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tv   Che Guevara and Fidel Castro  Al Jazeera  August 30, 2019 11:00pm-12:01am +03

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from scotland england and northern ireland in scotland to the court of session scotland's highest court $74.00 m.p.'s and cross party appeal is off for an immediate suspension of the probation a suspension of the suspension law daugherty the presiding judge has rejected that call but has said that there will be a full session next week to look into this much closer a senior lawyer representing the prosecution has said that what they want to see is a sworn statement from boris johnson explaining exactly his reasoning his decision to provoke parliament explaining that in detail if he fails to do that he could be asked to come in person to give evidence in the scottish courts next week what's being argued here isn't the power that the government has on the convention to be able to suspend parliament paroch parliament what's being challenged is the information that was given to the queen who of course under the english or british
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constitution and acts this probation that the information given to her was misleading a similar legal challenge is also being mounted next thursday will see one that has been brought by gina miller the political campaigner. that has the backing of the former british conservative prime minister john major and also in northern ireland a campaigner there is arguing that no deal breaks it would be very very dangerous for the good friday agreement which as you know borden ends 2 decades of sectarian violence there that case was due to be heard in mid september but purely because of this per occasion has been brought forward so multiple legal challenges but one when it comes to the case in scotland we may well see and what's likely to be a very very busy week here in westminster boris johnson. and heading to scotland
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some very serious questions we're going to weather update next here on our 0 then where there's smoke there's fire the battle on to save one of the bolivia's most precious ecosystems. waiting for news in sudan families demand answers dozens remain missing following a crackdown on protesters in june. how the rains of being pepped up again by the remains of the tropical depression or not even that inhabit the remains of the tropical mess still here of the southeast asia so that's heavy rain for me and thailand and this is the remaining showers being pepped up by what's known on shore breeze plenty of humidity from hong kong northwards up towards shanghai and then back into united and to some degree up towards sichuan actually young's he's not getting much right at the moment this is
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the concentration down towards grand i'm a suggestion maybe even knowledge of court oppression trying to form somewhere in the south china sea one to watch the show and the monsoon rains should be retreating from india but they were happily enjoyed in karachi a bit of a late fall then about 50 millimeters but we gathered together and you see from the clay where it is and the potential of a sandstorm still revolving more or less in the arabian sea i don't think it will turn into very much in the rain though still a long way northeast on the retreat now the heaviest rain is going to be bad to british that has just made his word sri lanka in the next day or so quite a lot of it and the monsoon title has turned out to be normal the edge of texas to being felt in salalah where it's cloudy and drizzling but humidity has now dropped in qatar. a nation where corruption is endemic embroiled in
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a battle to hold the power. has this radical transformation occur. to me that actually shedding light on the roumanians pressing for change and the unconventional methods to eliminate corruption remain people on al-jazeera. again this is al jazeera let's remind you of the main news this hour russia has announced a unilateral ceasefire in syria's province beginning on saturday morning protests
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as a calling on russia and turkey to end the violence that's killed more than $550.00 civilians in a rounded lips since april. 2 prominent pro-democracy activists have been released on bail by a hong kong course joshua won an agnus child were among a group of campaigners all arrested within a matter of hours they're accused of inciting and participating in an illegal protest of millions in pakistan have backed the prime minister's call for a nationwide show of solidarity for people in india administered kashmir imran khan has vowed to keep fighting for the disputed territory until it's liberated. fires in the brazilian amazon have captured much of the world's attention of late but bolivia has been fighting places that are destroying large parts of its tropical rain forest and savanna president ever has been criticized for not responding adequately to the crisis in america and as you see in human reports now from the eastern region of chickens ennia. where there's smoke there's fire.
