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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 27, 2019 3:00am-3:33am +03

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a new deal with iran and forcing iran to abandon its ballistic missiles program and stop what they call its disruptive behavior in the region and i'll hear just one quick line so who's the nuclear state in the middle east that's a just a fact within one week iraq syria lebanon and palestine it's not iran it's israel was is an address the dishes 7 know what what was addressed iran that is not the nuclear state and that has not aggressed for other countries just briefly on china do you think we've had now trump is talking about the president being somebody he can deal with the in memory go he was an enemy what what what do we we think about that change looks we've heard over the last several months since the beginning of the year so many statements from the american presidents on china including some that said within a week within 10 days this month soon enough the chinese want a deal they cannot but have a deal we've heard it with heard it many many times now if we could have at the end
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i don't know but the general perception is among economists and sort of just is we're not going to have a deal that this is a war of attrition that the trade war is a war of attrition and that might last long mona sheriff thank you very much indeed as well from europe and i'll be back with more news later now it's over to sammy and. bank so much on now the disputed kashmir came up on the sidelines of the g. 7 summit president trump says he discussed the situation with india's prime minister nuri and the modi has been anger in indian administrate kashmir since new delhi revoked the region's semi autonomous status earlier this month from offered to mediate between india and pakistan but he's been back tracking on that. while we are there. the problem is. that only. those with the back of. the world be able to do something. about
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it when we. are. all issues between india and pakistan are bilateral and that's why we don't trouble other countries over these issues and i'm confident india and pakistan who were one before 947 can discuss problems between ourselves and resolve them. until vora has more from new delhi. indian officials have a reason to be pleased with water president trump said today earlier he said the situation in kashmir is explosive and that he would like to mediate to do something when it came to the disputes between india and pakistan but today he didn't say any such thing in fact he seemed more in line with the indian point of view and that has always been again reiterated by prime minister moody today in his opening remarks that all disputes between india and pakistan are bilateral issues and that they would be resolved bilaterally however interesting the president also said that they speak to pakistan and i'm sure they will do good things together i'm
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paraphrasing there but it's not clear what president meant when he said that because india is not talking to pakistan pakistan's prime minister has said that. they are done talking with india so what did president trump mean is there something we don't know here did president trump and prime minister move the talk about perhaps india approaching pakistan for talks or the other way around that at the moment is unclear president also said the prime minister movie told him there's a situation in india that mr bush meat is under control now while on the ground some restrictions have indeed been eased many continue to be in them to be bulls in the valley there are still restrictions on freedom of movement and connectivity continues to be rather poor. pakistan's prime minister has addressed the nation saying he's been unable to reach an agreement with india on kashmir. the united nations they defied all the un security council resolutions they've been against a lot they went against their own supreme court and high court's decisions those
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who are the founding fathers like gandhi and nehru they win against the promises made by prime minister nearer to the people of kashmir they also went against this secure constitution which says that india is for everyone and the creation of pakistan is wrong they ended that secularism on the 5th of august they seem to miss it saying that india is for hindus only and everyone else is a 2nd class citizen. come on hide their reports from pakistan's capital islamabad. the pakistani prime minister has been speaking to a nation for the 1st time since the major crisis could read india he had already said that the bilateral forum war dead after india walked article 370 and while aided a major disagreement between india and pakistan known as the same like agreement under which order tauriel issues including the dispute on kashmir would we started bilaterally go when india as prime minister now then there are more detoured the us
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president that they were drilling to talk to pakistan and that this was a bilateral issue that did not cart i head and buckets and buckets on the prime minister insisting that this was an international dispute and that the ideology espoused by d.r.s. as a branch of what he called the but they are generous the party was hell bent on discriminating against minorities and making india a hindu a state only go as far as pakistan is concerned there is no forum left for bilateral drug raid india the pakistani prime minister making why i remark saying that they would no more room for unilaterally all forms of dialogue to that country . time 0 still ahead on the news out including israel sends tanks to its borders with syria and lebanon all the morning and rainy and bank groups in the region. and how a pharmaceutical giant could be held responsible for the opioid that the damage that's
