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the several 1000 across the region official data compiled by national geographic shows the scale and intensity of those fires 6 brazilian states are asking for federal help and 77000 wildfires have been reported since january alone brazil's president has expressed confidence that the situation is under control. average burns are down over the last few years and are going back to normal well the amazon fires have been described as an international crisis in europe for the urgent discussion as you heard at the g. 7 many began in remote areas of the amazon that are difficult to police their places where developers often see opportunities in clearing land but much of it is protected or belongs to indigenous communities. has been to north west in the northwestern state of rania one of the areas worst affected by the fire. both brazil's joy and its curse is sheer size this sensation of infinity the sense that
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no matter how much damage man does it can never ruin all of this but now with large parts of the amazon the blaze that sensation is being shattered what happens here in this remote part of the amazon does matter in the rest of brazil doesn't matter in the rest of the world we've just an hour long journey by road from the road on your state's capital. and then without taking a 5 hour trip up the already over to the county born our indigenous community just one of many around brazil that complain that speculators often encroach on their land and set fires fires which often go out of control these remote territories are always very difficult to police but now with the president in office who's cut funding to the very government agencies tasked with defending this land that's nearly impossible the president has also said that the indigenous communities of brazil are an impediment to progress in the country and hinted that speculators
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will not be punished for breaking the law when they are surrounded by smoke i can smell the smoke ashes are falling into the river many of those speculators are taking full xander full advantage of that situation and the one of the major reasons why large parts of the amazon raging are ablaze like rarely before pope francis has joined international calls for action to. be the you're all concerned about the vast fires that have developed in the amazon let us preserve that with the efforts of all they are controlled as quickly as possible that long in forests is vital for our planet and it's not just brazil that's coping to struggle with wildfires in the amazon in the forest sort of passage of neighboring bolivia for helicopters and 7 aircraft are trying to stop fires over thousands of square kilometers it could take up to 200 years for the burn forest to be restored to its original state. this is the news from al-jazeera still to come are reports
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of a hunger strike inside this prison which is in bahrain will interview a former inmate. the census in kenya will be very different this time around we'll tell you why. one of the biggest stars in american football makes a shock announcement but have all the details a little later in spain. a peaceful march in hong kong as once again with police using water cannons and tear gas on demonstrators police are trying to clear a crowd to block streets after thousands marched peacefully protests began over an extradition which was going to show that the demands of to include political reform as. well families of hong kong police officers have delivered a petition to the office of the city's beijing appointed leader kerry lam they say that politicians are not police should settle issues they also want an
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investigation into the protests and a strategy for keeping any outbreaks or break of violence to a minimum let's go live now to hong kong i was there as wayne hay is there for us when i spoke to you what about 3 hours ago now wayne you showed us where these vehicles these water kind of vehicles you said they might use it and indeed they have. yes for the 1st time. brand new water trucks that the hong kong police have used them although some reports. the media in hong kong suggesting that by the time they decided to deploy water cannon trucks in fact most of the gone but we certainly did notice. much police presence on the streets dealing with this protest movement as you mentioned this started out with a peaceful. march that was given approval. by the police after the protest leaders
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requested that as long as they stuck to an approved route tens of thousands of protesters came out and much peacefully through this part of hong kong in the north west then again as we've seen in the past quite a few protesters broke away and adopt a different tactic setting up barricades blocking main roads and into sections and when we've seen them do that in the past the police waste very little time in coming in to clear them away and that's exactly what they did a lot of tear gas fired again on sunday a very large police presence we still have police presence in some of the neighborhoods near where that march took place it's quite tense in this particular area as they just go through looking for any remnants of that protest movement that took to the streets again on sunday we heard about a petition being delivered to carry lymes office by the families of police officers . what's the latest on her efforts to to draw all these protests to