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policemen in volunteers armed only with shovels and bottles of water trying to save one village is most precious eco systems from fires that have already destroyed more than 1300000 hectares of forest land. and we are huge trying to suffocate the fires with noise quitman or special training it's heartbreaking to see all the dead animals lost flora. this is unprecedented forest fires began a month ago for those in neighboring brazil this is the world's largest dried tropical forest what that means is that there is a very very thick and highly inflammable mattress of dry twigs and leaves and for example these seeds from a coconut tree the have oil inside them so when there's a fire this becomes explosive and the fire spreads from underneath the ground which is why you don't see so many flames but these are all burning cinders. these men and women have no training uniforms proper masks or other equipment they say they
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desperately need support from milk to counter the effects of smoke inhalation to shoes. our shoes last 2 hours down there. we need proper boots for fires where. after 3 weeks of refusing international help president abel what alice has agreed to allow aid and firefighting experts into the country but they're only just beginning to arrive. like his brazilian counterpart the president is under criticism for having promoted the economic expansion of this area last month he issued a decree allowing newcomers to slash and burn parts of the forest for agriculture what alice is also being accused of not heeding warnings. resounded the yellow alarm in july according to international protocols the 1st days of august we established the red alarm and appealed to the national government to halt all permits to slash and burn but they did nothing. to the north bolivia's amazon rain
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forest bordering brazil is also up in flames while local authorities say they don't have the means or expertise to control fires here that have already spread south to neighboring arab network here's a very fierce fire and if the wind intensifies we're going to lose control of it drone images show the fires are continuing to spread. while those struggling to contain them pray for help that can't come fast enough through sea and human al-jazeera that she gave any bolivia. friday marks the international day of the disappears there are thousands of people missing across the world in china the u.s. state department says that at least 800-0022 1000000 people from muslim minority groups are in detention and most families don't know where many a week as a detained without charge more than 20 years after the war in bosnia 13000 people
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remain unaccounted for at the mexico more than 40000 people have been reported missing since 2006 tens of thousands of people have sided petition demanding that the government search for them carlos says a letter is a mexican researcher at amnesty international and says there's almost complete impunity for those responsible for many of the disappearances we have the command of at some of these disappearances had been committed baiting army and other political forces and their police whether or not sure about every single one of the things that some of them may be related to organized crime and even other forms of crime and yelled at this and not doing a lot to mitigate the cases there's almost complete impunity for these grand there are just a few. around 10 cases chords trying to punish this crime stand still for 48 hours and people missing there is no good or they want to know
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they were out of their exams of course they want to see justice deliberate to them and they are asking very forcefully the government to do that and they will pressure the government to do that the families are the one trying to find bodies and trying to to find their relatives they are actually. become an expert in forensic and going to feeling very dangerous situations to look for rapes. people have been reported missing after a crackdown on pro-democracy. 100 people dead in june. since the attack. reports from. his family every phone call from an unfamiliar number brings a bit of hope before he dies again. they're hoping to hear from their brother adam is my who's been missing since the deadly attack on the city outside army headquarters in early june his sister says they've done all they can to find him.
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we filed a report at the police station then we went to the hospitals and they referred us to the morgue we didn't find him so we went to other. trying to trace of him or where he could be. the sit in came after months of anti-government protests demanding the country's long time president bashir step down he was ousted by the military in april but the continued as protest leaders and the military a transitional government. at least 100 protesters were killed and more than 400 injured in the attack according to the central committee. which supports the protest movement the military the figure at $87.00 killed. families reported relatives had gone missing on the day of the attack and also after. 2 weeks later. this is neglect from the authorities this is the truth has
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disappeared since june 20th and up to now there is no trace of where he could be where is he and where are those who went missing with him but there are few answers to those questions the number of people taking part. here with people being reported almost every week activists say that many came from outside and with the confusion and fear during the attack and in the days after it took them. and for families to realize that their loved ones weren't in hiding but had disappeared also put down the phone number of the family so activist groups have launched campaigns on social media to try to get people to search for those who are missing and connect them with their families if they find them but that method has its challenges to reseal a trip or just because some of these family don't really have them and the access to to the social media and social media was working on this and. presenting their evolution the most more than any all the same and they are living