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killed hundreds of thousands of americans. saudi arabia is denying reports of a who think drone attack in the capital riyadh the rebels in the am and say the drone crossed the border and attacks a military target on sunday the hosea say they fired 10 ballistic missiles towards just dance. abraham for a heart is an associate professor of conflict resolution at the institute for graduate studies he says if the latest drone attack happened it would be a different approach for the who these this is not the 1st time we see this kind of conflicting claims between the hooters and saudi arabia but there is one thing we know for sure that the who has missiles have reached really for 8 years in saudi arabia actually fear very odd because just last week there were there was an attack on the. knee of the borders of the united arab emirates which is again
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a. place that's further than. riyadh now the new think about this one is that. the horses are talking about targeting military bases which hasn't been the case before because they were targeting like vital places infrastructure. targets airports but this time they're talking about military bases that they have attacked with their ballistic missiles including one that ran where the saudi soldiers have been preparing for redeployment and for attacks and yemen so this is something you know and yet the who has have to prove that they have the. israel appears to be massing troops on its borders with lebanon and syria it follows a warning by prime minister benjamin netanyahu against iranian backed groups in the region over the last 2 days israel is believed to have conducted air operations in
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lebanon syria and iraq the u.n. says it's gravely concerned and is calling for calm for more signs. over the last few days we have seen in the broader middle east reports of drone attacks missile attacks and air strikes. all over the region israel and lebanon syria iraq as well as saudi arabia and that all since since friday i think all of these reports or of concern to us we're continuing to follow the situation closely and i think as as the secretary general has said and we consistently maintain the middle east region cannot afford any additional term or. the lebanese group hezbollah is promising to retaliate against israel that iran says it supports that zana hold it has more from beirut. hezbollah is
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burying its dead in its stronghold in southern beirut 2 of its fighters were killed in israeli airstrikes in neighboring syria on sunday night the lebanese armed group is promising retaliation it has told israel to be ready for response its leader has in a strong also threatened to shoot down any drone that violates lebanon's airspace after what he said was an attack by israeli drones in hezbollah's area of control in the lebanese capital hours earlier. if we remain silent on this breach it will create a very dangerous road for lebanon repeating what is going on in iraq now. in iraq the iranian backed popular mobilization forces are blaming israel for a series of unexplained attacks on their bases and positions in recent weeks the latest was on sunday night close to iraq's border with syria which killed a number of fighters u.s. officials and israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu have hinted at possible
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israeli involvement in those strikes israel it seems has opened a new front. another on. saying they're ready to open war on 3 fronts beirut damascus and baghdad we can't ignore the political side however which is the upcoming israeli elections the israeli army says its air strikes in syria stopped an attack by iran's revolutionary guards it released surveillance footage of what it said were members of the guards preparing a drone strike against israel israel has repeatedly hit what it says were iranian targets in syria over the years it wants to prevent iran from gaining a foothold and influence across the region but in the past few days it is believed to have operated in 3 neighboring countries lebanon syria and iraq nothing apple did say he gave the security forces a free hand to act in many a rino as against an enemy state hezbollah says the drone attack which damaged its
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media office violated the 2006 cease fire and changed the rules of engagement but at the same time the group is believed to have given israel a chance not to escalate tensions. as well as messages to the terror war telling the israelis any war will be costly and we are not alone think twice iran promised to support any action hezbollah takes against israel which doesn't seem to be backing down it is believed to be behind strikes on a position belonging to a palestinian faction allied to run along lebanon supported with syria early on monday there is a real danger of further attacks by either side could escalate to a war zone of beirut. now an investigation by the reuters news agency says the u.s. central intelligence agency does not spy on the government of the united arab emirates now some are saying that's a blind spot in washington's global monitoring the report quotes former cia agents
