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tv   The Hunt For The Red Prince  Al Jazeera  August 30, 2019 9:00am-10:01am +03

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aids of pop culture the final from. it is perhaps the boldest aspiration by a u.s. president since j.f.k.'s moon shot we choose to go to the mall and just came into the other thing not because they are easy but because they are critics have called the president's plans the space farce but many analysts say the new command isn't just ambitious protecting u.s. interest in space they say is necessary chinese could disrupt our g.p.s. system that we rely on space for now because even aside from military problems it would cause problems in all of our lives and in our economy back to the bakken and the space command also gives trump the chance to one up some billionaire rivals for the public spotlight as the u.s. has cut nasa as a budget for civilian space exploration jeff bezos richard branson and a lawn musk all have launched private ventures into the solar system john hendren
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al-jazeera washington i coming up after the weather criticize responds to wildfire president gets his hand standing helping to put out the fanes also hate on dominic cain on the campaign trail and sucks and where the governing christian democrats i'm basing a stiff challenge from the far right. hello again welcome back we have been talking about tropical storm puddle of the last few days making its way across the south china sea and it is going to be making landfall here in vietnam but take a look at the satellite image and the magnitude of the clouds associated with this tropical storm and that is really the problem with the storm is that we're going to be seeing a lot of rain across much of this area over the next few days we could be seeing
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402450 millimeters of rain falling across parts of vietnam as well as here across parts of laos so we're going to be watching that very careful for a localized flooding and flash flooding mudslides landslides could be a big problem for the coastal areas of china though it is going to be rainy as well hong kong the rain gets more intense as we go toward saturday attempts a few of 31 degrees but to the north shanghai really not looking too bad mostly cloudy conditions at about 31 well here across indonesia not looking too bad for you we're going to see a lot of the clouds make their way to the north bringing in more sun over the next few days that's because the storm system is pulling a lot of that moisture with it we're going to be seen jakarta with a temper a few of $33.00 sunny conditions there coaching $33.00 degrees and sunny conditions as well but by the time we get towards saturday more rain in the forecast at $31.00 over towards middle of though it is going to be very rainy for you we do expect to see attempts there of about $27.00 degrees. the weather sponsored by qatar and. violence and discrimination are all too familiar to
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many women in india a reality too often reinforced by bollywood. but its leading star is throwing his weight behind the cause of the each individual and using his celebrity to advocate for gender equality. to snake charmers on a con witness. on a. hill again i'm fully back to go with the headlines on al-jazeera yemen's internationally recognized president says the u.a.e.
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has been attacking his forces in the southern port city of aden. say they've been targeting terrorists who have been attacking coalition troops the u.n. security council is considering a draft resolution calling for a truce to prevent more violence in northwestern syria the 15 member council wants a deal for it in a province where government forces backed by russia are pushing into rebel territory the only ground they sell home and colombia's government is offering a $1000000.00 for the arrest of a fog rebel peace negotiator who has vowed to take up arms again former rebels accuse the government of be trading. in brazil a present day of all sonora has signed a decree banning the practice of clearing land by burning it the ban will remain in effect for the next 2 months is also calling for more development in the amazon despite international condemnation of his handling of a record number of wildfires. reports from the north western states of rondo.