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in different states in a contact that i wrote i made to some families they don't know about facebook and they don't know that reporting about the missing people and for the family to come over and report has been ian says despite hearing nothing from her brother she believes he's still alive and one day him find his way back home he before going to her. a 9 year old girl who tested positive for a bowler in uganda has died according to uganda and health officials she traveled to close a z from the democratic republic of congo it's been a growing number of confirmed cases of a bowler in the region humanitarian organization world vision say that women and children it was a greater risk of being infected but it's been a year since this latest outbreak began and it's the 10th time the region's been hit by a blow up the virus has already killed more than 2000 people it began in the eastern province of both keep to within weeks it had spread to at least one neighboring province by november the outbreak had been declared the worst in the country's
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history and the 2nd largest worldwide efforts to contain its spread have been hindered by widespread violence against health workers in the region dozens of them of been killed since january this year the world health organization confirmed the 1st cross border cases of a bullet in uganda earlier this year shortly afterwards the agency declared the outbreak a global emergency has been buckley hollands is the easton's and director for world vision and says that it's mainly women and children who are carrying the weight of the above the crisis women. suffering the devastating impacts my remarks and the communities they really obvious best respond as well to child or family member who will sit in the family we may know how best to respond and often they don't realize the risk they are taking and giving in the risk of becoming infected we're seeing a 60 percent he says women and children in uganda is
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a prime example but. it really is having an incredibly challenging. getting incredibly trusting consequences to accommodate to those who are trying to respond and as a mother myself it is really hard to to watch the communities go through this and to see how we as the patients can be supporting them in this response so i met with survivors i am this response and then i add these women have and of course men tell me how how difficult it is to come back to the communities want to say to have been healed from it but that they leave it at about a treatment center has and they come back and often they find they are rejected by that community's at that family's. a native american tribe in the u.s. state of new jersey has filed a federal lawsuit against its neighbors the roma pole not a paying nation accuses a home and his association of violating its right to gather and pray on its own
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land kristen salumi reports from in new jersey. what we've been using for thousands of years those holding this native american ceremony believe a puff of tobacco smoke will cleanse guests taking part in the local mountains take their name from the rampolla nation but this field barely an hour's drive from manhattan is all that's been left to them for them this land is sacred what about this land i mean how important is that to the world's very important it's the last drop away and we have that we can openly and freely do ceremony. despite having a permit to use the land for religious and cultural purposes the tribe started receiving fines in tickets in 2016 i was surprised at the level of the animosity and the desire to remove us because if you look at the houses around here i mean there's nothing for them to fear we were asking them to move from day one it was
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a desire on their part to basically get rid of the tribe is officially recognized by the state of new jersey and its ties to the land which now sits in the midst of this private gated community go back generations the very name of the township comes from the an op a word for meeting place nevertheless their neighbors continued to complain about the gatherings and the fines began to add up after a few years totaling more than $4000000.00 the neighborhood association in the town neither of whom would speak to al-jazeera sued the tribe but then a turning point for their legal team the u.s. justice department came to their defense when you have the department of justice coming in and saying well what we see appears to be happening here is a violation of the right to religious freedom that's something a federal court judge is going to take very seriously. in
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a settlement the township agreed to drop all fives and allow the ceremonies to continue while the neighborhood associations lawsuit was thrown out of court now the tribe is suing the neighbors for violating its right to gather and pray hopeful for a bird to morrow although it is called the panda. or neighbors respond as probably right up until this moment but for now it seems the tribes prayers have been answered kristen salumi al-jazeera mogwai new jersey. it is good to have you with us hello adrian finnegan here in doha the headlines and i was iraq russia has announced a unilateral cease fire in syria is it the province beginning on saturday morning government forces backed by russian airpower have been waging an offensive on the last rebel held territory now for weeks protest is
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a calling on russia and turkey to end the violence that's killed more than 550 civilians and displaced a further 400000 since april but smith reports. a turkish observation post a turkish you might be able to make out in the distance and on the other side at settlement refugee camp in syria it's home to about 600000 people here and at other points along the turkey syria border there seems have been a concerted effort by some internally displaced syrians to rush the border and head just on the other side of the hill they managed to get through one of the border gates 2 prominent pro-democracy activists have been released on bail by a court in hong kong joshua wang and agnes chow were among a group of campaigners all arrested over the course of a matter of hours they're being accused of inciting and participating in an illegal protest police have also banned a mass rally that was planned for saturday. i urge. the
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way out. in pakistan huge crowds of back to the prime minister's call for a nationwide show of solidarity for people in indian administered kashmir cities across the country have observed what imran khan called kashmir. the prime minister of pakistan will stand will with kashmiris in testing times indian administered kashmir has been in lockdown now for almost 4 weeks a scottish judge says that a legal challenge against the suspension of britain's parliament by the prime minister will take place next week opponents of boris johnson argued there's not enough time to debate briggs's across party group of them he said that decision to shut down parliament for 5 weeks is a constitutional outrage a full hearing will begin on tuesday jury will be here with a little over 25 minutes on al jazeera right after today's edition of the stream.