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with one saying the intelligence agency's failure to adapt to the u.a.e. political and military ambitions is a dereliction of duty the report also says the lack of u.a.e. monitoring puts the gulf nation on the smallest of countries where the cia conducts a hands off approach the sources told reuters the cia does not gather human intelligence from u.a.e. officials described as the most valuable kind of information the u.a.e. has played a role in numerous regional and international issues including libya sudan and the blockade of qatar a grand carl is a former cia officer who joins us by skype from boston good to have you with us so when a country is really expanding its overseas footprint doesn't usually attract more rather than less attention from the cia. well as you just ran the question the simple answer to that would be yes i i also am skeptical that we
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draw about drawing too large a conclusion that the cia or the u.s. intelligence community is not paying attention to the u.a.e. the us is one of the or the cia is one of the few intelligence services with global capability and interests no one can debate whether that should be the case or not but that's the truth and since the u.a.e. is a critical player in the middle east and beyond libya you mentioned is particularly salient right now i would be surprised i wouldn't really believe that the u.s. is ignoring the u.a.e. now does that mean that there are human sources that are being targeted or developed that's not necessarily the case but there are a lot of ways to collect intelligence and i'm confident the u.s. is is not ignoring. or i own one bases the cia decide
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though through specifically gather all not gather human intelligence. well there are a couple of immediate factors than one way is every year or regularly anyway the cia and the u.s. government will assess and rank basically what the areas substantively and functionally of interest are already are for the united states and then we'll allocate resources critically. and then you have human targeting is only one of the elements so you can decide well we don't have the resources to do this because the party is not high enough or and this is a very important factor the cia and the u.s. government will very consciously weigh what are the potential costs and the potential benefits from any operation and human ones and. especially
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and may decide well anything we could get will could not could not be good enough to counterbalance or outweigh the risks of if something goes wrong now that doesn't mean we're norine the u.a.e. or anything else but the decision could quite conscious be made that the costs of trying to develop human sources weigh the benefits when for example their relationship is close already boarded or their relationship is tense or the priorities are low or priorities are so high that adding a problem would probably not worth the risk all of those are factors that go into this kind of this is all right thank you for your full time again koll. so i had on al-jazeera a state of emergency linda clad in the city of port sudan after tribal fighting leaves 17 people dead. and the amazon isn't the only rain forest burning scientists
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raise alarm about the number of fires in africa. the temperatures again because there's not much else to see in the sky these are the few clouds drifting across the northern caucasus in the caspian otherwise you just see hot sunshine now i know summer is coming to an end slowly but it's coming to an end so to see $48.00 in baghdad is to see a rather high temperatures heat wave territory again get to the coast you down to 30 but anywhere in london it's rapidly much hotter that doesn't change very much even come wednesday if you notice that heat is obvious for the science in saudi arabia near the coast is clearly not quite as hot and the increase in humidity is telling physically of course at night equally insular i think conceding crease in
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the south westerly with the cloud of becoming secure in your again just a returning because it's been no doubt much like a holiday for the last few days so i think that will return in southern africa we have seen brief he wavin that's gone so what's coming in from the west because this be arms or the travels from the west to east across the cape and i think we're going to the frontal system coming in 15 degrees increasing cloud in cape town increasing wind as well which will drag rain from the western cape around the corner once again towards durban who sees a temperature drop below average now to a mere 18. legally prescribe for the pain relief of the sick but taken in life threatening doses by millions in search of a fix. huge illegal shipments of the opioid tramadol or flood the quest that some.
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people in power goes to nigeria to investigate the devastating diction epidemic that is even fueling the book and search. west africa's opioid crisis on an. al-jazeera explores prominent figures of the 20th century and how libel reigns influenced the course of history was the cuban revolution communist away feel castro is a feudal eastern not a communist or just for want of his country che wanted international revolution there came a point when the relationship came to an end the icons of revolution who changed the course of latin american politics. and fidel castro face to face on al-jazeera .
