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or a target in lebanon and the israeli side will never feel safe that israeli drones that are coming to lebanon are not coming here to collect information they are suicidal drones that aim at killing us from now on we will face the israeli drones when they arrive in lebanon skies we will crush them we will drop them. israel's security cabinet is meeting on monday morning to discuss recent security developments now that comes after the country's military hit iranian backed targets in syria activists say 2 members of hezbollah were killed the prime minister benjamin netanyahu has threatened further attacks. as. if someone rises up to kill you kill him 1st in a complicated operation revealed that iran dispatched a special unit off to syria to kill israelis on the golan heights with explosive drones i'd like to emphasize this was an initiative of iran and we prevented serious attacks that we will expose any attempt by iran to attack us and any iranian effort to hide behind excuses will not tolerate aggressions against israel
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from any country in the region any country that allows its territory to be used for aggression against israel will face the consequences and i repeat the country will face the consequences the israeli authorities have evacuated a music festival after rockets were fired from gaza it happened in the city of start close to the security barrier that separates the territory from israel the israeli military says its iron dome system intercepted to move 3 rockets launched from gaza. well following that rocket fire out of the gaza strip israeli warplanes have struck empty fields in the north of the gaza strip no casualties have been reported still to come here on al-jazeera no place left to go urgent calls for more help for the survivors of the war in syria. and sued by the state of oklahoma is taking on a pharmaceutical giant with the u.s. opioids crisis.
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and i want to think would constitute a heatwave in iraq and particularly in baghdad where. 1st of all summer sunshine easy wrong and temperatures in the forty's you'd think you'd be right but 48 now that is on the high side even for baghdad at the end of august as you can see is nothing in the sky with the exception the few showers that were in the caucasus are drifting across the northern caspian so wind directions often critical and it's not doing very much to alleviate heat no canid in iraq he's drawing it south we have seen terms in excess of 50 of the classic you're right we're back down to 43 now with more of a curve of moisture source more humid 43 seems quite likely near the coast obviously cooling near the better any coast 30 in beirut a far more sensible level of temperature now the suggestion around the eastern
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coast a society dancer caught on to the u.a.e. is this temperatures approaching 40 maybe it's not so humid but i think it probably will be in the next couple of days inland it's certainly looking dry and the breezy often salalah not only $28.00 which is suggestive of a lot of clouds and some drizzle knows enhanced as it was recently remember durbin's temperature we were approaching the 30 mark couple days ago well before crosses borders back down to normal a mere 22. al-jazeera explores prominent figures of the 20th century and how rivalries influenced the course of history steve jobs a much better marketeers than bill gates for apple like really bad stuff bill made software what it is today will change the world to high tech visionaries breakthroughs inspired the digital revolution jobs and gates face to face on
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al-jazeera. welcome back you're watching al-jazeera let's just remind you of the main news so far today iran's top diplomat has made a brief surprise visit to the g. 7 in france but how much of a help talks with the french president emanuel back home on the sidelines of the 3 day meeting she 7 leaders have agreed to the compass affected by fires in the amazon as quickly as possible tens of thousands of brazilian soldiers have begun heading into the rain forest a military planes are started dumping water in the state of or danya. venezuelans are rushing to the border with ecuador before new visa rules come into effect this
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is the latest south american nations tighten regulations 1000000 venezuelans have left the country in the last few years to escape the political and economic crisis and latin america at its mercy and human joins us now from to con where they're preparing to clues the border to see what's happening there right now. peter the deadline has already lapsed and in fact now the border is going to be closed or has been closed for anyone who isn't already on the ecuadoran side we're on again colombia's just about 200 meters from where i'm standing right now which is by the immigration entrance into ecuador thousands and thousands of people have been coming in in the last 24 hours in fact the official tally is more than 10000 lots of children it's freezing cold here and at 3000 meters above sea level in fact and so and they're still so i can see from where i'm standing right now at least
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another 500 people there are going to be processed to get in here they're already on inside ecuador so they're happy about that but most of these people have no where to go peter some are being taken or have been taken throughout the day to the border with fruit but there the border is also closed to anyone who does not have a visa which is a very vast majority of the people i've spoken to so it is a critical situation they have no money they have practically no food except what people can give to them and they're just wrapped in towels or little blankets that are being given out by n.g.o.s that are in the area but it's certainly not enough peter the dramatic situation indeed why has taken this decision in this way. i think that ecuador's understood the same reason that has done it and that is and chile as well but especially this country which is right next to colombia the only country that right now has an open border for the venezuelans this is
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a poor country it's an economic crisis a lot of ecuadorans have no work there's a lot of pressure on the government now to start to start reducing the number of venezuelans that are here there are at least 300000 that have stayed here another 1000000 that have been. ecuador as a transit point into. and to go on to chile and perhaps argentina but now those countries are demanding visas as well and so they're getting stuck in this country and the locals are not happy about it they're not being as welcomed as they used to be peter the venezuelans because people are saying here that they just don't have enough for themselves and that the rest of the international community has to start to pitch in latin americans can't take the whole responsibility for this extraordinary immigration crisis from the venezuelans that you mentioned 4000000 but actually it's expected to reach 8000000 by the end of this year according to the united nations thanks very much the u.n.
