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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 31, 2019 8:00am-8:35am +03

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did you delhi it's worried that those it considers general indian citizens will not be on saturday's list we'll very much control. m.r.c. we want to have a good enough who will more indians can be old and more foreigners. for now a cloud of uncertainty hangs over millions of people in assam who still don't know if officially they'll be recognised as indian citizens the odyssey or the sound. is timor has marched 20 years since it voted to become an independent nation thousands celebrated in the capital daily recalling its emergence from indonesian controlled villages were attacked by pro indonesian militia militia following the vote in 1999 at least 1400 people were killed. meanwhile indonesia's chief security minister has called for calm in the remote province of pop where protests have descended into riots people there say they're fed up with
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racial and ethnic discrimination and are demanding a referendum on independence victoria gate and b. of reports in the capital of indonesia's remote papworth province government offices set alight by protesters 24 hours earlier are still burning. thursday's demonstrations were triggered by videos circulated online showing indonesian security forces calling papuans students monkeys and dogs protest leaders say the government must treat papuans equally. why is law enforcement not conducted properly especially in soraya the legal process started after we demonstrated but racism has happened a long time fuelling popcorns anger. in 1963 the un declared indonesia could take control of west papua if its inhabitants agreed in a referendum but when the election took place 6 years later only around 1000 people
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took part they voted in favor of indonesia but many papuans say the vote was rigged . greed. says over discrimination have been further inflamed by concerns that papuans have benefited from the wealth generated by the region's minerals the government says it's investigating the allegations of rights abuses by security forces and it's cool for calm. let's ask ourselves why must we kill each other because we were offended by something and we've already dealt with the case through the law. the government can't internet access to the province last week in an attempt to curb the protests if anything that strategy appears to have backfired victoria gates and be al jazeera among the stories coming up on this news hour brazil's president sends a delegation to washington looking for help to deal with the amazon fire is another
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child dies from ebola in the democratic republic of congo why community mistrust is proving fatal and serenus smashes their way into the forefront of the u.s. open peter has more coming up and spoke. to colombia for us where the president says 9 people have been killed in a military operation against dissidents from the fock rebel group iran ducasse says the bombing took place in the jungle province of a quota as sought to be unrelated to thursday's announcement by former fox leaders that they're taking up on again they accuse the government of not sticking to the terms of the 2016 peace agreement which ended 50 years of conflicts and less on the run pity has more from colombia's capital bogota. i don't take this will be the end of colombia's peace deal mostly because roughly 90 percent of the members
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of the fight that have demobilized are committed to this peace process despite all the difficulties and the dangers because hundreds of former fired members have been killed since the signing of the peace deal the same has been true for hundreds of human rights defenders that are operating that are living in the areas of the country that were on their influence and are now being fought to these territories are being fought for by remaining criminal groups or this is in cells of fire code that are now trying to reunite under this former senior fire commander in bond markets that on thursday and now stash he was forming a new get 3 you know group but we don't know how many people are actually part of this get the group mike is doing is announcement was surrounded by just 20
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people armed people and the government believes there might be roughly somewhere between 1500 to 2000 members of these dissident groups so way smaller than the 5 which had more than that at 20000 soldiers at the height of its operations and that that had roughly 13000 members when they signed the peace deal in 2016. a brazilian delegation including the foreign minister and president abbas narrow son are in washington to discuss aid for fighting the amazon 5 is also narrow initially rejected an offer of $20000000.00 from g 7 nations after a war of words with the french president he later said he'd accept that money if he can control how it's spent there is a ball is in port a veil in the amazon basin with more. paul canaveral spoke to the press this friday
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and he said that he's willing to start talking to some people among them for example germany angela merkel but you can bet he won't talk to him and will not go on for example from iran until he apologizes his boss and i don't have been repeatedly accusing micros of behaving in a colonial matter he also said that he expected the united states to get involved in the fight against the fires in this country that his son is currently in the united states being 100 done in order to address the issues of the amazon fires the minister of defense troubles to the city in the city or for the rail he addressed the press again he showed that the missteps of the media have largely evaluating what is happening currently in the country and he also said that brazil is willing to accept help from countries like israel and and she for example what we see in seeing is basically that he was fanatical has seen a change his attitude in the past week initially he said nice of there was a problem but because of international pressure that has been denouncing was currently happening in the amazons with deforestation and fires among other things