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welcome back you're watching out 0 time to recap our headlines now g 7 closing statements have been dominated by comments about the iran nuclear deal french president emmanuel micron urged donald trump to meet with iran's president to diffuse months of tension trump says the conditions must be right for that to happen. pakistan's leader says he'll go to any length or with the issue of indian administrate kashmir new delhi revoked the region's autonomy 3 weeks ago. earlier indian prime minister narendra modi's said no foreign mediation is needed. israel appears to be massing troops on its borders with lebanon and syria follows threats by prime minister binyamin netanyahu against iranian backed groups in the region over the last 2 days israel is believed to have conducted air operations in lebanon syria and iraq. but 1st pharmaceutical company to go to trial for the
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opioid crisis in the u.s. should learn in the coming hours if it will have to pay up to $17000000000.00 in damages a judge in the state of oklahoma is to rule on whether drug maker johnson and johnson's arrest of marketing of the painkillers was responsible for an addiction epidemic let's go live now and the gallic he's more norman oklahoma in this case can set a very important precedent right handy. yeah that's really why so many people are watching this case this is the 1st time a state has taken on a big pharmaceutical giant and in around an hour to harvest time we'll hear the judge's ruling he listened to 7 weeks of evidence and officials from the state in which almost 6000 people have died over the past 2 decades of basically accused johnson and johnson of flooding the market with powerful painkillers marketing these painkillers as miracle pills whilst not warning people about their addictive
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nature what johnson and johnson say that they didn't break any laws involved what they did was bring relief to people suffering from chronic pain but what this ruling will mean and it's important to put this into context of the 2000 other pending cases across this country in various counties in various states we've all been dealing with this opioid crisis who will be watching this very closely indeed officials from this state want $17200000000.00 from johnson and johnson to be paid out over the next few years to use in various treatment centers and to try and repair the communities that have been hit so hard by this opioid crisis so that's why all of this is being watched so closely this ruling will be potentially a lot of ball rolling but expect both sides to appeal no matter which way it goes but this really is a potentially a turning point in the relationship between the united states and big pharmaceutical giants who produce these painkillers. now if jones from jones to naru ordered to pay and the how is the money going to be used. the last time we
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were here interestingly i met a doctor who works in a treatment center i also met a mother who lost a young son and the doctor said the cost of treating people just in this state alone is more like $30000000000.00 they're talking about long to treatment of people with addiction issues and this something of a cultural change here as well addiction was never really treated before as a disease it's now being treated as a disease because the opiate crisis is simply taken so many lives in 2017 alone the centers for disease control say the number of people dying from opioid overdoses was almost 50000 die i remember very well meeting a chief of police in a small town in massachusetts who told me 4 of his police officers had lost children to opioid overdoses so this is a pandemic across this entire country but the ruling that will take place here in the end the next couple of hours could be monumental for those suffering from addictions and also those who are very vulnerable to becoming part of this opioid
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crisis so all eyes will be on this courtroom and we'll bring you the very latest when that decision is made all right andy thanks so much. venezuelans without a visa are no longer able to enter ecuador on the new rules to tighten immigration thousands of venezuelans tried to make it over the border from colombia before the visa restrictions came into effect on monday at least 4000000 fled in recent years escaping the political and economic crisis. have also clamped down on venezuelan migrants our latin america. has more from near the ecuador border with colombia. i'm on the it with your side of the border with india and this is the 1st state in which one is being required to hold a special visa to get into this country up until midnight before this little bit later went into effect absolutely thousands of families can't lose babies pregnant women elderly people trying to get in rushing to get
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a. more dysregulation went into effect as many as 10500 when it's really just one. point is practically empty and we see hundreds of people behind me on the colombian site being told that they cannot get through they need to tell us that they are not going to let that stop the it will not return to but this way like that they would use the illegal crossings if necessary to get to do these or they need to. work hard to work because we look for the average salary now when we say isn't this true there's always ecuador though says that it will not make it exceptionally cannot take anymore migrants that they are saturated with their own citizens do not have enough work and show you the bill is willing to be trapped now on the colombian side of the border with there are already more than a 1000000. brazil's president. is facing increasing pressure to accept international help as fires burn out of control in the amazon rainforest g 7
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leaders agreed to help countries affected by the fires but brazil's leader has rejected the offer. he sent the military to help fight the fires and on the new state critics say he's government is being too slow to react daniel schwannoma is in poland to a very low and you've been up in the plane seeing the areas from the sky how bad this is a month and. when we were up there a couple of hours ago it looks still look pretty bad so it was still some fire burning and there was massive devastation we could see the great black swathes of where the fires have been burning in the last 2 days it was so long devastation as well great round swathe which has been turned into cattle riri cattle raiding plantations and soy production and as you can probably see behind me it's just