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says the worsening humanitarian crisis in the north of syria is having diet consequences for at least 3000000 people the russian syrian government forces have been shelling and launching airstrikes against targets in provinces the beginning of may force hundreds of thousands of people to leave and they are running out of places to get to. has more from. of them have reduced the arrives in at least 10 days ago after syrian government forces captured his home town of. his one of the survivors of a chemical attack in the same town in 2017 that killed 25 members of his family including his wife and their twin. after marrying again he's started over but after receiving death threats from the regime he's afraid and doesn't want us to film his wife. i couldn't even forget the pain how can i deal with losing my family and my homeland each time we say we'll stand up for something that
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breaks us our hearts either in turkey or in europe meet once a better life for his family and i can share that i'm living witness of assad's crimes i want to tell the world. with the turkish border to the north sealed however the displaced in northern syria have nowhere else to go as the fighting intensifies most of these vehicles carry syrian strain from the south of at the border in august the number on the move has reached at least $70000.00 the influx causes a huge traffic jam in the owner of the overloaded city of it and it takes hours to move just a short distance especially in the outlet refugee camp. everyday there are more of these makeshift shelters under all of threes and not close to the turkish border. having been displaced several times they have asked family from hammer only arrived to day they got up the landlord just came and told us to move shelley pitch my tent
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on the road we are displaced left everything behind tell me know what care we do. the latest regime operations in northern how much are putting health facilities under pressure hospitals are sort of supplies and stuff going to tarion aid is ocean fully needed. it's a desperate wait for many in a including up to have me wondering whether the war will catch up with them again c n n close all of al-jazeera at live northwest in syria. sudan's new prime minister has appealed for international support as the country begins its next step towards democracy doc says his government wants an end to sudan's pariah status and calls for sanctions on it to be lifted economy rule of law collapse under former president omar al bashir his 30 year rule ended in april when the military ousted al bashir after months of mass protests. 4 said 2 years would i salute were
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treated as a place that. we want to tell the world. we're moving away from sanctions yeah issues of punishment and on to a sudan that is coming back to the form of more militias contributing to peace security you know it is you know number one and for that approach. we wanted to be seen as to conclude that the paulding human rights good governance peace security at ease with yourself and peace and its neighbors the u.s. state of oklahoma is awaiting a court ruling in its case against a major american company we're talking about johnson and johnson a multinational pharmaceutical firm is being sued by the state over its role in the u.s. opioids crisis and gallica has more now from norman oklahoma. over the last 2 decades officials in this state say that more than 6000 people have died of opioid
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overdoses those statistics nationally make for even more startling reading in 2017 alone the center for disease control say that that figure was almost $50000.00 which race was when happening in this courthouse over the last few months extremely important oklahoma's attorney general is accusing johnson and johnson one of the biggest pharmaceutical companies in the world are flooding the market with powerful painkillers and not warning people about their addictive nature but their part johnson and johnson say no laws were broken and they were simply bringing relief to people with chronic pain if the judge sides with the state of oklahoma that could mean that johnson and johnson is forced to pay out billions of dollars in fines money that will be used in treatment centers over the next few decades but a decision like that will also set a precedent not unlike the one in the late ninety's where big tobacco paid out almost all the states and it's also important to remember there are still 2000 pending court cases across the united states many pharmaceutical companies settling
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before the cases even come to court so all eyes will be on the decision made by the judge here in norman oklahoma on monday. u.s. president donald trump will be facing a 2nd challenger in the republican primaries for the 2020 white house nomination but as heidi joe castro now reports it won't be an easy task to unseat a president was strong approval ratings within his own party. in the united states no one has successfully challenged an incumbent president for his own party's nomination in more than a century and a half and president trump with his approval rating among republicans that 80 to 90 percent has laughed off any suggestion his nomination is in jeopardy but on sunday former congressman joe walsh became the 2nd republican to announce a longshot bid to unseat trump in the primaries i'm running because he's unfair
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somebody needs to step up and there needs to be an alternative the country is sick of this guy's tantrums he's he's a child intraparty challenges to a sitting president are rare but have happened before ronald reagan strongly challenge president gerald ford in 1976 ted kennedy came close to winning the nomination against jimmy carter in 1980 and pat buchanan challenged the 1st president bush in 1992 each incumbent went on to lose the general election. while she and fellow republican presidential challenger william weld a former governor are both considered long shots against trump to call it suicide would be pretty close to accurate at this point but a lot can happen in 6 months especially with potential economic downturn learned looming we know that the president's approval rating is very closely tied to the
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health of the economy and any continued problems with trade and such could really doubt the president. trump has weathered a rough week escalating the u.s. china trade war labeling the chair of the u.s. federal reserve and enemy and ordering private businesses to not do business with china. but the republican national committee is right behind the president and he's raised a small fortune for his campaign which make it difficult for anyone to challenge him and when. castro al-jazeera washington. america is marking the arrival of the 1st enslaved africans to the english colony of the ginia 400 years ago the commemoration comes as the u.s. president is being accused of creating a culture where white nationalism and racism can flourish alan fischer reports now from hampton virginia. the bells rang for 4 minutes.