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you know put out a military operation underway with 2 things francis has to sires out he also banned any type of fires in this part of the country and he's also expected to pass a package of lost in parliament in order to address issues fight of this most environmentally saying that it's not enough that brazil's environmental agency under posts when i don't has the weekend that they do not have the resources to control this vast forest from all the gallatin that happen confided from illegal miners and those who are cutting down the walls and invading indigenous territory so most definitely many of the people we have spoken to say that it is not enough in order to address with currently happening in the amazonian. hackers have taken over the twitter account of the social media company's chief executive and co-founder jock dorsey a stream of racist and offensive tweets riposte said before twitter took back control and deleted them a serial hacking group has claimed responsibility. google security experts
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meanwhile have uncovered a hacking operation that targeted apple i phones for at least 2 years the hackers used the websites to infect phones with malicious software that gave them access to photos messages using locations and other data apple was made aware of the problem back in february and release a security update to fix it let's speak some more about this to larry magid who's the c.e.o. of connect safety dot org an internet safety privacy and security organization is via skype from palo alto in california thank you very much larry for being with us on al-jazeera so thousands of i phone uses i said to have been exposed over a period of 2 years how bad was this and why we finding out about it only now will that last question is one that i'm wondering about too why didn't apple disclose the details at the time they did disclose that there was a security patch but we didn't know how bad it was in terms of how bad it was we
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don't know exactly how many people were affected but we do know that this particular malware was capable of taking over the phone which means it could read your e-mail you can read your text message of your instagram private messages it could know your location it could do practically anything that you could do by having the phone in your hand in an unlocked way and it was able to transmit this data on encrypted so it was a very serious flaw apple gets credit for having fixed it very quickly but criticism for dot having disclose details in here we're finding out now not from apple but from google interesting that we're finding out from google and not apple who was behind this then and who was the target. well we don't know we know that anybody who visited these web sites could have been a target and there's some speculation it could have been aimed at people from certain regions or ethnic groups but it's unclear who the targets were and who was behind that if time there is some speculation it could have been a nation state but that's pure speculation we don't know that but we do know that
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it could have affected fairly severe and the other thing i want to point out that this was google's project 0 this was not google trying to do a gotcha to apple because they compete right android versus i phone this was a group of google researchers who are dedicated to make the web safer and go after any research flaw even if it's against google and you know there's always been this notion mary that is 60 meet difficult and even costly to hack an i phone do you think they could be other potential hacks and what can uses do to protect themselves well it's a very good point the i phone is by no means invulnerable and we see that from this hack there isn't a lot you could do to guarantee that you're protected but the best thing you can do is to keep your operating system in your browser and other software and apps up to date to get those there vectors for security flaws in apple in this case did fix it in february the other thing you can do is to try to avoid going to unknown web sites but frankly that's very difficult because a lot of us are always looking around the web and don't always know where we're
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going and date thank you so much larry for talking to us about this larry midget joining us now from palo alto in california thank you now several legal cases have begun in the u.k. challenging the government's decision to suspend part of meant prime minister boris johnson's opponents say it will mean they won't be enough time to properly debate back said increasing the chances leaving the e.u. without a deal on october 31st report some london. prime minister spoke of the boarding school in the next generational good governance while the crisis surrounding his decision to suspend parliament deepens. boris johnson told the children he hadn't always wanted to lead the country he wanted to be a rock star. bono boris back to sit with we're not going to worry about brits where to go on anyway and do all the things that we think the u.k. needs right now johnson's opponents are getting ready to find his decision to
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produce or suspend parliament and prevent a no deal breaks it or move johnson believes will only make leaving the e.u. without a deal inevitable the more the parliamentarians try to block the new deal breaker the more likely it is that we'll end up in that situation so the best thing now is for us to get on and make our points to our european friends with clarity and with vigor and that's what we're doing a string of legal battles underway to challenge johnson's decision to suspend parliament and scotland $74.00 politicians from different political parties urged scotland's highest court to halt the suspension the judge refused to immediately put the brakes on johnson's plan but he did agree to a full hearing next week to look at the legality of the suspension more closely if we do not ultimately win this case what does it say about the british constitution a prime minister with a majority of one and with nor majority for not he will break say can simply
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suspend parliament to get what he wants that's what happens in dictatorships in london another legal challenge has been launched by the prominent political campaigner an e.u. supporter gina miller and has the backing of leading m.p.'s in the former conservative prime minister john major bello won a landmark victory against the previous government of to resume a forcing her to allow m.p.'s to choose if and when to activate the bracks it process the case begins next thursday a 3rd legal battles underway in northern ireland where the impact of an. no deal breaks little peace in the region is under scrutiny campaign is a both soggy that is no deal breaks it threatens the good friday agreement secure 20 years ago the deal brought an end to decades of violence really good challenges either underway or pending across the country m.p.'s opposed to boris johnson say they will return to parliament next week and in the words of the opposition labor
