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tv   West Africas Opioid Crisis  Al Jazeera  August 29, 2019 1:32am-2:01am +03

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a daughter on the way down there too you know and the wife my wife is going to be service a room. or over i don't want behind us in this case so many times so many times in and i understand that. you want to retain you hope so you know me but i don't know and i want to bring the band used to meet me most likely made right now the interesting thing to keep well yeah he says well you know to be honest you can learn to start making them even over here or you can go ahead and earn the hard way and go back and in some time you know didn't happen so and i think when you. are in any good. experience or bad and i got every entry and believe it or not wrong i happened to be here and i have to do something for my country you know i mean. you know do you. happen is the most to do for those who have any type of belief or he's actually getting that. listen for me to do that well over
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a not inaccurate so all right you know how you do it you tell them that you can the point where they do is they take you in for 3 days because you've been deported so they want to be sure they keep your fingerprints you could and then this could get good at that basis houston thank you we will be that you don't have no more idea on that at the beach what up as your you up yet will beat you up that way very important for me tonight i'd be a easy. since . you.
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a talented 1000. and 2 to get the money moving up before one. for me i should you to stay get the money get your nice car determinate something interesting and contact. however you know in. the community make. me think about that connection future running my head and saying you know what i might go back on the map and then ended up let go if you get out not happening then . the time you come by you can have a felony and with a felony in you i mean no offense i mean you felony bring down the car for you to get a job. like that. they will get you get your picture taken. so
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what do you think a look. i think that is the a trick thing he used to realize that he needs to leave here sort of for a long. period to really be. really get it together and he was taking action together if we can get him or him have a chaos in which we can test him out. i don't know how i feel after the same way i talked to my right and he told me that. they were not sure so i don't think i'm not concerned only that. this is a very special scenario because since the thinking years ago i put myself in his shoes you know the 1st time i ever was the porter was 18 years old. he can either come to work. you are most likely going to get into roles into games more than likely will be one of the victims that will fall as a castle tease from the gang violence.
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i think the usa is my home country you know. it's a little bit sad that i'm not going to be there once my daughters or. i'm not going to be able to. or. you know buy her clothes. or not she needs my help. but i can't do nothing while here. i want to. forms or. just really want to go back 1st thing's.
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violence and discrimination are all too familiar to many women in india a reality too often reinforced by bollywood. but its leading star is throwing his weight behind the cause. of egypt out there julie and using his celebrity to advocate for gender equality. the snake charmers on the con witness. on alleges eda.
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it's my privilege to name al jazeera english the broadcaster of the year the country has a fighting each other and we've been told that we constantly hear these is the largest demonstration that's been held directly geez since over $700000.00 a year this summer emerges rules of the front of her fear for them to think of it could be but that his. jazeera english probe recipient of the new crystal's gold coast to. the city of. legally prescribe for the pain relief of the sick but taken in life threatening doses by millions in search of a fix. huge illegal shipments of the opioid tramadol are flooding the west africa. people in power goes to nigeria to investigate the devastating addiction epidemic
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that is even fueling the boko haram insurgency. west africa's opioid crisis on a. we're going to be bringing forward new and important. that's why a queen's speech we're going to do it on the 40 the opposition in the u.k. accuses the prime minister of leading a code for getting parliament suspended out of the bronx a deadline. i'm richelle carey this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up i mean the
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government says it's recaptured the city of aden as your back to southern separatists withdraw from positions. a state of alert and gaza after 3 police officers were killed in suicide attacks linked to eisele. i'm a solid job and most of what's being done to deal with human remains like this scattered in the old city. and it's being called a constitutional outrage and a coup britain's prime minister boris johnson has moved to suspend parliament until the middle of october so that his opponents have very little time to push through legislation preventing britain from crashing out of the european union without a deal bracks and supporters though say it's a decisive move that respects the referendum verdict 3 years ago lawrence lee reports. brix it was is and remains an idea about the british parliament taking back control of the agenda setting its own laws and making its own rules so what to
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make of the decision by the new prime minister to block it from sitting at all for a 5 week period at the most crucial moments in the entire process with one eye on a very possible national election boris johnson insists it's about setting out his new government's plans and that m.p.'s are not being frozen out of having their say over brics it will be ample time on both sides of that crucial october 17th summit ample time in parliament for m.p.'s to debate the e.u. debate breaks it and all the other issues ample time but those m.p.'s who have vowed to do anything in their power to block a no deal bracks it's even threaten to set up an alternative parliaments if their views are ignored describe the johnson move as nothing short of a constitutional outrage a step on the road to dictatorship it is a constitution that rage this is an attempt by a prime minister who was elected by
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a very small number of people in the country is served to party membership to ride roughshod over parliament and prevent any legislation and debate that would stop this country leaving me you without a deal and all the problems that it will cause he seems to want to run headlong into the arms of donald trump is more determination to see this before this is extraordinary johnson had been thought to have been getting on better with european leaders of late and hope had not been lost among them that some new deal could be found but time is now extremely short and there's a genuine sense of crisis among those who fear the hardest of bricks it's the great conundrum of a brecht it has always been whether it should simply fall to governments who execute the will of the people or whether parliamentarian should have some kind of . final say to determine what sort of breck's it they think people actually voted