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it takes a tough 3 to hack a living from the searing hot inhospitable amazon. they come to recap to learn to plant soya yams and much else besides they do so legally but the vulnerable in this huge pool the peace region to illegal speculators. they're grabbing all of that area part of the john marine nature reserve they're grabbing everything and the word is they will cut everything down and if they do then they'll set it on fire it. this man said he feared for his life and his identity was revealed say neither the police nor the authorities have the resources to protect him from neighbors who covered his land just when the president is being called upon to do more by the international community and some of those living here to do more to defend the amazon he moves in the opposite direction he invites more developments which many living here feel or put both the environment and themselves a greater risk. president says too much of this forest is protected neither
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nature reserves or indigenous reservations the poverty awaits those who don't take advantage. but this rancher said he thought there had been enough deforestation. on has to have cattle we don't need to de force anything else though just take care of the lands that are already deforested take care of the rivers of the spring this cattle is what we live from. however he said he doesn't blame the president for the lang grabs all the fires he believes the region is simply too big to police despite the efforts of the local authorities are. crime happens everywhere however our policies have been positive. bust because of the size of the state and the way its land is occupied our policies will take time to work to guarantee security in both urban and rural areas. other small farmers stressed that farming can and should
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only be done in a sustainable way. some people don't respect the law and this creates a bad image of our country abroad but we keep fighting for local farmers who work with nature the ecosystem so that we can all survive. the battle for the land has been raising since the arrival of the 1st europeans the green country there is enough for everyone to be shattered by greed corruption and poor management of their al-jazeera state both west of the zoo. in neighboring bolivia rising temperatures are causing traps in the east present even milan is has been criticized for his slow response joint fire fighters in sunda cameras so far this year have destroyed 1200000 hectares of stan grasslands a latin america at its embassy and human is in. this is what's left of the dry tropical forest when i was kalyan because it's full of smoke and pockets of fires
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actually the fires are spreading just under the surface of what you see behind me we were in there just a short while ago with some of the firefighters most of them are volunteers people that have no formal training there really are no firemen here some soldiers and policemen they too don't have the necessary equipment to fight these fires that are just continuing to spread with the wind with the drought and of course with this kind of combustible material that you see behind me this as i said it's called a dry tropical forest that means that there is a question of dry and extremely cruel amable material on the ground years and years of twigs of leaves of coconut scenes that have oil in them and so it's extremely difficult to put them out and the only thing a lot of these firefighters have are bottles of water like this this is all that they're carrying money and people are brought against shelves are paying for it themselves we are marketing the army anywhere near or at least not yet and not the international help that is being offered by the european union and other countries
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president alice is supposed to declare a state of disaster or emergency in order to allow about to happen but it hasn't done that yet. the u.s. government is moving to reduce regulations on natural gas leaks from wells and pipelines which scientists fear will increase emissions that caused global warming the rules will be relax around methane the main component of natural gas even though some major energy companies had for the regulations to be kept in place kimberly how can experience. white house says it's rolling back these protections because it says they are unnecessary and even burdensome but environmental groups say that what is really happening is an effort to limit the legal authority of the environmental protection agency in trying to combat climate change and stop global warming so what we're hearing here is that this is now a proposal there will be
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a period of comments there will be potential court challenges but ultimately environmentalists say they've seen the script before in the end what will happen is this will be quietly implemented now the white house says that what this means is that oil and gas companies will no longer be required to detect and stop methane leaks and this is certainly something that they are encouraged to self monitor but environmentalists argue in the air of competition where the dollar is the bottom line this is unlikely the white house making the argument though that smaller businesses that only had a few all in gas wells could not compete and this will allow a leveling of the playing field that small businesses were being hurt disproportionately under these regulations so getting mixed reactions from the industry well some are applauding there are a few companies that have voiced some concerns given the concerns the widening concerns about the the rise in temperatures of the planet and climate change and
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combating that but at the end of the day the top administration says this is about jobs and protecting jobs when environmentalists say the priority should be making sure that everyone in the world has clean air and water. british politicians say next week could be their only chance to prevent to prevent or no deal breaks it from minister boris johnson is suspending parliament for 5 weeks from september to limiting the time for debate on the u.k.'s withdrawal from the european union or as he has more from london. well of all the fireworks of wednesday and boris johnson's announcement that he's suspending parliament for a fall 5 weeks all the pressure now is on the anti breck's its side the side that doesn't want to the study doesn't want boris johnson's version of brecht's it to figure out what they're going to do to try to block him and the main problem they have against them is the absolute lack of time because with parliament being suspended from just over