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a close. yes well i think many people have been suggesting from day one really that's one of the only ways to solve this problem is for dialogue to take place direct dialogue between kerry lam and to governments and to the protesters that has not happened in the past 2 and a half almost 3 months since this these protests started what we saw on saturday was the beginning of what she is calling a brainstorming session involving influential people in hong kong politicians other figures as well that began on saturday with 19 of those people going to government house and media reports suggest that more than half of those people in that meeting urged to accept some of the protesters demands including an independent inquiry into the conduct of the police actions since june when these protests started and also to officially scrapped that extra extradition bill which is how this all began
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in the 1st place no sign of course that's going to happen in the main problem with those talks on saturday is that none of the protesters were there al-jazeera is way today reporting live from hong kong way many thanks. approved beijing panel has chosen a businessman this macau as chief executive holdout saying was picked in a selection process that had no other candidates like hong kong macau is a special administrative territory of china beijing took control in 1909 after more than 4 centuries of portuguese rule. rangar refugees in bangladesh are marking 2 years since violence forced hundreds of thousands of them to flee to me and. in cox's bazar they've been protesting over conditions in camps because their situations are resolved bangladesh is warning that it no longer can bear the economic burden of more than a 1000000 refugees many have resisted efforts to send them back to me and are
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saying that their safety can't be guaranteed well here's how this crisis unfolded ogust 25th 2017 fighters from a armed group attacked dozens of myanmar police posts and an army base around 80 fighters and 12 members of the security forces were killed the fighting spread of the ring to say that hundreds of their homes were set on fire by the military and buddhist militias within weeks was 300000 rohingya had fled the violence which included murder rape and torture they crossed the border into bangladesh and by mid september the un to describe the military operation against the ring the as textbook ethnic cleansing al-jazeera stephanie decker reports now from the kuta prolong refugee camp in the southeast of bangladesh. today's quiet calm betrays the scenes of panic 2 years ago when hundreds of thousands of rain across the river now off in a desperate attempt to seek safety they are safe now but nothing has been resolved
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nor has 6 children who was part of the exodus in august of 2017 already rather. they asked if you want to go back to burma i said no yeah ask me why i told them that the houses were burnt our family members were raped and killed this is why we suffered so much and came here how can we go back without knowing that we will be safe. there's been a renewed effort to get some of the refugees to go back to me in march but with no guarantee of what will happen when they get there no one has so far agreed to return the scale of this camp is like nothing you've ever seen it is the biggest refugee camp in the world around a 1000000 rangar living in these camps across southeastern bangladesh but what does that number really mean well it's more or less the population of islamabad or oslo it is a city of refugees without the infrastructure needed to cope many aid agencies work
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here in that sense it is a global effort but it's bangladesh that's hosting the rangar and it's made it very clear this is a temporary solution and it's a population that keeps expanding this is a really dynamic population. aboard 100 to 2 been born in the carter 3000 police report of people being murdered him to you so. the young won't remember much about what happened but the older ones know that the killings the rate the burning of homes in august of 2017 was only the latest chapter in what's been decades of persecution against their people and as you hussein is a camp leader this is his 3rd time as a refugee in bangladesh. our grandmother no boardroom i don't bother my gratitude i'm 65 years old i came here as a refugee in 1978 then again in 1902 then i went back now i'm a refugee again i'm 2017 i've spent 30 years of my life as
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a refugee i want to go home if the burmese accept our demands will go back right away. what they want is to be officially recognize israel as citizens of me and mar with rights freedom of movement and security what they want is to go back home but the reality is they are not wanted there most of their homes no longer exist bangladesh is categoric it can't post them forever it's not clear what or where their future will be stephanie decker al-jazeera could have a long camp cox's bazaar southeast bangladesh. there nearly is the u.n. special repertoire for me a man she says the conditions in the country are not fit for the ring or to reach out they do not feel safe to go back and by saying they do not feel safe to go back is those perpetrators who are responsible of the torture the rape and the killings
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and the burnings and those who are responsible of course was forcibly deporting people out of me m r they're still there and if you have those security forces police and military still there how would you feel say 2nd they did will not have any freedom of movement that is not any condition anybody would want to return to that is not a dignified return and there is. no citizenship or rights that they can enjoy that other people in them enjoy and we have to remember that many of the people in cox's had in the past enjoyed ship but it was all taken away from them prisoners in a bahrain jail or on hunger strike saying that they're being mistreated around 600 inmates began a strike 10 days ago over conditions inside georgia prison in the east of the