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comes in the cost of the most polluted cities in the world we look at the cost of people's health government protesters the want hong kong could be plunged into recession an attribute of oil in norway faces up to climate challenge. counting the. present. and i'm here in the us your thoughts or join us live. tokiko smaller than any other country in the world most of them come from syria
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which has been fighting a civil war for the past 8 years as turkey's economy weakens what was once a point of national pride is now a lie bill a t for the government officials find themselves under pressure as public sentiment rises across the nation to handle overcrowding in istanbul turkish authorities are planning to relocate thousands of syrians into other cities potentially separating them from their family members the government has also reportedly been rounding up and deporting hundreds of syrians over the past few months in violation of international law turkey denies this claim saying it helps refugees and does not deport them but turkey can't host 3600000 syrians indefinitely and were refugees worried that their time in the country is running out so to discuss these issues joining us today we have from istanbul use of iran he is a political analyst for t.r.t. world from boston massachusetts. a syrian writer and human rights activists she's also
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a refugee who lived in turkey for 2 years and also speaking to us from istanbul is diego cucolo a freelance reporter and author of 7 syrians war accounts from syrian refugees we also invited turkish officials to join us and we reached out to several of them but they did not respond to us but we are very grateful for you guess being in this conversation yousif this idea of anti syrian sentiment have you seen it what does it look like in turkey. well obviously it does exist any time you have such a mass exodus of refugees and injection of a minority immediately in such a small amount of time we're talking about $3600000.00 refugees as you stated and that's just the registered amount of east that's just syrian refugees when you add kids and. also. off the books of the legal amount of nearly 5000000 that's about 67 percent of the turkish population and that's
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a tremendous amount of pressure on the social fabric of a country when that number is injected all. 3 to 4 years so you know who could be a little there could be a little negative sentiment amongst them. understand what this is human nature but the turks are very very tolerant and we saw this. mass engines of refugees into another country western country your country. for example even i'm sure would be much more dire circumstances of monster of ease and a much greater backlash amongst the public. speaking of that sentiment i want to share this from twitter someone who says this is a super contentious topic in turkey and i need to inform you as a turk there is more than meets the eye but every single one of the millions of syrian refugees welcome to deter key are allowed to go to istanbul that is the rule refugees are distributed he goes on tweeting to the stream to say i am wary of
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reports a handful of syrians are sent back to active war zones without qualifying each case where and why they were sent back and wary of the matter becoming a domestic political football and i'm wary the rest of the world is not doing enough so sorry give this one to you because there was a point where you were in istanbul as a syrian refugee talk to us about how you saw this issue what this person on un twitter describes as very kind of tension how was it for you. well i was there in 2014 around the beginning and summer and back then we were kind of new and in turkey you know it was still. the wave of migration to were new was still new as well and. everything what. was it was it was a normal welcoming atmosphere at the time of course there is no black and white of
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course there was a lot of people who were struggling you know to make ends meet. but for me i was in between jobs and trying to find it and like many people my age at the time and i actually ended up i couldn't stay in istanbul because you have to understand that people who are in istanbul who are people who work in. factories and or they are able to go to college in istanbul and afford living expenses there and for me at the time i couldn't so i moved to the syrian turkish border in gaza and i ended up working there i guess i want to play a little clip this is a. local ad he was talking about chops and also refugees have a listen to him this was just a few weeks ago. on the muslim culture that i myself for example i'm a baker because foreigners live in my country i cannot easily find
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a job in my sector before 2012 there were probably 100 bakeries looking for bakers through online ads as well now the bakers in our country are looking for work. whichever bakery you go to it's whose backs turkomans syrians afghans should go back to their countries as soon as possible. that if an understandable opinion if you are struggling if you notice that your profession is is being pressurised by other people coming into your neighborhood when i ask yourself what is anti syrian sentiment look like the kind of bypass that a lot of bad he didn't really explain what it might look like he spent a lot of time a syrian refugees what is their experience as you report. yet so i think the man in that quote was referring to illegal workers who are paid less than turkish citizens and would be more attractive buyers who are turkish companies
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looking to save on all those skilled labor. the fact is most of the syrians in turkey do not have work permits their work permit initiative has failed about 65000 syrians have work permits was the figure at the end of 2002 and there's 3600000 syrians in turkey so it's a really small number so if you have this an area where you have very cheap labor and you have an economic crisis which is ongoing in turkey some people might feel like syrians are being. unjustly. preferred people looking for low skilled labor. also the last few years have been very difficult in turkey there's been a lot of elections a lot of. buy once there was a difficult period in 2016 the country's been through a lot so people are emotionally moment with the economic downturn.
