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tv   Mali Tribes  Al Jazeera  August 25, 2019 10:32pm-11:00pm +03

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kenyans will have to wait months to find out. malcolm webb al-jazeera nairobi kenya just ahead here on the news out it's not all fun and games we find out about the high prize money and the high pressure in sports. played. september on al-jazeera up to gears of war and famine al-jazeera looks at the dramatic transformation emerging through the inspirational stories of 4 diversity p.o.p.o. israel elections can benjamin netanyahu the former majority and sometime another time listening post to 6 the world's media and how they operate and the stories they cover do not succeed bin laden is in president dissent see join us for live coverage as to his human rights a documentary that examines the worst atrocities committed during the war in libya
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. september on al jazeera. english can't. just. rely. now it's not just humans who are suffering in the fight over kashmir border fencing and forest fires and putting wildlife in the himalayan region of risk i was there as a sullivan job reports now from. pakistan administered side of the line of control
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. in a back yard scared and pushed out of its natural habitat this planting leopard represents the plight of wildlife and one of the world's most militarized zone. as humans fight over the disputed territory defenses directed divided the habitat for animals as well as the fence stretches for about 550 of the 700 kilometer long line of control between india and pakistan. life would freely move between india and occupied kashmir and. now that natural migration has been severed the last cycle and biological requirements have been limited. i use dense forests are home and a source of food for many species of wild cats beared deer goats monkeys and birds only a few of these creatures can respond to these days despite conservation efforts and my life preserves on both sides this new species is called the grave it is one of
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the worst affected after the fencing between pakistan and india and that's right these friends are being bred in captivity. and after 15 years just 5 regular hours exist in this well heck terrorism. because of the fanes many species in question here are stranded on either side the numbers have dwindled and the gene pool has shrunk small population breeding means they go through genetic changes higher population and rate to cross breeding which makes them stronger in addition to cross border fire which results in fires were also has an impact on the logged life mountain pheasants are also vulnerable the ones being bred in captivity have to be regularly checked because in a very they don't develop the natural immunity which birds acquired in the wild the speed of population growth is another threat as forests shrink wildlife is affected
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people use trees for firewood and construction hunting and poaching also plays a role in bringing numbers. conservationists warn that without for sport a collaboration many species that it risk. such as this baby leopard which got her trying to cross the electrified fence didn't follow her last breaths i reminded to humans the fight for territory and control is destroying the very land they're fighting for osama bin job down to 0 at the line of control pakistan administered kashmir son of a sport his son thank you very much adrian all indians hopes of completing a record run chase to win the 3rd ass's test are fading australia have taken 7 wickets at with england chasing a victory target all 359 if england somehow make it they would eclipse their previous most successful chase of 322 which came back in 1928 against the all these in melbourne. all this is how it stands right now england still need just under 100
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runs for victory there on 277 all hopes on ben stokes who was unbeaten on 55. and this really champions majesties city are in action right now to bournemouth they're looking to bounce back after drawing against talking them last week when will move city 2nd spurs themselves can also move up to the table into the top 4 if they beat new corsa later on of course. we don't you monisha new sign in. and of course all that is going to make it to be more focus them and try to be compact and for us of course after to have a very good race will again manchester city of course our trust and confidence are good but in the same time respect in that newcastle is going to be tough to beat to be in. liverpool have made it 3 wins from 3 and top the table with 9 points they
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crashed arsenal 31 on saturday john that scored at the 1st with mohamed salah netting twice for the reds but was really happy with a lot of parts of the game a thing everything they did well in the 1st 4 games we did tonight longer more precise and better today. and a lot to desire the passion the power banditry what we put in this game. that made us radio uncomfortable to play against i would say and that's what we wanted. italian champions you venters have made a winning start to the new syria last season the touring club aiming for a record extending and minds a straight league title on saturday they beat a prominent one they all kept in georgia. getting the winner and the 1st half. of the penultimate round of golds and of season 2 a championship that has resumed in atlanta places spend it on
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a saturday because of a lightning strike that left 6 people injured. the ball to hit a 60 foot tree just off the 16th shot to the bar all the way to the bottom 6 spectators that got injured that had been sheltering from a storm they were taken to hospital all of them more conscious and breathing. from my understanding is that a tree and not debris off a tree and that's what injured 6 people that were in the gallery and. the people were right on the bottom and they got him off the the injured people off the your property in 15 minutes as we understand right now there's no life threatening injuries. born from video games e sports has become a booming industry in many parts of the world especially in time not thousands of