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leader jeremy corbyn legislate quickly to block the prospects of a no deal breck's it but time of course is running out with the poor a geisha in the suspension expected to start as early as the 9th of september no later than the 12th m.p.'s are even suggesting that they will work through the weekend something they've only done $100.00 full of times since the 2nd world war they will do what it takes they say to block forest johnson leave barca out jazeera london and the british minister in charge of coordinating the no deal bracks said planning and the french budget minister have met in the french port they've checked on how preparations are going and the port has been testing ways to avoid long track use in the event of a no deal breck said companies are being forced to act as if the u.k. has already left the e.u. and declare their exports before they arrive at the ports businesses have been warning of long delays but france says now make sure things streamlined as possible
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. still ahead on this hour a 5 men accused of plotting the 911 attacks will finally face trial 20 years. plus waiting for news in sudan families demand answers as dozens remain missing following jones' crackdown on protesters and some unwanted visitors distracted gulfs world number 2 peter has more on how the rest of his game went coming up in sports to stay with us. hello as the talking of cooler community the prairies of canter and turkey into the northern plains of the u.s. all mac cold front now the difference in temperatures and huge but we've got
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thirty's in this south in the southeast and twenty's the north norman is generates huge thunderstorms new saw a big poor cloud middle there to be of nebraska moving the last night but i was showing you this because this little tale here which looks so insignificant where you are so temperatures are in denver as we try to introduce the southwest monsoon which is rain down the southwest corner of the u.s. is just trying to show a few showers so it often is introducing warmer or pushing more runoff was 36 in denver is a forecast on sunday and yet the showers have not developed into anything much over you know such spinning this time there as a hurrican take you much of the energy of the atmosphere now that is going to be a significant risk over the coming weekend and it's labor day weekend to the bahamas 1st of all and then to florida it's a major hurricane it will cause major damage but if you're not in that area enjoy generally fine weather there is an increase in showers or even proper rain in
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honduras and mexico. a new perspective can change the world. for one chin is even what began as a hobby has grown into a passion own way of life. teaching the next generation to strive for a higher level. and in so installing in his country a sense of freedom and strength. new heights my chin is on al-jazeera. violence and discrimination are all too familiar to many women in india a reality too often reinforced by bollywood. but its leading star is throwing his weight behind the cause. of each individual and using his celebrity to advocate for
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gender equality. the snake charmers on a con witness. on. the watching the news hour on al-jazeera a reminder of our top stories russia has announced that syria's army will observe a cease fire in adelaide that should take effect within hours they've undertaken a crushing offensive a month trying to recapture the last major rebel territory in hong kong pro-democracy activists joshua wong child have been released on bail following their arrest on thursday despite attempts by police to rein in weeks of
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anti-government protests the activists say they won't surrender. and a string of legal cases have begun in the u.k. in an effort to prevent the month long suspension of parliament opponents to prime minister boy's johnson's decision say there is now not enough time to properly debate the debate breaks it. in italy the leader of the 5 star movement has warned the tentative coalition deal with the center left democratic party could still fall apart. says say have to get behind 5 sauce priorities but it's called leaders have been meeting prime minister just have a contest to see if they can cobble together a government a previous one collapse when my tail salvini poll the support of his white when league audie hoping to trigger a new election. first of all to live in the country is in a very delicate phase we must get out of the political uncertainty triggered by the government crisis as soon as possible it will be a government for the good of the citizens to modernize the country to make our nation even more competitive in the international context but also more just more
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supportive and more inclusive. as interior minister material salvini as hardline stance on migration was at the center of the previous government's demise and his maintaining it as another charity rescue ship is brought from docking on the italian island of lampedusa the crew says it's facing a health emergency among the refugees and migrants on board who were rescued off libya's coast 64 passengers deemed to fall nubile including pregnant women and children have been taken ashore leaving more than 30 in limbo meanwhile greece's prime minister has called a meeting of his top security officials to discuss a spike in refugee and migrant arrivals from turkey about 650 people came ashore on thursday and were transferred to the cramped morea camp on mess hall silent about half of them are children it's the largest mass landing since 2016 when an e.u. deal with turkey came into effect is supposed to restricts new arrivals to the