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country they say they're being denied religious and visitor rights are being kept in solitary confinement but according to media in bahrain an official investigator has found the prisons managers haven't broken any regulations are red hour day is director for advocacy at the bahrain institute for rights and democracy he's also a former inmate a job prison and says conditions in the jail have long failed to meet basic standards. i do remember my 1st job prison where i was welcomed by being beaten by the by the officers i remember one of the pregnant from my hand and begin to look my head towards the wall and it's back to my face and begin to slap me and this is the place where they say to welcome i think years left out and now the prison conditions and joe is in that swartz conditions since 2017 some of those inmates did not see their families for a single time because because that city is
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a started to impose a punitive measures that no longer tolerable by the present things like just various so they can actually even have a direct contact with their families and it's been the case for 2 years that some of those inmates did not had a single time in a visitation at this time i think denial or american negligence so there are serious disease within the prison that people can see that they don't really get even a proper treatment they don't know that medications the situation with comes into 50 prison facilities and it's overcrowding you talk about a president that was supposed to have only 6 inmates it's got in some cases the 12 and some cases even 18 individuals day in and out of water and they had a bad food in many cases they do commented mess numbers of individuals being facing food poisoning just because of the poor quality of the food so in summer there are
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no air conditioning but an ounce of water and they cannot even if left the toilet which is the 2nd death this is how bad it is and now atlantic hurricane season been very quiet so far but perhaps not for much longer his tell us more meteorologist kevin corriveau that's right we've been talking a lot about the western pacific now we can finally talk about my favorite area i love the hurricane season the so much talk about it is now starting to brew a little bit more active now in july we did have one storm that was barry that was her. mccain for 3 hours before making landfall in with c.n.n. we have a few more areas talked about today we have one up here towards the carolina coast and we've been watching this area of development very closely it's been very slow the national hurricane center has actually dropped the probability of developing across this area right now it's still going to cause some storm surge be beach erosion rip tides across the carolina coast and maybe up towards bermuda as well but what we're really going to be watching is what is happening out here towards the atlantic this is our new storm this is tropical storm dorian and it's going to
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be strengthening as it makes its way towards the west so it is going to be making a landfall in some parts of the caribbean over the next few days right now winds of $65.00 climber powers they are moving toward the storm is moving to the west and we do have seas about 4 meters so what we're going to see is by tomorrow barbados is going to be putting up tropical storm warnings as the storm gets within 24 hours we do think that it is going to be making landfall in barbados probably in the overnight hours of monday and then going into the caribbean once it goes into the caribbean then we do think that we're looking at a category one hurricane that is heading towards the northwest and possibly making an impact on puerto rico. kevin many thanks this is the news hour from out sirrah still to come on the program outrage in turkey a harrowing video of a woman stabbed to death by her ex-husband sparks debate on domestic violence plus . i was hollerin job on the border between pakistan and india and i'll tell you the impact of the border fence on wildlife there.
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and lightning strikes golf's end of season event injuring some fans all the details coming up and. over 100 years ago britain and france made a secret deal to divide the middle east between them now we can durham in the 2nd episode we explore the lasting effects of this agreement if there is a original set to 6 because it's at those borders were drawn without consulting the people who have to live with it the. psych speak old lines in the sun on jersey. when the news breaks. when people need to be heard and the story needs to be told pretty
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remarkable to that of we had died last week crossing from mexico the united states with exclusive interviews and in-depth reports we can live according to their mission but life is exceptionally al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring more award winning documentaries and light me. it's good to be with us hello adrian for the get here in doha with the news from al-jazeera the headlines france's president is backing down from a statement that he made earlier the g 7 leaders agreed he could take the lead on talks with iran it made the statement up for a meeting on trade with other leaders. g.