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young players are competing for millions of dollars in prize money but some are finding out that they're also including the pressure to stay on top of their reports from shanghai. this might look like a hobby or entertainment to many but eastport is taking off globally it's about to become a $1000000000.00 industry here in shanghai site of the international or t.i. the annual championship for online game dota to the prizes for winners totaling $33000000.00 breaking the previous record set last month. but as each sport grows so are health concerns for these young players many are teenagers like kyle gears dorf a 16 year old american who last month picked up $3000000.00 for coming 1st in the fortnight world cup the highest ever individual win eastport event the concerns are for players physical health with the hours and hours of sitting and repetitive
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motion and also mental given the high stress of big money on the line not to mention millions of people watching each and every move burnout and anxiety are an increasing issue under age eastport betting is also a concern a recent u.k. study estimates that globally 45 percent of tweets about eastport betting reaches young people below the legal minimum age you know you know kind of e.g. is one of the leading eastport companies in china it operates in a similar way to professional athletic clubs the players live and train on site one says going pro is not for everyone. else when you thought i'd buy you a it depends on what your interest and what you are good at if you have the talent and companies about yourself you can choose e sports otherwise you should spend more time studying. starts recruiting players at 16 and they reach their prime between 1021. the 2 main factors for choosing good players one is talent the 2nd is hard training. these kids with good
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talent we have why they're training e sports fans are not only watching live streaming thousands packed the competition for dota 2 paying hundreds of dollars for tickets some in the china eastport industry see competitions growing beyond just being housed in large arenas that are normally used for big athletic events like this one here in shanghai but that eventually they'll become part of international athletic games. i am very confident that each ball to become formal play in asian games or even the olympics this is the trend and this trend is unstoppable with the potential of each sport elevated beyond big money becoming a game of national pride to teams representing their country training and strategy will become even more secretive and intense it's got harder al-jazeera shanghai. and that's it for me so many thanks indeed some breaking news for you now on
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al-jazeera from the g. 7 summit in france iran's foreign minister has arrived in beirut's where that summit is taking place german serif wasn't expected to attend the diplomatic editor james pace who joins us now live from beirut james what do we know. very important news agent breaking in the last hour in fact just over an hour ago we 1st got the indication of this but in the last few minutes we have a statement that's come from the spokesman of the iranian foreign ministry it's in farsi but i can translate it to you. at the invitation of the french foreign minister our foreign minister dr mohamad job and zarif arrived in beer it's where the g. 7 summit was held to continue discussions on recent initiatives between the presidents of iran and france but he adds there'll be no meetings or negotiations with the
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u.s. delegation on this trip i can also tell you that that information has been backed up in the last few moments by the spokesperson for the iranian mission to the united nations i can also tell you that president trump has been asked about this at the start of a meeting between g 7 leaders and african leaders and interestingly president trump what he's been quite forthcoming on so many matters in this g. servant simply said no comment no official word from the french president or his team organizing this particular g 7 it's worth telling you that the word of this 1st emerged among the journalists here just over an hour ago and that's from flight tracking software the various flight tracking websites showed that a an iranian plane with the tail number e.p. g d had landed in beer it's with the call sign iran 5 it didn't take the
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journalists here long to realize that's the same plane that foreign minister zarif used for his scandinavian tour and used when he was in paris on friday this was not expected this is important adrian. jones just just very briefly what are the occasions a this you say that the president trump was asked about a presence in france and he said no comment and it's hard to believe that the president would would would come to this summit without being told that there is a possibility that it would be there to. well certainly there were discussions that took place in the informal dinner about iran and that the information came through that maybe the french president might call was going to be the lead for the g. 7 all on iran maybe he was told that you're right i think president trump would expect to be told about something about that like this in advance all right james many thanks indeed just to remind you then of that breaking news once again iran's
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foreign minister zarif has arrived at the g. 7 summit in france for the details on that and the rest of the day's news in another 4 bowlers interviews just moments away here on how to 0 a c in a couple of. in the next episode of techno the team travels to the heart of the amazon. where we are now should be grateful to investigate illegal gold mining mercury had a very unique characteristic of finding the gold for a miner it's almost like magic and the technology being used to expose its devastating impact and so what we end up doing is imaging the forest in very high fidelity street techno on al-jazeera. it's my privilege to name al-jazeera english the broadcaster the here the cartels are fighting each other that we've been told that we chronicle here this is the largest
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demonstration that's been held by their refugees since over 700000 of them right here some of our neighbors who sits on the front here or they think that they could be but they can hear. al-jazeera english proud recipient of the national crystal's broadcast of the year award of the secular. millions of people across india missed out on medical but a hospital train is delivering doctors and homes to those most in need one i want to east towards india is a lot from exploding on the al-jazeera. until now the coverage of latin america and most of the world was about covering khuda taz tragedies quakes and that was it but not well how could pull feel how they look how they think and that's what we do we go anyway 5 and a half months of demanding it to an education system that was introduced to.