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a week from now there are only about 3 parliamentary sitting days for them to come up with something their main line of attack continues to be to try to pass a law that would prevent a no deal breck's it at the end of october and ask for an extension from the european union but the problem with that is that if they want to pass a law they have sue amend a government bill going through parliament and if the government doesn't propose any bills go through parliament then there is nothing for them to amend and as it stands at the moment there isn't anything for them to amend in parliament next week and so how then can they pass a law if that doesn't work there are other alternative is to force a vote of no confidence in the government next week which they could do but if they want to do that they have to propose an alternative government with norton it's of prime minister because if the government of the day were to lose a vote of confidence then the opposition would have 2 weeks to form a new government. in italy in long time political foes a joining forces to cobble
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together a new coalition government and trying to brush my tail salvini the right wing leader of the league party from taking power have reports. a seismic shift in italy's political landscape the established a center left democratic party and italy's anti establishment 5 star movement have agreed to put aside their differences and join forces to form a government the outgoing prime minister political independent giuseppe conti who resigned last week returns to the top job. there will be a government for the good of the citizens a government which will help modernize the country and make our nation more competitive internationally but also. more supportive and more inclusive. the surprise partnership puts an end to the 1st postwar populist government in western europe. italian politics imploded earlier this month when deputy prime
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minister any withdrew his little league party probably turbulent alliance with the 5 star movement the right wing firebrand had hoped to exploit his party's popularity to trigger snap elections and become prime minister if successful it could have led to the creation of a fully far right government but the plan spectacularly backfired salvini is furious accusing brussels perlin and powerless plotting against him. we've been direct and honest with the president to whom we've expressed bewilderment the boredom and not just of our party but of millions of italians looking on at this ridiculous political show a game of power that's been going on for days between the democratic party and the 5 star movement so you need strong fierce criticism and one support for his crackdown on boats trying to bring stranded migrants to italy putting relations
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with other e.u. members under strain he described african refugees as an be of benefit the most and criminals once the most influential man in government salvini is now the most powerful man in opposition and the leak still remains the country's most popular party the new coalition is united against a common enemy he will need to hold firm to keep selvi at bay needs parker al-jazeera. so a deal in italy looks to be keeping the far right of power but over in germany the anti immigration tentative in germany hopes to make a big election gains in the eastern states this weekend as forces dominated by conservative politics. michael is a man in a hurry he's been leading saxony for the past 5 years he's now in a race to persuade voters to give him another fire his is a deeply conservative state perhaps more so than anywhere else in germany so on
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a summer day in bautzen his message is clear. saxony is a strong state if we get a reasonable government we can deal with all the challenges we face better than almost any other state in germany and people will see that we have the courage and the strength to say things as they are i want the free state of saxony to carry on in its sex in a way. the challenge for michael is not persuading the party faithful here and bugs and it is it was. the. party of the right now trying to win back something that other is called the alternative for germany a far right party shunned by the mainstream but supported by as many as one in 4 saxons if the polls are accurate its message is stark drastically cut immigration stress tradition and homeland urge of voters to reclaim their land and write
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a new chapter of history your own guns clar it's clear we want to be the strongest force in saxony our party in parliament we want to beat the christian democrats and i tell you i think we can do it this november will mark 30 years since the fall of the berlin wall when people denied a voice by communism cried out for the freedom of speech and yet now the f.d.a. is using reminders of the old east germany to campaign on the slogan of end of the vendor complete the changes. one analyst believes this represents a disillusionment among many east germans over what the end of the cold war brought them over feel we'll have to be quite careful we have a very narrow channel of political correctness and if you make arguments beyond this channel of political correctness well you're out of the game and this is their feeling we did not succeed in establishing that kind of democracy that we
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really wanted to have when free elections returned here in 1990 the christian democrats won an absolute majority in parliament on a promise to bring prosperity and openness now fewer than one in 3 voters say they'll vote c.d.u. but it's a leader faces and in bold and far right alternative that wants him out dominant came out 0 in saxony. hello again i'm fully back to bill with the headlines on al-jazeera yemen's internationally recognized president has urged saudi arabia to intervene and stop the u.a.e. from attacking government forces in and around date in the u.a.e. says its air force has been targeting terrorists following attacks on coalition troops at aiden's airports the un security council is considering
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a draft resolution calling for a truce to prevent more violence in northwestern syria 15 member council wants a deal for province where government forces backed by russia are pushing into rebel territory the only ground they still whole it's colombia's government is offering a $1000000.00 for the arrest of a fox rebel peace negotiator has vowed to take up arms again former rebels accuse the government of breaking the terms of a peace agreement signed less than 3 years ago. when we signed the agreement of havana we did it with the conviction that it was possible to change the lives of the humble and the dispossessed but the state has not fulfilled even the most important of the obligations that is to guarantee the life of its citizens and particularly to prevent the in the political reasonings all of this this trick this betrayal this perfidy the unilateral modification of the text of the accord the unfulfilled commitments on the part of the state the judicial system and insecurity