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and cheap labor has become an easy target to plant for many people here so that translates into comments like what you just saw are. sometimes more interrupts discrimination or just books or comments in the streets might make people feel on welcome but i would just say what's been said so far as 100 percent true and it's difficult to host this number of people in any country. so the balance of those 2 things that resentment and and yet the responsibility of hosting that many people is being represented online i want to share this from the divine on twitter who says the current situation of 3000000 former syrian refugees in turkey are at the blink if social catastrophe i hear terrible things about refugees from my town which is a small town in west turkey as the economy is bankrupting a social enmity is growing against refugees so he's linking the idea of the
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worsening economy in with that and that's the point that others have picked up on and so i want to play this video comment we got from a selim says ak is a ph d. candidate brown university you said i'll direct this to you have a listen. the refugee crisis has already cost the country over $40000000000.00 which is becoming extremely controversial as the country's economic troubles worsen and polls show overwhelming cross partisan support for an end to the open door policy and gradually petri dish and of syrian refugees if i'm crazy indeed keen on continuing its open door policy it will have to do it against impossibly difficult towards against a view of public opposition and that's going to create lots of political controversy. what role is the economy playing in this is that it is playing a huge role in the increase in a good segment towards refugees and it's only natural when the economy is in a downturn that people are looking for someone to blame and refugees are an ideal
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target oh we saw the refugees as a huge target during local elections and so on the nationalist parties and the major opposition used it as part of their election campaign and it was a very very successful they were able to capture a sample they were able to capture anger and after the elections it looks like the ruling party got the message it does have to deal with this refugee problem then we are now seeing the president will lead it attempting to find solutions to this refugee problem the major solution he sees it is a repeat your evasion but you can't just dump these refugees back in to a war zone so there is trying to sit down at the table with russia and secure a cease fire and they're trying to talk to the americans secure a safe zone in northeast syria finding trying to find areas where they can secure and bring refugees back and when we also talk about 3500000 refugees in turkey we
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also need to remember the internally displaced people living in areas that turkey is present and turkey has influence in serious while when you take that number into account we're talking about another 6000000 people in the euphrates shield zone and be up oliver operation olive green zone which encompasses freend. all of these areas so you have turkey clint responsible for almost 9000000 syrians right now and this is an absurd number we're talking about 30 percent of the pre-concert syrian population. i want to share a story it's a foreign policy story that you zahra worked on. it's a question of semantics maybe or maybe practicalities use of the saying we patch relation and in this foreign policy article here right here my laptop you call it
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deportation policy there's a difference here in the way you are seeing this issue explain. well it's it's not really too complicated what i have seen is that there has been a large number of syrians being deported against their will from turkey which breaks several law of international laws and human rights laws so. and i don't people and and i i lived in tricky and i left it about 3 to 4 years ago and i still have a lot of connections there and it really pains me to see people who have recently stopped feeling safe in tricky even though they sought refuge there. so i mentioned to people in the article i mentioned he shot my mom up and then he left and both of them were deported around the same time one of them was killed we are trying to
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reenter through here his name is he shot his mohammad i really don't want his name to be forgotten because he was a young man and he had 3 kids. and it's really not fair to see how turkish police on the borders are have treated this man while he was trying to reenter and many many times. during that month that he was deported and if you going to report people deport people back at least deport them somewhere safe and we all know that syria right now is nothing but safe so and how do you allow the right now is still stuck and i talk to him on a daily basis he is still stuck in northern syria and he is in hiding because he has been. critical of the h.d. fi and before when he was in syria he has been critical of mosul and i like many
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may be fighters who are right now still fighting in syria he believes in democracy and human rights and unfortunately that puts him. great picture so i just the reason why i called it policy is because of those stories that i have been hearing and they have been forced to sign either decortication papers or they have worse and found themselves on the syrian turkish borders being deported to a war zone so that's why i called it. understandable from some members of our community in as here writes in his frustration with this and he says turkey should prompt european states to take on responsibility because unless turkey manages the mass refugee influx from syria the most aggrieved side within this process will be european countries that diego your take on what the e.u.'s role in all of this has been should be is. well that's a question
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a lot of people are asking themselves the e.u. . or made a deal with. q. so. migration flows that we saw in 20132016 when there was large amounts of people crossing on boats to greece and also overland to bulgaria so we saw a bad deal stem a lot of that flow it continues a. bit of a trickle form but regarding what the responsibility is for european states they fund some of these removal centers according to an atlantic article that was published today. there is a lot of e.u. money going to turkey to. take care of syrians remain here busy funding out syrians access education access food busy runs and also take care of their medical needs a lot of the funding goes to hospitals for syrians and other migrants in turkey
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so the e.u. interior has a lot of leverage when it comes to dealing with the situation but at the same time many officials are. busy they find it difficult to speak out or criticize turkey because again turkey is taking the brunt of the situation and they don't want to. upset anyone and cause another migration especially now that we see advances in and could be more syrians crossing the border into turkey so there is this kind of tension where everybody is trying to do their best and then unfortunately have these deportation stories which are rising more and more in the news. well i wish i had an answer for your question but what i do i completely disagree with diego especially on the funds i mean turkey is spent about 37000000000 dollars this is you and atta and the u.s.
