years old and i'm never seen a president as honest as this one who confronts the problems and says what has to be seed is defending brazil these are people who came to tame the forest to cut and burn to carve a future from what they consider to be a wilderness this particular blaze may not be huge but is one of tens of thousands burning across brazil some control some not some illegal some legal what's clear is that few will be investigated but the consequences will eventually be felt around the world. the fire's a big put out but what's left is this blackened devastation which will take many years to recover. 70 percent of the state of rudolph has already been developed
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the forested for lucrative timber them burned to create land for cattle rearing and sawyer production the rest is up for grabs and no one it seems is stopping them at the moment if you've been to forest you have backed up by a president and then you do it exactly as you want to do because you know nothing will happen and that's a problem and we have seen statistically when there is law enforcement fire isn't deforestation is done when we don't have it because of the fires are still burning but will boast a narrow band of the be heat of international pressure or bow to the ambitions of some his strongest supporters that there are 20 ground on your state north west of brazil. so let's bring in our guests from washington d.c. andrew miller is advocacy director at amazon watch in sao paolo via skype simoni
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rosita all is a business woman philanthropist and political commentator and in bristol funen elwood is a community ecologist and professor of conservation science at the university of the west of england in bristol a very warm welcome to you all this is a massive subject isn't it is interconnected the local local and global in so many ways so morning i want to start with you what's it been like to be inside brazil having conversations with your friends in the wider community and seeing this story develop into something much bigger. well julie it all started on monday afternoon. when we die which are you ok we are at winter time but it's very unusual to have you know dark skies at 3 pm and i lay down that day turns out that the reason why we had that i knew so well. was because of the fires in the amazon and that's what was the subject and it's really has taken over the whole country over the past few
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days are people in the north of brazil saying that it's always been like that for them to stand with a year and that's why change now you have the whole country. but you really keep the conversation to start and i can see you nodding vigorously there the amazon rain forest right now is being described as being under assault this is the kind of phraseology that we're hearing under assault specifically by bolsa naro brazil's leader is that fair. the amazon is absolutely under assault in terms of the policies that both n.r.o. is carrying out and of course the rhetoric that we're seeing and obviously to clarify it didn't start with both scenario there are tendencies in the previous administration even before then but those the assault has been really accelerated under both even going back to before he was elected to the discourse that he had
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not one more centimeter of lands to be titled to indigenous peoples you know really supporting many of the economic interests the loggers the miners and of course the very powerful rural east as and then now as president implementing or trying to implement many different policies in terms of lack of enforcement of the existing norms and laws in brazil many of which are very strong and as i think was you know mentioned earlier before the program now when those laws are in force that has a huge impact and can really put down the deforestation but those laws are not being enforced there's a direct effort to weaken those laws before the brazilian congress and of course many of the ministers that have been installed bible scenario are climate deniers or the minister of environment who is essentially an environmental criminal so in many ways the policies have been quite horrific and of course the discourse indigenous discourse you know talking about the deforestation numbers that have
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been coming out the spike of deforestation those numbers as being fake news of course firing the head of the brazilian space agency and then most recently blaming n.g.o.s for having started the fires so i think we can definitely describe this as an assault on the amazon fineman listening to this being described in more political terms from your perspective as a conservationists who of course is in full in we populating diversity in lots of areas of former rain forests across the globe how serious is this from your perspective something that you have long been involved in. well unfortunately the truth is that this is this is legitimately an ecological catastrophe the fact is that the world's rain forests and when people describe the most the lungs of the planet they are not the lungs of brazil they are not the lungs of south america the rainforest of southeast asia are not the lungs of
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southeast asia they are the lungs of the planet every single person on this planet is going to suffer if they cut down the rain forests which are purifying the air and the water in those countries so basically it makes me very unhappy because we work in southeast asia but the tropical rainforests the main locations are southeast asia and africa and the amazon and they each have different problems but the immediate problem in the amazon are these fires which are burning out of control and this is something which is it's coming to our news cameras is why we're talking about it now which is a very good thing but the amazon rain forest has been dying slowly for a very long time but almost out of sight out of mind these fires that are happening now and the blackout in sao paulo and the smaug and these apocalyptic images that we're now seeing it's almost some kind of biblical apocalypse this is now bringing it much more into real time this is happening now today and it will happen tomorrow
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and the next day and these rain forests cannot be replaced they once they are gone they are gone fine and raises an interesting point simoni who does the amazon belong to you know we hear from both saying you know it's not your house on fire it's our house on fire we heard it in daniel trying los piece he was talking to one of the farmers who said you know we don't go around interfering in other people's business why are other people in severe in here so who does the amazon belong to and is there a feeling in brazil that actually there are other countries poking in their noses. generally let my boss american want. to talk you know he wasn't. going to talk about what measures were going to be taken you know to go draw the fires but at the end he didn't announce anything you just said that the armed forces were going to be sent there but there was a raid norm and he kept talking about the threat of economic sanctions and that was
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the 1st report of a sentence as the amazon fire cannot be an excuse for economic sanctions against syria when he was starting them so there were people banging pots and pans just like that used to do during that zuma recept government which was about to be reached just you know as a way of sowing the edges of against the president and the fact is i think brazilians are 1st of all yes the amazon belongs to brazil but each goalball of issue you know even for brazil cannot control the fires it is important for their wallets it's also i have got to think that's being talked about here is how are their squiers are and the believer in amazonas. running around as well so what yes if you get the amazon but global issues so better it has to be brought up you know by all the interested parties basically andrew there's
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a lot of talk right now about halting trade deals simonian mention that there are potential sanctions are you finding ways with the stick rather than the carrot to you know bring brazil into line but i wanted to you know do we need a different sort of policy we do need something more enlightened you know figuring out how to best take care of the amazon and finding a way to encourage whichever brazilian government it is or whichever government anywhere that is a caretaker of one of these spaces. to do it in a way i don't know if we if we have to find a way to pay that country to be that caretaker but is there some sort of middle ground that isn't about this kind of old world of sanctions and hitting people with a great big stick. well that's a great question in response to that last question about who does the bird the amazon belong to. in part of mammals humble longs to they original people that live there the brazilian and the indigenous peoples. in many ways it's their ancestral
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territories they've lived there since long before the brazilian state existed and they're the ones who are the best defenders of the amazon and into.


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