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size of the states and the way it's land is occupied our policies will take time to work to guarantee security in both urban and rural areas. other small farming farming can and should only be done in a sustainable way. some people don't respect the law and this creates a bad image of our country abroad but we keep fighting for local farmers who work with nature the ecosystem so that we can all survive. the battle for the land has been raging since the arrival of the 1st europeans the dream that in this country there is enough for everyone to shattered by greed corruption and poor management of their al-jazeera road only a state west of the veil. still to come here on al-jazeera a $1000000.00 is on offer for the capture of a top colombian rebel peace negotiator to take up arms again also ahead. it's going to be a whole different ball game u.s. president all trump launching a space warfare command part of efforts to maintain american dominance in orbit.
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hello again it's good to have you back we're watching some thunderstorms here pushing across parts of turkey over the next few days are really going to develop as we go towards friday across that northeastern section of the country and with that we could be seeing some lightning as well as some hail making their way through temperatures in the area they are into the mid thirty's are really providing a lot of instability for those thunderstorms there as we go toward saturday they continue to make their way towards the east many parts of turkey will start to clear out but over here towards aleppo it is going to be a hot day at $37.00 degrees there where we are watching really parts of really clearing out we did have some rain pushing through so good news for you we are going to sing a temper of 34 well across the gulf it is still the admitted he was that we are dealing with it is going to get
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a little bit better by the time we get towards saturday but here on a friday 40 degrees is going to be the high as we go towards saturday 43 that also means the minute he is a little bit lower there over here towards and scott have some clouds in your forecast of the temperature of 32 and across parts of southern africa we're going to be seeing some clouds across much of the southern coast but we are dealing with some clouds here also across the southeast so for durban clouds in your forecast temps there of about $22.00 degrees but up to johannesburg it is going to be a nice and sunny day $27.00 degrees and over towards harare at about $29.00 for you . it was a big problem because it was different people admired him he was the center of nightlife in be rude and he married miss universe hugh was a long buoyant character on the other hand a ruthless operative fighting for the palestinian cause some israeli intelligence sources claim that the plant operation in 4 years the israeli try to find him and
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kill him al jazeera world examines the life of ali has sent salaam the hunt for the red prince. welcome back you're watching al-jazeera live from doha these are the top stories a mass rally planned in hong kong this weekend has now been called off calling the arrests of activists and joshua long and each and agnes child they've been at the forefront of weeks of demonstrations. yemen's internationally recognized president says the u.a.e. has been launching air strikes against his forces in the southern port city of aden immoralities those say they've been targeting terrorists who would attack in saudi
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u.a.e. coalition troops. and the brazilian leader has signed a decree banning the practice of burning land for the purpose of clearing its he's facing international condemnation for the record number of amazon wildfires still burning. in neighboring bolivia rising temperatures a causing flare ups in the east the president abel medallists has been criticized to his slow response to the crisis there he joined firefighters in front of the cameras braless is also face questions over policies which his critics say led to greater deforestation in america doesn't seem human it's an odd wash. this is what's left of the dry tropical forest than i was because it's full of smoke and pockets of fires actually the fires are spreading just under the surface of what you see behind me we were in there just a short while ago with some of the firefighters most of them are volunteers people that have no formal training there really are no firemen here some soldiers and
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police then they too don't have the necessary equipment to fight these fires that are just continuing to spread with the wind with the drought and of course with this kind of combustible material that you see behind me this as i said it's called a dry tropical forest that means that there is a question of dry and extremely cruel amable material on the ground you know as in years of twigs of leaves of coconut scenes that have oil in them and so it's extremely difficult to put them out and the only thing a lot of these firefighters have a bottles of water like this this is all that they're carrying money and people were proud of them selves are paying for it themselves we don't mark seen the army anywhere near her least not yet and not the international help that is being offered by the european union and other countries president alice is supposed to declare a state of disaster or emergency in order to allow about to happen but it has he hasn't done that yet. colombia's peace tribunals has ordered the arrest of 4 fark