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one for every century since the arrival of the 1st african sleeves in the english speaking colonies that would become america taken from what is knowing they were sold for food to the struggling colon ists the fust of hundreds of thousands that would follow creating history changing history don't let other people in the fire who we are and who we were who our ancestors were because when you read the terrible history book it's in their version of history they do not tell you about the good things that we did they tell you about our ancestry was all about slavery and we are africans we're not slaves we were enslaved and we're here today to pick up those broken pieces and try to heal from the wounds of slavery everyone was infected slavery was an international trade and everyone profited many people profited from the slave trade and many people were broken by it this is for years ago where my ancestors came across the most votes there are because federal service
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had i wanted my wife to know a little bit about the history of my people. even after the other. listen of slavery african-americans faced open hostility brutality murder efforts to block integration attempts to stop them voting is telling all of us to feel the loser pain in recent years they've seen the rise of white nationalism an overt racism there are those who believe that the legacy of what happened 400 years ago has never been fully addressed that there's still inequality still discrimination and until those are fixed and america will never truly be the united states of america still has a legal muscle memory towards racialism towards inequality and so after 400 years historians are now telling that truer story that more accurate story about the true origins of our nation about this original sin that people talk about
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. the waves delivered the 20 an odd sleeves as they were described they would never leave these shores again and would never have imagined 400 years on their lives but their legacy would be remembered by so many people who felt connected. alan fischer al-jazeera hampton virginia. some people have been killed in a helicopter and an ultralight plane crashed in midair over me york now the crash took place near in the north of the popular tourist island off the spanish coast 5 passengers including 2 children were on board the helicopter while the other 2 victims were on the small aircraft. this is al jazeera these are your top stories iran's top diplomat has made a surprise visit to the g. 7 summit in beirut as the foreign minister mohammad javad zarif flew in for talks with the french president emanuel macron france has been trying to salvage the 2050
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nuclear deal that the u.s. pulled out of last year zarif said the road ahead would be difficult but it's worth trying. the german chancellor angela merkel says every opportunity should be taken to resolve tensions between the u.s. and iran well this could get let's intentionally fogger in the end the question is can we succeed in finding a way to prevent a further escalation because if nothing happens then we will have to fear that iran reneges even further on its commitments in september or can we manage a reverse development in which iran read here to their j c p o i a sions plath step by step for the talks with iran are you. tens of thousands of brazilian soldiers are heading into the amazon rain forest to join the fight against the wildfires the military planes are dumping water on the forest burning in the state of redonda the number of fires is about 85 percent higher than last year and many
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blame the policies of the president. the hezbollah leader hassan nasrallah says the groups in a new phase of its conflict with israel after 2 israeli drones crashed in lebanon's capital as bala says one drone damaged a building housing its media office when it went down in beirut's southern suburbs another israeli drone came down in the same area after exploding in the air in a televised speech nasrallah called it a very dangerous development thousands of venezuela migrants are stuck at the border between colombia and ecuador after new visa rules were put in place is the latest south american nation to tighten regulations at least 4000000 venezuelans have left the country in the last few years to escape the political and economic crisis sudan's new prime minister has appealed for international support as the country begins its next steps towards democracy abdullah hum doc is calling for sanctions to be lifted the u.s. state of oklahoma is suing the pharmaceutical giant johnson and johnson over its
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role in the u.s. opioids crisis the state is seeking more than $17000000000.00 worth. those are your headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after 101 east i'll have a quick summary for you in about 30 minutes also you that. perception is validation we believe want to be seen but in one life time we cannot see everything but we rely on experiences of others and the legacies of previous generations. i think testimony if we let you know. with this documentaries that open your eyes on al-jazeera. the.