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for by taking m.p.'s out of play at such a crucial time johnson is effectively testing whether they have the will the resolve to try to overthrow him his government and potentially the referendum result as well that attempts will now probably come sooner rather than later national elections will almost certainly follow something surely must happen now to resolve this sense of democratic crisis in the u.k. . the marker is at the bronx at protests outside parliament so give us an idea what's happening behind cheney. who's going to be a quiet day in westminster given the m.p.'s on to even sitting now look at it probably over a 1000 people who've gathered here on average in green for the 1st time in 3 years that i've been covering breaks a development since the 1st time i've seen demonstrators allowed through the barriers into this pen where journalists broadcast from to stage this rally they keep shouting stop the coup repeatedly that's how they see it echoing perhaps the
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words of john bercow the speaker of the house who's described this as a constitutional a constitutional outrage on top of that we've heard from. the leader of the opposition liberal democrats describing boris johnson as a coward and reckless is how busy the leader of the opposition labor party jeremy corbyn referred to the decision to suspend parliament but as you can see by prominent remainders people who are strongly opposed to leaving the e.u. without a deal have been heard by these demonstrators they responded to social media calls around here on mass looks like these demonstrations are growing we gather too that there are also demos in other parts of the country as well on the other hand boris johnson very much sees what's happening and the decision made by his government has
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been vital to allow the country to push ahead with the formation of much needed legislation what is being seen here is a deliberate attempt to make sure that a no deal breaks it remains on the table as a brics that deadline of october 31st continues to loom so what's next. well that's a big question i did speak to a promise. opposition labor figure hilary he's the chair of the crossed party committee on exit take the european union he has a table several amendments to to read is a maze of bricks it withdrawal plan that eventually led to it being completely derailed he says the people opposed to the suspension of parliament opposed to a no deal breaks it are getting ready next week to challenge this move. i think the priority is to prevent or no deal breaks it because that's the reason that he is doing this he knows that isn't probably
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a majority in the house of commons to support him for a no deal breck's it and he's trying to make it very difficult for m.p.'s to stop him from achieving that. are there actually serious negotiations taking place with the e.u. has he come forward with detailed proposals for alternative arrangements for the border in northern ireland i'd be surprised if it has but if you don't we can't ask those questions so legislation is the key and i'd encourage you to look at what happened earlier in the year when we did pass legislation day that required the prime minister then to resume aid to do certain things and if we've done it before we can with enough support do it again very very lofty how enthusiastic for him he is when it comes from across the board about coalescing around a single idea and legislation which will be lasting and will be affected i think very simply the challenge for all of us is m.p.'s is this if we believe in our hearts that it is not in the national interest and would be damaging to the economy
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and that's what all the evidence shows including the government's own assessment that it's up to us to act when the time comes and the time will be next week. there will give you the m.p.g. back and next to say in the parliament is expected to be suspended a perogue at the end of the week there is an awful lot of time for m.p.'s to coalesce around a single idea there are multiple options on the table for they're looking for now is unity to take on boris johnson. on the need thank you. enjoin recognized government says it's back in charge of a nafta or brave offensive against u.a.e. backed southern separatists the separatists from the crew from several positions 2 weeks ago after taking control will try again reports. 2 2 2 yemeni forces loyal to the internationally recognized government of president abu driving mansel heidi celebrate victory agents presidential palace. in
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a sudden offensive lasting just a few hours the saudi backed government forces recaptured control of the city from the u.a.e. backed separatist fight is the government's offensive started on cheese day in yemen's east in abyan province by wednesday mooning its forces were on the outskirts of aden. as they retook the absolute and push towards the center of the city it's reported they faced little resistance from the separatist fighters that's led some to conclude a deal with don between saudi arabia and the u.a.e. ahead of a possible negotiation to end the war it's a. cheap tactic immoral cheap tactic by the legitimate government who is. using sleeper cells to activate them and to to cause chaos in the city all in. 4 or
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negotiations. separatists from the southern transitional council are part of the saudi u.a.e. coalition that's fighting against these bought in a dramatic twist 2 weeks ago they took over the city of aden the seat of the saudi backed yemeni government some of the separatist fighters are refusing to surrender the government's own civilians to avoid military camps and areas where this fighting. this morning at least believed were evacuated areas of the clashes but again this. is a 1000000000 area and we do expect. the most of the crowd to be civilly because of the random shooting and random but barking that. yemen has not always been one country nuf and south yemen came together in 1990 after years of conflict but it's not being an easy union and the war is deepening the divide victoria gates and be out there. united states has impose new sanctions on iran this time on 2
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networks it says are linked to its government and military the sanctions come after running president rouhani on wednesday or jackson a fresh offer offer of talks from the united states this treasury department says the overseas based front companies were used to evade sanctions and by restrictions or stricter materials washington is using sanctions to increase economic pressure on tehran over its nuclear program. hamas security services are reported to have begun mass arrests of suspect that i saw fighters and sympathizers sympathizers inside gaza after a double bomb attack on tuesday night kill 3 police spent a month says it won't tolerate attempts to destabilize the territory from within a fossil reports from gaza. at a cemetery northeast of gaza city 2 hamas policemen killed in tuesday night's attacks brought for burial in all 3 policemen were killed in 2 separate blasts hamas says garza police chief was here to mourn his men and promised
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a strong reaction from here and that will work we have made arrests and we are investigating people to assure good to anyone who could be responsible for the attacks but things are under control and the security status is good daily life is back to the horrible. garza's interior ministry says 2 suicide bombers carried out the coordinated attacks on 2 checkpoints 2 policemen were killed in a bystander injured in the 1st explosion the 3rd policeman died in the 2nd blast minutes later. by day police were back on duty where their colleagues had died reinforcements stationed on streets throughout the city hamas announcing a general alert truly instability and violence the people of gaza have had to get used to in recent years these attacks are still sent a ripple of shock around the territory targeting the very institution that is supposed to provide internal security and right here in the heart of gaza city. the attacks are widely believed to.


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