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latin america al-jazeera has come to fill a void that needed to be filled. al jazeera. every year. in a surprise to the to ron's foreign minister arrives at the 11th hour for the g. 7 summit in france. again i'm adrian finighan this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up brazil's president says things in the amazon are returning to normal even as fires continue to bud in the rainforest
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a 1st for the hong kong protests police use water cannons to disperse anti-government protesters targeting the pro china government and too scared to return to me on the refugees demand better rights before they'll go back 2 years since fleeing to bangladesh. we begin with that breaking news out of the g. 7 summit in france iran's foreign minister mohammad serif has made an unexpected visit to beirut's he was just in france a few days ago meeting with president emanuel mccraw who's been trying to revive the nuclear deal that the u.s. withdrew from last year let's go live now to our diplomatic editor james pays his at the g. 7 summit so james what do we know about jabot cerise visit. well confirmation coming in the last 20 minutes or so that he is here in beirut it's coming from the foreign ministry spokesman in tehran
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a statement put out on their twitter feed in farsi a rough translation here at the invitation of the french foreign minister luckily our our foreign minister dr mohammad job and zarif arrived in the ritz where the group of 7 summits is being held to continue discussions on relations initiatives between the presidents of iran and france but he adds this is significant they'll be no meetings or negotiations with the u.s. delegation on this trip statement confirming that serif is here also come from the iranian mission to the united nations the word here 1st for journalists that something might be in the air came when flight tracking software websites showed that an iranian jet had landed here at beirut's airport with a call sign iran 5 that is the foreign minister's plane the same plane that he flew to 3 different capitals in scandinavia last week the same plane that took him here
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to france to paris on friday for discussions with president mccraw and foreign minister the d'anna suggesting that perhaps this was set up on friday no news really proper news yet from the american side on this other than a very quick question to president trump has been forthcoming on many different issues about foreign minister zarif being in berets and whether it was true and he on this issue simply said no comment my view is this i think it's highly highly unlikely that the french would have surprised the u.s. with this and i'm sure that the u.s. delegation were given advanced warning and i'm sure if they had opposed this side. dia they would have said that very strongly and it wouldn't have happened so although it seems from the comments of the foreign ministry spokesman that you're
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not going to have a direct meeting but i'd never say never between the iranians and the u.s. you are it seems going to have meetings taking place between the europeans and the iranians at a venue where the u.s. is very heavily present as you said james that this probably has been in the planning at least if not for a few days perhaps perhaps longer if it is not going to meet with the u.s. delegation that's been made quite clear from that statement from from iran i mean what what is the point what what could he be hoping to achieve by being there the g 7. well quite often in in diplomacy and in negotiations you have what's called proximity negotiations i don't think these informal talks by any stretch of the imagination but it could work that sort of way president trump is here close by messages very carefully could be passed so you could have similar taney as meetings the americans in one room and
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others with the iranians in another and direct communication between the 2 rooms and the possibility of some progress or remember the the u.s. and the european position on iran is very different indeed the u.s. pulled out of the iran nuclear deal of 2015 the europeans are trying to keep that deal alive the u.s. have a very muscular approach to the situation in the gulf the europeans have a much more diplomatic approach on the way forward there's been a big difference on this but maybe the u.s. have been persuaded by president macro to give diplomacy one more chance it is very important very unexpected development at this summit until the iranian foreign ministers arrival there at the g. 7 summit talks had been dominated not surprisingly by the issue of trade james what's the latest on that. trade an area that worries many of the g 7
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meeting ministers and leaders because obviously those worries about the global economy they seen just on friday the slot stock markets again slump put over a number of different protectionist and trade war issues but particularly that u.s. china trade war president trump was asked about that earlier on by reporters and he said that he had to be very tough on china because they they behaved very badly. british. presidents in the list regimes allow them to get away with thinking hundreds of billions of dollars out of every year putting it into genius and here is. tell me that nobody no. second thoughts about everything so he says that he always has 2nd thoughts about this when he was asked by reporters pressed on the issue do you