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rebel leaders to take up arms once again almost a $1000000.00 is being offered for one of them even marcus they accuse the government of betraying them over the peace deal signed less than 3 years ago. from bogota. it's a painful reminder of the past colombians will carpenters' they too are video posted online by former senior fike rebel commander events in green fatigues surrounded by armed fighters and now seeing a return to war i don't. we announce to the world but the 2nd market has become under the protection of the universal right to desist all the peoples of the world to rise in arms against oppression this is the continuation of the rebel fight on tsering to the portrayal of the havana piece of. marcus was a key negotiator of the landmark 2016 peace agreement but also one of the group's more radical fighters he went missing last year with other commanders eluding drug
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trafficking charges colombia security forces believe they found shelter in neighboring venezuela the announcement landed another blow to a deal that has been slowly in raveling when more than 13000 fighters designed after the 2016 agreement hundreds of former rebels and human rights activists have been killed since funding for a key piece reforms have been lagging and the current right wing government of president openly criticize the accords trying to change them unilaterally. but despite all the difficulties in dangers the president of the now legal fire party says the great majority of former fighters remain committed to peace in the courts need to be protected. fighting in colombia today is a terrible mistake millions of competitors are clamoring for a country at peace we disarmed rebels left our weapons for peace convinced that war
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has ceased to be the way forward the vast majority fight today for legality and to peacefully ensure the implementation of the havana agreement. colombian president rejected accusations that is government is to blame for undermining the peace process and said the dissidents will be crushed yes yes go on those who choose the route of crime will suffer the full weight of the law this is a time for colombia to unite against terrorism and crime the only enemies of peace are those who pretend using terror against our country that this event announcement poses the most important threat to the already beaten peace process the break away fighters remain a minority but they could inflict damage and also convince a number of these illusions ex fighters to join the struggle a scary prospect in a country still struggling to find their way out of more than 50 years of internal conflict i listen to them get it and just you know but that. the u.n.
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security council's looking at a draft resolution that would call for a truce in the northwest of syria the army backed by russian air power has been waging an offensive on province the last rebel held territory diplomats admits any resolution will probably be vetoed by russia since april more than 550 civilians have been killed in and around at least another 400000 people have been displaced. british politicians say next week could be their only chance to prevent a no deal brix it the u.k. prime minister boris johnson is suspending parliament for 5 weeks from september limiting the time for debate on the u.k.'s withdrawal from the european union the announcement has sparked protests across the u.k. legal challenges and a petition with more than one and a half 1000000 signatures davidson the popular leader of the scottish conservative party has confirmed she is quitting she has long criticized boris johnson's approach to brecht's that the labor party leader jeremy corbyn has issued
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a joint statement with all the other opposition parties in parliament urging the prime minister to reverse the suspension what we've got them a group of experts from dross the political parties taking legal advice looking to see next week whether we can use the introduction of legislation to prevent. it might well be that boris johnson does try and trigger a general election on his own terms but will make sure that if there is a general election it will be on our terms as well and also part will make the decision about the timing of that we won't be dictated to anymore by a dictator in in numbers and parliament now is reasserting the traditional centuries old democratic rights of the people. long time political foes are joining forces in italy to cobble together a new coalition government trying to block matteo salvini the right wing leader of the league party from taking power if barker reports. a seismic shift in italy's political landscape the established
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a center left democratic party and italy's anti establishment 5 star movement have agreed to put aside their differences and join forces to form a government the outgoing prime minister political independent giuseppe conti who resigned last week returns to the top job. it will be a government for the good of the citizens a government which will help modernize the country and make our nation more competitive internationally but also. more supportive and more inclusive. the surprise partnership puts an end to the 1st postwar populist government in western europe italian politics imploded earlier this month when deputy prime minister vini withdrew his league party turbulent alliance with the 5 star movement . the right wing firebrand had hoped to exploit his party's popularity to trigger snap elections and become prime minister if successful it could have led to the