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paid i believe $2200000000.00 of the $6000000000.00 that they promised in the my great deal which is a comical i mean comical why is turkey eat shouldering the financial burden is not a rich country that you have many rich here in countries that could help out since seeing as they're not doing anything to take care of these refugees the least they can do is provide more financial support. the other promises made in the migrant deal that was also not been kept they had promised turkey because of free travel for turkish citizens that was. their own promise but especially by michel aspect right now as the country is going through an economic downturn it could really use some e.u. support to do some support from the united states i mean we see america spending $5000000.00 to $5000000000.00 out of all that $5000000000.00 would be a lot better spent given to terri care some of these syrian refugees and turkey
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does need money taken care of refugees providing medical services education services food this is all cost money and this is money that turkey right now does not have it doesn't he doesn't need to continue providing these services for refugees now and angela merkel just earlier today i just read that she had talked with the president and also the. pretty clear target set also expressed concern that they were thinking about helping this eat up the implementation of the e.u. migrant deal so it seems that they're slowly starting to see the danger arising in it but because they collapse and it could be another $1.00 to $2000000.00 refugees on terror historians that i i don't they. use of it is obvious from this conversation this is a very nuanced conversation there is so much that turkey is doing that is a rising criticism of what they're doing and a mixed up and ad campaign to try and get turkish locals to see what the
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contribution refugees can make to that a society have a look at this it's fascinating. but a bank. a bank. account that i've been. chosen on a. sister and mom. and a to come. home in the church.
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because it was. powerful ad campaign there but underlying it all are these very strong sentiments and i want to give you a taste of 21 on you tube this is and ray who says there is negative sentiment towards europe in istanbul in turkey and other external powers because a lot of people feel that turkey is doing europe's dirty work so that's on one hand and the other someone else writing on you tube john who says well the same problems are happening in europe especially in germany many people in germany don't understand why syrians don't go home to rebuild their own country so when we talk about going home we actually spoke to someone who sent us a video comment and. you know him well because he was actually the co-author of that foreign policy piece you wrote this is key and here is his explanation for the options that syrians half. there's
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a notion that we're hearing more frequently that syria is now safe for return for refugees at least most of it is and this could be further from the truth factoring in the system under heavy russian syrian air strikes and shelling and that is ruled by a brutal organization called the heat a show there is also cases of state syrian state repression as well many areas that have been reclaimed by the syrian government including east aleppo which which was which took place over a year ago well over your box really that the return of basic serves that many syrians rely on coming to terms and because of her city and other social services these are questions that are not been respondent responded to or and addressed and these are also issues that have not been clarified so it gets very competent for see refugees. so how do we go about clarifying those questions that came mentioned well. as we were talking previously the refugee problem is not just
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a humanitarian problem it's also a political one so assad is still in power backed by russia and iran and we've seen how when you asked do other countries barest wants ability of course they do and in both. maintaining and and in political. i mean as and it's really important to stress that because yes on the syrian round we could not build a cohesive. opposition due to a lot of. donor fatigue and a lot of problems within our community but at the same time there's a huge responsibility on the international world because it is seeing the atrocities that is happening to us and it's still refusing to to act on it and we've seen many many red lines are being crossed and it's fine to the world and seen i just really when it all goes out to all the political signs that are you
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that i do the analysis it all goes to waste when i when i hear about how many people are being killed and then i don't really sorry let me put this to you this is really important we quoted you article from the foreign policy magazine a comment in foreign policy following your article not so long after that from the presidential communications director this is a challenge for you and people like you a set of assigning blame to those who are not at fault governments and human rights organizations should be promoting international cooperation to find a political solution what solutions to you have well it's really hard for us to talk about political solution right now because we see her and have been calling for local solutions 1011 when we started the balloon turned into a war we really needed the support in 2013 and i need to be the person who is like it's too late now because it's really it's but also when you're saying sorry he's
11:45 pm
saying it's too late. i'm saying that we've lost a lot of people and i'm saying that as long as the world keep looking at us as numbers and not as people who are demanding show who had to americans who have. a policy or a vision for a country that we're trying to build it's not going to be sold because right now our are or is not it's the people against the government it's now look whole world including russia and iran and the us and tricky so it's also a very sobering words that as we wrap up our conversation sarra and yousif and diego thank you very much for joining us on the stream today many have a will in with this from twitter it would be unfair on turkey's part to be single handedly hosting a 1000000 syrians 3600000 not a small number but keeping the war in mind i believe turkey should continue its
11:46 pm
open door policy thank you for all of your comments we continue online as always when you can i on twitter act a.j. stream thank you guess. a new perspective can change your world. for one chin is even what began as a hobby has grown into a caution the way of life and teaching the next generation to strive for a higher level. and in so installing in his country as a sense of freedom and strength. new heights my chin is yeah on al-jazeera.