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7 has agreed to help countries affected by fires in the amazon as fast as possible tens of thousands of brazilian soldiers have begun heading into the rainforest to help fight the blazes but president jab also now or says that things are returning to normal. a range of refugees in bangladesh are marking 2 years since violence forced hundreds of thousands of them to flee. in cox's bazaar they've been protesting over conditions in camps because the situation is resolved. and israeli drone has crashed in lebanon's capital beirut has boehner says that it damaged a building housing its media office in the area of more odd in the city something suburbs another is ready drone is reported to exploded in the air in the same area where just hours earlier israel carried out as strikes against a radiant targets near the syrian capital damascus al-jazeera say the hold up brings us up to date from beirut. it's
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a template populated neighborhood in the lebanese capital but it is 08 hell on last stronghold. for sure have been cool could be failing grade a new crown. area and the 2nd one exploded and crashed in the area we don't have any more grandparents because group. think the group of course and we run our lives. which have been ongoing in the work that is grabbing the power the latest batch of aid from qatar to gaza is being distributed $11000000.00 is being given out in $100.00 payments to 100000 families for food and utilities harry force of reports from gaza. a fraud gaza this sunday morning there are scenes like this these people queuing up at a post office here in gaza city and it's being replicated throughout the territory they're in line for vital aid money money which came in the terry and boy mohammed
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in marty on thursday he brought $11000000.00 in cash for distribution to the $100000.00 poorest families in the territory it's an arrangement which has been in force since march which was after the most recent military escalation between hamas and the israelis and for people here it's absolutely vital that enough to. let them open the crossing so people can live and let them find job opportunities open more chances and we won't want $100.00 guns economy continues to be in critical condition be an informant rate running at around 50 percent the poverty rate in excess of 60 percent is contending both with the israeli blockade and the economic restrictions imposed by the palestinian authority but these monthly payments are also very closely linked to the security situation just a few days ahead of the latest transfer from qatar there was a warning from the committee in charge of the weekly friday protests that. they may
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return to the open crashes and confrontations we've seen in previous months that one's way off to dismiss recent fame and pain through it is the election season in israel there are accusations against benjamin netanyahu the israeli prime minister that he is exceeding to exclude infections from hamas in the way that these payments are being made we've seen in the last month an escalation in really in security around the gaza border fence with a chance by on palestinian men to get through the fence we've seen rockets being fired out from gaza terry trying to all sign into israel as well the security situation remains very gently balanced for now these payments are coming through and they are both presumably keeping that security situation to some extent under control and they are vying for the people to continue for now to receive the latest round of talks between the taliban of the u.s. is to that force day and the 2 sides are meeting in doha to try to finalize details
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for the withdrawal of u.s. troops from afghanistan victoria gating the reports. i thought close to the talk has described the mood as opposed to have been said that now really focused on the mechanics of the implementation process by that they mean they're trying to establish a framework for the withdrawal of close 214000 american troops who are currently stationed in afghanistan and they're also seeking assurances from the taliban as the how they would guarantee that if that withdrawal did take place that that territory would not be used by armed groups such as i saw in the al qaida from which to launch a global attack it has been significant that during this round the 9th round all told here in the qatari capital doha that the u.s. top command in afghanistan general scott miller has been in attendance and taking part in those discussions he has attended before. but it's rare that he attends it
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that significant if a bilateral security agreement is to be finalized between the americans and the taliban the taliban will also have to agree to a permanent cease fire and also afghan talks the commitment to take part in those that's talks between the taliban and the afghan government so far the taliban has refused to take part in such talks that regards the afghan government as illegitimate a puppet of the american administration the only official news that we've had out of the talks on saturday is in the form of 2 tweets one by u.s. envoy zalmay khalilzad and the other by the official taliban spokesperson they have both denied reports that they are discussing the establishment of an interim afghan government serious culture minister has resigned after being criticized over a rambling of a stampede that killed 5 people at a concert dozens were injured at
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a packed stadium announces on thursday mariama d'arcy was blamed for the way that the concert was organized although more than 30000 people attended the event there were only 4 small entrances and exits the stampede began before the show at one of the entrances algerian so king was due to perform. sudan's new prime minister says that the country needs at least $10000000000.00 in foreign aid over the next 2 years to rebuild its economy about $100.00 said the money is needed in the next 3 months to prevent the currency falling further the country's in talks with the international monetary fund and world bank about restructuring its debt. the killing of a mother by her ex-husband in front of her child has caused outrage in turkey i mean bullet was stabbed to death in a cafe last sunday in the central turkish city of pearl colleen according to one of one woman's rights groups nearly $250.00 women have been killed in the country this