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creation of a fully far right government but the plan spectacularly backfired salvini is furious accusing brussels perlin and powerless plotting against him after the. we've been direct and honest with the president to whom we've expressed but wouldn't the but we're not just of our party but of millions of italians looking on at this ridiculous political show a game of power that's been going on for days between the democratic party and the 5 star movement salvini strong fierce criticism and one support for his crackdown on boats trying to bring stranded migrants to italy putting relations with other the members under strain he described african refugees as an army of benefits the us and criminals once the most influential man in government salvini now the most powerful man in opposition and the leak still remains the country's most popular
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party the new coalition is united against a common enemy he would need to hold firm to keep cell vini at bay. al-jazeera. seeking to maintain his country's dominance in orbit the us president donald trump has launched a space command within the department of defense it's not to be confused with trump's long in space force which would require congressional approval john 100 from washington. it might be one small step for president trump but creating the u.s. space command marks a giant leap for the pentagon the dangers to our country constantly evolve and so must we now those who wish to harm the united states to seek to challenge us in the ultimate high ground of space. it's going to be a whole different ball game the u.s. on thursday joined russia china and france in the race for
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a military expansion into space it's an epic goal is stablish ing 11th u.s. combat command one that comes with its own flag and a 5th branch of the u.s. military joining the army navy air force and marines trump and visions a new space force though that would require an act of congress space will ensure that america's dominance in space is never questioned and never threatened for the president who likes things big the allure might be in the sheer invasion of the project what could be bigger or more forward looking than space bringing to life the stuff of science fiction and decades of pop culture. final from. it is perhaps the boldest aspiration by a u.s. president since j.f.k.'s moon shot we choose to go to the mall and just then do the other things not because they are easy but because they are critics have called the
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president's plans the space fars but many analysts say the new command isn't just ambitious protecting u.s. interests in space they say is necessary chinese could disrupt our g.p.s. system that we rely on space for now because even aside from no it's our problems it would cause problems in all of our lives and in our economy. back and i'm this space command also gives trump the chance to one up some billionaire rivals for the public spotlight as the u.s. has cut nasa as a budget for civilian space exploration jeff bezos richard branson and a lawn musk all have launched private ventures into the solar system john hendren al-jazeera washington. and it's an american tribe in the u.s. state of new jersey has filed a lawsuit against its neighbors the rama poet lineup a nation accuses a homeowner's association of violating its right to gather and pray on its own land al-jazeera as christensen any reports now from new jersey. what we've been using
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for thousands of years those holding this native american ceremony believe a puff of tobacco smoke will cleanse guests taking part the local mountains take their name from the rampolla nop a nation but this field barely an hour's drive from manhattan is all that's been left to them for them this land is sacred what about this land i mean how important is that to the world's very with it and it's the last drop away and we have that we can overly freely do ceremony. despite having a permit to use the land for religious and cultural purposes the tribe started receiving fines in tickets in 2016 i was surprised at the level of the animosity and the desire to remove us because if you look at the houses around here i mean there's nothing for them to fear we were asking them to move from day one it was a desire on their part to basically get rid of the tribe is officially recognized
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by the state of new jersey and its ties to the land which now sits in the midst of this private gated community go back generations the very name of the township comes from the line op a word for meeting place nevertheless their neighbors continued to complain about the gatherings and the fines began to add up after a few years totaling more than $4000000.00 the neighborhood association in the town neither of whom would speak to al-jazeera sued the tribe but then a turning point for their legal team the u.s. justice department came to their defense when you have the department of justice coming in and saying well what we see appears to be happening here is a violation of the right to religious freedom that's something a federal court judge is going to take very seriously. in a settlement the township agreed to drop all fives and allow the ceremonies to
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continue while the neighborhood associations lawsuit was thrown out of court now the tribe is suing the neighbors for violating its right to gather and pray for birth moral although it is called the panda. or neighbors respond as just barely right up until this moment but for now it seems the tribes prayers have been answered kristen salumi al-jazeera mogwai new jersey. let's recap your top stories so far today a mass rally planned in hong kong this weekend has now been called off for in the rest of 3 prominent activists joshua wong and the chan and agnes china are now all in custody they have been at the forefront of weeks of demonstrations against hong kong leaders and the growing influence of china across the territory.