11:47 pm
a. big storms generate fountains of headlines it seems that much that made it still struggling with how to deal with it with different angles from different
11:48 pm
perspectives hard to hold to account separate the spin from the facts. the misinformation from the journalism how careful must your words but some tough stuff has to be said for some critics have to be made the listening post on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. color that i'm getting with all of this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes. russia announces a unilateral ceasefire in serious problems of displaced civilians trying to push through a border crossing into turkey. we will call you i will fight no matter how the rest
11:49 pm
and cross ago are. released on bail or hong kong activists joshi will want battles to continue fighting for democracy. more than 2000 people are confirmed dead from the bull i wake in the democratic republic of congo just ahead of a visit by the un secretary-general. accords in scotland delays a legal challenge against boris johnson's decision to suspend the british parliament. peter simmons with a school defending champion the progressions to the u.s. open food round but the wooden winner is good on the 116 american table towns in stone similar to. a very warm welcome to the program russia has announced
11:50 pm
a unilateral cease fire in syria's it led province starting on saturday morning government government forces backed by russian air power have been waging an offensive on the last rebel held territory for weeks civilians wanting a stop to the fighting have been demonstrating in the northwestern countryside the border posts into tarquin some of been trying to push through a border crossing to enter the country it's been calling on russia and turkey to end the violence has killed more than 550 civilians since he pulled another 400000 people displaced. we're joined now by bernard smith in book will miss on the turkey syria border bernard where you are lots of people who've been displaced by this recent fighting have been trying to make haste to get away haven't they what's the situation there now julie just over my shoulder in syria that's our main refugee camp and it's one of the places where earlier on
11:51 pm
today at various border points along the syrian border there was a concerted effort by some internally displaced syrians to sort of rush the border and here just beyond the hill they managed to breach a border gate and get into the turkish side we've not been allowed over there by the turkish military but it's an indication really of just how desperate the conditions are for many internally displaced syrians as the russian but assad regime baz down on adelaide with this incredible heavy bombardment of italy and his environs as a consequence of that the u.n. says now many as a 1000000 internally displaced syrians are heading this way to the turkey syria border living in the open paying to shelter under trees with no food and sanitation no water and it's those desperate circumstances that will have provoked the protests that we saw earlier today julie and byrne and of course you've got the sometimes months of this unilateral ceasefire do you think that that in any way
11:52 pm
will slow the flow of people. well i think turkey would certainly hope it would slow the flow turkey's president has been moscow's in moscow on chews day he's been on the phone with the russian president vladimir putin explaining to him that he sees this burgeoning numbers of concern is displaced syrians heading towards the border as a national security issue for. as a humanitarian crisis a national security issue because amongst those internally displaced syrians are the turks hardened fighters from that's why it's a national security issue as well as humanitarian issues so turkey will hope that this cease fire will stop that flow and maybe it's the pressure reggie type one has been putting on the russian president that has helped bring about this cease fire just as the syrian forces are making progress in trying to take back parts of it
11:53 pm
literally participant there joining me live bernard thank you well from a neighbor a senior lecturer in international study is state university joins us by skype from lancaster in the united kingdom simon of a woman into the program at simon and in reality what does this ceasefire mean. well i think it shows the that the assad regime is really closing in on regaining whole whole of the sort of the territory that it lost over the past past 67 years since the arab uprisings began it shows the extent to which the separate she missed is regaining control is really exists in so for an hour and ultimately it's the final nail in the coffin of opposition groups who have ultimately lost the war they've lost to assad with this russian iranian and his backed forces so it's a very gloomy day for supporters of democracy and syrian opposition groups simon i suppose one of the questions we always ask when the word ceasefire is mentioned is
11:54 pm
a whole world i mean we we seem to have been here many many times over this past few years in this kind of cycle of cease fires that never really quite make it what do you think might happen here. well i think. the real level of conflict fatigue you go it's if you've got a range of different groups involved in a conflict people who've been fighting for the for 78 years now and so there's a real real sense of fatigue and there's a real power disparity involved as well here we know the yes today there are around 700 groups price strikes that really launched on on its live province that was revealed by the syrian observatory for human rights so there's a real sense of disparity there's a real overwhelming sense of power from the assad regime and got adds to got physical and mental exhaustion so i would imagine that that this would hold for as long as the the assad regime would want it to because there's very little into the
11:55 pm