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have obliged us to return to the mountains. in brazil president. has signed a decree banning the practice of burning land for the purposes of clearing it the ban will remain in effect for the next 2 months off scenario is also calling for more development in the amazon. in neighboring bolivia meanwhile vising temperatures are causing fair ups in the east present even maraniss was been criticised for his still response joint firefighters in front of the cameras so far this year fires have destroyed 1200000 hectares of bolivia's forests and grassland and president donald trump has signed an order creating a new space command within the u.s. military it's a step towards establishing a space for says a separate obs service which would require congressional approval you're upset with the headlines here on al-jazeera the news will continue right after inside story to
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stay with this. anger over the latest twist of drugs that britain's prime minister says funds parliament as the deadline looms for the u.k. to leave the european union what's planned and there's a no deal bragg's it now inevitable this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program. it's being described as
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a political coup british m.p.'s are crying foul after the prime minister suspended parliament just weeks before brags that it leaves little time to prevent the u.k. leaving the european union without a deal. and even members of boris johnson's own conservative party decry the decision as undemocratic opposition leader jeremy corbin accused johnson of trying to force a new deal brags that a legal challenge is under way and more than a 1000000 people have signed a petition to stop the suspension of the government denies he's trying to limit debate on brags that the prime minister is clear that he wants to use a new parliamentary session in order to ensure that the people's priorities are met but it's also the case that parliamentarians will have plenty of time when we come back next week to debate bracks it will have plenty of time before the european council in october to debate british and they'll have plenty of time to vote on and
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to reflect their views on after that europe. in council at which we hope to get a deal and i am going to spend the last 3 years talking about bricks it prime minister boris johnson's decision comes at a critical time for the u.k. the british parliament will be out of action for 5 weeks while it's normal for a new government to take time out for a short period this will be the longest suspension says 1945 m.p.'s will return on october 14th that's just we days before the european union summit where johnson is hoping to secure a new bragg's a deal and a mere 2 weeks before the deadline for the u.k.'s departure from the e.u. on october 30th 1st. let's bring in our guest joining us from london acer bennett the briggs's commissioning editor of the telegraph newspaper from brussels peter clottey had of
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the brussels office of open europe a think tank also from london jonathan lis deputy director of british influence welcome all to the program s. and normally when a nation faces an issue that could reshape its future like briggs it that's where you normally need the parliament on board but it's not the case in the u.k. why's that. well simply because the previous prime minister try to put the deal to parliament and it got thrown back rejected 3 times and so now with the clock ticking the new prime minister boris johnson faces a crucial choice either he has to try to get a deal that is good enough to win a majority but it's meant to be a majority of his side and maybe enough of the opponents the trouble is the opponents are not really coming through they want to stop him and say they show no interest in backing a deal so then the alternative is much more controversial of going for a no deal bracks s. and this is why then the remaining opponents are determined to do all they can stop
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him and so this week the move to effectively reboot parliament by bringing this current session to an end and having m.p.'s come back in the middle of october means that m.p.'s now who want to stop bars have a choice they have to either basically come up with the killer blood in the next fortnight or it may well be too late in mid october because no matter what they do then he could just sit in downing street and sit down the clock as no deal drugs that happens by default peter how is this seen the e.u. is it a simple procedure or an extraordinary moment. this is still early days but there are initial reports indicating that the e.u. site is finally. getting the message that boris johnson is serious about no deal and that he's actually very transparent in his strategy
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his fresh g. has been to prepare for no deal in order to increase the chances of a deal so the latest moves by the government in the u.k. mean that. strategies like an extension or or or ending the requests to to leave the e.u. are less and less likely so for the e.u. side the choice is really going to be between no deal which is dreadful none of the sides are well prepared for that or to agree to renegotiate the compromise that syriza may already. concluded with the e.u. so far the e.u. and particularly iowans have been saying the same thing since november really that they refused to continue negotiating but i suspect that many people are now
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starting to adopt how wice that is jonathan. morris johnson's spin doctors were in the media saying basically this is a simple procedure that people have had enough of this. part of the session which has been described as the longest says the english civil war of 1642 and that it's about time to call for the pro gay ssion is that something that could build trust among the people in the u.k. . know that doesn't excuse what's happening and we are currently 9 weeks from a crash out breck's it which words deliver food and medicine show it is by the government's own admission and the government is responding by trying to shut down parliament for 5 weeks at that time so parliament is not able to put forward alternative proposals and crucially may not be able to stop no deal
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a tool which is in flagrant disregard of parliamentary sovereignty and also of the will of the british people because 2 thirds of parliament is opposed to no deal and 2 thirds the british people are opposed to no deal as well so there is no justification for any kind of prioritization of parliament which especially takes in a week longer than parliament was due to be in recess for conference season anyway the only conceivable explanation is that the gov is the government wants to seize power from the people's representatives and hand it to an unelected prime minister . they say when you look at the time frame now with this suspension i think it gives the opposition no more than 5 days to be able to get their act together and see what would be their next move whether to a no vote. no vote of confidence or call for early elections is this timeframe going to be enough for the opposition to tackle the issue.