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island which has 5 overcrowded camps. for the moment it's urgent for greek government to the emergency measures in order to decongest island. we are close to a live 1000 people on the island. a 9 year old girl who tested positive for ebola in uganda has died ugandan health officials say she child suka says say from the democratic republic of congo there's been a growing number of confirmed cases of ebola in the region humanitarian organization world vision says women and children are at a greater risk of being infected marshall mocha very is ebola coordinator at the international federation of red cross and red crescent societies he says community mistrust is one of the main reasons is difficult to contain the outbreak. the issue trust is one of the biggest challenges that we are trying to manage. and this is
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the red cross we are trying to emphasize on risk communication and community engagement so croce's to sit with the people in the affected communities to discuss with them share with their side of this i took it for treatment encourage them to go for treatment but to also do listen to their concerns listen to the room of the community level that limiting their ability with the treatment center so we are indeed reading that is one of the biggest challenge of trust and also fear you can imagine people living their comfort in their homes living there it used to going to a sufficient center for treatment so they are also terrified in the trade and it's understandable that they're afraid the trial of 5 men charged with planning the september 11th attacks has been set for early 2021 a military judge set the date to get evidentiary deadlines in
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a case song stalled by pretrial litigations the 5 men include khalid shaikh mohammad a senior al qaeda figure and the supposed that mastermind behind the attack the u.s. has charged him with war crimes that include terrorism hijacking and nearly 3000 counts of murder that could get the death penalty if convicted the men have been held at the kuantan will be a detention center since 2006 let's speak to karen greenberg about this she is the director of the center on national security at the at the fordham university school of law joins us via skype from westchester in new york thank you so much for being with us karen so. is a scheduled trial date of january 11th 2021 realistic in your opinion is kuantan i'm all ready for a trial of this magnitude. so 1st let me just tell you something about the significance of the date 10 opened on january 11th 2002 so interesting when the military commissions chose the date the anniversary which will you know
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be 19 years later to start the trial so in and of itself it tells you how long these men have been in custody and awaiting trial they were originally a raid in 2012 so do i think does anybody think that this trial actually take place it's hard to imagine there have been so many pretrial motions there is so much that remains unresolved but if there is a will to have this trial take place it will take place is there a whale though especially from the government side yes you know i think the government 6 by you know depends on what you mean by the government i think of hossa cuter would in fact very much like to try this case it doesn't it if embarrassing is a record for it but to have a kid these are these are career lawyers these are people who have a sense of pride in the work that they do and the fact that largely because of the
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facts and circumstances of the case and the way in which other aspects of the government have handled the evidence in this case. makes it look like they are incapable as a system and as individuals of making this trial happen and so i think there is a will to have it happen partly to save face and partly to bring justice to the individuals who are alleged to have carried out 911 so what needs to happen then karren between now and january 11th 2021 for the to get on the way and with all parties involved be motivated to think to meet this deadline. look i think the defense attorneys would like very much to be able to make the case that should be there should be special circumstances understood before this trial and they've been making this case all along that these individuals were held in cia custody and
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tortured and so what lies at the heart of this case is is it possible to bring this case with clean evidence evidence that was not derived from torture we all know from reading the $911.00 commission report and many histories now of $911.00 that there are many facts that are out there in public but what how the case can be. delayed as we've seen or impeded or or justice but to these men by bringing the fact of their torture up is very important one of the issue is the death penalty this is a death penalty case and so there may be some further negotiation there's been a lot already about the death penalty 2 of these men are very ill one of at least one of them 2 of them are alleged to different times to be suffering from some kind of brain damage or psychological illness so that is also going to impede the trial
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but to your question what is going to happen the judge has set up a timetable and he's a he's made it clear that he wants to be very firm about this about when deadlines have to be met what the deadlines are how much time each side has to respond to firings by the other side how soon they have to know what witnesses what evidence what the trial is actually going to look like and this is a start if you actually want to make a trial happen i will see what happens in the next few months thank you very much for speaking to us can greenberg from the center for national security at fordham university school of law joining us there from west to say thank you very much indeed. israel has revealed what it says is declassified intelligence outlining any radian program to assemble precision guided missiles inside lebanon israeli troops on high alert near the lebanese border after hezbollah warned of an imminent strike how a faucet reports from them on high alert but in protective posture israeli