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have 2nd thoughts he said i always have 2nd thoughts on everything forcing the white house very very quickly to issue a denial and say no president trump was very committed to the way he was handling this issue despite what we all heard our diplomatic editor james bays reporting live from beirut in southwestern france james many thanks indeed we're just outside beer it's protesters have gathered to voice their opposition to the g. 7 summit anticapitalist activists environmentalist and other antiglobalization groups are in bayonne they marched through the streets carrying portraits of president to many of my core taken from town halls. g 7 leaders have agreed to help the countries affected by fires in the amazon as quickly as possible tens of thousands of brazilian soldiers have begun heading into the rainforest to join the fight against the fires but the president says that things are returning to normal
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the military's being sent to 6 states and an unprecedented response the number of fires is around 85 percent higher than at this time last year and many blame the policies of president boston are oh well hundreds of you've been reported adding to the several 1000 across the region official data compiled by the national by national geographic shows the scale and intensity of the fires 6 brazilian states are asking for federal help and 77000 wildfires have been reported since january alone job also naro expressed confidence that the situation is under control. average burns are down over the last few years and are going back to normal the amazon fire has been described as an international crisis and as you heard will be discussed urgently at the g. 7 many of the fires began in remote areas of the amazon that are difficult to police the places where developers often see opportunities in clearing land but much of it is protected or belongs to indigenous communities on 0 study or
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schreiber went to the northwestern state of rwanda near one of the areas worst affected by the files. both brazil's joy and its curse is sheer size this sensation of infinity the sense that no matter how much damage man does it can never ruin all of this but now with large parts of the amazon the blaze that sensation is being shattered what happens here in this remote part of the amazon does matter in the rest of brazil doesn't matter in the rest of the world we've just an hour long journey by road from the road on your state's capital. and then without taking a 5 hour trip up the already over to the county born our indigenous community just one of many around brazil that complain that speculators often encroach on their land and set fires fires which often go out of control these remote territories are always very difficult to police but now with the president in office who's cut
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funding to the very government agencies tasked with defending this land that's nearly impossible the president has also said that the indigenous communities of brazil are an impediment to progress in the country and hinted that speculators will not be punished for breaking the law when they are surrounded by smoke i can smell the smoke ashes are falling into the river many of those speculators are taking full xander full advantage of that situation and the one of the major reasons why large parts of the amazon a raging are ablaze like rarely before provide answers joined international calls for action the leader of the roman catholic church prayed that efforts by all can control the fire. but the you're all concerned about the vast fires that have developed in the amazon that is preserve that with the efforts of all they are controlled as quickly as possible that long in forests is vital for our planet because it's not just brazil but struggling to cope with wildfires in neighboring
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bolivia 4 helicopters 6 planes and the boeing super tanker are trying to stop over 1000. some square kilometers fishelson estimate that it will take 200 years for the burn forests restored to be restored to its original state. a peaceful march in hong kong is once again sod with tear gas now being fired by police and petrol bombs thrown by demonstrators police are trying to clear crowds who've blocked streets after thousands marched peacefully protests began over an extradition bill which was later show with the demands of widened to include political reforms. families of hong kong police officers delivered a petition to the office of the city's beijing appointed leader kerry lamb see kerry lamb rather they say the politicians are not police should be settling all issues they also want of investigation into the protests and a strategy for keeping any outbreak of violence to a minimum don't assume as wayne hay reports now from hong kong it's been another to
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be lent weekend in some parts of hong kong is this anti government movement shows no sign of slowing down on both day saturday and sunday we saw a very large peaceful marches taking place in different parts of the city those marches had been given pre-approval by the police for the protest is to march along designated routes but as we've seen many times before small smaller groups of protesters broke away from the main bunch and took some more extreme action like blocking major roads in intersections erecting barricades and 40 fortifying their position and again as we've seen many times before when they do that the police tend to waste very little time trying to move them on and that's what we've seen here sunday evening the police came.


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