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well let's remember the back in march opponents of a note that managed to fast track a bill to order the prime minister through the may to delay breck's it in basically a day it was sailing through the legislative stages so smoothly that reason may was basically already putting the request in to delay and extend article 50 before the billet even become law granted we have a different prime minister now who is determined if necessary to ignore any such request if m.p.'s make it and those who are saying yes the ponens of a no deal have several days less to play with than if they want to try and stop him but let's keep this thing in proportion slightly because with purgation i think some people have been conditioned by the chatter your heard that effectively some
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backstairs wanted to suspend and shut down poland throughout just for the next few weeks nonstop so the pollen could not do anything at all up till october 31st and so therefore the revelation now that the recess the whole of the break in parliamentary sitting will be a week longer than planned as many people are behaving as if it had been announced the parliament will be shut down norms stop a little talk of a 1st i make that distinction because we must remember that in the days they do have fewer they may be a number they can still do things but of course the key is numbers parliamentary rhetoric they have to have a majority in favor for it to work peter with the. is this going to be enough or what is johnson to negotiate an agreement with the you. well there's definitely hope so in now i think that even if you consider this to be quite desperate and quite risky which is an opinion that is fair enough to holt's i think you have to understand why the u.k.
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political class is ultimately resorting to this it is because the european union has basically told the united kingdom that they can leaf with a deal in an orderly friendly manner under one condition and that condition is that they make a choice and the choice is between either accepting customs checks within the u.k. stare tory or alternatively to outsource their trade policy to brussels until further notice now i think friend and forward mid that this is quite a quite an ambitious demand to make from the u.k. and therefore nobody's of course a price that ultimately the u.k. parliament has not agreed to that's now there is a way out the so-called backstop which is the commitment of the united kingdom to remain under the eaves customs regime to prevent customs differences between
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northern aren't and aren't. i think most british politicians agreed that this is fair enough and that this is acceptable for a certain period but not indefinitely not in the sense that the e.u. side would be able to unilaterally decide how long the u.k. remains under that backstop i do think that the obvious compromise still is a time limits to that backstop but for that we need aren't to move and so far in art and people don't seem to realise that if they risk a no deal this will cause potentially more economic damage to aren't done to the united kingdom and that it may also not only undermine the peace process because the e.u. would be insisting on a hard border in our hands but it would also perhaps damage relations between ireland and its partners in the european union let's go to jennifer who seems to be willing to offer a different argument. well the 1st thing to say about ireland is that they have not
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asked to practice it and ireland has a very long history of being mistreated by britain in fact over 800 years commentating in the partition of islands and in the troubles which only ended 20 years ago so the memories that are hard border are extremely rule in ireland and so naturally they want to see everything they can to ensure that there is an open and invisible border between northern ireland in ireland in perpetuity so you can't simply have a time limited backstop there says if you haven't got your alternative arrangements in place by safe ideas we don't know what's going to happen we'll just have a hard border anyway that's not how an insurance policy works on the backs of is an insurance policy so the problem with the british government is they are effectively privileging trade with canada australia new zealand over piece in its own
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territory and that is the outrage of bracks it and that's the outrage of the british government's approach to it the backs up has to be the most important thing because irish peace and prosperity is the most important parts and it's much more important than anything that we can do in brics that couldn't this suspension end up being a gun ball that would backfire and create many problems in the future for johnson for example both davidson who is tories. and everybody knows that had it not been for her. joe mcalinden would have been elected prime minister of england oh absolutely on both counts and that ruth davidson was the savior of the tories in 2017 and so going to reason they have any sort of presence and government is thanks to her granted well yes we must remember with the outgoing scottish conservative leader that you know she is cited she would like to spend more time with her family her young you know blooming family and so all credit to her especially when you
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look at the alternatives that have if she stayed in place which is to preside and sell the boris conservative case to scotland which is deeply anti no deal brock's it and voted by a slight majority for remain anyway so then she would be having to really sell sticky and difficult case and so instead you know she can take a break she can still be a member of the scottish parliament and then come back into frontline politics in many many months to come and of course so what is implications of this well sir it we must remember actually that she said that she feels boris johnson is still trying to get a deal and so this is true given that one of the things that the prime minister has said is that getting a deal is his highest priority and also in this whole pro gay sions stuff for the queen's speech he hopes to have afterwards in october which will lay out his program once parliament resumes in that will be i would draw agreement bill so in