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forces near lebanon have been pulled back from the border positions in recent days as they wait for a promised strike by hezbollah in response to recent israeli attacks and now israel is upping the pressure on both lebanon and hezbollah it's released what it says the details of an iranian program to convert hezbollah missiles into precision guided weapons using components brought in by land sea and it's warning lebanon's government to take action will be held responsible for yourself and we are determined to toward this dangerous program the aim of the publication today is to clarify that we will not stand aside and allow our enemies to arm themselves with fatal weaponry i told them this week be careful and i repeat today naira pick. hezbollah's leader hassan nasrallah has denied precision missiles are being manufactured inside lebanon he says israel has in recent days breached the rules of
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engagement in place since the last war between israel and lebanon in 2006 and of all lives yesterday so i ate out of it all i said to the israeli army on the border from tonight stand guard and wait for us he was speaking shortly after 2 drones came down in a hezbollah stronghold in beirut one of them exploding there have been reports that an important component of hezbollah's missile system was damaged the israeli army has remained silent on the issue israel has for years been targeting iranian interests in syria last weekend it said it prevented a multiple drone attack from inside the country by launching an airstrike that killed 2 has been our fighters there united states recently confirmed that israel was also carrying out air strikes inside iraq targeting iran's missile supply route there but the more widespread and more admitted israel's actions become more risky but its adversaries feel compelled to retaliate risking in turn a broader escalation that's in line israel's prime minister fighting an election and once again promoting his ability to keep israelis safe as long tried not to
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cross this week he told by name to calm down i think they said no absolutely does not want. military confrontation i think the call to calm down was reflected that on the other hand i think the feeling and it's beyond that and you know i think the feeling in israel is that you cannot have iran which is declare it really interested in the demise of israel to deepen its military capabilities just across israel's northern border. for now on that border the wait continues for hezbollah to make its next move harry force it out west jerusalem. the death of a man who was deported to iraq even though he never lived there has added to the fears among iraqis in the u.s. jamie was sent to baghdad in june and lated died from medical complications she has a story from detroit. it was clear that jimmy out there would was in distress once
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he got to iraq i begged him not to leave and then he doesn't know about the war here. and i think we've. become diabetic i think. a lot of people like that. ever since the trumpet ministrations immigration crackdown began many distressing videos have been circulated but this was the 1st to foretell the death of a man whose lawyers had warms the deportation to iraq could be fatal he was deported in june 63 days later he was dead he was on a bench in this airport and not shelf with basically just the clothes on his back with nothing he had no food he had no water he had nothing an airport official took pity on him gave him some food called his family and that's how they found out that he had been deported it was incredibly incredibly cool in a statement immigration and customs enforcement said elder would had a criminal record and so had no legal basis to remain in the u.s.
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and that he was given a full complement of medicine to ensure continuity of care the detroit area has one of the largest populations of those with iraqi heritage outside of iraq many like jimmy all crowded catholics who came to the u.s. as refugee children around a 1000 green card holders currently face deportation to iraq because they have a criminal record no matter how minor even though they served their time in jail and many like jimmy have no connection to iraq ice is determined to send them to a country that the state department says no american should travel to because it's too dangerous as a result of the u.s. invasion and jimmy wasn't the 1st to be sent back all the individuals that were in contact with there are some individuals we don't know what happened to them we don't know if they're alive or they're dead the individuals that we've spoken to many of them are in terrible situations they are in hiding some have been assaulted some have been shot shot at we know that jimmy obviously die. many of the killed in
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community supported donald trump of the 2016 election encouraged by pledges of social conservatism and the protection of religious minorities abroad a nearly 90000 county and registered voters he won the state by 10000 or so so absolutely can it could impact the election and it's not just iraqis like jimmy who face deportation to countries with which they have no connection several asian and african countries are being pressured to accept deportees even though they too would face an uncertain future income trees they don't murder and one other thing i wanted to say about about jimi is that you know we were speaking to him shortly before his death he really wanted to share his story as a way to make sure that other people wouldn't experience what he experienced she never turns the al-jazeera detroit michigan. 2 months after sunni security forces raided a city and killing more than 100 protestors dozens of people are still missing families are demanding answers but are losing hope that ever see their loved ones
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again about morgan has a report from cottle. forced my hand and his family every phone call from an unfamiliar number brings a bit of hope before he dies again. they're hoping to hear from their brother adam is my who's been missing since the deadly attack on the city outside army headquarters in early june his sister says they've done all they can to find him. we filed a report at the police station then we went to the hospitals and they referred us to the morgues we didn't find him so we went to other morgues but so far we didn't find a trace of him or where he could be. the sit in came after months of anti-government protests demanding the country's long time president already bashir stepped down he was ousted by the military in april but the sit in continued as protest leaders and the military negotiated a transitional government. at least 100 protesters were killed and more than 400 injured in the attack in june and.


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