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year alone and some people are now taking the fight for justice to social media mohammed reports it's this video that brought turkey to a standstill but too graphic to show the moments off so i mean bullets was stabbed to death in front of her 10 year old daughter she can be heard screaming and holding her neck as her daughter begs her not to die but that means ex-husband fidel baran has been charged in connection with a killing her name and her loss was a now being said on social media to raise awareness about women's rights in turkey and the issue of femicide which is the killing of a female based on her gender it's generated a response on the streets to dozens of people are demanding justice for it means killing from cutty caught in istanbul to chi serry and also in some song. the cry of mean pollutes was not just a cry it is the rebellion of women we are not silenced anymore we will not release any more women. i don't like reacting to such situations by
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tweeting or hashtags but this time i really do care i feel so sorry i'm highly affected by this i will join the protests taking place and encourage everyone to take part. these are the reasons murder is justified femicide she betrayed that's why i killed she was not a virgin that's why i killed she was dressed improperly that's why i killed society has accepted those reasons but under normal circumstances the punishment of murder is a life sentence. and on friday a turkish football team held a one minute silence ahead of kickoff in solidarity with. well the outrage has prompted the turkish government to respond the ruling party has vowed to tackle violence against women and children and the justice minister has tweeted that he was confident that a means for my husband would be given the punishment he deserves but critics say
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not enough is being done to address the problem of gender inequality according to the we will stop femicide a women's rights platform more than 200 women have been killed in turkey this year in the uk it's possible to stop femicide article 6 to wait for the law to protect women from violence has to be applied properly to istanbul agreement has to be applied effectively to strengthen and protect women when the istanbul agreement was signed in 2011 we saw a decrease in femicide figures we have to take this past the law should be applied properly in order to keep women alive. australia has revealed plans to ban online extremist content in the event of an attack like the one on 2 mosques in new zealand in march they involve blocking certain internet domains the government says it may also consider a law that would require digital platforms to improve the safety of their services 51 people were killed in the christchurch massacre the gunman streamed the shooting live facebook. the morrison government is determined to keep australians
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safe online and they are also determined to ensure that terror terrorists and those. advocating and supporting extreme violence are not able to use the internet to publicize or win support for their causes kenyans government is conducting an historic census this weekend it's the 1st time in africa the 1st to recognise into 6 people those born with physical traits that don't fit common definitions of male or female are serious malcolm webb went along with census workers in the capital nairobi. james kuranda has tried to kill himself 3 times when he was born it wasn't clear to doctors or his parents if he was male or female and so he says a childhood of misery began but he says some things have since improved for
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intersex people here in kenya the government's now conducting a census is the 1st in africa to recognise intersex people does not turn it into typical males and females there was a realisation that intersex children are being killed most of these children cannot even access simple government services then there was a need. to have policies that put onto into 6 pieces. another group to be recognised for the 1st time in this census of people with albinism it's now listed as a disability we are excited because it will make us to count. it will make us to be seen to be kenyans it is valid it's us that we are actually a demographic valuable we've seen that most of the current population. the government hopes most of the data can be collected in 2 evenings so you. before you
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move in the last census 10 years ago some officials were accused of rigging politics in kenya who are often contested wrong tribal lines and census data determines the allocation of state resources that we are. trying to do some funny games asking people to move this way or that we we are watching you and. you meet with the law. collecting accurate data is a challenge about 10000000 kenyans and their magic herders who regularly cross borders to neighboring countries millions more live in slums like this one is no official list of addresses so the government has ordered bars and pubs to close and told everyone to stay home and wait for the enumerators to come and knock at the door. and push the data collection takes
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days processing it takes much longer what is so mass and national. results might contain some surprises or be contested. kenyans will have to wait months to find out. malcolm webb al-jazeera nairobi kenya just ahead here on the news out it's not all fun and games we find out about the high prize money and the high pressure if any sports. played. september on al-jazeera up to gears of war and famine al-jazeera looks at the dramatic transformation emerging to the inspirational stories of for diversity p.o.b. and israel elections can mention and that's a young film a majority and sometimes another time listening post to 6 the world's media how they operate and the stories they cover do not succeed bin laden is in president
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dissent see join us for live coverage as to his human rights a documentary that examines the worst atrocities committed during the war in libya . september on al-jazeera. to. the taliban. just. plain. plain.
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now it's not just humans who are suffering in the fight over kashmir border fencing and forest fires and putting wildlife in the himalayan region of risk officer is a solid job reports now from.


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