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other words a bill to implement a withdrawal agreement so clearly he hopes in the coming weeks to still have a withdrawal agreement of some sort to present grunted willow you know what sort of material will be in it in the final few weeks when we get nearer the middle of october because the theory is is that in the heat of the 11th hour with the pressure really on that's where you leaders will squeak out some concessions for him that they feel are possible or they're granted on the whole time. backstop chatter i think one of the reasons that they then may not rush to do that is because all the threats it is saying are we won't be satisfied by time no we want more than that so look we'll see in a bit of october what's the deal there is and maybe just putting it out there and in the fear the boris could genuinely go for a no deal remainders labor m.p.'s could join he could get just of enough majority to push a deal through we'll see peter isn't this something that will put more strains on
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the e.u. because they see the potential for a constitutional crisis in the u.k. and this of the same time they don't want to really and up with a messy withdraw do you think that this is something that would put more pressure on the e.u. to offer some concessions to the johnson in the in the coming days. hi i'm not sure if it's going to happen in the in the coming days but i always thought that the e.u. is comma at least think about moving its regent position moving from its recent position when it became clear that boris is here to stay for the 444 day period until. until the 1st of november and there are some initial reports in german media that people are starting to think in aren't we haven't really heard all that much now i think this is perfectly solvable of course even worse johnson admits that the alternative
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arrangements cannot be ready by the end of october he actually wrote in his verdict who don't want to see that it may take longer than the end of the transition period so he thinks he's going to take at least 3 years the inside at least the austrian diploma dealing with bracks it has has mentioned that it could take 10 to 15 years so that's sort of is were both sides are i do think they could find each other somewhere in between you cite could could safeguard the united kingdom could really reassure them that this backstop would be time limited by putting a time limit on it but perhaps a bit longer now the u.k. would really hope for and and of course the u.k. could. could also make some concessions for example granting some checks in the irish sea between northern ireland and. and and great
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britain particularly on food so basically submit norden are into the e.u.'s food regulations would help a lot simply because a lot of the of the challenges come from particularly milk farmers in northern ireland that would fall on the a different regulatory regime after off the record or there are very complicated regimes conceivable but we need goodwill jonathan if you see this. issue from a different perspective than you might think or you might say that the the guy jumps that johnson is smart in fact because he saw that tourism a try 3 times to negotiate a deal that was rejected by the parliament his trying a different tactic which is basically the progression if worse comes to worse he will call for a new general elections polls suggest there is likely to further consolidate his
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gains well i think we have to ask what the point of brics it is is it to live a parliamentary sovereignty or is it state that parliamentary sovereignty away what purgation represents right now is an all out assault on our democratic institutions if we don't have parliamentary democracy we don't have any kind of democracy in this country it is not the will of parliament for parliament to be disbanded without its consent and so for johnson to try a different tactic which is to force through his will to blackmail the e.u. to blackmail m.p.'s by asking the queen politicizing the monarchy in one of the most controversial moments of the queen's reign to try and and clear a path for his brakes it then then we have to ask what really was the point of any of this and what good could ever do that's that's the fundamental issue here he's had every right to fight this tooth and nail he said to what extent this move was
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dictated by an opportunistic approach by johnson to rally all the live cam behind him i think his own eyes are followers of the bracelet party gaining momentum and he said this could be my opportunity to tell the people you know what i am standing on your behalf and therefore any other upcoming election the voices of the votes will go for him. well the politics generally is driven by opportunism on both sides will stop so of course certainly boris johnson will have seen this in making his request he'll have made sure that it was very carefully worded because for example this is why the prime minister makes absolutely clear that it's nothing to do it it's just because he wants to reboot government and all that because that would be the reason then the majesty the queen was able to approve the request because it just seems constitutionally illegitimate it's just part of a normal proceedings of parliament of course it just so happens that it benefits