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some. of these. and they want to arrest them. they have to and they have. to finish these but actually you can see that they. actually encouraged by every single hong kong people to come out and join the movement so. i think 1st thing. the regime and the 2nd is they want to spread out and spread the. protesters. internationally recognized president says the u.a.e. has been launching air strikes against his forces in the southern port city of aden . they've been targeting terrorists. u.a.e. coalition forces middle east analysts here gord noble explains why saudi arabia and
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the u.a.e. are divided particularly over 8. from a saudi perspective what they had always wanted is to ensure that they are not they a threat that can operate across the border and launch attacks what its rocket attacks or or drone attacks into saudi arabia what the united arab emirates wants to do instead of course is to establish an independent sovereign state and these 2 objectives to do not align and this is also why president hadi who has been in self-imposed exile in saudi arabia for so long as 6 pressing the outrage that he's doing at this moment the brazilian president has signed a decree banning the practice of burning for the purpose of clearing it he is on the pressure of wildfires raging across the amazon region. those are your headlines the news continues here on the old feel the algorithm i'll have a quick summary for you in 28 minutes i'll see that.
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after 25 years of affording the world's waist china through the global with cycling industry into chaos. the growing pressure of the greenest skies eve resulting in change we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in. counting the cost on al-jazeera. you think of some of the biggest companies in the world today there's google amazon microsoft facebook we check all of them big tech with algorithms at that. one more than just uses all custom is will these businesses would generate is a data they need us to like them for them to be indispensable because the more that we use them the more data we produce where in the midst of a great race the dot and big tech companies are on the chase.
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for the past 3 years academics nichol dri and alyssa. have been investigating a phenomenon they call data colonialism. while the scales of context may have changed they say colonialism same underlying functions of empire building extraction and appropriation remain the new langue grab going on there's not land that's being grabbed it's us it's human life the acquisition of the construction of data valuable data for corporate use out of the flow of our lives that's the lag right going on and that's why the workload is the only work it does justice to that let's think for instance of all the and use her license agreements or the terms of use that we read whenever we sign up for
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a new social media platform if we think about the process of being asked to agree to something that we cannot even understand when signing away certain rights signing away our property in this act i think it's a very interesting we're not for one moment saying. colonialism today with data in both the same horrific level of violence that was involved in the beginnings of kolo to this. point saying that the core of historic colonus and was the force to involve people in a massive new system a new order a new organization of the world economy in the history of kuoni listen we've had different empires times of course we can think of this kranish empire the british empire i think we would say at this point in history in terms of data colonialism we have 2 centers of power and we have the united states on one side and china in the other and of course we know the american corporations very well in terms of
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kugel facebook amazon me we don't know the chinese corporations very well because their reach is just beginning to expand. beyond china so far trying out has been kind of like an internal colony but we are starting to see how these corporations. the infrastructure developed in trying out is starting to expand into different parts of the world including asia and africa. but china's biggest private company well way technology's africa has been a goldmine of so it's countries like south africa nigeria kenya which is where now have delivered some of the biggest most rapidly growing telecom. has studied the wild way of hearing. their building products for example better suited to the african market the cheapest mobile phone that you can get in various african markets it's a chinese phone so you will not for
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a moment but you looked on one to both people to the site and they are building relationships with governments they are providing infrastructure so while we has provided a lot of infrastructure for. surveillance in kenya and i see team kenya to work in every country with its developed by the people somewhere in the middle and that's really useful for governments here so we advise you know on that government data centers on the economy and services or anything else we can share those experiences from around the world and the nice thing is of course it provides benefits of people connected business so that generating revenue for us as well but the other piece of the chinese influence is the surreptitious war there's a lot of questions about data collection with technology that's coming in from china and in some ways it's the other side of the korean right there's a whole lot of data that's being taken out from african countries and from african citizens to be kept handled used by people who are not necessarily responsible