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doctors could be hard to find. crisscrossing the country spots well whenever it isn't possible on your. life playing by playing the delivering medical care and to go through you get more of that a lot more broadly than it. is a lifeline express a last chance for a lot of people maybe. there is a one and only johns for them. in converted train carriages surgeons perform free operations that are transforming patients long a lot but that a little. bit now. i know i'm
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bothered. when i want to use goes on board easy with a trunk. in india trains are a symbol of life. but there's one train like no other. the lifeline express. this train is a unique one. it is a very different concept. a team of surgeons and specialists cooks and claimants are about to embark on a 6 hour journey bringing health kids to those who can't afford it. it all happens on board these fully functioning hospitals on we.
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live minutes because i think. the brain. has been. here almost 900000000 people believe in room villages. for most access to medical care is impossible. today much needed doctors heading to la tour in the east in maharashtra.
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there. you know what they are going on. here in la tour this is social media. professional. problem comedy have you got over us really partly or. as a set of. administration. most of villages have never visited a doctor because they're too far away and too expensive but you. know. what.
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over the next few days a lifeline express team will perform as many operations as they can before the train is scheduled to depart the. word has spread fast. families trickle in from surrounding towns and villages all hoping for a medical miracle. don't multiply like a. little. time but to be a part of iraq or not you're. done with that you're going to. tell me what lies and because of how you feeling today you know this time that i need to. summon. the doctors are trying to identify omens that can be fixed on board the train. no one wants to listen
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up. doctors you obviously know a lot of patients so we're screening the patients like nadia examining the. operation theatre list will be in the operating them in next one or 2 days. it's pretty much organized chaos here today some families travel up to 4 hours and me by villages today. all of them a desperate for just a few minutes but they still. remember the selling of the dollar. when i would be allowed but. dr roger is an also paid excursions from mumbai he's examining 2 brothers with cerebral palsy to see if he can help. one another about that oh. i. get to pick on you. it might come out of elevation. so it's
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a little. bit. of a lot. but it will be. here. if you don't leave him out or up we're off but here we go one of the formative people the muscles already put it where to start be forming the mourners well. it's good news for young and the d.t.'s both are proved the surgery. for him as i'm here now just moved out loud enough for me to be there so very like your number flashed or not not enough up on the reason he was typing the last time our lemon started up october not the fact that i like almost ominous allies so. some of the most of the care i had made a better i like.
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the doctor to treat a variety of conditions from cancer screenings to cataracts to the old into the young like 4 month old baby. who has a cleft lip. his mom is worried because he can't breastfeed properly. i suggest the risk were just the backup alone afford to do the make and there was distorted ballot. but then i would have just from. what they just put out i live in and the work. in my den with us is and that's where. he'll leave plastic surgery to join the muscles in his sleep. i don't want to talk about that moment. when i want it i will tell him about what
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a little bit about his low weight makes operating risk is we now know already you know these were. the plastics team is assessing whether his feet the surgery ever since it's all going up and going to fall off but there was something that wasn't for all of us to find out that it was going to be our 1st i want to point out the complete with the rest of the basically if you're going to. look. good but i would have an awful little bit of what. the doctors agree to go ahead. as a screening to wrap up more than 40 patients are selected for surgery. back at home it's an anxious wait for the family of the 2 young brothers with cerebral
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palsy. so i. may. look up when i. look at. this i look at that. looking after 7 year old virat and so year old aditya is a full time job. card from one of those. he has to live with. one of the rhetoric i'm on and i could have moved so. long as i want to know. that. i hadn't. at the time very good don't they are not aware that there. is going to want to be more of a puzzle and. i'm now. going to get it all right i will not. be done in. granite i you will get. heart
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of your beloved. does and only $2.00 a day. he's borrowed almost $3000.00 seeking treatment for his son and it will take years to pay back. turning it over there can you can quickly need other. than a lot later than that a time without at the time a little bit of a night out at the end of the party i'm going to. stick around and i was on. and off he just. back at the last line explained it's as busy as any bricks and mortar hospital. got a year. even if i. run the trains head shift
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has lived and worked on board for a staggering 26 months. for your style 1st let alone to yourself to look around at the. name although it didn't make up by your doctor flown down to go by that they were dining out of the need. for mother but the heart the people are. basically cooperating are you know. coming out of the know your comfort zone of operating a door made out of hospital i never tell anyone because it is our own premier our situation our new our are not many things but we are. going imitation of some of the people.


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