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the prime minister puts the squeeze on his remaining critics now granted in the election as you're saying you're absolutely right you know that the polls do indicate that he would then squeeze through and this is on the strength of knowledge of fraud in his bracks party then potentially lending support having a sort of pact with his conservatives in which then broadstairs would know that there is only one mainstream policy those willing to deliver into approached rex's you know deal or no deal as the press it is of the knowledge of roger's team would love prefer and now people as johnson meanwhile and this be the risk for them if bar is for i very very bracks it election is that the remains will be split because jeremy corbyn in that scenario then he would be eagerly taking up the mantle of her main because the alternative is no deal on the tories. and meanwhile the democrats they will say all sorts of things about bracks in their opposition and the greens so their vote would be split so it could well and play well for boris equally we've
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seen the best laid plans often go awry. peter the still remains adamant it's willing to be open with droll agreements now with this move by johnson what kind of impact do you think it would have on the status of the irish border insurance. harty end of the day. the the irish border will have to be figured out whether in the context of a deal or in the context of no deal now the. the u.k. side has made clear that they won't be imposing border checks on the border so the real question is what is the you going to do hard is that you going to plead or are you side going to tell ardent hey you have to guard our external border well yes michael has already made that clear so far the government has been unclear
9:44 am
how it will deal with that it has admitted that some checks will be necessary but then the question is if it's not properly checking the irish border will this then not create tensions with the older e.u. countries jonathan do you think that jeremy corbyn would be this time more inclined to call for a vote of no confidence. well it's heading to this had it heading to that point because as a so it's pointing out we have very little time now for a legislative solution to this crisis because johnson has taken away so much that possible time so the government will do all it can to thoughts and piece trying to stop and no deal where to deliver food and medicine choices so that means that they politicians will then have to go to plan b. which is a very snowy confidence and the thing is there is mention a bit earlier is that remain as we're now unite because they've seen that this government is prepared to pay debts that we've ever known in modern british
9:45 am
politics they actually had to rip up the established rupert's and sorry verena's will have a much better chance delivering thank you note it's gentlemen thank you very much indeed jennifer lis. acer bennett i really appreciate your contribution to the program and thank you for what you can see the program again any time by visiting our website al-jazeera dot com for further discussion go to our facebook page that's facebook dot com forward slash a.j. inside story you can also join the conversation on twitter our handle is a j inside story from me on the whole team here in doha by phone or.
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al-jazeera explores prominent figures of the 20th century and how life already has influenced the course of history was the cuban revolution congress away feel castro is a feudal east and not a communist just for want of his country che wanted international revolution they came a point when the relationship came to an end the icons of revolution who changed the course of latin american politics. and fidel castro face to face on al-jazeera .
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it was a big problem because it was different people admired the surge of nightlife in being rude and he married miss universe hugh was a buoyant character on the other and a ruthless operative fighting for the palestinian cause some israeli intelligence sources claim that the planned operation in 4 years the israeli try to find him and kill him al jazeera world examines the life of ali has done salaam the hunt for the red prince. when the news breaks. when people need to be heard and the story needs to be told pretty remarkable due to the banter we're died last week crossing mexico to the united states with exclusive interviews and in-depth reports
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we can live according to their mission in life it is a section on al-jazeera as teens on the ground to bring new movie award winning documentary and live news. here on foley back to boy in doha with a look at our main stories here on al-jazeera breaking news from hong kong where prominent activist joshua one has again been detained it follows weeks of sometimes violent untie government protests as speak to wayne hale is on the phone now from hong kong wayne what more do we know. well we are being told by his little group on very much a pro-democracy political party in hong kong that he was pushed into
9:49 am
a bandit sivan's in the morning local time so that's an e-mail and a half ago and take him to be one shot of police station in hong kong where he's being held on 3 separate charges the other political party he's not saying those charges. those 3 separate charges but it comes of course a very sensitive time with the wrong one the change in government protests happening on the streets of hong kong i just to want has no official role as protesters not seen as an organizer or leader of the protest movement certainly seem to be in the high profile throughout that and was a leader of the pro-democracy protests back in 200-2014 the occupy protests the last of the 7 smart days on the streets of the home calling them infected with the jail for his role in organizing those protests for a couple of months it was only released to the wall this coward protest movement is
9:50 am
on the way so just confirming joshua wong detained about an hour ago thank you for that when he on the phone from hong kong and other world news yemen's internationally recognized president has urged saudi arabia to intervene and stop the u.a.e. from attacking government forces in iran aden the u.a.e. says if that force has been talking terrorists following attacks on coalition troops are aden vapors the united nations security council is considering a drawn tries aleutian calling for a truce to prevent more violence in northwestern syria the 15 member council wants a deal for province where government forces backed by russia are pushing into rebel territory the only ground as they still hold. colombia's government is offering a $1000000.00 for the arrest of a fog rebel peace negotiator who has vowed to take up arms again former rebels accuse the government of breaking the terms of a peace agreement signed less than 3 years ago. where we live and when we signed