station groups right now and simon yesterday at the u.n. . they had one of those sessions where they talked about the number of dead in the situation and it lead paint to this very quick picture which of course we see on a screen as we know it to be a reality but it kept coming back to this you know political solution which again seems what is the next step if there if there is one. well that's the 1000000 dollar question i guess we know that assad has been trying to regain all of all of the territory that was contested after the arc uprising and he's lost not with the cup here but he's also trying to put in place strategies that will mean that he's able to hold this territory by by demographically reengineering the country moving around people to make sure that opposition territories are now populated by by his supporters so it's a reorganization of political life across the state and that will ultimately ritson it back to the status quo of totalitarian rule under the assad regime the war also
11:56 pm
needs to be taken into account is the devastation that the conflict has wreaked across the country in terms of the physical devastation the infrastructural devastation the mental health impact that this is had on general gration because of syrians and the humanitarian diamond she is of that we've had we've had reports that there are huge health issues the outbreaks of typhoid and the other serious diseases that are that are really a merging right now so there's a serious challenge facing the assad regime if indeed they are serious about building a future of the syria that is inclusive and brings in all different parts of the population i'm not confident that that's the direction they'll go i would imagine we'll see more of terri and rule. the world won't explode retraction of those that might suppose that simon made and they are joining me and by skype from i'd have to sign and thank you israel has revealed what it says is the cross of find
11:57 pm
intelligence i wining an iranian program to symbol precision guided missiles inside lebanon israeli troops remain on high alert near the lebanese border at the head but i warned of an imminent strike harry fox that reports not from west to receive them. on high alert but in protective posture israeli forces near lebanon have been pulled back from the border positions in recent days as they wait for a promised strike by hezbollah in response to recent israeli attacks and now israel is upping the pressure on both lebanon and hezbollah it's released what it says the details of an iranian led program to convert hezbollah missiles into precision guided weapons using components brought in by land sea and air its warning lebanon's government to take action will be held responsible for the suffering we are determined to toward this dangerous program the aim of the publication today is to clarify that we will not stand aside and allow our enemies to arm themselves with fadal weaponry i told them this week be careful and i repeated
11:58 pm
a narrow pick. hezbollah's leader hassan nasrallah has denied precision missiles are being manufactured inside lebanon he says israel has in recent days breached the rules of engagement in place since the last war between israel and lebanon in 2006 and. i said to the israeli army on the border from tonight stand guard and wait for us he was speaking shortly after 2 drones came down in a hezbollah stronghold in beirut one of them exploding there have been reports that an important component of hezbollah's missile system was damaged the israeli army has remained silent on the issue israel has for years been targeting iranian interests in syria last weekend it said it prevented a multiple drone attack from inside the country by launching an as strike that killed 2 has been our fighters there the united states recently confirmed that israel was also carrying out air strikes inside iraq targeting iran's missile
11:59 pm
supply route there but the more widespread and more admitted israel's actions become the more risk that its adversaries feel compelled to retaliate risking in turn a broader escalation that's in line israel's prime minister fighting an election and once again promoting his ability to keep israelis safe has long tried not to cross this week he told by name to calm down i think they said now absolutely does not want. military confrontation i think the call to calm down was reflected that on the other hand i think the feeling and it's beyond that and you know i think the feeling in israel is that you cannot have iran which is declare it really interested in the demise of israel to deepen its military capabilities just across israel's northern border. for now on that border the wait continues for hezbollah to make its next move perry force it out west jerusalem. several of hong kong's most prominent pro-democracy activists have been arrested 2 of them joshua
12:00 am
wall and i have since been released on bail the way of the arrest comes after a mass rally planned for saturday was found say were clark has this report now from hong kong. joshua one and agnes child left police headquarters on their way to cause the founders of the pro-democracy party. have been charged with inciting and taking part in an unlawful protest outside police headquarters in june the court appearance was brief both were released on bail we shall not surrender and i urge international communities who send a clear message to a presidential sending troops or using emergency ordinance is not the way out we will continue our fight opposition politician change time i remember of the hong kong legislative council was also detained and on thursday the leader of the band independence group and the chair and was arrested before boarding
12:01 am
a flight to japan he's been accused of rioting and assaulting a police officer in july police have now confirmed 7 arrests over the past 2 days critics call it a case of white terror by police intimidation and an attempt to silence protests the demonstrations began more than 3 months ago prompted by a controversial extradition bill but they quickly morphed into a wider discontent what is seen as china's growing influence in hong kong affairs it's all these iconic young leaders arrests together could send out some chilling effect around the hong kong to scare people from taking to the street to morrow we arrest a person as soon as we have to get a sufficient pathogen.


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