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for answerable to african people so while it is not. access people's data or cell data so i don't think that we are the kind of company. that are benefitting off people's data of the only data that we are using it just to improve our products themselves such as using artificial intelligence our smartphones in our network equipment so that it can then improve be faster there are skeptics who would question adam's assertion after all most big tech companies do exploit user darter in some way however even if while way doesn't do it there are other chinese operations in africa that collect and make extensive use of people's data. here in nairobi the dominance of chinese tech is undeniable from telecommunication lines to satellite networks right down to the planes in people's hands and the apps on those funds chinese companies have this market and much of the daughter produces in its
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crouse transience holdings for instance sells to over 40 percent of the mobile market in sub-saharan africa it's fun someone to the brand name stick no i tell and in phoenix but its strategy doesn't end with the hardware data driven apps like the music streaming service blue play and digital payment platform pompei add to a growing repository of data on african users and can help boost money making opportunities for transition when you think about it and i think any i think the thing that gets lost is that the primary objective it was about money was fundamentally about using power using culture using all these kinds of tools to impose one society in another society is still of the 1st society could make money off of that where you define corner as a map that then you really start to see the residences in china has been investing in africa many parts of asia for 2030 years very systematically is never
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pretended that it is doing anything other than expanding its economic interests it does not use. civilizing rhetoric because it doesn't need to let's contrast that for the moment with a company like microsoft which talks about democratizing ai or facebook to this concerned to give as it were connection cometary can just be a privilege for some of the rich and powerful and needs to be something that everyone shares. facebook has made a big push to present itself as a benevolent force to get people online since 2013 the company has been leading a giant project called internet dot all sort of gateway to the world wide web for those with poor connectivity. the app that serves as the portal to facebook's version of the internet is called free basics and it's been launched in at least 60 countries more than half of them in africa the idea is to provide access to select
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sites without data charges in effect it's a stripped down version of the internet that has one very important component guaranteed connection with facebook and guaranteed possibilities of data extraction which is why despite the company's slick marketing not everyone is convinced that this is an entirely selfless exercise non-jury cimbali is a leading to do rights advocate i think what's most interesting in the it what i'll call technicalities is the rush to connect the unconnected and the rush to retain the connected in very specific platforms a lot of these actors will do anything and everything to make sure at some point either of these users go through their platforms because it's all about the data it's all about how much data can i get about people so that can sell ads so that you know can create predictive things to keep them hooked into what i'm able to offer and therefore the world will keep churning there's no way that a lot of these tech companies will be able to behave in their home countries the
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way they behave in the developing world there is no way that you would be able to roll out a project as big as free basic. without some kind of check or ballet this would sound without some kind of ethic or. there was no effort to even say this is what this means this is how this will work for you and that is really telling rate of what they think that african people want and or need from the internet projects that are largely in this case emerging from a silicon valley west in america centric approach to connecting and connected really deeply steeped in the same condescending ways of doing development so this notion that give them something that is better than nothing i mean why would anyone not want that vehicle in us some strain in terms of a civilization or mission when people are connected we can accomplish some pretty amazing things just like historical colonialism was framed as well in terms of
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bringing progress bringing something that is good and beneficial for humanity we can get closer to the people that we care about we can get access to jobs and opportunities and ideas our participation is expected and our producer pretty soon we're told it's for our own good meanwhile all of this extraction and capturing of the you know it's kind of happening in the background we don't realizing the 2 consequences ready the facebook free basics model which is basically about expanding for facebook the demain of data extraction across the world at a time when demand for facebook is beginning to fall amongst younger people in particular in the so-called west. is very interesting just as in historic colonialism the apparent weakness of the colonized populations that lack of weapons their lack of results is the lack of an economic structure suggested to the colonizers that they need to be colonized they need to have whatever the colonial
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system would offer them to bind them in. free basics is just one of facebook's many initiatives across africa. facebook's latest push here in kenya is called express why fight companies teamed up with local internet service providers to install what 5 hotspots like here in the mass my town of eagle on the outskirts of nairobi. jerry nimble c.e.o. is a hairdresser who signed up as of into facebook's express why. he gets a commission on every dot a bundle he sells his customers say they look through his 1st book because even myself i use it and they find their bundle keep the cheaper. drugs you get the 1st round of the 1100 in business for free yeah. and you finally see people come out yes they do they find it cheaper they find it and then it opens.


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