9:51 am
the agreement of havana we did it with the conviction that it was possible to change the lives of the humble and the dispossessed but the state has not fulfilled even the most important of the obligations that is to guarantee the life of its citizens and particularly to prevent the murder for political reasons all of this this trick this betrayal this perfidy the unilateral modification of the text of the accord the unfulfilled commitments on the part of the state the judicial sit ups and insecurity have obliged us to return to the mountains. in brazil president . has signed a decree banning the practice of burning land for the purposes of clearing it the ban will remain in effect for the next 2 months ball so naro is also calling for more development in the amazon and in neighboring bolivia rising temperatures are causing fare ups in the east president evo morales has been criticized for his slow response joined firefighters in front of the cameras so far this year pfizer
9:52 am
destroyed 1200000 hectares of bolivia's forest and grassland. president donald trump has signed an order creating a new space command within the u.s. military is said step towards establishing a space for says a separate arms service which would require congressional approval and the u.s. government is moving to reduce regulations on natural gas leaks from wells and pipelines which scientists fear will increase emissions that cause global warming the walls will be relaxed around methane the main component of natural gas even though major energy companies had to age for the regulations to be kept in place in spain the spanish coast guard has rescued more than 200 migrants trying to cross from africa to southern europe they were found between northeastern morocco and the spanish cause more than $18000.00 migrants have arrived in spain so far this year witnesses next on al-jazeera stay with this.
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on the way math a level health care $82.00 on ted has rights activists i'll get to some of these films we have forced on the health of the teachings towards women. dogs that they were 25 years i've done about 40 or 45 swims for them to have a significant impact on people. who we be sure women or the we is unfortunately not very nice what we would reinforces these bad values. so young kids watching all of this believe that this is how i mean we should be this whole
9:55 am
being should behave to meet us and be more forward on so. it. may. be strongly and this is such interesting and that is that this juliet sitting the 23 year old woman will be raped or. i think in the world because of what is happening because of the kind of reporting that's happened on a number of incidents should be but if you tragic people feel a lot of it is safe please. this leg i would feel comfortable to know if old woman who i knew was out alone after dark i would be water. all this would disturb me. and i kept thinking. contribute to changing.
9:56 am
what. was what. was. on me come as a really big surprise for the hollywood industry when he made his debut in now. that injury john it was also i knew it was originally a kind of a mountain stuff and it was a very really big hit and he came to be known as a man to kill at that time we didn't know how long he last as some of the cinemas also flopped and then he came in to is on and i started being very different kind
9:57 am
of films. because you're made of mockery and became a hot all over the world and on my we came on 12 from his 1st film it's all on the girls like a $1000000.00 spectrum of young or you know everybody just so you know. as a vent for being a student to becoming an assistant director and from an assistant director i became an actor in my 1st film was a huge success i was all when i tore into stardom and i suddenly became the star. right through like in school i had this big friend of mine. and he was adopted in
9:58 am
class from a guy who was going to be an engineer doctor would be whatever he wanted so he went into law and he started doing a lot of social work and whenever he would meet he would tell me about what's happening in india and he would get upset about what's happening in society would get angry and i would you know feel guilty and i said if you look you know he's doing so much and i'm a money anything you know. i mean should i be doing something as well. i met and he mentioned to me that he wanted to do a show on social issues he has so many things on hand but i thought it's impossible given all the commitments and all the opportunities and options that he has in life that he would hope also we want to do something for television.
9:59 am
creative people who make you feel good they make you love to make you cry or they make you forget your stress give you a good time but that's not all that a sponsor do to put creative person is also to bring greece to society to build the social fabric of the site to infuse mottoes in people. this talk which started as a seed in my head kept going to keep growing ice to keep in that young actually television is to be. in india we have a population of 1200000000 people and only 3 percent of india actually goes to appear to watch it for the large majority of indians to watch his films on television.
10:00 am
if too many shows in india especially in news channels that engage an aggressive journalism which is essentially intended to embodies on needy or or know somebody it should be assured that draws in the largest possible audience. discussed the issues that deal with all of us was an incident on. set them inject the wasn't can only breaking in that sense that had brought very i'm comfortable questions into the drawing room massage any sexual assault lack of access to education. admissions things like dolly being huge amounts for the girl for man.


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