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a the last few minutes started to rain the 1st major downfall of the rainy season and many here will think well that's it that's an end to the problem at least for the time being because it will douse those large last remaining fires of this still burning certainly in this area i mean the state capital over and on the. 4th quarter of a year old and that's what people here have been telling us we spoken to the head of the environmental department here and he says fire as they happen here every year nothing to get too concerned about he knows all about what emanuel back at all and the another that caprio it's been saying about the fires but what do they know they're in los angeles they're in paris he is here he knows what the situation is and he says it's not a big problem everybody say we've seen the devastation for ourselves we saw those fires raging in the last few days but for now at least president closer now robles think that the military being deployed certainly in this area of the amazon and this heavy downpour will put paid to the problem at least for now it will be
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something they can worry about. next year when the rainy season ends. or i will be there thanks so much down. brazil is at the top of the list of countries with the world's highest rate of deforestation critics say that's because rules haven't been enforced and cut and burned prices have gone unregulated fires in the amazon show the extent of the damage throws about reports from the states of matter grosso one of the hardest hit areas. this place may now look like a golf course but it was once a muscle in jungle. is located in the state of mind a little sore in the center of brazil decades of deforestation have bade this a profitable area for agribusiness and that's why the recent fires affecting the amazones are not surprising to people like blue another sun dos. every year there
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are fires but the situation is worse now because of climate change and the president he basically tells people to go and cut down trees and nothing will happen to them the data we have here shows the heat and it can be verified whether it's a fire he compares the maps of 2018 with what is happening this year millions of trees gone with the help of sea source and fire. the map shows us where the fires are we travel for 4 hours and arrive at one of the places it highlighted in parts of the amazon the burned areas have increased by 83 percent in just the past year fires are natural at this time of the year because of the dry weather the heat and the wind but environmentalists say that the sharp increase seen this year is due to farmers setting the forest to lie to clear the land for pastures the problem is that in many cases those fires get out of control the brazilian law says that
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landowners can only cut down 20 percent of the trees in their property but that's rarely enforced catalogs not his real name is a small farmer in the area he's afraid to show his face president jade worlds. maddow has repeatedly said he wants to open up the amazon for business cattle says that has encouraged people to burn more trees for the fiscal is us there are no controls nobody is watching what people are doing both or not or says he wants development and this is what development may bring there is no limits to ambition it is everyone wants more. deeper in the forest it's not difficult to find cut down trees hidden in the woods hiding from the satellites it's the 1st step to conquer new territories and extend the agricultural frontier for cattle and crops the government insists the situation is no worse than previous years but satellite
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imagery shows something different and that's why countries like germany and norway have halted all payments to the amazon fund accusation the government of failing to protect the environment for a net of ideas has lived in this area his whole life he has been struggling to find a middle ground between preservation and development. the simplistic speech of the president that he is attacking n.g.o.s he is attacking families from here they want to take resources from n.g.o.s because we publish the truth he says we are attacking the country we can all work together for preservation and development somebody needs to explain to the government we are not the enemy government control is the only way to prevent the destruction of what is left of amazonia but what worries many here is that they claim the central government is purposely looking away there is have. noticed that my dogs are also well there are currently more fires reported in central and southern africa than in
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the amazon nasa says 70 percent of the active fires in the world are in africa. and satellite data shows fires raging through large parts of angola and the democratic republic of congo spanning even as far east as madagascar a large number is believed to be due to slash and burn practices by farmers but has been compounded by shorter rainy seasons alex on scene is a data scientist and drought specialist who focuses on african agricultural trends joins us by skype from book arrest in romania good to have you with us so 1st of all put it into context for us are what we seeing these fires or are they actually getting worse or are they if i could use the word usual round of brush fires well it's real issue is that the impact of these brush fires is getting worse if you look at
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a lot of parts of sani abacha parts of the african continent particularly the west african said. this used to be a regular occurrence during the dry season and when the rains would come around there would allow for grasslands to grow again but unfortunately we are seeing a very significant increase in variability of rainfall it's making the rainy seasons very volatile and less predictable in 1951 a lot of parts of the west african somehow enjoyed a 6 month rainy says today over the past few years it's a 3 month rainy season sometimes even only 2 months so we have a much longer dry period in which more fires can happen and a much shorter rainy period so why is that because of climate change when you use words like variability in rainfall is that basically what we're talking about. it's absolutely a result of climate change these larger. this is without a doubt
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a symptom of extended drought and climate change is absolutely what is causing these larger and longer droughts and how is that impacting then obviously not only the the natural habitat but also communities freshly hooding communities that's an excellent question and herders are really at the forefront of feeling the impacts of. the west african somehow as in many respects sort of ground 0 for the impacts of climate change and these hurting communities depend on pasture to feed their animals and their livelihoods and when we have a situation where there is a brushfire that wipes out your pasture and you have to wait 67 months for the rains to come this creates a serious problem and result in the loss of a lot of animals.


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